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Janesville, Wisconsin
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Arrival anil Departure of AttheJaneavOle Poet Office, from and ifter 8th, 18611 Arrive. Depart OAko.h«idVay A IfcOG Bdrtdere, fclOAB Overlaid mail from JanesvUle to and Sjlves- Tuesday and Friday at 7 A arrives Wed- dm-nkee to Janesvffle arrives ad Friday at 6 depart Tuesday and Saturday at 4 A X. JL BTJKQESS, Postmaster. War Meeting at Clinton. MEETINGS.

A meeting in aid of the movement to form the new regiment will be held: At EMERALD GROVE, TUESDAY EVENING, (Sept. 10th,) at 7 o'clock. At Lft Prairie, at the school house south of Sinclare's, on WEDNESDAY, the IHh at 1 o'clock P. M. At Wilder's School House, in the town of Porter, on THURSDAY next, at one o'clock P.

M. At Johustown, on THURSDAY EVEN- NG, at the Congregational Church. At Child's Station, in Lima, on FRIDAY EVENING. Good speakers will be present at the above meetings. THE SCBGEON OF THE REGIMENT.

Dr. H. Palmer of this city has been appointed surgeon of the seventh regiment and has accepted. This is an excellent appointment, and however our citizens may regret to be deprived of the services of so skillful a physician and surgeon as Dr. they cannot but congratulate the regiment upon having so good a surgeon to care for them on the field or in the hospital.

The seventh will probably leave the state on Thursday or Friday. Letters held for postage bearing old postage stamps: Barnes Allen, Elkhorn, Wis. Miss Hattie Wilder, Koshkonong, Wis. Alex. McCauly, Richland Center, Wis.

Barber Lowry, Lancaster, Wis. Caleb Goodson, Deansville, N. Y. Martin Green, Brodhead, Wis. J.

M. Chapman, Hardin, Iowa. Waterman Barry, Minn. Gilbert Beebe, Middletown, N. Y.

J. M. BURGESS, P. M. TRIAL OF have seen a statement of the recent official trial in one of the principal counties State, of twenty-five Grain and Stock scales.

They were the ordinary out-door wagon scales, tested just as they were found in eommon use, thus making it the best possible practicable test. Sixteen of them were of Fairbanks' make, and nine of various'other kinds, including some wbfch have lately been claimed as superior to Fairbanks' make, while all others were condemned as not sufficiently accurate for use. The importance of this fact will be highly appreciated iriihout comment. We publish it because it is one in which the public are Chicago Tribune. At a very large and enthusiastic meeting at Hammond's Hall, on Friday evening, the 6th after listening to a very able and interesting lecture from Wilson, D.

G. Cheever, was called to the chair and G. N. Willis was chosen secretary. A.

S. Samson stated that the object of the meeting was to appoint a town committee to correspond with the central committee at Janesville, and to aid in raising a regiment of volunteers in the counties of Rock and Green. Whereupon it was voted to appoint such a committee; and H. Hammond, H. S.

Wooster, E. W. Hatch, C. Tuttle and D. G.

Cheever were unanimously chosen such committee. And on motion of A. S. Samson, it was unanimously voted that Mr. E.

V. Wilson be recommended to the governor for a commission to raise volunteers for said regiment. It may be expected that Clinton will do her share in filling said regiment. G. N.

WILLIS, Sec'y. Important from Mexico'. MATAMOBAS, Aug. 5. The most important news I have to communicate to-day is the quasi declaration of war against the southern confederacy by the Republic of Mexico.

It is directly notified to us through the State paper at Guanajuato, that Mr. Corwin had asked and received from the Mexican Government the privilege of passing troops through Mexico for the subjugation of the That is the language of this Guanajuuto paper, and you can determine the meaning of it as well as I can myself. Old Abe has full permission to march troops through Mexico to attack Texas. It is considered somewhat doubtful with the Mexican authorities and the people generally that the above paragraph is correct but I must confess that I place every reliance in its truth. The permission thus obtained, of marching to our attack, was a part of Gen.

Scott's programme; it was a part of Mr. Corwiu's mission; it was a Janegvllle Fire This company has into the service of the United States, has received its tents and camp eqmp- page. The members have received their nniforms entire some twenty-five more men are needed to flll the company to the required number. For the purpose of getting these men a Recruiting Officer, for this company, will be found at the Clothing Store of B. Bornheim nntil the required number is obtained.

WM. B. BRITION, Captain. Janesville, Sept. 5th, 1861.

