The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on December 29, 1962 · Page 2
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 2

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1962
Page 2
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THE HUMBOLDT INDEPENDENT, Humboldt, Iowa PAGE TWO SATURDAY, DEC. 29, 1962 Nygaard from Cedar Falls. Mr. and Mijs.'; lib r• Mygalf M.' Aft'. aM ! "ftti;'' Myrt Sawyer. Mr. and Mrs. Her- THE HUMBOLDT INDEPENDENT NATIONAL EDITORIAL iSb.cA.TlSN Published Weekly at Humboldt, Iowa, Every Saturday by JAQUA PRINTING COMPANY Lawrence Jaqua, Editor Published each Saturday at 625 Simmer Avenue, Humboldt, low* and entered as second class mail matter under the Act of March 3. 1870. Second class postage paid at Humholdt. Iowa. Subscription Rates The Humboldt Republican, one year _._ S4.00 The Humboldt Independent, one year $4.00 Both the Republican and Independent can be purchased for one year at combined rate of ..._ S5.00 An extra charge covering wrapping and postage is made on papers ordered outside of Humboldt and adjoining counties, and varies with the different zones reached. Rates given on application. Terms — Cash in Advance Rules of Publication Cards of Thanks. SI.00 each. Legal matters at legal rates. Obituary poetry and lists of wedding presents published under protest. No display advertising or paid notices of any kind will be pub lished on the first page. No advertising adlets will be inserted with the news matter. ible $t) billion a year to the cost of driving- On the average, . " -rtiiurew ix vgaaru, r on uouye; jvjr. they amount to oO per cent of the basic price of the fuel and Mrs. Harry Nelson, Duncombc. itself. Extreme luxuries, much less a basic necessity, don't A " hatl tneir families, bear sales or excise taxes of such a weight. ' family"wer^at A word of warning is in order here. The fact that home at. Humboldt Christmas eve- there was no gas tax increase in 1962 does not.niean that *$! g ' A ' so Ml> ' an(1 Mrs - Vernon a safe and sure precedent has been established. As sure as God made little apples, proposals will be made for further and. tax increases in a number of the states. Taxpayers must famil >' and Mr - antl Mrs - Ral P h continue to keep their eyes open, adopt an attitude of andTmHv'; £ Marvin Gronbach and RANDOM THOUGHTS Mrs. Richard Falb from Denver, Colo. watchful waiting—and make themselves heard when and came Saturday to spend Christmas if the need arises. ' with Mr - and Mrs. Ray Falb. He left Wednesday by plane to go back ' '-' to Denver. stated Eldon Monson's went to Mr and Mrs. Dick Schultz en- Chicago for Christmas. Before t'; ay tertained Christmas dinner guests, got started Eldon's uncle at Strat- Oary Schultz, Cedar Falls; Mr. and lord passed away and Wiluia Mon- Mrs. Floyd Nichols and Mrs. Roy son of Chicago came to Iowa to Swenson and Bill Schultz of Hum- attend the funeral. boldt. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clark had Mr. and Mrs. Duanc Woods and a Christmas dinner at their home family spent Christmas Saturday Thursday evening. Those attend- with her parents Mr. and Mrs. i«S were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dold- Clyde Ober at Stratford. •»*****•»•••'**"•••'**•*• ~ TtrTTfTTT **-' er an( j children from Iowa City, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Rash and twins We would like to tell you the and Mrs. pick Hefty and son and of Colorado Springs, Colo., came story of ten little free workers as Mr. and Mrs. Harold .Dolder and Saturday to spend the Christmas originated by the Potomac Edison David. A Christmas gift exchange holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Don Company of Hagerstown. Mary- was had after dinner. Clark and boys, land: Mr. and Mrs. Dave Fischer eii- Dinner Guests tertained at Christinas dinner. Mr. Mr . and Airs. Dick Cran enter- Ten little free workers in this and Mrs. Harley Fischer, Mr. and tained dinner guests on Sunday. country fine and fair. Mrs. Robert Fischer and family of Mrs. Herman Gronbach, Mr. and But if you cherish your frecddm— Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Mrs. Roy Brown and family, Mr. worker have a dare'. Lamier and family, Eagle Grove. a»d Mrs. Harold Gronbach and Ten little free workers—Roddy Mr. and Mrs. Frances Henley and family, Mr. 