Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 8, 1938 · Page 21
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 21

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1938
Page 21
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OAKLAND TiyBUNE. 'FRIDAY. APRIL 8. 1933 D 21 ,40,000 Farm Hands Aided Workers From Dust Bowl Provide Problem In Relief in California By WALTER WARREN Associated Press Thousands of "Dust Bowl" mi- datory workers are roaming Call-ornia, destitute and hunting jobs that do not exist, the Farm Security Administration reported today. "For the Iirst time tne-T&A nas had to resort to direct relief." Jonathan Garst, regional director of the Security Administration, said. '", The problem laps over into Arizona, where jobless workers remain after finishing the cotton harvest. Garst said some 40,000 persons had been given Federal money In the last two months. Eight food depots have been set up in the San Joaquin Valley to .give immediate relief to hungry iobhunters. Dr. Omer Mills, FSA official Just returned from a tour of the dis- tress area, said there is a "great nversuBDly of labor which will probably last through the year in . the agricultural areas." TTnlike the migratory workers who made California's perennial - roving-"farm labor problem before the dust storm era, most 01 inese inhhunters are former farmers, Mills said. HELP COTTON HARVEST rut loose from , their farms "iri Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas brk. lne, 0"T. ...u 7 'S . I a disaster and mechanization of farm- TKTr lkened, '? the la!nbda..1?!r.d: ing, they moved West. The rapid "increase in cotton growing in California and Arizona brought them to these States to work in the har vest. The picking was finished about February 1, and in 10 days - the Farm Security Administration had a problem on its hands Prolonged rains and floods de layed putting in new crops, and keDt farm employment low. Other crops, already growing, were de layed, postponing harvest. Much , land will not be harvested. So ' the relief problem grew. In less than two months the FSA handed out funds to 8525 families. Average payments were $28 in California and $20 in Arizona. There haveVen close to 1000 repeat grants, orcrfscjts paid out. f Dr. Mills saioS the nomads are V5luctant to take relief. WAIT FOR HUNGER "They wait until they are hungry." he said. "When they finally ask for help, they have to get it right away. That is why we set up the food depots at Fresno, : Firebaugh, Madera, Merced, Vi- salia, Corcoran and at our labor camps at Arvin and Shatter." '' ' Besides the San Joaquin Valley, " "there have been other distress spots. Notably the Spring pea producing areas Imperial Valley, and Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. " ' Curtailment of California's cotton Qcreage this year will make the urplus labor problem that much worse, Dr. Mills said. Some increase in the sugar beet acreage vwill take up a part of the over- supply. . ' Accused 'Kissless Bride' Blames Mate Alice Links Verdi, 24, former U. C. L. A. co-ed, turned the tables on her husband in his annulment suit today and testified before Su perior Judge . Sylvain Lazarus in San Francisco that he, and not she, was responsible for the failure of their marriage. Her husband. Jekutiel Z. Verdt. 42, San Franqisco capitalist, had accused his wife at an earlier court session of their divorce-annulment battle. The Verdis were married last . August. Mrs. Verdi testified she was very much disappointed in the bridegroom, and that their honeymoon was a kissless affair. She denied accusations that, she was interested only in his money. Hospital Chaplain Dies at Let term an Father George J. Bryant, chaplain of Letterman Hospital for -seven years, iied in the hospital r sterday after a long illness. He began his Army service as a volunteer chaplain with soldiers at Cheyenne, Wyo., during the World War. Later, he came to San Francisco as a civilian priest of the archdiocese. Then Father . Bryant ' became1 chaplain of the military prison on Alcatraz Island and at Fort McDowell and Fort Scott. Father Bryant was born in Auburn, N. Y. Q. F. Doctor, 73, . Dies at Residence Dr. Julian Rodriques Brandon, 73, San Francisco physician, died last night at hiJ,home, 611 Uth Ave; nue. HeJfad been ill eight months, He is survived by his widow, Mary R. Brandon, and five children, Dr. Julian R. Brandon, Dr. Throne R. Brandon, Joseph R. Brandon, Mrs. Lenore Brodie and Mrs. Jack Lane. He was a member of the F. and A. M. and of the Scottish Rite and Islam Temple. -An Outmoded Theory V Machiaveili developed the prin-. eiple that the ruler of a state is justified in resorting to any -measures that will maintain his powflr. Herbs for Colds and "Flu" Compounded from Chinese formulas, boiled In water, and taken lite "the auman system, when the action and streni th of the nerbs go Jhroufh the blood circulation oroduce wonderful results. FONO WAN NATIONAL GROUP JOINS IN STUDENT PENNY TAX DRIVE TROY. N. Y, April 8.