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Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas • Page 4

Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas • Page 4

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:

ajtrnansas aiJtttrsJjiusncB.lamiari 13. lays. RILEY in mm apples will buy an ounce of silver in any: portion of the Union In close proximity to any railroads HON." MA.RCELMJ3 'Li' DAVIS, whom Gov, Clarke has selected for Tils private Secretary, is a gentleman --rZlfltaMiaart ttttl -1 ii CASH, CAPITAL ANO SURPLUS $3,200,000., (ti aarety la tha Unltod St.toa and State eatlrt sad larnlshea aeooHly oa e. trau Aa'tha Ualtel. Butet manlolpalttisa and eorporatloae. raaaPTsaarauai, raoelTers, tsleaoes, Inlunotioo, aaM, trattaaa, oaafaraotor. ato. urtf In aaaaa ot axaoaton. sdmlalst: i Mpierm, appeal, atieidmaal, Ouiraniee tha lldelltr ol bsnlc efflolals. Tie nanuubturiofand oommerolal aatabllsa meats and others la poilUons oiirastwbe are reqXU'ed to (if aada. Kjasonabji tsrrai oa appUoUioa, -y DtTHASTD WHIPPLB, Attorney Booitoi iM.l AVI A BldolcT vw fif LiiSfiU Ka4W iiAinjrAcr uxix STAB WHITE 3LJI3VCES, DEALER IN 'K' PORTLAND AND LOUISVILLE Kichigan and Adamant Plaster, Firs Brick Lath, Pin Lining, Bollsr II' In I'himMitn 110 Main Street, THE PARLOR, MILLINERY 309.: MAIN.v8JPEETir';'? Has Been Purchased by J. M. Reagan The 8tock.wilt be replenished with new goods and sold at popular prices. All goods marked in plain figures, and strictly one price. MISS SPEER, who for the past year superintended the Trimming Department, will be retained In the same capaolty. YOUR PATRONAGE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. Statement of the Condition OF THE- CITIZENS' BANK, Little Bock, At close ot business December 31, 1894. Loam and discounts 57 Overdrafts 1.961 81 Btocka and other aecurities Rail estate Furniture and fixtures Expanse. Due from other banks Cash LIABILITIES. "Jy TBI CUmi I CD1lt Cko. Wm. -Cabu ra, RimTTXTT. W. 11. K.4 VAJUtmH, -KBbjir: felly, six months, by mull or- carrier. 4.W Dally, by mail or carrier. yer, oy man neday.Mginiairtha, by Weekly, tntSnonths, by Weekly, on yer, by mall aw 1.05 II business letters and other commnni-retlcne thou id be addressed to "Tub cm irTinlrallona rolfclted from all part Mke State on topics ot saneral Interest. 1Ye ratrenape of all (ood advertisers' solicited. Hates Will be riven on arplioa lion. Ths Gakfttw baa a larrer circulation In eflv and Ptate than any other secular papsr publish! or circulating In Arkansas. Fatrone fai))ng to obtain Tire Oaxwtts front News Agents on the railway traina leading out of Little Rock will confer a laTor by promptly reportinit the fact. Thb GJCKTTBle determined to supply ths demand upon all traina within tha Htatj. TALK WITH TILLES ABOUT LIFE INSURANCE. The Legislature will draw the line on all recommendations far the consolidation ot the election. GOV. Clarke Is at tha helm and the Ship ol State ii in the hands of a good man. Throw mora bacon and less cotton into the furnaoes and let her go. Senator Hill would think store of Gorman If be could be convinoed that the Maryland statesman was not responsible for his defeat for tbo nomination for the Presidency In 1892. The elasticity of the rules of the United States Senate will enable the minority to prevent the passage of any currency bill that may be Introduced during the present ses-sloq ot Congress. GEOROiAaends fifteen carloads of corn and provisions to the suffering Nebraskans. Arkansas oan welL Biiorii to coninouiB as mucn, 11 not more, to the starving farmers of thla drouthstricken State. i .1 i. i i THERE are ten ex -Governors of Arkansas now living: Henry M. Rector, Powell Clayton, O. A. Had-ley, Eiiaha Baxter, Augustus H. Garland, Thomas J. Uhurohlil, James H. Berry, Simon P. Hughes, James P. and William M. fttfebaolc ii "THE Indian lobby Is at Washing ton working like beavers to defeat the Oklahoma Statehood bill which proposes to add a portion of Indian Territory to Oklahoma. Meanwhile tha Frenoh gang of desperadoes are terrorizing the people in Indian Territory, robbing stores and postoffioes and pouring bullets Into men, women and children. THB Government estimates of the wheat orbp are seldom correot Several weeks ago the announcement was made that the crop harvested a few months ago would be something In the neighborhood of bushels. It now appears that there is a deficit ot more than 40,000,000, Nearly every crop in this country is short except the cotton crop. ALL currency bills now being Introduced in Congress