The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 15, 1990 · Page 244
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 244

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1990
Page 244
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6FN THE PALM BEACH POST THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1990 Planning, sharing chores helps aVoid crises at big family feast How To Carve A Turkey Neatly j BIG piNNERfrom 1FN ifegetables, for instance. "I've Jnellowed a lot, I guess," she said. 'l used to be pretty strict about it all, but now as it's grown, I've loosened up a lot." Johnston has trouble giving up -certain traditions, however. "I've Talways done the dressing, but this ;year Julie wants to do it. I told her I , "had to think about that; she complains that she'll never learn how if ;I don't let her do it sooner or later. ;She has a point, but I'm still not !sure about that one." ! Johnston also will make scalloped onions to her own taste another dish she can't bear to leave I to chance. ; But a mother-in-law will make homemade rolls, and another relative will bring sweet-potato casserole; someone else will contribute a broccoli dish. Not all the guests bring food. I"It's not a rule. We just found that it ;made them feel more a part of the 'celebration . . . they had expressed I desires to be contributors to the dinner. And someone may have a specialty, so we try to accommo-"date them," she said. For those who must travel a ; distance but who still want to con- - tribute, Johnston makes it fairly : simple by allowing convenience foods. "There's a sister-in-law coming from Stuart after she goes to another dinner," she said. "She canX do anything elaborate, so we ask "her to bring fruit for a diced fruit salad." Portions are kept fairly small to avoid having so much waste. "As it is, there's always an enormous amount of food. Generally, we ask them to bring enough for 12. But some things have to go for the whole boatload," she said. Mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, gravy all must feed the crowd. "In the beginning, I tried to have enough for doggie bags for everyone, but that got to be too much. That's part of the fun, though having stuff for turkey sandwiches the next day." Aside from her strict planning, she's found several tricks to make the day go more smoothly. "We pick up enough riding toys to have ; at least one each for the little ones. ;They can play outside while we get j -everything ready." j , Johnston's daughters kept after ;her until she abandoned the lace tablecloth-real china routine. "Frankly, I was just worn out after ;.that kind of dinner. Now we just use paper plates the good ones, of course. When you've got this kind of crowd, that's the only way to go. we eat ootn outdoors and in 1 doors. We start on the deck outside, ; and move inside for the big dinner, We set up card tables and the , leaves in the big dining table, and ; form an L so that everyone can sit i together. 7 The menu looks something like ; this: a relish tray, a cheese tray that's served as before-dinner !snacks and at dinner; lobster bisque, and cocktails on the deck For the main dinner, a ham and 26-pound turkey, with four dressings: two versions of cornbread dressing, a soft and a crunchy ver sion; oyster dressing and bread 'dressing; giblet gravy; cranberry jelly and cranberry mold. Mashed potatoes of some sort J( We can t really do mashed pota toes for this crowd and keep them .not, jonnston saia, so we ao 'variety of white potato dishes"); sweet potato casserole, turnips tresn green Deans, squasn casse- "role, scalloped onions, broccoli -some kind of corn, a citrus salad homemade rolls. ; ror dessert, a choice ol pies ;apple, pumpkin, mince and maybe a pecan, and cotiee. I "We ask everyone to get here jaround 3 p.m. and we put nibbles 'out,'" she said. "We don't sit down to Jthe main dinner until maybe 7 p.m. We have to get all this stuff ready. -of course every nook and cranny 'has something in it or on it we Serving Size Need help in figuring how much of what to cook? Here are the thumbnail ideas; take info consideration individual preferences and children's smaller appetites. Turkey: Figure IV2 pounds per person of whole tuikey. For instance, for a 12-person dinner, buy an 18-pound bird. That's enough for dinner and leftovers. Figure 1 pound without leftovers. 2 Stuffing and mashed potatoes: Figure cup (cooked) per person. Gravy: About lk cup per peson. -f Cranberry Jelly: About 3 tablespoons per person. Rolls: Two medium, or three small. Soup: Depending on how much food follows, cup or 1 cup per person. , Fresh vegetables: cup per person, cooked; if many choices available, V2 cup per person. Pies: You'll get eight pieces from each 9-inch pie. JAN NORRIS Turkey timetables 'fCs-- Recommended thawing times ,-f.r Weight In refrigerator In water 8 to 1 2 lbs. 1 to 2 days 4 to 6 hours 12to 16 lbs.' 2to3days 6to9hours 1 6 to 20 lbs. 3 to 4 days 9 to 1 1 hours ; Refrigerate if not cooked at once. Refreezing not recommended. Approximate roasting times for stuffed turkeys 6 to 8 lbs. 3 to 3 12 hours " VT; 8 to 12 lbs. 3 12 to 4 12 hours ' CS ' ' 12 to 16 lbs. 4 12 to 5 12 hours J 16 to 20 lbs. 5 12 to 6 12 hours 20 to 24 lbs. 6 12 to 7 hours II )' TT i Roasting in 325? oven. Unstuffed turkeys require about 12 hour less. Times are approximate because shape of turkey, accuracy of oven and degree to which turkey is thawed are all varable. 