The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1936
Page 3
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i 1 !UDAV ) .JUNB 5, Mails, Not Males, Any Her Concern Pretty Mary Jaue Dulancy Loads the Airmail at! Bristol, ; Va. By NBA Service IWISTOL, Vn.—The only woman airport manager in ihc United States, 24-year-old Mary Jane Dii- lancy, though a southerner, tisks no gnllnntry from any man. Prom her airport there, she re- Ports ivcatlicr several limes n day, puts Hie mail on and lakes it off the planes, loads the air cxrpiss, (.'hecks passengers and load weights on every plane oerore It leaves, makes reservations, sells tickets— and is Miss Aviation to the Virginia nnd Bast, Tennessee 'hlll-blllles. This sounds like a grand job— and It Is, no w that she's got usjci to the fed of tile 38-calibcr Colt which she lias to tote, as Uncle Sam's official mail clerk for t'he airport. A finishing school graduate, she'd iina no traffic with guns, of course, and toting one came hard at first. But the rest ol her job doesn't. For Mary June knows all about planes. Her Slarl In Aviation She's a pilot 'herself. Siie started flying In 1930, when n local business man and flying enthusiast nought the properly now occupied by the airport and opened a flying »hcol. This man Inveigled Mary Jane into becoming his first pupil, for '/ID had an Idea that the. future of civilian Hying depended on wo men showing the way. He thought if a pretty, young local girl went in for flying, nil southern' Virginia and East Tennessee would become Hirinlndccl. The poor man was wrong, partly. For Mary Jane was not, only his first, but remained his only flying W1 pi]. Hundreds cam? to watch, hut only to wntt'.i. Mary Jane, however, got her private pi- H's licensoc anyway. Was' Airline Hostess When her teacher gave up his venture, she got a job as hostess on an airline and held the job for dis- sevcn months, until the nn continued hostesses. She sorry, for they Had begun flying queen bees from Florida to New York and Mary Jane was afraid of bcc-s. Next she applied for and »ot a' job as weather reporter on the American Airlines. This was an arduous job. f or the first inornln° plane left Nasl|villc at dawn and this meant she had to be down at NIC weather station, ten miles from nowhere, at 4 a. m. to wire in cloud conditions, visibility, "obstruction -to 'vision," wind 1 velocity, and Mual- weather. • ' . " . . Sic learned to guage visibility by computing the distance between the weather station and two moim- ' °" Dni " s mlic --"id (he she found out how nh r , other fourteen, to judge u, e height of t , IC ccm by sending , :p a tiny black helium balloon, on the basis of the len°lh of time a balloon was visible before it vanished into the clouds ' Job Takes Slrcn-fh W'len this airline started a passenger schedule from Nashville wth a Bristol stopover, she ! a ] fccd herself into the airport job Her only difficulty was to persuade airline officials that she was strong enough to load ma ii „,,„ CS p rc! £ n spite of 'ner 120 pounds. For no-' Body else is permitted to touch the mail pouches. There can't be any qu-stion of southern gallantry when it comes to taking oir or putting on the mail. Sometimes it's pretty heavy --especially when lucre's air express weighing M pounds or so But local young men have learned lo be onlookers, only, even though Pretty Mary Jane staggers under the load. B '«cr Job Ahead Bristol is only a milk-rim stop now. but her job will loom in national significance in about eight mc-nt-iis, when the gigantic new Bristol airport being built by PW<1 ^Uimis is completed. Twenty or so I'UU, I)EI,ICATKsiE\~IJ\E~ , Cheeses lor all tastes Cold Meats of any kind Fruit