The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1946
Page 7
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SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 19<1G CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ' BLTTHEVILL1! (AWL) COURIER NEWS FACT 8ETM/ FOR SAL! lf>41 Konl li Itfltl V.M.I r.I. Mo. AI Dtllr rtt* per UEL« fur waieculUt I* Mrtlon Uoo*; fiOfl ChAFfft „ -_. l DIB* p«r lio« 15* 1 lint* p*r line per d*r )^c 8 ifniM per Jiue per J»x I""III 7o f 1 Uomtk uer Una _._„„"""!" 80e OvuU fiv* tT«r&«« wordi lo th« 1lfl«. I a A4i «rd*r«d for tbr<« or lU tim«* »od $r tk« »«nb«r e( (line* lLt» »d «ppe»red ft*d »dju»lueat of LI!) nude. AJI €l*BslfloJ Ailvertisim' cojiy iub- •itt»d l>y ptrsonB rvbitiing uut>)J« of tk» eltj mu»t be »ccoiiL|ianii-'l by r*it. K«lei M*y b« tuEl/ comj'ui^d froju (he ftbovw .Adrertlil&K otder for Irregular Snser- lion* Uket t^e QJie Lime' rale. No rttlioimiljtlU)' wjjl Le luktn for more 1h»D OD« iucamtcl itisetlj.ti]i of my cU»- ,- ii M nl ur *J*« » P • vi |i in uc ti In c (av • rrfott-Mcton..!'. I ..- M.'ior S..I.'-. .iIiiiiL. I'liuiH- 'iiiD. J -_'0-,-k (( •icr SiL|i,Tf*-.v t'UIHl ..MIlllM.MI. ]..», , (.'nil :i.">i.:i. -U |ik L' I SOW, ftlK U'll tO«l«<, For Sal* 111 l.t.-2'l 80 ntrn f«rin. ft MD i.Ji K : mn i-tfflr.-d. H.u>.- I I-.T «rM', fi fi-iir 'IVuiis' «n li.,f. J-lu in>r^ f A rni on J-'orni [<i Mitrkri Kna.l. JL'O acrv <')«-»ri'ii. It llirci- -roinn hnuscs, L' ti* .T^IIKI I...;*wiili Ivix. .fif'.nnii 19-vk-:* fa^li. T-n ^l..,k Ml ]')i 1 lu-Ator, V oil coo It 6tovt> 1 Uuniliy love, 1 Urgu MiiHlJu roucli. 1 clmu i.miiress. 2 cLt-ot of drawn is. nti^. 1601 W. Walnut. 15-iik-VZ ilunil Whilv. .11-' X. 11 111 11- |,l;--:l Modern 5 rm>m house. Hani-1 wood fl4M>rs , Ihroujvhoul.' Inside recently redecorated und insulated.' Call 2*)9G. 4-17 pk K;iMi-r rabMls. Nni > Cliii-kuMtw K*]>\>il 1 ( - s l- l^r^TTTn-^ ( wi\r luniUliti' (-ill ^Ulil ulu-r I Ii.i I A|M» At-l of C.inLli'timrt ChirLii f'.r i<l ij' ^ rral live ruslrr Hnnny fur yn nlM'ils Cull r,07. \V«. uill ili'livi I'i'i'i! l.uwc (iror,.ry. .N. 11,. y. Cl. . i l«-[pk-Sl . i Wn-k old luliy culcki. U<> K. Kycsmorr.. S. N. -N,-e.l- I'.rallry. — WHO WASTS TO J10VB TO CAI.1KOU- walking cnllivaniri. Oil- | -VI.M LOOK I KKAI> T1IIK; Klnt.-u Vii-liirJi) ArV IT-t.V.-r/l :>-lK-ilrooin lionin 2^ vrs olil t>m -— ^ ~ i iilr/lely (nr , New electric range, auto-1 malic irons and electric toasters. Howen Kleclric; Co., !2!t South First St. 'l-lG-ck-23i it^irr.s iin<l .sljrul>s. f]liiLr,li<s ^iBlil I'loiisr. Take, yun X r«ivl liny t. r -,UtiO c»"li. H^l iiullily. Wrilc 017.K. HI4IU -WANTED- USED CARS Pick-up Trucks Why Shop Around When You Can Get the Top Money for Your Car or Truck at PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut al Fifth— Rlylheville, Ark. Tel. 453— 454 Political An nouncements I Th» Ooator Hm DM •u'.borbed to uinouno* tb« faUav- taf cA-ididAtM, iubtact to tin Democratic primary: riURRinr AND COUBOTOB JACK PIMLET ROBINSON WILLIAM BIHRYMAN CODNTT JUDOK OKNK E. BRADLEY ROLAND GREEN rOK TAX A88K88OB DOYLR HENOERSOr* W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CLERK HAKVEY MORRI8 COUNTY COURT CLEKK ELIZABETH BLYTHK COUNTY' TMKABDSU DELLA PUHTLE STATE RKPRKSKNTATIV« ALENE WORD E. C. FLEEMAN 1JD8L.1E "iniKlB" SPECK U II. AUTRY STATE ftRNATOB .1 LEB BKARREN JEFFERSON W. SPECK FAST-EFFICIENT ^ WRECKER SERVICE Telephone 578 Day & Night i III.