The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (AUK.) COUJUER NEWS "^America Hails Britain's Sea Queen Wage Decision Shenglh- 1 , 4 'ens Cause of Advocates of Change i4l BY RODNEVV OUTCHKU I Ccuile'r" News ' Washington ! ', Correspondent , j WASHINGTON, jimp 4.—If tmy- cne \\ere to imagine such jfin un. Jifgnifieil fjjccta'clc. ns ilic V S £>ti])ieme Court, "sticking its nccK ; out," .it would have to be.&dnilUbtl • ,that something like 'n ynrd niid' n liolf Of Hint section "pt the court's iinatomy Is lion*., exposed , TJjc 1 5 toU decision'ngalnsl New T V'crk's inintnniin - wage -law for i HOIHCIJ oiK} ; c)ill<lrehMins piled up hni'munlilcm fmv.llibsc .'\vli<v ]in>• |>osc to rhange a system In which the. woixj p( one innn cnn ilctcr- Ir.hie'-ihd nation's.economic lutme. , By' Viiling : lhnl neitlicr the fed- em! government noi 1 (tie separate States^ can act against such evils (is the sweatshop and ttie rlglit 'of }l!du>>trlnl exploitation, the Rob- .crls-Slitlicrlniifl -McRcynolds - But', iDi-VfliiDcvnnler. - majority 'lias flabbergasted even some, ot . the most vigorous supporters: of ; the theory (hat thts majority Is n .precious bulwark against 'social, labor, arid oilier reform legislation passed by Congress. j , The plain 'fact Is that, with nearly' air precincts heard from, no ouo has had the nerve to de-. fend the majority decision thai •employers arc guaranteed by tlie Constitution a light to hire wo- Labor ilien for less limn a subsistence THURSDAY, JUNE .], 1936 full and winter as it has been the lust two years. i Club Women's Incomes nil Plymouth Hocks, While Wyan- fl/\t tat? „.»,! » IFI.II .... . . ,**•'** •ss in v:ic ronn of regular air .service United States, Prance, America extended a royal \vclcpme :to' Great Britain's majestic new liner. Queen Mary, when, Imltan's skyscrapers. The great ship came within 42 minutes of equalling' the record ' fur anil n bc'dlnm af clieers. how, and whistles greeted Britain* new 8G,GOO-ton chnllenue for shipping .. , ....'. |Jii'r in the Hudson river. as [shown above, she steamed past Maii- the fastest Atlantic crossing, planes, tugs, macy ns she headed for her | according lo Miss Cora Lee. Cole-. Jinan, counly home demonstration' I agent. Good hatching eggs of the popular breeds and varieties and! | which are approved and blood I tested under the National 1'oul-i I try Improvement plan', will bring! .8 premium of about 10 cents above' the regular market price. This Is the time of the year to l au the pullets for production of FLUSHOUT^ 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES M«<llc:i! authorities agree llmt. your klJncys cti'imln If. M lies of iliiy tubes or [lltf-re which help <o purify Ulo blocul and kei'ij you healthy If you,have trouble win, too rre- tjucnt bliuliler paswiircs wild amoum cruising burning lln<) Maratr l fort, Iliu 15 Mllra or Illilnoy |,ibc-H in'iy need Hushing out. This ilant-ei' olsiial iiwy Le tbe beginning of nag. King hacliaclie, ICK pains. ir,<, s a[ .,;., nni! cooi-uy. Kottlriff up nights, sivelt- itiK. ixiHiness under the eves homi iLctit* nml dizziness. If kidneys don't empty 3 pints a nay ami so get d,l of more; tlm" 3 pounds of waste, poisonous matter may develop, causing serious trouiilo Don t wall. Ask your druggist for Dean's 1'llls, which have Ijcen used successfully by millions of people for over 40i VOTM. They give happy relief and n-lll help to flush out tlio 15 lilies of kidney lubes. Get Doan's Pills ut your druggist. had and Sbclnl Security ucLs,- now considered doomed. i But advisers nre still divided Eeon for New llcalcrs as to whellicr lie should crusade ; Without offering much but, ml the nvc-man majority issue In cause; for worry to Hie conscrva- '! lc campaign. U\es, the opinion aids the Ncv,^ A couple of yenrs ngo, talk .of Dea!ei3 In .several vvnys. j "pncklng the court" ivns sonie- i For Instance, this wasn't, In any what dampened by -reports thai reuse n New Deal case. So-called the liberal justices might resign New Deal legislation hart been If tlie Idea were carried out. Hut knocked down by the majority, now those justices arc declaring Usually In alleged defense of the publicly in effect thnt the nm- excluslvc right of stales to. legls-' jorlty Justices are guided by "pir- late In such fields'. .: [.soiml economic predilections." • New York nnd IB other slates, ~ Ana : Ncw Dra)era nre ready to passed what they considered' ns k whether anyone could say tlie minimum wage laws.'