Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin on September 21, 1861 · Page 3
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Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin · Page 3

Janesville, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1861
Page 3
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LOCAL DEPARTM-ENT. »^V^V^ 1 ^^^^N^ N >-^*-^^^-^^^>«^^^^^*^ I ^^^-^- y ^ k ^* V ^ X *^^^^'^^" Arrival and Departure of Mall* U the Janesville Port Office, from and after May Stb 1861: Arrive. dose. Depart Chicago, through, 1230 i* 6:40ill 7:10 A it a „„ JfcOl P K 3.-00 P H 330 P H Oshkoeh ami wav 335 P K 11:30 A H 1206 p M MU^ee, U^ ^r « «*« »{}*« ,OtiieD,&2Spxl030AX 1L-OOAK 10 JO AM 330 PK 4:00 p 440PM 9:10 AM 9:40 A „.„_ M Janesville to Madison and Sylvester departs Tuesday and Friday at 7 A M; arrives Wed neaday and Saturday at fl p x. Overland mailfiom Milwaukee to janesville arrives HondayandAidayatepx; depart Tuesday andSat- . nrday at 4 A M. J. H. BUBGESS, Postmaster. Uadi eon 4 Prairie da Monroe, Belrtdere, CHTJM.CH DIRECTORY. BAPTIST OHTJBCH.—E. J. GOODSPUD; Jtator. Sab b»thserTice«,10KA.SL,and7P.M. Lecture, Wed- nasday evening. Prayer meeting, Thursday evening PBESBTTEEIAN CHTJBCH.—OK>. C. HECKMAW, flu- tor. Services every Sabbath at 10J£ A. M, and P.M. THIN ITY CHUBCH.—HIRAH W. BOBS, JZ«fcr. Services at lOJ^A. M, and 7}i P.- M. Sunday School 8 A. M. Friday evening service?^ P.M. CHRIST CJTOBCH.—H- W. SPALDDTO, Sector. Sunday services, 10}£ A. M, and 2 P. M. PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHUBCH.-JOHH BHAEPE Pastor. Sabbath services at 10}£ A. M, and 8 P. M CONGREGATIONAL CHUBCH.—M. P. KmszT, Attar. Sabbath services, 10}$ A. M, and 7J4 P. M. METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH.—J. H. Jzsire Jfcrfor. Sabbath services, 10J^ A. M, and 7 P. M. Prayer meeting, Thursday evening. ST. OUTHBERT, (Catholic.) Comer Cherry and Holmes street. JOHK COHBOT, ,Pattor. Services at 8 A.M,andlOJ£A.M. Vespers at 3 P. M. THE SEVENTH REGIMENT.—This regiment did not reach here till past one o'clock, but when it arrived it was greeted by an immense assemblage of people, a large portion of whom had been waiting for two hours. There were two trains, in all of thirty cars. Wben both became stationary, the distribution of refreshments commenced, to the evident satisfaction of the soldiers. We believe there was an ample supply of provisions, our citizens contributing freely both in money and eatables. The regiment is a fine looking body of men. They seemed to wear a cheerful look that we have not noticed so strikingly in any other regiment that has passed through here. They were well uniformed and bad their muskets in hand. Col. Van Dor is a portly gentleman and looks first rate in regimentals. Dr. Palmer, the surgeon of the regiment, was aboard, and many were the regrets we heard expressed by the bystanders at his leaving ns, but our loss will be the soldiers 7 gain. The destination of the regiment is supposed to be Washington, but they may bring up at some other point. We sincerely hope that no accident will befal them o their way. Second Ward Caucus. The republicans of the 2d ward met iu caucus this afternoon, at one o'clock, a the house of Water Witch Engine Compa ny No. 2, and elected the following gentle men delegates to represent said ward in th assembly convention to be held at the cour room this evening, to elect two delegates to attend the state convention at Madison Thos. B. Woolliscroft, Wm. A. Lawrence Ben. Bornheim, Ira Justin, Jr., John P fid J. B. Proper. On motion the caucus adjourned. J. B. KING, Chairman. JOHN C. SPENCER, Secretary. • Wheat is raising in price at the east, in consequence of short crops in Eu rope, but is kept at a low figure here on ac count of the freights. This is caused by the closing of the Mississippi river by the rebellion. The produce that formerly foum an outlet in that direction is thrown upon the northern route, thus raising the price o: transportation. This is our interest in keep lug the Mississippi river open. ELECTION OF OFFICERS.—The members of the Eager Guards held their election for non-commissioned officers at the Court Room, on' Thursday evening, with the fol . lowing result: First sergeant, M. Bowerman; 2d, G. Hoskins; 3d, D. H. Whittlesey; 4th, J. B. Johnson; 5th, H. P. Cory. First corporal, S. C. Cobb; 3d, J. Follensbee; 3d, C. 0. Wright; 4th, D. D. Bemisj 5th, L Earl; 6th, J. Auld; 7th, M.L. BenUey; 8th, F. B. Child. • Rev. Henry Requa, whom our citi zens will remember as having once been appointed to the pastorship of the Metho dist church .in this city, and served in that capacity to good acceptance, is captain of a company of volunteers at Sheboygan. THE PEOPLE'S FAIR OF ROCK COUNTY.