The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1966 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1966
Page 7
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Mytttvfflt fArttf Courier V*n - Mond»y, May f, MM- P»g» Sem ' / oot -L The Bootheel Junior College movement was advanced a very important step at the regional meeting in Hayti Tuesday night when an enthusiastic representation of schoolmen and coniun- ity leaders in Pcmiscot, Dunk- li'n and New Madrid counties, numbering some 200, voted overwhelmingly to endorse the proposal and proceed further witli it. While most of those in attendance were in favor of (lie college before coming to the meeting, they were more so after hearing Dr. Tudor Westover, president of the Mineral Area Junior College at Flat River, Mo., describe the success of Ills institution and how a similar facility in the lower Bootheel could contribute tremendously to the higher education of both youths and adults in the area. In addition, theie was Fred Davis, head of the Junior College Division of the Missouri State Department of Education who explained how a junior college district could be organized in the Bootheel under the Missouri Junior College Act passed in 1961. This column would like to say that \V. V. Hill, superintend e n t of the Caruthersville schools, is due considerable credit for having these two speakers at the meeting, a task he had been assigned by the program committee meeting in Hayti the week before the meet- Ing. When it came to that part of the program calling for the selection of a steering committee to proceed further with the proposal, a discussion and some confusion were precipitated. This appeared to stem from an additional function of the program comittee in presenting a list of suggested officers or the steering committee. This brought charges of "railroading" from some quarters, and a number of )eople led tlie meeting dissatisfied with that procedure. One citizen got up and walked out before a vote was finally taken. This column isn't going to try :o pass judgment on whether or not the selection of a "slate" of officers for the steering committee was a proper function of the program committee, but we would like to state our observation to why it was done, since we were present at the meeting of the program committee where the step was taken. It appeared that the thinking was to get the movement off the ground as rapidly as possible at the scheduled regional meeting in Hayti by electing a steering committee on the spot if the proposal received a sound endorsement. A number of meetings had been held at various points in the Bootheel in the past to discuss the idea, so the program committee's thinking was tha the time had come to either move ahead with it or reject it and the place to do it was a the April 26 meeting in Hayti Their opinion was that after that meeting further work on the proposal should be conduetec by a steering comittee repre senting the entire region. Following up this conclusion the committee thought it woul( be well to present a list of sug gested officers who it was cer tain would carry the ball in the future on the plan. Serious ob jections to this additional sle] were not anticipated at tha ime by the program commiee As John McClain, president o the Kennett Chamber of Com merce stated, it was i matter o trying to find people in the thre counties who would take th lead in the proposal and ge Hal Boyle NEW YORK (AP)-TMngs a columnist might never know if he,didn't open his mail: Americans now own and operate 57 per cent of all the passenger cars on earth. A statistical genius has found that a woman flexes her foot at least 6,000 times a day walking, sitting and changing the positions of her legs. Sorry, we don't have the figures on her jaw movements. Prosperity note: Obstetrical fees have risen 147 per cent since 1940. Oh, baby! Only eight thoroughbreds—the last was Citation in 1948—have won racing's triple crown—victory in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. A horse that accomplished the feat today would bring home $345,000. If you don't gulp down 835 cups of Java each year, maybe you're not getting your fair share of coffee breaks. The annual total for all of us is 167 million cups. Canada and the United States are cooperating on a project using guns instead of rockets to fire objects into orbit. They already have fired 185-pound projectiles 84 miles up with a 16.4- inch cannon 118 feet long. The ther people to work for It, be- ause a considerable amount of cdicatcd work is going to be ceded to bring it to a success- ul conclusion. Anyway, it is our opinion that lese differences of opinion and' ources of dissatisfaction can be econciled before any additional ork is done on the plan. As uggested by several persons at le meeting, and also by Fred Davis of the State Junior College Division, this could be done by aving a representative of each f the school districts in the egion to be included in the jun- or college area appointed to the leering committee, that is from those districts not so far