provide for bond Issues, except the one proposed by Senator Pugh, whlcli authorizes the issuanoe of of Treasury notes redeemable coin, Ic also provides for tha ooinage of the seigniorage and the Seposlt bf silver bullion from American mines. Strong opposition io the bill was manifested as oon os it was read. A GREAT deal of Eastern otpital Is being invested in South American enterprises. It would be safer for men with surplus funds to investigate the advantages offered by the Southern States for placing their capital where it will pay. We have no revolutions in this country. The South is now bidding for business and its Lsgis latures are engaged in the enact ment of laws that are calculated to foster and encourage all enterprises for the development of the country. Thqcsands thrifty "farmers' from the drouth-stricken regions are locating In Norhtwest Arkansas where they will devote their attention to raiains? grain fruit; Tho applos of Kir wait Arkansas have A world" wide rapa tation.and fortunes are made eyory yV by the rsWpoed from there io Europe. A writer in the Janua ary Tradesman says that apples, somoarect with tha value of mane v. bays advanced within the past few years 100 per cent. Ten years ago wheat sold at $1.59 busaeL SlU ver was' worth L10 an Quae's. Ap pic In Arkansas soli on frees at 10 and 15 cents a bushel. Oae bushel of applet today will buy one bushel of wheat In any part of the State- One bushel of Be Will Get Jm From the Uatlnra tt ceivers. ST rAriDrteTf'Ftderiil 3ottft Makes Kls la M( Jndgtnen) JrcfersnqaJ. In Priority tUt fi Mortgazes Tbt Gmi ot Hewaa aaS Ebrt ompromlied Koedlrer Applied tor Dolaxa of th Vm la tae Court. Mr. W. H. Riley, who obtained judgment in Pulaski Circuit Court against the street railway system for $5,090 on the score ot personal injuries, will get his money. Mr. Riley has been after his money on the judgment for some time, but he was prevented from securing satis faction by reason of the court control exercised over the street rail way system through the medium of Receivers Fordyoe ani Johnson. Yesterday, however, an order was handed down in Circuit Court which will make Mr. Riley happy. The Court directs that the Riley judgment take its place as a lien on the funds now in the Receivers' hands and that it be a demand in priority to the claim of the mortgagesIn other words, a preferen tial claim. A compromise was agreed upon In the case of II. S. Hewen, who sued the street oar system for $3,000 on acoount of personal injuries. Hewen agreed to aocept $S03 In settlement of his olaim for damages, and the Court direoted the acceptance ot the offer by the receivers. A compromise was also effected In the similar suit of Sim W. Sherer; who is to be paid $250 as a satisfaction of his olaim for dam ages. Beeelver Applied For. Application was made yesterday for the appointment of a receiver to take charge of the Nick Peay Com pany's affairs. The application was filed in Chancery Court by C. S. Collins and W. E. Atkinson, attorneys for the Western Brass Manufacturing Company, Peck Bros. the Mineralized Rubber Company, Ahrens Oit Manu facturlng Comp iny, and the Bradford Well Supply Company, all non-resident corporations, la Jade Lea's Court The last batch ot true bills returned by the Grand Jury is as tol lows Susan Jordan, perjury; Mat Ro land, grand larceny and burglary; Kit Peoples, petit larceny; Prince Mitchell, grand larceny; Emma Freeman, perjury; Wyatt and Ben Clemens, grand larceny, Hud son, aggravated assault; Earnest Thorp, grand larceny. The case of J. R. Fertine vs. Johnson Fordyoe, receivers, was continued. The case of M. Wolf Son vs. A. Mills, ex Sheriff, was dismissed at plantiff'a cost. A distribution of the proceeds in the sale of the Sol Solmonson stook was ordered to apply on the claims of the Bank of Newport and S. Handford upon which judgment by default had been obtained. Judgment by default against Solmonson was rendered in favor ot Ab Kirschoaum, Isaao L. Strauss and Stromberg, Krause Co. The Braddock-Kahn suit is still in progress. Killa Rata, Cockroaches, Water-Bugs, etc. Siaaxn's Electric Pasta; 6c THE OLDEST AND BBSf Atlttle Seek Eitabllshmiiat nllUr ij Ktt Every Cltlxea In Arkaaiu. One ot the oldest bttsinest houssi ta the State ot Arkansas is that ot Janw (Jiri baldl, No. 803 West Mar khan street, op posite the Staie House. This house make a specialty ol handling the finest brands of whiskies and wine and the ohoioest cigars in the market. It hss established the reputation ot keeping the best goods, and for that reason It