- The premiums awarded by the several com. mitlees, and unpaid, will be promptly paid by calling at Benton's store, one door west of Farmers Mill. G. WHEELER, G. S. STBASBBBQEB, Sec'y. Treas. ADJOURNMENT OF TROTTING.—The speed of horses will take place on the fair grounds, on Friday the 27th.inst. G. S. STRASBERGER, Sec'y ' J. D. King, four doors below the post office, has received Harper, Godey, Peterson, Ballon, Leslie, Nick Nax, Yankee Notion, and Budget of Fan for October. He has also got the Monthly Rebellion Record No. G, Dime Novels from Nos. 1 to 29, thirty different kinds of song-books, county maps of Missouri and Virginia, Tribune war maps, Lloyd's map of the United States, Dime Drill Book, Hardee's Tactics for 25 cents, and all the late illustrated papers, with pictures of the war, always on hand. If you want anything in the way of literature go and get it of Dug. MILWAUKEE MILL FURNISHING ESTAB- UBHitEHr.—We wish to invite the special attention of all persons engaged in the milling business in oar vicinity, to the advertisement of Messrs. Edward P. Allis & Co., of Milwaukee. Mr. Allis has been long and favorably known to many of our citizens as an upright and successful business man, and will draw the patronage of those who know him to his establishment. <JoiNo TO FIGHT;—J. B. Dorr, esq., formerly editor and proprietor of the Dubnque Herald, and more recently temporary editor of the Dubuque Union, has determined to go into the military service in defence of tus country. He is now engaged in raising recruits for the twelfth Iowa regiment, and will probably have command of that regiment. Mr. Dorr is a. man of conrage, energy and peraeverence. Correspondence of the Daily Gazette. •From tile Fifth Regiment. CAMP ADVANCE,-Va., Sept. 17th, 1861. DEAR GAZETTE:—Last Saturday evening just as we were finishing our evening meal of hominy, meat and coffee, we were all surprised, surrounded and taken prisoners by Lieut. Clam »nd the squad of men which have been at Chain Bridge. A more pleased set of fellows you never saw than we were when they -came. Sergt. Mills fairly jumped with joy to see them; Corp- Rogers tore round like one beside himself with joy. But I have not time or space to tell you how all of the boys shook hands, pulled others around, shook those who had come, and cheered them. That night we slept on our arms bat no alarm came. The night before, a small.detachment of the enemy made a movement towards as and with their usual meanness marked their path with the ruins of.the Unionists' buildings. We could see very plainly the smoke and' flames of the buildings 'they burned, but we could not get a chance to repay them for their villainy as they immediately retreated behind their batteries. It looks now as though we must have a collision before long as we are steadily mov- ng the column onward towards their lines. The enemy keep every close in their entrenchments, and if we can credit the reports of the negro soldiers we catch, they the. rebels) are in a very desperate situation, as their provisions-are very poor in quality and small' in quantity. Many fof them are sick and deaths are .very frequent Last Sunday our tents were handed over to us and now we feel perfectly at home again, as they are all up and all of as ace in our old houses again. Our street is one of he best in the whole camp as it is on a side lill and perfectly dry. Yesterday forty of us were out on picket guard with three other companies, and forty more out with Capt. lawkins chopping off a pine grove to the louth of us. Sergt. Cults says we did some all chopping; by that he means we out chopped the others on the work. It looked ard to see the fine groves of young timber ailing by the acre, but if the people here will not try to save the government they must abide the consequences. The health of the troops is as good as ould be expected of men who work as lard as we have since we came here.— ieut. Mills, while out on picket last week, ot wet, and as a matter of course, his foot, which was hurt in Baltimore, laid him up agaiu, and now he is in the hospital. The hospital is iu one of the loveliest little nooks among the hills that ever was ; a brook runs near and makes it cool, while the trees shade it from the sun. I must leave now and help clean up our street and dig some ditches for the water to run off iu. Well, we have completed the work, the street is cleau and the dirt all carried off, now we may get ready to move again, as every time we have cleared up our camp we have-then in a few hours or days left it. At Baltimore we cleaned up the ground and left at nigbt; the same thing we did at Kalarama, and it will be a wonder if we do not the same thing here. While I write Sergt. Hathaway is by the door of the tent dealing out the rations, and I must close, as he will want me to get ours. Tell Father Burgess that the