Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1876 · Page 2
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1876
Page 2
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DEATH TU VKKMLV! ERADIOAT/v THE GREASE .SPOTS O'l'l'O 10HJI 36 North Ninth Street. WEIMER MACHINE |> KMOV.4L LAM'S. HL'KX JiA i'^S-Cj^ TO HA CCO L'HJARS USK F U I jL RK 'S COM 13 1 N AT JON BURNING FLUID! 1 1, Is ntVorml to tlifi public for (TJKLNG& MECHANICAL PURPOSES It is 0110 of tiie In-fit articles of Its kind In tLn market, unit i;i guaranteed N 0 T T O E X T L O D E ! as it, it no Dcuxirie Mixture, assertions to the contrary notwithstanding. Over twenty thousand families lisa this article In tholi household*, 1 n tho city of Philadelphia alou o Bold In every BUito In tho Unlou bu Pennsylvania, lor Illuminating LEBANON, I'KNN.-v Established, 1&.V.;, and gives tho Dust nail Cboapwit Light in tho World. " fruiter's CvnAinotimi Ijunttntj Fluid." To THE Pnurjc;.—" Fuller's Combination itnruliiK Fluid" in nn entirely distinct article from any fluid manufactured at njr refinery. It i.q manufactured expressly ac- cordlug lu liia order, aud prepared by him. ROBERT S. CULLN, Rollner. it' only. I'yr sale k Bai / Engineer and Contractor FOR THE KUn-TtON OPJ3J AXTJIHAC1TE FIT UN A VKfi, BLUW1NU KNU1NKS, HOT BLAST HTO VKS (.'OIL 'L'UYEllKX, fiHUAl.) AND XAHIiUW (JUAOR HAiLit'jAD <:AUS, t'UMPS ANT) 1 J UM!'IX<.) M/r Wnltr Works nml. M,I»:K. fir A FL'M. J,INfi OK UUTCIlltU'd MAC'HLVERY,FAnMEIi'.3 10*i'OIXK3A.ND removed tJi« IJKKP STORK MA ft to their new Btoro. NO. 762, Oc'rnur <•!' Seventh and Cumberland Struts, where they •will constantly l<av« 01 hand the (.'holcott BEEF, PORK, LAMB, VEAL, SAUSAGES, PUDDING, BOLOGNA, DRY BFEF, and In fact everything kp.pt In n first-chug Meat Store, where they will §oll wholesale and retail. All tlinlr old cmtntners and as many now onus an come, will bo kindly WBltudou. BTHAYEtl & BON8. I U. L.\| DKU.ttlf.4'11, GOLD AND srr.vnu WATCHES, NO. HUEAOT.B RUILDINO. 0UMRETlLAN!) STREKT , PA, OYSTKlt DEPOT AND HAX.OON. JlOILKHH, ETC. The iindonitgued would Inform tho ultl- ?ena of Lebanon that ha has opened nn Ol'STER DEPOT & EATING SALOON ut nla residence, Xn, ]- SOUTH JS'INTH RAILBOAD. I 1 , f .. \VJ5IJJI5Il. OTTO KICHHOL55, Ag<-nt, Xo. 13'} Xorth Ninth Xtrv-l, generally. tnarlO-tf J H. ailAATC. JOHN 19. U1IAAK J. n. SHAAjr «V HOW, Wholesale and Retail DEAI.KH3 1>? TIIK -UK- FAMILY FLoun, 11 VK FJ.OU BUCKWHEAT FLOUR — AND— (JOHN MEAL Also, COUN, OATS and line of all kinds, CHOP, RYK HHAX and MILL All orders promptly attended sind ii'T 8oull> Street, iJON, I'A f.>Uo-ti' mil) door north of tho American House, whet..' be will always keep on havd OYSTEltX, LKMOXS, ORAKQSH, S \YKKT PUT AT OKU. <t<:. N/'UOODS delivered to ^11 parts of town froo of chargo. W I jLI AMCO LE ifVN TAILOttlKU I D. J. DELBO to Inform tho publlis that ha has opened a ITItST-CLASS TAILOKINU L3TADLISIIMENT. 912 CUMBERLAND STREET, , where ho i» prepared to do nil ot° work In his lliio. t3?