The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, 'APRIL «, I84f New Regulations Govern Evictions " Housing Expediter ; List* Changes Under New Rental Measure J Housing Expediter Tighe E, Voods today announced the grounds under which landlords may •s«k evictions under new regula- .tlons just Issued by him. the steps [they must take to qualify for eviction action, and the waiting periods and other protections afford- jed tenants under the regulations. • The regulations were isued to jcarry out the provisions In the iliew Housing and Rent Act of 1949 [which gives control over evictions 'to the Housing Expediter. I The regulations contain t w o "groups of grounds for eviction. One Igroup does not require such certlfic- 'ates. • In the non-certificate group, the ijandlord.must, give written notice to :the tenant and the area rent office before he can take action to :«vict the tenant. A copy of the linntic* must be filed with the area ioffice within 24 hours after It Is 'given to the tenant. ! Must Give Reasons ' Such notice must state the groud_ ^for eviction, the facts supporting such ground, and the dole when •the tenant Is required to vacate. I 'the ground Is non-pnyment of rent Mhe notice must also Include a state •ment of the amount of rent due am .the period or periods for which t : is due. p ea l. ; Comprising this non-certlffcat ; group and the period given a ten •ant to vacate on each ground jthe following: ; Non-payment of rent, not 'than three day; violating tenanc lobllgatlons set out In rental agree 'ment, not less than 10 days; mils | ance. illegal or Immoral use, accorc •Ing to local law, not less than 1 jdays: refusal to access to landlor ; the property to show it to prospec ; ive purchaser, or Ispeetlon. on j month notice; after lease expires ils otherwise terminated, not le ;than two months; when landlord iia state or city and renting on i temporarily for public tmprovemei : not less than two months; com fpany housing obtained through en rployer not less than two mont'l I Petitions Required j Before an eviction can be ob- Italned in the certificate group, a 'landlord must petition the area 'rent office for a certificate to au' thorite eviction. If the office finds '.that eviction is proper, it will Issue |;the certificate, authorizing the ^landlord to take necessary steps ' under local law to obtain possession ;at the expiration of the waiting ] periods specified. ; Grounds for eviction In this group •>nd the watting periods Include: i occupancy by owner or Immediate j family (with* limitations to one side I'of the two "dwelling unit with two i owners, unless* the co-owner lives : in the other premises, when owncc by cooperative association certif- ; Icates are Issued to stock purchaser ,:only If 65 percent of the units are lioccupled by owners of stock, whei HAL lOYLE'S COLUMN Chief-of Military Staff Praises Morale and Ability of US Troops By Hal Boyle NEW YORK, April 6. (AP>—The II gaunt man said America today as the finest, Army in Its peace- ime history. And there were 38 years In his jrvic* record and five rows of rlb- on« across his chest^-battle-«tar- udded ribbons— (o back his Judg- lent, "The average capacity of our sellers today Is much above that of 0 or 30 years ago," said Omar Nelon Bradley. As chlef-of-ttaff he IB proud of he fact thai a man no longer can ust wade Into his outfit—he has o have what the Army wants. You five to stand In line now to enlist. In the morale and training of ur troops, we've never been better ff In peacetime," he said. 