- liriT.lrr. Klho H:il.-i.y 1 iiiilu cast .if Illylhovllli- ».l ta Aruum-l. lMi»rli-« SU- l--]ik.Ul Kttci (win. 5 h.u. , KLuji. Hl.l Ball IllrljC nl.ll i-ri l.n- >l» nice 40 nor« farm*, we'll Jinurovi'il. liiglits, running" water, Litli, One, I Vj I mi. EUlilli of HlyltievillQ op ^rnvcl. £f f I One. on i-oncrele Labway, 3 ml. from ,. ' lilyllu'ville. lii-iik--'! I'l'i'ii Mrr.-f '2^ mi. »ouEtt ot Hlyllievllle —L. <MI Hi B liw»!' 61. Nire iilnce lu IniilJ. l,*wn moy,-or. «20. 109 \V. Olit'rry. ! E> iu:ri-s ut ullulfft, nil fi-inx-il. l.ntlKT - - -, \ Ur»y. Ill-Hi K»t«H> IW«W. Vh«n,.< 6 room residence near Mg.. school renting for 505 a For Rent month. Price $5000. Terms. ( ., irl , Kn , nn ^ >)imi v H. C. CAMPIIKU, I'hones '1-10 or 2iK!0. 4-1 S-ek "1-22 i room residence wilh bat Price $2850. Terms. H. C. CAftlPMKM, I'hones '14(i or 2!i;iO. ; • 4-15-ck-4-22 I.ATI: til.AS.S FOK WALK SifircfirtlU Alsn' nl'iiiniiuirn Kairii. sill oivcr, l>ar«, rti-. Wiile I'. O. H"N «l:i, Vjililinln. (la. li-ck-'il Hi-l)iiill Kvitlrnde 0.2 HI'; S IIP JC,Hr,son anil n»«t. S.'« Kil Hliuili-s nl Kii'li Clievrol.'t n.-irngo. [;-|ik-. r .iO P.i-ilionin. :lll N. Xiulii. I'hnn.- '2:!^S J7-jik-"j:ir . Close in. 2UUX oom. Cull 21"! I.urfO hprfronrin nr-rtr town. AtLio ftin :il(/ \\-fst VV'.nltml. S-1>J: 9.'.2. 0 i.V-.Sl Used radios, electric anil battery. Guaranteed HO days. Perry's Radio Service & ^1 Appliance Co., phone HIM. 4-in-ck-lf t iusiil,.. l.nv,;.' l"l. 1'rkvO for i-k s:ili'. I'lirin,' 1 lll-M. St. U-. )r 11. A. Sln-rjll, ll»-|.V-l;:l U yiioil inilrli rr>w*. din- nlilk.-r >.ni l,:iv,' evrr 11, in] calf. T|I..«B coi Tral-tur (•nlliviitiir. nioilel HM. =-10. ».II i,r M. I'nrmall. Roy (i.-iincn. Rt. » CONORKTK Illill.OIXn HT.OCKS. nny 7UU Nulilli Lilly. ' :»-|ik-r>|» • 0 KAl. 'Vt-^nsfne lja\li trie l^rill frir lunrh »ouaMe. .Mt'lc-aK's K T ,-inil KrntU'l for c:irpi'nlpr vv l.lork Inyint! :>iiil l>:iii<lii>i:. I'll !l. Illylln-vill.-. 19-i.k-L' I.ADIKS — H»VB your r Mrry tlvaiwil. »t.Tili I.Miilifnl in your own ]".:l,1,11. Ill r:,ll :l!l[lll. slip nn<) hinil.s. \Vt' spi-rinM^t' :mi<r ^liKriiiTiiiij: nnil mot . k -. Yci. wo |iirk U|. ;n lllyllirvitli! MiU'liini! Him 4112-rk- fnsfruction ^Farmers Furniture Store ' Now f.urutti) at 405 East Main St. New and llseil Furniture Wanted to Rent CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. -AT T()U« DERRICK- Phon, 2241 River Washed Sand -- Gravel also Good Sandy Dirr for Fill* C. R. HESTER FRAMES STRAIGHTENED WHEELS BALANCED STEERING CORRECTED BODY and FENDER WORK SPECIAL PRICES ON COMPLETE PAINT JOBS lisli.'J :t r<u>n] n|>:trl I. IVrtii.incM •si.l"UI. Will,- Hi.v 1HVK <'|i> C'.ivni.' r-.