The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILI >" Osceola ft , t * " §ociely — Personal Transport Pilot Indulges in Profitable, " Sport by Shooting Coyotes From the Air *«•/> WAM» -V .w ,.,,, ,. „ „ „ ,„...._... E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THUkSDAV, Al ASCII <M, i<m SHOP IN OUR NEW; CONVENIENT STORE-WE SELL FOR LESS dub Parly J ""Mrs? D. R. WerU, ciiairniuir"of the tousle'department.of .the Pro- grefene Club,' assisted by Mrs John Edrlngtbn, Mrs. A. F. Spiese, and olli«r members arc In.charge oflarrangoinents for the large party ajjd social (o be given In Hie club rooms Fyidsy night for the Bcucrh) public. Mrs. Splcse and her hclpira -a$c jn charge of the Easier fnshUm parade Including children from small 'tots through .intermediate afces. Pilplls ''or ' Miss Moduli's dancing class, \vill give winiceri E W Packard will lead in-singing. Various games v^ll l;e provided lor the older people;', and dancing (or Uie younger group. A pleasant ese-> nirig la promised and ,thc public urged to attend. " "' ""' " . * Attend Scoui iS 'James Carbvrlglit,, Wclby Young. E ' W Packard, Sieve" Ralph, George Deer ohd C. W. Watson "drove to Wynne Inst night lo (it tend a incoltng- of the executive committees of the Eastern Arkan- L,as Bo> Scout Council. Mr. Cartwright h district chalvmim of Oarfiplng arranEemcnls for the cviminer work, and Mr, Packnrrt tr, local Scoutmaster. ' '•''»» D.T C. If, S. Conference &i\lj-seven'members tiom fifteen Baptist churches of northeast Arkansas were herb yesterday lo al- Ittid (lie 'district conference .on plans mctmnls ai]rt personnel of Dajjy acalion Bible schools, Tlic conference was one of thirty similar ones held jn the state under the dirjjcUon of the Rev. Elmer J. Kirkbride, pastor of the First Bnp- tls.t Oflmch, Helena, to make plans for schools .in the summer months. The Re\. D. D. Segcr, of Wilson spoke ,nt the eleven o'clock hour. • » •• * Masons Meet O-cco!a chapter No. 57 R. A. M, elected and installed the following officers at their stated' mcet- >ng Tuesday night: E R Kohl, li. P.; Jilkc Thmil- Kill, King; J. S. UlcCanls, Scribe; E R Bognn, C. of II.; E. S. Driver. P. fj.; Claude Tliomimon. R A C, E. R. Smith; O. M. 1st Vail, I Harwarg. G. M. 2nd Vail; A Welnberg, G. M. 3rd Vail; J. B. Bunn, Secretary; 0. L. Moore, Treasvircr; \V. R. Allen; Sentinel. W v R Allen, (lie retiring High Priest, was (lie installing officer. Among the Memphis vlsilorsJycs" lerday were Mrs. Everett l!ei<l and .•sou, Biilie, and'-Dr: n'nri Mrs. Y; I,. HowlOIl. '-: l.'.'.momc lie i;ol $5 iitcvcns. Twin 1'alls, Ida., --transport pilot, d^plnyr, Uic Irophlcs o[ hli; streamlined chase, apiece for I he coyotes'you r,cc di'iipod from Ills iiluiio. liy NKA Si'ivico TWIN I'ALLS. l(ln., Mavcli IB — Uiminc Stevens, locnl trnasport. pilot and member of Hie board ot tilrccloru of Hie Idaho 1'ilols association, got llred sitting around wailing for business this winter, so he went out lo get if. With r,is Om'tlss-Wrighl Push?! monoplane, powered witli a tlirce- cylincler motor, and his