'Re-enlistments have jumped In he last year from four per cent o 48 per cent. We are over-strength. Ve've had to put on restrictions. f a man hasn't become a PPO afl- T two years, he can't enlist again. "We don't, want professional prl- ates. We want men capable of olng higher " 1 talked to the general as he waited In his hotel room last night, >re. he went out to pitch the hot- est bull In the current International I'isis. General Pilches "Ball" He was to pitch that ball In a lieech to the Jewish War Veterans convention. The ball bore this ap- "Glve American military supplies to back up the Atlantic pact." And he pitched It with this hope - -that this country, which had gone Into two world wars unprepared, might prevent a possible third world war. He thought It could do so by being prepared Itself, and by furnishing muscle to Its nlllcs. It was no accident that Bradley, at the Invitation of tile State Department, was picked to do the pitching, To many men In Congress, to millions of Europeans lib- crated by his armies, he I: a man of weighed words and honest judgment—seeking peace. There Is faith behind him. And much experience. His formula; If you keep a friend strong on his feet, the potential enemy will hesitate to try to knock him down and turn on you. How to keep a friend self-confident? Olve him the weapons he needs to feel secure. War it No Sporting Event But It wasnt his speech thai "Brad" talked about when I bargee Into his hotel room. I had served A.S a \var reixnier with his troops In three campaigns. And like al soldiers—from privates to generals —he likes to talk of battles past. But first an elderly man, an ex- screcant, tnme knocking. He said he came to thank the general 10 helping him get medical care to an illness following the first Worlc Tornado Baby Weighing two Pounds, 14 Ounces tallies in Incubator LITTLE ROCK, Ark. April 6— (If} —A tiny Infant, born prematurely o a farm wife, was "doing fine" at Arkansas Children's Home and Hos- jltal here today. The baby boy weighed iwo pounds, 14 ounces yesterday. The mother Is Mrs, Herman Lee Cady, who lives near England, Ark., n Etn area struck by a tornado 10 days ago The child was brought to the iiospltal by his father .shortly after l>lrlh at the Cady home Monday. Attendants said the Infant was In "poor condition" upon arrival but rallied after being placed In an Incubator and under oxygen. He Is being fed with a medicine dropper. The birth was two and. one half months premature, physclans said. With the Courts Common Fleas: I.oRoy Huddleston et nl, doing business as Huddleston Company suit of utlHuhmcnl to collect $626.35 on account from Leon McGari'ity et ai, doing business ns Dainty Dolly Bakery and Sweet Shop. W. W. Watson, Jr.. formerly doing hustness ns Farmer's 1 Gin. vs. Danny owner has paid less than 10 per War. He looked prosperous. Bu j*^' Hicks, suit to collect $230.81 on a ELECTIONS Continued from p-ge 1 one-year lerin since the town recently was advanced to a city of the second class and as such will iold Its biennial elections on even- numbered years. Mayor Sliedd Is serving his first term. Also re-elected was A. A. Tipton, recorder, who polled 117 votes over his lone opponent, James Moore. Moore received 151 votes. He Is the brother of the candidate for mayor. Aldermen were lected on the basis of wards under the new classification as a second class city. The results follow: (Two elected In each ward,) First- C. L. King, 238; B. E. McCullough, 198; V. B. Osborne, 191; Second—Harvey Durham, 229; Claude Lancaster, 208; W. P. Horner, 96; Bob Loew, 71; Third—P. G. Bollard, 231; L. L. Woodruff, 214; W. B. Brown, 168. Ilowerton Wins at Joiner Joiner will have a new mayor with H. F. Howerton winning in a three-way race. He polled 79 votes to defeat Mayor Joe Dean and T. R. Willett. Dean polled 41 votes, and Willett, 25. O. L. Jenkins was elected recorder without opposition, and Sol Friedman was re-elected by a six- vote margin In a two-way race for treasurer. His opponent was Mrs. cent of purchase price on housing accomodatlons bought after April 1 unless a veteran, he cannot obtnln an eviction certificate,) waiting period Is three months. Other Grounds Listed Other grounds for eviction In this group Include, occupancy by contract purchaser with Immediate possession, three months to vacate; alterations and remodeling, If occupancy hampers Improvement, ,hree months to vacate; tax-exempt