Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas on April 19, 1895 · Page 4
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Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 4

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1895
Page 4
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1 BT tfiK 6MSTTI rTJBUSRCiQ COXriXt Oio. ffa. aiKta, ; Bob A. Lrtri,, President,' "' - '"' .Vioe-Prldent. W, M. Kavnavob, 9cy and Bus. it'gr. Term of Sobwrlptlo. i.0affy, par month, by .carrier. k.tlf. Pily it! months, by mwit or carrier or w.w ' Bati v, ena year, oy niu of wutmhv . Sunday, ona year, bjr mail ...... ' Bunday, al mootba, by mall. . Weekly, ix moiths, by mail Weekly, ona year, by mall 7 50 I 00 1.00 .60 1.00 All bnalnese lottsra and athw communl-cations should be addressed to "Th Qa MTTB." . Communications solloltel from all pirt tf tha 8 lata oa topics ot general latere, Tha patronage of all rood advertlsr li olioited. Rate will ba given oa applloi-tion. THfl GAIKTTS hu a larger circulation la city and State then any other aeoular pip publlibed or circulated la Arkansas. Patrons failing to obtain TH8 QataTrr from news agents tha railway traces leading out of Lit HI Hoclc, will oonler- a favor by promptlp.JvpBrtlng the. fact. Taa Uazbttk ia determined to aupply tha da ' mands upon, all trains wltbia -the 8tta. - IMPORTANT. AN AttN UAL INCOME .FOR LIFE of $500 to S5.000 to your mother, wife, Bister or children, . to commence , at your death, ean be obtained by a mall annual deposit during your life. This Is a new proposition offered by the largest financial Institution in the worldv with, assets ' of oyer $230,000,001- For partiou. lars oall on or address Geo. Tilles, General Agent, Little Rook, Ark. ' ST. LOUIS seems' detcrrnlned to have that drill.' . f'., :i U Both Harrison and Reed are giv Ing McKinley all the rope he wants. Thk income tax law has prao-tlcally been knocited out In one .round. The business1 revival in the United States in 1895 will bring out the Pemocratio voters in 1890. Excitement la the petroleum region continue. The Standard Oil, Company Commands the' situation. The inoome tax is worrying the Internal Revenue Collectors more than those who are required to pay it. AMD now war is raging In the Chickasaw Nation. The Indians are fighting their territory Into the Union. THB raising of (the embargo on Mexican cattle will probably .have the effect of cheapening the price ot American beef.1 7T ' " Japan la arranging' for an exposition of Its" resources. In this respect Japan exhibits more -enterprise than Arltanaqa. Thb McKinley law received its quietus in 1893. All the eloquence ot the partisan Republicans of New England cannot revive it. Thb price of mutton as well as the prloe oi . wool . Is soaring upward. The new tariff law Is working like a charm in the interest ot the farmer,. THB only way to get rid of the lobbyists Is to abolish the Legislatures, ?and this will never be done. Got; Stotxe.'of Missouri, has a herculean job on his hands. Thb gold reserve in the Federal Treasury is still above the ninety million. '.mark. 1 No one has any reason to' complain of the condition of Uncle Sam's finances. , TltB announcement that Great Britain will establish a ,- "passive blockade" of Nloaraguan ports will greatly exasperate some of the New, England Republican jingo statesmen. - '" -'-' '- - - " ; v. The Florida Legislature is now diaeqeslng a measure wnicb if has several times been laid on the shelf by tbeAjdransas General' Assembly, It is a bill to abolish days of graoe. . Cleveland's letters always attract attention His Chicago epls tie is being read with more interest than any he has written for several years. It is also exciting more oomment Russell Sage keeps his weather eye on all the markets. The other day he purchased 50,000 barrels of ill and twentyfour hours after fards closed the deal and pocketed , l profit of 840,030. ''.'