The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1930
Page 2
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S^^CakMr^ jVfQNDAY,- DECEMBER^ 15,_1 i)30_, Mrs. JSJ^-B. Reid is ChrljstmaV" party -for members- ot the Youug-U»tron» club and-4h*lr husifthds. TJie Lange Parent-Teacher asso- j ciafio his meeting at the school. Mrs. J. W. Bader and Mrs."J. £.-• fi^ll are entertaining the Tuesday Rojk c(ub ( at .the. Badsr home. -.. .. ,-arrol' Blakembre Lsemer- ng : HlV'Wtw : irewy cdtitra'ct ,e -Almortl school will Irave a .pr6gTa.m and..Bingqipar-i -.->- ? ORMAL PAJAMA9AP.t- wow J'WOBN FOR BMJGUJG AT wg- SOUTUERl! RESORTS 1 . ®*H-THf UfT BllOU, WMiTt CREPt PC-MAINE PAJAMAS FEATURE AH INTCRES-HUG , WCOtLlTASt AND SKIRT BAOK-TW- WAISTLINE- i? emeo WITH BLACK ' ' ' " rEIK'Gt. ' '- HwiHECfNTERjPEACU CHIFFOH - IS USJOWITH MATCHIUG lACt-~WE- TROUS'EE? ARF VFRV VOVUHIHOUPAMD the , Thursday " .e Parent -Teacher association ofhe Armorel -school U meeting school. .• .'' ' ArmGrel school Is liaving n tmas tree and program, rs. Max B. Keld will have the ' Matrons "clal>.' " "' ' " at Mrs. Harry W. I Attend ' • ij Moor |fty children allended. tht. first i- hour sponsored .J>$- lha : -E . lib Library SaluWaySMvhen Delia Purlle tol* «*'c-j«forles 1 lha boys ahttlSwls'mem . p«m. '^ ilr. Moon" »hd ; "The . ; Llllle ftd 'fftey Turned Away' 1 were Hie stttUs and "the Swing," by nob- erir't-ouls BleVensoll, was learn:d. t est free ilory hours art to be Irom 10-.30 unui 11 o'clock ea«h' Saturday, efcrxcialiy for chll- drtt (rfjiri six to l.^n years of age. . THE RIGHT, A SHORT PlEAlfO JMXtT (FORMED Of BRIUIANT COLORED STRIPES 1 OF CHIFFON SEWN TOGETHER.) 15 WORM QVtR glAGK SATIN PWAM/kS. npson-Cartrata ' •s. W. M. Triortin j : ., ' fr of Frjend- ./Tehn., has.«^>biS^ced th> c«- Rafinicnt of lifr,'4»ugiiter, Minnie !.•&.'lo Mr. Rojfs. Carrnen, of-this clfSlhe weddlrrjf-.^o,t^)ij; pladi Oie lnj&r parl of Deieriiher. § Thompson, who is a member Alamo, Tann., high school -. ailended Ihe West Tenn- csMe State -teachers' cellege at Mmphls. . '. iff. Carmen attended Frecd- Hljijitiari. college nt Hendrtson, i., and is now assoclalcd.^'ith cornpany. .•-'.• the •«te«n'» AlftlUary Has -.;V. itatUm Strrice ,vV'~> ' ie Woman's auxiliary/ oJ . Presbyterian church "ij | Dtdicitjon" jirogrnm Shurch Sunday nft'?riioon in thf'^form of n vesper .service nt 4:jjfl io'clock. This pvogrami is'-cai;- '''out in December by -all corii t ions of the Southern Presby- n church with the thcn)e c AH Ye Faithful" used as the i cf the program. processional was played .by MS? Leone Callicot as the choir asiwib^d to the strains of '-\Vhlle StSfiherds Watch Their Flocks." Trje;|call to worship was read from Hit); 2:15 before the song "6 Ul— -- of Bethlehem" and prfeer by Mrs. B. li. Ail.^n. 5trs. James H. Brocks conducled thp\devotional in ,^v^^i ll*^£ong "tife^c All Ye Fni(hfi|ii.' ^ra^T^sed.