The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (ARK.) COURIER NEWS AY, MARCH Terry Smiles as His Boy? Work Out and Expects Team to Repeat. KDITOK'S NOTE: Tills Is the jlrst of a series of dupe Muries from the spring training camps of major Irarue dulis. Oilier* .Hill fallou' from tiinf lit Uinr. Pitchers Blast Lively Ball Bogey Action-and Rcminiscene-iit "A's" Gimp Two of the ptlcher.s cm whom 11111 'Furry hanks lo master tin- new NMInniit J'artni'lir, .shown ;i!x>vr> in uti unusual uclion pose. uricI Carl IlubliMl, Inset. U-itdinc; circuit in 11133. mill "ero ol the world serifs. Inspection, Anns BV RIM. NKA Krrvlre Spris Killlur MIAMI BEz\CH. Ha.. .March 10. —BUI Terrj'. shouting nnd inspiring, came diishiny off the dln- inond in the pretty little ball p;iik lien? in which the Giants inr training for the cffoit (if antillifr pennant march. The manager 01 the champions sni gingerly on the edge ol Die while-painted bench. It was u SpanLsh-tyj>c settee, by the way, and on It the likes of Lofty O'Dont appeared oddly out of place John McCraw would nol hnvi' Ix-cn comfortable then'. Terry, who succeeded the late Litlle Napoicon, <Kta> nol comfortable there, ellher. He is n man ol action, the more .strcnuo:is tlie better. But he was ready to answer a few questions, anil he gave his replies in ft quiet, cnlin voice that was convincing. • • • "Would [he'llvcly ball make any difference in the chances of tl.u Tt-rrymen lo repeat?" he \vas asked. "1 nm pretty sine not," was his reply. "We have a better ball club this year than ihe one tlua won last year. AM-ruges nil over the kugue will GO up with a lively ball (lie looked nl It. in his hanil, pressing the seems wilh liurd flngers) nnd why shomln'l ours go up, too?" "That sounds reasonable," 1 agreed, "but take a sluuslni; team like the Pintles. The lively bail ought lo help the Plralc.s more than the oihcr clubs, because they will hit It more often and it will go farther. Won't that, bring In more runs and win lor the Pirates?" "The Pirates will be duck soup!" he calmly , replied. "Of course they've got Lucns lo help their pitching, which fell down lust year, but we've improved n. lot In pitching, too. Our pitching slalf Is more experienced by reason of u winning ycnr and a world series. Pitching will mean a whole lot this year. "It's Ihe Cubs thai I'm worrying about. There's n learn thin will DC up there flghllng us all the way, I figure." "And Ihe Cardinals? Some are saying ihe Cards sire Ihe best- balanced team in ihe league," 1 ventured. . "I figure the Cardinal'! nhcnd of the Pirates," Bill readily replied. "They'll have beller pitching than ihey liad lasi year, loo." "Bui, gelling unck lo the Gianl.s —many of the victories last, year were by one run. Would one run rr.ran a lot with the lively ball?" was the next n.uery. Bill Terry was becoming impatient. He shifted on the bench and (!y NIlA Sm'ire finally stood. When Babe Herman was playing wilh the Dodgers. Jumbo Ellintt "LeVs stiuid up. I can think bet-j was the Int nrirt tunny nmn of the club. The present Cub out- ter on my feet." _ fielder has tlie following cine to tell on Jumbo: So we stood up and he gave the ,. w r( , ])orlc(1 n( {lMns clmlp aml n, crc wns jumbo, nil 241! answer to the last one: •! glisten, if Uie Cubs or the Cardinals can make a dozen runs off our pitching, we're going to 'make two dozen oft their pitching. TVmV is, figuring the slaffs nil around the same as last, yenr's." "Would Ihe new ball cluuigc II"' nature of the game In the. National League (known (is a 'one- run' league?" And he had the answer! "After u-c're into the ball game. I can Icll better about that," he Slides fy Bill Braucher Wl'alV Nu ClMmplniih? Dillihi new faces ill) ll;e rnin-j Ijiinj; vnJen shuck near tlic IMSL- ! .'all diamond at Fort Myers. I-'in . •.