~ Glvo him a call and D. PARLOR Wholesalejand Retail ! g^ 1 Ik-st quality, at lowest rattn. free from .Slate and ciirefullv Kcrwncil. will tiucl it to their In terost to give our COAL a trial. UOOli UIMJKJJV I midoralgnuil haa opened a now BOOK BINDERY In connection with his Book Storo, and bus stocked It with tho Latest I tie If) able to do work in tho bent Mtyle aud at reasonable prices. %igr Magazines, Paper*. Muslo HookH, Ji;c,, &c., bound in any stylos deilred. DAYID 0. SMITH, y#9 Cumbarland Street, FA. BEATTY'8 ORCAN8 . Any nrat-claas PAINTK11 AND LET- TEHKH can llnd something to his ndvnu- tago by addressing tbo manufacturer, DANIEL F. DKATTY, Washington, New Jersey. Y A. It 1> , Formerly Li^it & Co.'s, M. I*. WHOI.KflA f,K DRAI.KU IN Wines and Liquors, No. 822 Ouinbcrlund Street, Lebanon, Pa t3T Tho best brands of WHISKIES, BBANDEES, A full lino ..f JKWEL11Y, Gold utid »\ 1 rWiilchoa, Oliver and Plated Waro. an » variety of Fancy Goods. Jn Qualify and I'rlm hig stock Is not equaled in thn town. Particular nttuutkm paid to R E 1' A I It I JY a all kinds of Watches and Jowelry. fobin-tf t\ N. 1E1I5KU, "~~ Druggist and Apothecary, No. 841 Cumberland Street I.KHANON, PA. Tho fliib^rlber ruspcctftilly ntiiiouiiiiuo to bis patrons, nn;1 tho public In general, that be has constantly on hand n lamo nBSort- ment of Drugs, Medlulnoe, ChotnlcalB, Trusses, Tlracos, 8upportor.<i, &o.. rorfuni- Bry, UruHhos, CoinliH, Ao. ; J'urii Wlnosand Liquors for inpdlr.nl purpo.ieu, Patent Mad lclni'3 &c. coimtantly on hand. chfirRn for Jolivorlng Coal. All orders left with Mr. Itohney, at Fisher's Leatlicr Store, will receiye prompt attention. apr7~flmos N EW D It I JO STORE J. J. KARCH, SEVENTH AND \P<} respectfully aunouoce to tho publl thai TO are now ready to furnish anything luaTfif kept In a first.olass Drug Store. Our stock of Drugs, Chemicals, Spices, i,, %re Qffljo best. Wo keep no second,SB Goods. A full lino of Patent Medicines, Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes, Combs, JJruaheH and Toilet articles always kept on hand. Physicians' Prescriptions put up at all hours of the day or ulght, aprlC-tf JOSBPtTJ.iC.ARCn. i-ILLlAM COI.EMAJi'H ' FIRST-CLASS Livery Stables. NO, 17. SOUTH NINTH ST., (one door north of tho American House.) I have in my Btablos the finest stock of (JQAGHE8, PIIJ3TOSS, w gi lu the Borough of Lebanon. Funeral Turuouta a specialty. Please , WILLIAM COLEMAN. call, BLACKSMITH SHOP. Paul Waohtor begs leave to Inform the citizens of Lebanon and vicinity that ho has opened a Blacksmith Shop, corner ot' Cumberland Street aud ^priag alley where he la pveparad to do all manner ol ami thing, such as UGH WMITHING, NEW Bl'BINO WAGONS to oraer. ^o.. &o. Work done a.t short uotico and all WOK guarranted. A share of tlie public is solicited. and CfOODS, CALL FUNCK& MILLER'S, 831 Cu»VerlA»4 Street, —AND— CHAIR BffiARUFACTORY The uudttralgned reapeolfully luform public that ho hns tho largewt and bost a sortmont of FCntNITtrRITAND .ever olferiid lo the publlo of Lobanou county. 