The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 24, 1938
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VOLUME XXXV—NO. !>. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER ni.< vnttTnii-AK-n .„,, «*-*! T t Ps^/ Blythcvllle Courier Blythevllle Herald BELIEVES [TIT il lEfil ] INT Says Mussolini Could Put 2,000,000 Men' On March In 72 Hours KUITOH'S NOTE: Italy proli- ally has the most alert w:ir nia- chlne JH Kuiofie, Stewart Brown. Manager cf Ihe Koine Bureau of this 1,'nlteil I'ress, reports, Having- scne through Ihe Ethiopian war, Mussolini could mobilize his army, navy and air tew In 72 liour*. Mississippi Valley JJIythevllte Dully MISSOURI By STKWART BROUN 1'nlled i'ress Correspondent Copyright, 1938, by UniM Press HOME. March 24 (UP!—If war should be declared this afternoon. Premier Mussolini would hove 2.- COC.OOo men on Die march by Sunday night and would darken thi .skfe.s of Europe with 3.000 combat planes. Italy may not be (.he strongest military.) power in Europe, but she undoubtedly Is. the most alert. She had a rehearsal Tor the next war when she invaded Ethiopia She-would try to swing into the offensive quickly and deal a knock mil blo« before slower nation* could mobilize. Every Italian knows what is ex' peeled of him when the bugles blow. Every able-bodied man em- '- ployed ou public transportation systems would go to ihc colors uml women u'oiild supplant (ten. Army reserves would stream out. of barter shops, factories and stores. Women virtually would lake over the industrial and commercial life of Italy. With Incredible speed. II Cuce would put 7,000,000 men under arms, and 450,000 tons of fighting craft would be steaming into the Mediterranean on errands of destruction. Tourists comment that Ilnly is filled with good higways and 'that railroads, many of which have four tracks, run on time. Those improvements were not made solely to accommodate tourists; troops can move along the highways and railroads Just as fast as travelers. Italy thinks, plans and-builds in terms of war. Any person who erecU an office building or a dwelling is /equlred to include in -his-plaiis - an underground shelter Prospeclive Ouster Oi W. E. Phipps Delayed UTTI.E ROOK, Mar. 24. (UP) — The prospective ouster of W E Phipps as dale cdiicaltoiial commissioner, was deferred until nl least May 5 as the stale board of education discussed only routine mailers In H meeting hem today Illness 01 Governor Cur) Bailey prevented his attending ihe mpelini ami wily /ive of the nine board members were present. Hoard im-m- ter.s said [>| bl pps' Mulus was not mentioned. The atxl regular meeting of Onboard will be May 5. DOMINANT NEWSPAPER pp NQiiTHEAST ARKANSAS ANU SOIOTBAST Leader ' " ' ' • —^ — Hm'JlKVlU,K, ARKANSAS, THUItSlUY, MAUOII 2-1 ntiiiui Blames Income Tax Receipts Drop For Necessit Henry to<lav •groun event of air for protection In T- raids. The people now are eating bread that contains from 10 lo 20 per cent com or rice in preparation for the day when the wheat supply may be reduced by an enemy blockade. Italians, disciplined by !5 years of Fascism, make these sacrifices willingly just as women dropped . their gold wedding rings Into the nation's war chest when Musso- i lini began his Ethiopian adventure". More Irian any other major power In Europe, Ilaly has been able to teat her military theories In the llres of actual combat. The Ethiopian war was a test, of supply. aviation and the mechanized forc- «•.«. Foreign observers estimate Musisotinl has sent 2,000 planes to Spain to aid Rebel aensrallsslmo Francisco Franco. Italy is more than a "boot In the Mediterranean" now; she Is an empire, and lo protect that empire she Is expanding her nrm- ;« td forces to challenge Brilain's ^ ,-'dominance along the water route that Italians call "mare nostrum" —our sea. Apparently most of l'e r reliance will be placed on a:r- •pi.'nes nnd submarines. Ccnservallve observers say that Italy now has 5,000 planes, 2,000 of which are transports and aitx- illnry ships. The^ air ministry has 5.300 pilots in active service and fl.OOO more trained fliers could be called out on a day's notice. By 1941, according to trustworthy information. Mussolini expects to have 5.000 combat plants In service, most, of them high-speed, long-range bombers'. Particular attention 's being (Continued on Page 5) (UT€L WASillNCiTONMar. 