- {lie leader ot tSj "program./! Mrs. Mush M. Callawny; spoke.jBietly before seven mobcrs of ir- v> ~'"-"' ar^- in while robes 'tind \vrgte taj.irs, look Ih'elr-J! , Service and Love lo thi Snow time -Is Christmas time, ac- cordiiiB'.t.o traditions 'handed down .. even' to the tlnpper ' Eeneration, ~so number of shoppers about in the melting snow, Uxlny. Uctty Black, two-year- old, .Uaflshter of Fafnsworlh and Liberty Oak Clubs Reorganize • 7hc- 13-jvs and Girls -1-H rliiUn at .New Ubji'ly and Lone Oak luuei i ruorgankeil fcr next ycuv wui 1 i these-officors: New Liberly, Paul i .•-.v.^f-.-k jji'o.sic.jtU; Helener JLirrct' •~: [ v:c: president. Miss Pauline Bcaid ' m, 8JC!.:lary; Miv- E=:i.-;i: Jn.-cl i reporter; Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe Epperson, • sponsors. There are n mem- b3rr, In this gi-ciip '.vhich has been crjjfinlacd .since i:xi ( ;nslon \v; rk j' up.i-ivi! in MiKsfcipjji couniy. • Lcnc Cnk, Mts Marverlluc Davis,, •cSjklunt: ;-rr.! Hcd:,c. vie" nrc ' deal; Mi.; Ilcli'n Ho-.lp. sec t-nj Mi's : F:i::'.lco liiuuks , seen, a j Mrs. Ruth Davis, Mrs. Birchert. and Hen' Williams, sponsors. Nineteen • n:cm'ocis iirc cnr-.M'-tri in this ciu'o. i •ml Lone [Dry Law Jails Woman, 86, and Daughter | M|5S ttatcn ^;^ cl Z8ftes1 : .-..—, „ „.,•; l . > ,., <j ,p.-.-^_ *..*.,- ,.„ ,„;,„. j "East," holds:' > 1 >> t 1 * *' \' ^dMttta*. ...ii« Spades—10, 0. Hearts—K. Q, 9, 8 epot, 4, 3. Diamonds—J, 9, 7, 0, Clubs—3. .V/. ,G. LOJHH, of , was n visilsr nt the Blyth.jvlllc'lic': pital -yesterday, j Ray Eikiiij. of Slirevcport, La., is: t- b; th-j 3i:t<us oi his parents. Mr. ami Mrs Jcc Ukins, fcr the holi-' ".2L i Phones 1 Thought Talk ~ii3lc!on Hall has returned Irom' • ti;i.» c -ir- i , u 1 ' Belvn, III., where he attended tp i ,. .YYUfi JlU'OrS might HCID ics-j for .several days.'- ' '-' l i ' Mrs. T. n. Malln, of D^nlrjha,".. | GOLDSBOUU, K. C. iUP>~Hor- Mo., is visliin? her sister, Mrs.'Jec i •"'- I'-I'OAII. Ncjro. knew «hat ho is, I vented lilihc-.i^i Sic didn't have n ) Mr. mid, Mrs. Milton H. Allen- j j- : "-; berg and daughter, Ruth An:;, of;J; ; tt ' lt!! l r,-i.-l ami her mint, Miss Addle Levy. They were accompanied by Ben Levy Jr., who attends school there. J. Nick Thomas Jr., of MempVtiX spent ll:o weekend wtlh his erocer. Jcd-jo Henry A. Gvady 11 .> NC'jru he could take any men off the Jury without -Ye.-, sir. I'd !ikc to take four of '.lion Cff," Brown said. Mother and daughter—gj-year-old Mrs. Martha Naplei- and Mrs. Mary Manly, 45—hav: hton sentenced to a year In la'J and fined $50 nptecc for operating a iti:i in Gcochland County, Va. Tliey are pictured above- as .they sat in a cell In U\o Henrico County jail niter i . their conviction. Little Wilson News ;;fl . Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell and fam-.','" ily are, (visiting friends In Blyhe-'., yille this week. ;'/'. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lavend-ir' " were Ihe Sunday guests of Mr. anj'' ! " Mrs. Caldwell, Earl Jones of Sleele, Mo.. vlsUcl'V' ! Mr. and Mrs. Everett Petty Ian' ! I Tuesday, i Miss Louise Bumbaugh 'was t'.ip.., j guest of ML=s Lorene Mayes Sun-'!" day. j Mr. and Mrs. Willie Ed Shsltoii .. | were tlie guests of Mr. and Mri' Will Lawhorn Sunday. . Prank Peters and Charles Pelr.s..'". motored to Blylhevllle Saturday. • •," Fred Kelly of Steele, Mo., \vis o;i., the 'Ttudbelcch farm Monday.' .•'.';', A. Knobeloe'h motored to Blyth-2- . ville Saturday. .,... "']>«>'. . -AH viBJit. which !om- will you • 171 .1 T) 1" T~> * 1 /"I )»r- ,.,.„,.. j,^ era,* asked. • |< omul Kaclio Dodge baine "li/Oi'- any four, Brown replied. • . • .- .,-'> O .: ' "i lus 1 wont "to inko 'cm off and ' i~^\ ' ^ \ '- "A * ; "ril GOQS on me Air lomorrow W. B. Tannsr li:i£ rcttiined ,fro:n ••[ lus' want 'to lake 'em off and ' a week's business trip to pcijus. cl ] i f .i\l t 0 'em b?£ore they lrj r me." Louisiana. . . .' Misses Rc:,a M. Hardy and' M: I i'.'hcal.R biu'incs' House listoirJc Paners of Texas Emimi Hcotl tpenl tlie v:eekcn<l in . .. : Memphis. . i Miss Patti Moore ts Ul;at ; ,ijln' • home of her mint, Mrs. Rusial'; :nlll|is. ' • :',"', • :\TJ£'11N', To.s., (UP)— Duplicate Moss Bryan, of Chicago, has ar- ''.-i—,:-.-, S-.i the rotunda of the State rived to spend tlie. holidays v,l;:>' Ca:>:'.al here new display tils T.ix'as his molher, Mrs. K. M.'Bryan, nn:i , D.rlaiation ct Independence from sister. Miss Ellen Bryan. I Mexico nnd the Texas Ordinance of ! Mrs. J. A. Leech ami Miis Pegs' ! K'.-.-: sivn (ram I lie Unilod Statss. McKcel spent Saturday in Mem-.-. Ti:e ordinance cf secession shrine phis .' ..- -,vas dedicated as a part of the ex- 'Mrs. R. L. McKnlght spent las: : '-rcises cf the annual convention week in Osccoln on business. ' '•'- '- 1 -' 1 " Cjnfederacy. A. M. Bull has rclurned frqi-.; St. Louis where he consulted. ..lilb T> ecl <"nlir:i:>ire was jiiis 1 ""- '• !B5 \ al!d ratlflrtl , Texas Legislature sb: df.ys later, in - :vl ; '''*• Mr. and Mrs. Roland GrKhiVis- itcd relatives in Osceol'a Siinda'i'. Miss Martha Reynolds -sp'etil^tju week-end at, Ilayli '•{vitli .her, : pir- P.' E. CcoleyVZalili. Htirrlsbh- 'a\jf. George W.'Baninm'are In -OscsH'?'; .. ,. ellcra i,|-» today attending the ..adj'oUriKii'y-.j^ jj e i c iij fW'-"'-->.