1I« has ou hand, at bia Cabinet- waro-roonia, Nos, W<3 and 627 Nortli Nluth streut, a spleudld assortraont of good, sub, stantialaijd Clinton Bowman. \vmEa, &o., •f»bliv-tf J. T. Rolnochl. OLD AND WELL-KNOWN American House Livery Stable NINTH STREET, (between Cumberland and Chestnut,) LKUXKOK, PA.. Bowman & Reinoehl, Props Having purohaned tho Livery Stable, lately kept by William Coleman, and having had all the wagons refitted and rebuilt, we are now prepared to accommodate our friends aud the public generally, with SAFE HORSES. NEW BUaaiEfl, TWO-SEATED UARRIAiQK3, CABS, PUVETON8, &a Si?" Thankful for past favors, we hope by a Bidet adherauco to biwinona, to merit a contiuiiauc'! of the sj\u\o, julyl4-tf " BOWMAN & REINOEHL, Tht AmcrtfunAll-lJcahnf/ anil Strength tninq Plaster. Whorover tbis Plaster has been lytod It his been gaining favor aud maintained the reputation it has HO Justly acquired for thu gpoedy relief and euro of the following affections :—I'aln or weakness of the cheat, flections of tho kidneys, In nervous diseases, stitches, pain In tho back; also, rheumatism, lumbaRO, neuralgia, toothache, hteadacho, carbuncles, boils aud all kinds of sores, cuts, bruises. Hprains. bite of Insects, &c., sore breast, all other glandular affections, &o. RBTAILS AT TWKNTV- nvE CKNTSI. Orders solicited and promptly /mod. Addrosn, I). S. RABElt, 841 Cumberland Bt.root, Lebanon, Pa, feblO-tf (JOT TAGK IT U JN-1 UHAMUEB tJ S.«. K ! |3r All gooda sold LOW and WAB BANTED to give satisfaction. Persons desirous of knowing tho character of the goods hero offered for Halo, can be fully satisfied of their durability by rofor- onoo to tlioso for -whom ho has manufactured or to whom sold. Old furniture and chairs repaired and varnished. JOSEPH BOWMAN, Nos, 025 and 027 North Ninth Street, raar34-tf ^ Lebanon, Pa. CUSTOM UKS'AUTHKKT . II. 715 WILLOW STREET is now prepared to make upClothi&g lat'ie Latest City Styles! having engaged tho bust meuhauicu In the country, 1ST PANTALOO '<d u speciality. Giro him a trin itnd be bonvincm. 8ept29-tf _ N EW AND SUCCESSFUL PROCESS FOR CLEANSING AND PURIFYING FEATHERS, thus obviating all possibility of injury. Terms: $2.00 per Bed. fiT Satisfaction g uaranteed, or uo charges. Beds taken aud returned the same day, ready for immediate use. Call and see the Machine iu operation. All those -who wish to havelleds cleaned are to leave word at IIolHnger's or Bollman's hotel, apraO-tf __A . II. AVITMER. $1,2110 PROFIT OH $180" Often made this month by Putt and Caih. Invest according to your laoacs. §10, $60 or $100, in SiOCk Privileges, has Drought a small fortune to the careful investor. We advise when aud how to operate safely. Books with, full inforwatlou sent (t»). Addr«j» orders by mail aud telegraph to * 'J3 A^TER &. CO,, 17 Wall St., N. ¥. Small »»ms iovested for parties at» distance and p.r»ft8 promptly remitted. y ERANO1V I1KEWKRV. The uiider ftifintu lUi-inj' ii !I:I;ID publlo that ho haa purchased tho BREWERY, formerly known as SMI ED'S, '• litre ha prepared to fiarninh A. K ft I* E Id It of the j.urost kind, whioU