The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1944
Page 6
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rA(»§ix BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1944 PabUihed Every Friday In th« t of Ftan Euniliee of This Agricultural Section. FARMNEm^FEAJ Enter the Plant-to-Prosper COB* I tests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal. ( AAA Payments May Be Lower *• High Participation \?ln Program Reported • Throughout Arkansas f- The farmers of Mississippi county ^and the rest of Arkansns have car- fried v out : soil '.conservation and ini- "provevnenl piacticcs on an unpiece- ' dented scale, nccoiding to W. B. • Gentrjy county,;administrative offi- "cer of the Agrlcultuiftl Adjustment ^'Agency, So many have paitlclpated »to so great an extent in the 1944 -'agricultural conservation piogram of 'tti£ Triple A, Mi Gentry said, that ,'spine.-adjustment^downward in the • rate of pa>mbni for Individual prac- ^tices may be necessaiy * He-explained that on :« statewide basis a recent survey to estl- ma,te 1944 u?>nienls indicates that $5,925,740 will be corned nt the an- riounccd rates of payment * Since -$4,494,000-is the amount now allotted to Arkansas, payments will have to be reduced as much ns 25 nci .cent,ifahe estimate Is.correct and additional funds are not allocated to-Arka lisas. "I : want to emphasize' ngnln," Mr Gentiy declaicd, "that paitlclpatloi in the conservation program of the Advises Farmers To Keep iuildings In Good Repair Repair farm. buildings now and mild new ones when the \vav Is over Is the advice of A. C. Spell- ngs, chairman of the county Trl- ple-A commlUee, In pointing out lie big need for building repairs n the county to protect livestock, Teed and equipment from the weather. Building materials are scarce, :he chairman said, and although .he county Triple-A committee can ssue lumber certificates for repairs 10 farm ' bulidlmjs,' It Is difficult ;o obuvlu lumber for new construe. ;lon. Farmers who. need lumber to make repairs to farm buildings may obtain certificates : for the lumber 3y making application at the couii- ty Triple-A office.' Citrus In Florida Is coming'Into bca'jing at the rate of 0,000 new acres cveiy year, ami' bearing Eroves reached. 370.COO acres In'the slate during tile .I943-4f season. Tiiple A has been-on an unprecedented and unexpected scale and that agriculture In Arkansas wll benefit' foi years lg come by ' the conservation practices carried out li 1944. Under the circumstances It considered only fair that n unlforn reduction' in payments be made 1 necessary to give nil producers an equal opportunity under the pro grnrh." roper Storage 01 Foods Vital Enables Housewife To Plan Balanced Menus At Low Cost Storage of vegetables, fruits, and ncats for home use not only proves an economy for fann families, but an adequate supply of food at ill times Is a satisfaction to home- nakers, who know tlmt the health and happiness of their families tie- lend |o a great extent upon It iiiys Cora Ix^c Colon on, count j liome demonstration agent. To help Mississippi County farm families provide the various kinds )f. food they need to be well fed come, nfonnntlon on proper storage'has' been prepared and Is available-at She county Extension office onithc 'Irst floor of the Court .House. At least one fresh green vegetable should be provided every day, she, explains. Fresh vegetables and frulU can easily be stored In COTTONSEED BAGS ,,and SOYBEAN BAGS See L's Before You Buy! 1. L TERRELL Office m S. Bdy. Phone 2631 WPB To Aid Farm Machinery Industry WPB chairman J. A. Krug has promised quick action on President noosevcH's recent request for' "all possible assistance" to th^ !»rm machinery industry In Increasing Jts output of agricultural • Implements. The President had acknowledged (hat there had liecn a substantial Increase In farm machinery p'ro ductlon during the past year, lint pointed out that the huge agricultural production had accounted; for much depreciation of equipment on farms. ' , Vi He added that In the Immediate future "we will be exporting sub stantial quantities of food 1 ' aw that with the removal 'of trad barriers and restoration' of worli trade, the U. S. can expect to re main a heavy exporter of agrlcul tural products, for some time t> ~ RUNNING WATER is something you don't buy every year. Its instillation it an event. A siga of your progress. So when you do decide to install a Water system, Do ItSigbt, Come to Water System Headquarters. Let us help 'you figure the right pump of the tight capacity and the right way to install it; You can save yourself plenty of money by being careful, by getting all the facts: j As representatives of Goulds Pumps, Inc., the oldest and the largest manufacturers in the world, • we are prepared to give you real service, low prices and the right system for your needs. !