money he sent us by Mr. Wheelock to buy tobacco with has been received by Sergt. Cults, and laid out as directed, and the boys swear that if they live till they die, they will never forget the gift. I remain yours in haste, J. M. KIMBALL. Janerrlile Fire Zouaves. This company has been sworn into the service of-the United States, has received its tents and camp eqnip- page. The members have received their uniforms entire : some twenty -five more men are needed to fill the company to the required number. For the purpose o: getting these men a Recruiting Officer, for this company, trill be found at the Clothing Store of B. Bornheim until the required number is obtained. WM. B. BBITTON, Captain. JancaviUe, Sept. 5th, 1861. sep6dtf Con- Democratic Assembly Dlatrlct vention. The Democrats of the towns of Clinton, Bradford, Johnstown and La Prairie are requested to elect delegates from their several towns, to meet in convention at Emerald Grove, on FRIDAY, the 27th inst, at one o'clock P. M, to choose two delegates to represent the district in the Democratic State Convention, to be held at Madison on the 2d day of October-next N. B. JOHNSON,! DtoL c-- M..R. JONES, (""*• "" Dated September 16th, 1861. seplTdaw COMMERCIAL. Janesriile Wholesale Market. Reported for the JaneivlUe Gazette, GRAIN. AND PRODUCE DEALERS. JANESVILLE, SEPTEMBER 21. 1861. The wheat market was a little firmer to-day than yesterday, which is owing to news of an improvement in the lake shore and eastern markets. The weather being favorable receipts were good, about 3,000 bushels being sold at 68@72c for milling and60(ffi05cfor shipping, closing with plenty of buyers at those figures. — No change in other grains. *We make np prices as follows : WHEAT— good to choice milling spring 68a72; fair to good dry shipping 60a65 ; rejected 45aS5. . • CORN— 15al6 per 60 Ibs. shelled, and. 13iHc per 72 lbs_ ear. OATS— dull at 14al5 per bushel. BYE— quiet at 20a25c per 60 lla.~ BARLEY— dull sale at !Sa2Scper M.lbB., common to good quality. TIMOTHY SEED— dull at l,40al,76 per 46 Ibs. POTATOES — new 25a35c per bushel. BUTTER— plenty at 10al2}jc fair to choice.roll. EGOS — plenty-and doll at 6c per dozen. WOOL — ranges at 15a27c for common to choice fair clean clips. HIDES— Green, 2^a3; Dry, Sa7. JLOUB— spring at retail 2,25, per 100 Ibs. POTJLTBY^-dressed tnrkeyo, 6^7 ; chickens, BaS SHEEP PELTS — range from 30c©90 each. GREAT REDUCTION 33. © i o e & CO.'S STANDARD MACHINES, Well known to be the best for Manufacturing Purposes: No. 1, Standard Shuttle Machine, formerly sold at $90, to No. 2, Standard Shuttle Machine, formerly sold at $100, XV.ecl-u.oeca. to TO THE PEOPLE OF JANESVILLE •ROC'S. GREAT ANNUAL SALE OP SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! BOOTS AND SHOES, O c*/£3 at . t <s MILIJNEBY GOODS, &o., &o., cfc FAMILY GROCERIES! CHEAP FOR CASH. W. L. MITCHELL, H AVING purchased a full aud complete assortment from first handa of importation in New York, he O -A. 3ST SELL goods as O N the first day of August in every year it ia usual for as to gf t up our closing Bale for the season, and baring been induced to purchase very largely owing to the low price ot imported goods in the early part of the Bummer, it will be necessary for us, in order te make room for our fall purchases, to dispose of at least $20,000 Worth of Ooods within the next THIRTY D.A.YS. The experience of past years has satisfied as that such an amutmt can be sold, if goods are ofiered at such fig- ares as we herein annex. Ten cases of best Madder Lawns, sold at 12>% cenfs, we now offer 10 yds for 75 cents. All onr beet Jfrench Lawns, sold at 18% cents, now only 12^. All onr beat English aud Frence Organdies, cost of importation 50c, and sold by us at 'J1\£. we will now sell at IS^c. Five cases of beautiful Mottled Mozamblquea, cold by us at 18%c, now only 1^4 five coses of Mottled Hodenas, Fabrique de Taris, Morrtllan, Paris Drusillas, IK., Ac., suitable for street or traveling dresses, and sold by us for from 18-^ ;o 31 cenU, now ouly one shilling. Fifty pieces striped, checked, Broche aad plain Tnmatag, sold by us for 55c, now only 37^£c. We call particular attention to the following: 300 pieces of solid color Bayadere Bareges, cost of importation 20c per yard, now offered by us at fy£c. Just Imagine, 12 yards of Barege for 75 cents. 100 pieces of beautilul Bayadere, check and plain tissues and Bareges, all colors, well worth 50 cents ptr yard, now offered at the small sum of 25 cents. Onr entire stock of Foulard and China Silks, always lold at 62^c, now only We per yard. Our entire stock of SILIiB Singer's Letter A Machine, I S the beat Machine in the word for Family Sewing and Light ManufactnrinK purposerf; Price, (with liemmer,) and beautifully ornameutcd, FIFTY DOLLARS. The Nos. 1 and 2 machines arc of great capacity and application for manufacturing purposes. Our No. 3 machines aro especially adapted to all kinds of light anil heavy LEATHER WORK, Remember the Panorama at Lappin's Hall to-night. Let everybody go. WAR MEETING ix FULTOJT.