juice & Ginger Ale FRESH YARD EOGS DAILY 1'ICKAKD'S GRO. & MEAT MARKET Phone 673 — We Deliver "10H ChlckiuHtn-bg WHY BUY AN ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR? RENT Your Favorite Refrigerator From BROADWAY SALES CO. ; 111 S. Hroatlway FORISc PER DAY niles on the other side of nrlstol chosen as a regional center, the BLYTlIBVlr.LB, (AHK.) COURIEU NEWS Mr. Epperson I'cmalned for several days IreUmcnt at the Uai>- ttsl hospital. Mr, und Mrs. M, H. Garner ami family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Gnriier ill Keller. Mr. and Mrs. \V. J. Faught spent Wednesday In Memphis. Shortcut Dish^ Arc Boon to Outdoor Meals PAGE FIVB Holland News The s. 0. D. A: commliiee of' Holland township IMS completed! the filling out of work sheets lor' fanners In this 'township, The ammiillee, consisting of J. S. Ud- ft-nrds. J. is. Morgan anil o. 1). Cclemnn, bsucd n statement |;oiii(ing onl dial work sheets must be lilcd by all farmers ox-1 .. to apply for srauts under; AAA program nnd calling uj>- j on any farmers who may have' been overlooked lo get In touch 1 illi a member pf Hie commlltec. i Little Jimmie Frances Freeman,' daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis ] Freeman, who live west of llol-l U'lid, celebrated her sixth birthday! Monday afternoon at (ho home of I ™>- grandmother, Mrs. Frances Murphy. She hiul as her guests Julia Ann Hicks, Maxlne and (-'one I'iuk-iton. Di.\ie Gene Mera-s and Charles Howard Richard. Mr. ami Mrs. Uithcr Nceley an; Die parents of n 7-pound sou, "cm Tlnirsdny, May 28, nt their licme near here. Mr. aim Mrs. Clifton Tankereley are the parents of n diiiiBliler, ™" Sunday jil e lit nt (licii- home Mr. mid Mrs. Carter Edwards and (wo sons left Tuesdav for ilK'ir home in Waleo, Okln ' after a week's visit will) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Edwards. Mrs. Tim Gllrts nnd Bert Gibbs, of Braggadocio, visited friends here Wednesday. Mrs. Marvin Bookout left Friday of last week for n visit with her sislcr, Mrs Prank Poster ;in Ideal st;l|ilc frnil („ US1> ,,, auly endive, slr.uvb.Miles and iilm'i\iiiilrs, luo. of the onions — were ' nicked can nlso ba used. Melt biil- ' Miss Hazel Cotioon was the VU ..MUI. VV«IO Ult Sliest last week end of Miss Rutli Burlcsnn, of Warden. Miss Vcftrlci! Watson, of Cnr- uthersyiiie. Is s)iendlng a week PC"!, r SiStor ' Ml ' s - Jtlmes A. Mr. and Mrs . Jolm Azil)j| nmt daughter. Joan, of Tyler and Mrs. conversations with the Glenn •«•"•%• i ijjijivi v, in -««n 0 1.11.1. i/u,ui_ oi IVIP!" finn MI-B probably be a stopover for all Irani- Thclma Thompson and dau«h e?' continental planes and sleepers. Hcth., were guests Sunday "'Mr' 'After nours, and on Sundays, a »d Mrs. Sam Wort-man Mary Jane spends her time Hying "' - - She's let her pilot's license lapse but there are. many handsome air- minded young men \vlio mvii shinv modern private planes. Her leisure evenings she spends "listening in to Randall, of Buffalo, ground stations.. On the side, the blqnd young woman is studyln^ the Intricacies o f radio short-wave — ^mmiun 01 Jim Cohoon nroadcast^and^iavigaUon. j who has. been ill for some Urn"; New Liberty News ....... ^, ^miitttu. i\. \. stepped here Friday for a brief visit with liis mother and sister at (lie iicmc of Siipt. and Mrs W 1. Meyers. • Everett Mills left Saturday for New Orleans after spending a week with relatives here and at Sikeston. The condition of Jim C'olioon, unchanged. Hugh Randal! has returned to his home at Morroltcn, Mo., after - brief visit with relatives here. . -- — .,.,.„ n it n i L-LIIL-I vca Jivit. "-|jn-\.n:> uaMuy IJOWlICr iastl Mrs. Georgia Acuff has return- • spoons shortening 1-2 !„,> ,„ „ J _.,_ ....... . , ss)il ;1]K| in(Ik (o ^.