The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 15, 1930
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I L I! Served by the 3 1 United Press BOfTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS r THE DOMINANT NGWSPAPKn nv Nrtn'riiirinT Amr.x-e.c. .vin r-^yir,-,,-.,..., .. ^^"^^ . ' * ^*r THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AllKANSAS .AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITfoN VOL. XXVII—NO. 232 Elylhetille Courier, Elythevllle Dally News, m ,„,.,,,„„, , ,, ., ' ~ _Blytheylll« Herald, Mississippi Valley leader. 1)1.1 1 HhVll.l.h, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DKCRMKKU Ifi, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS S1ILL OTORIT1 FOR OF I Her Election Breaks Old Rule 'Scotf. and Shioman Remain in fail' H»re Pending Federal Ac ion. Officers and directors of thc First. National bank were still wait In? this morning for word from Washington authorizing mi audit or the bank's hicks which will be ii preliminary, it Is exoected, to the reonenin* of the .institution- A. E. Scott and J. E. Shipman former, cashier and bookkeeper of the bank, who have admitted embezzlement "f bank funds and falsification of records, remained in the county jail here, awaiting action by the federal authorities. Grand Jury May Hear Them After several days here Charles Jenkins, department of justice sr-"- dal agent, went to Little Hock to submit • a report to the United Stale's district attorney.. This re- I . nort. it L? c-xpccted. will provide the I ji basis for the filing of informations ' against Scott and Shlpman. The Thn _„„.,,.„, , K . • latter have expressed a desire to I T c , TH „ ^ "" Woman 5tU ' enter pleas of pimty and have their i dent ^ ^"~ "'"""" '" " "'"" fate determined as promptly as , d possible. Whether or not such a course Is followed, it aopearctl not unlikely that they would he given thc opportunity of telling- their 1 I"" st-Ties to the federal grand Jury. I now in session at Batesville. i Questioning of Scott and Ship- 1 man by officers of the bank and byi federal and surety company invest I eators last week proved productive of little Information. Scott, It Is said, claims that his share of the misslne money could not have exceeded $5,600, while Shipman. sr, far as has been brought out. received only about $2.000. Drafts . drawn by Pete Minyard which were cashed by Scott but never charged • .asajnst.-Minyard's "account explain another J5.000, and Scott Is said to have named another man who obtained a relatively small amount by overdrafts which were concealed, but the major portion of the apparent shortage of $50.000 remains unRcc"unted for. Delayed Plans for office in North Carolina State College in 41 years didn't bother Miss Jessamine Bland (above) of Raleigh, a bit this fall. She was elect- y-treasurer of •ite of this precedent. And, really—why not? class It was discovery of the shortage, which resulted In the arrest of Scott and Shlpman a week: ago last night, that caused the temporary breaking off rl preparations for reopening of the bark, which" had teen tentatively set for last -Tuesday. If the audit for which they are now awaiting, reveals the shortage to be no greater than Is al- r;ady apparent, the institution will reopen, directors have announced. Reasons f<* the delay on the part of the comptroller's office in re- Beriton County MatvCharg- - ed With Killing Brother, Fire Victim. iThree Dead Queen of. London's Social Realm jln Florida Boat Blast MIAMI, Pin.. Dec. 10 !(UP) — jWlth ihvcc known dead nnd five _ | missing, till other passengers of the Instructs Conferences To; El " oki1 ' ylriss bottomed boat which r. • M r\ , n i exploded while on a pleasure Jaunt UIVC INO Uuailcr CIV Lm- j In the marine gardens Sunday wcr: ployment Measure. [ t *%£' WASHINGTON,*. ,5 (UP,- fed^' Republicans opened their fight In I lllat ,, lth l!le crcv , the house today • to pass the ministration $30,000.000 drouth relief bill under suspension of rules and without opportunity of amend- were abon d !"