The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1966 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1966
Page 2
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Pag« Two - B.ythevffle (Art.) Courier Newt - Mond«y, Miy l,_t*»_ m mourn mmmrnrn* PTA 'Had ItV Friends, Foes & (MrNaucM Syndics!* Inc.) DEAR ABBY: You were very charitable to say that not all PTA's were like the one in Leavenworth, but I have found those that I attended to be exactly like "Had I r described. Unfriendly, clickish, and cool to newcomers. 1 liave had experiences with three different PTA's so I am not jumping to a conclusion. If you don't have money or social standing, you haven't a chance. I think PTA has become » farce. When my parents were in PTA not too many years ago, they met in the evenings so fathers and working mothers could attend. Today 'uren they meet at 1 P.M. and the business is over by 1:30, after which they sit around drinking coffee, nibbling goodies, and gossiping. Someone had a wonderful idea in getting parents and teachers together, but it fell apart. ALSO HAD IT IN GLENDALE DEAR ABBY: Hooray for "HAD IT" from Leavenworth! She took the words right out of my mouth. I also have attended my last PTA meeting because I was treated like an outcast. I went to the meeting as a newcomer, hoping t o make a friend, but I was froz- Astrological Forecast * , By CARROLL RIGHTER McNaught Syndicate, Inc. delights him, or her. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22 You make your best progres through new allies, and your conferences are best durin A.M. Then later get right int the work involved. Take big wigs out to dine. Keep busy active and all is fine. SCORPIO {Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 If you purchase anything toda; be sure it Is within price rang suitable to your pocketbbok whether it be a yacht or a rov of pins. Get health bettered, too Be very cooperative with part ers. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. O t Dec. 21) This can be a mos happy and productive day an evening if you discuss your am iitions and idea's with other either at your business desk o at social soirees. Show you tine talents. Be amusing. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Be sure to do whatever you kin desire of you or there ca be trouble later. They coul have very fine ideas and yo will benefit thereby. Show th you are loyal and cooperativ Be enthusiastic. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Fe' 19) Show others that you kno exactly what your position e tails and how to handle it bes Use more modern systems an be as up-to-date as you can. D research. Recreation is impo tant now. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 2( Being particularly c a r e f u where financial affairs are co cerned is imperative now. Co fer with experts in business wV can give finest advice. See th you do proper budgeting an always have enough on hand f necessities first. IF YOUR CHILD IS BOB TODAY ... he, or she, will b one of those fascinating persons who wants to pioneer in new avenues and is definitely a product of the New Era. Slant education along very modern lines vinuu mu s . 4* ™ <**»- •-> but make sure that established Listening to what experts in principles and tenets are also your own field have to s a y learned, respected. Then by co- «o ««temHn« TOM forecast, m>» Jatagraph oppoiK. djtti. wWcH Include jour blrtli da» 1 TUESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: Although conditions and situations from the past can have delays connected with them, you are under unusually, good M- pects for being very worldly and forward - looking where all kinds of modern and up-to-date interests are concerned. Be sure to use your charm to show others that you are interested in their welfare and Ideas. Avoid all arguments. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) While changes seem to b« going on all around you, you hava only to study conditions and know what you truly want for the future. Take steps in right direction but be tactful for best results. Get health bettered in P.M: TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Although you may seem frustrated by conditions about you. if you are practical and sensible in dealing with others, all works to your benefit. Plan your activities first. Then carry through intelligently. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) You are very charming now and fine pals give you excellent ideas and suggestions. Be out socially and wow'em. Show that you are magnetic and make many new friends who are very worthwhile. MOON CHILDREN (June 22) to July 21) Getting out to whatever will make a good impression on higher-ups is wise, and then enjoy quiet recreation. Safeguard your reputation, tho. Do .nothing that could reflect upon it. Be circumspect-.LEO (July -22 to Aug. 21) Find day and night for expansion, U you go along with ideas of good friends and go to new places, sites that show greater promise. Getting into whatever truly interests you is best. Show enthusiasm. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) helps you to improve own posi- Jlciyi VUU W iiuyiuvG UTTII jjv/ui- ut uiiiuKnig ,,..— ...,,, — - — tion in life. Loved one needs reer is possible in this most your assistance in P.M. Be promising chart. Give the bene- sure to do whatever pleases and fit of sports, also. n out. They all stood around n their own tight little circles, 'or goodness sakos, don't us* ly name* I still havo cliil- ren in s c h o o 1 s here. Sign me... "HAD IT" FROM REDONDO BEACH, CAL. DEAR ABBY: I fully agree with "HAD IT." I never go o PTA meetings any more or the same reason, altho I lave been a paying member- or 10 years. They rnist be r ery poorly organized because allho I have not attended a meeting in years, I received a letter a short while ago ask- ng me if I wanted to be an officer. "HAD IT" FROM ST. HELENS, ORE, ordinating the two, a fine ca. MONEY BALANCE PICTURE >f BIUIONS OF DOOMS 1..17I SURPLUS i 3.6 Zl DEFICIT '1.7 2.7 2.1 MS •« '47 '« '« '50 'SI '« 'M 'J4 'K '36 '57 '« '5» '60 '61 '62 '6J '64 '61 The United State* cloud its international payments books for 1965 in tht tat shapt in tight years. Tht chronic deficit in the balance of payments was still there—$1.3 billion—but it was tht lowest since 1957, the'last surplus year. Newschart shows the ups and downs in the balance during the postwar period. Tht balance measurts money flowing out.of tho country—from government spending, business purchaie of foreign goods and tourists—against funds coming in from foreign sourcts. DEAR ABBY: Please tell "HAD IT" (hat things are Hie same way here in California. At least that's the situation in Encino. I have attended three PTA meetings, and have yet to be spoken to. I even went early, hoping someone would make me feel welcome, but I was ignored. So now I ignore their requests for old clothes, magazines, bakery goods, and volunteers to serve on different committees. As far as I'm concerned, this state Is for th« birds, and it's people liW those In PTA that make it so. This is a small elementary school and no more than 35 people were present at the meetings, so you would think someone would know I was new. Sign me— HAD IT FROM ENCINO DEAR ABBY: I have also had it. but not with the PTA. I have had it with women like "HAD IT," who come to a meeting, fold their arms and wait for someone to com* up to them and say, "Won't you please be one of us, we were just waiting for you?" Why doesn't Mrs. Newcomer introduce herself with, "t am new here. What can I do to help?" Smelling salts would be in order for the handful of "doers" in the organization. And I assure you, Mrs. Newcomer would be more than welcome. At least, that's the Way it is in Seattle. HAD IT WITH "HAD ITS" DEAR ABBY: That letter about the woman who was ignored by the PTA,reminded me of something my mother told me years ago. She said, "If people don't notice you, or extend i friendly hind, look to yourself for the reason. Do you meet them hai: way? Ii your manner pleasant and in- vlflng? Sometimes the others are even more timid than you, and It is up to you to take the Initiative. Too often when we are loft out we say, 'It must be my face, or my race,' when It is really our fault." SHY BUT MAKES FRIENDS Problems? Write to Abby, Box (59700, Los Angeles, Cal. For a persflnai reply, enclose a stamped, self • addressed envelope. Hate to write letters? Send $1 to Abby, Box 69700, os Angeles, Cal., for Abby's booklet, "How to Write Letters for All Occasions." Soap was invented shortly before A.D. 500, perhaps in what is now Germany. For a while people didn't know quite what to do with it. The well-to-do used it as a cosmetic, farmers to prease their carts and windmills. '. Gasoline is not a fixed, stable compound — it is a combination of them—so it has no chemical formula. WINNERS — Robert L. Burns, Houston; L. C. Blodley of Blytheville, and Tyrone Waddy of New York hold trophies awarded them for outstanding performance at the Atterbury Job Corps center in Edinburg, Ind. ONTGOMERY WARD •^^^^•••^••^^•••••••i^^M^^^^^^^^^w AUTO SERVICE STORE-Ph. PO 3-4591-Opening at 7:30 a.m. BUY THi fIRST WARDS RIVERSIDE MYLON 64 BLACKWALL AT IOW, NO TRADE-IN PRICE, GET SAME SIZE SECOND TIRE FOR N' *" \. «& - - >? ^ *> /, *«^\ >-; *"^ ! ,N i f - •< \^ f^Xl Riverside PASSINGIR TIRI 4-WAY OUARANTIC . III* *V3l4y of mal.riel ond work. narl,r,rr. fo* th* lif. of Ih. original h.od.ArJiu,l*l«nllpror8tlaarMr*a» »««r • *,••" M cvrnKl loU pr«*. Get superior performance! Rugged, full -4-pIy nylon cord mokes it stronger, safer. RIV-SYN tread compound gives longer mile- oge ond service life. 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