The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTHEVifLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 104G Defends'Monty' Campaign 'Called[ 'Master Stroke' -In Reply To Ingersoll . LONDON, April 20. (UP)—Alan lionhead, top-ranking war eorre- •pQpdtnt of London Daily Express, today rtpltod- to Ralph InceraoU'i crittcismt>fHeld Marshal VJieount HQttomery by calling Monty'i Normandy campaign a "master stroke" and the Ardennes his greatest batao. •orehtad replied hotly in a Daily Exjirrss 'dispatch from Australia io charges In Ingeraoll's book "Toj> Sucre!" that Montgomery fumbled the Anjennes battle and repeatedly s\ow- ed]ik>im. the western front by !)>-, delaying tactics. The editor of PM and former U. S. Ar$y officer "either does not know or does not prefer to know the fails abMit the battle of the Ardenms. about Montgomery and Eisennowc-r ar>4. Gen, Omar Bradley," Morc- ; head wrote. i !'ttid*ed, there are experts who ratg this (the Ardennes battle) and nq£ Normandy or Alametn as his (Montgomery's) greatest battle." lit- added. Jiigerspll asserted lliat Montgomery,'" perhaps, prolonged the war by a irear.'V Morehead, who covered MoJity's-'armies from Alnmeln onward and wrote many laudatory stories about him, praised the Brit•I ish v general and condemned Ingc.'- HUNTING and FISHING In ARKANSAS 'By PAUL ROSENFIKLD Uailrd Pnw • Staff CarrnpondHrt '. LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. April 20. (U.P.J—Ozarlc vacationists — jm- tlc'ularly the sporlsmlnded. outdoor variety—can't get Arkansas off ihelr minds. And there's good reason. The entire state is a sportsman's paradise—a natural haunt for everything that makes nature what it is. Wild turkeys—found predominantly in south-central Arkansas- are near the top of any hunter's list for n real sports vlii'HV Ami with (hot season Just over, fiiuil figures from the Game and Fish Commission in Little Rock show that more thn 300 birds were banged In the last two weeks. Of strong interest to (hose with nimble trigger-fingers is squirrel season that opens May 15 and continues through June IS. And there's n second open season on bushytails starting Oct. 1 and Bi- Ing through Jan. ]. Tom Mull- assistant executive secretary to tlie Arkansas »nd ucslin counties may provide u (oh 1 turkey crop thi-re for the first lime in four years. Getting In on the hill-end of ihe turkey sea.son were C. i. Fumr of Newport nnd Jesse Rou'i'rs of ArkiuleJ])h[;i. Aztec Treasure Story Doubted Expedition Leader Denies Thar Venture Is For Publicity !—mid his son, Max And Jo,! Holers knocked off hi; second turkey near Arkudelphlu. IK 1 says the fuel tlmt It was his limit took n little of the pleasure 1 out of it. Heavy ruins this week muddied government chart of die Straits of Florida uhfcli ijlvcs iu> soundings as shallow us 146 feet, the depth at which the Kpunlsh ship w:i* reported to have been found by tlje Irwln A, WllUninson expedition. • A Key Wetit seaman was quoted us believing Ihnl no wooden VL-S- of SI00.000 thus far. Williamson said that Mctro- .studio had request- id permission to make a 1'etc Siullti short subject of the search v.'lu-t) they hoard that lie was mnk- iiiK atioUinr attempt to reacli the B«ld whicli uccording to legend lies In the hull O f the sunken Santa Jt.psa. Spanish treasure ship. Ill- t-.nM that he uccepli-d their proposition with the understanding ih:ii he pay all the"~~l)ills. and if tho treasure is not found, bu allowed to share (he profits from the movie. Williamson said it might t:ike several days before his machinery ciiii W repaired so divers can re-" ^ l1111 ^° t '" : ^ cene where the bullion sloli'i) from A/Lee Kemiieror Mon- Ic/iima roportMlly lle.s. Parts for the compressor will have to come from California. WAKMNG ORDKR ls i lejo i, y wn rncd to appear within In the Chancery Court, Chicka- thirty di\ys in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the weekly lish story anyway. And honey! It comes Harrison. It seems and Mrs. ncx Killebrew went flsli- from