-' - ' Speeches delivered "during the extra session of Congress that re , pealed the Sherman law are in dea mand In Illinois. All of the old y wheat will be threshed, ovet again - when the Democratic convention meets. - 1 A bill has been introduced in the Illinois Leg isfatura forbidding the sale of only . one kind ot goods , under one roof. The measure is aimed at tha departmental stores "is Chicago." It il. not surprising ' that the people of Chicago are de sirous of seceding frorjyth State - of Illinois. - ' '. The American Railway Assoc!, Hon is in session In St. Loulsi Th inoreased -earnings? of railroads traversing the . manufaoturjog Statos will be one of the most gratifying, reports the members of this' organisation 'Will be 'called upon to listen, to. SSCBETABT 5 , MORTON U ggestS fiat the Federal . Government tike f aanukl'brop. census, This can be done at an expense ot $500,000 a year. The - Information derived from statistics - obtained iSpy the Government la this way would be rell able and invaluable to the people of this country. ' ; ' ' The coming week wilt be an lm portant one for the meiohants of Little Rock. There will be no more cool waves from the Northwest and the week will be notable foe the Inauguration of the sale of spring fabrics. Those merchants who have seasonable goods to offer will make the faot known through the columns of Sunday's Gazette. The meeting of the Arkansas Press Association to be held at Mammoth Spring May 14, 15 and 16, will be one ot the most interesting la the history of that organization. No town ot similar alzs in the State has a greater number of hospitable citizens than Mammoth Spring, and the editors could go nowhere on the face of the globe where they would find & more cordial welcome and be ecoorded better entertain ment. Mammoth Spring la it thriving town and when tha 'editors leave it on the evening of layK16 they will have enough faotsj jotted down in their note books fO give them something to ;WtJte about j for the next-year to ooml, f There -are three Important points involved in the inoome tax1 cases upon which those who are contesting the validity ot the law ask for a rehearing by the United '-States Supra me - Court. The first - is whether the void provisions invali-d ate the whole aot. ' The second is as to whether the Income from personal property is such as to render the act unconstitutional on the ground that it is a direct tax, and the third is whether any part of the tax, if not considered as a direct tax, is invalid for want of oonfo ity. These are the questions pro-, pounded to the Supreme Court. And upon each of them there Is a difference ot Opinion among the Justices, The case is one of the most lmportant-that has been presented to the Supreme Court for many years and the rehearing will probably be granted. The organization of a permanent Fair Association in Arkansas can be effected and' the enterprise can be made a success it the progressive citizens of Little Rock will interest themselves in the matter. Every county in Arkansas will lend its moral and financial support to the project. It would be distinctly a State affair and for that reason no county would i hesitate to con tribute towards making 1c perms nent. The older it grew the more valuable it would become in adver Using the resources of the State. When the St. Louis Fair was - first held it was supported , en tirely by St. Louis and the adjoining counties. Now it is a National institution and at tracts visitor ; every year from every State id the Union. Arkan sas possesses advantages for main taining a Fair Association equal it not superior to