.constitution was being perverted The comt majority. In filling H mmc mm ot t , lc & t hem, has added plausibility to W cr e oh the court • the New Dealers' contention that ., . ., ,„ It, Isn't so niiich concerned wllh 1 " >ul - ns ! s la r« et intei-pietlng the 'Constitution as Rou crU bears the brunt of with preserving .a reactionary 'I 1110 ' 1 of the :crltlelsm, since he fiont on all occasions when "hu-| 1;cl(l '" 'he'Ncblila decision that man rights" clash with "i-lBhts of - Ncvv York . ' coul< i ''eBulate milk] pioperty" , prices, but now says lli On tliat Issue the Senate de- ? f women ai^d children fea.led i the nomination by Hoover '*£^ ^1— ot Judge Parker and gave ttle : iiciniiiation of Chief Justice' ilughes a hard fleht. . - I „ Hughes, in 'siding with Drmirtels,' Stone, and Cardozo In the New' York case gave the-liberals still nnothei argumentative weapon. Alliiough his vote Is being interpreted on the theory Mini he could stand Just, so much, Hughes has always teen Insistent that the cqurt mustn't "wound" itself fcr^starvatlon wages can't bo de-j Chambray Has The unsavory nature or the rase' t o Facl.i'nn TI,;,. VP^I- before the court probably will l ° rasmon '"IS I ear also he cited In future attacks. U fccgnn ns the apical of n lirook-' . ." ol "- f «slilon«l fabric chose lyn laundry owner who hiul been Indicted (or forgery on, charges l/iat he (abided the records ns to wages paid. The action of five S20,000-n- year judges holding thiil laundresses mustn't lie paid ;a 512.^0 weekly minimum Is also onUorienl nicnt for demagogs. Miss Cora Lee Coleman. Tf the material Is not sanforized, it fliinilil be soaked In water for two liciirs before milking Hie garment I i. 1 : order to shrink it. Cooler and More Comfortable The <3off Hotel Announces (ho Cnmplctinn nf .Mtmy New Improrcmcnl.s Wo have .fust installed insulated ceilings in our I'ooms, miMnK Ihcm .eonler :IIK| more |>lensant. Ncv/ stall .showers ;irc•available to our •j/iiesls' ivho prefer thnni (o ' (»i,-- f . anttvnew.ciir- petinj.' in rooms and hallways adds .to. the ap- pciinince 'niul quiodipKs. Rooms liave been beautifully redecorated and our beds wilh Siniinons Innor-Spn'ng miittres-es. In addition to those improvements w c have completely mleeoraled the iilack Cat Codec Shop in a tasteful design. "It's a Good Hotel" Mcilcr.ii Hcnling .\ modcrni/.cd healing plant with . There's been much tan; lately nboiu "stirring up 'class 'hatred." You can now watch the effect of I Ail olc Arkansas' centennial year to come buck In style, mid housewives who have proved the wearing qualities: of chnmbray In past years will wcl- a new fiicl-snvlne boiler pays rich Clinic Its return, enys Muss Cora dividends in better heat Increased Coleiniui, county home dem-. comfort, and protection to health cnstrntiim agent, ; | The "resale value ol the property! Clintnbrny Is tlie iiclglil of fasji-, I <•'<>, Is increased. Ion now for sports dresses, with —— rows of self stitching on bells, collars, and pockets. The material Is line, ... — ..., t , evenlv. woven, and the Quffey and minimum wage ccmes In nil colors. The fnlirlc Is decisions on. labor and (iLxIde for yourself It a .supreme court decision isn't as effective a "slirrcr as anyone could find. • < yarn dyed, well. and will hold its coloi Sanforized cbnmbiiiy pro-shrunk, is recommended. liberty o work | by lll-consldeicd, nrcjudiced decisions' ot the Dred Scott variety. I Urge Roosevelt to FieJit | Pressure on Roosevelt from his' advisers to ask .Congress for an-I thprlty to npjxjlnt additional Jus-' tlces or to start the war for n 1 constitutional- amendment has Increased enormously. j The president Is being told that the five-man majority has given him a marvelous opportunity by. Its .creation of an obvious no man's land for social-economic legislation. WHY BUY „ AN ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR? RENT Your Favorite Refrigerator From BROADWAY SALES CO. Last Time Today B EXTEND AVIS youletiS'li't'ow in Broadway If weight of advice Is the determining factor, Roosevelt will try to increase the si7c' of the court next winter, barring deaths or retirements. He might wait un- III the court