The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1930
Page 7
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PACK RIGHT m,YTJ]RVJU,K. fAUIU COUKIKK X'K\\'<\ EWE'S HT Powerful Ruler Soldier-Sovereign of Yugoslavia Is Romantic Figure of Balkans. By MILTON BRONXER .N'EA Strricc Writer LONDON.— Europe, which was made unsafe for democracy by the World War and its aftermath, ann which has thrown up dictator alter dictator, has one boss who Is today unique in his kind because lie is :>. sovereign— King Alexander of Yugoslavia, TnLs man, who is only 41, is no' only the sole king-dictator in Europe, but is the only one who let' troops in the field tn three wars— the two Balkan conflicts and the World War. He has jusl saddened two of his allies — France and Czechoslovakia— by issuing a noti« that his assumption of supremi power on January 6, 1929, is to continue permanently and that liU hold on tilings is to be strengthened. instead of being weakened. or modified, or given up. . Austro - Hungary used to bo known as the ramshackle empire because of the many nnd conflicting races within 115 borders— Germans. Austrla'.is, Hungarians Croats, Slovaks, Czecks, luillnns, Poles and Serbs. Yugoslavia, created by the peace treaties after the World War, or rather enlarged by those pacts, is almost ns ramshackle. Its only difference is that inos! of Its subjects are at least .Slavs by blood and race— Serbs, Croats, Dal- matlons, Slovenes, Bosnians, Mon tengrlns. But they are divided b; religion, the Serbs |;lng uiainl Orthodox, the Croats, Roman Catholics, Hid the Bosnians. Moslems. Nation in Turmoil ' For years, after the end of the World "war, Yugoslavia s-.nigg.led along with parllamenlary gov:r: nient under Its new constitution bu' never got anywhere. The Croats who were more advanced In clvlll zatlon than the Serbs and who ha< In Zagreb a modern up-to-dat city compared to the slothful Bel grade, complained that the govern ment was so centralized that every thing favored the Serbs and tha the tax money was used tor th aggrandizement of Belgrade. Busl ness in the parliament was at standstill because, of the fights be tween the Croats and the Serb Corruption was rife. There wa- slscknt-js In ndmlnistratlon. In th parliament Croat members were ac tually murdered. King Alexander mulled over thes things for a long time. Because the Europe in which his. kingdom Of DEFORCES Prohibition Enforcement Tried Out First in North. western Slates. I ST. PAyk Min., Aug. 22 <TJP)- | Volsteaillnnd has become the prov- i mg grounds for the nation's great' est social experiment. Tlie" Northwest which for the purpose of prohibition cnforci'incnt i-omp'risfi Mlunesola, Norlli and Honlh Dakota, low.i nnd Nebraska will \K made the model dry enforcement district of (hi; country. M.-Lf Harney, director .said on Ills return (roin a confevcnca with Attorney deiicral W. D. Mitchell nnd Amos w! ,\V. Woodcock, iiev; ua- tlonul dry phlef. Minimum—homo of Andrew .1. Volstead, father of the act which bears his name—long has b«n u testing point for the prohibition torces. II was In the Twin Cllie.s i tliat the first raids ugalnsl nialt stores were made two years ago. I The raids were made on the ad| vice of Volstead, now legal advisor Belter times have come lo Yugos lavla under the Iron rule of King | to , lhc Northwest prohibition de- Alexander, pictured above, although inuny a dark deed has been at- : Partmonl. Prosecution was drop- Iritmted to hl.s movement to crush political parlies opposing his re- j > )W 1IlUT ' b " 1 recently malt stores time. But 41 years of age. Alexnn dcr is (he only dictator-kins In Eu- ! n ? lU " " ave **i:n raided. -. •o]«. • . - j ' A " "'ii °f strict enforcement is :— I expected to ensue under - the new regime. Because the Northwest has a model territory. us to put the Moslems In u per-I road, thence in an-easterly-dlrec manent minority. j ljon , ^ lho ^ „„-,;„, thH^eT of the administration are snid J. b. C. and E. right ol way eipccted to bc trlc(1 Qul hercl Official: Over each bannt, the dictator placed a Ban, or lieutenant gov- crnor responsible only lo hluiself and his Premier. WARNING ORDER ihanecry Court, Chickasawba Dls trlcl. Mississippi County, , I Arkansas. I Myrtle Sevler, Trustee for Nedn' Flo 'ihompson, riiilntlff i vs. No. 4B02 . ' E. R, Jackscn, et txl, Defendant The defendant, Marble City Bank warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof nnd answer the com~ Myrtle Bev- Flo Thompson. Dated Aug. 33, 1930. W. W. HOLUPETER, Clerk. By llarvcy Morris, D. C. W. D.'Gravclt, Ally Ad Lltem. Aug. 32-29, Sept. 5112. to the Ncrtheast corner of Lot 1. Block i"F".' Barren-Lilly Addl- lion, thence norlh along the west line of alley between Lake street and Lilly street to Intersection with