The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1930
Page 5
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-AGE six Tilden Even Bet To Retain Singes Tillo.j Lively Scrap in National; , Cleveland Wins Thriller i from Yankees. J NEW YORK.—Ttic Now York Gi- ' ants clipped a game oil' tlie load of ! tlie Chicago Cubs, Naiiana! lenxiif j pace setters, in the lirst jaaic of a ' •.-r'jcial series yesterday while the ! Robins idled. Trie Macks anci Nnt* \ von in the American league. '• Tiis Giants snowed the Culj>. tin- • !IT by n decisive 13 lo 6 sera 1 In :; ! ;ame with plenly of shinny. Jac 1 !:MI and Critz led t!ie Giani at- , ack and tile McGrauincn fielded ' irilliantly \vhib the Kiuins looked • lagged. Walker vva.s the wiiminf I ..n;l Bl.ikc the losing huiler. The St. Louis- Cardinals' punnd- • .<! three Phillie pitchers for 1? i • hs and u - on the first game of tlio j ?ri;s, 1C (o G. Grimes allowed the ! -hillies eleven hits Inil kept Uiem i rsttcied except in the seventh and j linth. Hafey hit his 23rd circuit ' Join of the season. | Al Simmons' 30th home run of he season with two out and one :i ill the ninth inning gave the .Ihlelics an 8 to 7 victory over! M Detroit Tiger.-;. Pour runs UI-L-. -ored by the Mnckmen In t!ic linal m;ng. Wyntt v.ho relieved Uhle .vac the losing piic.'icr. The Red Sox hit the offerings of "homas in timely fashion while Jienliee held the White Box ID jur lilts and a t to '.' victory. "Sari Sam" Jones and Callins ngaged In n pilchin'f duel n'. ..'ashington «-ith (he Washington '.itcher winning 5 la 2. Jones limbed the Browns to six hits while he Nats got but eight olf Collins. ,'cliulte'of the Browns was Ihe on•; man to get more than on= hit. . .Vest lilt a homer for Washington, i inn,you KNOW, THAT— Hah; Kit:h says In? will break his home run record lliis year. . . . The longest drive he evei naiie, rays lialie, svns one he nnack^iL in Tampa. Pin., In an < xliibUirm '[inir.e with the O|. mils . . . llahe vrn a memlwr uf ill? lied Sox nt the time . .. 'I he tall traveled 5C5 feet. . Cne time In Detroit he lilted U:K- ever the riBf.t neld wall uiul It rollf-d do\vn tlie street. ... a h'jy MI ;i lilt-yell! chased it lime blocks . . . Jn Cnica;;u : A couple t;f year. 1 ; uiio, the yju:i^ had n I rain L'j eiH'jIi ; ai!<! i::c ifiinc lra'[(;?d on thru i-.xtni Ir.nlnv.s . . . the train v.;is to h^ held 15 minus's and the ttllilctrs v.'i-re starting ti'.p llit!i inning Avhi-n Jluih lolc Una. "Hc;c (jo'5 your old, ball H.iine. nncl we'll jusl rnahe that tt.iin." ... He smacked the fir.-.t pitch CUT llie lop of Ihe : i;l!'.-fi''h! bleachers. (laiinlry (Hub Tenni* Tounioy To StartSoon Tin 1 first annual tennis louriuiinenl cl the lllythc-vlllc coiintiy club will f;c held early in September according to an iiiiiiuiiiu-cninnt by Wilson llcsiry. fhalrmr,:! of Hie tennis •ommiuee of the rlub. All niemtei.s ft the club who wish n iiarticipalr in the tournament n lielcrmin? the club singlgs and doubles championships lor the year may icghler ul the caddyhouse on •in- club grounds or nt the Hubhard Hardware company It i s stated. Several member!' of the- club have alieady .storied active training for Ihe fnirnain.'iil. Uch Kirshner. ninner-up In the Dlylhcvlllp Tennis chili tourney last year, is favor- L-d tcj cop the club singles title. _____ ..-.„ ______ :.