The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1949
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL fi, BIA'TIIF.VTI.T.E (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Education Board May Meet Soon Educational Leaders f Seek Way Out of 4 Financial Tangle LITTLE ROCK, A]U'il fi. <AP> — Tht» Arkni^us lion I'd of Kducniion may cotisider next week the plight of school iti.suicts nredinp, money immediately for const ruction. j State Kduc;i1lnn Cntinntsskmer A. B. Bonds said today he will ask the board to meet iu emergency s>es- sion Monday to look into Ihe problem. He paid there me several emer- FPiicy situations as a result ol a recent Arkansas Supreme Court ophiinn, The Supreme? Court ruled that K'hoo! districts cannot conduit special elections, AH school matters to \ be acted upon by the electorate, the court held, must be submitted »t the regular annual school elections in September under Amrndmeiit -10 to the Statp Cunstiintion. The amendment was adapted at the 10-18 general election. School districts in thr past ollcn have svibmiLteri proposals lo borrow Teen-Age Girl Confesses to Slaying Lover WAUKEGAN, II!.. Al>ril 6. </!•, A teon-n^e. bobb>- .S<IX»M' who lold police she had licen keeping t'oin- ji.iiiy \vitl) ii 52-year old nini'ri'Hi mnii for two j-cuvs, wus in J:iil on a clKir^e n'. murder in conniption \vilh hLs >layiJi£i. Police Cliicf Wllli;un A. MucIXin- iiltl said (he j;ir). Joyce SclHiiiiakcr. 17. lold him she f;it;vlly shot licr ni;i!Tied lover. Carl llrrclcr, us they ^at in Ills avitoiiiuljile ye.steid.iy \v.(li I'er ticu-iiKc Kii'l fiit'lld. Rcedei was a clcrk-J:uiito!- nt tin' Towiushi|i His" School. Chief M:trD.iitnld said the blonde, attractive laundry \vorr;rr told him the shooliitR followed R quarrel. MLicUMitiilil related slto l<i!il him tjtey quarreled bet'ausi' -s!ie w;i.s "tto; with his assiirniicp . th-il he woi'ld tlivoiTG his wife nnd ninr- ry her after he had "straightened thing. 1 ; out." The |x>lice chief quoted her as saying "T told him if I couldn't have him. nobody was sm 1 ^ to have him." MaiDaiiald fi^d Joyce Kilpalrit'k. Embezzlement Charge Is Filed Ex-Cbunty Official In Missouri Held For Fund Shortage KMINHNCl-:. M">.. April Fi. <APl-- Former Cli'.mmm Cimmy Tivasvi \\'iii;]u S, lliawlcy has hei i n chart \ni h einljcv./LriiK'iit nil IT audit liiscovcrcci a hhonuijo which Prose- rutinu Attorney W. A. HrsUtln iiiuouuH'd to "some $-111,1)00." Ihmvley resiriicd his nflicr I-Vb , r j. He had hot-n the comity ttrasuir since I'.OT niul. Dictum ssitd, hac in-m ?p]Vin« wUhmil thn Sfll.WH bond teriutiTil for the- oITiec slnn hr \vns v.'-i'locml 111 HUG. Thn prosrc-mm' said Urn wiry. : Hi'iiiumd. told II. K. Hi-arcy, \vh \v;is nninrd by Gov. Sinilli tn sue cpprl him. that the wmioy wus hike: fi'nin til*- Shannon County caiiiii' and common school fund. The 1 fun iucHidrs money from fines and Iioi the siLle of school lands, Dn.stnin siiid Huuvlry luid mnrio r sLucnipnl lo Mm and thai hp cli LKU know \vh;iL else Bra wiry s;iti Thr pmseciiLinu nitornny nridcti II amount of the it Hpplylns lor Ixiiu \able to mako iH'i'sv ain :ul<li'(l. AfUT i-n'aivy was nauu-d to MU-- 'od hi]il, auditors bo'.ail cluvkmi; le treasurer's books ami thai un.s hen tlie i-luirtaue wns disnnvml, lain said. 'I'i.cre are almost 5.IHHI .•-pivii 1 . nun', the [em fanulv, uliU'li leillur llc\veis nor .seeds Hel;-uiin l<ioS ll.-s name I rum ill o:v.M\ a ei'onp of (Yllir tubt'.s vlucl. in>i:itjiU'il aiu-u-nt (.Lull. Bq/gia/> Bonks Issue Bogus Money Wrmimg in «Ti Hunks, rut r* n;u1 j: i inn :uv dl.sMliiyuii: C,r pa-.I ITS showing pholojn a 11! is d (Ic.-crtpiiuns ol iMuuliM'Ml I.- 1* 1 fiani-'- MOIIVS iii'\v nivitlsiUnv: iti 111- rmiKn. The poMi'i.s, L.sMlt'll o\ lln> X.I iniuil H.illk. >1)(I\V Lip till' liUiU.s in I In- fin;r!i\ m^. Thr pablu- is biMii^ ;i.sked to Ivarn ihr lauli:- anil ii'iKHt any cmmier- tc'l -; u> tin 1 iuithonlU'.s. lirlni;ni l)ank U'i1i.> oL li!00 li'aiu's h;i\r a pi niU'il \\ :'.uiun; In llu 1 ctlei'l Ilia 1 , Suffcrs Eye Injury SOUTHAMPTON. Kniilaml. Apul li. i l'i- A lishlltiok caii^ht In U S. Alill)»iUir Lewis Dnlljtlas' lell eye \sU11i- he \\as imtilim ye.\leiday aud I;MI eil "n very scrums injury." Sui t *'i*n.-: lemoved [he lunik in ail opera 1 inn hisl nlulit in the Smith- ainju. li [lee lii>s]illal. A h<i.sint,il .s|n>l:e.viui'i Mini "II Is ten early In irir Alu'ilier he will losl Ihe muhl nl the eye. 'C.nn.telteitei.-, will he senleneed I" haul laliiil." Tlii.s win-nine hu.-, been lailhhiily n-plndueed by the lurner z^Zl t^ /O . . 