sotilli line of Main street, thence west along south line of Muln street to the line ol Uike street, thence North line between aforesaid Sections 10 nnd 15, thence west on snitl line lo west line of Franklin street, Uicnce north to point of beginning. In the City of Blythcvillo, Arkansas, are hereby ncllfled tlint a petition has been filed first. here state that, barring two western 'districts, the degree of cooperation given by iccal peace officers Is greater than anywlicr. else In the nation. In Minnesota a Is estimated that 05 per cent of the sheriffs~ -J fthd county, attorneys will give -their cooperation in enforcement, 'in Sriuh Dakota the pcrccutngc rtes to 00 per cent, but, in North Dakota the figure is somewhat lower With the exception of counties in Town and Nebraska in which there nre large cities, the degree of co- Bargaing For Saturday Only A Word to the Public Do you reali/c.thai times have changed, and that modern merchandising lius saved the public millions of dollars? You will find at the Piggly WWly 3tore:-a nice freslv stock of vegetables also a selection of grocery items sec- owl tcuuone and.".mosl of all at 10 to 25 per cent reduction in price, think it over and visit the Piggly Wiggly for Quality Merchandise at REDUCED PRICES LEMONS, Nice Size, Doz. 23c CABBAGE Ne Vn lb.3c I Potatoes m .. „. k . ,, e | ?'.' -sacfss s »™ -" "" owners of real property within said territory above described, which pe-1 tltlon prays that n local improve-1 , , , •« All owners of real pi-sporty within the following described territory lo - wll: •metit district be formed embracing said territory for the purpose of: Constructing and building a snn- lltary sewer system with the necessary laterals to rervc the territory embraced above, of line I nnd of-provldini; an adequate out- Beginning at the intersection.of i c t for ihe said sewerage system is .placed. It. was Yugoslavia should necessary that have a strong sense of nationality and be prepared to fight for' its existence. It is r.o si-crct that for Yugoslavia the possible enemy ;is Italy. They taw each other .across the. Adriatic". 'By treaties and 'by. grata Italy -ha? seized most 'of. the important ports oh 'the cast .side of the Adriatic w/hicli should have .been Yugoslav. Alexander made up his mind to do a singular thing— he would ape the methcds of his possible enamy. When Italy "was torn with internal dissensions and parliament wasted .lime, -.Mussolini .and bis Fascists grabbed.-, the. power and proceeded .to buUcl a. strong' state. Alexander . figuratively. -.went .to school to the great Benlto. What the Italian could. do, he would do. Abolished . Constitution • Hence like a bolt from' ihe blue came his coup d'etat of January. 1029, when he announced that the constitution had been abrogated, parliament abolished and all political. parties suppressed. At the time, he intimated that he did not aim at a permanent dictatorship But only the other day he dashed all liberal hopes by announcing that there would be no return to parliamentary or party government Instead, the soldier king and his Prime Minister, General Zhlvko vltch, would still further tighten tnelr hold on things. the west line of North Franklin even beyond the limits of snid dls- slreet w.ith the north boundary trlct if "deemed advisable by the line of the City of Blytheville, uc. ar( | of improvement, the line o( | thence run East nlong the north [he said sewerage system to begin i boundary line of the City lo the U'lminate, be located nnd construct- i Northeast Corner of the Southwest ^ \ n ti, P places In the manner • uarte r of the southeast- quarter nnd of materials' and-with such I f Section ten, Twp. fifteen north disposal plants whether located! nd Range Eleven • East, thence «|th| n or without the district that run south along East line of said t he board of improvement of said of the SEVrSec, 10-15-11 to district, hercinnfte r to be appoint" " ed. may d.?cm .for the best interest of said district. The ccst 'thereof to be assessed and charged upon the real property above described. All the owners ol real property within said; territory are advised that said petition will be • heard at the meeting of the City Council to be held at the hour of seven- SAI.E Notice Is hereby given that I will en Ihe 12th day of September, 1930 Inuring lawful hours at the soutli door of the Court House In the city of Blytheville, Arkansas, oiler for sale to the highest and best icmilrinir I W[i(ler Ior c! ?sh in hand" Lot Oiv? the- sewer lin! U) Block Ton " Q) m 'BB Acldi^n ttu. se«er line to (|lc dt} , of Blytlievll|c _ Arkn >!,... said sale will be made for the pur- he Intersecticn with'the north line if Sec. 15-15-11. tiienca continuing ilong line between .the .East half if the Northeast. Quarter -and the West half, of th6 Northeast quar- er of said section 15-15-11 to tlie jiarter section line between the Northeast quarter and trie Southeast quarter of said section 15-15-U, pose of satisfying ap indebtedness secuved by Deed of Trust, given .'by R. C. D^xler and \vife, Lucy Doz- lep on the IGth day of February. 