-h'-r" (J.o Alhlc'lcs jire tniinjUK '.or Use summer bnscball rive years can bring creat i-h.uiKi'.s. Pi«• sf.ort years an<>. '.nis. limp of year, shut t-l!i .'••:Mi!iiJed with [he roiitidciu <,; champions. But lllrrr ; rll.:I.l;>!UII.S j:<r.'.'. are I hurlcr of \e lias Cone ,-lty Grove, tro Cirat Groic j »-ui tu Mrm inln ihut aliaeli. si ins usual clt'iir. lit' was u> |:i.,' AllllftlC.i 10 llmr |M'III1 '• '<<);<, in- has been S3l<l to rebuild ir.t- jiliiii'.i mt'lilnx l):ink taliince. | (ii'rii-ut! Eirnslin'.'.-, t!u- "Jilg - M.-o- -." v.ho '.va-s (o [;ive iwd of the | -.-.-I'a'A'sl exhibitions of world ! j. .s;; imtlrr pres-sure !''.v.s t-vt-r hnve .seen, cirdi'd 1'or <lnli' ': :i! thiit crude building. 1 I Al Simmons. \\lio - .s3s to htcomo • jii:i,; of the Ki-M'.e-.: ba'-lins heroes I'.f modern^., nnd whose Utl . : -iiis lo drive Hie homer tha: broke : ti.e Cubs' hearts, five years av ' MM;.; under ihc .',ho',v(-i- al i!:< 4 old ! Howard Kin.ike. the surprise iiilchln;; hero of U:o first game of i'ie IW9 wcrld scries, there harl lib i ;'.^iiiji ,souplM)ne rubbed five years M:O in tlic spring, and wondered, il lly NBA Service. : . '''f olli wl "B wollltl s! -'"' (l f0: ' ;l "- "I'ni a cinch lo make those G:- : " ! .''"' 5lln "" <!r llk '' t! ' e lilst ' rints." opined yomis Master Philip: ,. , c , l!l(f . l I 7^ JtcM ' l)lc J ' !llm >' K^rzsrs 1 ^'??^ tfZ'huS: r^^-^Si 1 "- place in Hit 0111- i s . " . ° yoar;i nciti. ROOKIES REVIEW s and -. jioni... Allili-.iis- I r.UNHi Miirl. M Sd\ .]n.|i|.i ,1 in |'i iliu 1111; a >'ii :il Fail Ilii-y an-, . Iliili ii'r :ni(t ^vovr. , The sl.f.w.s J.ou saf<:ly Into tliird ljns(; fit-n.ard Snyder. . l.ilii-tili'i-, misled ill* l«ll din-lil >-.' Kni(;liel Gains Keveugc, .Bcaii Stole Last NSWERS Phil Ls n Chicago hoy whn; M :, x made \', ooil • \'<f^ with nirmliij 1 i.a.n, in il Soulhern Asso- Surely \oi Thnt \.m>n\ U hasn't .seemed that ion^ since liishop sircntly strode inio chiUho.Lsc .^icvinii jjrrhftps ' over a misplay in ;i mete pr.iclicc «:ime. Nor since Mute Una:;, ball j hawk of Ihe ch.i:np;on;;. ttiqued im- c. ition lust year, paiicnlly at. ft shop luce that wmilt) 1'recidie Knit-he], injured when lie was kicked ofl the outer ledff of the nrmory ring heir Momlay °'i night by Johnny Stole, ijack '" ! to defeat Stole in n match at Ca- n.thci.sville. Mo., last nly'.^'.. Knichel sustained an injury lo DANZIG (UP.—The :\':«i .idinin- istration in Uan/.i".; hn.s esul)Hsl:nl a .sepnrate school for .Ipwi.sli children. 'J'hC' ic-hool v.-ill 1;,. openr-d April 1. Expmsr-s will !;<• «hareu ^!! the c;overnmen:_ raid the. Jewish community. O{ D.m/ig'.s population of nboul --O'i.OCO, ap- liroxiinalely 11.CCO arc his neck that caused loral jihysl- dans lo advise him io hiy ofl for avvliitc hut the favorite of local mat funs declared ho hud suffer-d '!"'. 1101 lie jusl rigtil. "drive down IWoailwny in one o! Assuring Ills Ixiss, Ilnnls, right, that Ills nrm Is okch [Ihose hif iC-cyllmlfr jobs." and thai he'll work it luril for Use Itoslon Ited .Sox. 1^'fly Grove, i spcedliall artist of the Athletics until he was traded lo Dean- lown in (he while. 1 , i.s gcKIng into condition at Hit 1 Sox Sarasoia, rioi'ula iralnin^ r camp. by banirintj apple at a .2fl7] There Hiilje Walber™ Uieii fro'.lcd clip. Uill Tcvry • impatiently. Shortstop Joe Holey, lit nd about, thti whose one great stop l-cljicri save six-footer JaM the 1Q30 series, had no iuklin:; of summer, n n il what was appronchini; :ivi> j-pars fotthwltli bought lilin. H'io as Iw went .ifcnut the tasiarss The Jewish youngster—he's 25—| of knolthi!; his nccktif in that Is n speed demon, nol only on tin | noisy baseball room witii ::•; spiini- basts, bin in as well. Any-1 cry floor, thinj; Ihat runs emetics Phils ... eye. nnd Ihe fusler il ROCS tliciAuiJ (he Kitl Kidded belter he likes II. He is panic- In file spring five years ago Old nlarly fond of amcmiohltcs. ami-Kid Cilcaf.on nuccl thai clubhouse tils pel- nmbilion is to earn a veg-1 W'i'.h his gnilf. cracklinif humor as nlar job with (he Giants and '<•• warned some ambitious recruit jo particular effccls n:in <ie- cidecl to take on Siott' at Unriuh- crsville where llu- Iwo had been scheduled lo mc?l in a no-llim- limit. two out of ill rep fall juatch. i *t ;'vrnerL( an cuickt | vf-re rn;:df- hy lari'rntf-rs, and «l|.'l'<'f«l't: V.