Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on June 29, 1897 · Page 3
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 29, 1897
Page 3
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Ordinary Saddle. "fhristy- Anatomical vi^ n«it rests on tbi Cl.nsty Saddle. ; BOOKLEI SENT - «U X objections. Comfortable } a**e so adjuster! ns io receive tht prominences of ihe pelvis, thus obvi !* 11 pressure. It i.s marie of mcul anc ot warp or change ilo shape. " ».'. * Christy l-':r.^ lined to yonr bicycle !<*c •>• >=-^ on account of jr»ur SPAI.DINO&BRO& ilfaRelief i ap aching tooth has been cted, and especially when itunder has been used. Tliis -famous preparation that ifre jave told you so much about jakes all our dentistry painless Or THE VNIVEKBITY PENNSIXiVANlA. M. E. COB. f,TB & UUftLBKKUAND ST. DKNTIBT, 7S8 CHESTNUT STaEKT. nunacemeat l,rc-aM or the times. Vtattora to . lo l- w iil Or.d lh« Kxvrettin the very heart «f_»!IL lonplm; dlMrirt. i-onn-nlenl to puces ot JK)u»e)nrnlnml "'.idliy nccv-wlblp trom all pa Much has been mid about tariff and the Sfv J2?*? ot wn »' (-n i 01 " 5 ^ h*» actually advanced. vS» Butinspiteof It all 1 take gnat pleasure ta "" ' Jannouncc to I he public th»t one of the larcest woolen firms In the Dulled Slates has notified *ne uf a general reduction of 2Sc. toTSc. per »r«rrt In woolens, thus enabling ine to reduce tilt prlowof ul<» from 10 to 20 per cent. Now wfaitietlme.lo purrhase your 8ui(«, for they -wlllnererbMuoldM low as that aenin after ' JnetarlB bill coos into effect. OTor:n«isiy!i-j t from. A. F. WARD, •f««ba.t Tsilor, II N. Sevratb St Soearlne, enattaf and jUpaltkn IKm«. AUliMt Itheuuiut IMU Kt incily will con- Vinoeitoaof its Bu>at tnerii. We guarantee two-third* of a bottle to benent the worst cace of Bheumatisra. I f It fails .return the remainder ana get yonr ice £Sc. This offer may be Bat'W^4koe. Atlart Wboouliig Un\- me&t reUevBS and cures whooplne cough and had odds of children, no matter how severe. Ask mothers who have used it. Frioeac. '"-' -,;HeWALT NTEDICAL COMPANY, MiMI«t*WBr KiB. V • , • Mora 47 BottUl Klcbth StoMt. Felt and S8BATEDGO1 ot for the „„« JBI :' l ^ Iul , d Jbr Lebanon and Borks * jiljr iwrtles with any quanvUy sirs> I willtover roofs with felt or ttofsat reasonable prices. " "~ fmr roofs can be eeea In ^^^r^if.' 0 !^ .can sup- may de- Bnke Oot Afresh. as^JtgnlnamiU Wcra Koi K«pt br Ciwtneton. . New'Yoric. JuneJj5T.^-Jt large nnmbe of contractors wW>'VJiaa entered Int settlement with..Citlie;" Brotherhood o Tailors last week have, according t mem tiers promlneot In the Clothing Ce!uractors'gassoclatJon l iSrnbred th new agreemeht, dosed their shops an turned Jkeir Employees adrift, number of contractors who are said t have thus acted Is set down at 400, em ploying tetween 1,000 and 1.500 opera tors. > Leader Schoenfeld characterized th Statement as a. lie made but of stvhol doth. In the face of this denia'. a huge .force oj-ldle tailors was found concre Sated at the tailors' headquarter itfany of them said they bad been locke out and made n« Concealment of th fear entertained by them that they face to face with another period of .idle ness. Leader Schoenfeld had decMeJ to 1ml forth the next two wwks at the head quarters of the Tnitr-1 !<r'<th»rhood Tailors. HP ini^nJ'-i ' n relinquish hi charge of t.'t^ t:»n»r> -"-n Saturday, b for «i-im" unfcri"iv:i reason has decld :', remain at his post until the middl ,-.( ji.:-.-. 'n.-:ructions have heen given to al nlle tailors by Schoenfeld not to \W*1 under any condition fo> Contractor? who had yielded to the demands. If the threat ot the contractors la rled.out, .owr»jl)«ia41**.*«l.*e 1 ;TrmiU London,..June 2S.—A correspotKlen't o The Time* at Tokyfr. 1n a letter pub lisbed, dwell's tijqai Ibe enormous da age whlcfc.the new American tariff wll .wpfteto''Japanese-trade.'' He -gives' fhj Ures showing that "the new duty on Japanese tea amounts to more: than 'the whole value of the export!) of that eoffi- modityl and says that there Is a £r rush of r-xi'nrlrrfc to forestall the imposition of the duty. The correspondent nil-Is: "A deputation of tea growers hail waited upon the minister of -agriculture tt> ttr.ee tfce Eoyernmeift'Eo make iffldal protest, but .Japan seems fated to a rude awakening from Her dream ol American sympathy and good will." A Cloort Week at tlie Fair. Nashville, June 28.