Mtf THREE BOYS Monday afternoon last four boys borrowed a yawl boat from one of the vessels in the 'harbor, at Sheboygan, to ride out in the oldest one beiug but 12 years. Two of them the sons of George W. Kent, one a son of Capt. Loudon, and one a son of a Norwegian, named Christian. As they neared the mouth of the harbor, the youngest boy of Mr.

K. tipped overboard, there being considerable sea on, and his brother jumped out ofter him, and in so doing upset the boat striking the latter boy upon the head, inflicting quite a severe wound, which so stunned him that both were drowned. The Norwegian boy swam to something in the river, which he held on to until rescued by a man. Capt. Loudon's boy, about 10 years old, could not swim, and drowned immediately.


MITCHELL, ATING nurchimed a full anil complete assortment from first hands ol importation in -A. 3ST goods as 3L, Jauesville Wholesale Market Reported for the Jancsvtlle Gaiette, the first day of August in every year it is usua for us to g( ap our closing sale for the been induced to purchase very largely owing 1. price of imported goods in the early part oftlii mmer, it will be necessary for un, in order mak. for our lall purchases, to dispose of at leant GRAIN AND PRODUCE DEAI.KRS. $20,000 Worth of Goods within the next Mn-iTABY following companies are ordered to be placed at board Baraboo Bangers, reporting 60 men for service.

Rager Guards, at Janesville, reporting 63 men. Commissions are issued to Lu. H. Drury, C. Livingston, J.

T. Purdy, A. LeBrun and F. F. Hubbard, as captain and lieutenants of Badger Battery Artillery, and the company is ordered to board at- Berlin and Madison.

Forty-five men are reported subsisted at Evausville, Eock county. Lient. E. F. Brooks, of Dane County Zouaves, reports 40 men enrolled, and they are accepted for the llth regiment, and ordered to be placed at board and quarters.

Grant County Gth, Lieut. Wm. Britton, reports 40 men enrolled and they are ordered to quarters. Eau Claire Badgers have arrived at Camp Eandall bringing with them a live eagle. There are now four companies belonging to the 8th regiment at Camp Randall.

The original Janesville City Zouaves will meet for business to-night at 8:15. Every member is particularly requested to be present, as the business of the old company will be setlled up to-night. GAGE BURGESS, Sec'y. THE TTU ASD STB 7th Regiment will not be filled so as to leave before the last part of the week. There arc four companies belonging to tbe 8th Regiment iu Camp.

PASSED 11 is Hyer, son of Ouorga liver of the Patriot office recently appointed a cadet at West Point bas passed his examination creditably, and entered upon the regular duties of his position. JEFF Luvi'a EDICT OF under date of August 14th, the perjured, traitor at tbe head of the confederate states issued the following: proclamation I do hereby warn and require every male citizen of the United States, of the age of fourteen years and upwards, now within the confederate states, and adhering to the government of the United States, and acknowledging the authority of the same and not being a citizen of the confed- federate states, to leave within forty days after the date of this proclamation) and I do warn all persons above described who shall remain within the confederate states, after the expiration of said period of forty days, that they will be treated as alien enemies." The above illustrates the spirit which the rebels make war. They prudently discard a tolerance which would only injure their cause. No consideration of justice can restrain them from any step that may conduce to their better security. Mr.

Kernan, who delivered a tnrgid har- rangue on the enormities of northern abolitionism at the opening of the recent New York democratic state convention at Syracuse, was a rapid free soiler in '48 So true is it that the renegade Christian makes the worst Turk. PUT OUT THE LIGHT. southern lamps are going out, from want of Tbe rebsls must regret theinereasingsbort- nese of tbe days by which so much neat is lost to them. great diplomatic movement. While the permission which Hexico has granted is altogether worthless, for no federal forces will ever march through this country, it has the moral and political effect of placing the confederate states in a position of hostility whh Mexico, unless the south has lost her self respect.

You can do nothing less than take steps to make Mexico retract this permission, or her consuls should be dismissed at once, and a strong military force should at once be sent to occupy the Mexican states on the Rio Grande as a security for her peaceful conduct against these Cor. N. O. Crescent. From the Outposts.

FAIRFAX Sept. 5. Yesterday morning Capt. Loyden, of the New York Twenty-third, led a squad of men on a reconnoiteriug expedition somewhat in advance of our pickets. Passing along the road which leads from Ball's Crossing to Falls Church, he reached the intersection of the Loudon and Hampshire railroad ravine where the Ohio regiments used to encamp, and just beyond which is now hostile ground.