succeeds In retaining its lor ner trade and continues to add to ita liat new customer every year. The house is flm-clast in every respect. A superior grade ot goods cannot be found io any of the larger oitiet of the country. It caters to a trade that understands the quality ot gqods that is worth purehaalng and nevsr sells over Its counter onlc such liquor and oigars that Is acceptable to the best Judgres of euon article. Aa a refreshment risort tha nous of James Garibaldi ranks among thsurjt and most popular in the State. If you have a mortgage to pay off, or wish to build or; buy fa homo, call on L. swalther, Secretary of, the' Gex man-American Association, -v and dub cribe 1 or stock sin new series, whicU cptsx-mences business January 1895... 3anc pdWaarrs't jiiu asi Mr. J. F. Braun, a graduate ot DussI. dorf Aoademy of Fine Arte, who tb-liahed aa enviable reputation in 8t. Lout and Chicago, as a pomlt painter, is now located in thla city. His studio is N. 611 Main street, where ha is now engagtd in reproducing and painting from lite the portrait of a Bum bar ot well known oitl-sensof Little Bock. Hi painting la oil and hi pastel work are beautifully exe euted-andare much admired by alt- have seen theiU The public Is laritei to call andlnapeot bis 8 a 1 1 The finest line of Heating Stoves and Ranges in the oity at cyclone prie as at Dickin son llayti ware Company's. titio is highly respected by his ieUow meirsjrwo enjoys a wias acquaints nee He Is pleasant easily epbroachei and ma 'every' boa' Mtda in Ms fiisffttiW. iiBi-Q ntKo'Alyia gentle; man ot excellent education, bu has much knowledge of the practical aff lira of life, two. very important qutlifioations necessary to the successful disoharg ot the duties lncumbont upon a Secretary appointed to look after the details of the offloe ot a progressive Gov ernor. Mr. Davis will fill the position with credit to himself and to the satisfaction of Arkansas' Chief Executive. Mr. John J. Flinn, one of the brightest newspaper writers in Chicago, in a recent artiole in the Herald, brandol the entire negro raca as a worthless and dangerous class ot cltiz308. Mr. F.inn is a Republican, uni when Mr. Arthur was President of the United States, represented this country as Consul at Chemnitz. The Atlanta Constitution defends the negroes of Georgia against the attaoks of Mr. F.inn, contending that they aro advancing in intelligence, morality and wealth. "Among the Southern whites," says the Constitution, "there is no disposition to oppress or hamper the blaoks in their efforts to beooms an educated, enterprising and law-abiding class of home owners. On the contrary, our people cheerfully bear many financial burdens in order to aid the other race, and every member of that race is judged upon bis merits. If he is a good citizen the whites are his friends. If he is a bad citizen he will find that the way of the transgressor is hard." The new Mayor of New York has decided to try an experiment regarding tha 'opening of saloons on Sunday. He has advised the dramshop keepers to open their resorts at 2 o'olook on Sunday afternoons, but to close them prompt ly at 11 o'clock at night. Such a system prevails In Europe and appears to be satisfactory. Mayor Strong recognizes the influence ot the saloon vote in New York, and is willing to make any concession that will not be too offensive to those hostile to the liquor traffic, and which at the same time will make the saloonkeepers friendly to his administration. He very plainly demonstrated that he was not antagonistic to the dealers In liquor by his reply to the committee that waited on him to ask his permission that the saloons be als lowed to open on Sunday, To the Chairman ot that committee Mayor Strong said: "You are engaged in a business that is just as legitimate as any other, and you are entitled to protection under the law. You have it in your hands to help me In this in it tor. You are the best looking lot of men who have called on me since I hnve been here." Mayor Strong has captured the saloon vote of New York. HON. TH03. B. MARTIN. The first important official act of Gov. Clarke was the appointment of Hon. Thomas B. Martin as Chancellor of the First Chanoery Circuit. It will be generally approved, and the congratulations the Governor will receive on account of the selection will be as numerous as those that will be tendered the distinguished gentleman who received the appointment. There were several learned lawyers who stand at the head of the profession who were candidates for the position. None were any