The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.V COURIER NEWS .... .Soqaj Ciknfcr Eighteen Merchants Present • MONPAV'S JfWEJfFB j '*•' Models at Ritz Style Shcnv SATURDAY, MARCH 17, ig s .| -Circles -W. N. s. first Meil!5d. 1st church: 1, Hit. Emjni Buiwy; 2. Mrs. W. M. Taylor; 3, Mrs. 0. S. Sttvtfis; 4, Mrs. toy Welch. Mfs; f»t o'^ryant and Miss Wjifwt Crosa (tttcrtotninj! at H«U1 KcliJo for Miss'fluth Whit- .W. M. 6. of the First Bapllsl chiirch will meet at 2:30 o'clock at the; church. " TUESDAY'S EVENTS "Etiteru Star meeting at hall, ^7:30 p. m. .'Mrs, tl«x B. Reid, itavinj Youne Matrons Bridge club. Tuesday, Contract .club nieellBE with Mrs. Harr>' Klrby. ,.lj*lige P. T. A. mcetins al scliool. Book exhibit al Lange school ' )S)ie«il(ve . boird, MissisBlppl County. Federation Women's c-Iubs, me«Uns al Hotel Nob'.c, 10 »• m. Uapte Grove Cemetery ajisocla- -•--••----••— -vith -ilri: Frnnlt Eilhteen nierchuntB cooju-ralcd: with bolero jad:et lor III )>fe£sntlng the latest fashions! Tmiicr.' vtore. [or spring and early .summer atj Molly Giiaul and I'e-'uy iiujiir-' th "' D ",z (hentcr last night. A ski did a Sulnt Patrick comedy! house applauded lhe man- - nequins nnd (he specialty number* given by pupils of Miss Ola IJob Harris. t, 2:30.p. ; Jn... *>"-- •-.'•'.-•' '. ( COiMnitiil. Mr. and • : JSi* M'.CUrk Elm«te -^Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Turner entertained with »: dinner party last SrrUn* »t the Hotel Noble in «*»pliment to Mr.- ar.d Mrs. Tetl et^k ,EUnoie. , Before her recent ferriage Un. EJraore HTIS Mlts "" ' , Martin. fli/5 q/ Neics Mostly Personal The rovnc oi»nc(| with ii Chlncjsc I gray, tind Jiiiuro Guard, dark number with Mr*. Sterling Wood tray tweed for spoil:,. Miss I'ollv- 86 Mlolsl and Mary Joan Affllck. i anmi Buck modeled n white rot- Pfllflria UflCB V1n4»n, A .. -I * ' i i_ __ t .. _ . . ... . M. table, UU< for eltjhl, luid a . , , Mrttrpiece of- aprin« blouoms, in shadte: • A five course menu ved.' - . - ' the -jJarty went to the Rite for'the'faiblon nvue'aud fcjtb* 'riome' If 'Mr. and Mrs. Rup'-• Wise, Elaine Anderson Molly Guard, Peggy BiijnrsM, Naomi and Nedm Bcrrymnn, Jaeki: McGce, Jessie Miller, £iirlli,c Damon, Donnii Wimderlleh, Ann VoUmer, Patsy Allen, Cniol Chaptn, Virginia Swtsrengen. Mary MM Daniels, Ilenc Pcscy. Nancy Wood and Martha Llmzcnlch In the chorus. The Fashion's models were Miss Jnne Holllpetcr, who wore nn «f- '"--in froek of pruned crcpo a taffeta jueket, iitul Mrs. J. P. Necly, whose outfit was u Jrcss and short coat In txMge mid brown. Ma.sler Jcre Reid pleased the audience wlih hl.s double breasted suit of white linen as an example of wiml tlie well dressed young boy should wear. n e moc ). eled for Jlcdcl'6. Miw Clib. Mo. i. ("•*«. "A, 'B faJrfleld ' entertained ''- - Bridge club mem FInlcy, 6w»-ian<! 