'and Mrs. Kelly Gron- was doing fine family Of Lehigh and Mr. and Mrs. bach and family and Mr. and Mrs. Until the socialists got him—then Lawrence Henley of Lehigh. Allen Sinclair and family, there were nine. Mrs. Helen Youngwirth enter- Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fuhrman SEVERE SNOWorlCE clay for two weeks vacation in the southern slates. Dian.a Strulhcrs whb attends Drake University at DCS Moines is spending the Christmas vacation n! her home. Mrs. Carlisle Halsrud and dan- ghter and Mrs. Selnia Nelson vis ited Diana and Patty Struthcrs Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Kropf and family of Atlantic spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kropf. Sunday they were all Christmas dinner guests at the Harold Kropfs at Dakota City. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kropf and family of Ruthven and Jerry and Joyce Kropf of Bode were also guests. Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Smehy and Cynthia of Mason City, visited her mother, Mrs. Olianna Vinaas from Sunday until over Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyer and Karen of Morris, 111., were Sunday dinner guests at the Marl in Meyers. PREVINT WINTER DRIVING WOES The National Safety Council «ays: Always carry a pair of reinforced tire chains ready for use when needed during severe •now or ice conditions. They help a\«oid skid-wrecks and prolonged traffic delays. Police say chainless vehicles are responsible for chaotic traffic tie-ups. OTTOSEN HE HAD "EVERYTHING" YET HE RAN AWAY (Our thanks to Mrs. Marshall Clancy of Hardy for this thought) A man ran away from security. Gronbach .were Fort Dodge callers. Mrs. Curt Fox went to Minneapolis, Minn., Thursday morning Xine little free workers laughed at tained her children at Wesley for entertained Christmas dinner gue- tio visit MarlisBrauman. Neddy's fate a pre-Chistmas dinner. Those at- sLs, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Fuhr- „..„,« T SC , Gron . bach . * as ,'." A '' OTTOSEN — Mary Lynn Wchr- Along came federal medicine— tending from Livermpre were Mr. man, Lena Fuhrman and Nick ° "? . <•? ncsaay to visit friends spa nn, three year old daughter of then there were eight. and Mrs. Julius Becker and family Besch. ' an ° rclatlve f' Mr. and Mrs. Allan Wehrspann is Eight little free workers thought and Mr. and Mrs. Dick May anil Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Benge and „, , . , *V' S ' Ullvei 'l Johnson jn at her home with bronchial this country heaven family. Kathy of Bradgate wcre Wednes- ente » a »ne(l Christmas dinner gue- pneumonia. He received all his meals for himself and faniilv for "'""ers got in a fix. ' Uncle said coal's essential took over leaving six. But the government took over the railroads, then there were seven. Seven little free workers—'till the and .Mrs. Milt..BergUmVah^"Steve! sts, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Hank Monson had day night supper guests of Mr. and famllv nf Hnmh i if ,"*?" Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jacohsen and Christmas dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Underberg. """. '.,;" '£ OI ""mooiat ana Mr. Cynthia of Grand Forks, N. D . . . ., Mrs. John Zcimet. Mrs. Jack «r 'nH M« Pnrhf, •• ""• " Ilu "'">• rOlDUS He received free medical attention family. He paid no rent. He and his family received free clothing. His house was furnished for him. He got h,s working tools free. Mr.