—More than 100,000 persons passed through the gates of the expositionlastweek,and but for violent rain on Thursday this number would have been largely increased. There are special events for eafch day .of the present week, but the first of national Importance will be July 1,- when the Ph| Gamma Delta fraternity delegates, who meet in convention, will celebrate.' College men from all the States will be in attendance. SHERIFF'S SALES. B V VIKTUE OF A CERTAIN "'KIT OF Levari Facias Snr Mortgage, issued out of theOonrt of Common fleas of Xebanon county, and tome directed,! .will expose at Public Sale or Out-Cry, on SATURDAY, JULY 3, 1897, At liSO o'clock, v. m > at the Court fiouse, i the CUr of Letanoqt Pa., all the estate, right title, culm, interest and demand, lands and tenement* of-GBOBOB D. RISK, of I in, and lo> the folloiring Valuable Beal Estate, vis: All those two certain'Messuages, Tenements nr Tracts of Land, situate Ol -the eSlt side of S'onh Eighth street, north qf -the Oulttapa- hilla Creek, in the City of Lebanon. Lebanon ounty.-Pa* upon which is ballt the "BISe Block,' 1 and residence of Off said Geo ,D. Else, party hereto, the first or which is bound' ed and described aaloilows, to wits beginning st a-polnt in east bulldlnj Hue of North Eighth street, on line of otherlands of said George O. Rlwl thence along said line cf (forth Eighth street north nve degrees and twenty-five minutes, WeBl ninety feet, (north 8 degrees S3 minutes, west 90 feet) to a stake; thenoe alone lands of the Cjrn wall and Lebanon Railroad Company at right ancles -with sail line of North Eisbth ctrcet,nortli eighty 'our degrees and thirtr-flve minutes, east fifty-five and se»en-lenllls feet (n. Sid 35'. east fij? ft.) to a stake-fifteen feet <15 ft.) from the center line of the Lebanon Belt Kail way; thence by land of said Cprnwall and teba- non Kauroad Company by a enrre three hundred and forty-fonr «nd three tenths feet ra Alas (344 Z feet), fifteen feet (15f I) from the centre line of eald Lebanon Belt Hallway and concentric tjerewlch cue hundred and twenty- fgut Andlhlrteco hundn-dius feet ll^cj 13ft) to a point [n line of land of said George O. Kise; hence alorur said land south eighty-four dt- . -ees and thirty-five mlnatea week one bun- red and forty-nve and ciRlity-eSght hun Lrelusfeel (sjiuh HI d-tireee. 3> minute*, west ,45.89 feet) to tbfi ilace of beglnnin r . coolain Ing JB1CS acres DoT48i6 .quare feet, be tue sane more or lesd. Tbe-improvements thereon consist of. four three-story D*elling Houses. each'house !2j< by 2i}$ feet; bick building attache 1 to each, 15 by 3t eot: a Baker Shop attached to one bnildine. * by 20 feet; a Tinsmith Saop attached, :8 by Tne second thereof, bf (tinning at,a point on Eighth street, one foot south Of the northern end of the coping stone at liie ea*t side of the irldge .which crosses the Qulttapahllla creek: hence along said Nnnh tlelitli street north 'orty <40) feet to a point; thence past at right ingles with the said Eighth street along line it land above described, north eiehty-fonr degrees and 35 minutes, (north 84d 35m.,) to a joint on line o[ land orinc Lebanon Belt Railway, aforesaid; thence by samo in a southern direction to a point on tne northern tank of the said Qulitspahillacreek: thencnalonK the northern nank of said Qntuapafcilla creek, ID a westwardly direction, to the place of begin- The improvements consist of a Three fctory Brick building. (0 by 37 feet; si-story Dining Hoom attached, ,7 by 21 feel: Kitchen, 2-story Unt- Kltehen, libySMcet. Seized-and taken Into execution as the property oi'UKOttGttD.KISir.ajid will I* cold ly - KEUliKN SUNK, H. C. SBIKK, Attorney. bheriff. A LSO, AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE, by virtue of a certain writ of Levarl jaclas Sur Murtgage, Issued out of the Court of common Pleas ul Lebanon county, and to me directed, I will expose at rubric Sole or out-Cry, allthees ate. Jght. title, claim, lu- t*'rest and demand. Isnas and teuements, of iENKY f. K LICK and CATH AKlNt KL1OK, UB wife, ot, in aiid to the