™ parchmont An ircn o^•cl• Stalicn WMC Tuesday, December 1C, al 3:30 p. in. Four outstanding players from as many different sillies will participate under the direction of Milton C. Wc;k Mrs. J. Vail Shipley, of Wichita, ICaiuas, vail occupy the S-'Jth position as Dealer. Her paitncr will be Henry P. Jaeger, of Cleveland, Ohio and they will be opposed by Mr. Earl S. Cobey cf Rochester, New York in the West, Ti;e fourth of the season's Bridge ; Mrs ' J. Vail- Shipley of Wichita, by Radio Games will be broadcast - .' Kansas"South," the Dealer, holds: Rp-ades-;k, 5, 3, 2. Hearts—A, J. Diamonds—A, 4, 2. Clubs—K, 9, 8 spot, 4. Mr. Earl S. Cobey, cf Rochester, --New York. "West," holds: Spades^Q, 9, & spot, 4. Hearts—7, 5, 2. Diamonds—K, 10, 5, 3. Clubs—A, 2. — -^n Hospital Notes •-•-• | Tom Blanchard. Scnath. Mo., \v-J"'' ndmiited and" Mrs. Ben Huffman; Braggadocio, Mo., was dismissed, j from the Blytheville hospital. CARD OF THANKS il Wo.v.islvto extend our. haartfelV,^'51 thanks' and appreciation- to' oui 1 many -friends and neighbors for the Miidness and smypathy extended to us during the illness and,'" death-of our dear wife and mother^ Mrs. -Jennie Burns. Especially do v:; we thank Mrs. C. L.' Allty for " her kindness and Rev.-E. K, Lati-'' : ' mer for his consoling words: ••.,' C. H. Burns,,' husband •:••-. Frank Burns, son,' i-.. Homer Burns, 5011.' -.--.!. Cut .i-'o&teis NEWHOPE, W.' VA.' (UP) —' cat owned by. 'Mrs. Belcher has'proved 'a fine Mrs. W. J. Driver anil" fori* •J. Ir.,"6f Osccpla," ucco:iip;i!iijj 'Ij-^ _-JMiss Pcgsy Fox of Memphl 1 :. i=ri;-:i: I Sunday- nftcriioon "in lh"e cilv. Mr. and Mrs. Jce U. Ha!t:.i-> n:id were here yesterday. Ruth Ann, n w o sons mo'.ored to Crawfor.l-.i-111? Iheir year-old daughter, has de- fm- tl>e week-end where they u-erc Memphis Sunday. Clilloi-d Fisher, who is :a.3lin53iu :ti,j t\yp are insperable and the cat at Jonesboro College, spoilt -ill-, '.\]. : ;v.i> : nrc ins'eperabio ami t;ie cat week-end ,11-1111 his-parents. '-• ' h ' " Dr. A. M. Wfishbum Is ^ttfcli:!-'; ^\(u<\ ing to'business in j velopert l-londe curls with gorgeous guests of Mrs. Halbiich's parc.-.ts. Miss Carrie Mae Hirej an-.: j big brown eyes and coal black I lashes and brows. Hiitli nml Spur- Oillorpir: jr.. of Lnxoro, vls,ili-:l [ Been Patterson from niiywheie In j Sunday night. the south, send word thai they wilt Dr. A. M. Washburn (.ptut Fri~ be here for Iwo whole \vceks butl ( ioy and Snturciny in I.iriie Reck nobody believes it. Elo.wor nufliVhrrc l:e attended a cnnfermicc at Hobcrt Smart arrive tlie 21st from : county health unit directors [!;ui- where Ho'oerl is a-| 0 ul Ihe state. college professor. L. E. Old jr.. irom Mr. 'and Urs. J. D. Crincr .-iru: Ihc same city, is . . to be Mary j the week-end in Iliplcy. Tcnn. Th-;y altar. Louise Taylor's guest during the . verc accompanied homo by Mr. i Crlner's tjran'.imothcr \vi:n '.vi!l yis- down | it them until alter t'".o holidays, holidays. Afl^r each had printed h'et gift wi{h a short lalkVwe choHSsang thij'Tefratn "O Uonp^/t-et^Us ^dore Him" and after theiprayer.- the au- joined in the chorus. These gltj-bearers wer.j: Mesdames Ray Wellington p. C. McLean, Ross SrtVens, : tes!ie' R68JS*-: : &r'<*w'Usiy. CC{E; C. M.. Gray : ,and George Crockett. " .