'Mr». John L. FInlcy, '•fT-VMn. -J' H. 'Kftlns »nd Miss *• »" of Searcy t '61 Mr. and' Mrs. t'M. : tyneh,' with a luncheon and i *^«- j»mt Thuradmy. ' ••. ••- ••••-'- es, nane "Waaon Wliei-b" lor tliel' 10 " ''' closing lumiber, vviih Mis.Trjilti ••"• '•' ... ..,.!,.,.... _-..,, i-ji^nj J ^Wlliau Bourland. in n 113,7 swaetjcr suit trimmed wit!, gray fox cuffs, Florence Ann Carpenter In a frock ol the lltllc, mid Miss Vlriiinla Terry, in a poiidrc blue lint cre|« sjiort dress and coat, trirnnml In Pink, displayed Ornbers models "In Ihc Good Old Summertime" *B3 sung and danced by Madeline Westbrook, France-Hit Fisher and June Martin. A wnsh frock win, u hip lln« sport coat from (he. ToriBcrv was worn by Miss Murthn Ann L'yneli' Mrs. Woodrow Fisher *orc n novelty print frock with iniitchinp cont. Miss Dorinne Coulter wore n white sport frock with n touch of red, and Mrs. Anne Stevens I'oilcr was dresjed in a print dress and black wool coat lu rihpUiyin e ?n««w«. Nuiea. IM. ci. clothes from the New York store John Teatlierslon, B. M. A poudrc bUie luce aiteriioon dress ..T; H^Haynes, Theodore of ankle len|th, with long 5 i cc " Slallings'anfl Mrs. Lei- ,.,™,,n wor a black scuil-fornial frock j«r tli New Economy Shop. Mary Jean Affllcfc did . ^j-. .-Torn:- W. >*f' the Thuredey Rook' club she -*^ Mmes. M. O w. Sim- .. Pat'rt«- mplll was used decorations and In the pear salid course served al the «e«clu«!on of the rook games. "•*- • - - - Will Meet Monthly. j.:D«Bocfatic -women of Blythe- Jrtlle irtll meet aiohthly to study irte'afTtlrs of tt\e country, It has •be<n fleeided, foUoKint the per- .fecUnt of the organization with .Mra. Ltoyd V; Vise as chslrmdn. • III a.meeting «t the Hotel Noble rrhurxtey It wai decided to meet ,on ! the fourth Wednesday of each •month. At the test meeting the ' MS' of reliel work now being j:will:be studied with a guest r .il«r to : feilurt the program. Aaaistloc in the' organization was James' - B. '-Clarfc, district .chairman,. Mrs. T, E. Tatc of Ar•1710/61, charrmah . of the Ohlcka- tawba district ol Mississippi coun- Ity.-,.*ncl Kre. W. B. Burkett ol JBassett, chairman of the Osceo'.a Mrs. lljrveyMoirls is ill ut hsr li.ijni- on Uiivis avenue. Mrs. Homer Davis underwent an . . ^,u«. .operation for appendicitis and The H. D. Iliigues nnd company ' complications yesterday at thu Memphis Biiptisl liospltul. Her cuiullllon is very Rdrxl today. Mr. Dai-lr, will relurn home, tomorrow. Misses Warrenc Uiownlce and Ciiiilce Kennedy nnd Adoiph ana ihu linn! array of models. presents! James Edwards, wu-aiin.; on lace frock and Mlfs .laync lochllii:ky wort- :i while pltjue^---- - - - - "~*,. rock trimmed in n-d. with u short, | llll( l " ot Sjirings for the weekend, ed Jacket, from the Famous store, j They will alU-i:d the races at Hot ILss Wlillillt'.s simp liiid Mrs. |Spiii||S to<lay. lerimrd Oocch 10 wear a blrPxjd > Prt-ston Hainey port suit with n black wool jack- : ' Craflon arc in Little Rock attends CHlJRfeHESi MUST It.M'l'IS'l' C1H;HUI cn'in-l-., 11 a. in, Al! :n-- cordially invited. IIIXiUlM lAJTIIGUAN CUl.KCIi; II. J., l',i;tor ', :-:'.iiulay school, ' 8:45 a.m. • .