rollowing Valuable Real Estate. \-iz: All that certain Tract of Land, si'uite in UNION TOwNbnlP, Lebaaou county, P«-, near the road leading from Bordner'b to Harner's, adjoining lands of William Bohr on the ast, Thomas S. Walmer on the wesi, Henry lick on the north and William Kabcr on the mtli, I'onlKtninc 111 nrres*. more or less. JSf I'll,- improvements 1 hereon r«>n- t'sl of a Two 6t.ory Frame. lloUBe I- 1 - by •Jl feel -.Summer ]tou*ts 1- by Y- K'ei; ^1 Ity J) feet, iuul other m-cei- Gobin and HcCurdy, Attorney A LSO.ATTHESAMBTIMKANDPLACE, by virtue ol a certain writ of Levari facias Sur Mortgage, issued out of the Court ot Common Pleaslof Lebanon conntir,.and to me directed. 1 will expose at Public Sale or out-Crv,all the estate, right, lltle. claim, interest and demand, lands and tenements, or £ M BOLTZ, ol. In and to the followtas Vain«an L or Pleoe of Ground, sit- nate in the City of Lebanon, i-el)">on <S u JJ t A; l-a., fronting on the east side of Worth Eighth Btreet 1! feet; and eiteiding of that width in dep h east 158 feet ttTgchool, alley bounded on ihe Konh by lot of Kelnoehl and Meily, on ine »Sth bylot of Jfi. M. Boltz, on the east by »id School »Uey and on the west by said Ivighth street. , , - Improvements consist of a Brick House,*! by » feet, wlthMansardroof; Two-Story Brick Addition, 16 bv H feet and other nee- MB •esuiy out-buUumgs. and is known aa w into execution M th . testimooials or *ny other i call t>u NATHAN MILLER, Eigktk Strwt lebM»« Pena'«. At 1:30 o'clock, p. m, at the bonrt^onssto k. ity ol l,cbitnOiit iipiHinfUT estate, right, title, claim, ii ' ,nds. and tenements, of -- 1. to, and to, the fol- ;, b ea<,t »Pf«^ of Mrs- perches to «m. Kank to a che&tnul Brandt north 7stone: thenoe t>f z* perches to a pine; than Kepner south ll) lu a stone: Uience by — grees.west 47»i perches io i™^}' 1 tenth 2 degrees, east S perolM,™ 1 ; thenoe south 80 degrees, west a CL. ne; thence south 88 del **" .. a chestnut post, the containing 13 acres tame more or less. The improvements consist or House, ifbygrieet: Kitchen, • 1'.; feet; Barn, 18 by 37 feet. belzedand taken into eiecntioaa, " " -1A3SK I>lSToN and LKV Tl besnl.lby BKJBES STIKE, Sheriff. KzfsnL.Carr&lfcHacK, Attorneys. bherifTs Office, Lehaooa, June ™ A SENAfE SEAf THE STAKE.! OKER has often b&eh bailed the faa tibna) g a in e 6 Ainenca," said th . pray-naired, mit die-aged man the club smoking room, ."but 1 fane. tl:ere are few citi zens who fnllyap preciatehpwmuc itifliier.L-e it has exerted on-thedestiiiies of the n.-ition in one way np3 anothci We hr;ir stories now and agaTa of tW winning' and losing. ol fortuues, alii soinotiuies how large estates and min ii:g properties; have been staked on tire chances lying between two hands. :.Am e\ery lobbyieHnthecocntryisfainiliii with the old dcHce oMdsihg idrgfesiiiii in a rriehdly gama-friHj: a,legisji»fo ' or' ' was.. r?u:on5"VOters. but be hat m another man named GiTmar but Sees, but didn't berter in tiedrawj i drew three car (is, as did each til i *i\^ j>libt^^inpl5 as well as.privaii5 (ra^%b: ; snial1. extent; 'tut i have setn a . eal ib the .UhitecJ fetalea senate Ids ou four queens.'^- . ; x "Of course, yo'o-are not iali<ingscri Otisly," said one of th« party. 1 "Brit' '1 Tim," was tlie 'answer, "seri iiisly and literally! 1 , "it -happened ' ii ^linncsota soon afler 'the war. Poiit Jcal conditions in that part of the wesl were very .different 10 tvhat they are IHIW, and 1u fact all other Condition.-, were, too. ll was at ab*?ut Ihe begiil niug of tlic real grb<vllt of the iiortii- '1'lie value of the wheat fields hat . learned, but. Uife Swedish and Nor tvegian immigration was in ifa Infancy liod. the 3umbfer industry, that after ' grew to such enormous propor tious, was then making comparatively few men rich. Minneapolis wasasmull town on the south side of the rivcr.amf St. Anthony was a town of the same size on the other side. Now it's a city, but then nobody dreamed of 8ti Paul being eclipsed in si/.e or itnpof'- IjV} p as knocking' about late oiic summer at that |>eriod, and Jiad'made many 'riends around St. l*nul and Minneapolis, some of vi'honi-Jvfere state officials, and I bad heard much talk of thcstrii^- *le there was to be in tlie r-ext lepisla- urc over t he elect ion of a s-.