The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 1G, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION \Vill pay 10o tor heavy KENS 'Itiesclay, Wednesday, Thursday. J. E. Fisher, opposite Cluucli- Niizarcne pXll «w Yorker Defends COAL & WOOD Daily rate per .we »* consecutive insertions: (five average wnras to a m One lime per !»»« —-. TV.-O Uraca per line per day . Three limes per IIr.« l»r fay . Six times per line per day . Month rate per mm • • • • • • • • • Minimum charge ado Ads ordered lo- lucco or sx times and stopped before e.\p!ra fun \\ill Coal anil Wood Kentucky Cgg COAL S3; sl;ig 53 per ton Ash & Railroad Sts. 15ck22 «su oi c\VA funds tor i uf cMcrmln.Ulon ol in Idaho." Van Niune, I "Th UOISK. IdiiUo <Ui'i -• Idaho's in int'iiibi'r of the Amerlciin Mil- newi>|i ckiabbiLs have found a irue !scmn uf Uislnry. wrolc.ll>'"'": lend In Inimanily at lnsl. Ho Is "It- d*-a not appear Hint rabbits )m*t\\ Villnrd O. Vim Name, New York'are troublesome enough there IIKPTOI )9c Ofc We. O&c 60c for tlie num- 1JATTEIUES Imlwo people lo take imy incus- jond. a poisoning cmniiilen, which nres lo net rid ot thom ill llwlr will reiliilnly ivsult n UH> whole- f Iiinds for an iiiill-rnbbit war. own expense und the taxpayers oljsale deitriicllon of valuable and "I wish to enter a protest New York inul other Mules in the .btiuiiclal wild creiUures us well, rty. who wrote the Idaho Stale WA administration protesting use New Ford Batteries itental - Kccharghi£ - Iteuairln; "I T1UE & BATTERY STATION 2Gc-k3-:> HEAL ESTATE ber o! times the il(i apiwared ana adjustment of bill made. Alt Claimed Advertising copy submitted l»y persons residing outside ol tlie city n ust be accompanied by cash. Kates may IK cefily computed (rc::n above- table. no responsibility will ue laKeu 101 more tlmn one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. orooica ror irre&u- jir insertions lake tlie one limb t'ur Sale: III Hisl Davis, mi ex uJMti- home; nothing prettier I DlythevillF. Will sell on (onus . Call our otlicc for appohvlmen k'HOMAS LAND COMPANY, so agents, c For Trade: City pvoiwrty Sor tar LAND. Mrs. Ed Hardhl, 13ck Farms Tor sale. 20 Tc down^ batan like rent. Etht! B. Thompson, C ruthersvillf, Mo. 8pk3-8 ius'. should not be culled upon to probably ot some thtd are clulmed Pmi Plarlirn P!M flun lo I! for them. |(o be Iroubli'some. rral nea K e « "> UU6 Idaho .sclicuu- jmns, from t '" rlie brondciist sraltcilni,' Hems. lo consist or Iwo Kiral, a bis rubblt drive, Inr the nmiisniicnl of local -,\i public exix-n™. anil svc OUR 130AUDIING HOUSE liv Ahen' Lots of Extra Value In These Used tars •38 FOKU SKDAN COACH •3D CHEVROLET COACH '30 NASH SEDAN TRUCK SPECIALS SEEDS & i'LANTS SEED Potatoes, soy beans, nclo i.ons and nltfilfa a;cd. Uct mj ces. Earl Hutcher Call U3b-J. rw^f ' 'vffsi, 1 n i~-zv*-s VNVW.YOU •&& cRocotA\.E? ^^ WHKT TJO VOU MtAM. ASKING r-''|( "THAT "BOOTHBV G\MK T-ROM )'^> LONDON TO Slfcy HERE? ^>° j V YOU THINK l"(V\ •RUNN1N&THIS '> / ' "PLACE /\S AN EXPF-.RMENT? J^ | EMS UKt A LUM^Ws^Kf -V- 5 . VOU^ ,YOULL DIG THE MUS6E.TSJ •5VA-VA to D SO LOUt>? UV Ht'LV. "REir/toURSE VOU V E6MD,Ht WOM 500 \ TOUNDS SlCRUNG^tlAW OVER^Z^OO-OM THE /''C ( /^V\ LOTT&RYp, T L=^=. ^ FOU KKNT I'HREE Room rurnlshcil APART-1 MENT with private bath and entrance Phone 72-W. Mrs. 1. O. Weitbrook. 