The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on October 20, 1962 · Page 7
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 7

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1962
Page 7
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-• TTJt- HUMBOLDT INDEPENDENT, Humboldt, Iowa ~ PAGE, SIX ____ SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20.J1962 Humboldl Register ^^^^^ . Senior Play Rehearsals High School Band At Cedar Falls The HumboUIt hish school mar- chins band, directed by Charles Mandcrnach. traveled to Cedar Falls. Saturday. Oct. 20. >, They-were-invited to participate in the homcccmina parade which went through the business and college district. Two school buses left HumboUIt a: 6 Saturday morning. After arriving in Cedar Falls about 8:30 the bandsmen took part in the homecoming parade. At noon everyone ate lunch at the collect cafeteria. Saturday afternoon the band watched the football j;amc ami the fcstvitics at half-time. After tiic game the group started home and arrived in Uumboldt about (i:3U p.m. Several parents accompanied the seventy-piece band on their journey. They were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Soldow, Mr. and Mrs. Phaync ifca- thman, and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Wcndlo,.' Editor, Terry Dwycr Assistant, Mary Herrick 30 Enrolled In Foreign Language r.y Chris Dltlmar '•Lingua Barbara'. which to most of you is Creek, is not. Instead its meaning lies in the wonders of the Latin language. Translated into English, it means "foreign language." or really, "language foreign." because in this language the adjectives comb after the nouns. You may take its meaning literally, since it is a foreign language In almost every one in Humbold! high. That is. except to a small group of less than 30 students and one teacher. Miss Grocn- dykc. formerly of Central College in Pclla. where she graduated in June. 1962. Miss Grocndykc majored in English and minorcd in Latin and Spanish in college. While student teaching she taught second year Latin at Pclla High School. In her class at HumboUIt her students learn to pronounce and read Latin but do not converse in class. To understand Latin you must be an average or above average student with a good knowledge of English grammar. In this class the student docs a great deal of memory work, since a noun may have 10 different endings, while a verb has as many as 30 endings according to the different tenses when it is conjugated. Students arc learning to improve their English grammar, increase •.heir vocabulary, and obtain a background of World History indirectly through the method of study which they follow. If yoii think this is a snap course ask saiiie of our students who have liken ,nn exam from Miss Groe.ii- dyke. These exams include trans- la'ung ol either Latin or English words, and tin- translating of sentences. Occasionnllv she civs a vocabulary test which I understand iiidKt-s her pupils really think. !••!> \%«'l \l. STITI-'.MHVP . . . i«Tci|ii« or nui-j '--'• '-'ill MIIOI.IIT rorvrv \<;HK I i/n "»' socir/rv h oti : hi.'lul fl'um last rcpm-l -cllitH-' Tii-lrtst iJHli'H -' IlicUnlirifi T:ix: nutsfiK' K'.'ius •. ; .r,.l7i;..iii Pi'.v er.i"<Utftiiil iiiul i|ii.'ii-tui-slri'U'li iiii.i.iiii Niclit 'irraiitlNtiiiiil :ui«l quartor sm-luli I,M1.»<> ' *'' - 1 Klltry fees, speed department • Conerss,ion8-' ami privileges » Advertising: In premium list anil proKnim .Sfa,te Hiil (this yunr an tlelpa teil) ...IVU.VM .Mi8fnllane.oUs reeolpl.s of I'air: •fc.Sln.ll and pen rent III.(Hi <;' Entry ..fees (iiiiv.ii .: Exlii'bjt s"pa»'e rentals ;»l_n.itn '" Frohi it'll other sourees of fair r»:].s."i '.Total miseellaneous receipts of fair 1.2l7.Ii.i •Total reeelpts of I'air County aid I.OIHI.IMI Other' reeeipts l.r.Sii.nli Total reeeipts from sourees other than fair Grand total reeeipts (inrluilini: previous halanee) • IllSill HSIOMH.VrS 'Open premiums: Swiiu 1 L'tiU.ft'l V , .Agricultural prodtlets 1211.2.1 Plants anrl flo\vers !M.2~. .