^! :> ' K" tfie offering'- \f'at pretenftd' Mg:-. C. R.- Babc'osk, secretary chjlstiari ;?d«calion-and;.rriin^ler ; reMyi, with.'an esjrianajjtan ofehow Ugrbuld"iie used, tor M wor"k of thr?ch'urch which she represcnled. Tjre pastor, Marsh Jit. Callaway, sajjl.thi prayer dedlcaii6n. '•*. • " * * Soft Bom. White Sajttl. Chrlstixias trees are pop'u'iiir .. . year eveis if everyone is talking slashed.", -hard limes." A ride through Ihc - ' city after dark shows you nl least A sign on .a bill pitied town says "Prices slashed in bar- | F. K. Fox, wh t|,is • berliig"—We think it meant "chins i G:irtlay-H;iinsny F. E. Fox, who lias' bron nt. th: I hospital. .a hundred or more alrcudy elow j ;ing froiu - windows. Some of them <Ue gaily..lrimmed in the old fash- fohedr.-popcorn and cranberries strings and with real candles, while others have rainbow colored eloc- irlc bujbs, silver and gold tinsel- as , gol "binimeiits for- 1 (he shapely csdtvra n football game here diarily. That's the be. : -t rumor thnt has been heard in the- past thrre weeks nnd all Ihe f.inn are Just hoping the snow melts i:i time. The two new briilnc' clubs remind one IVrnt there is something doing in the old home town. "Rich. .. .. ...... 'cs^rhay 'cbrhc anU riciiss may go i spruces. Two live S.iiUa Glaus-! bill-bridge goes on forever." so says r l:avp uado Ihct'r mlpcaranc'es op I otte" of our clever :iow.\f;or: ; wlu business flreets.ili the customary red'suits with", while ilpwins b'eardsi .- ' : Nest-.week will be one of art-, dressing Yuletidc cards, wrapping p'.ils. follo.vim; nil autrmotila :ic:i- | It is rumored that there may be i f C ' |U ««rn_l 'l»>'s ago. is no,-. ; home, he is uiuc himprovcd. Mrs. A. Cancer and c Miss Marie, of Senalh, Mo., shop- Tnm Neal Simpson has returr.e;! from Uyers'ourp, Tcnn.. wlioro he attended lo business fvn- several il.iys. Mrs. SeiHcr K.irncs, :f Scnalh, Mo., shopped in Blytlic-vHlc- Hil- urday. M-.-. r.:::l Mrs. Clarmc.-> Holdtr r.ivj Mis. Frrci Sandcfur S);c::l ti:c wrck- i-iKl in Ho; Springs. Mr. Henry P. Jaeger, of Cleveland, Ohio. "North," holds: • Spades— A, J, 7. Hearts—IO, 6. Diamonds -Q, 8 spot- Clubs— Q; J, 10. 7, C, r,. summary of the game will appear in Courier News. The hands they will hold follow HURRY— quit business Christinaj gifts? Check oft your Bridge friends now witli gcncf- ous boxes of thrir favorite Evcrylliinj Rolnj at ONE-HALF tlie regular price while ynu can slill jrel your chuics of Ladles Fancy Brads, Jr«clry, Drt'sses, ir.-its, Hosiery, Lingerie, Gloves ami Genuine Steer Hide Bags ana ether numerous Xmas Git Is. ONE. HALF price, SI worth for 50e, while they last. BicirciE PIAY1NG CARDS Mrs. I. E, Parkhmst ANTA CLAUS Offers a Few Choice Suggestions from This year, especially, most people will probably want wiih Milton GWoi-k! to give practical Gifts." bElated packages and welcoming the | suggcstli thftilcs the younger itineration shbuld be thlnk'lnj of more,serious things—which is nil very tin; but. what could be more serious j tha college and board school students home irom the northern, eastern and southern.schools. There will be . what could be more serious j n n learning 'contract? The :;;5'. !