\i>.i:imit Worship. 0:40 i .' ;::i(ni lluii'C-: "Thank find ior ':':;;• ijpiiilua! Et;-.--:iLi-i( i lKi:i." V,V-ll:ir..(!iiy I pill. KLCN ii:: l; Topic. "Hli., ; v.vdui-Mlay 7 p.m., Lcrturi; on! v.'rlni-.-day 8 p.m., Lentm mid-, ..-: M'n!<•;•. fimjirm IliCiii'-: "iiisi : u-l B'o U]jon Us anil O'.i: 1 Ohil-j .,:i" | A'.l are cordially iuvuld. "lie I -...: !.', of God hcarcth (iod's 1 .'.'-.-A;-..; yc- Ihinvfore hear llicni . ;. I u:rr^? ye ale n<X -I Julin 8, VI. Stardom Beckons Wampas Nominees Slate I'ollcge al Jones- I, Miss Hut): to «ear a blue print boro. is at home !or lhe weekend vit.h loitehes of lingerie at th: •-•''-- hroul and Miss Muignrcl . as his guest, Jame.s Bridge oi. Walnut Hltlse. Ark. near an iiltc-rnoon dress ot . Mis.-, Jitsi: 1 KriU', who has bren , jn cu'iic with lull s'.ueves trim- : , ill 'or *i* v.«ks. imdwsvuil \\} ncd with eiiibioidend lace. ! major operation at the Ulytlie-j Bill Trotter, master o! cfvcinmi-! v 'l' (1 rmS'Hul Friday, Her cundi-1 'inn |., vciv it the Miino. Wilson Soc.iety •— Personal and Mrs. Howard i'eek and chlldien, of Mraiphb, arrivi-cl last iiliiht to speml the weekend with relatives. Mrs. Riley 11. Jones of lilythe- villc, Mrs. S. A. Ki'gcnolcl. and Mrs. t). N. Morris were (jiH'sts this week when Mr.s. Waller Curd was hostess to the Wednesday bridge club. Mrs. John Enochs won die prize. Mr.s. H. M. Lewis was the sjueit Tuesday and Wednesday of Mrs. S. A. Wlnford of Blyllici'llle. ; Miss Maxine- Wallace has accepted tlw position at the Ford Motor Co. lormerly held by Miss Eloisc .Mrs John friends here Wednesday. Bobby and John Ed Williamson will lin- IsU the -school term here tind will reside nl the home of Dr. and Mi*. Oscar Baiksdalc. Joke Counts and fniuily lure returned from Union City, Term., where tlicy liave lived for eipht months. They liuve moved lino Hli:-l MKTHOIISST \\. V. Wn:u:i< k, J'asior ( i-iiucii ."-ciuHil, 11:45 am. I-.'. I), u.: on. fci'jiciul M:;!Lriin!'j:clc':)L .-- iv:i YOUIIL; Pi-,-,p!<' inn! IL> '.::".,:'-h Wfijship >rivire.s :, -•i :ind T.'ju p.m 3-:rKr;:i ..iiij- ...'