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Chula Vista Star-News from Chula Vista, California • Page 15

Chula Vista Star-News from Chula Vista, California • Page 15

Chula Vista, California
Issue Date:

The Star-News, Thursday, April 7, 1988 Andere named special: nmiinn A i i -) ir consultant to law firm Want a flat tummy, amal waist, ttondw thighs or fuller breasts? Our Innovative technology lets you decide what your body should took like. No surgery or drags. For a desirable body this summer, can now. Dr. K.C. Chan's Painless Acuouncture Clinic lMtMMO Chwia VMa Vtota EICtkM iT 27M110 42S-3530 7SS-5S30 57M311 Vjy Or. Oh Doctor of OranH MtoUw wn tan dmr pnddnt tor 29 ymn. Scripps is San Diego's oldest law firm and one of the city's largest, with more than 120 attorneys practicing in offices downtown and in the Golden Triangle. Cut-out andsavt 0 Mr mi- i9oo SAVE UP TO 50 C3 KCnE C9i OFFICE SUPPLIES, RJSEESS MACKEES RJE3TURE PfM umm 9004 Kx trw wtioM month of April 1Mt Celebrate Secretary's Week, April 25-29 CfalrWorloV EXECUTIVE KSWXK ETHERS Heavy duty board with vmyt cover, pocket inside front cover. Luxurious gray, brown or burgundy fabric highlights the richness of genuine oak Mfrs Sugg let APR. Utit You Save FTJCE ir i IVi' (11 colors available: dark blue, black, brown, gray, dark green, red. light Sogg tfji You List MOCE Save $345 00 $183.95 $146 05 EachS 3 1J9fl39 Dozen 37 03 2141 15 55 Hue. orange, putty, yenow) (15-105) capacity (15-111) capacity (15-115) Incapacity (15-112) 2" capacity Alfredo Andere, an attorney from Mexico and a resident of Bonita, has been named a special consultant on binational business, trade and investment at the law firm of Luce, Forward, Hamilton Scripps, according to Charles L. Hellerich, managing partner, Andere brings to the company an extensive international background, as well as an intimate knowledge of the Mexican investment climate. He previously served as advisor to Mexico's director of foreign investments in the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Affairs. He was also personal secretary to the director of legal affairs of the Mexican Ministry of External Affairs. Andre holds a law degree from Iberoamericana University School of Law in Mexico City, as well as a master's degree in comparative law from the University of San Diego School of Law. He has taught, lectured and written extensively on Mexican law, politics and socioeconomics. The addition of Andere to Luce, Forward's International Trade Group enables the firm to assist clients in obtaining approval of Mexican investment and trade projects; establishing maquiladoras; securing financing in Mexico; and protecting intellectual property rights across the border. His presence also allows the company to help clients in complying with exchange control and fund transfer laws; securing judicial including recognitioa and enforcement of U.S. judgments in Mexico; and estate planninjyn that country. The firm's International Trade Group also advises on customs law, exporting, immigration and tax matters. Luce, Forward, Hamilton (9338) Walnut Finish (9238) Oak finish EXECUTIVE DESK (S3060) Douttt Pedestal Desk. Medium Oak or Walnut. 30" 60- 3 38 1.W 139 38 23 22.81 15 55 549 2.M 250 62 56 3341 29 08 649 3.19 280 7306 4141 3208 Each Down Each Dozen Each Dozen Jalapeno's signs lease Jalapeno's Restaurant, a family-oriented restaurant serving Mexican specialty dishes, has signed a 3,000 sq. five year lease for $225,000 at the 34-acre Southland Plaza shopping center located off 1-5 at Palm Avenue in Chula Vista. The center is owned by Southland Fhza a limited part-' nership in association with La JoIIa Pacific Development Group and Jack W. Davis. 