-nator. Two ncn were in the raec, and as they were ratJi popular tlie contest «n» likely to ie a close one. I'arty questions did not tiler in, for the stole was strong-ly re- ublican, and no democrat stood a how. But which of the republieinV iculd carry the legUlatufe. Was a-mat-' e^ of great doubt, and l^aiw befs made n the issue as early as tlie first of Sep- ernber. As the time of election drew lear, it was evident that the choice for enator was going- to govern the notn- nation of candidates/for the' Icgrisla- ure, and as both the seiiatoria] aspi- auls were long of head as well'as-loiis f- purse they were using nil the in-' oenoe they had m. the county.conven- iyns whicK were to t>e held earl/in October. Eight here was where the importance. I t-he lumber Ajklustry canife in. The money on which the lumbermen in -the pper counties lived came to them most- y tho-ough Minneapolis and St. Anhony, and the perfectly,-legitimate usiness relations between' them and ne business men of those two'-cities latltraily gave, the latter, muchfinflu- ncc among the former. There was a Joking-, Iiappy-ifo-lucky man in Min- .__pplis whom cveiybody called Uou lartin, for noTeason that 1 'cou'lil dis- over exfcpt that be wasn't a doctor, .e was.part owner of a sawmill, and pent the most of each winter in the. voods with his rae'n. He waa credited of one .. gang or anbtiier. Martin was a..rich ,mar. but (iilnianin xvas seldom fiu9h v i'xitrjjting in the spring, when he bad drav.n his winter's pay. These two! men were known to bestrong partisans, one favoring one'• of "The would-be sen- ( ,ato_rs and the other tne other; and it was generally thought tbat'they woult both go'eleotioneering when the covmtj convejitions were belJ. • :"The week before t^at would happen I' ivos one ttf ft party who drove from Minneapolis to a road house oh the Fort Sneljihg road hear the Minnchalla falls,, partly for tlie enjoytaebt of tbe thtjbil!igbl and-partly for ii jjame supper stich tis'ihte house fras fahvoiis fo pHJviiiffi'^. M*rtin S-as one cf Ib ( party, and as there vvere two or three ot-bsr high rollers with us 1 had made, up: my;rnind that'll would be daybreak before We wdtilB get bdck. "1 «-as rigli't, but before tbe night Wa« mef we bad tnoreexeiteroent than I hat expected.- We had had the supper and »an abundance of good wines with it and were sitting around the table en Joving some .rarely good punch when fomelxxly proposed poker. Nqoneob jeeted, and in a few minifies tatre tvfire tub games in progress, for thejro Jvtre ii ib Hie party. Six played'; .it.],bne (able, and .Martin and 1.and threeotliexj werent tlieother.. .Thegamewasn fair ly stiff o-ie, ten ddiiarisibfeihg the iihiti p.ml the cards ran well enough to bbild up some heavy ^jbta. • We^bad air in dulged freely enongli tb'g-lve-'burselves t horougbly fo 'the enjoyment of' the hour, though we had not been drinking heavily, and there.vi'aSri't a man tJiere iiude^-t'he-infinehce. . Altogether it waa a delightful occasion. Suddenly the iloor opened and Gilhiartih looked in rJbn't want to "rough in," boys. he sair], 'but 1 slopped here to get slip- |ier on the way hotiie. and the landlord toltl me you were here, so 1 thought I'll Jisl; you lo take a drink with me.' HP was greeted heartily, for civry- hody knew and liked him. and a Jumper oT punch was poured 'out fpr him forllnvitb, his invitation 'being laid on the table. it •• • We're playing ten dollars limit. Hi!,', said one of the party, who"kne\v that noney was not always-plentiful with Hie big fi-llow.