better qualified to don the judicial ermine than Col. Martin. Any gentleman In the list of applicants whose ttjt- pointment was suggested and urged by friends Is fully capable of presldingover any court in the State. Col. Martin is especially adaptoi to the performance of the duties of a Chancellor. His knowl -edge of law Is of wide range, ac quired by a natural. taste for study and long experience' in continuous and successful practice in all the courts. lie is quick to grasp ttf points in a legal proposition add oan make them clear in as faw words as any lawyer in, the State. He is a gentleman of unblemished character, always far in his deal. ngs with man, and so he will be as Chancellor of this oirouiti It requires Just auo'i a mta of honor and learalngjo J5J.I m6rfcanr and sueaV was'ist lected when. 'Pa ipj'arkA, ea.2?ri the Chancellorship to Hon. Thomas B. Martin. GOV. JAMBS P. CLARKE. -Hon. Jamas P. Clarke, who subscribed to the oath of office as Governor ol Arkansas on Friday moroV ing, is a man of eonvletioaa. Hsls a thoroughly trained lawyer and is familiar with alt. the details per-i tainlng to the high office whioh he Is now In full charge. He Is a man never does anything Trlthout railroad and znraas areata. Molovaa at BRAND na asMfl Iavbam UIma Little Rook. 3,581 18 1,493 74 33 8,088 34 US 501 71 62,871 81 17,187 74 33 .385,679 OS 335,873 0J aamed bank, do aolemnlv swear that. thi bastot my knowledare and Iwtisi. si. ciaiatisitft vasatsr. ta daj ot January, 1893. ED. CORNIiH, Notary Public. C. A. Pratt, Dlreotora, ON the 13th we will open up an Optical Department In our Store. There Is need In this city fnr a thoroughly flmtelasa Optiolan with tha latest Improved appliances for correcting detective vision. This ws wilt aim to supply. We have the man. We have the appliances. We have the room especially arranged for that purpose. Our prlops will be reasonabk as the work of tha operator and tna quality ot the lease used will permit. Sight I too valuable to allow Irresponsible persons to meddle with. Yours, for good glasses, JEFFERSON. 218 Main Street. Please Don't Ask For Credit. NEW SERIES, No. 13 NOW OPEN IN BUILDING ASSOCIATION, We Invite a careful Examination of its method and financial statement OFFJCEE3 ANA DIRECTORS: JOHN 0. MiKTOHBa, Prefcl 'U a BRACK, Vlotf-Pre. E. W. JOS. GRIFFITH. Sso. FLiETCHES, Atty. ft, MABBHALl, Ml KIK9T? W. PORTO IKON DRETPU3, JAB. CH APPLE, yr. ratclipfb. Office i i Rooms 109 ani German Bank, CIGARINEWS BMPORltJM, Corner' of Markham Stteef and Z'm Shall 'Alley. (Old retail attablUhmiat tft Co.) VICTOR PROPRIETbR. Choice Brands ot Cigari and Smokers' Artioleaw1 Complete line 'of Newspapers, Maga tines and Other periodicals. SsWit'tit luxi.t" o. meii tum' mm imMMtrt Ca.PiMMa. EMI MUTUAL take a 'little, Carlsbad Sprt Salt in a glass full of water. That will set you right and keep you right, if you'Jre inclined to be bilious or dyspeptic or constipated. People wonder, sometimes, why it is that the Carlsbad treatment, the world's remedy for habitual constipation, should be, reconv mended for diarrhoea and such disorders, too. Simply, because it leads the stomach and bowels naturally into a healthy condi-tion, whatever, their derangements it doesn't accomplish its results by harmful irritation, aa most pills and purgatives da Beware of imitations sold aa "improved" or "artificial" Carlsbad Salt The only genuine Carlsbad Salt, with all the properties of the Spradel Spring solidified! has the seal of the city of Carlsbad and the signature of Eisnei Mcndelson Agents, New York," on every bottle. All others aro worthless imitations. For sals by C. J. Lincoln wholesale druggists, Little Bock. giving a reason therefor. Ha is an advocate of economy in the administration of the affairs of govern ment and has made many suggestions to the Legislature in the ad vooacy ot such a policy. He is unwavering in his fidelity to Democracy, has a sincere regard for the rights of the people and is extremely loyal to his friends. A man possessing such excellent traits of character ought to make a good Governor of Arkansas. In his inaugural address he offers many suggestions which merit the approval of the General Assembly. His recommendation regarding the revision of the Constitution is one among the best, in fact the very best. It is the one thiag most needed at the present time. There are some provisions in the Constitution that could not be lm proved, and these would be allowed to remain as they are. As his Ex- oellenoy says. "Whilst I maintain that It would be greatly to the