'Jalapeno's will help to round out the food selections we have at the shopping center!" according to Mike McPhee, partner in La Jolla Pacific Development Group, Jalapeno's is owned by Armando and Juanita Sanchez, who have been in the restaurant business for 15 years, "We spent months looking for a site with excellent customer traffic flow and found Southland Plaza to be the perfect location. We are excited about our new restaurant and feel it will do very well at Southland Plaza," said Juanita Sanchez. Southland Plaza is a retail center in San Diego's rapidly growing South bayI-5 corridor. The project features a white stucco exterior accented by cedar wood canopies Spanish-styled tile roofing. Five spaces per 1000 sq. ft. of leasable floor space is provided for customer and employee La Jolla Pacific Development Group is involved in over 800,000 square feet of retail space in San Diego County. Drivers to have more info X- San Diego drivers now have more down-to-earth information about traffic problems and road conditions, thanks to San Transit bus drivers, San Diego Transit's board of directors have approved a uni-, traffic "problem-spotting" system in cooperation with Air watch Communications, the company that provides traffic -reports to many San Diego radio stations. The program, the first of its kind in California, will link Air-watch with hundreds of San Diego bus drivers and San Diego Transit's radio room dispatchers to alert motorists to traffic tie-ips. Also, according to SDT General Manager Roger Snoble, "We want people to realize that San Diego Transit drivers and all SDT employees, for that matter are people who care about getting San Diegans to their destinations whether or not it's on a 'bUS." The new system began last Monday. -Building bought in Otay Assemble in Mexico, a maquiladora consulting firm, has purchased a free-standing industrial. building, located on 1.61 acres in the Otay Valley Industrial -Park at 751 Design Court, for $1,091,200, according to Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Services. Assemble in Mexico, who are relocating to the new i facility from National City, bought the building from Otay "Vallwey Industrial Partners. The Otay Valley Industrial Park is a development of the GreenwaldMcDonald Company. 11'ilvi wrtk Label Hotter (Slack tnty) (378 00 $209.95 $168 05 (15-181)1 capacity tacn Dozen Each "lETTEX FOUiABLE 5 2.11 23.88 IM 35.88 3.89 44.28 8.49 71.88 8.99 80.28 145 17 80 240 2911 286 32 95 3 01 36 39 396 44 23 364 4168 569 64 99 6 75 77 23 950 108 27 1095 124 51 (15-185) capacity (15-182) 2" capacity (15-183) 3' capacity (15-184) 3" capacity. eWptical nng Dozen Each Dozen Each Dozen Each Dozen CHAISMATS mm and own fans lit Litenne guarme (10201 Lo Cimmng Gnppr Baa 45Wi53L- ifiZlWlDatpPieCaflMngMat GnpocBaa 45WiS3L' Ms floe Ma Sfflooin Back 1710 $38.95 Hi IS 11640 49.95 66 45 UK 34.95 33 25 2.09 23.88 349 39.48 139 15 48 246 28 32 348 39 36 595 67 80 fimrt Gift tertkt find! (15-961) 1" capacity (4 colors: red. green, black, dark blue) Each Dozen (15-962) 2 capacity (Back only) Each Dozen SViSVt' (15-851) 1" capacity (4 colors: red. green, black, dark blue) Each Dozen (15-852) 2" capacity (Black only) Each Dozen SHEET PROTECTOilS 2.09 348 brother 320 2348 139 1548 246 28 32 3.49 39 36 595 67 80 3948 PCHTACLE ELECTRO! 0 a nPEVRITER For Home. Sluoem ami Light Office Use Protects 11" x8W ongmats, oval 3-hote punched 1000 4.50 550 1222 8.00 622 Mtrs Sugg List (15-5551) Regular Box ot 50 (15-5554) Non-glare Box ot 50 YOU Save APR. PRICE $199.95 me Ml-oft correctnn memory Autommc Yxa-Our and tirw-OuT correction system variable 10 and 12 prtcti typng (Pea and EMe) Many automatic features VYeer LmikM DasmMly 8V 3-rmg Binders $100 00 S299 95 15.50 .39 15.50 J9 14 89 24 14 89 24 Box of 50 Set Box of 50 Set Cot 30 39 63 30 39. 