The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (AUK.) COimiKK MKW.S All Sections Represented On NBA A Two Irish, Two Trojans on: Ivivsl Team; Big Ten Gets i •;Jhi'ee Places. v . 'BY! lu S. "LARRY"' MacI'lIAH. Chairman NEA Service National Hoard, for the Selection nf tlir "."All-America Elevens ; .. The All-America elevens for 1D30, • chosen by a vote of the 33 nunm bers'of'the NEA Service Nntioml All-America Hoard, are shown here. "ilie chrsen players represent, a consensus of opinions among men of every section of Hie country. •Members of the board, observing • r-otball from the Allantic to the Pacific, nominated Ihe players anil each member voted on those h>. "believed best. Five points were given to n play- 'er for being choren for flrsl place; three, ponts .for second 'Hie All-'America clvrlces Lhus were arrived j at- by an election held nnKiig 331 .coaches, sports writers and officials. The board, which has been func- ',turning since the beginning of (h<> season, was organized with the aim pj presenting "All-America elevens untlngect with any taint of sectionalism. ' ObsCTvers See Nearly Every M»}or College Team in U. S. A. Football of high caliber was played In all parts of the country. Outstanding teams hi each section clearly demonstrated their ability lo cope with the teams cf other sections. Every major college team in the country has been observed in action by members of the board whose selections appear" exclusively In The Courier News today. •> At the end positions Fcsler, AUHKMltBH Southern California ivr. Win's Ovei* Griffiths One Way lo Pick 'Em Bill Cuiiningliiini, the once nifty CHICAGO. — Youny Strlblln;, j leading contender for the heavy- ._ '.veSbiit urfivi; of Max Si-hmeluig. Dar f»ioulh football player who HIT c'r.'feated Tufty Oriffitliy. Sioux is willing piece; fcr '.he Boston pa- Ciiy. Iowa heavyweight In a 10 l je rs. took pen in hand '.he otht-:- r:ui:d tout in His Chicaijo Mudiuni 'lay and picked his All-Am?ric i last nisht. • . te.ims. His firtl team vas the- No- Hlriblinj wun the decision of the Ul: Dame varsity, from end to end, referee and two judges, by his sup- backs and all. eiior loxinj sWll'alihoiiifU" Or,ifiiths ! ... inafle a lerritic ball!e of it nil the ! Purdue's I'ovrrly 'ay. Tiic-re were no knucXdcwns,! Positively every athletic activity but S'.ribling succeeded in slowing at Purdue has i:?;-n i-iirtail-d Icr ip Griffiths with his body attack. '1930-31. they tell us l>«">u^ cl Sixteen thousand wllnc.vcd the, football deficit. Wonder if swim- THE ALL-AMERICA ELEVENS Chosen by (he NKA Service National Hoard «f FootballCoachts, Officials and Sjiorls Writers deemed by many the best all-round! ^ •• ' player of the year, easily leads the UUAKU field. With speed nnd brains, ft deadly tackier, a great defensive end for three years, Fcslcr nlsa has, I'litST TKAM Player—School Points reSLtill, Ohio Slate (130) TACKLE : SINGTON, Alabama (153) KOCH, Baylor { '/!)) TICKNOR, I-hirvarcl (123) WOOUWORTJI, N-\vestem ( 73) Positions END GUARD GHNTHU TACKLE LUHRATOVICH, Wisconsin (101) END ARBKLB1DR, S. Cnlifomia ( 8G) CARIDEO, Notre Dainc .... (142) end lorinreeye,.,. r^v ,>^ - Q UARTK| , HACK CAR DEO, Notre Dame .... (142 •-avert in practically every minute ' onmv i ivrv '\-,i n MOI\ of every gains This season he has! KALI' BACK SCIiWAlU/, Noire Dame (12'1) been used In ' lh= backtielct on of- HALFBACK DODD, Tennessee (108) been lense and his fine punting and passing were responsible fc-r Ohio State victories. After the job of calling signals had been given to Fester, the Buckeye did not lose 4 -game. He is a polished