Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 22, 1984 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1984
Page 23
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Sunday, July 22, 1984 Page 23 Massacre— Continued from page 1 known for his abiding interest in weaponry. Before he left their modest apartment, easy walking distance from the homes of Omar and David, she asked, "Honey, where're you going?" "I'm going to hunt humans," replied James Oliver Huberty. The loner, in a few minutes, would achieve everlasting infamy beneath the familiar golden arches only a block away. Mrs. Huberty was to say later she had not known what her husband had meant. But, little more than an hour after he had uttered it, Huberty had done what he had promised his wife he would do. And she had been widowed in the flash of a second by a bullet squeezed off by a sharpshooting policeman perched on the roof of the post office adjacent to McDonald's. It was the only decent shot fired on that tragic afternoon. While Omar and David lay dead near him on the asphalt of the restaurant parking lot, Joshua summoned the courage he knew he would need to convince the assassin he already was dead. It was a lifesaving tactic any bright 11-year-old boy could have learned from the television screen, but one that required the iron will of a courageous man to implement. "I just stayed down," Joshua recalled from his bed in the hospital where he was undergoing treatment to remove shotgun pellets from his chest, back and shoulders. "I was just wondering whether he was going to shoot me dead. If I ran, I was afraid he might shoot me again." It was left to Debbie Coleman, Joshua's mother, to tell him Omar and David were dead. "There was hurt in his eyes," Mrs. Coleman said. "He had a feeling they might be dead. Josh and Omar grew up together. They were like brothers." On Wednesdays, it was the custom of Miguel Victoria, 74, a retired trucker, and his wife, Alicia, 70, to drive across the border from their home in Tijuana to visit their loving daughter-in-law, widowed when their son was decapitated by a pro- pellor in an airport accident. After visiting with her and two small grandaughters, they washed a load of clothes at a laundromat in San Ysidro and stopped at McDonald's to pick up some burgers for their son, Ricardo, who lives in Tijuana. When his parents were two hours late, Ricardo, who knew of the massacre from newscasts, jumped into his car drove hard toward San Ysidro. Police stopped him near the restaurant but he spotted his parents' car in the parking lot. "There was a greenish van parked next to it," said Ricardo, who believes it was the one owned by the killer who snuffed out his parents. What manner of man could do such a thing? The wife of the killer said she once had saved his life by prying his fingers from a revolver he had raised to his head to commit suicide. Etna Huberty, who now says she regrets saving her husband, portrays him as a man who, beset with economic problems, beat her and their two daughters, and heard voices — yet refused counseling. Police said that, with the killer dead, they may never determine his motive. They say that when Huberty burst into the restaurant carrying the three weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, he ordered everyone to lie on the floor. "Then he proceeded to start systematically shooting people, walking up and down the aisles and shooting the victims," said Homicide Lt. Paul Ybarrondo. After a lOminute frenzy of firing and carnage inside the restaurant, Huberty blasted away at police who had arrived in just minutes. When it was finally over an hour later, police found a portable radio Huberty had carried to monitor news coverage of his mass execution. Mrs. Huberty said that on Wednesday morning her husband had taken her and their daughter, Zelia, 14, to the zoo. "He was quiet," she said. "He looked at the animals. There were no arguments." She said that before Huberty left their apartment in the afternoon he said, "I want to kiss you goodbye." After mentioning "hunting humans," he left. Mrs. Huberty said she then dropped off her other daughter, Cassandra, 10, at a neighbor's and she and Zelia left to do some errands, stopping ironically at a | Burger King restaurant. It was then, she said, a feeling of foreboding came over her and Zelia. "I got sick," Mrs. Huberty said. "I threw up. Zelia said, 'Mommy, I keep seeing McDonald's. I see ambulances. Something is wrong." At a friend's house, they learned of the massacre and the identity of the killer. "I feel so very, very sorry for what happened — for those who were killed, injured and those left behind," Mrs. Huberty said. Jackie Wright Reyes, 18, dropped out of high school pregnant and soon gave birth to the light of her life, a baby she named Carlos. Mother and son died in a hail of gunfire, but not before Jackie tried to shield with her young body her infant and Aurora Pena, her 5-year-old niece who will survive her wounds. Neva Denise Caine, manager of McDonald's, deeply in love at 22 with Dr. Andrew Caine, the chiropractor she married a month ago, died in the carnage. "They were a beautiful couple," a neighbor recalled. "She was loving, warm, kind, gracious. They had a bright future ahead of them. It's insanity that interrupted two people's lives." His friends called Lawrence | Herman Versilius, 62, "Gus." Gus, a trucker who took his daily coffee break at McDonald's, was ready to retire. He had been dis- j cussing the dream trip to Spain with | his wife, Isobel, and there were I plans for his retirement party. 