Here he suddenly found himself face to foce with a Capt. Saunders, of the Virginia Eleventh, wbowas engaged iu the same duty, and escorted by an equal number of men. The two captains, for a wonder, simultaneously concluded to act like courteous foes, made signs of amity, advanced, shook hands, and held a little colloquy, which Capt. Loyden reports as follows: C. S.

think this picket shooting a barbarous business. What does it all mean? Whose fault is it? U. S. just what I want to know. Our men are told never to fire, except in self dufense.

C. S. are ours, but they a shot is heard in tha thicket on the rebel side, and a bullet whizzes between the two There, you see that. Those men belong to a different company mine, and I can't stop their firing. 'Spose we go down under this yere bridge.

quarters are accordingly found and talk You reckon now we'll fight, don't you? U. S. yes we never doubted that, but we guess the south won't hold out 'slong's the north. You see we're slow in going in, but a good deal slower coming out. C.

S. that true about Butler's taking our forts at Hatteras 1 S. captain gives full particulars of the surrender of men, officers, munitions, C. S. that is rough, and no mistake.

We heard the news by way of Richmond. I think this war is a foolish business, anyhow. Good day, captain. Whereupon the two officers returned to their respective squads. But Captain Loyden and his men had scarcely turned their faces campward when a dozen bullets whistled over their heads.

So much for the JANE8VILLB, SEPTEMBER 9, 1861. We mako up prices as follows: to choice HIRTY to good dry shipping; 53a60; rejected 35a45. per CO lbs. shelled, and; per cx cr i enc of years has satisfied us that lbs-i an amount can be sold, if goods are ollered at hiich rig- at 14al5 per bushel. at 20a25c per 60 lbs." salo at 15a25c per 50 lbs, common good quality.

TIMOTHY at per 48 lbs. 25a35c per bushel. at fair to choice.roll. and dull at 6c per dozen. at 15a27c for common to choice clean clips.

Dry, 5aT. at retail per 100 lbs. turkeys, chickens, SHEEP from 30c(Si90 each. City Orders for large or email quantities, at a discount. McKEV September Cth, ISCl.

GREAT REDUCTION BI Ten cases of best Madder Lawns, sold at 12JX cents, we now offer 10 yds for 76 cents. bent freacl and sold by us at 'J," 1 wo will now Bell at Fin of beautiful Moza-ibicpiM. sold by us ill v'c, now only Fivo cases of Mottled Mudeuas do 1'aris', Alorrtllus, 1'aris Unisilliu, uitable for street or traveling dresses, and sold by n. or from ls 'i 10 31 now only one shilling. iicCL-3 striped, checked, llrorlin and plain Trariatas old by us lor 50c, now only oTJ.ic.

We call partlculal Httentiou to tho following: 300 pieces of solid color Bayadere Bareges, c.wt of mi lortation 'J'Jc per yard, now oflered by us at Jus niagine. 12 yards of Barege for 76 cents. 100 pieces of beautiful Bayadere, check and plain tls sues and Bareges, all colors, well worth 60 cents pel yard, now olfi-red at the mill mm of So cents. Our cnlire stock of Foulard anil China Silks, alwayi sold at now only 44c per yard. Our entire stock of SINGER STANDARD MACHINS, Well known to be the host for Manufacturing No.

1, Standard Shuttle Machine, ficrly sold at $1)0, Hoc3.ta.coca. to No. 2, Staudard Shuttle -sold at $100, to Singer's Letter A Made, I Machine in the word for Fal Si-winj! andLinht Manufacturing purposes; (witli In iiutifully urnamenteil, 13OLL-VJ- Tiie Nos. 1 and 2 marhines are of greasily an 'liuriKw-s. iierially i 1 to a Our kiudH N.I.

3 inarhines si if lijiht nnd heavy cbivalry of Virginia soldiers. DEGEXEUATE no other coua- try in the world have wives and mothers, daughters and sisters, heen so enshrined in the temple of liberty as in our own. Regarding womeu as the most delicate and beautiful of all God's creatures upon earth, the very impersonation of every moral attribute that should excite our holiest affections, American law has made her an almost deified being, around whom it has thrown its most chivalrous and ample protection. But a few short months ago, from every state in the Union stretched forth to the grave of Washington the beautifying hand of woman, and Mount Vernon was rescued from decay. Happy had it been too if the lustre of the great man's virtue had been rescued from our tarnishing forgetfuluess, and the hearts of American women had become indeed the depository of his legacy to the human race.