in terest of the State to revise the Constitution, I must not be under stood as insisting that it is bad in all its puts. On the contrary I assert it as, my deliberate judg ment that any Constitution whioh does not contain many of the pro visions of the present instrument will never meet the approva 1 of the people of the State." The opinion prevails among some that a new Constitution means higher taxation. On the contrary it means the equalization, of taxation, which is plainly set; forth by" tHe newly inaugurated Governor. The election of Stats and County officers for terms of four years, the same to be Ineligible for election to a second term, quadrennial meetings of the Gen eral Assembly, with a short session of thirty days intervening for the purpose of making appropriations and investigating the accounts and aff airs of State officers, Is also recommended. The Gov ernor makes many suggestions 1 regard to the better enforcement of the law, and frequently mentions wherein many of his suggestions oannot be adopted unless changes are made in our Constitution. Gov. Clarke believes that the time has arrived when some provision should be made for the payment of the cur rent Interest on the undisputed pari: of the State debt. He recomn mends that the debt be refunded, and Is of the opinion that the interest could then be paid without any additional tax levy. The inaugural address of Clarke Is full of moat. It is a lucid explanation of the exact situation of affairs in Arkansas, It points to the errors in the organic and statutory laws gtthe State and suggests tho rem edy la eaoh ease. It is a state Japer worthy of the most careful BismarclC has always been particular about the quality of his every one who Drft Price'a Creaa Baking ifc iff. I Aninif na KtnaBlll-sa! n.i and nf lrtlJMWWIf Dr P.HL Jaifwy. Little Bu.f.rlt. nj. of diaiJpUW KeBlM4'AvWaljrrfaU Uaivarallf ot in. 1R7CI. wffh nin niri. nee Jn treneral praatioe of nuilolaa. Testimonial ol tha m-it rnrfceDle ourei i. wltk frAaOM of mmi i th. nn.i nraininant djodI la tha South furnished oa applloattoa, Allraj Lh Box a3hf Boomrat i The finest line ot etcj ings, steel engravings, water colors, ever! brought to the cityJ Chas. T. Abejes 215 Ilain streets CaDital stock Surplus and undivided profits. Ueposita Tot.1... 1. J. E. En land. Cashier of the above atjovestaUmant Is true and oorreot to the Sworn to and ajbsortbed before mi thit My eommiasion expires Auruat 8, 1895. Attest: W. J. Thompion, J.W. Mast, HIS FIRST OFFICIAL ACT. GOV. CLARKE PUTS HIS glQBATURB TO i PROCLAMATION, the Adoption of conttHntlomt Amendment No. 4 Olflclilly Pro-claimed. Upon assuming the Oaberaato rial duties yesterday, Got. Clarke's first act was to alga the following proclamation By Tirtue ot authority Tested in me by the laws of the State of Arkansas I do hereby proolaim tnat the following provision has been in its several stages adopted as a part df the Contitutloa of the State, namely: 'The Governor shall, in case a vaoancy occurs in any State, dis-trlot, county or township office in the Stat, either by death, resignation or otherwise, fill the same by appointment, such appointment to be in oroa and effect until the next general election thereafter." The same having been rat ifled and adopted in the manners prescribed by the Constitution and laws is now entitled to have the same force and effect as any other part of the Con' stltution and shall be recognized and enforced by the legislative, executive and. judicial departments of the State of Arkansas. Done in my office at Little Rock this day of January, 1895. James P. Clarke, Governor. Attest: II. B. Armistead, Secretary of Stale. When Baby was tick, we gave her Castor, When she was a Child, she cried tot Castorto. VThea the became Mtas, she chtng to Ooatoria, For first-class dental work go to Dr. Mark- txroll th ft Tial nl ars dnnt- istj, office qver Rossner's store. He does all his own work and entrusts nothing to assistants or students, hence he guarantees all work to be strictly; flrstrclass. His in the aoi sfX imj CELEBRATED BLACK DIAMOND 60AI. This Is to oertifr that have glen the eioluslv agency for the celebrated Blaok Diamond ooat to tha Standard Fuel Com paoy, bf Little Book and that they are the only ooal dealer in that 5 city handling Black Diamond CoaV Morjan Devlne, Coal Hill, Ark. The above ooal Is now for sale by tha Standard Fuel Company at the low price ol perion. 'f Ask your grocer lor leischmanns Yeast Price reduced to 2 cents a cake. H.

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