The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1930
Page 6
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FRIDAY._AUCUST 22, 1930 BLYTHRV1LLE, (AUK.) COURIER NfiWS CLASSIFIED ADS nro ecu is a word for first Insertion and cna cent a word lor each lubsequtul Insertion. No advertisement Uien for less Oyui 60c. Count the %'ords an! stud Uu v*»h. Phoa* 306 FOK-SALEV.' NILASERVIC.E//ZC: ERNEST LYNN FOR SALE—Bnby Chicks. Custom hatching each.week from now on. IitarUyn Hatchery. • 2«ck>tf LOOKF" Bargains In Used Cars 1930 Model ' Ford Roadster New Tilts, Taint and lop £c.:d. Motor nieclsr this one atul save dc- ! prccIatiQii. Only Sli<j5 1029 Model Ford ' Standard (.uuiic. Thoroughly rv— comlilioned. {juod tires, Itainl and upholstery. A ; real buy at S?75 in°,7 Mndi-1 Chevrolet limit-r- ial l.amliu Sedan. Original iKiinl. scat covers, socd motor. Miijil Uc seen to be appreciated.. S230 Our USED CARS are guaranteed 30 days. Make ycur selection and eall Stl—TODAY. Used Car Dept • PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers PHONE 811 TODAY Used Car Bargains m:Gi.t HEBE TODAY DA.N UOHHSiiH, Inuiicrauirnlnl yonDir man of Holl>iTood. rmn'l CCt plnliK \rllh n «ludlo executive a I {' I'lelurfji and tfnr. up lil> rnuiriicl n, icrnarlo «rllcr nnd a«k« lo he flred. Uul he l«n'(. |):IR IK interfiled IB ANMS WIX'J'KH, • flrl fr.ini Tulin, (jkln, «liu bui »bawn rnouj;li nUNty lo \vurrunt u tcrrrn leal utid « dri-ent linn ID a picture. Dun II, c> wllk I'AUI. COM. ll:il, \r\iu urllr* u Oully movie colaum for a Hlrlni uf acuji|)U|irrM, Atxae live, irllli l\ro extra Klrlc, E^VA MAHl.i:v >D d MO.VA HOK1I19UN. A fniintUM dlrfcfor nniuril (>AH- ItV SI.OAN ljn« nhnivu lume Inlcr- v«t In Atinr. hardly eiioui^li, hoir- rrrr. Id \vnrrnnl nn; high JiO|ir., LOriKi: WATKINS, irrlrrr fur niovlc u fnn'' iciugnrlnri, IntnrnlB lljnl fib? linn ticnrd runiniv nt ihr tnlr of Comlnrntnl I'lc- ILirrn la I.D^T.on Jlrotliri*. Mfnn^hllr, Annr U mnkln£ KHail n[ fjrnnd l.'ntlcd, !jlonn »re» Eirr nu thr *tt oun. daj nnd n»ka IIT If'Zhr 1m* a cnafracl. When »vhr> kay<i tin, tip dr. inintlhlni; mint he ilftne nlionl (lint. \(UV Gil O.N WITH TUR STOIIV CHAI'TER X.XII Dl.OAN had said nothing more. A enille, n dance at Ilia wrlEl tvalch, and Anne moved on. and But lie had said aomellilng ought lo bo douo about a contract! Sha bore tlio exciting news lo Kva nud Mona that evening- Mo»a bad worked tbnl day—her first Job In mor<i tliao a week. Kva had not. Eva hadn't seen Iho inatdo ot a sluillo lor nearly a month, aud she was rather more di°comagcd than usual llicso days. Amie worried Era could ba very bit- toward herself. Keen about her. ter-bllter M o u a's unfaUtni; cheerfulness could uot always chase that hard look from the Mood-haired Kva's eyes and force her unwilling lips to smile. UT Eva tonight tiled lo lie a6 unselfishly enthusiastic as Mona, and (or a while fiho succeeded. Later on, lliough, sho brought up tbe director followed her progrc53 toward tbe dressing room before he turned away to stride t lire ugh the litter o! lha vast Interior toward tbe exit. Tbrou^bout luncheon, B Happy-go-lucky^ tbluklng not of today's disappointments, but ot tomorrow's possibilities, Mona vrould lot set the world on fire—but wlint ot It? Una didn't quit Just of that. i- Motia was saying: "l may get a bit next week, Rva. Wlut do you think ot that? I wns talking lo uu asslEtnnt director today and ho said-" "I know all about that, too," Eva cut In, not ralelpg hep eyes. "Ho iuobably wanted lo make a date, didn't ho?" , , "Now there you go!" Mona com nhlncd. ... ill KNOW, uut tliese aeslilant. dl^ rectors aud fourth usletant camera men and office boys give me a laugh. Alwayt promising to do all tlie cooking," ''Uut you can't ninVa her BCO It that way. Qcc, 1'vo b«eii hard up myself." Mont laughed. 