player, with a fine team spirit. r Aroelbide, a big, powerful end, •who created something of a sensa- ticri as a sophomore;, nnd who 1ms developed into the best end upon the Pacific .Coast this year, hns a slight e<ige over Baker in the final vote.' Arbelbide's best, work is on offense, where he hits an opposing tacXle or guard with fcrce. He is j big asset in the Jones system of V line' play—or -in any otter system for'"that matter. Baker has-been developing for the,'last two years. until this season finds him with exceptional poise and, finesse. He Ttas perhaps the best pass receiver of the year. " Conley of Notre Dame was an aggressive end and inspiring leader, whose great value to his team was overshadowed by the more brllliunl •erplblts of some of his teammates. Alabama. Tackle Leads All In Number of Votes Tlie majority of the good tackles were found In the Big Ten. whwjc fine linemen were plentiful and good backs very scarce. But Ihe best tackle of the year Freddie Sington of Alabama, who \vns practically a unanimous choice for first team position. Sington was placed on 30 first team selections out of 33- Big, fast powerful and aggressive, this 220- pound southerner was the key man in Alabama's great power attack that swept ever and around all op-' position. On defense, Sington was continually In the opponent's buck- si eld, always on the ball, brol-r' up pcss attacks, blocked kicks and recovered fumbles in every game. ' Two years ago Lubratcvtch of •Wisconsin looked Hie a great find until he broke his leg. Last year his playing was Indifferent, but during the present season this Big Badger came up lo expectalons. Lubratovich had a field day against FULLBACK .. .I'INCKEKT, S. California .. (100) SECOND TEAM Player—School Points CON'LEY. Noire Dame ( 55) EDWARDS, Washington State ( 68) W1SN1KWSKI, Fonlham .... ( 71) 1IE1N, Washington State .... (59) BROiUBERG, Dartmouth .... ( 70) MARVIf,, Northwestern .' ( 61) BAKER, Northwestern ( 81) BOOTH, Yale ( 40} WELLER, Hasten ( 45) KITZMILLER, Oreifon ( 43) HIN'KLE, Buckjiell ( 4G) THIRD TEAM Player—School LONG, Southern Jk-lhodist .. VAN BIBBER, Purdue .... BECKETT. California ATKINS, Texas Christian ... MUNN, Minnesota PRICE, Army EBDINC, St. Mary's BAKER, Pittsburgh MORTON, Dartmouth BRILL, Nob's. Diinio Points ( 30) ( 37) ( 56) ( 31) ( 2fl) ( 24) ( 33) ( 25) ( 28) ( 39) CHRISTE.NSEN, Utah ( 24) NEA's All-America Football Board .Toe Williams N. Y. Telegram ' SWrtdy Syracuse Herald KASTK15N SKCTION Oil Doblu t Cornell Jack Canntll Dartmouth SOliTHKllX SECTION Morgan Blake Charles Racbman Atlanta (Ca) Journal Florida SOUTHWEST SECTION Zrke Handler. Ft. Ray Morrison Worth (Tex.) Press Southern Methodist PACIFIC SKCTION Nibs Trice Herb Dana (Nebrns- Callfomia knt S:ui Francisco ROCKY MOUNTAIN SKCTION Ciirlcy Grieve, Rocky II. W. Hushes John '/.. Jordan Mountain News Colorado Aggies (Dartmouth) Denver, colo. MISSOURI VALLEY SECTION Vir. E. J. O'Rrlcn (Tufts) Boston.Mnss. K<1 Thorpe (Dc La Salle) N. Y. City Wm. Strrit, Jr., (Auburn) Birmingham Jew Ulay (Texns A. & M.) Dallas. Texas Harry Rnrba San Francisco News Sid Keener St. Louis Star Jack Grovcr (Wash.) Kansas City Frcrt Wes.) Vnnnf (111 Bloomington Bo McMillan Kansas State BIG TEN Glenn TiiLstlcllmaltc Wisconsin MIDDLE-WEST SECTION Hank Cassorly, Mad- Oils Durals F. A. 1-imbcrl (Ohio Detroit AT LARGE •V II. llulchcns (Purdue) Lake/Wales, Fla. CHIT Harrison "Seattle Star Chester Smllh -Cleveland Press ison Capital Times Kenneth I). Fry Chicago Post Jock Sutherland Pittsburgh Slate) Columbus. O Doc Spears Oicgoti L. S. Macl'hall (Mic higan) Columbus, O