-'-VI' of WOOD. i'uvnp'alls ill INDIA, wlieii llr..' iiilrodi.ccj, i:-:-Ji'icil INTOXK.'ATINf! i' ^iMlctiniiiedaiis :IIL<!, rc, yruliiliitc-d i>v llic TONIGHT ONLY (1-.-I5 — ADM. i:>c - ?,Se ROXY EXTRA! EXTRA! .SPECIAL MATINEE Saturday Morning 10 a.m. 10'cTO KVKKYRODY! -All (,'artnnns ;iml Comedies 'T1SRW IFFT! I? i HiisiEt L! 11 Lv- came back. "I know we'll play them all at their own kind of game and be just a little better at it than they are. We'll slug with ; them, or bunt, as Hie ball game demands. "The American League was supposed to be a slugging league, with a livelier ball than ours, biit Grove and a couple of others got nloiiR with that ball prctly well. You didn't noltcc so many box car numbers In the scores when Grove \vas pilching." . * » "Suppose this were opening day. "What would the lineup of the Giants be?" "Well, now, you don't want me to put that, In the paper, do you? I don't want these rookies to go home and cry themselves to sleep. They're all trying hard. Right in the spirit of the team already." We looked out on the field where forty men, many of them just up from Nartwllle, were tolling in a broiling sun. - There were shouts from all corners of the diamond. There was swilt action. "SituAy Joe" Martin (.Oxnard. Calif., gift to the Oianls) scooiwd a hot one that seared the cushion at third b»se, and fired it screeching across to first. BUI Terry grinned, pounded his g1Bv>*md was olf to Join the bal- tle again. jxmmls of Win. Wllborl KoWns.on thon was our manager, and he ordered the smiad lo lake two linns iiromul llic field (o teM our wind "That \sas bad news lo Jumbo, who was in no condillon to go llic di;,lanco. Hut he bravely stalled off—nnd after coni|>!c(iii(; about 100 feet he stopped. tunicO around nnd headed bnck lo Ihe tench. "Hey. Robbie.' lie yelled at Wilb:n, 'I can't allord lo weaken my .elt by training down too fine.' "And Ihe funny part, aboul U was (hat Robinson was so surprised lie let Jumto get away wilh 11." Wrestling Shmvs Put Off iHrrau*' Ol' Armory Work Tlic nnllonnl guard ainmry, ccue of wrcsllini; shows IIC-IT. \vill dark next Monday night and irobably the Monday after. No nal shows will be staged hero ft he meanliiiK'. The armory i.s now closed to all activities while CWA workmen :ire renovallnp llic tulerior. panlcii- larly Ihe large hardwood lloor of e drill hall which is also used for the mat shows ami basketball games. not lo try to calcli fly balls on lop of (he t:ca<l, ns llicy fit inlo the ears belter. j The Dig Moose, becoming bored i Jasl year, cast adrift with bitter vords by palisni Mack. Simmons, Grove, sold to help a fading treasury. Eo.mke three years in etireinent. Dykes and Haas sent *) (he White Sox for cash reasons. Bishop trailed to the Red Sox in a Drofitable deal, nolcy Just a fan now. The Kid somewhere in Val- li.Mla with rslcGraw. They played together, all thes* men, v.on three jieiinn.Ks nnd two workl chamiiionships. ,Vow the old clubhouse is empty ol their presence. They will no: return. Spring now finds bright new faces there wV.crc champions stood. Iliff niplu.nas Trrffrrcti MOROANTOWN. \V. Vn. ttlt'l — A pool taken at tin- Unlvvi.-rv of V/ Virginia here >htv,i.s unit men prefer bigger diploma.