10p X20 •23 CHEVUOIXT 1 TRUCK. Woilli ihc -Money TON Comfortable furnished BEDROOM wilh garage, if desired. Mrs. F. E. Cooler, phone in. 16ck'20 2 story modern house on Division, just north of Catholic dnire'n. Reid Evrard & Henderson, phone 8B2. Ulc-tf BEDROOM (or 1 or 2 gentlemen, Bui W. Walnut St. Call 451. B-ck-tf TIU3CK. >Ve Will Buy Vour I0:il License For Your Passenger Cav. fnom: siu - 81V Phillips Motor Co. c'ORNlfSHED Icd'oom, Wl'l W. Wninut Mrs. i>i Hardin alter i<OOM & BOARD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal,. clean rooms, rates low. Close In. Mrs. 1,011111 S. Second. • 8-cfc-l-i» V^ANTED UNFURNISHED Tlurec -rooni iiparlmeiu wiilt bath. Close ill WANTED TO BUY L. G. Y.C3S. Undertaker We Pay 5!-i Cer.ts for No. 1 bed Hides .Matthews liWre, IWfi X. Uth. St. lOc W- WBMl-EVEli r.'iuminuin . is be and casts no more, aoiu e.-.ciu- iive-y at i-iimoara Haiuvare Co. :— ~ . A'e 1'as ?i wr ion Jor Scrap Iron KW ~ Also buy limes, brass, gopi* uil, etc.- Woil Arian, 1'lione no it, B. Mam. 2u'-ck-: ! Repair Furniture Now You can s^ve mocty by rraving funiituvc uphoisteicd now as materials are cneaiKr. We mate the old new a-juin. Free estimates. Complete line samples. Woik 8« ar - nmecd. , Jenkins & Son, 713 Chlckasawba 2oc-k:i--2'i ~SVc Slci;lli7i: in J'onr kinrts l" r spetia! IlubUanl H.irdiiare Cu. Honrs Free flciin-. iliagnusls in your home 3Irs. .1. J. llavis, 1'linr.c 4J1 Spcni-cr Corsctierc 2lic h3- KT Type«ritLr anil Adili«5 Muchinu KciriWr-g. U. S. JilanK- 116 Ucie. Call 165-J. FOR SALE tor K^lc CHEAf: New VitalilJ r.avy blue PUMl'S, T A<\. Cal 3C6. OXF BARBER CHAIii CHEAP Mr-, M. W. U-c. Joiner, Art:. Up ivl-i CORN FOR SALE Staiiion A. Pe])|ier, lliiflman, M'f 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one row planter, or.c 4 row cultivate ons 1C by 20 dioc harrow, one row Uiiblcr with marker.^ All i first clafs condition. Cay an Billing. Inc. Ge iwlsoii Is detcstubb mid tnexcns- biixlnesii which (lie fi'denil ,ovci nini'iH wiiviM du lo tmjlilbll Hum lu I'li belter uKC In." alter nil pledge:) ol the fraternity were oskcii lo i>raduc« their ,— ^111 r» I nil i n>. n; v-Jtwkt »w jJi xjuuvc MIVII )tii;iJ|{C To College Book Robbery PH«. AH diii so except the one OXTOH1), O. lUl'.'.-A initiiriilty pledge phi, left "in llin eunl oT u rnnii, according lo authorities. inj Ixxiks on various mib- fji'd.s tinve been stolen. Practically 'nil were recovered vxpluslvc Sonii' llcclng sludont; hns wilvcil the! inyaterloiis dlsapiu'iiiiiiico ol old'nil were recovered from tlie and Ytihmblu buoks fioin theldcnl's room, ulong with letters he powder U u dytmmllej Miami University library here. iliad wrlltoii lo second hand book used In blasting. ' 'the sliKlcnt's conlc.^sjon catiu'ldcnkTs it; vnrlons cUlea. SO FOO/Y TKI,LS WHAT HAl'l'K.NKU— By WHAT A FINE OuheilEMjeO SAP. VOU TURNED OUT TO BORROW ft TELLh'S ^-' VOUR SOUL 1W oiNasMan.An' TUCN { PtftCE.AKO LISTEN TO VA TAKE IT GOT /,- MV TALE, BEFORf. VOU AN' LOSi; IT/ XjOPCN VOUU 016 YAVJP •\ VtO BELLER AND RAVE ANO VJWL— ^ •>•• • fc fe v_ CA^UV WELL-AFTER WE FINAU.Y ESCAP60 FROfA f\00 - Vlt HEAOTO INTO W JON6LE ON 1HROUSH -/VAD THROUGH 111' SWAMPS, v;UEfjE HOHS1 ER5 PLAY, HE AMD OlNNV PLOWED OUP. VIAV — MOUm^NOUS TERRftNEVJE FtE'*^ — LAST.MV HOMELAND CAWE INTO ViEW' "iilf.n, 3W& 1 "IO WSEiJF. VJilrt AoRiN- 100 QUO HOWtTOViH? V^'U. JUST DROP IN! .^'\&. IT ^ :! :S3^3S E .-•--- ••^-., i ,A/v> iiOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES HOJ'WOOI) »L'SINKSS! By AM fXT &CV\CK)L , TOWN . UV \6^> WMiCV ' OVo ^\ wwvt , otv MW'T 6w\nt Htf>r\,CEPY D MO Vant to buy nil kindi Used House lioid Gooos, ticoves. liigtiesc aan priecs. Leignton's i5ctona inuil More. 