11". for that niiuier. 1 , know what it In to bavo rent day roll around nml not bo nblo lo pay It. 1'vo borrowed money trow Kva many a tlmo, and sho trow uio. don't know why slie should that way unless . . ." "UclcEa what?" Aon urged. "Oh, 1 dou't know. Unless It's because you'ro dotQB 10 well that an unpleasant topld'. She was think- UomclTilng for youl' \Yhat can they ins, she said, of-leaving Hollywood. I do—even II they did mean what Anno stared at'lier In dismay'. "But why, Eva!" , "Decausc," Eva Ehruggcd—"oh, because." "Quit alngiii;; the blues," Mona advised. But 1-Jva Bald sho was net singing any blues. "I'm Jim talking sense. I'm not gelling by out here —I'll never get by. What's tbe use ot staying:" words i "1 wish you wouldn't fay such $295,00 $285,00 $395.00 $400.00 $550.00 $275.00 $350.00 1 1020 Ford Touring 1 W.'.y Ford Roadster ....; 1 1023 l-'oril Tudor 1 1KD Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan 1 1023 rcnfiac 4 ' Donr Si-dan 1 1927 ronliac -1 Door Sedan 1 1020 DeSuto Roadster LEE MOTOR COMPANY !20 East Main Street ULYTHEYILLi;, ARKANSAS . : _- i FOR RENT ! Shane Apartment for rent- L'lionc 411 or M. !Sck26 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment 108 Kentucky, Phono G83.' 21ck28 TOB RENT—Front bedroom^'- adjoining bath. Private home. Phone 4TO-W. ' = 1<*25. FOR RENT—McBride apartment, 4 rco'.ns, bath, garage. Furnished or unfurnished. 800 Walnut. 20i)k23 FOR RENT—Sept. 1st, store huild-1 ing now uccupi?d by The aoot- j cry Mrs J G. Sudbury, Phone l.| 16pk23 FOR SALE OR TRADE—The 40 acres ana nice home beyond Chicago Mill knov,-n as Craig place. Trade etiuity Icr house,- or lots. Big bargain. Thomas Land Co. 22ck25 ktiit forming themselves In Auue Winter's hruin. words that Carry Sloan hat) spoken: "Something miphi to tie done .-ibou'l that."'They ivcre words to reireat over aud over Bjaln. lo ponder on dcllclouEly. to experiment with, using dltferenl Inflections ID quest of different slg- niflcniicea. Sho ate lunch ivltli a couple of girl from Iho chorus—New York girls, both ol them, from Broadway musical shows. Their laugh- Ing, wisecracking chatter was 8 coiny accompaniment to the meal, but Anne made absent-minded rc : plies, fooled around with her fruit salad aud glass of milk. One of them said. "1 sea you made a hit v,-(th Garry Sloan. Tell mo how It's done, will you?" Anue forced a smile. "1 wouldn't eay a hit, exactly." "Didn't 1 ace him giving you lot of time? And he was usiug his eyes on that costumo of yours, too." Anne shrugged and made no re rly. A liKhl wrap now coverec her bare legs aud arms, flesh thai she had b'ecn conscioua^of heneall ,'. ^loan's 'cpol-..scrutiny. 'Tho other girl said somethin about giving her right arm to Garry Sloan, tbo "biggest shot" a Grand United, lake notice of her "Maybe you don't know It, Anne but you're ia luck." Anno said, "You're being sill Ho only said a few me I've talked with hlra fcofore." things. Eva." Anne- pleaJcd. "Yes," Moon said, "snap out of It." She went over to Em and sat beside lior and put her arm around her. "Cheer up! You'll get a break sometime, and then you'll wond6r why you ever, thought of giving up." . Eva stared moodily at Iho floor. "Yes." sho Eald scornfully, "I'll gel a break, all right. I've been kid- Ing myself about that for three ears " "Well, you will. Anne got one. Itln't she?" , Kva made no answer. "Didn't she?" Mona Insisted, aud va turned ou her impatiently. - "1'es!" Aud she added in a tune legs arsh: "Anne got a break because he knows what to do with It when he gets It. I haven't got what Anne's got, aud neither have-—" iva's voico stopped. "Neither have I," Mona finished or" her. "1 know it; you don't bare lo spare my feelings." But they said? . You'd think some of Ihcra, to hear them talk, were as Important as— as