1 "It's shocking," said his daughter, i Carol Butcher, 38, of Oxnard, Calif. "I still can't believe it happened to our father." Blythe Herrera, 31, and her son, Mateo, 11, were killed but Ronald, the man she married after a high school courtship, somehow survived despite his efforts to shield his son with his own body. Jose Rubin Lozano, 19, and Gloria Lopez-Gonzales, 24, friends and j neighbors, joined by Michelle j Carncross, wife of a U.S. Navy man, i left the Mexican seaside village of ' Puerta Nuevo, on a shopping trip, stopping at the restaurant for a snack. Mrs. Carncross, of Spring Valley, Calif., had been visiting friends in Mexico. All three died horribly. For Elsa Borboa Fierro, 19, born in Tijuana, the job at McDonald's was her first and last. She was a skillful seamstress who loved romantic Spanish songs. Her dream of college and her dreams for life were shattered in a blast of gunfire. July 22, 1934: Dillinger Dead CHICAGO (UPD — "Never trust a woman or an automatic pistol." John Dillinger should have taken his own advice — but his trust in the former led to his death by the latter. On July 22,1934, a Chicago madam dubbed "The Lady in Red" betrayed Public Enemy No. 1 for $5,000. The madam, the disguised Dillinger and the fugitive's girlfriend paid 25 cents each to see "Manhattan Melodrama," a story of love and crime that ends with Clark Gable taking the long walk to the electric chair. Minutes later, Dillinger walked put the theater door and into a waiting group of FBI agents, who blew him away in a nearby alley. The bank robber's memory lives on in the hearts of many, including a group of his biggest fans — the John Dillinger Died For You Society. The Society, begun in Austin, Texas, in 1966, is led by a man who calls himself Dr. Horace Naismith — reputedly born at the moment Dillinger died, a spent bullet clutched in his chubby fist. Naismith is one of the society members planning to meet Sunday night at the Biograph Theater, which will show "Manhattan Melodrama" at 1934 ticket prices to mark the anniversary of Dillinger's passing. John Dillnger Naismith, also known as Chicago editor William Helmer, says Dillinger was a "real folk hero." Depression-era newspapers portrayed Dillinger as a smart- mouthed, quick-witted outlaw, always a few steps ahead of the G-men. SMILE TODAY Phqroi-Trlbun* Happy Ads Looking For Something Special? Find it in the Classified Section ANNOUNCEMENTS 10. Special Notices LADIES: Have a Merl-Mac toy & gift home decorating party. Receive free gifts, 722-4209. MARY KAY COSMETICS 609 Sunset Dr. 753-5961. ALTERNATIVE to ABORTION Birthright-Indiana, Inc. Confidential Pregnancy Testing 8 Counseling Call Collect 317-457-0000 Mon.-Fri.9-5 13. Personals FOR HOME DELIVERY of The Pharos-Tribune CALL 722-5000 Cozy Crochet! 653 13. Personals N.R. write again to P.O. 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Excellent service station business on Hwy. 24 East. 2 Bays plus 30,000 gal. storage. Leased to major oil company. Rental income property or starter home on Helm. 2 BR. $11,000. Lorge lot in Parkwood Heights Div. Ready to build on. Take a Look. 5 wooded acs. for building site on 350E. 2 BR MoH in Logan Mobile Home Park. C/A. Storage shed & covered patio. Tipton Twp.- 40 acres farm ground. PUT NUMBER 1 TO WORK FOR YOU Corel Castor 753-5909 Marital Strinqfellow . 722-3649 LilKto Nrison 7S3-264S Mormirra Hertig 722-5037 JertWok«fleW 753-5361 MtllitMilkr 753-3027 Pot Coin 722-2534 Morttia Abbott 722-1990 Wafly Abbott ....722-1MO Office 72J-2455 ulKorp,,rau,»i Ec|U»l<lp|H>rtiii»l> En.).!. ire IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED. THE REAL «TATE PEOPLE- - THE REAL ESTATE PEOPLE THE REAL ESTATE PEOPLE 'Hi MIDDLE ROAD - Approx. 15 acres surround this executive style ranch. 3 BR, 2% baths, den, full bsmt., C/A, 2% car garage plus 30x40 bldg. Pioneer Schools! 14.2.7 HIGH ST. • Large two sty. possible duplex, 9 rms., 2 baths, newer furnace & 3 car garage. Make us an offer! m - 121 NINTH ST. - Lg. double w/separate utilities & heat. Great Investment Property! WRIGHT ST. - 3 BR, formal DR, 2 baths, eat-in kitchen, gas heat, two- car garage & fenced rear yard ! 01$ UPLAND DR. - FR w/FP plus Ig. LR, 3 BR, 2 baths, DR, custom kit. w/DA, bsmt. w/rec rm., att. garage & heated In-ground pool I 1J20-1122 HIGH ST. • Make us an offer on this multi-family home. 3 units, gas heat, garage, carport, separate on- tilities. Terms Available - Possible Contract! MEADOWVIEW PR, - 4 BR brick ranch, 2% baths, kitchen w/DA, FP, att. garage plus detached garage. Heated in-ground pool ! 1109 W. MARKET SL - Single sty. w/3 BR, 1% baths, eat-in kitchen, att. garage & patio. HIGH ST. - Formal DR, 3 BR, full bsmt., gas heat, fireplace, & foyer. Located on large lot along river! U.S. 24 EAST - Lg. LR, DR/FR comb. w/FP, 4 BR, 2% baths, C/A & garage on over 2 wooded acres. Southeastern Schools! R.R. 2 • Large family home w72368 sq. ft. of living area. 3 BR, 3 baths, FR, sizable kitchen, vinyl siding, large barn w/5 horse stalls. Located on over 19 acres! 2908 HIGH ST. - Go fishing in your own back yard! 3 BR, spacious LR, formal DR, full bsmt., screened porch & carport! 115 . 18th ST. - Cote & cozy ranch w/lg. LR, DR, FR w/FP in bsmt. Daniel Webster School Dist.! N. COURT - 3 BR ranch, 2 baths, FR, DR, newer carpet, C/A & an. garage. Immediate Possession) 2204 OTTO ST. - Vinyl siding, 2 BR, spacious LR, eat-in kit., att. garage, full bsmt. Located on corner lot! BROKERAGE HOUSE CORPORATION 722-4118 THE REAL ESTATE PEOPIE - THE REAL ESTATE PEOPLE THE REAL ESTATE PEOPLE-

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