-WV-A Na tional business group extended a tentative helping hand today to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students engaged in a "penny cam paign" to dramatize "hidden taxes." Robert Baumann, president of the Taxcentinels, R. P. L student union hidden tax protest group, said he had received an encouraging message from the National Association of Manufacturers. The Taxcentinels, who havebeen tediously counting out pennies to pay for one-quarter of each purchase made they claim that's the amount of hidden taxes asked the manufacturers group yesterday for cooperation Dy merchants in indi S. F. Doctor Takes Office as Head of Physicians' College NEW YORK, April . The new -president of the American College of Physicians, William J. Kerr, M. D of Sn Francisco, took office today and promised forward action on "medftal situations arising in the country." His remarks were taken to refer to the proposal of the association's retiring president, Dr.. James -H. Means of Boston, last night to organize an opposition party within the American Medical Association and "bring to light leaders" to solve problems of medical care and proposed Federal medical aid." Physicians, Dr. This, he said, is a creature with very long neck and a gizzard that can digest any problem. 1 "The lambda bird," he said, "can Doctors Split as Fishbein Says U.S. Shouldn't Meddle in Medicine CHICAGO, April 8. m A new attack by Dr. Morris Fishbein, spokesman for the American Medical Association, on the use of Federal funds for public medical service, widened the breach' today be tween groups at odds over the question. Dr. Fishbein sam in an aaaress last night that "only the physician is capable of determining the real medical needs of the people." Proposals for the use of Federal funds in medical service, he said, "are in accord with the extraordi Quezon Has Passed Independence Issue on to People, Says Journal MANILA, April 8. OffVrThe Daily Bulletin said today close observers of. Philippine affairs believed Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, in statement he made yesterday, had passed the entire Philippine independence problem on to the Filipino, people. Quezon, whose agreement with President Roosevelt to postpone Philippine economic independence until 1960 was announced in Wash A Complete Line of PARKER PENS NO MONEY DOWN 25 Weekly 132.6 BROADWAY at 14th WE FEATURE PARKER PENS And maintain a complete repair department for Parker and all popular makes. QUICK SERVICE. "If It Doesn't Write We'll Make it Write" Associated Stationers 422 15lh Street nV to . Bros.) Ill gate 6900 AT LAIRD'S STATIONERY 06 1.3th Street The complete line of newest PARKER PENS AND PENCILS For Easter and Graduation Gifts R A D S T O N ' S AGENTS FOR PARKER PENS IN BERKELEY 2225 Shattnck Ave. BErkeley 6774 cating on price tags the amount of such taxes. Baumann said he received a telegram today from James P. SeiVage. director of public relations for the manufacturers association in New York City, declaring: "We will be glad to cooperate with you In any way to inform the public on its taxes. Varying taxes in the States make difficult the breaking down nationally of the amount of the sales price that is tax, but we would be glad to discuss it with you. "Best wishes in your effort to make the people tax conscious." Merchants, meanwhile, received the coppers with signs of growuiJ irritation. move In only one direction, That direction is forward. "This bird xan fight only with its foes. It can strike only forward with them. It never kicks back." The president of the college, he said, is the "head of the lambda bird on a long neck, which is continually swinging about and up and down to see what is going on. "It is to be hoped," he added, "that the head may be able to keep out of the sand. It is to be hoped that the head may be alert to situations de veloping in the country. Dr. Means' address to the college, whose 4000 members also belong to the American Medical Association, said that the association was dominated by an attitude "close to atand-patlsm." nary