he will deliver regularly every morning at such places when ordered in Lebanon. Orders can bo left at tho Brewery on Locust Street, between Seventh aud Kigbtli. novSl-tf ' C. GANSTER W! CIEIPI CHfiPI = At t.ho popular Dry Qooda Bloro of C SsHTlClVJl fc V. «K,O,, jY 8-17 Cumberland titrecl, LKBANON, I'A, They havo ahvuys ou band tbo largw.st and cheapest stock of Duv Nine Train* to 1»hlla<tfllDhlft. Stvfttt Trains to Plttgbnrg', Soven Trains to N«w Votk, and Orm Train to Erie. Ou au.l after Nor. 21,1873, tha Passenger Trains of tho Ponnxylvania Rftlltonrt Company will dopart from HarrUburR ami *r- rive at Philadelphia, Now York, Plttsbnrg and Krlo, as follows: EASTWARD. Pliiladolphla Express dally (exeunt Monday) at 2.f,0 a in, arrives at PhlUdolnhla at 7.00 ft in and Now York at 10.10 a m. Fast Lino dally at 4.00 a. m ; arrives at Philadelphia nf. 7.35 n m and Now York M 10.25am. flarrlsburg Express dally (c.xccpt Hun day) at 0.00 u in, a'rrivM at IMilliutMi-liU al 10.0(1 a m and Now York at 2.10 p ni. l>ill«rvlllo Accommodation, connecting lor Philadelphia, dally (except Sunday) al O.itO a in, arrivos at Lancaster at U 13 a tn. Lancaster Tralu, via Columbia, dally (exc.fipt 8iitid\y) at 7.35 a tu, with through car for Philadelphia nnd arrived at Phlla- dnlphlnat l!i.25p nt. Pai-IUo UxpriiM dally nt 12.10 j> tn, arrives at PhlladolpbU n,t. 4.20 p in, and Now York at I.'JS p ni. Mflll Train dully (nxoont Sunday) fttl.U pin, arrives at Phlladnlphlrt at 0.60 p m, and New York at 0.1S p m. Day Exurodsdaily at 3.13 p ni, arrives Kt Philadelphia at O.'-M pm, ami New Turk at W.13 p iu. Harrlsburg Accommodation (via Coliim bla dally (oxoept Sunday) at 3.00 |* in, and arrives at Philadelphia nt U.OO p HI. Atlantic Kinross dally (it 11.l.t p in, an-lvns at Philadelphia at 3.10 it lu.aini Now York at 0.60 a m. WESTWARD. Cincinnati Express dally at. lid.05 a m, arrives at Altooua at 4 40 a in, and Pitt*burg al, 8.30 a m. Pacific Express dally nt 4,'A) iv in. arrt vos at Altooua at 0.00 a tn, for braakJust, and PHI«bur8 at 2.00 p in. Way PiiMouger Train dully at K.W) n m, arrivos at Altoona at 1.05 p in, for dinner, and Pittsburg at 0.00 p ni. Limited Mall dally al 10.40 u in, arrives at AHooun at 2.10 p in for dinner, uud Pittsburg at 0.00 p m. Mall Train dallv (exoo.it Sunday) ut I.M p in, arrives at Altoona at 7.i!fipui, for mm- per, aud Pltt«burg ac 1.40 a m. Fast Lino daily (except Sunday) ul C.lo p m, a'rrlvea at Altooua at9.30 p in, for supper, and Pltuburg atZOO a in. Lewlstown Accommodation dally («x- oopt Sunday) at B.'20 p m, and nrrlvos' at LowUtown at 8.W p m, PlttsburgExpress daily (except, Sunday) at 10.40 p m, arrives at Altooua at S.10 :\ u\ and Pltuburg at 8.10 a in. PHILAD'A Si ERIE DIVISION R. 11. Midi Train dally (except Sunday) nt it.20 a in, ivrrlvcsat Wllllamsport iu H.10 a in. for breakfast, and Krlo at 7,00 )> m. Limited Mall dslly (except Sunday) «t 10.43 a in, arilvos at Willlomsport at, a.10 p in, Ronova nt 4/lfl p in, and Krtitu 0.80 p IH. Look ll^von Accoiuiuodatlon daily (ox- copt Sunday) at 1.20 » in, arrives at wll- llumsport at 0.10 pni, and Lock Haven t^t 7.30'p m. Fast Lino dally [except Sunday] ut 0 BEATTV'S CELEBRATED QoN den LOB BA.FS < Tlpatty'N Obldeii TohRnfl Wrloif have won for tbcmsolres a good reputation far and wlclo.