|l:i.l,,-.l I,,,:,,!,,;,-,',! Ml IlllllT. l''r iiKuirnl Tiill L!IH',L nft<-i -I p.m. l.J-lik-^:. "It Pays to SCOTT ALLEY ofAM Kinds. M. Now is the lime to store that stove. Honfc Service & Storage Co., phone 2801. 4-4-pk-5-4 til. Cull Marvin. :23'J. House Moving Rntl Foupilnliuu Keritr Cull 492 Frank (Irockelt. mtii ."..I Vino St. 25-i k.-i;ar. Ornr«ry slor* wiili living <nurtrr.= . to- Kellii'r wilh 4 rt-nl:il ln.usow. A]>prox- fc.tni.n-lj 2 ocri'S r.f l:iml. Fronli im .'.Mlln-y 61 l,onl,r» nil Colloii IH'H ~K II .' iili-nl liiciil'oiL (or inilnslry. S,-c Hiirlinnin-ii (iurci-ry. N. Ilivy. fil. -Mrvlliur ^'ill mre for cliililrrn in her ht mitia Jain . »c(or»iiccs. K( 1 19 K«sl Clii-rry. 1.1, Second Home COLUMBUS. O. I UP)— Ilrs Hudson, 13. of Asiiabulii, O., l):i:l miiuy lionics to from, but l.c picked the ri^lit one—that of Po- jlct, Capt. -Chat-Its' Mr Berry, hcaj of the Cokimbus juvenile division. Henry wanted: (n Something ;o rat afler almost Iwo days of hitch- hikini; wilhoi-, food. Mrs. Berry fixed Henry a whopping bifj break- fust. And |2> his father, Wait.?i" Hudson, who was located by tli-j police department. Radio Service "Pil" Anjil Refrigerator Service Fred Luwltr Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip Frel Vacvium Cleaners, Pans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. ,1. W. Adams, Mgr. Phone 2011 20C-08 W. Main Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 Plume North Highway 01 r'or expert oil stove Alfalfa liny anil mulo ilr.-uvn fa pt.mciits. Ti'Ifp.himc 311. W. kikN. .Slci.-]c. -Mr>. l For fine porlraiis its O'STEKM'S STUDIO ')-2-ck-5-2 Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone SG'I. 3-15-ck-tf Wanted To Buy VHOPK.HTY OWSKRS: 1 nill Win); ji>n iy. I c»n sell »ml finanr« !•'" n |,to|i- erly »nd f^nn Intnl J\t low rale nl inU-reKl ivilli loiif li-rni JTO pnyinetits Von «re invilfd :o cnll anyllmc. l.nlii- vr (itv-vy Real tUIMe HroV^r. Tlione S13. 3[27-|ik-4;27 »Wy iirkeil. .1. M. Jonlz. i>l""« »2:i3. = 2-].k.4iaZ nml Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and Dettvet Just Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We 15ny :mil Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 32t East Main Phone 2WJ I'rrffct fnr toaay's'nt- lIuLslU fiM.lwcLir ussured when rc- buiM En our motl^ru .sbop^ "RiPAIRING WRECKS IS OUR BUSINISS" Loy Eich Chevrolet Company Tvxoco Gas and Oil- 301 West Walnut Phone 578 First !m;ol of conimoi-clnl nliun- linnn prndtivect In Aincrtcn '\'.\t poured «n 'riinnksiilvlun Day. 188S, luul s«Ul tar $u u |jo\uul. PRESCRIPTIONS Frrahciit Btock Gnarmnteed Beat PricM Kirby Drug Stores ro» BALK CONCRETK STORM SKWEK AIX SIZEH Cheaper Than Bridie Lumber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phon* (tl OMnla, Ark. A NATURAL AH) FOU Hyper-Acidity OF THE STOMACH Moxmlnln Vnllcy Water Is » nuturnl »ld In hclptnc ellmlimte wnstcs from the system. Not laxative, It works gently tlirousli the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this lamous health wnler Irom Hot Bprtnt*, Ark. II 'jus been