repr*- ! sented, Afer all, there it plenty of tlnia to perfect the steering comittee at this stage since the proposal doesn't have to be in the hands of the State Department of Education until around November cr December of this year and the election on it cannot be held until the next regular school election comes up next April. The school superintendents and boards of education in the Missouri Bootheel are due a big round of applause from the residents of the region for the very leicient manner in which they hm proceeded to integrate the schools following th famed Supreme Court decision. Sitting in newswlse on the hearing conducted by the Missouri Advisory Committee on Civil Rights, held at Portagevllle last weekend, I was most favorably impressed by the reports the area superintendents gave on progress of integration In their individual districts. While so -. called total Integration has not been accomplished in •11 districts, It appears that the various school administrations are doing as well or better than can be expected in a most difficult situa- tion. They hm protttded quietly and without fanfare to move ahead In this drastic change over with the result that here in "Little Dixie" there have been no serious demonstrations, mar- chs, riots or other violence that could have invited unfavorable network television and other news coverage of the region. Bootheel schoolmen are getting the job done without aD ttwtt dlsturbancs. Most of the districts with dual educational facilities are proceeding with the "freedom of choice" plan in which students, regardless of race, may choose which school they wish to attend. ffe think this It the most sensi- sle way to handle integration Because the major consideration in the procedure is the education of the children. If a child is forced into a school against his or Us parents' will, it is for sure he la going to be unhappy and won't make a good student. The school administrators bar* known that total integration tn tha Bootheel could not be accomplished successfully in one year, and they have proceeded accordingly. Keeping the welfare of the students constantly In mind, they have, In spite of this, had to buck various officials in federal educational and civil rights agencies. In other portions of civil rights, we observed at the hearing that the Bootheel is doing very well in general compliance with the act It was brought out that more Negroes in the area could find integrated employment if they were better trained to do the work. Thus, more and better training for Negroes is called for to improve their employment opportunities. Alaska, largest state in the United States, has the smallest capital. Population of Juneau ;i| 7,200. idea, incidentally, was first pro posed by Isaac Newton, the fa ther of gravity. Quotable notables: "Thinkin is the hardest work there is which is the probable reaso why so few engage in it"—Hen ry Ford. Researchers here and in th Soviet Union are experimentini with a new kind of "anesthetic —weak electrical currents They produce a state of unconsciousness deep enough to perm surgery. Big worry: The patient may wake up with a new personality, altered by the electricity. A toy manufacturer has announced that it is discontinuing its line of penny banks. From now on its hanks will be geared to take only nickels, dimes and quarters. How long can you remain still without squirming? Zen Buddi hist monks can sit in motionless, silent meditation for 17 hours, go five days without sleep—and suffer no apparent ill effects. Here is some good news for future teen-agers: Although a baby is born only every 12 seconds in the United Slates, a new telephone is installed every three seconds. History lesson: Can you name the U.S. president who introduced or helped make popular in this country such foods as french fries, spaghetti and vanilla ice qream? It was Thomas Jefferson, obviously no friend of dieters. Worth remembering: "Do not resent growing old—many are denied the privilege." RUBLE RICH—Author Konstantin Simonov is believed to be a Communist millionaire and possibly the richest individual in. the Soviet Union. His fortune is based on. royalties, exempt from the strict limitation on other forms of income, which poured m from several popular plays. He made U.S. best-seller • lists with "Da;* and Nights;" an account of , World War 11. Half of Mongolia's males were Buddhist monks until 1921 when a Russian - aided revolution overthrew Chinese rule. T.V. Clinic Airbase Highway Now Open Fulltime Under the New Management of J. D. BEAL 75 Years Experience In Radio • Television Repairs Black * White • Color All Work Guaranteed Mike Warren Serviceman CALL LB 2-i)632 SAFEWAY $ BRANDS What are they? Why do they sell for less? Edwards Coffee 49' With $5.00 Or More Additional! Purchase Less Beer and Tobacco Products . .. Limit 1 Mb. Tin Cream Pies Our Safeway ad usually includes a lot of brands which are sold in almost every food store. But this week, our biggest specials are on brands you can buy only at Safeway. 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