Garry Soan!" "Oh, well." Mona got un and turned on tlic radio. "Let's change the subject." AnJ she lurued tlio dial. "Sea what KVl hau lo offer." KF1 offered a jazz orchestra. Mona snapped licr lingers aud bummed, tried a few lop dance steps. Sho fumbled, be^an over again. "How do you do (his. Anno. anyway?" Anne got up aud showed Ler. Mona looked on doubldtlly. "It looks easy cuough, bul—" Shc.trlod It again, but half way through the step her feet got tangled up again aud she eat dowu. "Too deep for little Mona." "Why, you wero doing line, Mona," Auno said. "Keep it up; It's not EO liard." "Maybe not for you." Mona began to whistle. Eva watclieil her, and Anno saw the blond girl's eyes soften aud a half-smile curvo her set lips. Presently Mona sat down besldo her. put her arm around her again and began to tall:. She chattered on about Inconsequential things, trying to get Eva out ot her black mootl. And later on Eva complained of sha laughed, and her arm tightened a headache aud said she was going to bed, and the others- let her go; Mona told Anno 'that evening that aho was afraid pVa was rloiis about leaving Hollywood. "I've tried to- talk her out of This la the first time I've heard her It makes IhluEa Beem nil tU> more hopclejj lor Eva. Know what 1 mean?" "1 think I do," Ann» said. « "I'M not lhat way myself," Mona confided. "If I see tnolhor girl gel a break, It sort 6( oncbiir ages me. Oh, I[IH tot Ill/Wipe .... self about being a 6t(ir or anylhlns.' hut there's n, lot of people gelling by. Maybe.'I will. "I'm Euro you will," eafd Anno. Moca laughed. "Llfe'j loo short to spend your Umo vorrylnR. 1 wish I could inako Kva aeo" Mona moved over lo the ami luucd In on another program, nud Biie came back nnd snl close lo Ami on tbo sofa. to tell you fVHiiL'ihlin; elju :il;uui Eva." slio suhl 'It mil'!,I help you lo iiiid-.-ri.laiiil few tbliiBu." She glaneoil loivrinl Kva'u closed door, continued In » lowor voice: "Hcuiembor the day after -the paity Hint Martin Collins gave?" Anne nodded. "IVell, remember my asking you who was .11 the party, nml when y&u iiir-ntloncd Frank Muury 1 lolj you not lo eay anything lo [Ova aloul him, bccnuso sho coulifn'i stand him'!" A:me rcmemuercO, and amilrd. "I can understand that. 1 can't stand him myself." "Well, believe me, 1 can't clihcr! Tho swell-headed chump! lint Eia can; Eva's mcd about him" "About Frank Maury?" Anno frowned. "Ye=. He and Eva were cxi•.-,•* ogc-tbcr, and Eva was crazy nbuui lilui. I think' ahefstlll Is, nitlioiiKli '>UR BOARDING HOUSE HooPLE,-Tb ASK CfJRTAILtMGJ 'fffe FLUe^CE VotiR AWAV FOR "rtoo AMP OUR CAME HOME A Pl5C=jR,AceF<JL "THE ~BL\M£ 15 MCfT EfVitlRELV HIS AUAV TOR •THREE WEEKS A mention it to you." "I wish she wouldn't feel that around Iho other girl, drew her closer. "Aw, houcv, don't be so ,, . ., ,,, , ,. , r uSr^r^ ^ »> A ™-" ---- - uot going tq set the world ou fire, but \vhat of' It?" "I'll bite," said Eva bitterly. 'What of it?" Anne Winter uat by, watching. She had the uncomfortable feeling that all this had been caused by tbe announcement of her own good news. Sho was sorry mr Eva. so much so that at times she felt almost ashamed of her good fortune. Toward Mona sho felt differently. Ont'g own good luck was Mona's, too. or &a Mona made U. Mona smiled thoughtfully. "You'd get along, all right. The trouble is, Eva thinks you might get along better without us. . I mean." sho hastened to explain at Auue's look of astonishment, "that Era thinks sho's a burden, or something like that Slio feels pretty badly because «be hasn't been abla to pay her »haro ol tho rent, for one thins.'' "I hope," Anne said, "slio doesn't think "I mind paying a tew eitra dollars. Besides, Eva does nearly she cays she hatci'hlm. vvay. he played her the loweal tiick a niaa can pull on a girl. They were, engaged