_ Come in and talk things over. Come In and Over PLANTER/S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W. Main Phone 515 mounds mid linrrcls. Cabbaije. • lot- tuce, Clilnrae caubngc, ami other such vcgctnblCK cnn be grown ii>cold rrrunes. Direction; lor storing nucl plnns for building Inexpensive storage cnn be foun<l In Extension' Plnu Scries No. 3. Storage for canned and dried foods is nlso very ncccssnry. Many, jars of cnnned food sire lost In Mississippi County cnch year by freezing, the home demonstration agent reports. She has Information on a movable storage cabinet Hint, can bo built for a very smnll cost. -More permanent storage can be provided for canned and fresh foods bv following Extension Plan Scries No. 1, entitled '"Homemade Storm nnrt Storage Cellars.". A cool, dni'k, dry place .should be provided - for dried fruits. . Fruit should be healed to sect egjss which might be present before storing. Directions for storing dried fruits arc among Information available. Di led beans and peas should be thoroughly dry and treated to pre- veiit weevils before'' storing.. <lhey can be stored In fruit Jars or hung 'n bags In a cool, 'dry, well v'entl- ated plnce, the home demonstration agent stild. Cured meat and lard should be stored In a dark, cool, well ventilated place. Lnrd should be covered tightly since exposure to air and light causes It to become rnncld. thoroughly dried, then kill any insects or In- hls year should report perform- nee for their farms at the coun- y Triple-A office as soon (is pos- ible, W. B. Gentry, county administrative officer, said. Before an application for payment may be' signed by a producer it.'Is'-necessary, .that the cotm- ty iofflcc have a' re-port-of-'performance. • Farmers should report .jcrformance on all practices that liive ,becn completed and "hould .nforin : lite county office of practices-(tint will be .completed before Applications for payment are available at the county office and may be executed at the time performance Is reported or any time thereafter. In planning to report performance, farmers have been urged by Mr. tietitry to : know the acreage devoted to various crops . and be nble to identify the fields on the aerial maps at the county office. Performance reporters will not visit Individual farms this year and it will be necessary for farmers to llie program year ends on Dec. 31 tome to the county office and re- Egg Production . • • / Can Be Boosted Poultry Flock Needs Water, Ventilation, In Months Ahead With the coming of winter, a ^decline In the productlori : df, eggs in Mississippi County poultry • flocks may result unless care Is taken to provide a plentiful suppjy of drinking water according proper ventilation. to Cora. Lee Coleman, Too Much Fat Mokes Turkey Expensive Dish - A 'torn turkey not much older than.five months is the buy for'the Thanksgiving shopper who wants the most, lean meat for the money on the roast bird. Tills Is the conclusion from studies of the fattening of .turkeys made by poultry scientists of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Tlie studies showed [hat young turkeys do not put on much fat until they are at least 20 weeks ^old. After this age the young 1 hens fatten more rapidly than the young tonis. By the age of 32 weeks a hen may have fattened so much that 28 per cent of her total weight Is fat. Young toms, on the other hand, do not begin to fatten much until they are 24 to 28 weeks old. .They may then put on un to 20 per cent of their weight in fat. So the shopper who at Thanksgiving buys a 20-pound dressed lien turkey, hatched in early April, will pay for more than five pounds of fat. A' dressed torn of about.the snme age and weight will have only four pounds of fat. A younger torn, hatched in May, wil] have little or no excess fat. As every good cook knows, a'.little fat makes turkey tender and Juicey, rather than dry, and adds flavor to the bird, the dressing arid the gravy. Too much fat, however, makes a turkey expensive when bought by the pound. county home demonstration agent. 'An eeg is nearly three-fourths wn!er, and when the hens' drinking writer becomes icy cold or 'frozen, , less water is consumed arid a reduction in egg production', follows. If proiAir ':qnYumption of water is to be insured, each 50 hens should bo supplied with •; a' three- gallon container, the home dei^on- stiatlon agent explained^ DurlnJ cold weather this should: be heated by artificial means or should be changed two or three llrh'es^eich day. It is especially Important; 1 the liens have drinkable water early -in the morning:, she said. Improper ventilation in'a henhouse, which Is usually indicated by a damp litter, may be caused by overcrowding. A house 1 Is -said to be overcroivdcd when it has more than one hen for each three square feet of floor-space.-.'..