Bat, sickening and shocking as it is, those who have most to thank our institutions for, seem busiest in tearing them down. Not satisfied with sympathizing with treason, women high in social position are daily doing the foul work of traitors as spies and agents of the so-called confederate government. The thought is too revolting to dwell upon. If these women must betray somebody, let them fall below the virtue of Fulvia, the mistress of Catiline. She, harlot as she was, could not let the liberties of Borne he destroyed.

For the sake of all that is good, theti, let not our fair American daughters betray virtue to to to to iMiiisi-ille Journal, SI.AVERT on some of the border state Unionists think of slavery is pretty clearlv stated in a speech which Rev. W. B. Carter of East Tennessee delivered in Cincinnati, last Monday night. I am a slaveholder," said Mr.

Carter, my ancestors, for three generations, have been slaveholders; therefore, I cannot be charged with any prejudice against slavery. But I tell you now, that I regard the union of "the states as of infinitely more value than all the negroes iu America, and Africa, too. Nay, I go further, and say that if the prosecution of this war and the perpetuation of the Union require that African slavery shall die, then I say let it perish." LEATHER WOI, in Carriage Trininiing. ind Maliinz. i-t-x.

He. Tlii-v an- of cxf" 1 with an arm l.m% L. take iimL-r it and the largest sized dashes. i- M-arcely anyt ol a Trim, mere' stitching Hint caiim.t 0,1 better with them than by hand saving of labor is very great. The table uadcr these mail es Ions, and the slmttle will JioM six'-the iisna quantity of thread.

The larg.) machiwork as last for our Letter A the special attention of M.ikf-r, and and nil those who want for Light MiX-'turing purposes. Tbev standar, uiachiiiPs. inakiug like them, the and are I b.i a-. forimly chinos are iiiaiiiiractnring have always on band Hemming Guages, Silk Linen and Cotton TUrcail Best Macliluc Oil In BoUleic-, etc. Wemanulactnre our own KeedUJ would warn all persons using our iiiach.nes not any olli.

We know that th-re are needles soll'ic or quality, at higher than for Ihe best. The needles sold bv us are ninnnfutfl c-pecially for bad nrtdU mayier best ma- rest assured all our Branch Offices are furnished with the GENUINE AXtfLE- In ease of small purchases, the ij may he sentin nostace stamps or bank notes. will pleafite their names distinctly. It is all important the should each case knew the post office, county state.

KB, requiring infoion about So MaciiTues, their size, prices, worBauacitien, and the heat methods of purchasing, canam it hy sending to us, or any of our Branch Offlcf a copy of I. M. SINGER COGAZETTE, which is a heantifully illustratjictorial Taper. It will be sr.nt Gratis. We have made the above Prices with the two-fold view of benefiltinfiublic and ourselves The puhlic have been swindle spurious michmes made in imitation of ours, metal in them, from the iron costins to the smalleice, is of poor quality Their makers have not the into dotheirworkwcll They are hid away in secret where it would be impossible to have at their the proper me chanical appliances.

It is ony doing a great hnsi ness, and bavins extensive nfacturinR establish ments. that good machines 10 made at moderate prices. The best designed lines. Badly Made, an always liible to get out of i and are sure to cos considerable trouble and moo keep them in repair The qualifies to he lookedn a machine are: ctr tainiy nf correct action at all nf sperd. simplicity nj construction, great duntbilitimpidity of operation with least labor.

Machir combine these esscn tial qualities, must be inodee best metal Mid finish edtoperfritian. We have Cays and means, on i grand scale, to do this. The purchasers of machMiose daily bread i inny concern, will find thiose having the abov, qualities not only work va rapid as well as stoi rates orspecd, but last long finest possible work ing order. Onr machine by us, will ran more monry with labon any others, whethe in imitation of ours or not. fact, they are cheape than any other machine local AgerWanted.

I. III. GER Broadway, New York. Chicago Office, Milwaukee Office Clark Street Mouse LOCAL AGENTS JOCK COUNTY. Mr.

E. O. GEEES, Mrs. WK. AUDI, sepSdawtf Beloit.

Janesville. SS SILKS at a similar reduction. We have now on hand a splendid assortment of Blacl and Silk Mantilbn. Laco 1'oinH. 4c, of tbi atest designs, all of which wo will sell full 25 per cen ess tiian last wick's prices.