%(Vrn gcstion heard rocrntly is (or'^ u1 ^ each of Ihe bridge clubs lo scud s ! representative to n me.'tinq where '. rules mny be decided sccrcs of them as well as other vis- \ nexl big parly where upon. Th? ! conlrticl is' r Mr", and Mrs. Brax Smith an- . 5lLr -» ol "' . , . , xSfite the birth of -i soiriSiinil-v I «<>» >" «'« <=«?• \\te*tA promises to t-> a free Kv hiftf. The ba':--. . .n ] naffW. weighs 11 ;_ -. ;vjy' -:f her. ; tnarriage Mr " "". >i!is Patty Secoy. Z', • ' ' DM^htcr Born. i-'daughter was born to Mr. and MS:' Percy Wright Friday at Ca- rufersville, Mo., where Mrs. Wright haS'.'been visiting- her yajerus j. )r j^e'Y^al weeks.-Before her* ; -.marri- agftjklrs. Wright-was >!iss Mary K. M^fehall. of -Ashabrnnncr. . ._ '•-.' pas Hazel Ashabranner^and Mji reel Baker, both'of'Manila"; weri; married Saturday by the Rev. W. H.jjforn, •i-.K..' . .- WBlU-Riybnm. •-:• •;•_ : :p 8ie mkrrlage of Miss Addle'payr butn' ; 'and Mr. liudcll White, bolh of iells, Terji.,.liok place here Sat; Mess Bryr.n came in luday from ! all. At one lablc qaint the olhrr to spend li-.L- holidays at liome. Mrs. Allan Walton is going lo Memphis to be with Virginia and Berry Brooks but t!i;y wiil probably come down for a day or two during Christmas \ve?k. Selma Levy "Allcnberg and her family aren't coming from Memphis cillier. sets of rubs advanced mid every- ' one ssemed to b; right! the Yarbro Methodist church Thursday afternoon wliru 11 members were present. The'.'song. "Can the World See JesUs In. You?" a prayer by Mrs. Akin and Ihe devotional, read by Mrs. R. H. Hood (torn HID third ehsrpicr ol Exodus, preceded Ihc lesson.'.Mrs. W. B. Moore conducted Ihe' lesson and Mrs. L. Wheeler nlijht, there three dinerrnt . Norwegian Christmas Seals lo Buy Ptaie '--•• WASHINGTON. lUPi-'ilip Xsr-• •'• wegian Reel Cress h.'.s fcmxi a now use for funds derived from l!u '• rale of Christmas s---i]s-the p-.n- chase cf an Blrplnr:. : 'The plane to be filieil out as n-.i ••'• ambulance will-to bought !rc:n t!i^ '-. money raised Ihroiieh tiie s^lr r; i seals similar to our Chrinmas rci-.l- -"i It will 1».ufM to ccvcr spniioly r.-. Fettled-coastal (iislricts and in K jiorthernt Norway, i-lnacci-s-Hble by )' the meeting with prave'r. • i motor.' • Qsiii-kly IJplifvcd liy 1 Siife I'rcwrijstion itei-p'i a doctur': ;)r~>c: M'.'-d Thoxine that i^ r-.-sUy '°.i:.-riife. Its sitcc-.'s i* (it-p irk lionbie ac;:o:i. Will-. ii: :.-• s-,v.illc>\v it iLmtn-.= n. i,i".<; rtnrt stops i:\,> r-.i • i direct !o the" i:iU':::i ii-.c !.-:v.