'SOURCE: Seattle Times liftlS S use all the oven space and the microwave. This gives everyone a chance to visit, too. We just make a big day of it. Everyone usually leaves about 8 or 9 p.m." Of course, there have been various problems over the years, but Johnston retains a good attitude about them. "There was the time when the oven wasn't working it was a separate unit from the cook-top, and I couldn't tell for a while that nothing was happening with the bird. I had to rush it next door and cook it at the neighbor's house." Once, forgetting to bind the turkey's legs caused an upset. "He was an obscene turkey," she said, laughing. The bird spread-eagled in the oven. "No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't get that bad boy out of the oven." Last year, a popular corn and broccoli casserole was forgotten, and burned beyond recognition. The first panful was OK, however, and served to guests who clamored for more. The happy cooker asked Johnston to bring it out. "I was so embarrassed," she said. She had to admit it had been forgotten. "I hope he (the cook) brings it again this year." For an encore, what does she do for Christmas? "Nothing. We all go our own way." Lobster bisque 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons flour l'a pounds surimi-lobster see note 1 cup milk, cream or half-and-half KRTN Infographios cup V-8 juice 1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce, optional Va teaspoon thyme Va teaspoon tarragon Va teaspoon marjoram Sherry Make a medium white sauce: Melt butter over medium-high heat. Stir in flour until blended. Slowly stir in milk. Cook over medium heat until thickened, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to low. Note: Do not allow mixture to come to a boil. Slowly stir in V-8 juice, seafood and herbs. Also stir in hot pepper sauce, or leave for serving on side, if desired. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes. Keep warm over low heat; serve with sherry on the side. Serves 8. Green beans 10 pounds fresh green beans, washed, snapped 1 pound bacon 1 large onion, finely diced Freshly ground black pepper Dice bacon. Cook in large pot over medium heat until crisp; drain off most of grease; leave bacon in pot. Add green beans and finely diced onion. Cover beans with water; cook over medium heat only until crisp-tender. Add freshly ground black pepper to taste. Serves 30. A Y 1. . ':. ;'- V-1 i : ? - , .:..,,. iiiiiiiiniii in liiii iiiriniiiii muMi- To carve a turkey, sever the joint connecting the leg to the backbone with a sharp knife. Remove the drumstick and thigh in one piece, then divide at the joint before slicing. I I iSaJf'fe.e.. .... , ..a.- Tilt the drumstick to a convenient angle and slice away the meat in a downward motion. The breast meat is sliced across the grairv with each cut starting slightly higher up. Safety Tips You have two hours after dinner to pick at the dinner, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says. If the dinner stays out longer than that you risk food poisoning. Another big safety tip: Don't stuff the turkey until just before cooking; remove stuffing immediately after cooking to prevent salmonella infection. Allow foods to cool to room temperature before refrigerating, and put in shal- , low bowls to allow quick ' cooling. T T JlIow To Carve More TtiAN Drumsticks Off Your Holiday Bird. $2 BACK On A Holiday Turkey from INGLENOOK NAVALLE. Name-City Address State -Zip. If there's one thing more festive than the holiday bird, it just might be the holiday refund. To get yours, simply send us the receipt for your turkey with the price circled, and one of the following: the package weight sticker or the UPC number written on a three-by-five card. Then send it all to: Inglenook Navalle Taste of America Turkey Refund, RO. Box 1896, Ridgely, MD 21681. Also, if you would like a subscription to our Taste of America newsletter filled with all sorts of mouthwatering recipes and wine news, write to: Inglenook Navalle Taste of America, Box 307, Coventry, CT 06238. Happy holidays. 31- jo wme purchase required. Turkey need not be purchased from this sum Reproduction of coupon prohibited. LimK me offer per household Participant must be of icffti dnnljino aff Htit Iramf enable or assignable. Employees (and tbeir families) of Heublem, Inc . affiliated companies and agencies, licmsed alcoholic beverage retailers and wholesalers, groups or organizations are not eligible. Ofer expires December 31, l')')0 Requests postmarked after this date will not be honored Allow 6-8 weeks for mailing of refund checl. Offer void where pro-bibited, taxed or restricted by law. OFFER EX- I 1 Itituillv. I - j 1 iiflfrm j i atK tANr ; f J t t t t t Imtwheir Withouriit wild heard eventlm about TTTTYnn ou know you need fiber, okay. But, if you're In h A lRi r inn JL IU&j r He! cert S like most people, you may get less fiber than you should. So what do you eat? More fiber? But which kind? There are differences in fibers, you know. NSOLUBLE fiber is what your mom probably called roughage. It provides bulk. Helps regularity. And, its found in grains, bran cereals and veggies. SOLUBLE fiber is one mom probably didn't ' have a name for. This is the fiber that may help reduce serum cholesterol as part of a diet high in soluble fiber and low in fat and cholesterol. Soluble fiber can be a little harder to find, though. Cauliflower, lima beans, black-eyed peas and oatmeal are some good sources. But, if you're not crazy about the taste of these kinds of foods, you may not be getting enough. Now, there's a delicious, new juice with just soluble fiber. New JUICE & MORE Extra Fiber Juice from Gerber. You taste fresh-pressed apples. You don't taste fiber. But you get lots of it. More soluble fiber in one 8-ounce glass than in two bowls of oatmeal. More than in any popular fruit juice. In fact, you'd have to drink 30 glasses of orange juice to get as much as in one glass of new JUICE & MORE Juice. The more you know about fiber, the more youll like new JUICE & MORE Extra Fiber Juice from Gerber. 1 Tl.'RKR COUPON I I Samr 0 Stare Zip FXPIRKS JAN.7, IW1 745650 70 HAVE 7K ON YOVR NEXTPVRCH.ViEOF ANY FLAVOR OR SIZE OFCF.RIIER' JUICE U MORE EXTRA FIBER" JUICES RE T. 1 ll.ER: Geibei will reimburse you for the volue of this coupon, plus 8 cents for handling if you and the customer have complied with the terms of this coupon and have proof of sufficient stock to cover coupons redeemed bend redeemed coupons to Oerber Products Company, Dept TM, Fremont, Ml 49413 (Cash falue 1iWiotacenl) TTTTTTTf TTTTTTT I'IRbS Uf-.UtMiJfcK 31. 1VM '15000 620701 L J OIWII Gcrher PnHn( K Gmipan1

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