* the explndon occurred Meanwhile Sergeant Fred J Nor- N ™ ".f would :d by the senate, j equipment and inefficient handling 1 of the situation by thc crew. Cap- WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UP) — It took the senate just an hour today to discover the status of the $116,000,000 emergency unemployment relief b!ll which has been passed by both houses and now awaits conference agreement. The parliamentary angles became so Involved that numerous senators could not restrain their mirth. ,• . - .„• Senator Borah pleaded," "for God's sake let's get something done . tain Styles has denied either lack of equipment or incapability on the part of his crew. The body of one of the '. victims, a slocklly built woman of about 55, was still unidentified. Only a rlns wiili thc Initials "W. V. L." Indicated who she might be. U. S. Will Investigate : WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UP) — Investigation of the excursion boat. to feed the people who are 'liun-1 disaster at Miami, Fla., last night gry. The bread lines arc waiting." will be started tomorrow by two The trouble centered around thc inspectors of the commerce de- provision for granting the president j partmont steamboat inspection the right to distribute the funds i service, it was announced today, as he deemed necessary. Chairman Jones, who was one of the participants in Saturday's conference, formally moved today that the senate appoint conferees on the bill and that the senate "insist on its amendments." Senator Caraway, Democrat, Arkansas, exclaimed: "What's the use of all this farce. The motion of Senator Jones Sunremp Cnnrt Affirmc Ran proposes we instruct him to insist ounreme v - our ' rtllimiS Dan on something he already has conceded." Jones explained the Saturday, conference was informal but had been In the hope of (lie bill. zi The senate finally passed a motion to appoint the conferees and Granted H. F. Marshall in Local Case. , LITTLE.ROCK, Dec. 15. (UP)> The Arkansas supreme court'In-an opinion today affirmed the Judge- went of the Mississippi county BENTO.NVILLE, ARK., Dec. 15 (UP)—Lewis Payne, Benton county farmer, Is being Iwld for trial at pineville, Mo., charged with second degree murder in connection with the'death of. his brother, William Payne, whose charred 'body was found 2 miles north of Ben- tonvllle, just across -the Arkansas- Missouri line Thanksgiving day. After finding the body of Payne it was reported by the coroner of McDonald county, Missouri, that there was no evidence of foul play and It was believed- Payne had burned to death after his clothing caught fire In a camp fire. " However at ft preliminary; hear- plying to the bank's request for permission to have an audit made Ing Prosecutor James Tatum said are not known, but directors of the [that he had secured evidence the institution said that if word was not received today they would endeavor to Guard Officer and Architects Make Final Inspec- inat no naa securea eviaence tne ,• r i i n •! i- brothers had engaged In a fight IIO tl Ot Local DUlldmg. Instruct them not to recede from ' chancery court holding that con- tiie senate's amendments without \ tracts made In partial restraint of returning for , instructions. This i trade with reference to a particu- procedure will; enable the senate lar business when ancilliary to Its to vote again on the amendments sale and good will thereof are valid ii the house insists they be aban- and cnforcablc to the extent reasonably necessary for : protection;of purchaser. ; The decision "was rendered in n suit -appealed from' Mississippi county by George Wright who lost the decision in the lowep court to H. P. Marshall, both of Blythsvillc. Marshall brought suit in chan- eery court charging Wright violated j a contract entered Into In Aujust. 1929, providing for the sale of Wright's restaurant to Marshall and further providing that Wright was not to re-enter the restaurant business In Blytheville. deavor to met in touch with the He further said an ex proper authorities by wire in (in the ground had provi prior to the finding of the body, examination of proved the body Blytheville's new national guard „ . . . „ -. ,-— ----- - r .