•< •'..; •Having the house closed''too tightly may.also be a .cause of jvet litter, the home demonstration agent added. In most cases, tlie south .front of the' house, shfuld never be closed tight. Curt'dlns made from white feed sacks', good for closing the south' dews, for they allow-both auv.juid light to uass through. A. >ort performance. Sixty thousand pounds of, crest- d wheat grass seed have been har- vested this fall on 800,acres of the government land utilization p'ro- Ject in northern Weld county, Co). The seed yielded 15 pounds to the acre. ± 1 Get HOUSE Budyl 2 get BffiOS Bwdy 13 get FEED Beady and here are the supplies to help you uality Eggs liti •' Gel e<jg! with uniform yolks, strong • jhell, delicious 'flavor. /Complete feed— your choice, mash or pellets. Feed PURINA LAYENA fa* LAY CHOW It. pays to balance your grain wlm Purina Lay Chow. Quality ingredient) supply what your own •cratch grain* lack. Sec us. for FULL EGG BASKETS loft In the henhouse Is a big Ijelp In keeping the litter dry. WE DELIVER CONDITION Performance Reports Should Be Made Now ' All farmers of Mississippi couii Ly who have carried out by soil- bnilding or conservation practices as n pavt ot the Triple-A ABOUT OUR REGULAR ROUTES S... I! mi ind h.lp M-. roar li o,J.,in, by phon« .nd lilllm ui it- liv.r. W. h..« rtiulv rout«i in town «nd inanity — <h«ck iKi* wnle«t. No need to wll >ou, jou know yout tohn D«ereTc»cior h« the built in qu.luy «r »ft« »« and Jt«ng<h to service, but U needs a thorough check-up ',o k« P going « . L« our John D«re uaintd service man keep jotir tractor running like new. He'll ft- place old, »orn pans *ith new ones ... ighier. t«ery pl«« that «««<>» tightening . roakt necessiry adjustmeou . . • P"« ,our tr.ctor in firit-cUu running order. He h»» the ' know-how" 10 nuke .1 per- form like new, bring bick <h»t power, punch and sumina. -. We'd like to talk it over with you »ni give you an citinuie. \Ve know you want ,o make that Iracior Ust and P'° d "^ 3m , we wan, to help you. IT IS MOOT 1- TANT THAN l-.VtR Missco Implement Co. OSCEOLA Fighting tanks need fighting lubricants —lubricants that will ; fight heat- keep motor and gears working smoothly despite tough battle conditions. So the U. S. Army uses Sinclair lubricants for many of its tanks, jeeps arid other mechanized equipment. . SAVE WEAR WITH To give your car the same, sure protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-waxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair. Opaline to keep your car. rolling. B.J. ALLEN -< Alert ~ MythctOk, Ark. Registered DUROC ReqdyFpr Service. —At Former Prices Farm Located,21/2 Miles West on Hwy. 18 ! , >hbne 578 or 3335 Published By The Delta Implement Co., Blytheville Vol. 3 Friday, Nov. 10', No. 11 About 30 days ago your county agenifl, Keith Bilbrey, in Blytheville, and Deltan Maloch, in Osceole, mailed all farm opera tore a questionnaire on the equippment needed to make a crop in 1945. Out of approximately 3600 questionnaires mailed, only 748. have been returned to the county agent's offices • . .' '. Those questionnaires returned 'showed that the farmers need the types of. equipment listed. We know that equipment will be,scarc^ nex'{ year; we hope that this questionnaire will help get Mississippi County quotas increased; however,, it will .take a more representative return of the questionnaires to help the sittation ':;. If you have misplaced your questionnaire •. we urge that you take time to go by the county agent's; off ice-and fill one out—or you may' fill one out at your, implement, dealer's office. I'lease don't underestimate the importance of this request. "".•'"'.. ' ' . : -—-DI- , -' Clifford Council, phone 645, 'Blytheville, wants to sells WC tractor with lights and starter, cultivator, planter, disc harrowancl plow. ' - ' . • C. C. Langston, of Number Nine, has: a good used Fafmall tractor for sale, also 'a used Case, tractor. ' . ; .;...: — DI - . • ; ' New equipment', deliveries of the past fe\v clays include: one row McCorrhick peering com pickers to \T. W. Stevens, -of T)e\\, and J. N. Sothermaii, of Armorcl Road; Rotary: Fresnos. to E. A, Stacy and B. G. Gill;' of Dell; thictor stalk cutters to. Lee GHftbio, of NumbLT Nine, Clarence Moore, of Clear. Lake Road, and Dick Dugger, of Manila; Athens bush and bog disc harrows to J. E. Jones, of Steele, and Otto Koehler, of .Del); 10 foot dump rakes to Eddie Hagen; and Hoy "Crawford, of Huffman; a lime spreader to B. A. Lynch and Fred Warren, of Blytheville; and a walking cultivator, 8 inch plow, and 50-peg harrow to Tom Dodson, of Huffman. -DI,Gene Bradberry, of Little River, has a UC tractor for sale. It's been used very little. TJJ In our shops this week: a Farmall H for minor repairs for Stanton Pepper, of Huffman; an F-20 for minor repairs for R. D. Griffin, of Number Nine; a D-40 International truck for overhaul for E. C. Fleeman, of Manila; and a Chevrolet truck for new brakes for W. R. Moore, of Blytheville. -DIT. M. Bailey, of Clear Lake Road, has this used equipment- for sale: a Moline 1 row riding planter, and an Avory HI) disc harrow. -DI- Now is a good time to bring your •discs and plows in for sharpening and repair — our blacksmith can give you quick service. • OM'ff »AVt If HALFWAY -. - /-...a

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