-. "iiin and Alciicinciu" :sii I!.,- Work ol Uw Iti'.ly Spirit.' V,'L- wc-lcouie vou. KITCHEN 11Y SIS'l'lilt MAIiY M:A Srrvln- cilan \Vrlli-r Rhubarb conic:, ro early in the j.MM.son, when fresh fruits nrn .scarce in most, sections of tivj country, that the up-to-date house wllv is on Hi? lookout ior wnys >u vniKiu. to use it In her spring menus, rs. C. O. Williamson and Mrs. Ailtlc tc01 " lts plea.s-.mtly lutt n Tiin.sH of Memphis visited hY'Vor winch Mimiiliilc.s the appe- ,.,*.. i,— i,,-., ..... -,.... iJt L . rliubitrb is a Rood source: if important food elemcnU;. Phos- (iii.'ttcn or ciutisT At C'mui House .Mucrt Holland, of Mrniphi^. Mill i ::di:rl :<?rvii-CH al II a. m. I I!!ST CHK1STIAK CHVHCII t!. K.' l^ilimer, ^linldef C'hiach scliool. 9:-15 a in. fluly Communion ami .s II am. 'i'lnrd si'inuJii in rhc 1 -aster series: "Tlif I'.Uh Walked." VeMier services jit 6 p.m. CAi.vAitv BAPTIST ciintcn -ary for strong teeth and smnd j , ,, V".*..;?!;™ 1 ,...., boi,e». and vitamin C „„ prcsc,*; & nly ' S ch«,'''o' a ai Blown, supt rhubarb on account ni its acidity. . phorous, that constituent j ' f - ""-* «iu a 10 "luimia. inuy imve moved into nance followed by an Indian dance! ">e residence formerly occupied Mil Jackie McQcc. Uonna Wun-!by C. O. Williamson on Adams wrilch and Aim Vollnier as clrar-[street. Mr. Counts will return re ' jtu his lorinei- position as mnnager Hiiyncs' men's shop had Bill ° r tllc L£C Wilson and Co. luui- Secoy to wear a belted tan suit and Clifford Cavilt to wea dn K blue wool suit with n red tie aM handkerchief. Miss Anita straeke displayed what the well Elri of u should wear crepe frock trlmmeil ' n. , vlme Pique, Miss Run, Whitworlh moa- with a high ncc j- j| llc , )n( j AIjs5 .Lornn Wilson wore n blue dit>ss dressed navy beryard. Mrs. Hiley B. Junes 3f Blylhc- ville, Mr^. Waller Curd, Mrs. G. 11, Vrnzlcr. nnd Miss Mildred i'K- iier spiriu Tlmrsdny in Memphis. O. E. Lawhorn of Monctlc Ims accepted a position In the men's lurnlshiug nnd shoe riepanineni ul body Knows de Trouble I'm was elated chairman; Mrs .. Eitefiaiaed • The Hy^Shj-fNy Sunday tchool . Wf5s ot Oie..nr5i Baptist church ;aa a Saint Patrick party Friday iNreiinTir at the home of Mrs. C. F. ;ruc'k«r'i'r«!i;iO members of tlv ftoss- were • tntertainetj by Mmes. >. H. Weems/R. L..McKnlght ar.d pucker. - ' t. Green lights, ..shamrocte on the euruins,.and green bowls of Jon- tolls afforded, .coiottiil decorations,. In Eerving refreshments .of chick- . ?n , salad,, , nut , bttad sandwiches, I Individual, Saint ..Patrick cakes ana Btit cups as favors, the same ide!v *-as used - with . Shamrock dischs ihd glass ware'. ' ', Aniong - tW ' several . contests was the selection of "Miss Hollywood 1 with each member required t<i displaji her oldest photograph. Mrs W. A. Black. anfl Miss Cordelia WUhite .tied ictf.: honors In winning the ."beauty" 'contest. Anollier en- .tirtaliunent.:. was rivals: quartettes *Jh. Ihe n/einbers' dressed In op. , llnd MrSi R ,,' g year ^"^^ ** lhe com '- Relresmcnts were served U;e ''i present. 'IICKCIl OS-' Till 1 . Eil|ili:l I), licasli'y. I'.islu Sunday sclinol 0:45 E. L. .siiperiiiiendent. Morning worship 11 a.m. .