one-shot 12-BiiUBC shotgun, lie iniule n ccmcwhnl coinfortnlile living for himself shooting coyotes which were providing a headaclic to sheepmen of this territory. Thnt business wus good is evidenced from the fnel In 30 rain- | ntcs of Hying one aflcinoon lie tagged 14 coyotes and threw In ;i bobnil for ijood measdro. FlyiiiR at an. iiltltude of 500 Icct- he would .spot n Mi'iiy or group ol coyotes niul then dive among them. Holding his shotgun in his I'lglu j hand, he would fly his ship with his left wlillo lie swooped down on the sheepmen's enemy. Bo close was he lo his Lurgcl before he pnll&.i the plane o»l of the dive Ihnt ho hardly missed, lie would then gain 'nltlliuie while he re-loaded his gun and go through the same operation again, Elevens' method of bagging his coyotes Is unique because of the fttot he flics and shoots at, the fame time. The other few pilots who go in for hunting in this method usually lake along a passenger ivlio doe.s Hie shooting. Aflcr lie makes his kill, Stevens throws out a four-foot white parachute which marks the spot for the ground man who' works with hint. The ground man then takes the coyotes back to the air-; port where they arc skinned auii the hides sold for better than )b cach.^ "It Is a \vliolc lot better than just silling and walling, until summer and better business," Stevens mused. ,• List Program For- 4-H Play Tourney Saturday ,The program for the three scs- Eions of the county l-jl cluU play tournament, to Iw held nt Ynrb'ro. . Saturday, has.teen announced. In the morrilntr session, which ttnrts at. 8:30 o'clock, HID following club:;' >?tSl present plays in the order mentioned: Half ifoon, "Who's Crazy .Now?";- New 'Liberty. "Edn- catin' Mary"; Ekron,- "Silence. Please"; Huffman. "Orvillc's Big Date"; JBoynton, "Moon Blgns"; Brown, "Susie's Debut"; Gosncll ".The CRlflloguc." '.for the • afternoon 1 session, beginning nt four o'clock, ploys vvilf Se'presented by these clubs 'in tlie lollowing order: Yarbro. "Wliosc Cruise?"; Armorel, "The Hour of :> Twisl"; Forty and Elgin, "All Bab:i and 'the Dirty Thieves"; Shady Qrove, "Snow While"; Recccf "iMmlio. Jum": Promised Land "Swamp Spirit"; Blockwaler, "Now Don't Laugh"; Lost'cane, "lliiit Rascal Fnl." •From this group Ihe Jiidsc.i will select the three best to bc'reprat- ecl for the finals which begin at 7 30 P ra. Trophies will be award- Pel'for'first, second, and third pia-v winners and a medal will be given for the individual perfcnu- ante. 'flic trophies will be on dh- pl.ay Friday at the O'Bry.inl jewelry Store. A great deal of interest isas I;cen •<ha*n In this tournament, in which oter 100 MI Club boys nnd girl; •will participate, and u large crowd is,expected lo atlend all:three ses- slflns Tifkels' arc ' noiv on sale at several of the nearby schools Adwill .be 10 and: 15 cent:;. ' , Final Rites Held For R. L. Ward On Wednesday CARUTHEnsviLLK. Mo.. Mai. 24 —Funeral services for Hobcrl 1,. Wnrd. (H, pronilneiil allorncy. clnirclnnan uml polilician o! this city, 'were lie)<l hove Wednesday afternoon at the Methodist