—WttBhlDflton.fN. «T.) Star wo would fdcomifiena this oxcfeJlont In Htrnmetit to the musical , for Iw Hno of tonn.--]'ct/'rsb(trff (Inn*.) Democrat Wootlbiao of OUd F0lld*» hta fwrchased otic of Iteatty'a GoJJeu Tongue Organs, and It i.i tho best Instrument ever brought to thin town.— WrvWl rttt'ftfl (K. J ) lloRiator. Tho Instruiuont glnm •uulrn satlafacUon. My brother, who purchased tho organ, it I'lgh'y (iloaap(J,~MiMnphi« (Mo.) How«. who wish to purchuHO H ftrst-olaftt Inntruincnt, fur homo, hnll or church mnslo Mhould tiy n Ucatty br nil ninaim.— Uorsny. (Mlrb.)Ontllnr. ' ' Its tone jiqualmlii) flnc.Ht wo hnr8 over hoaril.—Kdin (Mo.) Domorrnt. ItLa pvonounc^i n splendid Instrtiment. r .J»|KsK llall'.Mb.tt^r t.,, Flnly fOtilol Pfttrlon. ln ' y Areputntlnu whlr.h |i|«c»j,i thnm aborn pusplnlon They nru Mi.lnrH.ul by tho hSali- oat muHlral nuthorltlfts throughout lh» world an dm I»psf'-Ht.. Chailn.q (Mo,) Cle»- wnnlcd to canvass for ilor irrBtnimont. Address DANIEL HKATTY, Washington, N. J. July£0-ly __ __ _^ ___ French Stoom Dyeing AND Scouring Establishment! TOBIAS DAUKK8, Proprietor. Thoundnrilgucd would respectfully Iji- form the oltlzmis of Lebanon county, that ho has opened u Hrst-class ostabllalunont for tho nbovo business, whnra ho la now prepared to do all kinds of SCOUniN J, In tho host and finest «yl«,»t nhbi:t. notice and inoderato pnc«j). I^TWo color nil kinds of Sllka, nil Hhailes, Satins, Velvet*, Delnlnon, Alp»ca», OaHslincrew, (;iollw, Linens, Cotton*, Wool ntid Woolen Inrn. KSTMeuH* and Ladles' Olothloa oolot»J all shidcH and presHnd. Ladles 7 Dreosea colored nil fihndea and pressed, Also, l nnd Feathers colored In tho bust style. ISTWo nlso Hcour aiul Press Ladles' Drosses ivnd Hhnwln In tho l.«st. and utyla. 1ST Ladlrts'nndnentleruon's put up lit tho lluuHt order. Tho attoullou of Mercunnts U oBp«clalJy called u> thin biiBlnom. Their order* nra nttendod to at the Hhorteut notion. Thlsplaoohns tho reputation that thu work Is done fully na well, and In many onge« bettor, than Blsowhoro. AlterlUff. repalrlnj; and nil the proving donobygood and iixpiirleuetid ineidinuloi, us Mild u tho In them ft cu.ll. Qr;ir.KK»WAi«i fubllMf T IIE NEW BUTCIIEKIJTO EM* TABLISHMENTI , The undersigned would Inform the public that ho is carrying on the BUTCHERING BUSINESS In all its branches, at his residence, 127 South Sixth Street. Between Chestnut and Walnut, Lebanon, The choicest BEEF, PORK, MUTTON, VEAL, &?., always ou hand at his Shop, or delivsred at any house in Lebanon or vicinity. ITe also takes in Butchering at his Shop, which. ho is satisfied will give aatisfaoUon.to.aJ), decO-tf LEVI M. BTELY. m» HE l*I|Ol>KftsYir SUITED IU DRESS BOOTS OR SHOES LEAVE YOUR ORDERS AT SHIRK & MOORE'S Boot, Shoe and Trunk No. 814 CUM6mA.NP STREET, , PA, keep couataiitly on liand a full a»- ut of the auov« Goods, lucludbag all the latest styles of Bft»tern mauwfeQtare arncular att^nUwo paid to pu*toai , and all vor^ guaranwed. a»gi-« EIGHTH STREET CLOTHING HOUSE, No. 8 South Eighth Street, LEBANON, I»A, m, arrives at Wllllaiuhport at 8,03 p in, for supper, and Look Jlavon at lO'.'