Leslie, up around that Mrs. Loren Lack Gnme and Fish Commission—says jng OIl Re( , R i vc . r , leai . the squirrel crop will lie heavy all over the state this year. And Arkansas fish—well, they've figured in more stories than yon can count. The state's finned crop ranges from black bass to )nck salmon, ami Includes bream, crappie, pike, perch, trout, goggle-eye and calico bass. The only closed season on black bass is from March 16 through May 15. All game fish—Including brecim, crapple. pike, perch and goggle-eve —are In season throughout the year. Mull observes that current rains he says that all high waters In the state should subside btfore June. And wren I hey do, says Mull, fishing's going to be mighty good. Then there's the deer hunter. He comes into the sporting picture In Arkansas twice a year. The first time ."he can stock up his venison 'supply Is from. Novemlvr IHh through November 16Ui this year. And he gets n second try for a of antlers from December 9th through December itth. The Mch- ery season on deer Is separate—n seven-day period beginning lwo weeks earlier than Ihe regular open seasons, -Quail—the bird-hunter's delight nnd food (or a king's tnble—can legally swing Into the hunter's sights from December 1st through January 31st each year. The biv; limit is 12 a day. Ducks, geese and doves—with about different varieties thr- .self/for "muck raking." •' Siorehead credited Nfonlgomcry . with planning the first Allied Normandy push. He said plans called i ' iL n ,i, I i Y-.J i 1 n I -»J Ull U"^*.* • ca \llal. I.IKIVIIV ..-••••' to the British to hold on the left U e nampe red good tlshlng. but at . Caen, attracting the heaviest German forces to them, "while ihe Americans broke through the lightly field flank on the right." • He traced the criticism of Moiit- . gomery's delaying tactics, which were followed uy "Brndley's breakout^ at St. la, the Falaise pocket and, the greatest, victory of modern times." "_Many call Montgomery's Normandy campaign a classic and a master stroke," Morehead said. '.•After Palnise," he contimie-1, , "Montgomery wanted to pack everything into a northern punch straight through to the Ruhr. He ordered BrSdley at the end of August to stop on the right in the vicinity .if Para : te assist this move." (Bradley became commander of trie^U. S. 12th Army Group in August,-. 4944.. .He -held equal status with'^ltmtgomery, who commanded -the 21st Army Group. Each general was directly responsible to GUI. Dwight Eisenhower as supreme commander at the end of August). "However," Morehead added, 1- ai this moment Elsenhower arrived to take field command. He cancelled Montgomery's"pursuit plan and instructed Bradley to go ahead so that all armies should come up to the R^ilne together and;cross ihe rlver..on.a broad front. . . "Very, soon Pattern. and otnsr comnyariders In the center an.d BoiftR outran their .supplies of petrol (gasoline) and shells and used up their-reserves of manpower. "It" was while the supreme command was.desperately .trying to rec- tifxtthis position and get the armies properly in line on the Rhine thut . thcOermansrsaw the weak spot In BraSUey's-lines in the Ardennes—a raw;division was in the process ot taking over-'at this point. "Rundstedt hit it hard. Allied Intelligence was bad. the weather against us and the Americans were • taken by surprise. "in fact, they were nil but cut in haft~and there, was nothing for it but_to hand over to Montgomery s coiptnand the First and Ninth .American Armies (formerly under Bradjey) who were in danger of !v- Things went along smoothly until Mrs. Lack not involved in a Uussl 1 - «ilh n red horse. The fish won that round. Upstream ft short distance. Mrs. Klliebrew got something on her lin<?. She pulled In her catch. Yes sir. Mr. Ht-il Horse hnd made appearance number two. And to to;i oil the whole thing, he wasn't on n hook—his fins got tangled in Mrs. Klllebrew'.s line. To date Mesdamcs Lack and Killebrew haven't decided who get.s credit for the catch. • 4 • Memphis fishermen