Church al (,\vo-liiirly. with a huge crowd of friends attending. Services were conducted by the Rev. W. L. Mcyci 1 , local Methodist, mlnlslcr, who was assisted by the Ucv. C. P. Tliog- morton, Chnrleston, former pastor hero clurli^-yMr. Wiml's rnrllcr jVars .liere. )A'ntl tlio RCv."K. 3r, Oreili, also' "R :former, pastor here and now presiding cirler of llir Popluv Bluff district. The local Masonic I/odgo had charge of the remains at the cemetery, and the Knight Templars provided an escort from the church to the cemetery! Palllearcrs were: Hvcrcll Reeves, J. H. Mcl-'arland, \V. K. ,'jmilh, Jchn VV. Green. J. L. VnnAusdall, Crews Rcynnlds, Cliris Mehrle «n:l L, It. Scluill. Miss Virginia Nell LilE«lfelncr sang during (he clinich service*, ns did the Methodist choir, of which Mr. Ward was a member for many years. Interment war, In Liltlc I'r.iifle Cemetery, hero. Pemiscot's Sales Tax "Profit" At $128,000 CAROTHERSVUiLE. Mo.. Mar. 2\ —During 1937. pemlscot County received approximately $128,000 mere In benefits from the sales tax Itmrt than the county residents paid Into (he fund, according lo a leport received here yesterday from (he office of the sUile auditor. The county purchasers paid in a toUi cf £30.t(lO.<M, niul received the i,\m of J.207,837.88, the report slated. New Madrid and Dtinklln counties also received more in benefit! Do This It You're an was psid inio (he fun:!. Of the total sum paid to this county, Pemlscot schools received 'HO.COO. Old age assistance reclp- enls, $30,000; county Insane, $10,- :UO; and relief fund! $21,030. riufiman Baby Dies Al Hospital Here Today Shirley liny Adams, 18 months old. (laugli(cr of Mr. and Mrs. Tayor Adams of the HuRmnn com- niinits'. (lied at. 10:15 o'clock thLs morning nl tlic Blylhcvllle hos- Shc Is survived by her parclUs and a slater, Huttle. two and a hair rears old. Funeral services will be licld iomcMmc tomorrow and Inle'rmcul vill be nmdc at Elmwood cemetery but- oilier arrangements are incomplete. The Cobh Funeral Home is In cliarcc of fimeml menls. Cnnsati farmer-rancncrs clairh tluit. according lo an old Indta'n legend invasions of "war hora^', JackrnbblUi always mean a war is i coming. The rabbits, big :is dogs, tlrivn out orillnary rnbbila, nllack coyotes, gnaw [rcslily palnt^l »'oort»-ork, and wreck, lives on Uiij fanners' trucks.. r s,, who know j;ooil cooking insist On Kidneys Must Free Blood of Acids-Poisionus Waste Kidney ailiucnd wwi'i wenr uwny -you've gol lu c.a somelliliiB (o help 1)1050 flelicalc orgnn.-; function properly ngain. U); \\\c s; , lm , wnj . with- bladder Iroiiblc. You know Iliul the kiilncyx when l)c:illliy inter Uic acids anrl poi- toitp and thru Inn bladder discharge tlicm from (lie body. When the kidneys don't do Ilils nropr.'Iy Ihcrc arc » number of signals Hint ci-tl for prnnin' action. B^cknchc is, usually our of Ihem and retting up t«- 0 or (lire-- times ;i nlghl tc- unother. In tonic cas"S !!»