those of St. Louis. The products of the State are alone sufficient and varied enough to fill many acres of space, and once it became known that a comnleta view gf the resources of the State might be had by a week's visit to Little Rook, thousands of home- seekers and Investors woulcLsam iually make pilgrimages to this city. The benefits that would; accrue to Arkansas by the rcain-tananco of a wall conduoteitfair Cannot be estimated. i' .. .f Hatles AivertersV if- Sunday advertisers are' urged to send In copy tonignt and earlv Saturday morning. t ATHYMP.a'SALPAli,. Dr. W. X. Bailey Wedi Mlti Peart Sbaer A Quiet Affair. One ot the quietest and prettiest home weddings of the season occurred Wednesday night at 1419 Commerce street, the resldenoe ' of the bride's parents. The prin cipals were Miss Pearl . Sa&er and Dr. W. E. Bailey, both of tain city. The bride is (he accomplished And beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W, H Sbaer and a niece of Mesara. O .R. and Joe Sbaer. Congratulations are due the fortunate groom upon securing so lovely 'a better half." Dr. Bailey a a bright and tal- anted young physician and a re- cent graduate ot the A. f. U. .There are undoubtedly high honors -: In store for him and his ohoson profession. - i The soene of the wedding was in a parlor which was beautifully decorated. At 8 o'clock the groom elect entered with the bride leaning on hlsarm; Tlle bride wasvat tired in a neat-fitting costume ot white and carried In her hand a largs ooqaeV ot flowers. Rev. iT. C. Barrev-'of the First Presbyterian Church, performed the cere mony in a 'most ; impressive manner. After the wedding a s bounteous fesst wai pamkea of. Dr. and Mr ,;Biley were the recipients ot many handsome pressed, GEIITLEnEtrS FII1E lilTSt 1(18 Latest Creations. r.iei'S;FiflE-FURIIISJimGS.-.th8,HewesT Conceils, ' Fine Custom-TJada.SHIRTS, ' Our Specialty. , ' ; -v. ' ' -r ' "Leave (Tour Order Now, A Perfeot Fit Guaranteed.- ; ; : fJeniHaiiers 'tiMiiY'fii- rrnhritlnnfi ; 5 - Outfitters, UUUiJ05nHUlJutU, unuor 5cppit 91 QteL . SPIRITED HIS; ' ' - , Judge II. M. Rose Associates the ;i- FUhiol Claim With, - , - Forgery. Congmsman Boattaer Resents the 8am as a Eeflection Upon Honorable People. . A Verbal flit la reaeral Court Wh'cb Inter esfed the Spaetaton Area-mentln the rilMI' 7 2 Case. s -nr.. Spectators in the United. States Court room yesterday ''feasted their eyes upon a bevy of distinguished lawyers engaged in an effort to Impress upon the court the merits and demerits of a land title dispute whloh antedates theLouisi-ana purohase in respect to the origin of the alleged prior title to a goodly portion of Hot Springe teal estate The original land grant ln7olved was written in Spanish, and though musty with agar 'It?.. -is still partially legiole. It this grant is deolared valid by the courts the heirs of Don Juan Fllhlol ani their name seems to be legion will oome into possession of the valuable land at Hot Springs, whence flows the thermal waters. The style ot the present case is Margaret A, Muse et al. vs. the Arlington Hotel Company. Congressional sanction to an opening ot the issue in the courts ..having .been , withheld, the heirs seek relief on their claim from the hotel company as lessee from the Government. To the complaint of the heirs, the Arlington Hotel Company, demurs, and it is upon the demurrer that - the Issue turns. Yesterday morning the at' tornevs for the- heirs moved ' tV strike from the flies the defendants exceptions to, plaintiffs'' evidence of title. Judge Williams overruled tha motion. Judge U. M. Rose exhibited a degree ot almost perfeot familiarity with Spanish as he proceeded to argue his side of the case. He ape peared for the defendants and at sued at length lu support ot the demurrer