A large selection of Embroidered Setts and Collars reduced prices. We also offer the followinglist of goods for one dollar 10 yiii-Js of Barege for 10 yds bl'ched Muslin, 1,00 Linen Table Cloths 1.CKI, yards lied Ticking 1,00, 16 j-ds Urown MiiHlin 1.00, yds Kentucky Jean 1.00, Madder prints! ,00, fast col. lawn 1.00, iltiz liiifii PnllifH 1.00, Our ENTIRE STOCK uf 1U yds n'K'd Dnlliuut 1,00 10 yds liuvh Cranh 1.00 table Napkins 1.00 2 prs Ladies' Gaiters i'ockft 'Kerchiefs 9 yds Blue Dcuim 1,00 1,00 it from ts at LINEN CLOTHING, HATS, GAPS, 4.C., will be Mill at a reduction of twenty-five per ccn last niontli'd jirices; for iiutunce, 500 Chip Hat The advitntagea to be derived from annual CLOSIXG OIT SALES! now apparent to all, and we trust ilio public wil iivail tbcni-selveu of tlie opportunity of purchasing the uljove quoted. a.s we bound to nell stu twl to ijivt' u-a nxmi for tall trade. augtidAw McKEV RBO.

ATTENTION, REGULARS I AM by Major Slem mcr, ciiuiniander of Ihe It'll infantry, to enlist all men between the ages of 111 and yeara. not less than 5 inch es high, and of good chararler, ti, the period of Hirer years. The pa has bean incre.i.seil by congress a its late nession, to li'ifteen Dolhii-s per month, and an abundant snj ply of excellent food and clothing medical attendance included. Apply at tlie Hyatt House, Hi A. II.

STAXTON, Capt. Infantry, Recruiting Ofliccr. Aug 17, IMil. aulTdawtf FURNITURE WAREHOUSE 3XT- -A- OULD call the attention of Ihe people of Janesville, Rock and adjoining counties, to his incrcoa ed facilities for manufacturing PARLOR, CHAMBER AND COMMON FURN1RURE which he will fell at Greatly Reduced Trices. In addition to the articles manufactured himsel he kofps a large stock of Imported Furniture, wbic! nibnuvs i-verytlilnj; Meeiieil for household an as well as his own is of the latea styles and superior quality.

Coffins, of all sixes and trimmed in every variety of style constantly on hand. Melallc Burial Cases and Caskets. I have just received a large assortment of these art cles, of an improved style and perfectly air tight. A none have been kept in this city for tho last three fourjears, much inconvenience has been experience in sending for them. I invite an examination of nil my stock, knowm that I can give satisfaction both in quality and prici Shop on Milwaukee street, second door above Centra Bank, sign oi the coffin.

N. SWAOhR. Janesville, August 10th, ISCl. nnlOdawtl GOODS AT TCST Received, twenty-live Gross of the best kind FRtTIT JARS. None on hand except those kinds that were proved be good, by use.

last year, This largo lot was bough cheap and will be SOLD CHEAP. Also, just rcceiv a fresh lot of Pineapples. Spiced and Cove Oysters, Lobsters, Clams, Sardines, 1'resh Peaches. Tickle Raspberry, lemon a variety of Syrups ALL AT LOW MUCKS. Janesvillo, June 18th, 1881.

J. B. CROSD. S. O.

ROCK COUNTY BANK, Janesville, Directors i T. JACKMAN, J. J. IE si; M. S.

1 1TCII, S. W. SMITH, JESSE MILES. Particular attcnf ion paid to collections. drafts on the principal cities of the Unite Siat.w and Great Britain.

Will purchase Notes, Drafts. Certificates of Deposit ic and buy and sell Gold and Silver at tlie usual rate TIMOTUV J.AUK.MAN, President. J. B. CROSBY.

Casrjlcr. anlQdty rpHE undersigned, treasurer of the city of hertby gives notice thnt the roll an warnmt tor the collection of the city taxes for the yea 1SG1, is now in his hands according to Jaw. ray men are required to be made at his office, (with Dirucck, Lappin's block.) within the next twenty day GEJKGK A. VOUNG, Treasurer. Janesville, Aug.

1'J, 1801. JAILORS TVAilTED! K.A TAILORS wauled, to work on military jacket OU jyaidtf McKEY i BHO. Apples, Peaches and Tomatoes repared to to dealers the above Fruit delivered here, at my store on Main street, as chea as they can be procured in Chicago. 1 B. F.