HONORABLE MENTION ENDS—Neinccek, N. Y. U. <3I); r.antcnbein, Wisconsin (17); Avery, California (11); Hackett, Hetroit (10). TACKLES—Rhen.'Nebraska (23): Blanlon, Texas (22); Foley, Fordhain (211; Tully, Pittsburgh (11); Vincent, Vale (10). . OUAItDS—Mclzgcr, Notre Dame (28); Baker, Southern California (23); Stcars. Piirciue (15); number. Army (12); Zeller. Indiana (10); Steele, Florida (10). CENTEUS—Morrison, Michigan (25); Berner, Syracuse (16); Jonas, Utah (15); Siano, Ford- Sonthcrn California (19); Masters, Peuu- ham (11). QUARTERBACKS—Mohler, (22); Newman,. Michigan sylvania. (11). HALFBACKS — Ellingsen, Washington State (23);- Stcnnett. St. Mary's (13): Hart, Colgate (19); SuSher, Alabama (15); Hewitt. Columbia (15); Wheeler, Michigan (12); Viviauo. Cornell (11). FULLBACKS—Macaluso, Colgate (23); Schwartz, Washington State (17); Rothert, Stanford (14); Russell, Northwestern (10). nati-h. Maiden and Campbell Split irst Conference Games min;,', UYestUn;, fk-uiir:. uninhv- nro;ind a cinder liacl: and nil lii'i: are very expensive? Loyola (Juit.-v When a scliool of 7COO sliidcius. thi>h- i with a brancl-iieu- concrete stadium, in a city like Chicago, diciile.s l:> MAl.DEN, Mo.—Playiii-j irsl county conference tjair.e cl 1 [iu ; •car, the Maiden lliirh school hoop ' abandon intercollegiate fuoibnll, i- teams divided a twin bill lure : may mean one thing, or auoliiai-". Thursday night with Cnmpb"!!. The -Thus. Loyola, one of the first teams opener was n one-sided aihiir wilh .'" the country to take up n!':!i: be local girls establishing an | football, suddenly quits the int>r- y lead over the invading six ivh'.t-h.' collegiate sport after cur of t.ic inder the' canny guarding of Davis : m °st successful financial sns -in and Peck, they never ai any tin:-.' l!le 'earn has knonn. Duos L-.iv .h -elinquished. Bucliannan nnd" Him-, focl suslty of something'' ' - x?r were the hoop artiEis of til"! Maiden six and amassed a total o; Burdelte Baskofr 37 ix>ints while the Campbell con- CdSKCt tingenl was eel tin; 17. ; The Campbell boys, under the i direction of Brown Glenn, All- Southeast Missouri guard, buried ' end boys basketb?.!! team 1 ; dcfe'il" :heir opponents in the second quar-'. Yarbro teams here Friday night .or of the nightcap wilh fancy gcnl: The victories gave (he B'.irdet'.j for t!ie season cf Defeat Yarbro Tv/ice 13URDETTE,-The niirilcUe girls :ooping for distance records. Tf.c! teams records Maiden quintcl, Wits able to mai:? • Ihrc-c wins aivi one deicar only a single field goal and were: The girls li-nn by a .wore of 10 to defeated by a score of 19 to B. Hotli 5 in an interesting a:;d \vcll plav- >ames were referecd by Stailings j ed i;ame. of Slkc-ston. . ' j The boys name was slow nn:l — 'diasgy. The score. * to 2. WQS kpp' GrisI Game Is Offer ! do '' ul by pcor shcoti: '=" °" ^ nan D r n- P -n n |Clf lbc BurdeUe '"in. Melfatlev liUC l/isute Otlll On. alld Chrisco each s;arccl a li;l.l foi- Bin-dette. Willis ?ccoiin!- with bo:h sides claimins, Steeie and Divide Cage Eiii COOTER. MO., Dec. 13—Cooler NOTE: lu the selection of the All-America elevens above, by the NEA Strvtce National Board of caches, Officials and Sports Writers, each of the 33 members of the board voted on the candidates noml- lated by the whole •board. In tiip final voting, a choice for the first team netted the candidate five votes; second team, three votes. Thus the total points possible for a candidate, by unanimous fkst learn selection, would be 1C5. Sington of Alabama nearly attained this honor with a tola! of 153. Players who received 10 points or.more were accorded honorable mention. "Cl": Fast Fnd Scrappers and the 1 fo1 tll= Yarl) ro paints with two f. L >= West End Bearcats met on Uv> " K ' 0| vs. T. R. Is'y. cf Varbra. rcf- ' - I'.