*'• Culinary prodliets 11'I.Sii Textile and art dept \~'2."a •. Seiloiil fXllilllLH Kill.(Ill V' ; ./Pothl open premiums SS0.25 4-H & KFA Premiums: Colts' 7:i.»o t Cattle (heef -and dairy) siii.nn J.ftmlVs 'lid.75 Other 4-11. .& KKA premiums 1.1J1S.78 r - TolHl 4-H it KKA Premiums K,4Iir>.llI! . • ' Total premiunis other than .speed .'Mliri.tiS Speed premiums Musle and attraetions .' MlHeellanoous expense of fjilr: Advertlsln«- 2.5:11.11'.' Printing, stationery, reeord Manlis. ete 1,2(i4.2!' mi -, n » n ». , • • .,, Pof/taB-e. cxpreSH, freicht and ilravaHe "'I '" Tlle I 963 NokomiS Will gO Oil ^"'•rnuV'^irVhe', 1 ' deparl.nents 1 '""-" "'T'?? Sal ° thc last WCck ° f NoVcmber. cienerai and common labor duriiiK'"fii'ii"'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. i.nTv'.>i>! Linda Nissen, the business niana- A " ^n^^^L^ expev;se-of",air^ ::::::;: 7 «, .71 B« r .- wi '' ^ e |" cha [ gc ? f "-"f, 5310 ; Total expense of fair iii,4'j:i.i!:i This will be the only sale held and Rxpense. oilier, than fair: . w iii i as t an entire week Orders Permanent Improvements ISfini !,, ^ , \! . "ttK. uruers insuranee ., :!!n.i:i will be taken before and after Tolul '«Xa P t'^iViL 1 . 1 :;!™^,;;-,.": 17?.,^ sch °°\™? P°^bly during some Balance, on hand 311,808.78 Study halls. The Book Shelf I'.y Bonnie Davis "Dawn's Early Light" is a novel which 4clls a warm and human siory of our country's battle for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How would you feel if you just arrived in a strange, new country and the only person that you cared about was dead? That's how Julian Day found himself when he reached America in 1774. His father had died at soli a few days before his arrival. Now Julian was on the threshold of an entirely different world, and ho knew of no place or person to which he could turn. But fortunately for Julian 'he was befriended by hospitable Virginians. Although Julian had no real home, since his mother had died when he was a baby, he decided to return to England just as soon as he had earned his passage fee. Since he was an educated man, he was able to get a job as school master. Even though Julian had planned to remain in the colonies for only a very short while, the years managed to slip by. During this time he had met and talked to George Washington. Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson, all of which spoke of independence. He thought that those men who dared to rise up against the King of England would surely be caught, tried for treason, and hanged. They were putting their heads into a noose just to think of such a thing. Itchcars.ils for this year's Senior Class Play. "My Three'Angels", beg.'in Oct. 8. The play is a three act comedy and will be presented on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 1C and 17. "My Three Angels" was written by Sam and ISella Spcwack and it is based on thc hook La Cusinc DCS Angcs by Albert Ilusson. This fall the audience will find something new in store for them; Thc play will be presented in-thc -round or arena and will be held in the gymnasium rather than in the auditorium. Thc action will take place in the middle of thc gym floor with' the audience sitting on all four 'sides of thc "stage" This is expected to offer a new and interesting experience for cast and audience alike. There arc ten members of thc cast. This includes seven men and three women. Thc directors arc Louis Becker, Junior English Instructor and II. H. S. speech coach, and Mary Ann Hittgers, student director. Freshman Magazine Drive Is Completed ' Recently the freshman (|fss completed its annual magazine sale. Milan Pctras, one of the freshman class sponsors, acted as their advisor for the sales campaign. The