ALL WARRANTED DE3 AT PALMER'S Drug and Tea Store. PRICES TO CORRESPOND NEW GROCERY AND as represented at loSilaw2m the- Hyatt Ilonre. 3.0G1. THE ATTENTION the citizens of Rock anil njjoinini; i-nontic-s is solicited to our Large and Choice stock of 3D H. C3-OO3DS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, HUVTS The stock of DRESS GOODS is iinsurpa-s-sed in variety and HtylcM.

in great varieties. BROCADE, MADONNAS, VAI.EXCIAS, MOHAIRS, NATIONAL AND I.USTEH UIIKYS. CHAL- LIKS, UELA1NS, OKOANIMKS, LAWN'S, in quantities large, iu styles endless, in varieties lllisur- la li 1 cheaper than ever. EMBROIDERY IN SETTS, Qjllars, Eil'jings, IiiS'-rliiigs, Waists, d-c. in great anil ut priccH that will antonish.

Broad Clotlis, Casst. meres Jennetfy Tweeda, LineiiH) Summer die AT PRICES TO SUIT TUB TIMES. All who ivihll to get jWorth of their Money in good goods, that wilt Not Fail on I-TrinclM, cordially invited to call. Goods Shown Free of Charge. jeSdawtf O.

K. HKXNKTT. BOOTS AND SHOES! JUST RECEIVED BY a JlcKfy if: IVIiiin ftjtrcct, IJIT'IIEKK he may be found ready to repair the uu- Vf derstauding of all such as are for the want of Or ood Solos for the Union, lie hils the best stock ot BOOTS SHOES ever offered in this city, which he will sell ut prices correspond with the Unit's, and Will Warrant Them to all purchasers will call and exiunine themselves before purchasing flaewliere. Jliti stock ii NEW AND FRESH, of every variety of Geut'o made C.tll and Kip Hoots and Sbous. a la rye ut OBNT'S GAITEB-S of every description.

Ladies' Misses' and Clilldreiis' Gaiters, Polka Boots, Bootees, Slips aiici Cacks, in great variety. JBoys' ISootw and Shoes, of every atj'le and quality. Having selected this stock with great care, he oan warrant it of the best material and mado tho workmen, and in the latest past pat run aye, ho respectfully soIicit-7 a call fnun hin old customers, and he ran assure all who ure disposed to call, that no stablishment in thu west can out sell him, either in price, quality or Particular attention will he paid to Custom Work. He none hut the nest uf workmen, and all kinds of work done promptly and at notice. REPAIRING DONE WITH SKATXESS AND DISPATCH.

For reference to tlio durability of his work, he refers to hid fornu-r customers, the cirixens of llock county. N. It.m't forget the old Stand, one. door fr.uth ol McKeyA Main stret-t. JAMBS Janesvillu.

June 8th. 1S61. jelOdawtf with the of nnd ANDREW BOSS "IITT'E UAVE tho largest and best selected stock ol MEDICINES and Paints, Oils and Varnishes, PARLOR AND KITCHEN LAMPS, FLTJII3, OILS, Toilet and Fancy Articles, Patent Preparations and Specifies to be found in market. TiiRetlim with a full anil varied stock of GROCERIES, WINES ANDLIQU O.R medical purposes, SPICES, FLAVORING EXTRACTS, FRUITS AND FIXINGS for Family i cl Glass, CLASS WARE, Kerosene and Machine Oils, All of whicli will sell ut prices to correspond with the. reiluriirms to which Iff andprodiuxri of tfie country i.irr.

nuw to submit. We WilUt-M all kinds of CHEMICALS, PREPARATION'S AND PRE3CBIP- TION'S, PAINTS, OILS, BROWM AND RE- KISED SUCA11.S, SYRUPS, SPICES, SALT, coarse and tine, KLSH, FLOUR, Xj 3B tliiiu any otluT hoine in for the aame quality and of fluids, and Deliver Tlient Free of Charge to town, or to the railroad depots for fltich wiab them bent by mil. Our JILY, 1861. JULY, 1HG1. OF TI3VTE.

VIA. OKANU IIAVEX UOUT K. JVew Fivvoi'ite ICxpi-ess, U. S. Mail, Passenger and Freight Line.

Lowest Rates and Quickest Time IiV THE Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad. in connection with the KEW ASD POWET.FUL tTPEll CAiilN -STEAMSDIP3 "DETROIT" AND MIL. WAUKEE." and alter Monday, July 231. 1S01, and until further notice, yitlic-i- oi' tlie Kteamj-hips -Detroit" and "Milwaukee" of this line, will IIMVI- tin- of Milwaukee atrrot. Milwaukee, daily.

