The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1930
Page 3
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15< 1930 .LK. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Woinen Trai » ed for CAMl'UELL. Mo.. L2oc. 15—Working under the auspices of, (ii? American Legion, all charitable, fraternal, and religious orti-i.-; «! Hie clly of Campbell hav: ijlcdaed their support to a co-ou;raiiv.' movement (or the relief of the dcs- litue and unemployed of this city ai:d vicinity anil have already launched on (lie program agree:! ujx>n toward this end. Plain \\-r.r- len'.allvely adopted ai the msctln' called by Mayor K. M. Jsn:s -Friday afternoon an-J at tlie urn- meeting of the citizen 1 ; that :ilj!:'. definite schedules o! p.-ocecli::-- uere planned, i!ie execution of v.-hlch started this morning. A complete survey of the --ntir? township, including Campbell, v:a: made and committees seiccl?d from each of the fifteen school dlstr:rt= including the villages of Glenncn- ville, Wilhclmlnia and aryan; the committees arc authorized to fir- nlsh references for those in newl of food, clothing, etc., of each district. Soliciting ol fimils to ofls^l. necessary expenses of provisions was begun this morning and will extend over the entire area of mi-th Diinklin county. A central station is in operation in Campbell in the American Legion hall where supplies arc stored and from winch they will be dispensed. Cardwcll News Notea Sol Steinberg visited at Ulythc- i vilfe Wednrsttay. E. Bartlcy and family, who have lived near here for some time, moved Tuesday to a farm near Manila. Mrs. Mabel England. Mrs. W. T. Stubblefield. and Mrs. B. T. Meredith had business in Senath Tuesday. W. D. Tatcm and Roy Stanfill had business in Sennth Friday morning. The Ford roadster belonging to Ed Byrd burned on the highway last Saturday evening between Cotton Plant and Caruth. Cause of tli? fire ts not known. The family bafe- ly escaped without injury. ' J. A, Stanfill and son Fred lia;l business in Blytheville Monday. John R. Mann, principal of' Europa school spent the week-end here with his mother, Mrs. John Mann and family. A. J. Bradley and W .D. Tatom n Cardwell visitor Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs, Glen B. Underwood of Arbynl were shopping in Cardwell Friday. Rsv. and Mrs, W. T. SUibblefleld vriled in nornersville Wednesday. I::'i Mildred and Wilma were call- Mn. Pl::rcivj» Sneed and (laughed Saturday to Little Hock. Arkansas, owing ts the death of Irr sister. Mr. mid Mrs. C. J. StanfUl visited relr.-lvcs In Cardwcll the first of last week. Mr. Hun?on, supervisor of the Kiogcr Stores, was In Cardw.?!! on the company's business Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Poslon and 5'n of California, who ore visiting' hrr parents at Hornersvlllc, visited fi lends In Cnrdwrll Saturday. Donald Stewart of Manila visited in Cardwcll a short lltr.n Tuesday. New Arkansas 'Power Diirn THRRR-., British Flier Reprimanded For Shot at Boche Airman INDIANAPOLIS, (Ul>)—TlV3 first ."'Sled aviator to shoot nt a German Jlicr was severely reprimanded by a lirltisli General. Captain German Air Service .."' Expands During 1930 omet«™ a day in summer and U «.'" ' hp wlnl " '""On-Th* Wai ®? 1 *™"', c<3 ""* «? to September 31 KI»S 8, 1CO.CW kilometers. South tmet'w v.'llli the new Zep- • ix-lln nnd a contract w th "ho Nan-l Iking Government for parllclpatlon! j lu u German-Chinese concc.isionl company lor air-traffic between 1 | China and Europe nte among iliei lending achievements of the Ger- mnn uift-nanca In 1030- The com-' jmny's traffic receipts show an. in- erase or IS per cent. The average distance travelled by Lun-Ilnnsn planes was 54.000 kll- ancl your r <» m do0f Or unlcl "- » k a ">* '•>Core throats W ^ Qukklyrdlmd • fr" x J hv mtihlti* /». . This is the new R700.000 Carpenter Dam of the Arkansas 1'owcr nnd UEhl Company, nenr Hot Sprints, which will be permanently closed Wednesday, December 17. Miss Hetty Doilsoii. shown In Insert, will touch the button which will close the dnm. „— -, ---- - oy rubbing on MILUOH JAM mgp YtARt Scholar Says Bible Study Fails to Affect Conduct CITY In ' (UP)— " " to daughter of Hornersville, shopps;! in Blytheville Friday. Roy Clark lias purchased the tailor shop of Thomas Rollins and opened for business Saturday. The shop is in the same old stand, back of Smitties Barber shop. Mr. Clark lias had a great deal of experience aI !" n ?P n - I lent business man. Under his Warhck Brannum has accepted | agement the business should a position at the People's n.