to the complaint In th? course of his argument Judge Rose Identified the FUhiol nlflfm with ft series of fraudulent land claims alleged tt. have been' perpetrate! in tne Territory of Arkansas in the twenties. In 1829 Geo, C. Graham, Commis sloner of the United States Land office at .Washington, suspected that frauds had 'vbeen worked ' in Arkansas on Spanish land grants. He instituted an investigation and found that 117 of these claims, carrying grants -..of 60,000 aggregate acres, had been, confirmed by the courts 'of tile territory. Othet eases' were pending and some others were dismissed bev cause of forger. Isaac O.1 Preston, . , , of x New Orleans, 4 man eminently capable of the task, was sent by President ' Monroe to Little Rock to investigate the series of Spanish claims which are said to have been vested In John J. Bowie,' assignee otrFtfbloV, Pr- Clean Lasting, CHEW, " Ciol !.metlt8M0XE . ...i" si iunri9PM 4 mm V HARMLESS, A I V, 'r- : . SATISFYING ."'.'.: V ,!;" . !C: Hig tm SaSMSSr V:tooaoco M7 PAM 1111 I A C I HDC" Pflll l bB,t 111 tbs city, one ton tUAL hlLL OLUr C UUAL equIs aoori and a half of wool and saves the prlcjl ot a'naw stove every year, v ; Delivers 1 in elza ready for use without ha vingto break up at , 1 . f 'xrVi"A1;3.7BrperonOa3n JOiin A, blTCIIELL &:'C0;; Sola ftgents. .ZZt. Telephone' 592-; ; ; , 3ATLB BHOLABi . - , , AraA(aautor SbUoh's Conaumptfoa Our- J-Sbiloh's System Vltallssii ' ' Sbiloh'a Catarrh Cnra, . Carl's Clover Boot Tax ' ' For a .eerere Con?h-or doll insist 'en haTlngaMloh'a Cure. - ton's report -Is oontalned In the' fifth volume,, ot American State papers and Judge ' Rosa read copiously theretrom io show; the -demerit of the claims. Preston reported the disoovery of impositions greater than had bean , .imagined.).. The claimants had en gaged the entire bat ot Little, Rook (in 4823ft and District , Attorney Sam C. Roane was alone In resisting the claims. Througn .'Roane, more than 200 of the oases were stricken' from 'the dockets jot the Territory courts , beoause . forgery had been proved. It was preposterous to pay that the Spanish, 90 v ernment would give out grants and fail to keep a reoord of them. Judge Rose' associated the FUhiol 'claim with the forgeries unearthed; back in the Twenties in Arkansas I. f Congressman Bo atner,onleffeon,n-sel for the F.lhiol : heirs, very severely repudiated Jddge Rose's assertion'- as a reflection upon Filhlol and his descendants, and as not germane bectuss it hi counsel had acknowledged ) tha genuineness ot the Filhiol oUiro. Col. Boatner thought. In common fairness the 'counsel -for defendant should have given notioe if be ' intended to attack the grant upon the question ot fraud. Judge Rose replied good na turedly and said he never expeotei to have , to go far enough into- the ' case to furnish proof on the question ot fraud. When court adjourned yesterday evening the argument had not been moro than half completed and will be resumedthis ; morning. 1- 11 1 imiiir ; It will astonlift you how qaiolcjohn-eon'a Mapnstio Oil wilt kill al! ptn, in. teraal aod aateraal, fl eiu 6) oeata; &) oent tlxe 25 cent. J. M. Colburn Co., dVuate, Sjfjat'a and Main, Little Book, Ark. , " A REVELATION IN OOO K.EEY.. ' ' Diamond -Butter Oil baa reoantly been laoei upon Ue market aa aututltate for ard and cooking; butter, - aad aa I am alwaya In favor of trying; eTerytbior new that pertains to cooking, to aMertala "bf praotlcal knowledge what merit there ia In an article of thla kind. Having; teated Diamond Butter Oil thoroughly ia dtfljr-entkinda of cooking, also ia Mayonaiaa dreesine;. I Sad in it a valuable aoqultittoa la any kind of cooking requiring batter or lard. And ems be ussd la utt halt the quantity with jqul resulta. Thus making It an economical