— —^ armory building was turned over to effort to have action hastened. j could not have rolled from the I Ivy W. Crawford, commander of Thc bank failed ti open its doors two weeks ago today, after negotiations for a merger with the Farmers Hank and Trust compan;, 1 '• ia! campflre to the position where It ! the local guard -unit, this morning following Inspection and official acceptance of the structure in be- was discovered. h ^lf of the state by U. Col. Charles ition by collection of loans and | signing of depositors to a agree-1 For the first tune in a number ! mcnt placing s r me of their money' O f on a time deposit basis. 'have two weeks Christmas tlon. School will close Wednesday afternoon and classes resumed Thursday, January 1. December 29. Auto Accident Death years the five city schools win At t, iat time there wiMbe a pubhc ™ ' Vaa ' Cr Cermony ln whlch Governor Harvey Parnell. Adjutant General E L ! j In ^^ay, 1930, Marshall was granted an Injunction by Chancellor J. M. Putrell, enjoining Wright from entering a restaurant business that was opened up here in the summer. On appeal to the supreme court Chancellor Putrell's order was upheld. In the meantime Marshall's restaurant was destroyed by fire but he has again established a small cafe business here. Reid, Evrard and Henderson represented Mr. Marshall in the litigation while Harrison. Smith and Taylor acted as counsel for Wright. Toll Still Growing: Th 's Is being done so that stu- infantry, will participate. . ".dents having employment won't! Cclonel Garrett and Mr. RD r-nnn npr ii rnPtl have to mlss classes - La st year the mode their official Inspe thVresiliingfr™ automobile > senior high school schedule was in-1 the building this morning nits this veftr will be appro*- 'errupted by a large number of i panied by U. S. Branson, 1 ly $32,000.' or 4 per cent great- P"P"s missing school to work and i chltect who was associat Al 0 lUt^r, C 'co a mni3nder I o? e the L '153rd r 1 ^ 311835 Singer Among er than the toll last year, It was: in vlew of tne economic situation Mr. Kyle In supervising the erec- annmmced here today by tie Trav-1 It was decided to give everyone an | tlon of the building, Captain Craw- Atwaer-Kcnt Winners NEW YORK. Dec. 15 (UP) — First prizes In tho fourth annual Atwater-Kent radio audition were awarded to Miss Carol Deis, soprano, Dayton, O.. and Raoul E, announced here today by the Trav- "• ttas aeciaeo. to give everyone an|«on ot tne building, Captain Craw- Nadeau, baritcne New York Citv elers Insurance company. This is opportunity to work without losing | ford, and H. A. Lesmeslter, the | Each received $5,000 cash and have Of 155 Mr CPnt OVCr the fatality total of 1920. Need Funds, at Once to Push Relief Work Not only the most beautiful.- but thc most smartly dressed woman British society—Hint's the distinction that 1ms been accorded to thc Countess of Cardigan, the former Joan Saltcr Hyde. Her aristocratic bounty is charmingly portrayed in this latest posed picture, taken ii London, Raymond Poincare, Former Premier, Is Gravely III -PARIS, Dec. 15 (UP)—Raymond Poincare, former French premier and an outstanding political leader,-was-stricken gravely ill today. The Indisposition started Friday and suddenly became grave at noon today. KopicsonlMlves of charitable, Ivlc mid I'l'ltjilutis organizations of Ulythcvllle were mectini; tills nl- ernoon at tho chamber of cum- nei'cc room In the city hull to •ork out and nppiovc a unified irogram for 1 meeting thc situation hat has developed In Blytlievlllc nil Hie surrounding countryside as he result of drouth and business lepresslon. Money, food and clothing with vhlch to extend aid to destitute nmllles, some of whom huve nl. cady been reduced to a serious degree of prlvllntloii. Is the Immediate and pressing need, and n ormal call for contributions will probably be Issued following this afternoon's meeting. In the meantime, to provide iicans for relieving-cases of greatest extremity, c. A. Cmmlnelium, Censorship .Hides..R^volu- ticnai'y Activities- : ;i n Oilier Centers. .; MADniD, Spain. Dec. 15.; {UP) — he minister