-u^ \ success store - ''' ""•- u —• belonging e . ers passed each otlu "' l ""™ier research. e:- tliey waved their hands or made Hls slud >'' of 485 P"l>Hs from signs to indicate the war wasn't vnrl «' types in many communities a pm-iial matter with them," Cap- • *ho'«d the relnttoiulilji between tain Cook said. | Biblical Information and conduct "Oil!- of Dm British aviators took to be, as lie said, "Insignificant." his revolver along with him on a ' " If "'e Bible Is to be eltecllve In flight one day and took, a potihol , " Ie schools," Dr. Hightower said. Potential soldiers of Soviet'Russia, women are shown here receiving military training on a state farm near Moscow. Above you see a giotesque array of ultra-modern Amazons as they were instructed in the use of gas masks. They will be expected to fight alongside their m?n folk in the event of war, and (he lower picture shows them taking lessons in rifle shooting from a Red army commander. at a German. He was called on the cutp'l by a general and warned that such unsiwrtsmanlike con- duel, would not be tolerated. ' "Other allied aviators took guns | alrng with them, however, and fln- allv one of them killed a German | with n shotgun. Tliat started aviation warfare." is the rending of the book, with pupils required to memorize supposedly Imiwrtant facts." BERLIN. Germany (UPJ—A new Issue of currency notes is being prepared by the state priming works. The new notes, which will be even more difficult to counterfeit limn the old, will have tlielr firs tissue In 19J1. Old notes will of course be withdrawn as the new ours are Issued. Don't Forget— i This b, Die llrsl time you have had the chance t* b»y-y«yr ' hlRh trade Xiiias Prtwnla from Pukhlni Co., tine* BUrtinf In business back In 1903, it ONE-FOURTH OFF •)> nearly ''M' Xnms Clfts. All kadlnr brands of FoiuiUlD H«ns, Pencils »&d Sets from 52 up, »( ONK-FOURTII OFF, One lot of SbralMr . I'cns ONK-HAI.K 1'rlcc. One lot ladi«> mid OfnU' 'wiirlc '-: eold filled «rlst walchif: and wl-lst band* ONE-HALF Price/ ''''•• PARKHURST CO. One Door Wtst of Poatofflfe "lt should be elevated to cmiallty | with other curriculnr subjects. At present, the only method employed Grandma's Portrait Delights Princess Mrs.. Attie Blakeney and family moved Thursday to the north part of town: having lived in the southeast part of town for some time. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tatom an<! sons of Brooklard. Ark., visited relatives in Cardwell Wednesday. The barn Haargrove, about 4 Cardwell. burned Sunday, Dec. 7th. Roy Clark and v!si!.?d friends at to a Mr. miles south of to the ground, /' Jimmy Edwards LONDON. (UP)—Princess Elizabeth, four-year-old daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, re- Other officers, who are appointive,. cently was given a special treat ficers will be installed at the next'for being a good girl. She was tak- time not as yet selected. All of- en to see Titania's- Palace, meeting on Friday, December 19. | This Is a gigantic doll house, J. H. F.~,ard of Hornersville was a' constructed by Sir Neville Wlllcln- Cardwcll visitor Wednesday eve- i son, and accurate In detail. Even nJ"B- | the tiny pictures were painted 'by ~James and Owen Fitzgerald, Don- • famous artists, aid Herrin. Willie Whitson nnd Roy. The Princess was especially de- J. Stanfill had business in Para- ; lighted with the mass of wee toys, gould, Arkansas Thursday after-! "But how untidy!" she exclaim' ed. ,"Thelr Nanny is not as par- noon. up uun. t cu. ( im-ir raauny is noi as p J. W. Boilng and son visited rel-! ticular In making them pick atives at Cooler, Missouri. Tues. is! their toys as my Nanny is." vred - j in the Hall of the Fairy Kiss the Mrs. Joe Higgs entertained the! Princess saw a minute portrait of Y. w. A. Girls -irith a "bunkln'" • Queen Mary, by a prominent por- Friday evening. Friday evening. 