2J. (Ul'>— Secretary of (he Treasury Morgenlliaii jr., disclosed tlml income tax receipts so far this motitli are not up to' treasury expectations. ''I would guess," Morgenlhau said, "that income (axes might run between S20.000.COO and $50,000000 below our estimate." He would not disclose the exact amount anticipated but It was gen-' orally believed to have been in the neighborhood of $130,000.000, ' Because of the deficiency in collections Morg/mthau said Ihe treasury H'ill borrow another $50.000.000 throuqli weekly- bill series, scheduled lo mature in June. Attorney General Appeals From Civil Service Ruling LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Mat'. 24 — Attorney General Jack Holt yesterday appealed to the state supreme court from a ruling by Chan-' cellor Frank, H. Dodge of Pulaskl county holding thai state civil service provisions apply to county welfare directors. He asked the court to dismiss an Injunction granted Nfrs. w. A. Moore of Pordyce, deposed Dallas county welfare director, preventing the .state welfare board from approving the appointment of a county director-unless the appoiii-' tee-Is taken from the civil service eligible lists. OF TM_ Insists Books Be Irppound- ed Before Alterations; Would Tie (Jo TVA WASHINGTON. Mur. 24 (UP)— Keiuiior H. Styles Hrldge.s (Rep., N. U. i today "Intrortuml i\ rcsolu-' lion in the seiinli- which would lit! up activities of the Tennessee Vnl- ley Authority pi-ndljig n mil in- vcstlgalloii. - Tin- resolution provided Unit nil books, records, papers and rtocti- nients of Hie TVA would lie 1m- i pounded pending a final report ol nny congressional TVA invesUga- llon or In any fn .v> unin j|,| y ;n Bridges' action, was in line with ills demand that records of Ihn TVA be (lueslloned prompily to prevent nny poalblo nllenulons before a congressional investigation get.s imdei'K-ay. He advanced his proposal nfte objections blocked an attempt b> Senator George W. Morris Und Neb.) lo obtain immediate nctioi on l>h proposal for a TVA Investigation by n senate committee Senator Kenneth D. /McKclln (Dem., Tenn.) objected lo immediate consideration of lirldue.s resolution. Bridges pointed out that pcnd- iff legislation nnd failure of factions to agree on mi inquiry resolution would delay Hie TVA Investigation. "I believe," he said, "that we vould be eery derelict In our duty mlcss we look some effort to Im- )ound these records which would oriii the basis of aii Investigation Two First Ladies Meci SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEtiTS Dr. Sherwood Gates To Quit Kalamazoo Post DETROIT, Mar. 24. (UP)— Dr. Shenvood Gates, formerly 'of JHe- drix college at Conwny, -Ark.- who last fall became dean of-'Kala'Jriazoo college at Kalamazoo, Mich., today announced his resignation, effective nt. the end of his present term. He 'did not disease future plans! Tobacco Chewer Plunks Bulis-Eye at 26 Feet STEPHENSVILLE. Tex. (UP) — John Tarleton Agricultural College has turned ' out a new kind of champion. Bill Gay Kinnerly, just graduated, returned to lils home at Brady, Tex., and won a tobacco-squirting contest by hitting a 26 feel. bulls-eye at Pastor Offers Wood Pile For Needy Families ST. LOUIS (OP)-Tlie Rev. C C Rmebarger, believing tlie only answer to the relief problem is work has established a community wood- yard next door to the Central Church of the Nazarene. Through tills medium (lie Rev RInebarger provides work for Die Jobless and free wood if they come f-^f-'ii-"- Herald nine .families had been kept alive thls.winter by providing them with fuel. ''f got the Ulen when I heard a lot of,.people were-cold- and hungry' It, gol so 1 couldn's sleep- -flights tljinking: of those folks," tie said. -.So .1 did something about It" ;iThe minister obtained timber which had been discarded by n construction company. A transfer company offered to haul it to the church. The minister then offered his congregation the privilege of cutting It, two-thirds going to Ihe workers, ihe -remainder divided among widows unable. l o do Ihc chopping themselves. Nazis Claim He 'Insulted'Them It seems to me that no matter how good and sincere a professional man Is, If he deals with the public and