of Interior anhbunc- i-d tonlKhl martini law had been : iroclulmctl throughout Spain. ; chalrujan of thc group, has asked noncy uc turned Good Fellows that over gifts of to Fred Warren, at the Farmers Dank and Trust Company, and that food or clothing be sent to the Red Cross loom at the court house or notice of the availability of such materials be given by telephone nt Number 291, present headquarters of the Good Fellows. Hope to Develop Arkansa Legislative Program at Southern Conference. HOT SPRINGS. Dec. 15. (UP) — Two hundred delegates representing 15 states gathered here today for the southern conference of state and county superintendents of rural schools. The conference will continue through tomorrow. Flames at Malibou Beach Colony Do Damage That 1 ,™ lam J . 011 " Cot >^ r - s.i r> r Arnnnnn ' tos com "' f «loner of e education. s.i r> r Arnnnnn ' eucaon. iVlay Kench IpjUU.UUlj. j wns prevented from attending and I J the d MALIBON BEACH, CAL.. Dec. 15 (UP)—Fire swept through the j J epnrtmenl represented by Mrs. Catherine M. Cook. Miss Annie and Miss Elsie H. Mnr- excluslve Mnllbou Reach colony i ,,, . „ parlv rnrt.v rt«ir™in,, 17 m , 0 H»i _. vlrt «a»y every county of Arkan- early today, destroying 17 palatial hcmcs of stars of thc screen and stage. Malibou Beach Is the most noted retreat for Hollywood . celebrities. :ge resulting from the fire was estimated between sas is represented at thc meeting. Of utmost Importance to Arkansas education is the conference scheduled for this afternoon beef county and .s lo draft pro$500,000. Fire fighters could do I ''"'"" '"' nn cd "™"°" legislative little to save the homes due to- ° lack of water nnd the presence of' Coward Dawson of the slate deft high wind which fanned the Partment of public Instruction flames. Among the homes destroyed were those of 'Marie Prevost, film ac- ; opened the initial «tssion with nn on supervisory problems of iern states nr.d what states the Charley Barker Ineligible -to Hold- Office Circuit Court Complaint Claims, , Suit has been filed In "thi J office ot thc'-circuit court'clefjc tifS 1 L. Gladish, ..district prosecutor through \V. D. G'ravctte, local attorney, seeking the removal from office of A. V, (Charley) Barker, Clear Lake township constable. The complaint alleged that Barker Is now servng as a- dc facto officer, having failed to purchase a poll tax In thc proper time this year to make him eligible to hold office. The. complaint, styled in behalf ot the stale of Arkansas, claims that Barker Is not now and has not been since Saturday preceding the first Monday In July a qualified elector of Mississippi county. Mr.. /•Barker was elected constable of Clear Lake township In 1028 and was given a majority of votes, for the office In the Democratic primary In August of this year. c. A. Rogers, committeeman of Clear Lake township, protested the certification of Barker by the county general committee because of alleged failure to oualify as an elector but thc central - committee ignored the protest. MADRID, Spain, Dec; 15.. CUP)— The government of Premier dcii- cral DamassTBcrcnguer suppressed',he Madrid'part ot. an attempt (o- start • n nation-wide revolt today." after a brief clash at the Cu^tro Vlentos airdrome near thc capital/ The Cuatro Vlentos uprising was • started_by nvlntlon officers wlio sent' wireless messages to other. Spanish airdromes announcing the revolu- lon and proclaiming a RepublicanSpain: Loyal forces surrounded] the field and drew up two batteries of .15 mm. guns to within a few thousand feet of the field. . They opened fire on tiie rebels who Immediately surrendered. Most.of the rebels were captured. Thc bombard-' mcnt did little damage and the" flro was not returned. •'..."' A state.of siege was declared In the Madrid section. More than 200 republicans and labor rebels wero arrested In the capital and captains general throughout Spain were given troops nnd wartime powers to halt violence which accompanied a general strike In. the industrial cities of ths nation. . : Revolt Well Organized The. Republican revolutionary movement against King-Alfonso ap-.'