'Carflwell Lodge, No. ^ ... M.. elected officers for the ensuing . yi-ar.-" us follows: W. H. Lockard, the home talent Worshipful master; H. D. Meadows, Senior Warden; J. A. White, Junior Warden: R. J. Bishop, Treasurer; p. A. Fitzgerald, Secretary. uiLinijjr inu«ni U3 • "' *•• wi*no Hint u UUHfcJll • ^UCCll 1*1*1] Cicsnell, Arkan- Party and a sunrise breakfast Tues- i trait artist. day. Mis.'w.' B. 'Crnsk, a son. Miss Orville Tyler is here from Texas to .direct sno.w-whcih the high school has un<}er production. Melvin Goodman visited relatives In'Kcnnett Wednesday evening. Born, December 8th, to Mr. and Mr£. J. W. Drope, a son. ilr. nnd Mrs. A. E. Flippinon-J daughter had business in Maiden Misses Ruth Brewer and Edith laid and Messrs. Grover Fkeman and Joseph Rutherford had business in ' Paragould Wednesday afternoon. E. B. Crail had business in Par- ngiuld Thursday afternoon. Born, December 5th, to Mr. and Mri.' J. C. Queen, a son. Mrs. O. A. Brewer and Mrs. W. E.)Bre-.ver and son shopped in Par- agquld Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. T. D. baster, Mrs. DeWitt Lanier and J. M. Anderson went to Hornersville Thursday afternoon to attend the funeral of their cousin R.fE. Anderson, who shot himself last; Tuesday. Delberl Flippin has accepted a iwsition at the East End Filling station. IJ-. E. Patterson of Maiden visited friends here Sunday. 0'. D .Hall went to St. T/>u<r <*« business Thursday, returning Sun-, day/ Mrs. Floyd Simpkins nnd dnu7h- I tertiary Elizabeth of Hornersville visited in Cardwell the last days of i the, week. i A'. J. Hichter spent the first few j <l:iys of the week in Carri'vell. His ; liotiio is in Pine Bluff, Arlc. I Mrs. H. J. Walker and daugh- ' ter. Louise. Airs. W. E. Brewer and . son larry. Mrs. F.zell. all of Cam- ' Mrs. Floyd Simpkins and ° f «»"™e She clapped her hands and cried TIRED WHEN SHE GOT UP Strengthened by Lydia E. Pinkham'» Vegetable Compound _ St. Tftlil, Minn.—"I used to Ijn as tired when I got up in the morning as when 1 went (o bed. I had fainting spells nuit palpitation. Of course it was my age. 1 read a Lydin E. Piiikluuu booklet ftiiu* started tak- inR the Vegetable! Compound three limes- a day. 1 am now R well woman. Throe of my • i i neighbors know what it did fur me so they are taking it too. I will write to nny woman if Lydia E. Pinkliam'H Vegetable Compound will help her us it <Tiii me. I feel like a voting woman now ami i thank you."— Sins. H.C. HEKiiT,2SO Fuller Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota. We keep them HAPPY Ford owners like our brand of service. Tt is dependable, prompt, economical. Our shop is cfean, cheerful —the most ship-stop*: you ever visited. Mod ern equipment, Ford- trained mechanics gel best results on all jobs—big or Httlc. Come in. We make a specialty of periodic iuning-up T oiling and greasing. Complete stock of eemilne Ford parts and accessories. Iifiw prices for repainting or washing and polishing. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Rlythcvillc, Ark. ' Phones: 810-811-777 ^B^ O^^L «•• Kentucky Small E££ S5.75 Kentucky Lump 86.25 Zei£ler ' - - §7.50 Empire - - 89.75 MontavalloGenuine 12.25 & BILLINGS Phone 76 L| New Blytheville Feed & Coal Co. Fl;. Phone 196 " The Way— To Resume Is To Resume 9 ' somebodij said shortly after the end of the Civil War Well, why not? 'Why not, at this Christmas time, light up the country from one end to the other, stimulate buying, close the open switches and go full speed ahead? The machine seems to have slowed clown a bit. No matter what the reason, now is the season of all seasons to pick up speed again. Christmas lights will make a great contribution towards the restoration of confidence. ' * Light up your store, your home, your factory inside and out. We can tell you how to do it most effectively. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" Keller-Heuman-Thompson S U ITS and r and Dofobs HATS FLORSHEIM $10 $ Shoes 2-Pair For $ Tics, Socks, Shirts, Underwear, Siveaters, Lounging Robes — in fact all gift goods at low sale prices. . HUGHES & CO.

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