17, accoir.panipd the couple _ money at special elections. Some j t [ r ivp alonp the Lake Miclii;;a'» shore j , lllt j H , f ,u dr-tormtncd. Thr t\vn nu>n ' elections h;ivo been held since; A]}( \ \vilnoised the .shootins. i fv<mi tlir* state niuiiior's oJVin 1 arc I lOOt FO" THIS WATCHM on IVHY BOH it • j.r-.- -. . . FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY . EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNQHJ.- BlYTHEVllLE ARK. «&r*&>' T ~-4 Amendment 40 was adopted nud others were planned to obtain money to meet building needs. Unless some other way Is found f to provide the money, the districts will have to wait until September to set proposed loans approved by the voters. lias List of 55 Projects Bonds snlct he will send state board members a list of projects he considers "absolute emergencies." He said the list was compiled after an appraisal of 55 projects calling for about $1,500,000 in loans. Bonds said he believes tin old Arkansas la\v gives the state board the power to authorize school districts to go Into debt temporarily to meet emergency needs. They could vote later at regular elections on bond issues through which money would be obtained to retire the temporary indebtedness, he said. The list ol emergencies to be sent to board members calls Cor SI.180.025 for emergency projects in 31 districts. These districts include: Type 1, These districts have se- I cured permits, have permission from the Mate board to Issue bonds atid f have held elections since Nov. 2. ] 1948: District County Monet te Craighead ^ Mt. Vernon Faulkner ™ By ess Mississippi Floyd White Becbe White Type 2. These districts have had I their buildings destroyed by fire in} Ihe last year: District County Amount I El Paso White 7.487 Chldester Ounchita 40,000 Type 3. These districts have spent proceeds of previous bond ' sales in construction of school I buildings and have found, due to | rising building costs, money now Insufficient to complete projects; District County Amount Fountain Lake Garlnnrl 12.DOC) Wabbaseka Jefferson 15.000 Rosebud White 20,000 Helena- W. Helena Phillips 60,000 Type 4. These districts ars being cramped due to the present program of school reorganization in Arkansas: District County Amount DeWitt Arkansas 50,000 Alma Crawford 150,000 Or a vet te Benton 145.000 Manila Mississippi 160,00fl Lake City Craighead 12,OOG The r>°!icc chief said the Scliu- makei girl told him that after sin- shot Render with her brother's 2" caliber postol she took him to a hoFpiial where he died. Mtss Schumakcr then drove to a dress .shop where Mrs. Reedcr worked iuv.1 told her of the shooting. Some 50 plants have been cultivated for more than 4,000 years, arnonn them wheat, barley, rice, apples, peach, olive, cabbage and tea. Read courier News Want Ads. .•lu'L'klni* Hruwloy's books. He;n'hiR Is Sri D"-l;nn is.surd the rnibr//temfnl \V;IIT;UK on complaint of the prc- stdinc judRp of ihe county ctiurt. Himvley posted Sin.000 bond for ap- pi'iu.i nee at a preliminary hr-ai in^ in mug 1st rate's court, set for April The prosecutor snicl Bra\vley re- si^m'ci iifler he luul been threatened with ouster unless he put up j the bund required for the- till ice. [ Casualty companies refused to bond ! him, Di-Muhi said, Ilriuvlcy \ served pint At his Latest lei in with- Enjoy the whiskey that's How nboul n model diink — ke, toila and good DID SUIiflY BROOK! ll's tin nutltonlk Kentucky licof; ^ |]Gifc(Mroiik1utiinkingeii'|oyinfliil "\ I'm on "llic Sunny Biook sidel" ' ^ OLD SUNNY BROOK • HAND ^ A RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All 'i'viH-s K\t'E'itl (\iucvr) DRS. NIES & NIES THE GR^ESf CO^jRANY [\EALTOI\S Real Estate - OSC10L. Phono 521 BIYTHEMUL Phono 3075 KnlihLii nlsdilniLurs - 1.IUIL' KtH'k ! You Are Cordially \ i Invited to Visit J | The i I Accessory Shop i i Feminine Apparel ' J Mahcl Hogan Jessie Srite [ J Hoi el NohJe Blrtg. [ ! Blylhevillc. Ark. . } T 1_ J FURNITURE REBUILDING The of Cbarm can rc;Uly niLikc your iircscnl ftir- nilurc likn new :igatnl \\'c offer Iruly superior workmanship, a ucaJlli (il ^clcclion in upholstery fabrics at every [trier level, am) 10 day service, {'all for a free estimate. House Of Charm Timuric l>eal Kemp Whispnh -;n-!l Wesl iMaiu I'hnncs: Hi'M or 11f. 1.1 GENTLEMEN: Tn Inve a sull Mt;il rcully tils, IK; inrasurrd hy a dilhir. Now sbiuvliiK nil Mm luli'sl spiiii^ and stihiuuT Intituled and do- nii'stlii tvtHiLciH. llmii iliuvn tit nur simp iiny duy nT llic week. GEORGE L. MUIR "Ht.vflicvilk-'s Only Tuilnr" 10!) Uidlnmil CAMERAS FOR RENT Klnsli or l!(ix 'I'ypc Ciiincrns. Also n complete stuck of I lash bulbs iu all Barney's Drug Store 200(1 West Alii in Phone 3G'i7 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phono 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. 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