prescribed lot more than 6 years. Free booklet on request. ORDER A CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blylhevilie, Arlc» Local & Long Distance Moving Competent Help aud equipment. Adequately Insured. Contract Hinting and Mlac. Services. Home Service & Storage C*«, Plianc 'J801 CUnlc 514 Main, Blytherlllr, Artc^ Fhone Z9ZL DON EDWARDS ;X>ROKA, AND RESCNQTOH TTFEWKITKIIM Dr. J. L Guar< Optometrist . GUARD'S JEWELRY 209W.Marn SERVICE See us about your mechanical'.trouble. Our expert mechanics working with modern. . tools and equipment ran put- your car hi top condition. We Kino have a paint and body shop repair service. We will fix your cur or buy year car FOR CASH. T.LSEAY-MOTOR CO, Complete Stock* at Paris for Cfcrysltr Product* 1Z1 R. IVUln , nan* '. BOOTS AND IIRR RUDDIKS Hard to Itelieve if. •'* 'fir ^ IIOIIM' full. Call 2SUL'. Alin Ilnrcly Kurnilnrr <'». .i;nvel.-lf CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER V [i V^tW 1 -~.\\ vwao FRKOKT.RS AND HIS FRIENDS He's Got Company _^ _|; BYTlERRILlTBLOSSEB if SALES HKRVICK N','«- Kralanil >v)illi. raliliili. 3 .1 .1 4 ruiniur <ril linlrh In your l.jr y»r<l Will do wnnilrri I" T.'ll.'v,. |li Jni.1l slinrl.Tte ftl ymtr lirniM'. H |i,'.l- itneil liri-il ilni'. "ill. linlrli tOII !l n-KinliTi-il I.r.,1 .Ifv.'j wild nnlrli, ^7S. .Soncli Siil,' Kililiiiry. :i niil'i K'>. )l>vy (il. Hlytlu'vill.', Ark., I'ti'nii' . :i:19kl Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let / Planters Hardware install ' and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-2C-pk-4-26 PhoTofitats — 6'Stccn make a photostatic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important papers. Quirk service, O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-« anil n»t«- xl lra-< ^" uivril In s-ll. ><•>• '''• Ili'allor. I'lK :i»'">l. lu (rl.-il Help Wanted uly 21--C' yr.irs of RS». lii«li s<~' >'ilnr>1iiiii In »<iik in urori'ry. w .•st.i'lU'liri' I'll- In Knx MIIX. C<mri,T Xt»'«. IB-el Wanted to Trade Will trade 41-12 model cnrs for 38 or 39 models, (iood deals. Phillips Motor Co. f)lh and Walnut. 8-27-ck-tf Situation Wanted fnrl lini,' > limi. \Vi- olkcr-jiT I'm- full i"'"i r , llux .1 It. in <-nnri,-r 'I Sii-l.k'-.'l Kills Rots Roaches Bidal* Extwrminaton M* mi Sell Us Your Cor or Truck! WE PAY TOP PRICE No Waiting! Get the Cash! Let Our Factory Trained Mechanics Keep Your Car] In Top Shape! Drive in for FREE Checkup! Our l'l;mt nnd Rody Shop K<|nipped for All Vour Needs j We hove 1 New 24 ft. CARTER _ Trailer for Immediate Delivery _ We carry a Full Line of STUDEBAKER PARTS and ACCESSORIES RAILROAD and ASH ST. 1'HONK 210. r i| ».KX CHAMBI.IN B1U. CIIAMBI.1N Mmbcr N»tT 115 8. ThM Bt. Ontral WASN'T HERE. MRS Mt GOOSEY.' ME VJOULDM1 AT ME DURING WOMAN- MATING WEEK; , ^ WHV.THIS is GHASTT_Y MEAN IT WE'D BETTER. PHONE THE BY V. T. HAMILTON THSV IT COMES & WITH THEY NEVER MISS A EVER THE HAND RAISED A&AlkiST A SOW OF SOL. SHALL J=A AMP USELESS... TH£ HAVE SPOKEN! /N -^ I MOW V\-H*.T

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