-lct F?n,|i 10 ,| Has morning , ( ' rc ° <1 ' nnd Ihe result is still very much in doubt vict-ry. One report sent in from the field j cf action credited the Ccrappers! with a 13 to 12 victory but "no; sooner had'the story been file:! than •• higli srhcol j?irl's basketball tapn- the phone wires were kept bii^y won its fourth consecutive victory with a denial cf tlie victcry by the here last niqlit. >jy dc-featinj i'ic atl;.3r side ar.ri arguments pro and Stcelc. Mo., giri's snmd 29 to a con about the allegedly varying j The Ccotor boy's'team did nol length of the quarters. i fare so well, nnd "lost to the Stenle The teams are composed of high'bey's team by the top-heavy score -chool boys and other youngsters of 5!) to S. The Cooler boys have n the east am! west ends of the won n raid lost a games thi« seaso'i •it--. L^t wcok the Eastf.Ld won A large crowd saw the yames and both sides girded for bait Is which were plavcd on tin- Cooler llus morning with rc-inforcemenls. ccu-t " ^ou-"-' Some Big Shots From Rival Guns worth was conspicuous in. every game. With experience in other years at met and tackle, his spred seldom missed the points after touchdown. He directed a great Notre Dame oiTcnse with success and ruggcclncss made him the Ideal > throughout nn entire season of hard typs for the kind of guard play games, and merits the selection. stressed at Northwestern. Beckett of California was a great Dcdd of Tennessee is the nearest approach to Brnny Friedman Pennsylvania, recovering -fumbles ' Fer Center Candidates guard playing on n mediocre team. I the game has seen in recent sea-, If California had had a more sue- > so 'is. Rival coaches give Dodd the i cessful season Beckett might have j major credit for Tennessee's Ion? j been the first team selection. Ticknor Sets Great 1'acc , and blocking kicks with abandon. Op'posing ends were not able to tnte him out all season. Ckee Race Develops For .the Guatd Positions Tlie ' competition at the guara Football has seen few better ceu- | string of victories, broken by their ! defeat by Alabama Ihis year, Booth of Yale, Morton of Dartmouth, Baker of Pittsburgh, Moh- ters than Benjamin H. Ticknor of • , er of southern California Harvard. Ticknor made about. 70 '. Ncftinan of MM ^ m Kcrc per cent of the Harvard tackles leadin(f cnndi dates for playing loose center. No other cen- ! quarterback positions. and „,„ , the other ! Booth won ter diagnoses a play as qulcklv asii'i,. vrnnri-^trln? >;clr-rti(M, hi- •> i posi«ons was very close. Koch o: does Ticklor. No other center tack- ^oTmafgin Baker was *U-V Baylor was Uie finest lineman In i les harder or blocks better. ! th. thlrT t«m Dart Vd Mo ™ ' the •' Soiithwest; .Woodworth of! Mel Ilein o! Wasninglon State! ^LjS ,„ ™ ^"^ ™°lt o Northwestern and Munn of Minn:-1 was rated unanimously as the lead- : f,± «« third team MoVeT ->,, snft fhf h«t. ^imrHc In tho K(, Incr <-«ntnr ,,^,, IV,, n,.;o- „ "P 011 tlie ?"'. '™ m - -« alld sou 'the. best guards in the Bl ? Ten' Bromberg of Dartmouth and Wlstiewski of Fordham were the ing center upon the Pacific Coast. ! e He had a big part In Washington I t State's defeat of Southern Califor- ! ?, " leaders to. the easl and Beckett of nia. He'.n passes accur.v.elv, and CaliloWla In a class by himself or. a great all-round player on defense. : Schwartl " lacked cxper e ce o ( ' fiultT cim direr t Mcaslons ' ' the Haplfic Coast. Thef final vote gives the first team though their edge was slight. Koch. captain of the Baylor team, was a great" Itader.