—Pursuant to a call, a large number of citizens assembled at Wood's school house, district No. 2, and organized by electing Jno. Harvey chairman and A. C. Dodge secretary. Tbe chairman stated the object of the meeting to be the enlistment of men and the raising of means for the Rock county regiment, and introduced the Rev. G. W. ?ord, of Edgertou, who spoke at length, urging the importance of immediately filing up the regiment, and also soliciting recruits for the Pulton and Porter company. r. M. Burgess, esq., of Janesville, followed n one of bis inimitable speeches, occasionally " bringing down the house." Captain Voodman, of the Janesville City Zouaves, next addressed the meeting, soliciting recruits for the Rock county regiment, generally, and particularly for the Janesvilie City Zouaves. A committee was appointed, consisting jf the secretary and Warren Sweet, to canvass the district for funds, who succeeded n raising about $40,00 on the spot. The meeting then adjourned. JOHN HARVEY, Ch'n. A. C. DODGE, Sec'y. MILITARY ITEMS.—Rev. S. L. Brown, of leaver Dam, has been commissioned as haplain of the 7th regiment Tbe Neosho Rifles report full to 40 men. lamnel Hays, has been commissioned as ieutenant of the company; ordered to be laced at board. Lt. Giles Stevens, Reedsbnrg, reports 70 men enrolled, and his company have been rdered to quarters. Orders have been issued to the follow- ng companies to rendezvous at Camp Ranall, and report to Col. Harris of the llth sgiment on the days mentioned; Vatson Guards, Mazomanie, Sept. 23 Waterloo Rifles, "lichland Cbanty Plowboys, iaraboo Rangers, 'armer's Guard, Mineral Point, .audal! Zouaves, Madison, tendota Guards, " )ane Co. Zouaves, " Mendota Fire " " in Carr-age Trimming, Bix>t and Shoo Making, Harness Making, etc., etc. They are of extra sizy, with an arm long enough to take under it and stitch the largest sized dashes. There ia scarcely any -part ol a Trim- mens' stitching that caunot be better done with them than by 1mnd; so. too, the saving of time and labur is very gre-tt. The table under these machines is 24 inches long, and tho shuttle will huld six times the «t»ual quantity of threw!. Hue large machines work ad fast as email ones. We would ask for our Letter A machines, tho ppecial attention of Vest Makers and Dress Makers, and all those who want machines for Light Manufacturing purposes. They embody the principles of tho utaiid.-tnl machines, making like them, the interlock stitch, and ore destined to b« as celebrated for Family Sewing aiid H<rht manufacturing purpose* as our standard machines are for manufacturing purposes in general. We have always on hand Hemming Guages, Silk Twist, Linen and Cottou Thread on Spools, Beat machine Oil In Bottles, etc., etc* "We manufacture our own Needles, and would warn all persons using our machines not to buy any others. We know that there are netvllps sold oft'te most infen~ or quality, at higher prices than we charge f»r the be it. The needles suld by us lire manufactured especially :or our micliiiies. A f bad nefdlt may render the bttt n a- chint almost -useless. Our customers* may rest nssnred that all our Branch Offices are furnished with the GENUINE ARTICLE. In ca«?e of small purchases, the money may be sentin postage stamps or ban It notes. -KS^Correspondenta will ploaae-write their names distinctly. It is all important that we should in each case know the post office, county and state. flE5_ All persons requiring information about Sewing Machines, their size, prices, working capacities, and the best methods of purchasing, can obtain it by sending to us, or any of our Branch Offices for a copy of I. M. SINGER & CO.'S GAZETTE, which ij a beautifully illustrated Pictorial Paper. mil be teat Gratis. at a similar reduction. We have now on hand a splendid assortment of Black Lace and Silk Mantillas, Lace Points, Ac., &c. t of the latest designs, all of which we will sell full £5 per cent less than last week's prices. A large selection of Embroidered Setts and Collars at reduced prices. We also offer thefollowinglist of goods for one dollar: 16 yards of Barege for 1,00, 1C yds bl'ched Muslin, 1,00, 2 Linen Table Cloth* 1,00, ~ '"' 9 yards Bed Ticking 1,00, 16 yds Brown Munhn 1,00, 6 yds Kentucky Jean 1,00, 12J^yd» Madder printsl,00, _ yds fast col. lawn 1,00, 1 <ioz linen Doilies 1.00, Our ENTIRE STOCK of 10 yds fig'd Brilliant 1,00, 10 yds lin*rn Crash 1,00. 6 table Napkins 1.00. 