- peared to bt well-orgnntad and'co- ordlnated with ; the general 1 strike.". The censorship hid developments In .most large cities but "violent riot-In % and some street .flgb.tlng-we.ra '' 'd' S(m-3a-'~ reported ; _.„ bnsllnii In northern Spain. Tile general strike halted all activity "In"'various parts of, the.coun- try. Thc revolutionary, movement, of which Alciila ZamorSj the former republican minister, was : ie- ported to be a leader,. was signalized in the capital, by the appearance of three military airplanes over the city. The population was already tense because of the general strike and last week's abortive revolt at the Jaca-garrison in the Pyrenees, and the planes caused great excitement by dropping revolutionary pamphlets on the city. ' Report 20 Killed HENDAYE, Franco-Spanish' border, .Dec. 15. (UP)-/-Trevelers arriving here from Spain today said 20. persons had been killed in flght- 'at San Sebastian. Tho reports were not ^confirmed officially. Travelers said the artillery forces refused to obey orders and fire OP. revblutionarlEs. Secretary Has Children Who Are in Need of Home Strikers Suppressed BILBAO, Spain, Dee. 15. (Urt— Strikers opened fire here today on a train on the Bilbao-Portugualete line near the station of n suburb. Police fired Into the air and dispersed the strikers who began .a , m ac . . tress, Roy Oould, Frank Fay. com- ! ™" f =" n " should take to solve edlan, A. L. Rockett, picture pro- I ductr, George de Sylva, who also ; Miss Marjorie Hardy, formerly of lost a S20.0CO imported automobile, • tne scn ool education, University of Leo McCary, former nght promoter, i Chicago, and writer of several works nov,- a film director. Allen Dwan, i on cflil<! education, ou'.liuecl lo the] director, and Louise Fazenda, ac-! ddexates a program for Improve| ment of beginners. She recommended consolidated schools or combinations of one teacher schools, parental education, larger salaries nnd presents for some one—seven an:l four year old brunette boys who may be permanently adopted. For' further particulars call ths local! ship of communistic elements. tress. rtick Dawson's Residence 1 Lauds Sea] Sale in County Students of Mississippi county home". Before tho" father lias nl-1 schcols wcrc praised by Governor ways paid for his da In a private home bui Hed cross office. j She has nnuhcr gift, a temper-] ary one. A four-year-old girl! father Is out of work has no; aughter's b:ard I Harvey Parnell for buying t ut now he's cut c " lcsl3 " n 's In, a personal let * »*MTT«JW14 O A\V>?1U\.I1^C , .. . ' ' -•--. !!,„ I n i i ni j better Instruction for training In- of work and must ask someone to lnc .' IS Destroyed by Blaze stllutlons. Miss Hardy further urg-! give her a home until he finds em- \ lfo »- j crt abandonment of thc promotion I ployment. This may be from oi« I As '» previous years tuter- .ter to county department of educa- largo ., , n an e i^,«. ; general contractor. Th.ey pronounc- 1 the choicp of tv-o years free tuition' ^ al Barage °P e . The residence of Nick Dawson j ldea for fcc-glnntrs. She Mid this! <° four months care fur the child. I "umber of the pupils are purchas- cal garage operator and city fire- cha nEC Is the most outstanding Anyone cnrlng to aid in thir, worth- 1113 the seals. . •••- nd city fireman, was completely destroyed by „ nrc of an imknown origin early place she suggested adaption of a ! - . The time will be made up at thc j" 1 themselves well pleased with; in any American conservatory or The t-tal loss of Hie from auto-! end of the second term in May ac- lne structure, which is one of the | its equivalent. ._ •-- — .-.„— ,, bile accidents in Arkansas through, cording to Crawford Greene, su-i lar K est armory buildings In the i Prizes of SI,000 cash and a year's' urday nl S nt - i universal plan. October this year was 183, an in-, perinten'dent. state. tuitl'n were awarded to Miss Esta' T he nre gained full headway be-i Tne conference crease of 2.81 per cent: Tennessee. — ' ' ' ' i . . _ . ..