^ her soli, _,., p - Epperson returned i-rirtay from Milford Knns . v J . »"«U3. | - — — -"••bb-iiiu^iii , \.%1LJ[ IIL'1" SOU, ,» m , , •, ' is .attending j Duane, who underwent a tonsileci ™"""? r .. ^"P 1 '."' Arkansas State I tomy at, the McDanicl clinic last the I Saturday. They s] i c nt a few days 1 following the operation with Mr. HV 11 AltV K. DAOUli M:A Sm-lru Slnft Writer Ihrrc b inmijie pleiisuii! In tei and Mir InTutepoo^'liom" meals served In the fresh air. Ap- When DnbWIng sllr 1 M stock and Kiiies are whetted, tense ncru's rank, sllrrftis roiislnnlly iintll lioll- ' :!L' u . ul ' i(;C! :^". ls ' ""i" 1 ' ' n> to j ™ '""' «'«son with .salt and nen- M-rt,'rri 1 ""'' :> . 01 ' mm> >"" si '«• «''Hi "".'in '"id pom- over suiice. luniced lo a minimum numlier nl Cover with doiiBh uiul bake thlrtv dishes. so n oue-dlsh combination inlniile.s I,, a hot o™ OT lc- of sonic .sort with a salnd. aiul urees P.) Serve from uissorole '""•—' or one of Ihe iuviliiig f;il- I'nt n banana winch luis been l.eeled and sprinkled wltli lemon Juice IhroiiBh in- 0 r||, BS u f t .)| ce(t liiucnpplc. GiunLsh \vilh nnlmlled strawberries and serve on a bed of curly endive. Serve with inny- otinulse. steaks nmfchopT " "*" "'"" I Allotl1111 ' splendid desscrl salad The easiest way to open a Jui,,'',',"'"''" CS blulrul " s "»" ''«' ''« s l>- fnilt salad is to use fruit in sea-In, , , son iUomr with a staple fruit such',, V.i"'?' ,,"""''' S1 ! 1 " (1 ls n <Ic - Ihc banana or nbnle A coin, • B dinner saliul when yon and dessert combinations, .sini-' plifios both serving and dish washing. I mid vegetables, fish chowders alia meat and vegetable pics" ai ( splendid lor dinners "al frescc • These dsihcs keep hot Inogcr lliar anas niul arrange in iiio, m( |s , m eltuce Serve wllh dressing mn( | d by whipping ci-eam uulll Huffy but not stiff mid folding in ] mm '"'co. and sen son Ing. SliiKiipiire Mini •L-Miiioiinlllan SlNOAl'OltE (UP) -More tlinu .15 dllfercut naftonnlllles HIT rcp- .resented amon^ residents In Singapore, a census revculs. A Complete Line of Old Mr. Boston f»l salad adds DI ^ cpccns baking powder, College, Jonesboro, spent ,VECk end at home. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Singleton and family .were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs Wheat at May, who lias been Blythcville. Mis. I. L. ill, is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Whittle and ffimily, of West Memphis were |Xcefc end giiesU; of.Mr. and Mrs Herman Prichard. F. Epperson and J. M. Ay- to Memphis Tuesday. went and Mii. Bill Sherwood. Soviet Has lO.OCO N'c\vsp:i|icrs MOSCOW (UP)—More tlian 10,- OliO newspapers in 83 languages are published in Ihe Soviet Union. This aggregate circulation reached 37,000,000 copies in 1935, liiis year it Increased to 39,000,000 copies. Books anrt magazines are now iKued in more than a hun- cired languages. the interest and enjoyment summer menus and always is exprnslre ami easy !o make The ingredients foi- veal 'ami vegetable pie may he cooked eailv m (lie day. nnd when you want prepare your dh crust and hake. Veal ami Vegetable Pic One pound lean veal, 1 cim a m . cooked onions, I cup cooked carrots, 1 cup cooked gi'cen peas •' cups cuoked .potato' marbles, 2 ts- bli'sjjoons butler, salt and pepper, baking powder biscuit dough made willi 1 1-4 cups flaur, 2 1-2 tea- 2 table- tcaspnbn — .......^ a soft dough. , !-•- •-.=;-. Choose veal from the"small part! nf Ihe leg since It'" • lisially; .: Is' cheaper and the- meat' mint be.' cut in small pieces anyway. Cover with boiling water and" simmer until lender but not ..broken.