63 33 76 99 33 76 .99 ailiTlN, (15-9K-8C0l) 8 tab set, color Box of 36 Set 17.84 .59 17.84 .59 1612 40 16.12 40 (15-981-8aR) Stab set. dear Box of 36 Set Mtrs. mmm Let rnSCc Save 14 75 8.99 576 13.S9 23.89 53.99 ItTwo firms sign at Southland XEROGRAPHIC PAFER UlliTMIfMiUS Tan Cork wm Alumnum Frame (f1AB12) ir24-(15-823)2r36" 48" 1 72" GRQN CHAUTJOAMM ajumrwm Frame with Cufcrtf (H5-4C12) ir24" 115-AC23) 24- 36 H5G4)36-i48 1fAC46) 4T i TIT MAMnH KMAOS Mumnunri Frame wth Tray 24" 1 36" PA 20 lb. white 901 15 01 37 01 601 901 14 51 35 51 5 41 851 15 51 42 01 2300 39 00 9100 16 00 24 00 39 50 92 50 16 40 24.50 4150 112 00 APR. PRICE Mfrs. Sugg. "List You Save 9.99 14.99 24.99 58.99 10.99 15.99 25.99 69.99 (15-81120) 1 Reams 5 65 3.57$ 206 10 Reams 53.68 33.00 20.68 100 Reams 512.76 2S3.C3 213.76 Fill FASTENERS OASES pads "laAPSt PRICE High quabty sulphite paper, ruled on both sides. APR. PRICED Mfrs Sugg LSI An engineering business and a defense contractor have signed leases in Southland Commerce Center located at 22 West 35th Street in National City for a total consideration of $46,572, according to Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Services. Applied Technology Associates, a defense contractor, i Jias leased 1297 square feet of space for one year at $15,564. Life Cycle Engineering a South Carolina-based engincer-. Ing firm, has leased 2,584 square feet of space for one year at I $31,008. Life Cycle Engineering Inc. plans to occupy the space in April 1988. I The lessor in both transactions was Southland Commerce -Center Group Ltd. International business class "Overview of International Business," a core requirement for all MasteT of Business Administration degree programs, will be offered at National University's South Bay campus at 12 N. Euclid Avenue in National City beginning May 3. The course discusses the fundamentals of East-West trade and recent investment patterns within cultural, economic and political frameworks. The pros and cons of protectionism, inter- national trade theory, the role of multinational corporations in i international sourcing, marketing and personnel management for global business are studied. National University's unique one-course-per-month format enables working adults to continue in their careers while obtaining a university degree. IK For information pn crollment, registration or financial aid contact an admissions adviser at 563-7423, BoxoflOO $5 79 $3.39 $240 (193 $4.63 $4 25 Three named to new jobs Rohr Industries has named three persons to new jobs recently, according to officials of the Chula Vista-based aerospace supply firm. Meade Detweiler has been named director of corporate safety and environmental affairs and is responsible for safety and industrial hygiene, environmental activities, and workers compensation. A native of Catasauqua, Penn. and now a resident of Rancho Penasquitos, Detweiler joined Rohr in 1983. He earned his B.S. degree in education from Iowa State University. George Thornton, a Chula native who now lives in El Cajon, has-been promoted to director of master scheduling. Thorton, who joined Rohr in 1965, is responsible for establishing production schedules throughout the corporation. Dick Warters has been promoted to director of program management. Hej is responsible for Rohr's General Electric, McDonnell Douglas MD-1 1 pylon, quiet nacelle and 727 re-engining programs. An Allegany, N.Y. native who now lives in Chula Vista, Warters also joined Rohr in 1965. He earned his B.S. in aeronautical Engineering from Tri-State University in? Angola, Ind. 2.93 1014 (15-1020 Cwripressors (15-1028) Bases. 1 capacity (15-102F) Fasteners. 1 capacity (15-2026) rcaparty l15-202f) Fasteners, rcapacrty Pkgot12 (15-1654) SVt" 1 14" yeJow. 50 ct (15-0204) 8V yelo 100 a Pkg of 6 (150404) wtme. 100 ct. Pkg of 6 Pkg of 12 6.43 5.53 5153 366 317 317 8.75 200 1.50 i 240 190 BoxoflOO 4 99 Box of 50 3 99 Box ot 100 5 79 Box of 50 469 2.49 3.39 2.79 875 4.63 4 25 693 f) 3 I Pzdre CCCX and ressace Pzdre PERFOnATED RULED DJinC 16 1 yelCNi bond with kgntty.ruM blue rfvJO km. perforated. 