organizational landlord, and hous- ng needed for staff, three months :o vacate: and withdrawal from rental market, six months to vacate. If the landlord Is withdrawing his property he must do'so to covert to commercial use by remodeling, to use permanently for non T houslng purposes, or withdraw from housing and non-housing markets without intentions of selling. Expediter may waive all or any part of a waiting period if circumstances show that It is working an extreme hardship on the landlord. The regulations provide that an eviction certificate may be used only for the reason specified in the certificates. If there Is change of Intentions, prior to eviction, the certificate is nnll and void and must be returned to the rent office. after all these years he Just wanted to tell Bradley In person how he appreciated his long ago kindness. People come often to say things like that to Bradley—Including parents remembering sons. After the ex-sergeant left, I asked the general a question that had been in my rnlnd for years: "What was the biggest single defect of the American soldier in.the last war?" "I think," said Bradley, "it was the Inability of many soldiers to regard the war as anything but a magnified athletic contest. I think they often unconsciously thought ol It In terms of a sporting event." When the American soldier lost the Illusion thai, *' ar was R strong new game. Bradley said, he rose to anger—and victory. Court Rules Officers May Raid Any Business firm Without Warrant HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. April 6—HP) —Circuit Judge Clyde H. Browi has ruled that officers may raid an establishment except a privat dwelling without a search warran The judge made the ruling Ir overruling a motion on behalf o Everett C. Games, charged wit aiding and abetting the operatio of gambling house. The motlo sought to invalidate evidence ob tained by officers who raided his Hot Springs office without a search warrant. Irrull: B. C. Land Company, a corpora- on, vs. Hadley Rabbins, suit to ollect $407 on account. 'rains in Hawaii Hubbard S. Woolen. Jr., airman pprcntlce In the United Slates lavy and son of Mr. and Mrs. H S. Woolen. Sr.. of Osceola is serv- ng with the fleet in all-weather raining unit at Dabrer's point. Hawaii. Read Courier News Want Ads J. H. Beaver. Boyce Byi'd was elected marshal In Joiner in a fouiway race. Ho polled 15 votes to 67 for W. H. Breedlove, the incumbent; 17 for Ed Sadler, ind 7 for cleve Kimberlin. The five winners ' • th<> aldermanic contests were: J. F. Dickson. R. Ak!<!, Sr.. Elmer Kimberlin, Jlminle Ralph and Meyer Silverstein. .Nine entered the aldermanlc contest and the other candidates were: Donald E. Perry, Don C. Fletcher, K. S. Snlcer and G. A. Slsk. Dlckson and Silverstein were re-elected as aldermen. Results fro mthe elections in other municipalities In Hie county show the following winners: LUXORA—For mayor, E. n. Began; recorder, W. E. Head; and aldermen: Wiley Tute, T. D. Wllklns, B. C. Ingrain, G. A. George, Jr., and Lester Stevens. Six men were In the aldermanlc race with five to be elected. The other candidate was J. D. Shanks. ^ New Major for Lciichvllle LEACHV1LLE—For mayor, Karl Field: recorder, E. T. Giles; aldermen: Bufus Lovelady, G. A. Hipp, L. D. Keith, W. V. Brannum and W. E. Rlnggcr. The only contest was for the aldermanlc posts. There were eight candidates. The losers were: John Hannl, the present mayor; Atherton Hlett, the present recorder, and Eardle Shannon. DELL — For mayor, Curtis H. Downs, Sr.; recorder, H. B. Crawford, Jr.; aldermen: Noble T. Dlx- on, R. B. Crawford. C. A. Smith. Bill Keener, and Curtis Downs, Jr. Others In the aldermanlc race Included: Russell Gill, Cecil Metcalf. Earl Stone, James Tidwell, and Cayce Johnson. Dallas Brownlee received 10 write-in votes for mayor and two others received one vote each. In Kclser none of the candidates who qualified had opposition and the officials who will serve during the next