2 prs Ladies' Gaiters 20 Pocket 'Kerchiefs 0 yds Blue Denim *• any one In tha west. Call and Examine our New Stock. TEAS, SUGARS, COFFEE, TOBACCO, SOAPS, OBOOKEBT 4 GLASS WABB, DRY JBOTT, SAM FISH, DKY PISH, MOLASSES, BYBUP8, CANDLES, FBESH FBCIT. ALL GOODS WARRANTED isr — AT— PALMER'S Drug and Tea Store. PRICES TO CORRESPOND NEW GROCERY AND SEED STORE! ANDREW BOSS HAS OPENED A HAVE the largest and best selected stock ol MEDICINES as represented at sales. !e8daw2m Opposite tlie Hyatt Housr.. Xst, 1QQ1. THE ATTENTION O F the citizens of Bock aad adjoining counties is solicited to our Large and Choice stock of aDi^TET oooams, CAEPETS, OIL CLOTHS, LINEN CLOTHING, HATS, GAPS, AC., will be sold at n reduction of twenty-five per cent from last month's prices; for instaucf. 500 Chip Hate at 3 cents each. The advantages to bo derived from these annual CLOSING OUT SALES I are now apparent to all, and we trust the public will avail themselves of the opportunity of purchasing at the prices above quoted, as we are bound to sell as stated to give us room for fait trade. augGJAw McKEY & RBO. FURNITURE WAREHOUSE 1ST. , W OULD call the attention of tlio people of Janesville, Rock aud adjoining counties, to his increased facilities for manufacturing PARLOR, CHAMBER AND COMMON FURNIRURE, which he will sell at Grrently Kediiced Prices. Iu addition to the articles manufactured by himself ho keeps n large atotk of Imported furniture, which ombriices everything needed for household use, and which, 113 well it* his own rnanulkcturc, is of the latest styles and superior quality. flS^Coffius, of all sizes and trimmed in every variety of style constantly on haud. Metallc Bnrlal Case? and Cagkeli. HATS AJ5FD CA.FS, &c., &c. The stock of DRESS GOODS is unsurpassed in variety and stylos. rBlciolx. tfe Feun-oy Sillts in great varieties. BROCADE, MADOJTXAS, TAI.ESCIAS, MOHAIRS, NATIONAL AND LUSTER GREYS, CHAL- LIE3, PELAIXS, OROA>T>IES, LAWNS, iC., iC., iC., in quantities large, in styles endless, in varieties unsurpassed. Broclie Shawls, cheaper than over. EMBROIDERY IN SETTS, Cbllars, Edgings, Inserting^, Waists, Robes, «fc., <£c. in great abundance and at prices that will astoniih. Broad Clotha, Cagslmerei, Jeane*, Tweedi, Paints, Oils and Varnishes, PARLOR AND KITCHEN LAMPS, FLTJID, OILS, <SeO., Toilet and Fancy Articles. Patent Preparation!! and Specifies to be found in market. Together with a foil and varied stock of OROCEHIES, WINES ANDLIQU O Jt S for medical purposes, SPICES, FLAVORING EXTRACTS, FRUITS AND FtXINBS for Family Use. W indow G-lass, CLASS WARE, Kerosene and Machine Oils, &e. All of which we will Hell ut prices to correspond wUA the reductions to which Uif. laborers and producer! of the country arc now ctrnijtfVfd to submit. IVc will sell all klndd of 3S^EEr>ICIKrES, CHEMICALS, PREPARATIONS AND PBESCRIP- TIOXS, PAISTS, OILS, 4C., BBOWN AND REFINED SUGARS, SYRTJPS, SPICES, SALT, coarse and fine, FISH, FLOCB, *c., Zj O -W 33 3=1. than any other houae in Jan«*sville, for the samd quality ami stylo of goods, and Deliver Them Free of Charge to customers in town, or to the railroad depots for rack ad wish them sent by rail. Oor 3E3, Pease's Block, - - Main Street, FOB THE SALE OF Groceries and Seeds HE RE8PKCTFULLY CALLS THE ATTENTION OF THE PUBLIC TO HT? STOCK OF GOODS, which will be-k/Id CHEAP FOE CASH! The Highest HCark$t Price paid fur o o d BLACK AJVD GREE.V, as well as many other articles En which we deal, have becijtnb in'lispt-nsibie tu all families that use them. To such as havt- lon^ Ue:ilt with me, we refer all new cnato- uiera fur iufonuLUiua as ti> the quality of oar goods, their prices, aiidour way of doing basinetu. A. PALHiiR k SOX, Drag and Tea Store, near tii» Ford IZoufie, JanesriOe. A NEW ESTABLISHMENT! Boats and Shoes, Cheap for Cash. H A VINO located myself in the flrst store east of the Rock Connty Bank, in Myers' New Block, whero I intend keeping a full assortment of Boots and &$lioe«; ol my own manufacture. I have now on baud, an<l am constantly increasing mT stock, the best kind of French Calf aud Kip Boots to be found in this city. I shall be happy to accommodate, and wfll guarantee satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to KIT.T ma with a call. JENS JOHNSON. Juniwille, June 19th, 1861. Je20daw3m Behold I bring you Glad Tidings of Great Joy. BOOTS AND SHOES HOUSE LOTS AT T OFFER my remaining House Lota In Palmer and road track, at a addition, eust of the Depots and Bail- AT THE CAMP.—The heavy rain last night loroughly tested the tents at Camp Ranall. They did not leak a drop. The in- de of the cloth was still dry this morning. The Seventh are ordered to strike tents 15 o'clock to : morrow morning, and be eady to'take the cars at nine. No passes from the camp have been is- ued to-day. The men were out on parade iis morning, in the rain, with their oil otb head and shoulder coverings, bat with- at arms. Each man has been supplied ith ten rounds of ball cartridges, and in- tructed to use them against secessionists nly.