wants to be n financial success, he has'ta use a certain amount of showmanship. One time my Aunt Boo started to complain and she went to every doctor down home but none of "em could nnd anything much wrong with her. Finally she went to the .city and saw a specialist and he says, "Lady, what you need is oxygen—come here every afternoon for your Inhalations— they will cost you $5.00 each." Aunt Boo says "There! i just knew them doctors down home j didn't know their business—they me all I fresh alrl" needed .was plain, Most Illustrious of the many Austrian monarchists arrested by Nazii after the Country's annexation by Germany was 65- year-old Archduke Josef Ferdinand of Hapsburg, above, chief ot the Hapsburg-Tuscany line. He Is the great-uncle of Archduke Otto, pretender to the Austrian throne. Nazli who arrested him near Salzburg charged he ox} made Insulting remarks Corsets Tried for Pigs To Produce Tender Pork KITTERY POINT. Me. (UP) — Corsets for pigs will give lovers of fine pork more tender morsels, says Oscar T. Brookharl, inventor of the new device. His prize 914-pound porker Chnr- ey is wearing the corset which Brookhart declares allows the flavor of food and fat to permeate tlie meat more thoroughly. Stock Prices NEW YOHK. Mar. 24. (UP)— Stocks turned up today after early marginal selling carried averages lo new lows since 1935. Chamberlain Makes Statement Of Policy Before Mouse of Commons McClellan's Amendment To Highway Bill Added ' WASHINGTON, Mnr. 24. III!')-The roads committee lodny amended the federal aid highway bill to exempt certain »iati'« from matching foderal highway grant.i. Stales exempted would lie tlioso wlilrh him nut diverted gnu and aittoniobllc tnxea lo uses not connected with motoring. The nmend- nu'iit wus sponsored by Shirley Temple, lady of the box office. Is pictured above as she acted as hostess for (he nation's llrst lady, Mrs. Franklin U. Hooso- velt. Their meeting occurred Him, Mrs. Roosevelt ntul her ' visited the lot where Miss Temple was working. party Clemency Granted County Farm Convict By Governor LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Mar. 24- C.ov. Carl E. Bailey Issued a proc- lamalion yesterday relieving Hubert Byrd of serving the remaining 30 days of a sentence Imposed on him in mayor's court at Osceola, for disturbing the peace. Mar. 24. (UI') ready lo go to inir, if nocresiiry, I'rlmo MlnhU-r Ni>vl!li Clmmlwlnln told u crowded House ol commons today In a momen- luus declination of llrllaln's for- ul'Sii policy. "There HIT certain vllnl Interests tor which if limy ure mejinrod we would light," tlip prime minister wild. "All (tie same our object, must nlwnys he (o preserve llic.'ie which we consider esscnllnl wllli- out rui'Oiuw lo war. if that Is possible." Cliamlierlnln's slulcment, nmdc H ctair tlml Britain Is giving no pledge of nulomnllc aid to czccli- osloviikln. Ohnmlierlitln mlded that In cnso any iillncks on C/cchoslovnklii result In a EiiroiJenn conflict Britain Is boimrt lo partake In It becaiiso of lic'r relations with Prance. Chuiubcrlaln's statement li n d been approved bv the British cabinet nl Its weekly session lodny The decluratlon^fet forth: 1. Tlml Britain, whllo n'c'ce|)tlng Hitler's annexation of Austria n s an accomplished fuel. Is concerned with Iho future of Checho- slovakia nnd all Central Europe, but will make no now commitments In that area. 2. That Britain reaffirms Its pledge to maintain the territorial ln- He had been serving the sentence on the Mississippi county farm. Clemency wns recommended by.the Osceola chief of police and sheriff ' Hole Jackson of Mississippi cpuiif;>> It was staled. ' " ' " "' * *>' Brothers Escape From Jackson County Jail NEWPORT. Ark.. Mar. 24. (UP) —Police today searched for Toots nnd oakely Mnloy, whomadc their escape from Jackson county Jail ast night. The two brothers sawed rars In tlie upper slory of tlie jnll and made'<theh- escape by a rope of blankets. ''The brothers, held on a charge of stealing 42 chickens, were tound over to the grand Jury. They were icld In default of $500 bond. Police :ieid Dora Klsner, believed to be an accomplice, pending? outcome of their search. A T [24 Anaconda copper 233-4 Associated DO ... 514 Beth Steel .'.'.'"" 5] f'.g Boehij Air "' 27 1-2 Chrysler 48 1 "2 Cities Service '." j Coca Cola .'''" 