-. .n:un subject: "Huiv to Obtain i s-'.mciificnlkm." j N. Y. p. s. fi:JO p.m. livening service 7:15 p.m. 1 Krimon subject: "The Dr-vll'sl Pay Roij." AclvAiiciug I (lorn In the films, these tresses were amnnj; Hie y, w . mated foi- Hie K places tu i awarded in I lie animal Warn-, j'elcciionii in Hollywood. Al i lo lioltonij lire L'ccilia I 1 >'l. William,'Onl.; Ami l[o^•e^ Vcinon, 1ml.; :nid Dorothy ], C'lnccigo. 'Jn circle is Ifeltn Cu!i duudiler «£ Clcoisc "M. Cohan. 11: la Irene, \Va*^ 1'elliain Hay, X. «y.x ,,,.-.,nn;i, Ol flluib.llrt tthl ;ltlVi \V011 COVtlCll nominal iOll-1 '- fiu- Wamins lionwrs Ihis year, pi i ini, tlirm < no stcti neir I f.-r stardom, aru ttiov.u lion.'. Left, (u rlsM. below, arc Mary J[pll.vwui,d : J,,an Calo. sin r i moi u nul MI? I il.-tyos. Uclo'.v, s;-.-ilo.l. is Uloria Shen, \p.\v York. Al vij-ht is •!u!ie Ilnydou, O;ik I'ark. ill.; ri e lH below, Uteillo Luml Unc!:ley, \Vasii. While the- leaves do uoiitnin ;omc oxalic acid mid should not be usert for food, lhe stems contain only a very small amount and afior COOK- ing the acid content. Is nil. In .spite of its tart, flavor, its residue UIK>II digestion is alkaline. Don't Otcr-euok Care .should be taken nut to over-icok rhubarb, vitamin C 13 dettioyeil if subjected lo tno cre.ic heat for too IOI-.R a lime. As little water as possible should be vsed to prevent burning, bic-.ii-s • tin frult-vcgciabli: Rev. John Cmislilvy. p.istor ol!"! Itself. Cover the s:\nce iKin'ar.i. tile Baptist church. Ls in Uaptist ', " ] - s soon n.i the rluitarb i:inb; it hospital at Memphis ioi- mcdicnl j RliouM lie "tione." Always add ;•;attention. gar when removing from the •'•• Ed IJenll and foinlly h«ve mov- •d to Norlcnu. where -Mr. Bcall will engage in fanning. Carutliersviile Society — Personal Adding utlier nuterials lu plant,' make.i it jw^ib'.t in o':i::i.n ulfhcs of mere.-i.iert focrt \.I'.HO. Rhubarb combines excellniitly •,-,:: h almost, any other fruit tjesU'.-o tl^ forxiEtuffs commonly u.v-d w:'.l: fruil.v The cxtiu miHcrlais ho chosen to mnkc up for tiie I.::!-; j In Ihc rhubarb. For example, adding raisins to stewed or baki:l rhubarb adds iron to the ii:. h and Increases Us elllcicncy. i:luib.irh Shorlrako J. M. Prtachims II a.m. a. Y. I'. U. G:-I3 pii:. Pleaching 7:30 p.m. Prayer mf:tir, g Weiliu-.wlay nislit. W. M. U. Thursday at a:3Up.m. ExerybiKiy invited. LAKE S'lKEET METHODIST CliliKCH W. .1. Lclioy, i'aslui- Prcachini;, Itt-.Az a.m. Subjecl:, Slaughter uf Ihc Inr.orenls. c: 1 ! Savins lhe r^mily." I p.m. subject: i "Reducing Kciijiuusly.- Sunday fct-.ori. 9:-iri a.n; Evtrytcdy c':rd:ally im'-ti'd to Rciucinbcr ail young p--oplo aie especially nn-itrxt to atlemi Ihc pcc]>.f's mi-ctiiii; Sunday evening. rtnsTI'RLSIIVThfUAN rtintCI! S. .II. :-,irlm r.islnr i Sunday rlim f h scliool. 