'J20 fc. Main. 10i>K-i-iu LOST EAil light ot Plymouth car with cily & state license. 1 ! attached. REWARD. Heturn to Courier News. ICcMO HEI.l' WANTED S'ATION-WIDE CORP. establishing cRicc in ttiis vicinity. Hr.s 0|>en- ns for reliable, industrious, lUiau- :;aliy responsible man ns focal Mgr. 'osition offers immediate substan- ial income and advancement. Ex- pciience In our wosk umicc. as man elected will >>e thorouglily and personally trained at the time we op?n office.' Write PRESIDENTS PICE, 975 Transportation : r.icago. WASH TUI1I5S SINOIN' SCHOOL'S OI.T! By Cram , OMCG AGA'.M > OH, BLiRV N*= MOT ON THE LOWE PRAI-Rtt> iOVS-LOUD INHERE THE WILD COVOTfiS WILL HOWL O'ER ME, ftM'MOURNfUL.I IMA HARROW GRftVE ^UST SIX BV THREE, CH, BURV ME HOT OM "(liG LOME PRW-REEt. / OF- FKMALB HELP WANTED Attractive women hnving wide acquaintance who can iell can make good money, assist adver- ins i-amp.iign \Vviglcy"s SPEARMINT Tenth Paste. Call in person Mr. &pp. Coif Hold. lUp k!7 Has '.it CiREBNE. ML-. itJPi —Mrs. Anna . Rose, who recently observed her SOlli birthday anniversary, li a;, more descendants than anyone in tlii.i section of New England. Her great-grandchildren alone number 3D. TWO ucc-d mules, priced reason able If A Siiiilh, 510 W. Main.; 2c Ml I ~Am'OMOTIV*r iriljctlinj Tncs &• TuVcs, Kepliice- mcnl parls ar.d accessories or nil kinds fo- anv ni:ikc uf tar. Automotive llcjjt., Hubbard lldw. Co. l c hi-l Aulo Class All Kinds li:M;illnl Tlie Ark-Mo Lumber Co. IOC k'1-10 iToday'S Fresh c-fits daily. K. I. Kcd scttinjt egss. I'icivard Slore. 1011 Cliicka-1 s.iHbn. »P kJ-10] All Varieties. Cuslcm iMtching colicUrd. Set each T;irs(iay. lialch each Wednesday. ' JIARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Cer. No. 88 4^'Presiaenfc of ti\e Dnikd States, dares exlain, ymis to ridvbyopeniT :b€er gardens _ .J 'NOW, TFIL : A 01 D CH1&HOLM I TZftlL, WHOOP I 'ERUP! / T, OH, A TEH COLI.n . TO^r. flfOOA FftWIV DDL LA SADDLE- AW I'M &OIH' TO PUNCHIKJ' TGXlS /THAI'S FIMEt rtM'7HE UW OWE D' ^CU PEACOCKS I HEW 4ftPPIN' 50H1: NEW- F«M6LED FOX-TROT, I'LL , WKE A 3RANDIN' IROM 1 r TO YA ! r > ; >) i STfiQE COACH FPOM A MUSEUM, AN 1 HIM UlS EftSTCPH FRiGNOS l^ CM THE i»~s" '../.I - (O I ff'/fi • • I •'' ' 'S^ T '"*/•• ' / • ' SALESMAN SAJVI /VieV SftM, TH .'s TvioSE TwcjMeuJL>/uieos) p, s>T(=«aT THeiR. fiftWue.o f'fn P.I&MT FOOT ray BIW*'t^ i I«)N VOYACK, I'OI.KS! By SBHJ| C.I.ESS Mix J.D Ot 5 "W 1 pLf^Ce. — BUT HAV/EL 'fv •eweuuTit^e ( H09* F»RCKI,KS A\n HIS KKIKNOS LES, IP I CULV tOULD RAISE ENOUGH MOMEY TO HOLD TMiS CLACE A V-'HILE LO'iGERr, I MIGMT BS ABLE To PEDDLE IT LATER, 10 SOMfi OIL COMPANY .' ;: -" /">^. ' r^' /7*1 / i// ', 7-^- Aid IP I CAN'T, IT'LL BE TViE' POORHOUSE FOB U5.... AMD TJE P003HOUSE WWST DAD .ENOUGH,SO TJEf PUT A HllL IM FRONT OP IT, TO MAKE YoD V/ALif OVER.' BOY...IF I OWNED TUIS PLACE, I'D BE Cl AD 70 SELL OUT R3R jf 10,000- J c; TIIK liiKi) THK liiun: " '•( A-v,p;«-t I, By Btossei EM Th'OUEAH? TEJ<) J V DOLLARS... BUZZARD WHEM IS TMAT VAUDEVILLE GUY COM!K!G TO GET HIS PARROT V T CALLED H'M OM TU COMG .TAVf TUE POGCOS.'E TWMG AV/AYl 1 HAVE AS MUCH UvE FOR PA!?»or AS A PAIR OP FALLING ARCHES V/OULD HAVE FOR A PARACHUTE I'. TWAT PARROT HAY COME IN HAMDY.' WAIT. AND SEE!

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