112 General Electric , 33 T 8 General Motors ... '"." 31 «="<, Jut. Harvester "' go Montgomery Ward ...'. 31 [_ 4 N Y Central 19 i •> Packard . .. A Phillips Petrol .'..'.'.'.'. -,, , , Radio '.. '••• **\-\ Schenlcy Dlst '.'.'_" j» Simmons . R . . Socony Vacuum 13 Standard Oil N J ... 44 , . Texas Corp "" U S Smelt .... Rotarians Will Lunch ,With Lions Next Week Blytlieville Hotarlan.s voted to lave a joint meeting with the Jon's club Tuesday at the weekly nncheon meeting of the club at tlie Hotel Noble tola)'. An fuvi- atlon has been extended to the Business and Professional Wo^ man's club to attend tills meeting at the conclusion of which the three clubs would"divide Into teams and work to complete the drive for sale of stadium bonds. At the luncheon today, tlie members of the club and their guests played bingo. They received cigars and chewing gum for prizes The guests were: Earl V. Bird, of niy- cttevllle, Hearts!!! Banks, O f Oa- ceota. Dick Wets, of Brinklev. Bob Robinson, of Kelser. York Cotton U S Steel Livestock 38 7-8 00 l ~* ! NEW YOFK, Mar. 21 Cotton closed steady, open hizh May 865 868 July 813 874 Cct 877 880 Dec 877 882 (Jan • 878 880 I M«r. 880 882 (UP)— low close 857 861 862 867 «67 , 873 B70 875 871 875 spots closed steady' at 867 unchanged. \New Orleans Cotton Federal Payments" Totaling $51,000 Arrive Here This Morning ; A second lot of government cultivation checks, timonntlhg-to »51,MO. were received at (He county extension agents' office today. This makes n • of $1)0,000 In checks received Oils week and the remainder, of the checks totaling $400,000, to bo paid to farmers in the north end of Mississippi county, nre expected to arrive within tho next ten days, the county extension agents have announced. Notices are being sent (o farmers whose checks have arrived and tliese will be distributed from' the Blytlievllie olDce nnd from IVfanlln nnd Lcachvilie, At Manila, they will IK distributed from (he bank Tuesday nnd Thursday at one o'clock In the afternoon. Al Lenchvllle, they will be distributed nL the agricultural building at threo o'clock* In the afternoon. These are tho first of (lie government checks to he received In thu north end of the county, which includes tlie vicinity of Blythcvlllc Huffman, ynruro, Manila nnd Lcachville. tcgrlty of France nml Bejgluin by military menus If necessary. 3. That Ihe British rearmament program Is being enlarged and Intensified lo Insure tlie security of the British Empire In tliu fncc or any conllnecmcles. 4. Thai Britain rigidly adheres to both Iho League of Nations covenant and the 27-natlon pact for non-lnlervcdtloii In the Spanish Civil War. Wins Acquittal After Four Changes of Venue ", CARUTTIEnsVTiLE, Mo., Mar, 24 —More than seven months after charges,- of driving whle Intoxicated were filed, olydc "Nub" Emory ' of this city, was acquitted in the'Jus- tice Court of Newt Dentou at Denton. Tho cnse, Growing out of nn auto wreck In August. "1931 in which three Canithersvllle youths Sterling Joplln, acrakl Hargrove Ark.i. Jo))i) u MrClollnii laminates Undistributed IVofits 'fax Section In ^'vised Bill WASHINGTON. Mm-. 2<l. (UP) — The w!im(f Iliuiiicc rommUU'u today eliminated (ho nncUsli-lbntcd pronts tax from Us next wall of (lie general tnx revision H]|. PlllTO cominlUeo nurccrt lo pliic'e n tint, rule tax of 18 per cent on corporals Income. The committee action was taken t>s Clinlrnmn' Pal Harrison (Dem,, Miss.) -speeded notion on the measure In an YJIoH lo plnca It before Ihc sonnte as rapidly ns possible iiiul nn an aid (t> business. Bllmltmtlou of the undUtrlbiitei ollls lux ran directly connlei to administration rccoiimieiidn tlons. Tho iicllou wns tukcn after the committee' .voted nunlnsl nllnch- iiHI two lirtnorlant riders to the Jill. One rider, by Senator James Popo (Dem,, Ida.) would have established levies funds. The other wits bill of Senator (Uom., processing tnx the war Ton\ pronts ami John Wllks, Hargrove were Injured 1 , passed through rive Justice courts before It was tried and acquittal Lessley Newell, Co-ed, • Confuses Fraternities BERKELEY, Cal. (UP)-Tho first nnme of Miss Losslcy Newell, University of California pretty co-cd which leaves tl doubt, has ma' Somite Refuses Amendment WASHINGTON, Mar. 