two years are: R. H. Robinson, mayor; Joe Milliard, recorder; Trumalec Watson, treasurer; J. W. Amos, marshal; and the following aldermen; James C. Bowies. A. R. Pace. W. M. Taylor, Max Sulcor and H. P. Mills . Educator Starts Business LITTLE ROCK. April 6—</P)— Former Education Cominissionci Ralph B. Jones is 'entering th< school equipment business. He and several others have In corpoiated the Ralph B. Jonc Company, Inc., here. Jones wns ousted as cdncatloi commissioner by a reorganlzec board of education shortly afte Governor McMath look office. SISTER ROSETTA THORPE Here hi 8 P.M. SATURDAY American Legion Auditorium SUtM R«HtU Thorp* 2 Full Hours or Gospel Singing Plan to attend this concert featuring one of America's truly great gospel singing stars. Sister Rosetta Thorpe, accompanied by lalenled Sis- , ler Marie Knight. 500 seats in 5 the center section, reserved for [ whites, are 52.00. The grandstand seats, reserved for colored, are on sale at $1.25. All proceeds go to charity. Bister Mart* Knight White patrons are urged to call early for reservations. Please call Jimmie Deal at 4621 or 4469 (at night, 3527K Refugees Arrive I t NEW ORLEANS, April 6— <&!— Fifteen refugees hearted for new homes In Arkansas were among the 871 displaced persons arriving here from Europe yesterday the Army Transport, Gen. Hnrry Taylor. Martin and Boydslon Announce an Advance Showing of the Newest Spring and Summer Fabrics. Especially Colorful Assortments of the Latest Materials for Sports and Midsummer Wear, Suitable for Both Ladies and Gentlemen And Tailored in the Incomparable Manner BY the Globe Tailoring Co. Of Cincinnati MR. H. R. SACHS f t ne Tope/ine Will Be in Attendance with Full Length Woolen Drapes Thursday, April 7th Mr. Sochi specializes in designing ladies' tuiti. All ladi.i arc extended a special invitation t* attend this showing. COOl COMJOR r ABLI «*>\ America's Outstanding Tropical Suit! 5OO50 29 We Invite you to try on one of these crisp, cool tropical suits. From one of America's Ic.ading mills we selected SUPER-KOOL by Manchester. Handsome in soft tan ;ind blue. Designed to perfection i*n summer clothing. Cowboy Jeans Boys Sizes 1 to 5 Reg. $2 value 49 Boys Sport Shirts By Kaynee & Essley Sizes 2-20. Now only $165-375 Boys Boxer Shorts Seersucker & Gabardine Sizes 2 to 6 98c-$398 MARTIN &BOYDSTQN "Everything for Men and Boys" Beginning Saturday... pay less for food ...enjoy better living! You can choote the finest meat—«nd pay less for it—whtn you h«T« * General Electric Home Freezer. That'i became you can then buy meat In quantity—have it cut into iteaki, chop*, roastf, etc. Imagine having the fineit ite«k«, lamb, chickeni, fish right in your own hom« •I all timol Come in—we'll ihow you howl 2 You can have thoae choic* • peachM, applet, and other fruiti, thrt you enjoy to much in the lummac. all y»af round when you b*v« • O«Mni KlectrM Home Frwier. Foods in a General Electric Home Fr«i«r keep all the nutritlva value and quality ol (raah food* month attar moathi 3 Enjoy those prize vegetable* from your . garden during the winter month*—when fresh vegetable prices ar« so much higher. And forget all that trouble of preserving the old-fashioned way. No more hot-water baths I No more arduous boiling! No mart scolding of jars when you have a G-E Home Freezer. All you need do is scald vegetables, chill, pack and seal them in moisture-vapor- proof containers, and put them in your General Electric Home Freezer. That'i all! 4 You can get dinner ready or serve guest* . twice as quickly ai ever before. There'a no need to shop first, because the food ia right at your elbow . . . from soup to ic« cream! Come in—we'll tell you how! And your time i§ yours to do with ai you please. There's no need to shop when th« weather's bad... when the children are out of sorts...or when you've a headache! 5 So start paying /MI for food and enjoy • better living beginning this week end. 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