-__i^__^^ ; ^ =: --^ _____ BRUSHING UP'SPORTS FRIDAY. AUGUSTA, 1930 ~ ~ " Grandpa of Sou t h e r \\ Blanks Haughty League. Ley dm; Pels Miss Chanc^ j ATLANTA, Ga—The Birmingham iiiuwis made the leaders o! the ' Sciiilifr;! ' league, the Memjihis Chicks look like cellar omipams j ag-iin yesterday, • wln'nini; iheir' Hind .strait-lit victory,- \'i lo 0 witli I m.y Cuklwi-11 hcldlns tht Cnk-ks in Tl:o Harem jumped on two Mem- I plils tiurlm for is lilts including a )JS total in Hie sixth Inning that. a vi- (turn .'.even runs in that stan- '..i. Caldvtll allowed uhe Prothro vharncs 10 hits bin., kept tliem •Jh- New Orleans Pelicans, run- hi-r-iips in the lace to' 1 date, were il L> blanked Thursday • with the "hallanoagn Lmikotits in the win- uin:; role. Davis. Lookout hurlcr ••va-. wild but held l!u> Pels lo tour hits and they cnnld not produce a urn. Davis was aid:-d by sonic il-^y fielding. '•> Dick Porter smashed n home run ! Sli'iulicr Amcru-Jii Davis Cup TIMII the 12th inning lo give Ihe Cleveland Indians a G lo S victory JVCT the New York Yankees In a 'iard fought game. The score was. ied In Ihe ninth Inning and Ihe ;ame was packed full of lense mo- :ents. Babe Ruth singled in tiie and No. I in N'atlonal Tennis Hiinlilii" When considering champlonshii) ffsibHlllcs Ihe name thai Instantly comes to my mind i:t tliat o! TIIK CAT'S OUT "A bachelor is a very man," .said litlle Mary. "Ilnw do you know that?" asked Maybe i(' s the Heal, But I Think" J That— . 1'- won't be long now before Prl- mo Camera Is knocked for several gen:?, becsiise"-'fnt«-prtscs purely entcrjainmg aren't . drawing vevj- wel! .and Ihe Big Alp will soon have to f:;ht somebady good. The Giants ore going to be in firs; place on or before .Sept. 15— or in second place a game and a half behind the Cubs or Rc'jins — or in third place a game or SD behind -both the Cubs and Robins— but I do not. think they will finish the season in last place. With three mere pounds .-behind his punches. . Kid . Chocolate, would have -.beaten Kid Berg badly in their .recent .quarrel which . some called a . 'draw, which some gave to Chocolate and some gave to Berg. Noire Dame will defeal Soulh- crn California Dec. 6 at Los An- nnil myself and lie will devote n set lo making us run and Jien after that process is over, steps In nnd wins at will. Tilden's system of tralnim; is payini; him «ell j her mother now Along such lines, lit Is n; -Kallicr told me. William YTudcirSc-stan^ S'Uow' °" ^'"^ ^ ""H I.lied.-Answer, atiiletlc marvel cf lli» age. j Tilden's sliokes-ihis year have been going TRUTH IN' Tills CIIKMIST: Vi's, sir, this one ! l/utilt; of Ictitm will cure rhciima- f.'USTCMER: How do von know : that? CHEMIST: Well, tir, my ci;f- '.•m:-ii, ntvsr come back for a •'i!id l:cu!c!—Passing Sliow. N'O WONDEIC PCLICFMAN: WJio was driving . iihcn you lilt the other car? "L1C1ITLY INTOXICATED . CAR-OWNER: None of us; we .. WL-IP nil In Ihe back seat!—Passin-I Show. happy -. nnr,i, D. G.-Oll Pt c ° mmm *- Expt-riiiicnis beiu;!- PARIS. -Prance is considering D can | conducted by the U. S. Bureau o j proposal to inaugurate a vice-pies '" "' """ ...... ""' ' ' A man «ho can win Wimbledon twice. 10 years apart, is n lo oe reckoned with in any championship. True uisiigh, TilUsn ;bos ml •ecm to make much headway sgninsl Henri Cochet, ihc liuic Trench master, tut Tllilcn hascon- ?luci\'ely proved his sui>erlorlty ever every other player in Ihe world. 