killed the Wagner FOR15c PER DAY Bakery Specials ALL DAY, FRiJMY, SA'I UliDAY & SUNDAY .FRESH PINEAPPLE CAKE ^ 3f FRUIT FILLED COFFEE CAKE E;1 .8° DOUGHNUTS Dozen PARKEBHCffiEROLLS 8 C PLAIN ROILS Dozen LARGE FRUIT PIES Each 16° COOKIES, Oatmeal or Coconul Do/en Specials for .the "liutereg Hour" 5 to 6 p. m. daily, Friday, Saturday & Sunday t LARGE'Knurr, Each .... I2c J SMALL COCONUT, Each -u RflTK PARKERHOUSE, Dozen ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' S<- UULrLtf PLAIN, .Dozen .... c r DOUGHNUTS. Dozen .... " " q, CINNAMON ROLLS. Dozen Sc LIMIT—2 EACH Blytheville Baking Co. L!sUn ; to Ihe tliilcrcs Vroswm Over KI.CN - tlTi 11:30 Daily Down at the store one Saturday night Williamson the left— you can't find b better wnrehouie man. Tom it litting on the right. He takei'care of th^ plant &nd c»<!rythinz. I'm looking picture. —Aont'sston— M.Mincc:—10 & 25c—Will Mglll—!0 * 35c—IVilh Friday - Pal Night 2 Adults Ailiniltcd for I'ricc of All Children—lOc anclad learned about whiskey is She'd gamble'on she gambled on love! Dact always said: "Your Grandad made whiskey all his life, I've made over a million barrels myself, you boys know everything I've learned nbout it-let's make our Family's Kccipe always the wny we think it ought to be." And now that's jusl what we're doing. We give you our word that The Witkcii Family Blended Whiskey you get nt the store is just exactly the same as what we distillers drink ourselves. HIANCESUNm SIR GUY STANDING ERNEST COSSART P, S.—Free, R copy of our WUken Family CooVlnc Album'If you'll write mt at Maples, R.F.D, No.3, Schcnle>-, Pa. DAVID NLVEN SMITH B , A»k A WALTER WANGER PROD U c T 10 N AMILY Short —Admission— * 23c— ' 35r—Wiih i c xa\ TOESDAY. HANK GUM-DIPPED TIRES WIN INDIANAPOLIS 500 MILE RACE t.asi Saturday Louis Meyer broke the track record, at 10D miles per hi in-, drivfng (he entire race without tire trouble nf auy kind. He is Ilic only iliivcr (o win Ilic nice Ihrcc times, ami has always used Firestone Tires. No tires except Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires could have resisted (he terrific heat gtiicr.ilcd at such liijh sustained speeds on the hot brick track, l,ip .Tiler lap, hour .iftcr hour. You can have no greater proof of blowout protection. Not cue of Ihc thirty-three drivers v.ould risk his life on any other (ire. for each driver knows that heat is the chief cause of lire failure. and blowouts. Fircstons cords are soaked in liquid rubber, which saturates and coals every cotton fiber, preventing friction ami heal anil aildinj great strength. This is the Firc.slcn.5 patented process o( Guni-Dippm?, (hat Kivcs you srealcst blowout protection and safely. i'rofit by Hie experience of race drivers. Equip your car today with' Firestone Gum-Dipped Tirrs-il cosls so little to protect lives worth so inueli. THE Desijjncil STANDARD HIGH SPEED TYPE 4.50.21.... 4.75-19.... 5.Z5-18...; 5.50-17.... 6.00-16.... 6.00-17 H.D.. 6.00-19 H.D.. 6.50-17 H.D.. 7.00-1 7 H.D.. 7.50-1 7 H.D.. $ 8.60 9.16 10.85 11.90 I3.« 15.90 16.90 18.40 21.30 31-75 FOR TRUCKS 6.00-20 .... j 7,50-20;... 30x5'"ikr,p«. 32x6 H.D $18.8$ 39.10 18.75 40.zs! OUsr Sim JVkiJ fnvvUniUj tw constructed by Fircslonc skiltcil lire engineers — a first qualify lire limit of Ml first grade materials, embodyinp the many exclusive Firestone patented construction features. Its exceptional qualify and service at these low prices are made possible by large volume production in the world's most efficient lire factories. Made in .ill sires for passenger cars, tnicks and buses. Let m show you this new Firestone tire tod; SENTINEL T^PE Of gooJ qu*mr anil tuckcil by the puranK-tf. An out- lUnJin; «Iuc in in price claw. COURIER TYPE A Rcxxl icrvjctv nble tire (cr owners of imall carl who want new lira safety at tow.cent. 4.50-21 •f.75-19 5.00-19 5.25-18 **.os *.40 »,8S 7.*0 4.40-21 4.50-21 4.75-19 S5-OS 5.60 S.*2 4.33 Lisfcn lo Symphony, WORLD FAMOUS DIVERS KNOW ONLY ONE TIRE ES *»TO IfiFPtY HEEDS AT H 0 H tr SA VI Sfi PRICES the Voice n/ Firetrnnc — ft-ndirms: ^torJ^t1T'C( Sf)C«Jc5» So/irono, with the Firestone Cfinrnl , and William DuJy's Orch*str<i--ctcry Monday ni'gJrt ever N. n. C. Nationwide Nefuvrfr PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Walnut & Fiflh Sts. Phone 810

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