9: Si a.m.! S. E. Vnil. Mijurlntendcni. Morniin; .ijr.'ihip, n L , fn §w- • mon topic, "£0:155 in tho Kighl."! Evening nnrship. 7:;m p.m. W- mon tcpic. '-'1'in' Old K'jgi-cd Cross." Woman's Auv.liavy. Montlay rve-i nlnj at t:X> :.i the cinirel:'. Last I incctin; of il: ; - i-hiirch in-! V. P. (j. to Have Sunday The Cnisader B. y. P Pie usually comes inmicd:.i>.>.v Tlie Caiutlicrsvine Woinans' Club . First Baptist church to mind when rhubarb i met Tuesday afternoon ionrd. bin there are home ot Mrs. A. P. Campbell in ils ;'"?'"• regiiltiv annual mwtms. CHTUSTfA.V Sll;;.V(i; sot Il.TV , Emrnallne Page as ,,„„„ "lose taking pan nn the p gram -Christ Ls Creator V. I'm. J«r Ki'hn, | tin- cily mi "ofiicial picluri:.' To C'omfliniciil Miss Whltwortli Miss fi Ctak - ^ >e -orijin of "negro and Jazz c.ww- studies In a program jta,«tXthe;jrteettag of the Music ' .the Woman's club w Ilood-wts Whllwortii. . narriagc to Koberl. Clifford >.er win | n (; C t ,| acc ' Make HI, ( with liaV.lii': \v ... jr. t. 0. lias .Mrclin,-; |biscuit d'jut;h. After li.ikii: . -;. wl,iy.»l 'I'' 11 ' Aiuuial lueetmz i-I Hie K,-[""'I ''Utter and nil v.uh VA,-, ;,-:, .lov-ical cluin;er 0( l>. I-:. O. w.ri hcid rhubarb wure. Si-rvi- with .-: . the iiome uf Mrs. K. c;. Uoliuid 01 " whipped nf;'iu. lihubarb tninoci ]:iii!di:i iii!,i<li' two Mays. The unit ,.M. Miss Mar)' . . „ u-. The meet- t- home of Mrs. s fipton aJ»(i IK»U«. < : *frs. : -Be»»«l Gooch told the «rijfiii.o<.j«« nsxilc, tUa Mia. Mas C»rt«>«ioc ; o(.fcarey, Ark., houw- *»tt:crijr.:»pd:Mr*, B. A. Lynch, pa ^ipojtt'ia the negro dialect, ^fr». Iwiiwi Morris told of negro *liltu»I»,' tea: -Leone Calllcott •^•^•r-tlie! • ptano number "St. li,-BlM«'.w?it«B by fftndy, a Tlie enltre incetinr. was il'-votcd j .j - - - ." ^^ ^,,i'ii i,^ i>irs i ^1.^ tiiinv. niv^.xif. ' -,;;-°., lyant and Miss Mai-faret I "> nwltrr.-, of buKnr:- Pr ' water, in- tiic lapm\i l:r Give Protram a I Aiiinii !n!;ip is I lie . Hlvjllt (!u in th.i: l livnc I hiiii'iu" i! Chrlatlan Hall. The Women's Mlfslcnavy foclely 01 ttie First. Christijii chinch am present the annual men's nmhi Cll.dr- |JI'.«J.,-,i{; Pctr MM: l"NEl lle.illh \ui!i turt-f." liv M of mlia-li i, ! llKiughtK j-.v- ! ii.ti ini mi K-I-: iv, an/I tnu .. lvi- ' — is. Dclcfial. ,„ .... S'.olc Comtntlon at n.iumbal. Mrs. Charles Don oh. witli Mis. C. E \Valoon .aileriViVr. Program die Christian ball M'jnoll I3eKf'.?,ii -.sivi Mir. cri need i.ol be pcc'.vd. cooked with the sk'.n on H i-..- (IcHshlfnl pinky to'.nv. Ax n., M»n n a Monday at 6:30 o'clock. The pro- n^r *"' co " sb ' of a buffet dinner and, (he prcMiitatlon of several numbers under the dirccllon "Mrs. E. K. Lfttlmcr. Mr ,. M Von Mayr.s li.ive nnni' In I-'.p.ptlv.'lorc Mo., where they will : ;pctul M-VI-UI ', days vlfilhn: tlicir il.iiiiliii'i.. who arc attending Ccntr.