to' ba married, ami then when Maury begun to get a few breaks, and commenced to minglo with some of tbe hlKli-lmls, he dropped Eva llko that." .Mom snapped her .Ongcrfl. Sho said, "Eva's a funny elil, Anue. Klio doesn't linve much to. 3a.y, but sho thinks n good deal." pier • eyes sought Anne'n. and Ajirio sllontly assented. '"And I k'now tho still tlitnka a lot nhnut Frank Maury," Mona' co^lliineO. "People tay Eva JInrley Is hitler and disillusioned ami all that, hut there's a reason for 1L There usually Is. Maury dropped her without saying a word, and \\h I IKK liri)l)IES SHADY DOINGS By Marti i> never get over It. ought to break his no-good aha finished savagely. <To Ho CaullnaodJ Somebody WANTED WANTED—Housekeeper at Fri;co rooming house opposite Frisco Stalion. 19pk23 Oriit Mill and Poultry House- I will buy your corn and do custom grinding. Will asso buy your chickens and eggs. T. K. Shepherd, 309(3011111 Franklin. • 21pk29 .New-York Cotton KIDDIES' CLUB WANTED— Two experienced girls" lo assist in demonstrating. Free to leave city. 136. Call Miss Varne r at 21pk23 For Rent Two stores on '•• Second streol, also cotton office up .stairs with north skylight. Grand Leader building. Apply on premises. I. ROSENTHAL Married man. experienced bookkeeper wants ollice job or other work. Address "F" Courier News. 22pk2G Cotton closed steady. Open High Oct. .... illC 1124 1039 1136 11 n 1149 1127 1141 1158 Oct. new Dec. old WANTED — Family Washings. - Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 104 & Lake St. 17ck-lf Closing Stock P ices NOTICE From-May 1 to Sepiember 1 iu r dental ofllces will be closed ;ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. V. R. WASHAAI—Transfer Dally tripi, to-Memphis,. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phona 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em See 2115-8 51-2 281-4 27 3-1 A. T. and T Aviciticn Chrysler Cities Service — :cca Cola Fo.x. General Electric General Motors Grigsby Grnncw I. T. and T Montgomery Ward] ... Packard Radio 303-4 Simmons 25 United Gas 361-8 U. 3. Steel : 1073-4 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. 'All;, —Cotton closed steady. Open High Lou- 1000 1100 1Q88 1IO:> 111C 112-1 1126 1135 1142 1152 1162 1175 1175 1080 1128 Dec. new 1106 114!) 1116 1132 1152 1167 1178 Spots closed sleady and unchanged at 1115. Jan. o!cl Jan. nc-.v Mar ..... May ____ July Low 1113 10E9 1128 1105 1142 1115 1131 1131 1167 Close ;-' 1115 •, 1091 <"\ 1131 110S) 1142 1119 1134 1151 1169 LONDON.—A club exclusively for children has been ' built here by Bernard Baron at a cost of more than $325,000. In it arc shower- baths, inside cricket and football fields'with electric flood lights. Also, there Is a thealer, swimming pool, toboggan run and tuo splendidly equipped gymnasiums. On the roof is a beautiful flower garden. UNLAWFUL PRAYEH LEIPS1G— The German Supreme Court here has ruled that certain prayers drawn up for use In public schools by Dr. Fridlt. Fascls' minister of education for Tlmrln- gla, are unconstitutional. A part ot tile prayer reads: "I believe fhat Thou wilt punish the hctraycl ol Germany and Mess the actions of those who seek to free the fatherland. 1 Police in Boston are equipped with new type vision glasses enabling them to see both bcfore'and behind. PSOOT u ! VtVs PUK VcK> h VOtfs FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A FAST ONE! By Blower \NHV-- OH-U-. A-H-- HtoHu;... .. <M, rWTHlW W AU-.-rJulitin' Oct Dec Jan Mnr May July ' closed quid at 106D, oif Royal C. Mills " Public Accountant; and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52, Ingram BIdg. Blytiicvillc, Ark Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Ark. Schultz Construction Co. To TU£ TABLE co\ws TAH

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