.'O p in. FRANK THOMSON, D. M. UO/.U, Jr., General Manager. Umi'l PIMM. Auuut aeptl-l-tf IIIL RAILROAD. ARRANGEMENT OH 1 PASSENGER TRAINS. NOTJtiMJBBlV 22, 1873. Truing leave Lebanon as follow* : For Now V'ork, O.W, 0,07 a. in., 2.53 and *».49 p. in. For Philadelphia, 0.10, 0,07, 10.80, it. in,, '±.Wl and 4.40 p, in. For Road Ing 0.15, 0.07, 10,60, a. m., !J.0U,4,.4J) and 8,'iU p. iu. For PotUvlllo O.lfl, 0.07 a. in., and 4.40 p.m. For Allentown 0.10, O.U7 a. r«., S.O'J 4.4U and 8.40 p.m. For JIurriBbuTK O.C7, S.BO a. w., 13.33, 'i.M. 7.37 and 1LSU p. m. For Pinegrovo 7.10 a.m., 12.2dnnd7.HOp. in. SUNDAYS. For Now Yoik 0.10 a. in. For AJlontown and way stations 0.10 a. 111 For JUrrJaburg O.B7. 8,00 a, in., Jl.liii p. w. For Heading, Philadelphia and w»y Ht» tlous ii.47 p. iu. 2V«i«s for Lebanon leave a* follvw- York 0.IB a. in. 1 .OOj 5.15 aud lualn part of tho bti«lnoH«. Wo Btrotoh Pants to tho required length, without hi- jury to the shape or goods. llaring employed experienced gentlomku from BOH ton and Philadelphia, for lluj business, I am confident to gmi lull satlsfftn- tlon to cuatomara. Thankful for rant furors t Uop» for a continuance of tuo saiao, which I vriU dcavor to uaorltby promptness and giving tho beat work for tho leant money. CSTGlvo mo a trial. Ronumibor tbit placo: No 73J WILLOW ST. »>IfiET, Lebftuop, f». inarlO-tf TOniAH DAjtJKlCB.^ mo HAVE WEI,, amlto keep ' JL room and n clean houiio, Is Metnlllo J.-E Yinpl's Hardm Store Corner Eighth and C Itisuucd at doors anj uut tho dust uud cold bin . l.t- m last winter. |59 r Bari;alns urooffered iu Horsy ots, Lap Blankets, Moat Saws aud Cutters, Butcher Kulvoa and Stools, small Sleds, Skates. Shot and Powder, Sleigh DIM, Carriage Whips, Floor OH Cloth uud Carrfago Goods. uovl-3m *7.40 p. Leave Philadelphia 0.10 a, in., 8.40 and 7.10 p. iu, Leavo Reading 4.40,7.40,11.20 a. UJ M 1..BO 0.10 and lO.i.0 p, m. Leave Pottsvll'lu o.DB, 0.00 a, iu, and;4.3fi p. m. Leavo AUeutown 2.30, O.CO aud 8.BC a. in, 12.20 4.30 and 8.'40 p, iu. Leava Ilarrlsburg D.20, 8.10, y.4C a,i/i,,2.00, 3.CO and 7.40 p, w. Leavo I'luogrovo 7.40 a. 10., 8,«) and d.iiO p. m, BfiTThe 2.30 a. m. truln from Allunlowu and 4,40 a. UL train from Reading do not run on Mondays. HUNDAi'-H. i>ftvo Now York 0.10 p, in. Leavo Philadelphia 7.10 p, 114, Leave Reading 4.10, 7.40 a. m., and 10,20 p.m. Leave AUeutown 2.10 a. m, and 8,40 p. m, Leave llarrigburgS 20 a. ui, and 1.40 p. m. "Via Morris aud Idaex Railroad. J. K. WOOTTBN, soptM-lf 1 Oenerut &'uperin(ende/tf. JOHN O. OAflKL. full assortment of READY-MADE CLOTHING, of our own make, which will bo cold cboap- Alao, GIT'S IURISHIN6 GOODS. 8. 