- But he laughed care- iesslji and said: ythat's all right,' as ic pulled out $uO and bought chips. "The game went on without any special development for perhaps half an iour> before I noticed that Martin was )laying against Gilmairtin as heavily as e could, and only- tryin{f"'to hold his own against the rest of us. Gilmartin leld hfB end up fairly, and was not far From even When Martin got his first >Ood chance at him. It was a pretty >lay, too, for Gilmartin thought, as the rest of us did, that Martin was bloff- ng when he stood pat, and contented umself with coming in without a raise every time i{ came his bet, .until the of us had dropped out. Then he raised Gilmartin the limit. Gilmartin tad a jock-high flush and was confident, so they had it back and forth 11 Gilmartin called and gave up $400 o an ace flush. "That was the heaviest pot for a long Lime, but presently tie two got.to- "ether again, and Gilmartin lost $200 more. Then he grew n little nervous, and Martin grew cooler. Then Gilmar- in became angry, though he controlled limself tolerably "well, a.nd I was sure ifartin would beat him. So it proved. :t came my deal soon after in a jack- tot, and .Gilmartin opened it. We'all taune IrK standirur ACartin-'g drpppeu out. Uiimartin raised and the fonrili man threw down his cards. That left the two a.'onc again, and Martin raised back. ,_ ' '-.,.;.'-"'Ten better than you,' saidGilmarr tin, Eiuagi'ly. and thcn">vith a short laugh be added: 'Von wbn 1 ^ get away with me tliistitne.' '"If you think sbr said Martin, qufet- ]J-, 'what do j-orTsa.y to tilling off the limit?' , ".'... " 'That will suit me exactly,' said Gil- marlin. and Martin pitslicd "tip Us Uist biiic chip and a $1CO bill.•' Til see that and go you $500 better,' said Oilinartirii «igerh r i hhd he skinned the bills off from a b^gi-oll.'thai he dre« from an inside pocket. ' A thousand better,' was the response. 'G:!rnartin hesitated." lie looked at ^ Ma«ih.-.'yt,u,h»ve- e - of qnairei'wifh n«6 J atn •I F.A1SH YOU A THOUSAND." SAID MARTIN. his cards nnfl 'thought for a moment, riien lie counted h7s nion'ey. ' '" TH havelocaL)you,'hesaid, ficoilly, for Fve only got ?1,2CO left,' ;•'."' "Martin's f:ice was perfectly impassive. He, too, hesitated a moment, and thtn he spoke: 'I'll put up $StlO more, if you want to play for it,' he said. " *Birt ho\v can I? I tell you I haven't any more money,' said Gilmartin, look- ng puzzledi •, " 'If you will give me your promise,to: go as far south as St. Louis for CO dayte," and tell nobody that you are going, I'll take t.liat as nn equivalent for the $5,000,' said Martin very slowly and distinctly. 'Gilmartin flushed, lie knew that everybody ill the ..room understood the proposition. Be was" asked to sell out liis honor, forgoing uway in that fashion meant betraying Ms employer and runining away with his money, as'well as leaving him in the lurch. I'expected to hear an indignant outburst of invective and abuse, and indeed the man was about to speak when another tliougfht seemed to sti'ike lum, and he g*re\y.. deatlily white. The gambling fever had seized him, and be looWd at his cards aga.ih. • " * -. 'While he was hesitating Mairtlh spoke agaani and thedevilish coolnessof :is speech made me shudder. need not-say anything to impress on the mimls of nil the genl.l-enicn ]nrcs- ent that this is a private party,' lie said, and that iiDthiug which liappcnsbere can be told outside while it <r.:m by any jossibility work injury to nj^-one con^ cerncd.' enmity, all rig-ht TH gamblff jour friendship, too, along withithe,reSt, if ydii like.' , "•So be it,' said Citoartin. 'It's a call, then. If you lose you txiv me $5 000. If Tlose 1 lea\e ' " •Correct,'said Martin ard the hand were, shown. Martin'had.drawnto! mpsimUau"-!^. the Other twd Gilmnrtm had drannto thl-ee queehisnnd drawn Ui -othir "tlis face as,heleft tbe room «n ii picture dS. t hope W*ef to *rc but he kept to" his bnrga-tf \t lt.ist.1 imagine bfe did. for he was cot * agMlh ih that part of Ihe rtilrhtrv ttlnlo I was there. I never spoke (o Martin ag.lih. tint his frteftd trHs'Acted ip'r at the ne^l M s-- on of tn- bv a uiajorilv of two vote*, tloth __ an-dead, or 1 would not have l.nld I he st<«-y."—N V bun FnihloB* of The sleete o€ the tnomeritcert-ajHly has length to recommend it aJmost irt proportion to th« size it has lost, and the pretty f,ill of Ijee at the vmet is very becominff. " .