— Madison Journal. We have made the above Reduction in Prices with the twofold view of benefitting thepuMic and ourselves. The public have been swindled by spurious machines made in imitation of ours. The metal in them, from the iron casting to the smallest piece, is of poor quality. Their makers have not the means to dotheirworkwell. They are hid away in secret places, where it would be impossible to have at their command the proper mechanical appliances. It is only by doing a great business, and having extensive manufacturing establishments, that good machines can be made at moderate prices. The best designed machines, Badly Made, are always linble to get out of ordt'r, and are sore to cost considerable trouble and money to keep them in repair. The qualities to be looked for in & machine are: certainty of correct action at alt rates of fp?.ed, simplicity of construction, great durability and rapidity ofoperat'on, with tlit least labor. Machines to combine these essential qualities, must bo made of the best metal and finished to pcrfirtlion. "We have the ways and means, on a grand scale, to do this. The purchasers of machines, whose dally bread it may concern, will find'that those having the fthove qualities not only work well at rapid as well as slow rates of speed, but last long in the finest possible working order. Our, machicos, as made by us, will earn more.money with less labor than any others, whether in imitation of ours or not. In Tact, they are cheaper than any other machine as a gift. local Agents Wanted. I. K. SINGER <fc CO., 453 Broadway, New York. I have just received a large assortment of these articles, of an improved style and pc-rlectly air tight. As none have been kept ia this city fur the last three or four j ears, much inconvenience has been experienced n sending for them. I invite an examination of all my stock, knowing hat I can give satisfaction both in quality and price. Shop on Milwaukee street, second doer above Central Bank, sign of the coffin. N. SWAGER. Janesville, August 19th, 1861. aiilQ.lnwtt Summer Slnltg, ' Vestlngg, dec., tic. AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES. All who wish to get the)Worth oftheirMouey in good goods, that will Not Fail on their Hands, are cordially invited to call. Goods Shown Free of Charge. JeSdawtf O. K. BENNETT. GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. I have also seme eligible lots ia my addition, west ol the Bf pots, which I will sell at prices within the reach of all who desire to secure A Cheap and Permanent Home in the city. Persons desiring Ij^VitC^EH TH-A.CTS, can be accommodated in the same neighborhood, witt parcels suited to their wunts. at low figures. Also, Knsinfw* Lota OQ West Milwaukee street for 3*Ieor Rent. TER>f9 EAST, ANT) TITLE PERFECT. A. PALMER. Dmg an J Tea Store, West Milwaukee street. January 17th, Iti'u. janlTdawtf Cheap! Cheaper!! Cheapest?!! TT AM now receiviog my Spring Stock of BOOTS & SHOES. My atoek, in quantity, quality and atvlo cunnct bo approached by any other west of Chicago. Buying as I do, of nuunUactorers, and for cash only, 1 enn safely Defy all Competition. In the depressed condition of the Eastern market, 1 was enabled to bny at UNHEARD OF LOW PRICES, and will sell at a small advance from first cos'. II CUSTOI DEP1BTBEST ia still under the charge of MK. NKLSO!*, with experienced and skilful workmen, and wa aro prepared, as usual, to turn out FIRST COJASS "WORK upon abort notice. DO SOT FORGET THK PLACB, at the Old Stand, sign of the "Big Boot," Alain Sstree Janesville, April 17,18C1. C. MINER. apl'dawt:' THE ATTENTION, REGULARS I AM authorized by Major Elem- iner, cummauder of the 10th infantry, to enlist all able-budied men between thcages of 19and35 years, not less than 5 fect4}^ inch- ea high, and of good character, for the period of ttireeytxus. Thepay has beau increased by congress at its late session, to * Fifteen Dollars per month, and an abundant snp- ply of excellent food and clothing, medical attendance included. Apply at the Hyatt House, Xo. A. U. STANTON", Capt. 10th Infantry, Recruiting Officer. Janesrillo, Aug 17,1861. anlTdawtf Chicago Office, Office, 50 Clark Street. 