are about to decide they're entirely too welcome at Old Town Ln'tce, near Helena. Even the snakes like them. A lot of moccasins have been seen In [lie best, fishing spots at the lake, as Tony Brown from Memphis can testify. A fair-sized sj>eciniftn slid Into his boat last Sunday. Tony promptly vacated In favor of the snake and took ;i short swim. Friends fishing nearby quoted the Memphlali as mumbling something to the effect thai In a case like that, two's a crowd." The leynl use of picnic seines irtrt trammel nets has been shortened one month in Arkansas. The state Game and Fish Commission, meeting In Little Rock this week, decided to o|>en the season July 1st instead of June 1st. It closes as usual September 30th. And further, the commission pro- Ibltecl the taking of all game fish with nets or seines, and ruled that lasted for more than •100 years beneath the '.vater. \Vlliamson's local representative, Joseph summers, said today, however, that the exact location of the wreck has never been revealed. He Intimated that the reported position In the straits between Key West nnd linvimn had been allowed to circulate to keep the uctvtnl location secret. The expedition's leader meanwhile itemed published reports that the entire search was a publicity scheme for a motion picture. Ills soarch temporarily held up by a broken air compressor lor Ills diving equipment. Williains said that the hunt was being financed entirely by himself—to the tune seiners anil netlcrs must have a Commission permit. Base Stealing O.K. COLUMBUS. O. I UP I—The Oiliri Penitentiary News recently carried this comment on a baseball jilin .shown to inmates: ••This picture is one that will hi'lp every ambitious fellov,' to sU 1 ;,! . . . buses." The first gypsy newspaper in the world was established in Rumania. sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Lucille I'atlon ISenn Plaintiff, vs. No. 9549 I3a~iey Bonn Defendant, The defendant Bailey .Benn is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named 'in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of tlie plaintiff Lucille Pnlton Benn. Dated this 12 day of April, I9W. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Prcida O'Neal, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for PUf. C. P. Cooper, -Atty. ad I.ltcm. 4!13-20-27-5;4 WAKNINC! the Chancery OKIH'K In the Chancery Court, Chirlcl- s:iwlu District, .Mississippi Comity, Arkansas. Dorothy Gironda Plaintiff, vs. NO. 9f>53 Joseph R. Olronda Daicnciant. The defendant Joseph K. Gironda complaint of the plaintiff Dorothy Gironda. Dated this 13 day of April. 1946. HARVSY MORRIS, Clerk By Mary Lee Janatt, D. C. C. P. Cooiier, Atty. Percy A. Wright, Atty, ad Lltem. Read Courier News Want Ads. LOKENK'S BEAUTY SHOP j 1215 W. Main Street ' FHONK 2842 I Lorcne Hamilton \ Georgia Hudson j IF IT'S INSURANCE * Insurance of every kind Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencno Hotel JNdg. * off in the north. "Montgomery's extraordinarily ra- pid''rtflgrbupln^ of the American forces is, past.history now and grrat history. Indeed there are experts who rate this and not Normandy or Alamein as .his greatest battle." '; The Daily Express billed Mor"- head'as "Britain's greatest war vc- porter."' onghout the state—nre at the hunter's disposal from September 1st through December 18th. with date limits set for each variety. Trappers get into action from December 1st through January 31st —open season on all fur-benrlns animals, including loses. However a closed season until Julie 1s 1948. has been sei on bear, beaver, otter, elk and bulfalo in Arkansas. But let's get back to the turkey season that's just closed. Th e lion ' s share of the kill this J'ear came troni five counties—Dallas, Grant, Saline, Lee nnd Cal- umn. Feathers Hew in Grant and Saline counties fts 147 birds bit tlie from Little hunters shot 103 fowl, Le« 30 and Cnlhoun 11- Th Is totnl of 291 birds Is exactly 100 more than the 191 brought down in the same counties in 1945. Mull says the