delusions of grandeur and with the vague and misguided conceptions that continue to emanate from the social service workers who have sought to assume control of the practice of medicine in the United1 States." Dr. Fishbein replied to Dr. James H. Means, retiaing president of the American college oi rnysicians, who said in a New York address it would be "wholesome" if there was an "enlightened opposition party within the democracy of the American Medical Association." ington Tueslay, declared yesterday it was his understanding the agree ment did not kill High Commis sioner Paul V. McNutt's proposed realistio re-examination of the in- decndence question. The newspaper said observers felt Quezon "practically told the people they must choose one of two things lndepedence In 1948 without trade preferences, or continued political relations with a preferential Amer iqan market available to them." HI gate 1722 SEE Fishermen Howl At Airplanes Aid of Pilots Held Unfair Competition By Santa Barbarans SANTA BARBARA, April 8. (P) Local fishermen went up in the air today over the question of airplane fishing. Airplanes, they said, are being used by Lec Angeles concerns to patrol the sea off Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. When schools of fish are sighted, the pilot drops a smoke bomb. On that signal, schooners close in on the fish with mile-long nets. It's unfair competition, Santa Barbara fishermen complain. They want the State Legislature to do something about it Alcohol and Falls Blamed for Injuries Falls and alcoholism are the major causes of visits to San Francisco Emergency Hospitals. Dr. J. C. Gel ger, city health officer, reported today. He said that falls account for 14 per cent of the surgical cases, twice as many as the number caused by automobile accidents. Alcohol, he added, figures in 66 per cent of the fraeas injuries treated, 34 per cent of the suicide attempts, 20 per cent of 4ie auto accident cases, and 25 percent of the fall injuries. savs SSI DOROTHY DIX, Public A4-; viser No. 1, advises millions who seek her guidance in matters of love, marriage, correct social usage, and every conceivable problem of personal conduct. She dispatches myriads of replies by individual letter or in her daily column in 200' city newspapers. Although a corps of secretaries aid her in this task, Miss Dix never overlooks the rule of well-bred people that "Courtesy writes all social letters by hand." Hence in penning formal notes and intimate letters to friends, she uses the beautiful laminated pearl Parker Vacumatic, with its copious ink supply anil Scratch-proof Point "II mMt SnonagSnne and You can get To touch hearts blissfully at Eastertide, send this lifelong token of your warm affection. For the revolutionary Parker Vacumatic has what it takes to help your loved ones win distinction in their thousands of written contacts in social, scholastic and business life. It never deserts the hand or brain by running dry at some critical moment. For Parker's Full Television Ink Supply lets yoa actually SEE lat all times how much ink remains in the pen barrel shows when to refill. Its Saclms Diaphragm Filler abolishes 14 old-style parts, including rubber ink sac and piston pump. Hence this marvel holds 102 more ink than am. - VACUMATIC-S UARANTSIO MICNAsJIUUV riSflCT HEADQUARTERS FOR ipatjiikieie wwm COMPLETE REPAIRS HY FACTORY TRAINED EXPERT 1721 Broadway 480 Thirteenth St. MOTHER'S SUICIDE , ATTEMPT FAILS ' Doctors reported, today that' life will go on for Mary Virginia Nel son, 19, unmarried Saa - Francisco mother, who took poison because she was denied, permission to visit her 9-months-old child, the offspring of her romance 'with a. Filipino. Her attempt to end her life, was thwarted by the action of the doctors at the Central Emergency Hospital. It was here that she told the story of her East and West romance and the difficulties that came for her when she and . the baby's father separated a month ago. "I lost my Job and left my daughter with a friend so I could look for work," she said. "Now she won't let me see the baby."' Liberal Studies Urged on Students . Students should concentrate more on getting a liberal education while in college and should save specialization till later. Small colleges are better ' for study of liberal arts large universities better for specialization. . An educational shortcut is likely, to oe an educational snort circuit. These words of advice were givn by Dr. Clyde E. Wieldman, president of De Paow University, at Qreen Castle, Ind., In