24 flJP)- Tlie senate toiluy rejected tlu Byrd amendment to the government reorganization bill. The amendment twis designed (o protect fin office of tho comptroller general from change under tho measure. . Thu vote was -11 lo 30. Tho amendment ;• aponsoved by Senator., Harry f. ,feyrd,. Democrat, Virginia, sought to eliminate from the reorganization bill a proposal to , substitute <an audilor general who would m«ko a post nutllt of "ovornment expenditures in plncc of tlio-picsoii^comptrollcr general ' Dofont of tlio Byrd amendment wns expected to be followed closely by a vote on the qucstloli of recommitment of', tho bill. ; Pottery Making In College CORVAU.TS, Ore. (UP) _ A course In pottery will bo Inaugurated nl Oregon atiit-o college this sprlni term. Miss Dorothy Bourkc will conduct iho class at which vase's bowls and other articles will be tnade. £•£&$ rush dinners to countless catalogues on the advantages of tralnhiR for ~ ° f , About to Relax Tuljci-cular Bill, Approved, Goes Back To House; Others Withdrawn UTTLE ROCK, Mar. 24. '~ JliUihlng house action in eflorti to curry out Its plans to adjourn by Saluixlny noon DIB senate today In rapid succession passed the amend-' cd house- tubercular sanatoria bill nn<l approved withdrawal of . six cermlo Ullla. : ; ..,- •' immediately upon convening for tho morning session (he aoldna colled for a vote on the Nichols- Nybei-jf ineasiire nnd . passed it,- 3t Only u slnglo brief statemenl was made regarding tho tubercular sanatoria bill. Senator Hoy Mllum of Harrison told his assoclateSMliat ho <UU not "think the bill would hurl the schools any, otherwise would not vote for, It." During the first 20 minutes of Iho morning session the sanatoria measure wns passed and senate bills No 8, It, 31. 32, 33, and -34 »ci-o withdrawn upon request 1 ol their " ' . . The willulrawn bills provided tor funds for tho revenue department to work tor collecting taxes levied at Mm current session, the tax on ohnlu Btores, world's fair exhibit npproprlntlon ana the supplemen- o7bS. ire for rcttiovai ° r ^ 3 The sanatoria bill. went to the house nnd was. taken for consideration by that chamber at . 10-85 A.M., evidencing that the hous* ' The amendments to the original bill Provided mainly for an: export r ,i°", wlno nntl "I" 01 "' rcduetlori of the funds to be transferred from Uio school fund at the disposal of he rider repealing the civil service Jtt\V. Represeiitatlve Boyd Tockett of Pike county reluctantly agreed: that tiio civil service . amendment, of which ho was , remain oil ' • , , . — ,.«*.«ui, itjinum oil bill ho voted against 'the taiat* amendment when the house' adopted tho rwomnwndftllon'-.-liy.- voice vote. ,..- '•;.: , - ' • r •Ropresenlallve •'' Leo ^''Nybei'ff'-of Helena, co-author of the tubercu- Inr bill, urged house members to adopt-u "as -the senate .passed It'-' Senator Hal Smith of Clarendon brought up his bill for regulation of practlco In actions upon Insur- nnce policies whore the defense of suicide is set up along with a levy for the benefits of the state's tubercular patients, The senate'passed the bill 20 to 3. •- • •••-,,. Lending from the floor , . , Earned her the campus " ssrom designation of "Mr. Texas Cowboys lo Rally , , - - -., —- —«•„ STAMT'ORD. Tex. (UP) — Tlie "? y> , 11Mrlnc ""d c °ast guards, it innual Texas Con-boy Reunion will be staged here July 4, 5 and 6. Tlie reunion association has ordered many plant Improvements to ac- somniodale anticipated crowds larger than tlie 80.000 attending last year. Newell. Things Are Not WhatTheySeem Top, 9.25 170-230 Ibs., 9.10-925 140-160 Ibs., 8.00-855 Bulk sows, 7.80-825 Cattle: 2,500 Steers. 7.25-9.00 Slaughter steers. 6 25.9 50 .Mixed yearlings, heifers 650 ' ' -, far. 24. (UP) t -cotton futures closed steady to- 1 'day. unchanged to three points up. open high low close MW 878 878 370 874 884 886 838 890 893 !Oct 'nee! .Inn 8.00 ( Mnr 890 894 890 893 370 875 88)) 883 393 893 Chicago Corn Chicago Wheat May Jill. . open ' 60 613-4 high 60 1-4 621-8 low 60 613-4 close ' 60 1-8, 62 i open i 3-4 high 81 low 88 1-2 close 88 5-8 835-8 841-3 831-2 831-2 or woman, what do you .:? Well, officials of n St. Louis hotel thought so loo, and hats how Ann Brock fooled ihem for seven long years. Masquerading as a man—and think?