artiole to use. ' I think it la abaolntety pare and whole-aoine, and wlllaupplant both outter-aad lard for oook ing; purposes when you ascertain its merits. I can with, pleasure and aatety reoommend lt,i tor 1 ooasider it beano equal. o ,. Try it and be conYlncod. Hespecttnlly yours, JAMBS EnOlMI, . Manager Capital Hotel. The lee Men Again, , 8inoe'"Mere. Walker & Calef hrre mentioned the , "gabsremi 'irflowaoo of thi profll?' glren them, by tf Little Rook Ioa Company, . it may b welt to place before the eyes of the pubtio some figures on the subject,. Tne Little Ifcok Ice Uompaoy haa (or years sold ice to Messrs. Walker A Calat for fS.5) per ton.-and tbeie geetls; ; mea hare sold tha same to the p pla at a minitnunvprloe of $i pr tin, ani a mui- mum priced oi gzj pel taa," an average oi probably between fll and 1 12 psr loo, or gross profit of batwetn f 5,50 and 6 p ton. The Little Bock Ice Compsntr's ln vestment in tbs lee. feaaloeav here If over 1150,000; the Investment ef Messrs. Walker A Calet to . the Ice business .probably aot over 12.030. Tbeas are plain facts. ' Is the Little Bock Ice Company giving Measra. Walker A Calet enough margin ot. profllT Hav thev reasonable caute for . the louS complaint they era mikiagf., The Little Book Ine-OofBTtany tewllllaejriorast: the case vi i-... i pop!e ot Little Koo sitting asai'iry. i n-j Little, Boole Ioa Company ban u reUuii l. and does notxafuse, to ejll ioa t:i Wlkir A Calet Snott any ; terms, n It off rt 1 lheo aid does ouar hem precisely the a tntihaptnei $lat the. pther dealers iviiriei, Sat.lwli notj as they .. as-. mttn 1, Insert !ln thoir coutraot termr dls criuniia.iri? :'.' ilnst tbeJ ether" dealers.' U'hey aw trying to .create- the impresaloa that we havaaaut them oH without notioe. when we hate their letter showing they out themselves loose. The Little Book Ice Company could make more monev running ite own wagons exclusively, bat It desires the people served in t competitive way, and Is willing to divide the profit with the dealers In order to accomplish this end.? It does not claim to be entirely unsdlflsh In thia policy, for it feels that upon the pleasure and satisfaction, of th peaple depends Its euooss. , Vry apctfulfy, I. . . Ltttlb Bock lot Company.'. J lee iwi,ii.'BVW, uojevtwi, jwjr 'te RocK-Ioe Contpaayi and by dealers buying lea from : the . home Ice faotory at 33 cents ; pee one hundred pounds, j - ( T j i'.i. , i li i V in ' 'P ' ' "Dlsmind Butt ar Oil' for cooking Is the best; nothing equals It. - J" V .Largest . autl .best assorted stock of wall pa- Eor at ChavT; Abeles & Amqrioan Surety Company of Nevr Torl2 CASH CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, ,; Aola es surety in trie United States and Btitts courts aad turalshji ssiurlty aa oj iraois to the United Btstee' Government, Sutes, munlolpallties , and corporation Surety In cases ot executors, administrators, guardians, reaeivers, assigaeM,lnJUBOtloa, replevin, appeal, attachment, eeouritr tor costs, trustees, contrasts eto. . : . Guarantees the fidelity of bank olD tints, ralwond- and express arentl, 'employes ot -manulao turing and commercial establlahmots and cthsts in potiUoa of i trust whs are requ ired to give bonds. Keaaoqable terms on application.- ; ;.- .-.