addressing group of alumni at a meeting in San Fran cisco last night. Doro Dix, she says, "than a Pen Like My its Twin at any nearby Pen even our famous Duofold, requires rilling only 3 or 4 times from on Easter to the next. A GUAKANTKED-PEimCT Pen with luminous barrel of laminated Pearl and Jet- a wholly exclusive and original Style. A Scratch-proof Point of Platinum and Solid Gold, tipped with highest grade Osmiridium, twice as costly as ordinary iridium. Go now before Easter and see this pedigreed Beauty at any good pen counter. Try the Pen that Dorothy Dix uses to give her letters distinction. The Parker Pen Company, New York, Chicago, San Francisco. Factories at Janesville, Wis. and Toronto, Can. . V Pmrkir QunkfJie nw oen-. clttnini ink Ho, 2So, and up. SEE SnnQitiflfi IB Anti-Aircraft - Gun Need Cited Only Tour Modern Weapons of Type on .-. Coast, General Says 1 SAN PEDRO, April . V-The 63rd Coast Artillery here is the only regular Army anti-aircraft organization on the entire Pacific Coast and has only four modern, mobile anti-aircraft guns, Brig. Gen. Joseph P. Tracy said on an inspection trip to Fort MacArthur today. .' General Tracy, head of the Ninth Coast Artillery District, said mobile anti-aircraft forces along the Pacific Coast are the first need in the $21,000,000 Army coast defense program. . He 'disclosed, without giving details, that additional heavy mobile artillery equipment is earmarked for early delivery to Fort MacAr-thur and other Pacific Coast defense centers. General Tracy will go to San Diego Saturday for an inspection of Fort Rosecrans. Club Calls Meeting SARANAP, April 8. Members of Saranep Improvement ' Club will hold their regular business session at 8 o'clock this evening in the Community Hall . here, Mrs. Hal Read, president, announced. J. E. Chad dock will be in charge. JEWE G 0DS adyiser to millions till New PARKER Counter! Hal MOLDS 102 MORE INK Thu Our Fmmvs DuefeM 733SK; ADMIRAL ORDERED TO S. F. STATION Rear Admiral David Potter, of the Navy Supply Corps, now in charge of the Philadelphia Navy Yard's Finance and ; Supply School, has been ordered transferred to the 12th Naval District headquarters in San Frajicisco, effective June 30. Navy officers said Admiral Potter's duty in the 12th District probably will be only temporary as he is scheduled for retirement at the end of the year. He expects to make his permanent horn in the Bay region. Alameda Police Hunt for-Prowler . ALAMEDA, April 8. Alameda police are seeking a prowler who awakened Mrs. J. Pino, 61, 329 Haight Street, at 2 a. m. today by shining a flashlight into her second- story bedroom from the roof of a shed adjoining her house. The man fled when she moved, Mrs. Pino told Officer Sydney Bottenfield. U. S. to 'Housecleon' Several Federal buildings in San Francisco will "shine for '39", ac cording to word receive from Wash ington, D. C, today by the Citizen's City Beautiful Committee. Plans are being made,- according to the report, to clean the Mint and Cus toms House and floodlight the Fed eral office building at the Civic Center, f ; ; CO MP A NY, ? Jewtl Cast tnclud-td with matched Pin and Ptncil Stts $8.50, $11-25, .75 and $15. .-jlf telivisiom " Storm Troopers Nabbed by U. S. Two of Spies Held In N. Y. Are Nazis, Says Official NEW YORK, April 8-5 At least two of the men held her in the Government's foreign spy'nunt. a Federal official said today,, are 'storm troopers" in American Nazi organizations.- '- ' John Dailey, assistant U. S.-at torney, said he had been informed by Government investigator that Wilhelm Boening. 30, one of three men of German birth held as mate- rial witnesses in an espionage easv here, "is a member of the storm troopers." . - Dailey added he thought '- one other man in the case was affiliated with the Nazi movement Boening, Karl Frtrffrlck Wilhelm Hermann, 33, afifl'-ttfohn Baptists Unkel, 51, all Gehban-born, were arraigned here and held in $1000 bail each as material witnesses In the espionage case against Guenther Gustave Rumnch, Eric Glaser, Johanna Hoffman and Otto- Her mann Voss, arrested here in February and March. -'- ( AT M1LEXSI Hi; 3 "'JWIii.Ctrtoi;. OFFICES FOR RENT is. I , ir Oakland's Outstandinf Offict Buildint Central downtown location-nearest office building to new : Court House and Pastoffice complete janitorial services with express elevators. For reasonable rates and further particulars sea A. J. Slaght, Bldi-Mtr. TRIBUNE TOWER II ? f tt ;W imh St HI rste StffT Forar Wn

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