(t-xC'-pt pun- days.) at 4 o'clock I'. for (Jrand Haven, mneirtiui; there with the morning trains tor IK-tn-it. Jriispi'n-inn Tornnto, Montreal, Ituffalo, Jtocln Hter. York, Uostoll. and Cleveland line rf at Di-troil.

making quicker time ami lower fare than by any other Itoute. S3- Mark all Freight via D. and save time and monc-y. Milwaukee, 230 East Water street, fourth door pouth of Walker House. 25 WUcon-iu street, Tunis Periodical Dt-pot.

Foot of M'ater street, next door to Miles Armour's warehouse, O. receiver, J. M. Whitman, Den. Western Agi-nt.

I'homiui Forbes, Cty Agout. FREIOOT Dock, foot of Milwaukee street. W. M. Graham, Ascnt.

W. K. ML'llt, Sup't. i M. 1C Office.

July 231. 1SH1. SHKKl', for which cash will be- Box 233, I'oatotBce, Madison, utatiuj; quantity, and price. Madinon, August 30,1801. 3E3, Pease's Block, Main Street, FOR THE 3ALE OP Groceries and Seeds HE RESPECTFULLY CALLS THE ATTENTION OF THE PUBLIC TO ms STOCK OF GOODS, which will be sold CHEAP FOR CASH! 3S BLACK AND GREEN, aa well mai.yf.tlier articled in which wo deal, have all faro i lied that them.

To inch with me, we refer all new customers tor infuriiiation ad to the quality of our gwxls, their nricerj, ami our way of doing bnaiuecs. A. PALMKK i it; and Store, near the Ford House, Janedvill HOUSE AT c3L-u. 3 I OFFER inv remaining House Lots' in Palmer ant guthrrlandN udditioii, east of the Depots and Rail GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. I have eligible lots iu my addition, west the Depots, which I will nell at priced within the reach of all who dcrire to A heap and Permanent Home in the city.

Persons desiring can arc-iimix-dati-d in the same neighborhood, witt f-iiiti-d If wants, at low figured. Lotri un Went Milwaukee street for or TEKMS KASY, AND TITLE PERFECT. A. PA'LMER. Dmu and Stnre, Went Milwaukt-e street.

January ITtii. Ifc'-l. jimlTdawtf A NEW ESTABLISHMENT! Boots and Shoes, Cheap for Cash. AVING'il myself in the store east of tot It.vk ilank. in Myern' Xew Block, wher 1 int'-ml k-'.

full JLSootrt nnc own 1 have now on and incrt-OMni: inv stock, the bts kin.I Kivurh Calf and Kip t.i bo found in thi: rity. IR- Iiajrj.y and will piar all lliose who may be pleased nit- fall. JOHNSON. Jant-villi-. June 10th.

1501. THE OLD RELIABLE AND POPULAR INSURANCE COMPANY Tn tlif equitable and prompt Dub reapons tu the I2C CE3 3E Itt-ud its profession whil its I'xteiinivr. practical and flrst syaten uf liiral is uut excelled by any similar corporation in the world. SEED STORE! HAS OPENED A The followini: annual xhibit of tho liiiaiu-iitl of the relented to Lin- atu-ntivp and consideration ol the insuring jmbliG jVssels. Jiniunry 1st, IftlOl, Ciiih on liaml, in Lank anil AKeiit'D 33 LUUIH "ii Hunk other Voile IVnnk mar- fci-t viilui- 125,44000 llarU'-'i-d liank WatiTl.ury Bank market value 13,32800 T.T.u--*- 1 value 17,60000 Honda and Bank value 36,90000 Accumulated In.crest on 30 Total Cnsli Assets, $553,133 S3 entire capital, and lesources of the PlhT.Ntx.

beiiiix devoted to the busiiu-ysof Irisiiriince Exclusively, the Onir-any very superior adViintiges to patrons, in jioint of and aliility. SOLICITED, POLICIES ISSUED AND RENEWED in this leading corporation, at fair rut PS by K. L. 01 MOCK, Resident Agent. orciirrinp under Policies by me, for the Phifmx.

wfil 1-e ailjiiHtcd and paid at thin agency, in bnnk.ihlf fund-. ap9dtf NATIONAL FLAGS! OR hy A We keep constantly on hand, and will to order, all sizes of tla-jpi uf the bewt woolen fabrics. McKF.Y 4 BRO. Higrhest market rice paid fur tlxy feb2Sdawtf Behold I bringyou Glad Tidings of Great Joy. Union Note Paper! DIFFEIIBNT Slyli-aof Union Edvclopesconstantly on hand, at or retail.

ina.viMlf O. J. PEA11CORN. Photograph FINE ART GALLERY! LAPPIN'S HALL "Wagon Grease, rpIIE nrtirie in market. A largo invoice in store.