class divided into several teams with one person on each team acting as a captain. Susan Van Horn was the top salesman for the class and took in a total of $175.32. Sandra Ernst with $35.45 as a total and Allen Joiner with $88.12 were second and third high salesmen respectively. The total amount sold by-, the class was $3,173.86. $1,157.3.5 of this was profit. The. money w.ll be used for class activities in the future. AREA FUNERALS lUVIN BOTHWELL — Funeral services for Mr. Bothwcll are pending with the Lindhart Funeral home, Uumboldt, in charge. t!y and TMiflwly Jpsns is r.illitSg". nils. David lOngcl was organist, Howcr committee Mrs. Walter l!:ikkrn, Mrs. Tod Kinscfh and Miss Emma Olson. Mr. Porter was born in Mackinaw, 111. May Hi, 1893. He was an only child so he was not survived by any immediate relatives. The pall-bcai-L-rs were: Milton Espe, Olc Espc, David Highland, Maurice Jacobson, Howard Schlafke and Argyle Townswick. all nephews of Mrs. Porter. Mr. Porter served in World War 1 and in the Sea-Bees in World War 11 so the funeral was military and American Legion post members attended in a body. Interment was in St. Olaf cemetery. Relatives •and frie'rids in attendance were from Algona, Gilmore City, Hardy, Ottoscn, HumboUIt, Rutland, Stratford and ..\Vhittemore. Northficld and WinnebagOj Minn.; Mitchell and Sioux' Falls,! S. D. and Deer Park, Wis, "Neighbors of the Porters served .dinner and lunch after committal services. Mrs. .Lily; Vial' of Winnebago, Minn. and. Mrs. Carlson of Stratford remained with their sister, Mrs. Porter and Mr. Peter Espe a few days. Sfltfprr Mr. and Mrs. Fred nnsmusscn and Mrs. Laura Frishie were Thursday supper guests at the Harold Christenson home at Eagle Grove. Mr. anil Mrs. James McGowan and Mrs. Lloyd Jensen and Linda attended the Luther Homecoming at Dccorah Saturday. Janncs was one of the Queen's attendants. Mr. and Mrs. James McGowan spent Friday and Saturday night at the Donald McGowan's home ai Lcroy, Minn. Martha and Lena Elmer accompanied the McGowans as far as Rockford and visited over the weekend with Clara Elmer. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Liscum and Mr. and Mrs. Merrell Nerem visited over the weekend with Richard Nissen and Ronnie Norcm at Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson and .'-family of Shenahdoah were w.eekend guests at the Jerry Roseberry home. •. Mr. ami Mrs. Guy ITftns.eil of Knglc Grove, visited SuncfAy-lcvc- ning with Mrs. Barbara Roiling. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rolling' were Saturday evening callers,,'.,*.,. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kraft'and Donnic and Miss Lucy Carr. t)f,Kan- awlia spent Saturday and'Sunday at the Vcrnon White home at'.Mallard to celebrate Jeffrey and Vcr- non White and Donnic Kraft's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Baessle'r of Livermorc were Sunday siippcr guests ;it the Dean James homo. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Thompson and family of Lit Verne were'Sun- day afternoon callers at the Tom Gimer home. ' ' ' '' ' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hcidick and sons and Mr. and,Mrs. Duahc Harris and Judy .were .Sunday supper guests at the Verne Hariris home. Mrs. The'lma ^Tirrtiti '.find Mrs. Ruth Zclmer of Monroc, ; Wis., visited Tuesday • and ' Wednesday at the Jerry Mitchell home.' Testing Program Topic Of Talk With Seniors Donald Bcnnick, Humboldt high's guidance counsellor has, been talking individually to a majority of seniors these past few weeks about 'The American College Testing Program.' The American testing (ACT) Program is an admissions, scholarship, guidance, and placement teat battery designed to provide helpful information and service to colleges, to high schools, and to the student, at a lime when it is most useful. Approximatly 46 Humboldt