The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1948 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 17
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THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams, Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople J?LYTHEVIU,E (ARK,) COURIER NK\\'S PAGE awl 1 GO OSCAR'S HERE/ ••-,. un K(40VJ H& WAS SUCH A 6AT1 EK ILL BET A SOCK; AGftirtST A LA 3LHTOM HE CAW OOTSLUG Arly K P|A.f40 AOVEGS INStHe BISCUIT OBPARToVtlWu. I'LL LAP UP TlllS SOUP QOICK 6tFO«6r H6 -i WAKES OP.' r^~-r"^__.,^ 1 SAID I'M 7M' SHERIFF OF BLCOOY BASIN, ARIZONV, AND I'MCHECKIM' UPON A COUPLE OF GXTRA 10U6H LOOK1KJ' COWBOYS THAT JUST SWAGGERED IM--ONE H*D YOUR APPRESS OJ HIM THIS 15 ED. DAVE. DOWN HEKG'ATTM' FREIGHT YARDS-- ONE OF-" FELLERS LOOtiS MIGHTY VOUR WALTER;) ESAO, SNuFr-V.' WMV DlDKifT VOO 1ELL fAE VOLJHADANEPHEVJ WHO WAS A DIAMOMD L'LL OSCAR A •"•-HE'LL \*JReftK. ( •/ (lf\S'OC VOtTH EMECy ) 6«TTlrJ& RECORD / THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM Anti-M'Arthur Move Started By 8 Veterans CHICAGO. Mar. 11. CUP)—Eight, veterans announced yesterday that I they had formed an organization! to oppose the nomination of Gen. Douglas MacArthur for president. Paul Bcrgcr, spokesman for the, o u (__„ <• ji cu •!. 8Y r ° NE SANDBCRG SHKIBIR By lone Sandberg Shnber DISTRIBUTED BY NCA scRvicr. INC salrt veterans here and In other cities hart contacted and the "plan Is snowballing." He said "at least 500 former servicemen" had pledged llic-ir support within a few hours after the veterans established the or^aniza-l tlon which will he known as "Vet- ! trans Against MncArthur.' 1 Berger said tile croup opposed MacArthur because "of his general t aloofness from the people, his use of violence In 1032 to halt the ' vcict'ans' mulch in Washington, his '. [,censorship of the press in Japan, ' *nd the evidence this gives of his anti-democratic leanings." He said Ihe VAM "stands for Gen. Dwlght Eisenhower in his condemnation of military men who seek public office on the basis of military achievement rather than civilian qualifications." "W C feel that MacArthur will undoubtedly engineer the biggest stampede in Republican party history by a timely 'I-Have-Returned' arrival shortly before the GOP Na- • tional convention in June," Berger ' said "We want ot put a damper on ' surh a boom." ! Revger is 24 and a veteran of the , 97th Infantry Division which ; fought in Europe and then was •• transferred to occupation duty in I Japan He and the other seven founders of the VAM are bachelors who live ! together in a house they have ' rented on Chicago's South Side. ' Five are graduate students at the University of Chicago. The other three are employed in the adver- » Using business. AU are army veterans. Wood deep liuvn. ,,«vtv.. n,.»j last for hundreds of years unless eaten by sea worms. Read Courier News Want Ads. XVI ANN cleared her throat again. "Rlnda, how long was it ader you saw Tommy that you smelled the gas? I mean, doesn't it seem funny that Tommy didn't smell t?" "Well, it was quite a bit later. I had another cigaret and Ihen 1 turned: out the light. I tried to sleep but I tossed—you know, one of those horrible nights ... It was quite a while laler that I remembered I'd seen some new magazines down in the hall so I got my robe and slippers and started down. When I went past your door—the door was closed but you know how you get a whifl oi gas . , . ?" Ann oleated her skirt carefully and didn't look at Rinda. "Was Rush's door closed, too?" she asked quietly. "Yes. Because I hammered on it and shouted after I got you as far ns the hall." Ann made up her mind swiftly, not slopning to consider the consequences her act might bring. "Would you do something tor me while you're in Cleveland, Rinda?" "Why. ot course." "Just drop oil a package. And a note. But I'll have to write the note. I'll do il right away." She walked into the house like an automaton with Rinda by her side. 'Arc you nil right?" Rinda asked anxiously in the hall. "Your face is flushed." "li's tlie hc[il," Ann said ex- prciijionlesFly. "It is hot. isn'l it'.'" "Not very." Uintta said. She looked nt Ann quecrly and then snid. impulsively, "Ann, why don't you go with me? Into Cleveland?" "Go with you?" Ann stopped still in Ihe dim hall. She eould go into Cleveland with Rinda. She could just toss some clothes into a bag and go with her. For that matter, she would never need to come bark. She would never need to. But what did lhat gain .icr? How did that Help? Wasn't it simply evasion? postponement of the inevitable? Because U the monstrous idea thai had taken possession o( her brain were true— "You're sweet. Rinda." she said. "But I don't think 1 feel up to it." Hinda bit her lip and then said. "All right. Ann. You go write your note." • • • 1TPSTAIRS, she met Rush in the ^ hall. "How d'you feel?" Rush asked. "Stiil rocky?" "No, I teel pretty gooa." It she could only tell him! It she could only rest her head against him and let the words say themselves. Well, why not? Why couldn't she? Together they eoulcl work it out, deride <vhat to do. Her pulses pounded, her knees felt as though they were dissolving. Ajid she rieard again her voice asking Rinda, "Was Rush's door closed, too?" and liintla'? voice answering, "Yes. Because 1 hammered on it and shouted after—" No, she couldr't seek solace from anyone just yet. Not even Rush. "Well, I want you to la^e it •a.