• palms of (lie liiiml.s a iv cun- limnilly moist and pufliness shows under (lie eyes. Oftentimes the urlnn is sraniy—hlghlv colored or Irritating. " ' HV best lo net. (mk-kly. If you will KII to your dmgglsl. :nid a^k I for ;i :K cent pncfcngc (if "Ramon's i Krownjo j>j||s lor |], P KHnejV you'll be on the right Irack. Most druggists liiinh so higlilv of Ihem that llicy gladly sell "one puckagp with n gunranlee ->f sal- i.'facllon or money back—As-k lor Hnmcir.-i 1'llls for I lie Kidnt-vs. Don't take rhuncro on harmful opliiM , Jiroducl.i wjiich you know no(bins nbout. Us" romroon eonsc. (id mon* fcrsh nif, rnorcplecp nrA lako r\ rtlinHc, limr^pri>ven mpdlrine liko lamous Lydia K- T'inkhatn'u \VgcUblc C'om- pomd—made f jjWMtf/fr/or -.comtn f r om ft ho(c- pome ncrl^and roots — let it help Nalurv lono up your K>-?lcin arH Ihns calm jrni^ly ticrvc*. lessen dislroM Irom f*?tnalf funrtfonal disorders an<] make lite ^.-ottli livinr. •« Fnr rtvcr 60 ypars mo worrnri hl!t l«l<! anofhpr hen- to ?o "Rrnllinp ihru" with rinthaao's Compound—lot K hMp YOU. ATTENTIOr FARMERS! Kerosene Operated, Special While They Last $169.50 . J. _W. AJ)AMS, Mgr, .'.•;. ' •>• ? *'< v v i-. •:• ,1'houe 233' Family Scales Entimclnl blcci c;\:j- ami • l;usc «'.. inolie.s. Wltile h'namnl- i cd -•slaiilin;; dial with l:!ack IV.;'• inc.s ;nnl line. 1 .. /Vdhivtirirnt J.CIDIV on Inp ol ca:,r. Capacity 2ij Lbs.-Bu Ounces Reyular $1.25 Value SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE PROGRESSIVE STOKE" J. W. Shousc Phone 35 Wilson Henry LIBERTY CASH GROCERS FRI, & SAT. GET OUR PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY . FRI. & SAT. Celery Jumbo l-'aney Stnlk 5c Grapefruit ? 5c Bananas ""•-- 15c Pickles Sour Quart 12'.c CKasc & Sajiborn Pound 23'c Now POTATOES 111. V2 While SQUASH 5 C BELL PEPPER... 10 STRAW"""""* ,.,12F GREEN BEAMS,,, 10 Peas KG •2 IA>. |P{ Box 13 Tomato Campbell 2 For LEMONS Sunkist 20 I't-lit ,1'dis No. 2 C'.'iti :AULIFLOWER 15 PARSNIPS ,..,„„„ 5' ••HBBHHI 9c GRAPEFRUIT 23 PACCCC 1'ndc of ICC turret Memphis, Ib. lo POSTUM Chuck, II). Thick Rib, Ib I8i- Shoulder Cloil 22e RAISIH WHBAT L" 19 ( He (iianl :t For Arkansas Chuck, II. 12c '1'hick Rib, Ib '...Me Shoulder Clod, Ib J fie Beef PichicHam - 19c 17!c Klii-cd Pound POBK SflUSAGE 15 BflCOH SKtH ,„ 5 WAL CHOPS H(IN ! I'or S,, 10' HflMBURGER ,, 12 SPARE RIBS lV2 SPAGHETTI Salad D ressing 19c Cheese/*;!' For STEW BEEF 10 CHEESE Daisy ||»t Pound 10 PIG FEET Peaches a 17!c 'i Ib, Box lOc ShrededRalston 12JC Peanut Butter ^ 20c Pears Pride 12c Can A 1 SAUCE , b ,,,. 25 I IDBV ^x*-^" ' olivi ' s UBBI 22 07. .lar e li C K K !'(. KU- S(ciin> IJOill h Hi. nin ^.M- 10 Ih. fan I Si- 1 FA 8. ViMH Ot PI ' ;KIN S:1 Large 53C MUSTARD . C $1.09 LIBBY OVISI ' I•! O/. Buttle SNOWDRIFT GINGER All' b 2,7 c Pine Auulc JUICE POST TOAST 1 ^ 6 rkg. »2 CAKE *|CC FLOUR, HOM ROYAL OR JE1.LO iniii ss /oh (jifTcc Free ••• Percolator :c69c Flour SUUE RITK 2 ; l llj. ri Ih. fi Ib. 69c 39c 2lc CUT BEAMS No. U fun Kippered Nu. 2 C'iin POTTED MEAT,.. 2V SOAP , h , 7 MISS CO PEAS . 5 SPICES "" s ";,, r 5 C PALMOLIVE Humko Hominy No. 30» Tall Can 5c Dog Food ' ••- 4Jc

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