seniors have signed up for these tests which will be given Nov. 10. • These students are to arrive at Fort Dodge by 8 with their needed equipment and go directly to their center. At 8:30 'the test begins and will continue until 12 at which time all will leave for home. This same test will be given in February again for those that were unable to take it this time. BODE Nokomis Sa|es i f. Open Soon SCHOOL CALENDAR OF EVENTS Oct. 20 — Band to S. C. I. at Cedar • Falls Oct. 2*,— Assembly at 9:00; Peter Tanis Octi 26 — Iowa'Falls—There Oct. 27 — All-State Auditions ; at Storm Lake Nov. 2;— Webster City—HerV '"'' Nov. 12-16 — American Education Week Nov. 16 and 17 — Senior' Class . Play Nov. 22 and 23 — No School— •Thanksgiving '• ' Nov. 23 and 24 — All-State Music at DCS Moincs ''' Nov. 24 — Garrigan—There Nov. 28 — Elementary Program Nov. 30 — Clarion—Here ORDER NOW If's so smart to have your name imprinted on beautiful Christmas cards . . . extra-smart to be early! School Menu MONDAY Mashed Potatoes Brown Pork Gravy • Red Apple Sliqcs Sandwiches Milk TUESDAY Chili—Crackers Relishes ' Uolls, Butter Pear Half Milk WEDNESDAY Whipped Potatoes Butter Glazed Luncheon Meat Sandwiches Mexican Salad Butterscotch Pudding Milk THURSDAY Escalloped Potatoes Meat Loaf, Catsup Tomatoes Sandwiches Fruit Cup Milk FRIDAY Tuna, Noodle Casserole ''fluttered String Beans Egg Sandwiches Chocolate Cake Milk By MRS. VIOLA THOMPSON 130DE — A shower was given for Mrs. Engenc Hcllc, nee Drue- ilia Harmon at the church parlors, Saturday evening, Oct. 13. Hostesses were: Mesdamcs, Symnova Dale, Mrs. II. Bartolson of Forest City, Carlisle of Ottoscn, Merle and Maurice of Bradgate and .Oswald ,'iVilsrud of Humboldt Lenhatd lloldcn of Ottosen, Lester Hover- stcn, Arnq Hanson of Badger, Mrs. Erling Malmin of Ottoscn, Dennis Vaag of Fort Dodge and Marie Vaag of Forest City. The program was a vocal solo by Mrs. Dale Christcnsen of Bradgate, several readings by Mrs. Marie Vaag of Forest City and two solos by Mr. Dennis Vaag of Fort Dodge. The guest of honor was assisted in opening her gifts by Mrs. Dennis Vaag and Kathy Bartolson. Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Olson spent the weekend near Decorah visiting her relatives at Washington Prairie. They returned home Monday noon. Many people from our community have enjoyed the "Music Man" at the Humota the past week. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Rossing and Mrs. Nora Quill left early Wednesday morning for Council Bluffs, where they spent the night with Rossing's daughter, the Owenson's. They then went on to points in Texas, for a 2 week's vacation. Pastor M. ,O. Kraabel, Pastor Ness of Fort Dodge, Pastor Torvik and Mr. Hans Luthro left by car early Thursday morning for the ALC convention in Milwaukee, Wis. ' ' A. Luther Alumni dinner was served Tuesday evening in the church parlors; This dinner was given for the Luther Development Fund project, headed by Mr. Al Knutson of Fort Dodge. Representatives were present to discuss plans for their various areas. Pastor Eld red Nesset and Mr. Carl Torgcrson of Decorah were representatives' from Luther College. A Farm Bureau hospitality coffee was hold at the home of Mrs. Orville Olson Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Erwin of Renwkk, county chairman was present also Mrs. McPeak of Renwick, who showed slides from Australia, Mr. and Mrs. David Ehgel attended a friend's;wedding in Fairmont, Neb., Saturday, Oct. 6. Th,ey spent -1. few.hours in the morning shopping in Lincoln, Neb. •'[ ,. Funeral services fpr Clayton Porter were held Monday afternoon, Oct. 15 at St. Oiaf Lutheran church, Pastor Kraabe.1 officiating. Soloist was Mr. Dale Vige who sang, "In The" and "Sbf- • RENWICK— Mrs. Don Gillcs and Mrs. Ethane Thomas of Goldfield and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Matheson of Clarion were callers at the Rudy Blesie home Wednesday afternoon and visited with Mrs.