•-••-•-.,, • i 6<;cfessOrics are in stjle, hut these two arc cssdntial if;the wardrobe,is to be kepttip to date. v The ribbons, in plain colors, floral designs 'and stripes, are chieflj In taffeta weaves, and will Lc norn lu large shoulder bows, belta, sashes hav inglong ends, collars and bows acrost the bust An entire piece.of nb!x>n l.niihcd upon a dimity gown or organdie is,usual, a style .for which- ribbo:i. manufacturers should be tba-okful: lioleros of lace or combinations of lace embroidery and Ixads arc a good investment for.summer-gowns, .and :i very attractive bolero ."an be made out n£ a piece of wide edging with a box- plait in the.middle of the back and one on.,either side of the Jront, beginning- on the shoulder:—Chicago Chronicle. '• • A Knnc'.i. * "There is a good d«al of knock in selecting an engagement'ring," saidf the young man with lie.betrothal habit. "In the first place:. H shouldn't be so expensive that the girl uou't ffive il back and in the second place, it should rot be so obviously cheap ; that she will give it back as soon as she gets it."—Cincinnati Enquirer. %* , llair-^rlet. ' Dusty Dick—Say. IKKS. ain't yer got r half er dollar fcr a poor blind'chap? Old Gentleman—Why, you're only blind in one eyef 'All 'right,' boss, make it 25 cents, dc.n."—N.»Y Tribune ,' < OndemUKiatea C.pisblUtr. "Do you remember our first quarrel, dearest?" "Yes, love," "I- said you were just an mean as yon could be.? t "I believejrou did."' , "Qh,' William, how mistaken-1 was!" —N.-Y. Journal. v N Canic and Envoi. Yeast—^They say that persons of opposite temperaments should marry. I Crimsonbeak—Yes; that's why I mar. ried my wife. I "Are your temperaments opposite?" ' "They must be. She sings when she's I liappj-, and when she sing55 I fee"! mis- Kcrablc,"^-YQnkers Statesman/ fkere resides 1 " ra man who does not or bis parents, aj ever since; be-came to .the derstanding, has been to ( try himself. "iHe baa gone by the uf James V\ ilson, but it is certain- that is not his name. For 13'} ears he Tins >ought his relatucs^to fdentfy himself, and 'has striyiri to-delve into 'nnerniost recesses of his once childish tncmotv to try and find some^cluw 0 aW him JQ hi,, search. He has fig- J"il l>ronjlncBtl\ m ihe <-lurle\ KJS.S. tuae liuTing^ phte been Vakco for the lobl, bo\ As nejr as, Wifson,' v.hu i> now oO years oM tCttn a«ertain^be u-as tofpn from his parents.when four venns Id lie believes himsell to be VelP connected, and it vaguely. Vlnfjen, uis j a]iod that his home vena aeur large ti^er. CORNWALL & LEBANON RAILROAD Unet BNtTfw lUP»llti •• tk« rEHRBTbYAIU UILMAP. TlhK TABLE. _ ' _ IB Eg»ct Monday. May. 17, 1897. ---- ~ P M P M 2 36 10 25 a> 4fi _ . .. 55 24510 35 00 2801040 09 2SS1049 20 3 0811 00 r H 2 25 10 15 30 IT 30 353 823 AM 625 0 36 646 651 . . 745 2301100 8 JO 12 40 4 10i 1 47 7 00 5-60 4281230 836 3 60 12 50 8 05 020 146 .....leave Arrive .-, Lebtnon Cornwall '.... Mt. Gretas ...; .....Colehrook. ....Bellaire : *. Concwazo .'. ...^ Columbls HsirUburg.. :..;....„.. ..WiUiamsport Bslthnore. ......Washington. i ......Pittsborg..... ;...... ; Carhslc .....llartlnsbufg .............Lancaster. ....->.. Philadelphia....... Trenton/N.J...; : New York. .".. ...;. Arrive . Leave... PH 1250 7 5J 12 39 743 1230 7S5 1221 7 30 12 17 7201207 1000 6 40 tr 40 1040 810 5 50 10 K 620 7* 8301240400 8 50 12 00 4 49 7 50110 6013 40 8001.... 483845 422833 413824 4 078 18 400811 350801 ..... 6 00 S25730 2 05 6 14 0. 35 3 22 J 35 6 35 2SU35 11093. 930210 AM if » All trains dally except Bandar. Tickets lor all Western points. Baggage checked through. For further lnform.fion s« tU UbU, .t the °^«*\fo»*£S£$™gS££££''» a CORNWALL RAILROAD. LEBAIOI * LIIWSIER Oi and arter •••day, Hay 17, 1897, Plunger Train will ke rn M Mtowi: pn pMlAM AM ILeave 3S3 10 12 309 107 12 . ...................... Lebanon ...... II 3 13 12 34 9 13 7 16 Si -8 !i £! S ? iob:::::::::: 593 31 12 52 3 31 7 39' ..., 1256. " "' i 19 . - i i M r si P M -. Penryn ..».. A Ml A K I P 7 59 10 13 1 44 4 23 6 08 7561010 1414 20'6 00 750100I 1 1854141563 a dj I fit. .«•••»••«" .....-...--•- - . 745' Mt Hope..... 7 rfl'" Manbeim — 'H 35'" King St.. Lancaster A M: A M Arrive Columbia — 7 451 7 33 r M r M AM Leave > V2 :to s iw Lebuion ... 1:2 34 S (M IXmagbmorC . 2 428 12 A Ml A 11 Arrive ISO 120 12 35 PMJPM 60 ( 12 45 8 15 "''" Miners' Village ... 1'enryn f Mt. Hope ......... Manhelm ....... in""'" Kln S st - I^ncaster., A HP MP M 9 25 2 35 5 02 9 21 2 31;4 58 9 13 2 2<4 49 9 10 2 20 4 46 858 845 »« 'tesve A.MT Ml 4 35 4 23 345 3.45 FH North and South boundtrains col ail way to and from Harrlsbnrg, H-_, South bonnd trains, connwtaj Man! lect at Lebanon with trains on I'alladelphta * Beading FottBVllle, Philadelphia and New York. Au«,».. »^ _._ «,."