-ii rollf.-> tomjli and r-ho'.iid \x . |)rcsldellt - Tuin Sons Born s ' Cht5t " the . ot ' n. o Land, announce the birth ""'" ^Thursday. The babies weigh three, and a half and pounds, have .been » amc d Clarence and Larry. Before her marriage Mrs. SutUm was Miss Lucy Moore, daughter of Mr. and . s. Wahl and Mrs. I,. A. j will Miwrd dmd Mrs. J Hrooks s;>ciit lhe first few day.s „. this week in Uard\ve!l. Ky.. visu- ing relatives nnd friends. Lee W. .Rood, who has l>ec-n in, ^ this city for the past few days at- jsoiip nth oysirr; Pri'V:OII.^ cirnm. rgjj.s j:oari : r[i ;u „,., gi-nhiim lo.isi. milk, collrv LUNCHEON. Cii-am • nf Hayli Socicly ,, , \, n Miinf. "The Proper Thing" "hi u cnrirci for ;, senili'inin !.-i .IS.M. I a lady by r.nryins l«'r luspptT..- lo have?" !t Is (oircct for .1 man lo c.i:-.->• 1's iM-ajis o: packages. Ti i-, l;i.\v>ver, not ivTc^^'iy for him (•> tin :o i, Minn- prcft-r lo c,u- iy ihcir own. : "Why i, .1 I'.i.m ;.upiy*..';(i !•.» T- i'"i''- In., in the picture ut .> l.ulvr- 'l!r riii^in nf Mil" c'l. tcr:i !:::.; l:--t Ih- pii-i.tiiv gallfly uf Mc- K-.-i: |:nil .. nr.iyiK-.-. has not c!iali';.(l. :i|,d |h.- f.irrs Iliat |)e':r do-.vii MI; rremr-il i-liamlii-f rrcin lil'i- llli-y'ic [lorn aiuiihrr ?<:?. '' I'.r h":!vily miKi.n-hcd face;-, :n;u" with lout; "Kjrtrriurn.-." llin f!r;!hin- of the pa:,; i-Kccutivr.^, inn! !!:'• oin.iio fr.isnrs di'toratrd •iii;i hiinv i;i>id K-il.i. all mark -'.'' p:rlui.-.- nl a pj.-.t era. On? i::,-m. <.ico: b -r' It. t,y.=!p. lias bei-.i mayor of thh miu c i>y of (ir«?VA convention o; th'' liilciiuitiunal Kcd Grcx<s 1 :! the Keel Cros-i emblem in l«il. ffe;ul Courier News Want Ad- 'GRADE A Raw Milk Fhono 71 Craig's Dairy \Vr I,. Ii r Money For Crop Loans .ivr lirilf innli-y for nop prcrliiflinn lo.iin (linn ri •mil a>r piri'iicd lo til unco tlie I9JI nccilr. tending lo business iiialtcis . .. . beet ami !i:irfo '-. I'.iji i>,.,- \ ' ' " visiting friends, rrhiined to Tain-! mead, nee puiikiic. im'ik.'i'!i' pa. Fla-, today. DINNER. Bakid" Benfiy Juniper of Tuisa. OX'a.lveal. c;cam rhee.t- sjxnl the hrsl- ol this w<W. !.v-l,id. flu here willi Ins mother, Mrs. B. A. co:fec. Jumper. \ ' Col. Svivan O'.iblr ro-:i Hi :tl;.- cpih at 1|Rr 'Ihiii.-r.iv c vcninc. with i-ci-i- pn.-p v,:ni n^- Miv. M;t .-,, iwfivai 1 P - A core and n>i: n;.,i:.,n rou-i\- d by Miw J-:cin ; i Khouric. >.;arfha!i Hollonback of Sikcstou '.v on business. iax« Farmer's lor Anything Ir g* -7 Tcrd anil Srcds STOCK OW.NjKHSIMI' NOT I If >onr trinity i., 01;. you don't have to buy slock in l!ie i cipi,ration to obtain y. Incm. \Vc are lircc to i-rnc ynu ji-r.i ar, in the past. Live Stock Finance Corp. in <.:li,iiul>ci uf CiuninriYc Office

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