- Arilla McCutcheon. In the evening Mrs. Edna Reichtcr and Mrs. Marie Kilcv of Eaele Grove vvere callers. Friday afternoon visitors were Mrs. Raymond Gorrell and Mrs. Jeanette Darland. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rolling of Goldfield called Sunday afternoon at the Rudy Blesie home. , Mrs. Eddie Bygness and Mrs. Henry Klassie Were Tuesday afternoon callers on Mrs. Arilla McCutcheon and at the Rudy Blesie home. Miss Lena Geigel was a Thursday evening visitor at the Martin Kleve home. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mills and Mr. and Mrs. Fred RasmU'ssen attended the 6th District Mail Carriers and Auxiliary meeting Saturday evening at Algona. Lorraine Eilers had the misfortune to break her right arm in two places. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eilers and Mr. and Mrs. Lu Verne Eilers and family of. Aplington, Mr. and Mrs. Hilrich Janssen of Parkersburg were Sunday afternoon ,and supper guests at the Ernest Eilers home. Dr. and Mrs,' W. H.'-Long were Sunday dinner 'guests at the B'loyd Lane home. " POLITICAL" ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL^ ADVERTISEMENT It's Hard to talk Sense With Your Mouth Full «r^ ^ "TREASURY SURPLUS] lie LAST 20 MILL DOLLARS EMOCRATI'C SPENDING PHILOSOPHY uk/J It makes no sense when the all-time champion spendthrift pretends concern about Iowa's finances. Iowa's financial. position is excellent. Governor Norman Erbe's administration invested an idle $20 million in improvements at colleges, universities and hospitals. Another $4 million was saved by efficient administration. A way was found; to save $19,000-per-mile in highway curb, removal. Aiv abundant surplus was maintained. There's been no increase in state •taxes. Re-elect Governor Erbe on Nov. 6. He;knows^how to get the most out of a dollar. , ! ' : ; ' .'..• REPUBLICAN STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE, Geerg* Ntglf, Chlfrmw; : nurses STERLING fvtt-iln St«nd*fri Kcybmrrf Fat* •>••• Ch.lw •! C.len H«r«'i • portable lh«l'i COT' 171 ll| ••)<• typ«writ«f f*w lum HI IOW COST. P.rftcl for itudonri. Marki Improv*'••' "<'. Orarffi rlM. Tho Smllh-Corena St»rling—a ryotwrllir'i lyo»i wrilor—gvaranloorf lo lako iho homtwork out of hoim Com* In. Sio it. Try it. You'll roally want • Sloilina.. JAQUA PRINTING COMPANY Phone 101 Humboldt, Iowa WONDERFUL WAY TO ARRIVE IN STYLE... yat It's Oldamobile'B lowevt-prloed, full-viz* Otto Schacht Entertains At Assembly "' •;- • " ''••"..",• 'i '.' •'••••'• '- : C ':.' • .- • •• ; ' :• '•. ', f •,.?••••»••••''* : ; ^:.'"V. : ^':^;j •;';.,-/) •'" '• '• ' ! ' r '.' i 'C'* :''*.''':• r ' '••'•''. ' These are the finest quality Christmas cards; they will be your compliment to thost you know and love. See the stunner* in our selection! Come in and see for yourself our wonderful selection of cards. Choose the one that best expresses your personal Christmas wishes. Jaqun Priuting Co. HUMBOLDT, IOWA Otto Schacht, a well known singer, lecturer and teacher 'presented Humboldt High students .and faculty with a very enlightening performance on Thursday, Oct. 11. At nine o'clock Mr. Schacht opened his program with the powerful song, "I Love Life". Schacht is known as one of America's best concert artists. As well as a great vocalist Mr. Schacht is a lecturer and he also presented a lecture on the Fine Arts including the art of living. Mr. Schacht closed the program by sjnging the "Lord's Prayer", requesting all in attead- ance to leave the auditorium in silence. ' ' '' • < Jones of Keosauqua, 1 "'f-ffyr iw- close r tft. " "iant hybryj NpW Isyto te delight you I Ro^kac action t<? «xc>(« VPW». lioet heart fron» tfee nionient beauty goi* a price ^ feat - . sr^V" ; ' * - ' >'•$$ K*fi^C"

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