—she worked as a bus boy until police Just happened to learrl her identity during 3 routine questioning session. Her job gone, 27-year-old Ann planned to return to the Mis- sowi farm where she was raised, Wild Fowl Like New Dam Lake At Bonneville HOOD RIVER, Ore. (UP) — An important by-product of the huze BonnevDle dnm has been found 'lo ce nc«- "playgorunds" for ducks geese, and oilier migratory water-' -On 1. When the water In the Columbia river back of Hie dam was raised to Ihe 08-foot level, a nock of white swans and thousands of mallard ducks discovered the possibilities of good feeding'in the newly- created shallows. Tne Invasion of birds has given Impetus to a movement among sportsmen of the state to have the area created a refuge for ducks and geese. A definite move toward ' protection of the wild life win be Initiated through the county game protective association. i mil »-hlIe cnw»ir.igl'i» the -«\*.»* of birds, the rising waters of tha new lake have proved n problem to beaver colonies. Several groups, have already left the urea and were 1 last seen swimming up the H03d river. Traffic Officer Arrests 34-Piece One-Man Band HOUSTON, Tex. (UP>_A traffic officer was confronted with too many ramifications when lie ar- !. w . !t teels to be a President rested n 3-I-plece one-man band here. Paul Blackmail. 2-t-ycar-old Negro, was arrested for obstructing traffic when he began playing in front of Sam Houston High School. leaving his office on vacation is eloquently expressed, above, as Mr. Roosevelt entrained for a 10-day stay at Warrn Springs. The presidential expression makes it hard to believe that he Some of Blackmon's 34 "Instru- was worried about the internal mcnts" were beer cans, a tin cake. TVA row or .depressed'fay Euro- box and a skillet. All were fastened -pcan political conditions, a re- abaut a. wocden box, and he man- port : on which he received from aged to play them ill at the same : Ambassador-at-L a f g e Norman " me ' ' I Davis just.'before be entrained. Uon of tlie tubercJlar_pieasure,.— passed by the senate,•'Ny&irgipress-' ed consideration of- ; every' senate amendment. • '• '. <'., I M I V Satisfied With Bill i't.'V The body favored all i.sasita- amendments and the bill wa's'-fe- : erred to Hie engrossing committee before final passage. Nyberg said' He expected tlie bill, with which'- lie' was- "thoroughly -satisfied" to be voted on tomorrow morning. '^' The representatives adopted" house bills 37 and 38 provloUng for-'Appropriations to complete construction of the blind school and another to care for the legislature's, extended meeting They were ready •' n the senate before tlie noon recess. " •-:. Senator Hal Smith obtained passage, 28 to 3, of his bill for regulation of practice In Insurance poN ides on which defense of suIcUes- is set up along with a levy to I (It state tubercular funds The", hotly contested bill by Senator- Bratton of Parasoitld, supplement-" mg the Barney toll bridge bill but providing for $350,000 yearly from' he highway maintenance fund for- maturing toll bridge bonds as a matter of security, was defeated' 18 " 'o 15, after a 30-mlnute debate. The bill needed 24 votes In the upper house for- passage. Smith one of the signers of the 'Barney olll, nrged senators to adopt the measure "because 'It Is a more' constructive and a safer piece of legislation than the Barney bill" More fireworks were expected in the senate chamber this afternoon x when confirmation of Gov. Bailey's ippolntees, subject to senate apV proval. Is scheduled. The business n-as sought In the morning session' but It was agreed r to defer action' until after the noon recess. ' • Town Hires Rat Killer SAN MARINO, Cal. (UP)—Rats lave become so numerous and in-, dieted so much damage on all kinds of property that the city council has engaged an official rat killer. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair and warmer to* night; Friday partly cloudy and warmer. Memphis and vlclnlti^-Palr and slightly wanner tonight with low-" est temperature 62 to 53; Friday ncreaslng 'cloudiness and warmer; -• howers Friday night. The maximum temperature here yesterday was67jnlnimum49. cleir, -ceordln? to. Samuel p. Nonij, offl- lal weather obsetvei'.

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