increase tills year is due to more hunters In the field. And with more hunters comes keener competition. The Game and Fish Commission has a number of requests to shorten the season and reduce the two- bird limit to one. Oltiltmers insist that the state's turhcy pornilatioji won't stcmd such heavy season although lower waters reported in dust only 35 miles Rock. Dallas county BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAXI SERVICE CALL 968 BABY CHICKS FifH'sl ((iiarity at ;il! finu's. Complete line of imuUry ffcd. The hiindiest place in (own. "We Buy I'ouliry & Ffcgs" Chester Lewis Poultry •ll.'i East Main St. Dial 2311 PLANTS— oinalues, Ic eacli—Flat Dutch ahlinKe^-Cerlilied Potato I'lants. KI.KVATOR FKKl) STORE Broadway at R- R. Tracks" For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITALTZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE . LIABILITY o BURGLARY o PLATE GLASS •TORNADO • SURETY BONDS o AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N.2nd Clia.s. Bittner—Irene Crowder Is It Out oi Order? • Our mechanics are N«l Kaolory Trained—but They are GOOD'. • Their work is GUAKANTKKD! • Their 1'rkes are KKASONAHl,K'. • They are well equipped to do Light Repair Work un any make of Car or Truck! • They Guarantee to SATISFY! NEWT SHOUT in Charge ol Garage. , MARR'S Auto Service Washiur, GieuMing, Polishing All Standard Products Ash at Second ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES •Let- us figure your bill of materials or the ratal Contract, including labor. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. J10 So. Sec. Phone 3.171 Railroad Street Bill Wunderlich — Rear Robinwn'i Drug Store Where Your Flowers Are — You Are! One call to us will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. SHOP For River-Washed r.T.I). Bcrrlce We Deliver Anywhere Pb. 491 Mrm. J. M. (Mao) Williams, owner Gl«nco« Bldf. . WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chicka- »ai*ba District; Mississippi Cuun- ty,, Arkansas. James Ford Plaintiff, vs. No. 9550 Lethp Ford Defendant. The defendant Leihia Ford is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the captio'n hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff James Ford." Dated this 12 day of April, 1946 HA.RVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Preida O'Neal, D. C. Virgil Green, Atty. for Pltf. PrarJc C. Douglas, Atty. ad Utem. . -• - 4jl3-20-27-5;4 Easter Presents Gift Wrapped FREE The Gift Shop MODERN — ANTIQUE Moss Bryan 103 E. Main Phone 2254 USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If you are i^oinji to keep ytmr present c;ir Icl us k'ive you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, hody and painting. Credit terms can be arranged. Tires, Tubes and auto and borne radios for sale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. OhlsniotiMe Kast Main St. CliMC Trucks 1'honc 519 and GRAVEL Phone We, Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam Dirt for Fills Larkin Service Station 219 East Main St. K. M. Larkin Iluien Holmes CELLAR DRAINERS (Sump-Pumps) Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. FOR SALE! Hi Cia. Corrugated Steci Culverts in 1(1 Ft. Lengths with Connecting Imnds. They're Lighter than Concrete, Easier to Install and Will Last a Lifetime. CALL OR WRITE — LEE WILSON & CO. Phone 18 Wilson, Ark. FOR SALE 35 TONS of D&PL •Planting Seed From 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Phone 2348 Residence 2309 FOR SALE 100 Tons D & PL Cotton Seed Dclinted and Treated. $125 ton FOB Armorcl. 2000 Bu. Ralsoy Soy Beans. Even Weight. New Bags $3.50 per bu. Lee Wilson & Company Armorel, Arkansas NOTICE! We Will Close at 11:00 a.m. Sunday April 21 ,.1946 MARK'S AUTO SERVICE Ash at S««ond'. ;We Specialize in ••'Fvwsii Fruits • Si*d and Plant* fc>UrtaU or Retail JMylfceville Ctafb Market Pbonie 973 HAVf Of course you want your harvesting lo go off smoothly. And that's why it's wise to take these steps now: Step 1. 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