-^r .. . ^«_ vajjroad . for with trains on Beading A Columbia ,»lllBauroad._ WB, AND KE41HNG KA11.UAV Goal Ds«a CzcbulMlri Is Isanlhisss and Oaaltal. Mt BrFECT JUNE 13Ui, 18B7. TRAINS LEAVE LEBANON. 'or*, via fnuadelpluX Weekdays. 9^6 ».m,fc01,4:45.7:3 P. m. 8nn- Weekdays, ««), 7flB,&50, IfcW p. m. WO a. m, M, a. m, 4.-4T •.Waekdays, MB, 830, O.M g 39 p. UK itetnrdsys only) 6 - eoBOsrs, 7-)b, 11 H« a. m, SV>r Plnegrore, Fc^BriSslde, Weekdays, 8:«S a. m, tUjym. for Pottavllle, via Finegrove, Weekdays, »:« a.2n.lU5p-ln. TBAINB FOB LEBANON, tSveLet»S£^"T~in.. s" 4 ™ £.$°?t~ wago 3K» p. m^ LancasierS SB P- *~ Phfladel- phto5:«p. m., Kew York, ' and i**"" "*" «™ ""i *xvw Cort!nndtBtr«eta,8ss third Street StaSenltaoi r.» p.nu.AltoonaT*p. m.«t»hurg 11^) LBaeLobaoo . n» rr " Lean Harrtshanr, Weekdays, M, IMi .r._ lft-40 a. m, iJS, »iO. £&, «»?•»• **?days, KV »« ». m., 4.-00, C.H6 > »• ATLANTIC CITY DIVISIOH. .Leave PhUsdelphla, OhsstnBtBtnot WtarJ and South Street Wharf, tat'" Weekday*—Exprem, tSO I only, 1 JOlf.OO £5), 430 5 J» p. a m..5.00,C90p.m. ~ 9.0U, 10.00a.m., ' , or - eekdan— Kmrem, ta> a. Bt, (Baturdayi J» p. m. ^««S"« m ... Leave AtlanUn City D •rpress, T.OO, 7.45, 9.00 J Aooom.. 4 J5, MS a. m, 4.10 p. m. Krows, in, SJO, gjou p. n. Accom, 1M a. m., Psartor'Oars on aU lUui ess j. A. swiQAKi), "BDBON aen'l. Snpt. .•pBNKSXLTANIA BAILBOAT. l^uiswm leave Lebanon as pot»t. dt Streets, 1-JX n. m, third Street StaUon 1:22 p. 7:46 a. ro. Altoana L-00 p. fcOBp.m. this train tflonaSjlOp , .. .— OorUandt titreeV ££3" pf'm^ third Street Station C:fi p.,1 makes close e— • for points on U« 1 \ THE GREATEST CHARM Of any piano is a eympatbetic tone. Volumes of eoand may be appreciated by sorr.;; players, bat the true music- lover baa an ear only for the quality of the tone. Oar pianos are constructed to give forth melody rather than to imake noise. The music that is in them_ is identical in each instrument, .the! pr rt--'" ' MILLER ORGAN 821 Cumberland St. No More GREASi JjAjni-o CauTbc Handled with Kid Gloves ^6f* ."AjIGEBt NON-EXPLOSIVE Patented!" th. UniM StsiM i in* el thi World. Sendfor eopjd •'« Price, »4.00 of jour dealer, free on receipt of price by ROSE MANUFACTURING CO. 311-13 N. THMO ST.. PHIUOELPHI*. CAUTION! »«roM«e-a«d thai U ibsolulety non-tip -(&ioce68ar» r Jo8. Bowman & Co-,) . Ninth St " [^•WltBmdsofne Com|rf«d«« BARGAINS. BARGAINS. DO TOtT WANT. IF SO, THEN 10 TO THE •tsi AND;»OST RELIMLEIPLACE. A. Hershberger & Sons. There yon will find that their prices are not only low hot each article soM.is warranted Co give satisfaction. They have-a targe stock jf all kinds of Chamber and-Dining-roomFur- aitore-and Ul kinds of Chain at their Large Doubn Fnrnltnre Di so hoosekeeping shoi In^^'Jordtafa^litoils-e^nded^ to the public in general to visit our place, wheth- aryouwishtobnyornot. Don't fail to give nsacalL .Wealso.have the^aBency for the . Standard Sewing Machine, wll t by competent ledges to be one ol tb» best in the market. You an invited to.call and,examine them and get prices, which are greatly reduced, A. ,'613, 6l3i, 615, CsBberland Street UndertaKing In all In ite branches. HAVE YOU ANYTHINM THAT MEEDS Dyeing? mtt u «*pirliiii Uf a ynn to task tt M '•w.lraly'Hy tkit sir *wk HIM to MrpMM<. Wt ** mt PnMkf. uri «a ALLOUB WORK 18 BUARANTEEO C. ROBT. FI8HEB, ' ; NINTH «r»- IK«*MQN y First riortgage 5 Per Cent. Bonds Free of Taxes. -" The Kdlwn K«ctllc Illn'mlnatine Company ot,L?banon, Pt, ba« a mnall amount ot Bonds arisold. bearing 5 per cent, interest, free of all taxes, interest BHaole Jaiwary is and JnlylS ofeachr«r- Wee, par and accrued inwrest fiitir [iver St. and Walnut Alley. H. I. RISE. J vVilson remembefs >f his nbducfaqn. distinctly A> strange ivcll-tltessed man one' day inwlfed him to take a ride hi.a btifrg-j 1T« climbed in nith the man, eafeer for the 'treat." He \vas,dipven to a neighboring town, where a'train was bbard- ed. After ft ride of a few hours the man took- the. child from the train,,and; gave him to an old woman to kecpr. This woman, seemed to have strict in-" structibn^ about allowing jonng Wilf son to play with other