50 sheets per pad Mfrs. Sugg -Afl vou PMCf Save Sfipages Each 79 Pkg 0112 1147 7.M 4 39 APR. you PRICE Save SiM $342 5J9 535 LS9 480 Sugg Ltft Pkg of 12 $695 Pkg of 12 1123 Pkg of 12 1140 On Of 72 6ZB1 1UI 27 53 (r5274-2P) VY 11V. yettow p-ht punch top) Book. (151761 Message fk NCR 400 messages Dutcai pecan in 2114 735 43 01 336 20 87 Each Box 016 474 Pkg of12 1182 7X1 Psdrs CLASP EliVELCPES Psiro BilfELCPES siocIl pteW or vnth eiVELCreS shopping center sold The shopping center located on six acres at 5 the Northwest corner of Orange Ave. and Melrose Ave. in Chula 'Vista has been purchased by James U. Parker of La Jolla for $2,520,000, according to Coldwell Banker Commercial Real. Estate Services. Durable 32 tb KraR envelopes with smooth metal clasps and large gummed Haps, APR. Vog va. Kraft or Whee wkl fjuriweetae, MH Sugg BWtaeiaEeak ua BoxoflOO Sugg Lst PKCf Save AFR. Sugg Lot (15-255) 6-1, 7.29$ 647 (15-263) oVi' 14 53 7.99 654 tfli14) i Save iriift rii AM 9.99 $14.15 $665 $32 $13.75 $1393 a is 29.75 1740 213 47 SO 2155 MM 27.25 23 2S 1590 (15104) 10 Plan BoxofSOO (15-106) 10 mtom Box 0(500 (15634) 6H Plan Box ot 500 (15635) 6 Window Box of 500 fl5-904)9PkMi BoxofSOO (T59fJ5) 9 Window Box o(5O0 "110 770 751 110 806 80S 810 '984 10.74 11.22 (15-268) 7 10" 14 59 (15-275) 7V'10V' 1669 (15-290) 9" 1 12" 1750 (15293) 9V12V" 1959 (15-294) 9V I 2204 (15-295) 10" ir 2054 (15-297) 13" 2109 (15-296)10115 2543 27 73 (15-310) 12 1 1W, 2921 6 90 6.53 B0 25 7X3 640 (15416) i ir an l15417) 10 is, a it (1WH) 11V I w. MitiaeatM (1S-M wxir.ieij 199 11.41 1199 1149 1199 1159 1119 1719 1230 1525 1390 1585 1175 14 S3 9.C3 jj a 37 a 685 23.75 H45 CaH 565-1212 FAX 585-1812 FHEE CZUVEnY On ordn $20 or more). (CO.D.Sligfltrftxtri) I 0HDER BY FilOIIE W3S7DIAM 2J2-7U1 lXSGwrwl Am 172-4101 47T31S4 MdVlttl Oaweneni Mew Growth- Continued from page B-6 Phelan said that as these areas grew, property values shot upward. "Kearny Mesa land could be jiad for $1.50 a square foot wy, back when and now it goes for $20 per square foot. The same was true of Mission Valley office space," The first warehousesr small factories, distribution plantsoffices and warehouse "were tilt-up crackerboxes" with very little imagination used in design or construction, he said. "But now that has all changed for the better and we have some very esthetically pleasing industrial complexes with extensive landscaping and interesting architecture." Phelan said the advent of the fully integrated '-communities, with blends of residential, industrial, office, recreational and retail elements are part of the answer to the traffic congestion problems. "'Eastlake and Carmel Mountain Ranch are examples of well-planned developments in which at least some of the residents can live, work, shop and I Geitw) play without a long commute," Phelan said. He criticized what he termed "no growth extremists" who would severely curtail residential development. "I'm an advocate of continued carefully planned development, but we cannot and should not go into a panic mode and try to cut off future development. "New freeways and freeway improvements, plus enhancements in public' transportation such as extensions of the trolley may not be a total solution, but they'll help us hold the line' In addition to Phelan, other officers installed by the SDMBA were the vice president, Mary Jane Arthur of GMAC Mortgage; the secretary, Doug Hester of First Interstate Mortgage, the treasurer, Brian Stoffers of Coldwell Banker. Directors are past president Patrick Ellis of Girard Savings Bank, Pamela Hartwell of Beverly Hills Securities, and Ed Mateer of San Diego Trust and Savings Bank. MaTCat Ual arjark fT" alfMI. TaT4fTfl BftM T4Mfl mktm FREi-CATALOQ Cal for a tree copy our new 732-paoe. fuly iustrated catalog of office prooucts wtnMoneyMakar ccjxmwir hundreds c4rjoianiimarHureareb SAVINGS PLUS SERVICE Our tawtt1c)4it helpful sales people wptovywTtotatf.neriys SAVSS PLUS SELECTION Choose from large eiventory of quakty, brawOMww rmrctujndrse at ewyday tow pnm. CHARGE rr New Charge Accounts wffconw. Apply Way u- n- iani Am SMO Gioivw Oar Si 77( TOON JoNrwonofc. 75-5351 IWMCrtOwtjl i ocuttiviuvtaaaaa

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