^ Add,! suit and let cool in stock, over j night if convenient. Remove fat! and bone from meat, cutting, into pieces for serving. Arrange meat in a buttered casserole. Remove Tat from stock nnd strain through cheese cloth. There should, be about two cups of stock. The liquid I in which the vegetables—with the lfm " n ' GINS WHISKYS LIQUERS \iu\tn initial, i [ailK'.spGOlM horseradish,' t-4. teaspoon fL, 1 - T '4.1.1 C?l_ ' mcl1 rllul - 2 tablespoons •*• "6 , Little OHOD ™ 2 f I'lliuanl Huiiaiia Salad One head lettuce.'-I ripe ban- "'-:anas, i cup hcav.v cvcjiin, 1-2 ten-' .'peon salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper. 1 , 1-4 teaspoon parikti. 1 tablespoon 2 teaspoons sugar, 1-8 lC "o P °?" "'?' n " 1Sli "' cl ' Wlls " ""d crisp lettuce and cut : , ^ llrc , d '' Ar ""'B e °" ' I'ldlvldiml ! [ ' nlc ' s ' i)ecl tuul sll(:c lm "~ ' ' 0 Chinese filrl Asks Balm SAN FRANCISCO (UJ>) — TIK first strictly up . | 0 . lMe m<n)( , IU breach of promise suit ever filed «)• moinl«'i-s of Chiimtown la now on Ihc court docket, Woo Surklng aa-year-old girl, has nsX- «i $10,000 dmiingeA from wing s e to Cluirging he fulled to marry her between Christmas nnd New Years ns promised. Mill's (u Hal.nice HinlRc-1 SAN I-'HANCIBCO. (Ui'> — The city's lire department budget for Shop With Us And Save 1935 Master Clicrrolrl 0 u u c II White slilc-wull llrrs, 1,000 (JMor miles. (,'Jty |i.rlvtn W '"•) 1930 contains au Intcnllonni r den"- cll of $25,000. It wm be mad u by. the "bad boys" of the department in the s i, aw of Rms lm < l ms m for violations or regulations and salaiy deductions enforced •live I'lyinotilli ns | 193S )>e Stdun. "KCnn A Krai Buy 'iptlUU 1933 l)« Soto IlKiiigluim S|ii-cliil. Clean car, neiv COTf" 1 llres W" '•) Broadway Sales Company III S. Hmailway There nre four major defects ot vision; and 7 people in 10 Iinvcoiicormore.Hnvcyor/r : , eycscwmiincd lo know where you Blnml . i. "guessing" is dnn^croua and cosily! J.L. GUARD Optometrist ' At Gii.'inl Jewelry Siorc ' WATE and Your .Food Supply •L A) «^ Modern civilization has built itself upon the fact.that there is a dependable food supply in every town' •and-plentiful, pure water in every home. They are both important and both necessary. The modern methods of transportation assure you of your food supply while the modern facilities , of the Blythevillc Water Company assure you of your water. You may install cily w.-i- icr in your home with RII I-'HA loan... Consult y o u r plumber lor details. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. ' Courteous, Personal Atlculion lo Every Customer P/lone5 ° ' 113 S. IT MI A N S JUST WHAT IT :SAYS ... IT'S AS SMOOTH AS A SAKE LIQUEUR LITTLE CHEVROLET le in Modem American InsU-. tlr.miiiuls noL jnsL n linn whiskey luslcor nn iiivHin;; nromu or silky siuoolliiii'.ss; it wnnts all these in one liquor. \Vo iliiln'l know ii-lioliicr ilcouhl he iliinu lull wi: Ucpl. nl il pnlicnlly for ;i long, loiiy liiiiu.I'innlly wi:jj<il il . . . ;i liraiiil'iicu- luml ofliijuor . . . Vi'HISKHY UQUKUK. How ctin n'onls describe Old i\Ir. Boston WIIISKKY l.IQUl'.UU? A -ilcaming amber li(|iior. The firmul l.-islc «f tiliiskcy lli«t Aincriciins like. Hich aroma of fine whiskey. Smooth as n rare, liqnrur. Ils a|)|iclixin^ fragritnci; prepares you \nr grcale'r joys lo come. Ils fine flavor louchrs your pillule wilh a soft rieli feel. This superb liqueur has KVKEIV line liquor quality. H'b 'nVICIi its <lill'ieull lo make, yd. il's priced low lo ADD lo your enjoyment, lluy a hollle and Insle n miracle. YOUR CHOICE — RYE OR BOUR8ON A NEW UQUEUR FOR AMERICA-JO SATISFY AMERICAN TASTE CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division CARRIES A COMPLETE STOCK OF THE ABOVE PRODUCTS

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