- .. . """an increase of 4.37 per cent:' need of all for beginners. In Us | wnllc case (vln m11 Mrs - Wilson. Mississippi, 216 Increase of 6.03 per^ Legion to Meet Tliesdav ' for " lc use of the local national 1 tone, of Hot Springs, Ark. cenl - i _ " [guard company and other Blyti-.e-! — 1 • ' 1M nljtvlr A««&*tl«. D..? U?_ _ ' V i] I ft flTO ftTl \t« H f\M c O rWl n T>...*~..~ ... ! T • FV • T) f . state. I tuitl'n were awarded to Miss Esta> Tn e fire gained full headway be-i Tne conference at ll:c mornin<: • Official acceptance of the build-' de Coombs, soprano, Long Beach, ; fore a city fire 'truck reached the ! scsslon designated inc?:ir.? places! Ing means that it is now available: Cal., and Ross Graham, bass barl-| scene. The residence was located ! {or delegates of each state nnd in-1 j Caldwell and Company Forfeiture Tak?n on Liabilities $39,000,000; Earber^$59 Deposit in New Armory Building Banker Confesses Shortage, Disappears L onU wl/hoid ^ 'regular ^"cth^l Ml'«i«mn; | Tuesday night In Us new quarters missIssl PPl B1NOHAMTON, N. Y., Dec, 151 at the national guard armory, (UP)—The State Sank of Bing-] South Second street, It was an- hamton whose total resources in ] nounccd today by E. A. Rice, post pected to be announced shortly. Taxi Drivers Perfect Appeals o Higher Court The circuit court will be called n i . . upon to decide the cases of ftve:' he clt y to th = cl "* str «l resl- UHeans Approved 1 taxi drivers charged with violation j dcnce , where the blaz « *« beyond '• of the new city ordinance prohlb-! control whm nrer ' icn reached the Elmer Pruilt, barber;'failed to ap- t before I trlct court here today. ) Park Is located before discovering! m "tec will render a repori the mistake and hurrying across ' ne ncx "t annual m?e:ing. WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UP)—'itlng taxis from using street cor-'* 00 " 6 ' ^wson was on of the fire- or advisory, Dawson declared, ners as business stands. j men answering the call to his own Ed James, Dorsle Cannon and ..Burford Martin, taxi operators, _ ... •-1 fined S50 each and Carlos McUhcny ala "n was turned In and his fam- and Herbert Carter, drivers, fined "^ was aw&y from home at thei The report, tho receivers point- • Supervisors problems largely cen- j ed out ' onl >" reflects the condition j ter around the question of whether I ot tne corporation as shown by supervision should be authoritative i examination ° J . ! " v "'~ '""" WEATHER Dawson was working when the P.eceiver Takes Over ties of $39,689,650 were shown, with : ARKANSAS — Mostly cloudy, I assets of approximately the same i snow or snow flurries in eastern ; value sis listed on the books of the ' portion, colder with Hard freeze to- I company. j night; Tuesday generally fair, ranee of ArTdrW H Hnrvnit T-7 .7 J,,Z\ ' clcarBnce ot 153 '«" Rt»ve and Herbert Carter, drivers, fined' »V w o-eVld.nt Hor;att, ; The mcelll]g , 1U ^ hcld at 7;30 g||If |cvo , for ft norljou , al d | 5lance $25 cacn , ]( court Tmlrsjay . time, p.e-iacnt , 8S usua ] and commander Rice I of 500 feet. ; mo-nine have ncrfwtcrt nnnpilt /•>• Pin i note confess nir n shortdsrp an-!>,.« ..v.^ . ~~-j ..i._j . ._ ; mo.ning nase periectea appeals to FUI , - - — asked a good »,. written by Horvatt was;view of the fact that his desk this morning. . O f Important matters In ccnnet- Purniture and clothing burned _. • Big Petroleum Company Cuban Railway Train age would amount to S600.COO and J700.000. relief ram will be up for consider, allon. LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15 (UP) — The Italo Pelrolcuir. company, with .somewhat colder in eastern portion. it snowed tM«e and a i»if inch- along with valuable papers as fire- nn Near Havana- es here !ast night and on near navana ; ccr(!lng to piiiui ac- Phillips, official I weather observer. The minimum •.A, Cuba, Dec. 15 (UP)—! temperature yesterday was 33 de- A United Railways train was fired, grees and thc maximum 54 degrees on today as It passed thrown, On the sams day a year ago tb3 -— Florido. near here. The; minimum temperature was 62 dc- Idemlty oJ the assailants Is mt'Mcei and the maximum CS ds- K.,U«I1. : CTCO.V

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