-. 'Against .Southern Methodist he whipped his 'team but of the doldrums after they were 14 points fKhinfl, and kept Bayloi battling 1 to the finish and'a lie. Me team Was I able to keep Koch out of their bacifieM, and no one had to help him block. "I've never seen a better guard than Koch," says Ray Mcrrison, the Southern Methodist coach, "His • pi»y resembles cannon's of Notre Dame, but Koch was even more aggressive." Woodwojth's fight and color like- wiie voa him the selection for the ether Ifrtt team position. Wood- Noble Atkins, captain o! Texas in, has only missed a fev.- ;' play In three seasons ol football. Atkins is the fines', center the Southwest Conference has ever turned o'.it and All-America caliber in every respect. Carideo of Notre Daine, with the prcsdgc of All-America foleclion a year ago. and the signs! caller for one of the cuontry's greatest teams, gets the job of directing the All- America eleven by a shade over Bobby Dodd of Tennessee. Dodd however, received eno;;sh votes as » back to gain selection on the first-string eleven. Schwartz of Notre Dame and Plnckert of Southern California stood out among the backs and easily led the field in the final vote on positions. Schwartz, a brlllisn' runner in a broken fic^d. was call- cd by many the best ball carrier or the year. His touchdown runs Ladies prefer the Telephone We're here to irmke it c;isy for (he woman motorist. Just telephone when your car -needs oiling and Krcasinir, repairs or adjustments. We'll tall Tor the car and have it hack to yo;ir home at the hour promised. There's no extra charge for Ihis cal!-and-delivery service. If you want to .see a clean shop, just jiay. us a visit. We are careful lo keep grease from your slerrinfr wheel and upholstery. You will limi cur mechanics courteous and capable —our chaises, very low. WuKnint; and polishing. Tires, accessories. anti-frieze service. PHILLIPS MOTOR - COMPANY BlythDville, Ark. Phones: S10-777-S11 me ytai. fiw twu*.n-»u*>ii ILIIL^ \\tr. .,, , . ,. responsible for many of No; r r not qulcl ' on lhe cnst «» football front, at least net until the Army and Navy machines settle sv dis- Dame's victories. Plnckert. rugsrrt ; '' ltc regarding supremacy en the football field, withe the- cause of charity being a certain winner. The and of Uie fullback type, was thr >Wr photces show three Navy gtnis which are expected to explode against Army ramparts. They are . ^f ( Hl K hrmi»nt tv C « of nH^ i';' 0r " 11Km ' H(lrley and Wllllam -'- *an-«rrylng aces in one of Navy Bill Ingrain", backfield eomUiu'tlr.ns. not the brilliant type of player, \\.i unanimous selection from He'.ow is a Coast. Wellcr, Kttzmlller and °f Army stalwarts. SUckcr and Carver play In Major Basse's backfield: Miller Is the BCD'. »'ho handler, the leather in the front line trench. Hinck;? " :il: is a pretty good | criticised for some shortcomings,! And If all onr wars could be S'^.toTfc^i.?^! 1 !™ 8 "> thc ™** MounltlB *'*'• . ^ """"all magnates co is also a fine phcc kicker nnd • tion. who rc- remly met in New York, might be' «.trc wind without any trade. of many Business sti;; seems lo be In a scribj's brilliant discourses on slump, but as long as there ar dull days, sometimes turn out lo be owners of ball leams there will b2''A Kentucky Small Egg S->.7,'i Kentucky Lump S6.25 Zeigler - - 87.50 1 Empire - - §9.75 Montavallo Genuine 12.25 B10WNE& BILLINGS Plytue 76 New BtytheviSfe Feed I Coal "Co. plenty of (nlk to go around.

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