- DTTHAN0 f, Rooms 1M-10J AJ1U Block. ' " " . AEKaKSAS KDITOES.' , -J Uw ' 1 a r.Ths Helena Advertiser is ; conducted as a semi-weekly. now Av Republican v newspaper, -will soon bn established lS6 Mammbth Spring. , ' " " v Theswark Gazette says tha -id-come tax law Is about v to ;i be knocked into Kingdom Come.; , The Fulton : Couaty . Banner Is now a six-eotnmn, alj-home-prlnt Bapt'i ' published by Southworth roS;V , . "Arkansas' Qovernment Jsnd Is fast being taken np by wide-awake, thrifty farmers who want homes," says the Fort Smith Enterprise, The 1 Hot Springs ; Ne wr.'s ays s What Arkansas most needs Is more railroads. These are the great developers ot latent resources : and competition' Is the regulator fit business aftef all. ' " "v , ; iiPerryvlhe News:' Thb Qazettb ot the lOthi' published .a souvenir edition containing plotures of all the members of the House l and Senate, whloh was a credit to that worthy journal.' ; u The ' Tex arkanian says t ' The fame? who , thinks the road to wealth . runs through the . cotton patch will soon learn the . error ot El's thinking it he plants only cotton and neglects the more weighty affairs of ,"hog and hominy." The Malvern Times-Journal Srlnts an excellent portrait of Gov. ames P. Clarke la its latest Issue. Below the portrait is printed) the following: ! "James P. Clarke, the people's Governor, a man woo has the eoarage of Jits eoavlotlons,'f - The North Arkansas News says t Gov. Clarke is now In condition to sympathize with Gen. Wade Hampton. If memory serves us right it was while Gen. . Hampton was Governor of South . Carolina i that he was kioked by one of , the progeny of Balaam's famoai steed, and lost his leg In consequence. MAEVKLOD3 GKOWTfl..- WBlt' the lbri3 : Months of Her, Jaates Tboaus' Pastorate Shows. Last night the second quarterly conference was oalled by Presiding Elder EL H. Watson, and to . old MethodieUookers , on who do not belong to this soci.ety. the staUttlos were wonderful. f Rev. James Thomas, the distinguished and popular pastor, was sent to the charge by the laat'an aual conference , and within three months' time has had a net increase of over 100 ' members. Not only this but the finances were all up to date and the prospect good for greater inorease. The Sunday school, Epworth League and church attendance had Increased ironv 50 to 75 Der cent. The offlciala lare enthuslastlo, and no doubt Wlnfield I will, in a short time, be one of theJ strongest congregations in ooutn ern Methodism. . . The : regular weekly prayer meeting was : conducted ; by Rev. . r Jhomas",- ' before . ' Inn quarterly..;, conference was held and the writer never saw - a larger attendanoii in a city . chorch.,;tThe talks of tha members were enthu siastie and encouraging. ,r ; jhe ' Sunday congregations at the Wlnfield ate very large audi accessions are bad at each -service, 11 It is certain that this information will bfl Interesting Jo Little Rock, chutahgoers, and . especially .( to the friends of Dr. Thomas, who are legion throughout the State..; . Bight Per, psst P,ili Annually onOapMhi ; Depoait. your . money with the Southern Building . aad Loan Asr soclatioo, ot Ilqtttaville, Ala, with assets of over $1,033,033 and cotleot your interest at the rate of ,o per cent per annum every six months. Investments absolutely safe. , A. IL, MoJlory,. State agent, J.23;1. Moore aojd Turner building, v . r.j : 'in our mlUiuery department you will see one of the best assort ment of hats, both trim-med and untrimmad, to be found in the city. - Parlor Millinery store, '309 Main st- f. v". TUB aAVIOB'8 1TOO WTEP3, "r , ' .. The atteotfon of our reader is earnestly directed to the new aeries of Holy Land rt portfolios whloh we are now ' offering. Prom th plan and soap ot the work, aa well as from its adoaraey, beauty and utility, it U sure to find psrmaaent piaoe wherever the bsanlitul lile ol ' tha Savior istudied And loved.. The work I aptly entitle "Earthly Footstep of the Mao of Galilee," alno frbra hi birth to hW aacen-lon everylncldent of hi beautiful life i. piously yet vividly told by twodietln-gufehed rjllirloua WritarsBiahop Vlaosnt sod 'Dr. Lss. ' Trie former h made two distinct tours of Palestine and the East, while the latter only last year, accompanied br a eslebrateJ pho or