17 New-hall Hoiue. LOCAL AGENTS IN ROOK COUNTY. Mr. B. 0, Mrs. WH. ADDT, sepSdawtf Beloit Janesyillo. Military Tactics. P ATTDJ'S Infantry Tactics and Bayonet Exercise. published by J. W. Fortanv New York, received day this Janesville, Sept, 13th. DEARBORN'S. seplSdtf AH. KINDS OF P^DJTINO NEATLY EXECUTED Al SUMMER GOODS! TUST Received, twenty-five Gross of the best kind ef FB.TTXX JARS. None on band except these kinds that were proved to bo good, by nee, last year, This large lot was bought cheap and will be SOLD CHEAP. Also, just recety d a fresh lot of Pineapples. Spiced and Coye Oysters, Lotwters, Clams, Sardines, Fresh Peaches, Pickles, Raspberry, Lemon & a variety of Syrups ALL AT LOW PBICES. Janesrille, June ISth, 1861. jelSdnwSm ROCK COUNTY BANK, Janesville, - - "Wisconsin. Directors i T. JACKUAN,' M. S. FITCH, J. J. R. PEASE. • S. W. SMITH, JJESBE MILES. J. R CROSBY, S. O. BAILEY, Particular attention paid to collections. Sight drafts on the principal cities of the United States and Great Britain. Will purchase Notes, Drift*, Certificates of Depwite, Ac., aud bny and sell Gold and Silver at the usual rates TIMOTHY JACKMAST, President. J: B. CROSBT, Cashi»r. anlQdly StOOlSL BOOTS AND SHOES! JUST RECEfVED BY James Ilntsou, Next Door to Messrs. J/cAVy tf- Bro., ]Main Street, - - Janes-rtlle, W HERE he may be found ready to repair the understanding of all such as are for tin- want of Gr o o d JSolofii for the Union. He has the best stuck ot BOOTS & SHOES ever offered in this city, which he will sell at pricea correspond with the times, and Will Warrant Them to all purchasers who will call and examine for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. His stock is NEW AND FRESH, consisting of every variety of Gent's Custom made Call and Kip Boots and Shoes. Also a Urge assortment of G B W T*&S & .&. X T E R S of every description. Ladles' Blisses* aud Children*' Gaiters, Polka Boots, Bootees, Slips and CacJks, in great variety. * Boys* 13 o o t s and Shoes, of every style and quality. Having selected this stock with great care, he can warrant it of the best material and made by the best workmen, ond in tho latest style.. Grateful for paat patronage, ho respectfully solicits a call from Ills old customers, and he can assure all who are disposed to call, that no establishment in the west can out sell him, either in price, quality or style. Particular attention will bt paid to Custom Work. He keeps none but the be.^tof workmen, and all kinds of work done promptly and at short notice. EEPAIKING DOSE WITH SEATJTESS AXD DISPATCH. For reference to ths durability of his work, he refers to hia former customers, the citizens of Rock county. y. B.—Don't forget the old Stand, one door south ot McKeyi Bro.. Main street. JAMES HUT30N. Janesville, Win.", June 6th, 1861. jelOdawtf OLD RELIABLE AND POPULAR INSURANCE COMPANY OH 1 THE "VVJESTI In the equitable adjustment, and prompt Gaah response t<» IOSS-CH. the CE nxr x 3C. WHITEWATER PAPER MILL, WHITEWATER, .... WISCONSIN T. H. GANTLET, Proprietor. Manufacturer of and Dealer in NEWS, BOOK A;ND WRAPPING i" -a^ i» is n st . The highigt market price paid for RHRS. oc22dawt) stands pre-emiufciitiy at the h«;ad of its profession; while its (-xtiinaivt. practical aud first class bnsintigj* system of K>cal iuri;nciL's, i.s not excelled by atiy similar corporation in tho world. HPHE undersigned have formed a Copartnership under X. the style and name of « Smith & Bostwick, for the transaction of a general mercantile busmen aL the, New York Cast Store, where we proposu tokeep on hand at all timcs,tht largei-t, cheapest and moat eitenafVe assurtmrut uf merchanih'nu to be found in the city. In addi ' ion to onr regular Try Goods SstablMhmcnt we have hikt-n the store lately occupied by S. C. Spaiilding, for our JlerrhaBt Tailoring and Cloth Department, making t.wo stores in one; where we shall keep Jha bsst stock t»f Clothe, Cassiiutrew, Vcstings. mid Furnish- in£ Goodd,to be foauti in thin dt.-tte. And manufacture . all kinds of FINE CLOTHING TO ORDER, in the latest and most fashionable styles. M. C. SMITH, 3. 31. BO£T\riCK. Janesrflle, irarch 1, 1361. luarlSdawtt. JOLT, 1861. i JULY, 1861, OF TI3VTE. TIA. GRAND HAVEN ROUTE. and. Favorite ! ! Gold against Stnmptail Currency. THE HIGHEST PRICE IN Or <o 1 <~L or S i 1-cr o i- for all kinds of unciirrent money will be paid at VALKENBURGH'S EXCHANGE OFFICE, Next Door to the Post Office TAILORS WAiUTJED! K/"i TAILORS wanted, to work on military jackets. «JU jy29dtf McKKY 4 BRO. Apples, Peaches and Tomatoes I AM prepared to furnish to dealers the' above Fruit*, delivered here, at my store on Main street, as cheap aa they can be procured in Chicago. 1). P. PENDLETON. Jan«vffle, July 26th, 1861. jy26dawtf U. S. Mail, Passenger and Freight Line. Lowest Rates and Quickest Timo »r THE Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad, in connection with the IfEW ASD POWERFUL CTPEB CABIX STEAMSBIP3 "DETROIT" AND " MIL. WAUItKE." O N and alter Monday, July 22d, 1861, and until further notice, either of the steamships •' Detroit" and "rBlilwaukee" of this line, will leave the Duck,f-jot of Milwaukee street. Milwaukee, daily, (except Sundays.) at 4 o'clock P. M., for Grand Karen', "connecting there with tho morning trains fi>r Detroit, Suspen^inn Bridge, Toronto, Montreal, Buffijlo, Rochester New York, Boston, &c, 4o., anil Cleveland line of steamers at Detroit, making quicker time and lower fare than by any other Route. «-Mark all Freight " via D. 4 JI. E.," and save time and money. OFFICES— Milwaukee, 230 East Water street, fourth door south of Walker House. 