1923 winch under the term's of said Dfal n'. Trust, fs now due aiid paV- able; Drni of Trust Is.'recorded In Book P-l, page 212,. Recorder's office, Blytheville', Arkansas; default having been mate; In trie payment of said indebtedness, secured said deed of trust. Tiile to said proiierty is b?lle'ycd" to be. good, but 11 will sell ss Trustee' only, i This the 21st day of August, 1D30 I . N. JOHNS. -Trustee, fo r r. Johns in said Deed of Trust Aug. 22-29. hence West on said Quarter sec- hn line, to the east side of an alley running North and South and being the East Line of the Barron-UMy Addition to Blytheville, thence run south along the east line ol said alley to the intersection of said line with the line between the North half of tte Southeast Quarter and the South half of Seclion along said line lo the center of Clark street, thence run south along east line of the Holllpcter Shonyo Addition to Blytheville to the Southeast corner of Block six of said Hollipeter and Shonyo Addition, thence run west along south . on the ninth day of ( September, 1930. and that at said j nectlng said Council will determine ; whether Ihose signing Ihe same \ constitute the majority in value of j such owners of real property nnd ; the Southeast Quarter of 15-15-11, thence run west In the way of giving better ad-j line of said addition to the line ministration, equalizing taxes, suppressing corruption, the king-dictator has undoubtedly improved things. But dark deeds of terrorism and third degree stuff have been done by his police in seekin? to destroy political leaders whoop' posed the .regime. He has succeeded in getlng Croats and Slovenes, as well as Serbs, in his cabinet, bu' they are not men who were leaders in their political parties. J,5osi of the men of high standing in political organizations have held aloof A great body of Serb opinion is and at said meet- of real property unning north and soulh through he cente r o! Sectlcn 15-15-11. hence north on sjild line to Ihc Southeast corner of Korlheas! Quarter of the Southwest Quarter ol Sectlcn 15-15-11. thence west along south line of the Northeast Quarter of the Soulhwest Quarter to the E»5t Right of Way lino of the St. Louis and San FriWKisco Railway, thence north along east line of said right of way to its intersection with the south llni of the right of way of th< old Jones- what majority; Ing all owners within said territory who desire will be licard upon the question. 3. C. CRAIG, City Clerk. Aug. 22-29. HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday The Fighting Terror Comedy and Jade I'.ox No. < Matinee nnd Night lQc-25c RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday Joseph M. SchencK, Evaporated, Pet or Carnation 3 Large or 6 Small 5c | CELERY S 0 each 10c Golden Ripe Jumbo Ib. PEACHES No. 2 1-2 Can Libby's DeLux Can 21c EANS Campbells 3 Cans For 25c No. 2 Can Pride of Illinois 3 For 35c hostile, because it holds stoutly tt i - democratic Institutions. A great body of Croat opinion is hostile, because It still believes that Croat Interests are being subordinated to those of old Serbia. Gavtrnmenl *y Edict Alexander's whole endeavor har been to make all his people, re- . gardleis of race, religion or prov-1 Inee. feel themselves Yugoslavs. T- ! accomplish this one of his first i strokes was to abolish the ccn j lurles-oM territorial divisions o' Serbia, Croatia, Dalmatla, Borsnla Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia. Instead, lit epllt these ancient lands into nln^ new banats or provinces, naming most of them after rivers—Drava. Sava, Vrbas, Danube, Drina, Zeta, Morava, Vardar and gnally Maritime. Moreover these bahaU were cleverly maneuvered. Northwest Serbia was united with Syrmla Vlovlodtna, the purpose being to pla« the Germans and Magyars In a permanent minority compared with the Serbs. Also Bosnia and Herzegovnli were split Into fou parts and added to four banats so boro. Lake City'and Eastern Rail- Ask for Gold Medal Flour at Your Grocers Merchants Grocery Co, Distributors SUGAR 10 Pound Limit With Other Groceries 10 Ibs, 49c PEARS ggft'-33c I PICKLES *y 33c BRISKET ROAST Pound 12'c PICKLES 25c|TOMATOES^tlb.lOc Genuine Black Hawk 3 Pound Limit Pound 25c PURE LARD 6 Pound limit pound 12jc mSftllSftGE Ib. Me | ROAST SALT MEAT* Bee f ib. 18c Fine For Boiling pound 105c Worrell Pride Picnic 4 1-2 to 5 1-2 Pound Average Each 89c

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