-irr:.Vo:' ii.::: :.:-i;i:(- is v.::il? • '.-.> •'. ir.^-t:]:iliv i* ran:-.. "- !i3ir.-.iul. mid is pier. . -i-.i i-.ifc- for the -.\i:: ry ', .Tillable. Pu! up iva: :. :•:"•(-. f.Oo r.nii «1.CO b;. 1 . -,y b^.ck if no: '-n!:-^ ly-lic-ll Drug Co. n; :•: Co . and alt cthci Auction and ' ; Contract Bridge •7 uesday W M C PLAYERS Lingerie in Glove Silk, Ctepe, Ray oil and Pongee (iosliinie Slips Slep-in Sets Lounging PajaniU; Fancy Gai'Lers uilted Robes Pajamas Gowns, Teds Gloves, Purses - Scarfs, T, Sjsrl/i (U-.i.r:/ - Mis. J. Vnil SilipSf-. Wichito. Ka:-.;.-.-: West-- Earl K. Cobey, Rochester, North — Henry P. Clcvc- • Icnl, Oriicx £js,' - - Mir.3 Florence B. Gr.-uit, Tancsvillc, Oh-o. # A J7 V(?sts, Blooinets Lounging RoLcs Costume Jewelry and a Wonderful Assortment of Xmas Hosiery FOR Hose Hiindkcrcli let's Ti(?s .-."'.1- : ft 0 OS 1 Son Born. ". Mr. and Mrs. D. Han y. Justice' Oscar AlexaYiHet r)«r.i j no;ince the birth of a formed the ceremony. -i' day morning. The seven pound b.i- t j. i, as bccn namc(1 Gordon Lee A«,|iehbn-ftamlolph. | "" I r^ora^Bandolph and Mr. YV.ll J Junior Hljh Ciirl Anderson, b6th of here, were .mar- Scouts Licet Officers. . I .'-'today by Justice Oscar AleJ- OHlccrs of lln Girl ScoUis of I " " '"' Junior High school, who l-.nve re-! organized, are: Miss Betty Lee Me- j Cutchcnl- .chairman-. Miss Lnclh i Bcmland. scrloe; Miss Mary El^i- r .Yio^.^nu ? »uj>ui<; jbaUvJaorum,-titasurcr; Miss Dxls ' ,.,,.-_. .r'A^ flie/-nVCiJ«« W ttJKjife.reporlr-fii-Mi,, Martha -,\im i Oman's. Miss ion a i"y society of Lynch, scrgeant-at-arms. from Ihe book "Greal All rcclal . ili5:=scs lie iii::-.[ir.' Ulcers, clc.. exnmir.r.d m-.d t-,- . Ircalmcnt is uosvfr.rsicil : .»: bed. Clinic hours r.n-li \Vi a^ , Vr.iloose Vein cases will nl-o u.- ::- Yo;i-,-| :: :-i by i ii Knby.! I-.A! <inr; ': 0 Q8 4 QJ1S765 N 0 Kf C K Q1 8 4 3 !> !1 76 * A 2 o * 1 A K 53 2 <3 A J 0 A 4 J A K •; S -I With North's hand, would you take out nn cviTJn.-il No Trump Iv&'utli? Is there n V,;<1 in the'or \\Vst what i; the contract? Whirh player c^Einctr- :> ^:qi:r^7C or] nn ndvcr- Friry? See \vhr.t you can tio \\ ilh tlii-? dr--al . . . thru ciicck yc-:;- icsuits with llic experts' plsy by r.idio. What's Your Bridge Handicap? M-.Uin C. \V,.:V , Awl he'll like the top llOSD. be sun new j;ai' COSTUME -JEWELRY, IHJRSES & HANDKERCHIEFS 2®% to 507, Discount - A complete line of Infant Wear ;mci Gifis. MILLINERY : • . i :•' Ve\vet Hats .:... ; SIO.7,5 to $15.75 val- i - T tiei for $5. $6.75 to S8.76 values for 82.95 All Felts al Half Price. All Children's Hats ?1. l^ji All ladies & oliildreiis Winter l| !^§ M ^ i* ISJi 11 Coats One-Half Price N1ES I'luir, $37.75 and $35.75 Values for $22.75 $32:75 and $29.75 Values for $16.75 $16.75 and $19.75 Values for $10.75 $10.75 and.$14.75 Values for $6.95

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