1'rire '2j cents per box.nt JySiltr TAf.LMAN i COLLINS'. A SlH'KllIOi; article of Ijimn Oil. which wear looker than any other kind and will not gnm ma cbiuery. For sale at TALLMAN A'COLUNS'. BOOTS AND SHOES 3VE 70E THI jXiXOlNT, Cheap! AM now receiving my Spring Stock of BOOTS SHOES.

My stock, in quality and ntylo cannot be npprnuched by any uf Chicago. Buying as I do, of manufacture anil fur only, I can salely Defy all Competition. In the depressed condition of the Eastern market, I was enabled to buy at UNHEARD OF LOW PRICES, and will sell at a small advance from flrst MY CCSTOI DEPARTMENT is still under the charge of MR. with experienced and skilful workmen, and wo are prepared, usual, to turu out upon short notice. DO NOT FORGET THE PLACE, at the Old Stand, nign of the "Hie Boot," Main Street, Janeeville, April IT, ISCl.


Manufacturer of and Dealer in NEWS, BOOK WRAPPING n. The highest market price paid for Kaga. oc22Jawtt NOTICE. 'HE undersigned have formed a Copartnership undur the style and name of Smith Bostwick, for the transaction of a general mercantile huHiueBd at elm New York Cash Store, where we propose to keep en hand at all tinien.Mn.' largest, cheapewt and most i-xtciisive aMHurtment nf tw be fiiimd in the city. In aduitii-n our regular Pry Uuods we have taken lately occupied by S.

C. Spaiilding, for our merchant Tailoring and Cloth Department, making two stores in one; where we shall krt-u the best of Cloths, rrn, and Fniuinh- ing he found in thi.t And uianuluL-ture all of FINE CLOTHING TO ORDER, in the latest and most JoahionaMeslyles. M. C. SMITH.

J. Jl. BUST WICK. Jancsvillc, March marlCduwtl. NEW ESTABLISHMENT AAMAN" takerf this method of informing hit friends that hu had commenced the Diisinenit ol all kinds of Watches I in May's building on Milwaukee, a few WEST OF THE POST OFFICE.

Having bt-en in the employ of MenprH. AVebb lee, of this city, for the four years, hu tlattura himself hu bad nuw such a reputation in hia will justify him in tVrr the uf thuno who have do long known him iu that cstaMLshment Corifl- dent of hia ability to entire satiMactit-n to who entrust him with tueir property in his line, of business, ho respectfully asks for the patronage of the public. K. AAMAN. June Cth, CAR BRUSSELLS, CAKfETS LOWELL CARPETS COTTON CARPETS HEMP A large PETS! CARPETS THUKE PLY CARPETS HARTFOKD CHAIN CARPETS COTTON CARPETS.

supply of itll tho A. -R S. Having ditipoMil of all tho old utock, I am now prepared to oftuf a larger at 3L.o\ver rices than ever before. All are invited to call at aplldawtf BENNETT'S. tiMlay, a fun' lot.

entirely new patterns, KcgUIuase-, OubletH. Tumblerw. PreKetve DiKhen, fruit Dishes, Nappies, lliitter Prints, ic. Will sold cheap tt W11KKLOCK tf. March 2ith.

Tobacco, Cigar and Liquor Store. keep constantly on hand A full aswrtment ol Ping, Fine Cut. Chewing, and Smtiking Scotch, Mucraboy and Kapiwu Si)nit, ripes, Tnhaco Boxes, alno, Liiinors, (lliws Ware all at tu currcspoud with the tiling at the uM stand on 31uin street. aprlOdtf O. P.

MKYEK A BROTHER. SPECIAL NOTICE. F. THOSIfSON luutrerurnvd to.7ane.-»vill.-and fir up rooiiitt, in pood styh'. over Curtis' Drug opposite the Hyatt iiuiife.

where lie inti'udii tu of the citizens uf JaiirnvilK- and vicinity in al! an fcood an the bent can be and a little Cheaper than tlie Pteiue cull and examine specimens and lint ot prices, and Hutitdy yourself hefice JanesTille, May i3i! 3STOTICJ3E3. A IJj pornoUH indebted to the lute firm ot S'arcIiJT A E'lyniptjn are required to pay such indebtedness tu Hloan Patten nut to pity any other per Hay 13tb, 1961. HZNET tiCAfiCUf.

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