-, ihnn women. Tivo-lhlrrts of t!.r male candidates (or degrees for Ihn old wallpaper fl!i'i-;»-kins. while all but four woum v,.unefl the newer. pockelMre or.cs. ON THK STAGE STYLE S and Dunce Revue ON THK SCREEN PAUL MUNI In "HI NELLIE" JUJSICAI, COAIKDY - - MK'KKY MOUSB CARTOON SATURDAY ONLY MATINEE ;iml NIGHT ^^ 'I "Mickey Premiere" —Cartoon- "Station TOT"—Musical "Ha Ha Ha"—Comedy "Play Bali"—Cartoon ."Bedtime Worries" Our Gang Comedy "Managed Money", Comedy The U. S. Federal Penitentiaries! tue located :U Ix-avenworth, Kan., Allantn. Ga., nnd McNeil Island, Rend Courier News Waul Don'I F Caudlll's Agency General Insurance rt.nuc 1D7 Sprinter Got His Name I physical age. while ivsychologlcal I tests arc made for Ihe mental age. By Misunderstanding j u »dcr normal conditions, the COLUMBUS. O. iupi_josw' rhro " olo < :l< ' !11 Owens. national intersrholastk 1 spri.u and broad jump champion and now ,-,n o'no Slate Unlvcr-iily freshman, tells how He got his lirst ed rather certainly by exnmina- lion of bone stn.ctnros, Dr. name. His real name is James Cleveland Owens, b'.it \vhcn a teacher Todd pointed out. From the anatomical viewpoint. accordinR to the physician, children of six have an adult brain and the best nurtured children grammar schml asked his name, he i have such a brain even at lour. rcplLii: "J. C. Owens." "Jtsse?" asked tre teacher. ''J. C-." answered the nepro sprinter. "Jesse?" at;ain ir.qniri'il eacher, "Yes," he replied. The brain then awaits only development through education, wilh ( the child, until 10. teeking to ! learn things through his own cf- Ihei forts rather than through leacli- I ing of others, according to Dr Todd. Expert Describes Three A«rpc nf Chil<Wn TONGA CITY. okia. iur> • Ages 01 v,nnaren ^^ on R cMm Uwy wc) . c ncvc „..,„ .. ' I adequately compensnUxl for N'e CINCINNATI .UP)-A child has b:K . kil , all<ls , hov va( ..,, c(1 ,„ 187 three ages-mental, physical and,, 0 comp , 0 oklahomn. the 800 chronological. ' ' — chronological. Todd. professor of anatomy in. Indians f'l.ilm Millions nslead of only-otoe Indians livin? here have Dr. T. Wmsate; asked the federal government for Burial Associations Must Allow Choice of Undertaker Kvory huvial r.s ally in thii f\-,i\.,- rostvietcd rhr)ii-i> ilivorlnv. "Boy. that's .ho*- to keep office Western Reserve University. Cleve-1 hours!" h« j-elled to "Smoky Joe." land, told the Cincinnati Academy: Tt* lnt*rrtew -was ended. (text Cfl.irVr Want Ads. Llanfnirp\vcllByng5'l!goscrcheyTii- of Medicine here recently. j\lrobwellandyslllogogcch Is the Dr. Todd said X-rays provide i name of a Email to*,™ in Anglesey, data for dcterminnlion nf t IIP off the const nf Wales. •cialion now np nnist allow free and un- i.f iiiulei-tiiki'i- or funeral a funeral un i| lt . family of annlhi'r funeral l and pay- in tlirei-lor clioscn Friday & Saturday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 23c The "Greet Lovers"oiliie screen in G grand and glorious piece of uproari- v ous hilarity! SERIAL "1'IUATK THEASURE" I.OONEY TIJNK "HIUIDV THK GAIJ" SUNDAY - MONDAY MAT1NEK and NHJHT — l(lo - Me THK I'RINCK 01' ROMANCK—THK (JUERX 01' SO.\C— IN THK YKAU'S MUSICAL SENSATION! The Fcrern's two mnst romanlir |iprsi:nulilies lo^elher in A lullaby nf lovr that hits a nr« ]ii 2 h lln ( C (,, sl . rrcr rniertai.m.ont: Ramon Novarro Jeanettc MacDonald "THK CAT and THE FIDDLE" r.-n-ytoon "Rip Van \Vinkle" \Vallui- C.ifk'tt Sunday - Monday .MAT. and Nile—10c - 25c with FRANK MOIUJAN. CHAUl.KS HUTTKK\\'OHTM. .JKAN'! Dir'ecledbyIrra?Ci HKRSHOl/r mill VIVIKNNK SKGA1. i ay. — ROSEMARY AMES VICTOR JORY JOHN BOLES Cummingt <• (!csiL'i]a:jnii nl' a wishes of Ihe family j s n.nv jiositively avjaiust from Ihe surccs* that ran two years on Urr.i.lvay. ^f piny by Jerome Krrn :uul Olln HarltarU. lltrrctc-.l K. lto-.<artl. A Mflm-(iolil«yn-JIiiycr I'irlurr. PARAMOUNT NK\YS - - I.AUKKl, & HARDY COMKDY thr s1 by William Adventures of the Ncwsrcct C«nicrama« "Kollowiny; tht? Hordes", All Star Comedy

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