bojs, or^go from the premises. He reniembeTsJShat the old ivoman ln"ed near a large nver. During the" four years or mots' that iVilson was in the custody of the old voman, he was kept locked iai a darkened roonvmost of the time. One day he saw twoTnen enter tbe yard, and although,le was lockedsecurelj in bis room, he heard a great quarrel between the men and tlie old woman. From be conversation which he.Jieardvhe gained the belief that these two men vere his friends or relatives. Shortly nfter this, occurrence,"tbe strange man, vho had stolen him, put in his appear- nce, and the boy was taken to n country place.. From thisjfmeon theabductotr never again made nls-appearance. \Vitson'a memory does not fiirnisb~hfin-the loca- ion of his new home, but it »va»buta 'e\v years until tlie family removed :o Indianapolis. .Sickness and poverty >oon c,ompeljed bis foster parents to ilace him in tbe Catholic orphanage as\ um at Vincennes. Jnd. lie was now at. an age when he began to realize hr»» peculiar situation. He was entered In be.a&jlum simply as "James-Wilson; 10 parenH," and by this change, the Kior fellow lost track of the only'per^ ons nho might give him a clew to'bisr iiigin ^|e has spent his life toiling* is a farm band.asa mmcr.andanjthing it whi«,b bfrcould maUea luring. Kvery_ ent was saved, that possibly could be," or the "purpojie of prosecuting tbe senireb for his relatives. This one desire onsumes h»fiC but now. at the age of :0 ye:u-s, his hope has begun to wane, md he \v:alks the r.ircets with the ap- irarance of being' a '"•broken-hearted- man. He possesses rernariiablc natural ntellifjence, and leads a life that >yin.-> FRf __ . •ppreciates the anflerinjif c ~ he wants them to __ Be gives his time and the benefit of i zeaL There are ptentr I worn oai^rtraguuiB wit! fear, the ni_ , „ brought incapacity r'» . ness and a fbeline aa if life: had beea.banah* should write to Th< Mich. the that vigor. Thp ,001* wiFl¥ so 8ati8fYin«uidWirtirwoade [rom ilia former "tMgRMlSfi "Hefigures t vatt ' " cUtionofl of others. There i n thia wptli to off sett Write to Mr. 8uUer-i 11 forbtodewrilt he aamiration ot tijose/ii le has neverinaTried" The father of. the.;} if Pfiiladelpbia,j ,oa a visit, ai ^. stances-of th'e. two abdu lar, U was well establi ion was not Charley man of some sentimenji finement» Wilson i us fate. His outcast staftfl ie.ivi!y upon him, and tboga y measure his misery c*tt«T ng themselvea tin, hi»j nati Enquirer. Donbvu-y consented torpor saying he'd never an artist! How did he .is mind? Miss Posfergfrl^-Ho* liis mind, but he has seenr pictures.—TJp-to-Date. Customer—I we you I new brand ot cheap Jreatman.. , ,, JIannfactnrer—Yes, : came an appropriafeTo Customer-^ttrs. Thai man, is a regular < \Veeklv. The This world i »A 'round of toll and i The clrcua always CO When w»h»»en1 K. BAUDBSBU3H,: ...Accountant... BOOKKlCCFIHO, SBOltTHAMD,' (Mmte £CSSOM or _., Book* Ice Ice Westenberger Ice Co. Ate again prepared thia BMBOU to farnish t heirlatrons and friends with parcfipiiDg Water Ice. Fdtt weight and obfiging drivers. Ice will be - deliverecl» daily at yonr door at the following rates: 8 Ibs. dally *5 cts. pet we«k. M IDS. daily 35 cut pemreei. 15 lb«. daily 4> C0. per week. » Ibs. dally £0 cts. per week Private Refrigerators, 30 cts. T»r MO IbS. Drag Stores and Manufacturers, 25 cts ier pMlal Bates^ltt larger qaautlUes. \Vcsterp3ei^er Ice Co., 724 MHM Slrtrt. R.C.' mil. MM. . Practical State and) 123 S. £|l & •r y *' T?l* -', * .1ILIET. . ' A ((ood reputation in the Past w a better recoinmenda- tion than Sworn Promina for the Future. The stock ot Shoes aft Bomgardner A CUtey'a Shoe Store have tton of always'sellinf «B Bert in: their line of trade. Go and aee their large ae- BortmentotExcellent Goods, at ALTEIWATIVE TONIC 16 North yigetable Compound wide fame Isaflneioedldne purifler. SLU) per brittle. Special to Ladiww USE DI. < [ Lilly tobito Fe«al« Pills 1 druggists or a*' fflce ai by mau. Biering's Medical Institute 1603 East Baltimore Strut. BALTIMORE. "D. -- RED, SLUE, _ at lowest oil Beady ~ LEBANfl Hare rawlved tot The list payments of laid the third Thnrsdiy of J inbecripUon nowc— '

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