-'y. [\inda will be jso.'.e for a ew d;tvii and you'll have a ei;anrc o iv?i up>. [,et l.auiie lake over 'or a lillle while. It won't hurt ier. In fact—" He stopped and Ann raised her luce. "In (net—what?" lie kissed her ehcek. "I was going to s;ty maybe we could i»o to the collage for a tew liiys. lint I can't for awhile. I've (jol some stnll on Ihe lire . . ." He itsscd her again. "Matter of fad, "m on my way over to In* lab low." • • • ,4 NN walked slowly into the bedroom. She went lo her de.>k, picked up her pen. "Dear Enos," she wrote. "Please do me a favor, darling, nnd settle a family argument? Will you test his ran of wax for fingerprints? You know Hush and 1 never hesi- atc to (alec advantage ol your oorl nature as well as your connection with the police department. We want you for a weekend some time soon. As always—" She signed her name with sure swift strokes. She sealed the envelope and laid it, unaddressed, on the blotter. Enos Barton was the Forrester attorney but he had also been Ann's beau until she met Rush. Enos was faithful and steadfast and always there when you needed him. lie might wonder why she wanted this can of wnx tested for fingerprints, but he'd see that It was done right away and not ask any questions. She va;- sure of it. She got a linen towel trom Ihe bathroom. She went to the closet, knelt down among the skirts ot her dresses and negligees. A stlfj taHetn skirl bristled as she ,>u.shed it aside so she could see the closet floor. Her shoes were in their racks. Her nightgown and dressing '<own hung on padded hangers. A red belt iC'ith brass studs hung crookedly from a hook. Everything was exarlly where It belonged. Everything. She looked a long lime and ihen she rubbed her eyes and looked again. The can of wax was gone. (To Be Continued) Porto Rico KILN DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Poor Phones .1677—2986 Buck Meharg Produce Ml E. Main Si For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDRIDGE Norris Printing Co. Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Sire T. L. MABRY *23 MISSOURI ST. PH. 362 BOB MALGNE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 TWENTY MILLION GARDENS The Government has asked for that amount— it is the answer to higher and higher food prices. Raise your own food! We have complete stocks of garden seed. Order now! • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~m*»*mimmmmmmmmm~*mmmmm~~mmm HELP CONSERVE 1 FOR OTHERS—WITH A GARDEN OF YOUR OWN! Paul Byruin Seed Store IKVS tlic most complete stock of p and field seed between Memphis and St. Lxnils, as well ft-s all kinds of plants in season. Make this your headquarters whenever you buy high-germination seed! SEE US ABOUT YOUR GARDEN SEED NOW! WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU PAUL BYRUM "The Seed Store" 1M-120 East Main SI. lilytheville, Arkansas FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION Spring Planting Oats We have Spring Oats, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures and hespedeza. I,«wn Mixlures For All Kinds Field Seed, Come to See I's- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. 850 Phone* S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. Handled With Care From the lime your family's clirtliei reach us—to the lime they are. returned to you immaculately clean, they get the best of care. Fabric, color and design play a parl in determining Ihe methods and Ingre- dlcnt.5 we use in cleaning, Our results sutisfyl Diof 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 220 North Second Street SEVENTEEN HtKCKLKS A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO68EB Strategy AVTA SHOOTING, At.' , OURAfcJG : WC'Rt SUNK / Tiuts vou« LOOKOUT, SON; WHEN MS . you HAVE TO &3 AOOUMO PSSr/ KIM.' Can t afford it! You've said that about everything we've bought since we've been married except the kitchen stove!" i'UISCILLA'S I>OI> Hard—Like Hnllcr By A I. VERMEER Well, iwv you /aven' tears don't nief if unit I'm qoing to uvrry about it' In tlic Parkini; Lot By M1CHAKI, O'MAM.EY and RALPH LANK I REAILY DON'T KNOW WHlcw But Mark Atbell was planning a SUT- Will GtT HERfr FIRST, EARL OB piise for Rocky out in the parkTrtJ lot. OB TWO WITH US, MY BROlHHt ROCKV. WDtfT f API KIP. UNTII EARL / BE SURPRISED WHEN ROCKV 6ETS HERE?./ GIVES US THE GO AHEAD StSNAL ? THAT S HIS CAR MOW WASH TUBBS Up the Little l.u<lv By LESLIE TURNER MZE 1WE EFFECTS X SURE. MTEK SEE IN O'GRUGER'S FAIWSTV: LUIU BELLE AMD COWCOCTIOW &EGIOUIIJ9 ,/TMKIU' TO HEAtOFF, WKStUA TIMES, IM ?ORRS WE PON'T HUME IV GUE5T ROOIH SO •HC CIMO PUT HER: UP HERE IUE JUS! PHONED IRIS GRUGERKNP SOWfD SHE'S TAKEN A SMML Y WONDCRFUL! *P«TMEWT NEAR. HERf \S»IE 1 tL HC105E WITH AN EMKIV BEi>, MOO AND ON SPEND WIL BE DELIGHTED TO HMIE / MOST OF HER LUIU BEllE STM WITH Al'^E W 1 ** US HER FOR * FEW CMS' Out of Ihe Past By FRED HARMAN VOU LOOK FAl-VUlAB, BUT TOUR r^AMES AREN'T.' WHEREH*S'ET YOU RE.lAEr\BER PLACE CALLED RED RIDER..' 1O OVERTHROW EA'IL WHITE ,-VW, PlrtK. U11LE BEAVER •MAI'S THET &R..' Could This lie Justice By V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HKlt HUDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN •fc

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