25 Wisconsin -street. Tunis Periodical Depot. Foot of East Water street, next door to Milts A Armour's warehouse. G. Niemeir, receiver, J. H. Whitman, Gen. Western Agent. Thomas Forbes. City Agent. FREIGHT OFFICE— Dock, foot of Milwaukee street W. M. Graham, A cent. W. K: MUIK. Gen 8up't. D*M.R Office, Jaly 22d,4Sol. ' au22dtf Tbe following abstract of th» last annnal xhibit of the financial condition of the Pii<Enjt, is resented to thu Attentive perusal and consideration of tbc insuring public Assets, Janviivry 1st, 1861, Cash OB baml. in luinfc and Ac"nt's hands....$118,044 33 Loan-* on Heal £:*t:ite, 13ank Stock,and other security _.n,43r20 N'ew York Bunk Stuck— 2,128 shares—market va!no .125,44000 Hartford Bunk Stock—1,535 shares—market ra^fS .164,150 00 Wiiterbury (Connecticut) Bank Stock—138 shares—markot value, 13,328 00 Tennessee State Bonds—^u shares—market value..... , 17,60000 Miscellaneous lionds and Bank Stocka—market vnlue 36,900 00 Accumulated Interest ou Investments, 6,239 30 TO FAMILIES. B OUB i HOQEKS with t,> cull UM. imintion of tho citizens of JautsvilJi: and vii:ir.i! v tu tliu fact that they are brewing at Ihe Janesville City Brewery for tiio use of private families, a very suptrior article t>J Ale aud Lager Beer, which they will deliver at tho residences o* p craonn ordering it. They guarantee iu nil casts a Perfectly Pnre Article, and ask the patronage of thooe who aro willing to su» tain an establishment at In me. where as good or a bei- ter article cau be procured as from Bbroaii. _te*^ ________ DUUIJ A KOGSRS. C AEPETl$r BRTTSSELLS, CABPETS CARPETS THREE PLY LOWELL CARPETS CARPETS HAETFOKD COTTON CHAIN CARPETS CARPETS COTTON HEMP CARPETS. A large supply of all tho Total Cash Assets, -8353,133 83 MEMO:—The entire capita], and resources of tbe Ps<z?fC!, being -.Irroted to the business of Fire Insurance Exclusively, tho Company offers very superior advantages to patrons, in point of solvency and ability. KSTSTQRAJS- CES SOLICITED, ANO POLICIES ISSUED AND RENEWED ia this leading corporation, at fair rates by . E. 1. D1MOCK, Resident Agent. ' Loses occurring tmder Policies Issued by me, for the Phfienix. will be adjusted and paid at this agency, in bankable funds. . ap9dtf NATIONAL FLAGS! F OR sale by McKey & Bro. Wo keep constantly on hand, and w ill manufacture to order, all sizes of flags of the best woolen fabrics. may4dawtf McEEV t BRO. City Orders for Sale I N large or small quantities, at a discount. McKEY 4 BItO. September 6th, 13C1. icpOdtf Union Note Paper! 6 DIFFERENT Styles of Union Edvelopea constantly 0:1 hand, at wholesale or retail. , - ma>Sdtf 0. J. DEARBORN. Ambrotype, Photograph no FINE ART GALLERY! LAPprx-3 nAT.t JANESTTLIJ:. wis. C of R P» E T S. Baring disposed of all the old atoi:k, I am now prt-par-.>n to offer a larger surtk at Lower Prices than ever before. All are invited t.TT-all at. T>ECETVED to^liiy, a fine lot. entirely new patterns, Xv Egg Glasses. Gobletn, Tumblers, Preserve Dishes, Fruit Dishes, Happies, Butter Print*. Ac., Ac. Will bo sold cheap at WHEELOCK'S March JSth. _ _ nmr28<Iawtf ' Tobacco, Cigar and Liquor Store. W EkMBCoiutantly on hand a fnll nerottasnt ol Ping, Fine Cut, Chewing, and Smoking Tobacco Scotch, Maccaboy and Rappee Snuff, Pipw, Tobacco BOMS, etc.; also, Liquors, Groceries and Glass Ware all at prices to corresuond with tho times at the old stand on Main street. aprlOdtf O. f. MEYER t BEfYTHKU SPECIAL NOTICE. S f. THOMPSON hasrerurned toJanesvilleand lUtsd . up rooms, ia good style, over CnitiiT Drug Store, opposite the Hyatt Uonso, where he intend* tu "Wagon Grease, rrntE be-?t article in market. A large invoice in stoje. _L Price 25 cents per box. at JyS.ltf • TALLMAN * COLLINS'. A SUPERIOR article of Lamp Oil. which wear longer than any ,,tl chinery. Kor sale at sep25duwtf " >ther kind and will not irum ma, TALLMAN i-COLLINS'. of the citizens of Janraville and vicinity in sllstjlen.an mod aa the best can be made, and u little Cheaper than the Cheapest. . Please call and examine specimen* and list ot prices, and satisfy yourself before purchasing pictures. Janearille. May 23il. 1361. mjiidawtf IKTOT'IOIES.. A IL persons Indebted to tha late Brm of Sfnrcliff A Plympton are required to pay mich indebtedn«n to Sloan, fatten A Jtnllpy. and not to p«y auy other per RESIST 3OARCT.IFP «ou-—Dated May 13th, 1S61. mn,yl4dawtf Union Envelopes! A VERY Large supply of Einelui.fi, with the Jla? of onr Union beautifully printed on them may be found at [ap'itdrP DEARBORN'S. WARRANTEE DEEDS ?<JE SUOJS

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