1 have seen Tiklen play pracil- ca'lly every impoitant maicii year and f am firmly convinced that he Is playing as well as he ever played In his entire career, if not better..' Tllden'b stamina is aided aiul ii,,, M.III produced from shale with re,i- Mines at Ruli.son. Col. prrxlucer tin. cnild re- sonablc sntusfaclion, according lo ' shale oil by retorts of types n» ; • ic-pon.s 01 me u. a. Dspartmcni ! available for large scale operation: abelted by, his smarl He has played against .. very well. If he eve: hud a weakness oil the ground. H was his forehnnM. bin this year hi- lias been hitting i-iul shot wuh greater speed and confidence than ever before. His backhand is Ihc bssl In the world, hairing none. It carries great paec and Is extremely well placed. To attempt lo forcr Oils part of Tilden's yaiut' is sheer Mi \ stilcld?. With the stroke production al his ccirhnaiK] that he has,'an,I being In i)srf?el phy/dcnl condition. Tltden. In my cslimalion. is r.i , least nn even bet to retain lii» , gencrals!:lp singles championship of trip Unit-1 youngji- ed States. these countries, the vice-pre.sid::i . -- would assume tlie chief office afi - nienlial shice. following Hi- cxuin- i the death of the president. Tiiii.> ':!e en ihn Uniied Stales. Swit/er- ' ir likelihood of a bill "bsinj In'.rr- ..n [I -jnd other coMitries. As in dueed for |»ntilar vote. another recon 9 players such as DOIE. Van P-yn I iCopyritjIu, 1B30. NRA Service, luc.i Soiithr-rn^uc W. L. Pet. Memphis -... 83 -14 .054 Birmingham 12 55 .507 ...Orleans 13 5G .5GG Atlanta 10 Little Rock Nashville Chattancoga Mobile :..., CG 58 51 3-1 59 ..543 62 .510 71 AM 72 .4-12 94 .2BQ iiUSlMJSS HEAD MOTHER: Well. John, what did you do with Ihe ten cents t nave yen as n reward for taking your medicine? JOHN: I bought caramels for five cents, and I gave little Tpinmle til? other nlckle for taking the medicine for me.— Passing Show. •V~X>~*r f .r, , Before they were married he •whispered to her: ''Were 1 drowning in the middle of the Ailnntic. you would be the last person I'd ihluk of." After they were married he made he same speech—and she hit him .'ith a plate.—Tit-Uitj. 1 Lumber Is Bigr Help Ciarcnce Blair/has fielded better at second base for the Cubs than Rojsrs Horrusby ever fielded in his palmiest days'. But the absence of llcrnsby's bat will cost the Cubs a pennant this year. Bill Terry and Lou Gehrig are playing great games at lirst base for their respective New York teams, but before long their lau- lels will be threatened by a ycuns fellow- named Eddie Morgan who plays , for Cleveland. Even though Bill Terry Is one of the greatest first basemen that ever played. Lew Ponseca, who led the American League in batting last year. and whose injury this season gave Morgan the chance to prove his greatness, may. be Ihe b:g shot in a trade the Indians are said lo have in mind— with a team that has a good left-handed, pitcher. Harry Rice, traded to the Yankees in the deal for Hoyt, seems to have settled down since leaving wild and woolly Detroit for sedate Manhattan. There Is nothing final about that, however, as Harry knows all sorts of ways of becoming .unhitched. * • a This Shift Business \ Football umpires will not be bothered a great deal by the change in the shift rule requiring players to •|top a full second between moves. And they will not be forever looking at stop-watches either. Barry Wood is going to be one of the greatest football players in the east this year besides Albic Booth. And Carideo of Notre Dair.e will be Ail-American quarterback. once more. Wesley FerreU of Cleveland, pilching