8. RAMSAY. aprU-if PI A N : O I GRAND SQUARE AND UPRIGHT, " These celebrated instruments have attained a wonderful d_egree of popularity among tho musical fraternity generally. They have been tested by, and received the positive indorsements of some of the most celebrated musicians for harmony and richness of tone. They are wltbout a su perlor."—-Huntingdon [t'a.j Monitor. ^^Ageuts Wanted. Send stamp for catalogue. Addreea DANIEL F. BEATTY. WflBhitigtoii, New Jersey. , Mal»e. EtIJAII LOHOACIti:, T KHAJVON DOOH, HASH AUD STEAM J'LAJN- 1N& MILL, located ou FRONT STREET, near Cumberland, Kast Lebanon. ~ff^M^3lerfligne'i re»pectfully inform ^hg pii^i!fT<>'i : {kA^«wn)l that they atlll uiauufito' turo and keep on I'.aaid 1; Doors.'Sash, Shuttora, Blluds, Flooring. | j Weathcr.Boards, O'Gee Spring Mouldings, of all sizes; Wash Boards, Cor- O ltCiAiV »'OIt NALK.—\W offor f.;r a No. 40 SU70 BE ATTif'S GOLDKW TONGUE PARLOR ORGAN, wanofae. tared by Mr. Dauiel if. Boatty, of Washton, N. J,, who advertlflDHJn our oolutaHa, Tlio orgaijM manufactured by this hou«i> are noted for tb«ir beautiful flulsb, rich deep tone, auil f'rcat durability ; liayo ouly , loba seen aud heard to IJH anproolatou. now >n a d«»1raWr«took-of embracliig ull tho lutost lu the maikot, which we propose to soil at the very LO W JSHT '.- l» JU 0 K H I ! I Our Block will bo found completoTBTBll lu diipartmentH, and wo venture to nay, tliat for choice and for low prices, our store can not be Kiirpaomul, Notions, Cloths, Cttu- simeres, &c,, all fresh from tbo olty «n»rj keta, Giva us a calland bo convinced Utut at.- LA UDEUMILCH'ti i« tho place to buy, _JoblU-tjr . _ UT MONEY IN YOI/U VURttK ASD CAJ-r, AT OYSTER BAY, P ttlid All kinds of JJuildmf Mattnals for houses. Wo also construct the latest aud inofit improved Stair Casing and Hand Railing, snltable for largo and aiuall build ings. We now Invite Fftrmors, Mechanics and Builders to call and osamiue our stock, which we will warrant to give entire matia* nictlon to all who may favor tho undersign, ed with their custom. LO&GAORE & GABEL. Planing, Sa.wing,^?c., &o.j iiromj>tly_doiio Planing, pa. wing, «c., &Q., prouij)uy uouo for those who way furniah Lumber. fUJ-t| BEATTY GRAND SQUARE AND UPRIGHT. Combines Ivery improvement known. J3T Send stamp for circular. Address DANUEL F BBATTy, W&lW?i|tOB, New Jersey wheru Q ¥8 Til titi t LJUUOA'H, SWKKT uio c-ojiiituuUy kejit on hauJ. WOj sters dollverod to all tho city, at all houva of the day, i Bunday. Pla«o of s(* of Coiieri 1 of lift anil f Illn Sts, MARY JANE FAIRBURN, oumtf. TO-15W The H SWOI*. he Huderslgucdreapectlv&lylui'oruiA thu citizens of Lebanon aud Viwlultv, that Jw aa» Btarted a new "NYHEELWKKJttT SHOP, on Seventh* atreet, north of BtrleJt- lor'allil), iu the borough P? Lebanon. where he makes all kiuda of light heavy FARMING WAGONS, BARROWS, CARTS, uud all .other Ju hiiii lino, which ho warrants:^ b<» well- wade and of the best material. ;_,,„„ l=gr REPAIRING PONE PBOJJPT|,\ and at reasonable rates. ,,, , . The patronaM of th« publio is

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