rapher, Mf. B. B. M. Bain, again retraosd the lootsteos of the Savior, and the three have now recorded fn narrative and -.picture All h wlncipil event and scene ia hi lit and the lfVes Ot his ApoaUes. The work thus become most valuable for, personal posse., slon and study, and is certain to bs so oon -sldered by every person who .seouce IV, . l'. - '---"" . i i in " J. " '' '' 1 1 ',W Osttonl8 low? so araSlf)7B ; Sard wareni othepgopis at iciiiasoai liavdwrara Co. '. (; -: , ExplUd Krem Italy.', ' 'ROME, April 13. Messagglerero today announces tnat Pierro Stanislaus, a Frenchman,', and atone tima a -Roman Cthollo priest, who WHIPPLH Agent and Attorney, k . lixtlk buck, aiis. WATCH REPAIRERS, Not to H. fl. H.,' the ' Priitoa 'of Wales, nor any foreign ' potentate, bat to the great uMtan public, ' whom we are trytasf to pleaes - by giving them- flrst-elass aervloa at as low a prloe as flrst-lasj.. work san be turned out for. , It vou don't get It, It It also the great American privilege to kick and kiok hard, whloh we trust you do if yen do not gel satielao-tion. We can suad it, for it Is rarltji,sad variety you - kaow.lt AUesDlcoUfs, .Tpirt rffesj jTlme, - ., , SPOrn&-JEFFERSOM, 216 Main Street. U 1- , A t PLEASE JSOKfteK. F31 G'fall Shoes that Talk For themselves will please you en fit, style and durability, Man, women and children satis-. fled every time at , LAFFERTY'S, Fiith aad Mala. -' Br.HaasvalNMfleSanaclaneileanyaad . aancour enpaiaa tMnwuwe, nM ice re u "adTata praeUae awl (or enr thirty jmts br e aoele wits mtin aaooeav ErT slate SbscUM aipaeuieara to TtKToerewltactrt dnwtuli panrtiMt o redOOta she tjtum and af m t act aad dead the awvereiia Beateatee ef tha Worts. . ' s. - ct. ' 14-. -' sama 1-Pevara, Ooaseatloas, Innassmaaoe,. ,)t& -Wre, Worm ftnt. Worm Col le.... .113 S-Teethlaci OuUe, Crrta. Wakafalaass .91 , 4-Dlarrha, at caudma or Adolta...... ,9S l-:ease, eoWa, BrondUtl.r.,...:...... M 8-KsarmlclSL, TeoUaoba, raeaackau,. M ' aV-Bmadaebea, Blck Beaoaeaa. Vattlgo,., Jti le-Dyaaeswla. SUtooaaan, CoaattpirttoB. Hi Il-area4 erFafafal Parieds... .US l-Whllaa.Tooliorwrrt6l..V...- Jit 13 Creap, Larracitla, Bosnensas..ii.w .18 J4-tU Uheani, ICmliwIu, ErcpUoaa.. M IS Bheaaaatiem, RtaMiaUo Palae ,'JS IS-Malaria, Chills, ynr aad acoe..v.i Jit la-CataaVIs, IcSarua,Cok latbeiUad. ,03 Se-Whaaatac Caab...... teee.e-Me-aa (: ST Kidney Dtaeaaae ....'...... JIS SS-Kervea lt aUUy....ii....Ml.ee SO-Priaarr W'akaee...-..... .93 Sd-aere Threat, ijulncy, Vloetatad Throat Jt9 HUMPUBETt WITCH BAEKL OIL, " The Pile Oiamea (."-Trial M, S Vta. 4 tdt Mi BnttMs, ar swrt MX. m al rtm Aa. HvamaaYf Mtaa.a tut pm,I iuiuc m uavnaur wswca, lit awba atw taax SPECIFICS. icIOVDIIII lUXMUl'l a ar SB gf I lllfclWWM(hnn' MAOIO CTPH11XUE. i I Sj M 'aroarwfundBuwj'. Tfroa.oiit'nl K,.'1(teew aawtu a ti-auiia aria, V.rin&lNU II Ann dPfliillHIn.. lor to oon kr,walllxorft to ratnad UwbosuinUl nu ta tula tIafrfa'Paat.flaa "VnVl't W rts yaan of rttM iMamiiiStal -Wati a. it Itfi tha moat ob.tlu.ta Mi afrwlii4 f fj iJw It bfdm th nblli in Uf It 1 tlx f only uwa mw tnu wh our axviuiia. weeaaiH a cm wa aaanot weeaaiwiwa laeworiq i ir, aiia aeu iliolt Rtubbom, iboflo ona nj i oo ale a a ai SBqp.OOO ! r.nlt.rh.rlt of ieur Guar-i ptiee book, Illustrated from j llfo, of patlenta cured, fro by, maflKMiurelr mmlca from abMrvatlon. f Tut, UKaMluualsr'SiJltilMMU I bn.w ,.U..i. nmifa. .n.l I Art I of ,M moot Hiwmi Mwam i I WK OUARAMVIKaV OUKK, lwM COOK KLSltUT VW i " M.:.... til. r-tn r it r-r- .4' Ladres Frientf 71 Safs andura WtflTE f ' CROSS I L'jwx,'' ' Croa - tfrl yowv tra gUtdoea not keep Female Tablets, a true Vasnala tsear-viator.' Oaaraa-' teed or money refunded. went py the name' .of , Pierre ' - Pel acroce, has been. 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