his second year in the major leagues, will lead all the pitchers in both leagues in the number of victories when the totals are added up the last of September. Bill Walker will stand the Athletics on Iheir ears in the first gam? of the world series in New York. Bui Bill may not get a chance to pitch against the Athletics until 1931. No sports page would be ccm- American League W. L. Philadelphia 84 40 Wiv.hingtcn 74 47 New York 12 SO Cleveland G4 50 Detroit HI. Louis "l>i r aso Boston 53 New York Brooklyn St. Louis Pittsburgh B-sicn W. 71 G8 I, 48 40 53 5C 58 G4 jrni-mimi 48 66 Hames Today Southern Leasuf Hiinilr.Blinm at Little I?(x-k Chaliancoga at Mobile. Nashville at New Orleans. Only games scheduled. PCI .611 .012 ,S!M .520 .480 .385 .383 .347 .501 .402 American I-wjur Chicago at Boston. St. Louis at Washington Detroit at Philadelphia. Cleveland al New York. National LKIEIIC Boston at Pittsburgh. Brrokdyn at Cincinnati. N"c»- York nt Chicaco. Philadelphia al St. Lc.ii- A HEAVV BH.I, LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-W T Scott, cf Tcxarkona, boiiflu a r - dio set here for $118. Tl-.r dealer had the Ml packed for si-ip !n . n t to Ecolts home and sci:: .i: C ii" 0 bill. Scott came into the ;;oro one day. apparently with a huri Til" store keeper, thinking ihat s~oit had come to pay his bill. S0 ' c-ii pen to receln: It. To his .sv;:pri w Scott dumped 11.800 pennies on ih- rounler—$118 worth. Thtj wei-w 04 pounds. LOS ANGELES T 'ME 67 Honrg 38 Mimitrs TIME 69 Hour*'20 Minutrs NEW YORK O easy lo protect floor; with Florhide Enamel. Use it wherever there Is heavy foot-traffic around the house — inside or out. Florhide Enamel Quick dry ng and washable. Ten allraclivo cofcrs. 7his,ond all Pittsburgh Prod- ucls, for sale ct this slore. HAWKS IN THE TEXACO 13 HAWLEY IN A NEW BUICK 8 FACTS l-i-fl NVv. York City, Au«. ! I, I2;f)l A. >l. >l-!i^trrn Sluiiilnril Timr) Arrmvl \,, s .\ v& t\ ef . ,\ Ufm ]r , .^^ I*. M. •' I'antic ^lauilard Timrl l"lal linir ran lo «csl (i7:H|i Imiiryi It' 'I ;it I.o.< An S clrs .[.-:H> linur. I, II l.u* Angclc!-, Aii[;. U>. V:'^,'! 1*. M. Jl'.-iritir Stnmlaril Timr) Ar.-iic.l .\ rH YorU Cily, Au s . 1 <>. <); 15 ''• M. (Mn-lrrn Slanilar.l Time-) 1'il.d >,rM l,> ra«t timr fi<l : atl lumm •""lul linir for romul Irip 111:31 ANOTHER consl-to-coast record -t 7 *-witliin a week! First Hawks, and now Ilawley, clip liotirs from the best previous transcontinental time. The one in the air, the other over the road. "Stu" Huwley in a stock Buiek Kiglit-GCS set a new east-lo-\vest an«l return record, heating the ;mia/.iug time established by "Cannon Ball" Baker by more than fifteen hours. This remarkable run, seventeen hours faster than the fastest train lime, is a migliiv tribute to the stamina of llie man, the car unil the crack-proof Texaco Colden Motor Oil which cooled and lubricated the tireless engine throughout the grueling drive. Tlie same new and better Texaco Gasoline and crack-proof Texaco Motor Oil which HawJey used is available at Texaco Service Stations in all our 48 Slates. TIIE TEXAS COMPANY, TBAVICO Pvtroli>i,m Product, npvl . r | P ,f ,lri»cr. ( J, r Plctc Mulcts tt carried n jtorv VDOV Gar Wood buildm? a ncw"ijost that would do 100 miles an l-o,,. The Arkmo Lumber Yards T E XACO GASOLINE-MOTOR OIL Main and Fifth — Phone 235 MAIN SERVICE STATION Car Washing and Greasing Texaco Products Road Service

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