-and Mts. Stanley Monson of Zeimet^ Matthew and Mark of familv and Fort ..Dodger Chick Monson and Boone and Mrs. Sonny Lane and nf vfn Kermit Knutson. for himself and Six little free workers 'till the day Mr. and Mrs. Julius Becker and crnoon visitors of Mrs. Art Vaudt. Mrs. Jesse Schmidt, Ruthven, Mr. and • came Saturday to spend Christmas at iv,n hnmn w!th their P arcnt s> Mr. and ' Mrs. •T.-.u .. " .", Merle Holt and Mr. and Mrs. John cobsen of Humboldt. Martha Usher, who teaches at family -spent Christmas With his Hanson of the Keith Daniels at B.xholm and Thofams have been colctivized ,„„, , C aves only four. spent i. Otto Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Anderson en- Christmas guests in the home of . Goldfleld entertained If it was necessary for him transportation was furnished. He didn't have to pay any taxes. In fact, he didn't have to pay for anything. Me didn't even need to have any money. Despite these, he ran awav. If anything happened to him, his family received the Koill- !ittltl fl- ce workers till the tertained ; Christmas' . eve supper their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. M^h^sHit/a^famn benefits that they received when he was alive. government did decree guests, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jensen, and Mrs. C. N. Chaudoin, at .Hum- '" ' ' * an ""' , . , .. A " mllst have ' rcc legal advice Humboldt, Mr. and Mrs. Art Ask- boldt. or nis lamily to travel, —then there were three. land, Fort Dodge, Mr. and Mrs Richard D. Fullerton and Christmas the Oscar Ourths at Ames Friday. and Mrs. They went on to DCS Moines to Younkers Re- Margaret will —nun mere were inree. land, Fort Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Fullerton and Johnny Three little free workers—the num- Leonard Brandt, Fort Dodge, Mr. faith were Wednesday afternoon her is getting few. a ,,d Mrs. Everett Jensen Humboldt, visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Uut with government groceries Mr. and Mrs. Don Schoeberlein, Householder at Lone Rocn. selling food—then there were Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ercl- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zeiinct, Mat- two - man and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Paul- tliew and Mark returned to Boone Two little free workers-our story's son, Sac City and their families. after spending the Christinas hoi- W h,,9 Do ,i , „,, . almost done, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Zeimet have idays with Mr. and Mrs. John Zei- VVny.' Because he was a slave. This man was a negro With clerks at work in federal gone to Florida for the winter, niet. st T-??r~r that lcavcs ° nlv one - Their daughter and husband Mr! ' Mr. and Mrs. Lefty Cayon of Tuie little free worker-the reporter and Mrs. Nick Berte, jr.,' are liv- cson, Ariz., are here visiting their >on-ol-a-Min. in* in th, 7-im». h«m. ..daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dr. and Mrs. Beardsley spent Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jacobs of Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Orin Bradgate were Sunday evening vis- at Green Bay, Wis. itors at the Loren Daniels. Irs. Sprong spent Christmas at Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Struthcrs, home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sal- Do nna Jean and Jeff left Thurs- and family. As We Approach The New Year, We Pause for a Moment to Extend our Warmest THANKS for Your Confi- dence and for I he Privi- lege of Serving You in lfl(52. We appreciate Your Patronage and Humbly Resolve to Do Our P.est to Merit the Opportunity to Continue to Serve You Thro ught I hi- New Y 196.'}. Locke Jewelry Ralph & Margaret Betty & Blanche who was owned by a southern gentleman. He preferred freedom and insecurity to slavery and security. Why do we bring this up? Because we, as individuals, are sacrificing our freedom to become slaves. For every benefit we gain, we have to pay a price. That price is part of our freedom. Compare our lot with that of our ancestors, the pioneers. With little more than their two hands, they won a living from the wilderness. But they had freedom, and selves, but not their masters. A slave has to support himself and his master. One son LIVERMORE Uy KATHERINE FULI.ERTON LIVEHMORE — Mr. and Mrs. ing in the Zeimet home. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scbwendeman Sawyer and family. entertained Christmas flintier •gu'e'-' 'Mr. and Mrs. Culvert Johnson at- sts. It also wis the 25fh Anniver- tended . card party at the home of sary; .of' ( 'Mr., and Mrs. I^red Sen-' Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pooch near wendernann 'tff,'Lehigh.; Those .at- Bode. tending: w'efe .Mr.Vahd Mrs. Larry . , Mr. and Mrs. Art Zeimet and Fox. of Britt, Keniteth Swcndeina.nn family spent Christmas night at of Fprt Leonard Wood, Mo., Mrs. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry took Mr. and Mrs. John Ilohnbergcr to Fort Dodge Wednesday night where they took the train to Illinois to spend the holidays with their daughter, Esther Myers and family. Mrs. Sonny Lane had the . , Lehigh, and Mrs. ay n t. ••• „!! Mrs - E ™vin Friday, Renwick; Mr. Burnside. Pit and Mrs E lwood Rummcns, Hardy; p «, D* 8 i. i n n ur8 ' Mr - and Mrs - Jack Kellv - Gilmore Esther Packard, Cam- city and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Armstrong. Jean Klein and Don Neilsen of Humboldt were Christmas supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Everett An- Mr , Ravmond Be ,, e <- Guest ' Jud y Raney from Sioux City wffhl'f^S. S TWO IRONIES Over a period of years the United States has been fortune to'buricher arm" als"o some" d °M moving closer and closer toward a totalitarian concept—a of |1CI> llair Thursday. A Humboldt famHv""^^ 8 '^^^ "at concept that holds that all major planning should be im- ^..^^"[^ . _ . S Tel posed from the top echelon of the government. Ironically, the Soviets, who certainly know aiyhere Elmer Schreiber"'Thursday" after- andVmVand M^an^M^.Sonny is to know concerning the results of total government cli- "°" n ; . Lane and boys Christmas day. rection of the lives and enterprises of a great nation, seem DannVTeft A T l uesday B for I \Vis"on a s l in nin ^Uesu? of *" erni)0n and eve ; to be moving, even though slowly, in the opposite direction. t° visit Charlie Hansell From Monson 'we're* Airland Mrs' '"ileiney b ert Raney Chairman Khrushchev, for instance, recently said ! he |l c lhey w . in . go to T . exas and on Ristau and Dennis from Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Karl Baessler, Mr. that certain capitalistic principles must be introduced in- Mr, S pllh' VIS " Ml-i ' nd Cit f' Mr ' »nd Mrs. Ed Henderson »nd Mrs. Keith Baessler and fam- tn HIP Snvint• «,.«,w,mv <n „,.,] < i <• and familv . Humboldt; Mr. and ily of Renwick and Mr. and Mrs. to the boviet economy in order to spur production. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hanson were Mrs.. Cecil .Hewitt and .'Barbara Randy Palmer were Christmas din- iNrOW, a Professor Lieberman, who teaches at Kharkov Fnrl 1:)ocl p visitors Thursday. from Dakota City, Ronny Hewitt ner and supper guests of Mr. and University, has publicly presented a strong case against ; e anm. weiT"^' Eisenbarth . and wl ?° is in the service at Lacene, Mrs. Dean James at Hardy, all-inclusive planning from the top. The fact that his find- night. S " ay Mike and Jonl"from 5 Algona Melyin Berryhill was a C1 "tet- ings and opinions have been widely publicized within the Jll(l - v Zeim et of Colorado came Mr. arid Mrs. Howard Barton en-' Herbert Rane"" Soviet Union proves that they meet with the approval of and'^"? Hen'rv' Ze* ^ arents '. Mr ' ' ertained Sunday dinner guests, Judy and Barbara Raney attend- According to an account by J. A. Livingston, the well Lan '. v Coleman of Buena Vista Ona. Beers. - . Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Raney known business and financial analyst "The nrofe^or -u- ( ' ollese ' storm Lak e came Friday Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Smith enter- were Wednesday night supper gue- L'uesthit ill-nit•m-m-.croi-'. .,, lf l r ii,. u ,ir,.' i <i " , U) s|)end tho cllris "nas holidays » a 'ne d Christmas dinner guests sts of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Naeve fc lies tnat plant managei sand directors do not have enough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs, JLizjie Nygaard, M.r." and Mrs. at Clare. freedom. They are hampered by orders, directive*, and Buzz Coleman, and family. Larry Charlies.Nygaard, Wesley;- Mr. and Herman Durksen, Waukee was rulings from on high wi!! teach school at Milford in Mrsi.'L'uth^r Nygaard; Wesley; Mr. a visitor at the -Mr. and Mrs. . iho ' -..H, ,*„ u. , u ,- • , J^uai-.v- and :vMrS;. Cecil aiaw«,VCprwith; George Foth home. » me execumes ought to have discretion, be Mrs. Gene Roark of Des Moines Mr -.-.»B d ,: ! ^>;Sf-Bpb.-:Cha^bers > Alb- Mrs. Louise Gronbach spent able to choose their suppliers and select their customers, is spending the Christmas holidays with her parents, Mr.s. Sylvester Fuhrman. ert ' They ought to be allowed to maximize their profits, and day:i the plant executives who make the biggest profit ought to get the highest rewards." Mr. Livingston makes this observation: "What a dirty capitalist idea to be bruited about in the Soviet Union: lii- ! Christmas holi- "" v v :"V 4 r ,;.','»nd Mrs.jGunther Christmas out of town. parents, Mr. and " ee (*,f' . iy 'MW 1 Ml ; '. .Nyj&jiify Mavis Mrs. Grace Anderson ar\d Louis 11 V» i*m on ' f- . . ., . . ' . i.. • '.' Kent Schultz of Ames is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Schultz. Cheryl Furhman of Mason City , , jntl - I ._ _ „ , , . -,i ls s P endin g Christmas and New centue pay—based not necessarily on the quantity of pro- Years with her parents, Mr. and duction, not on meeting of pre-determined goals, but on Alrs ' Larry Funrm an- producing the type of goods other factory consumers really want." Fischer Guests Barbara Cran and Alice Nee during 19G2 Smith and daughter of Humboldt "' managers or eiber of Ottosen were Fort Dodge So, the Soviets once again are taking a leaf from the callers Sunda y afternoon, capitalist book. It may be—and here is another irony—that family "o? Servllll werTsa™?- we will need to take a leaf from theirs in its new edition. da y visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Hay . . Wilson and Cindy. WAIT AND SEE The American motorist got one break „ . 6 _„_, the American Petroleum Institute reports. ^^StuS^SS^ " This was the first year in 17 years in which there Mrs. Dick May and Mrs. Dorothy were no increases in state gasoline taxes. From 1945 clear B « eekve f. hel P ed Bernice through 1961 there was at least one state gas tax increase Monday'*^ celebrate her b>rtW W per annum. All told, during that period, motorists were hit M F- an d Mrs. Harley Fischer with 86 separate gasoline tax increases in the various ! ve H e ., SundI3y dinn ^ r guests 0)f Mr> i i ii *Ai. i.i_ • «uo ivij's. jcrfy jvnjfint. states, as well as with three increases in the federal gas Mr. and Mrs. Julius Becker were tax. Tuesday vistors at the Dick The Institute finds that gasoline taxes add an incred- wi £j ^ Winter Playland Now Open Winter Fun For Everyone! SKIING * TOBOGGANING Skis '& Toboggans for Rent . , or Bring Your Own Loads of Fun 3 Miles East & % Mile North oif Humboldt frpro Noon ; Hill "'O p;m. AH oth'fr;,. % d^ys^ during School VjujjiitiojiJ^pa 'tjjil 6-^.nt 6aU'43lil3 01? 54m JJ Ends Wednesday NEW YEAR'S EVE TWO SHOWINGS 7:00 And Late Show 9:30 TUESDAY, 2:00 p.m. & 7:45 p.m. Only Txl RODGERS& HAMMERSTEIN POPULAR PUKES Every scene... every song... every moment... of the motion picture that ran a year on Broadway at $3.50,,, NOW AT POPULAR PRICES! . .WHllrWI VfmfnA|. MNV* \®tf « WILIAM LUPMfi ' - . % mm «»«ii«i jp^ *9'0'S$TfSHISK;9LOR ^ ClNBMAScOPfc

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