The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1934
Page 6
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fAGE SIX BLYTIIEViLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SteeJe-Cooter Society — Personal Magnificent Deering Estate Open to Public , Crice-RuMll. Announcements were received over the week end of ihe marriage of .Miss Carilyn Orlce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crice, and Mr. Joe Russell, son of Mr. and Mrs. John rtusscll, The wedding look place at Carutherevlllc two weeks ago and the young couple liad planned lo keep it secret unill iheir new home, now under construction, was completed, but publication at Carulhersvillc of the Issuance of the marriage license, led to announcement of ihe marriage. The bride Is n graduate of Cooler high school nnd a leader hi social activities. Mr. Russell is ihe owner and operator of considerable farm land In Pcinlscui county. Mr. and MM. Henry Carter nre the parents of a 7 1-2 pound ton, born Monday morning nt their home in Steele. They will iwime the boy lxm?o Wall Curler. Mrs, Carter is (he former Miss Lucille Wall. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Frame cn- lennlneil at o 0 o'clock dinner Sundny tu honor of Mr. mid Mrs. Robert Uurdine. who were recently married. Mrs. H. A. Spencc nnd Mrs. A. B. Rhodes spent last week end in Lavrenceburg, Tenn., with the former's sisters, Mrs. Burdiuc nnd Mrs. OuthrJe. who nre very sick. Mrs. Gulhrle, who is Mrs. Rhodes' moihcr, Is slightly better, but Mrs. Burdlnc's condition Is serious. Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Cliflon Chouplc, and Mr. and Mrs. L. Henderson of Union City. Tenn., spent Sunday here as guests of Mr. Sanders' sisters, Mrs. L. ! C. Spencer nnd Mrs. A. L. Mc- Brlde. Mr.s. Henderson Is a former Steele girl. She is ivmem- bered as Miss Lo-jke Wright. Robert H. Miller of Cape Gl- rordeau is here for nn extended \lsit with his broiher, Supt. C. E. Miller and Mrs. Miller. Mrs. T. D. Rhodes and daughter, Miss Naomi, Mrs. Maggie Hester nnd Mr. Rouse, of Ulytheville , and Mrs. Nannie Boswell of Newbern, Tenn., spent Sunday nt Tyler as guests of Mr. nr.d Mrs. Henry Boswell. Mrs. Sophln Wall and daughter. Miss Ruth, of Roseland. Ark., spent Saturday here with Ihe lor- mer's daughter. Mrs. John Pnrks jr. Little Miss Barbara. Anne Carter returned home willi ihein for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Carl McDaniel and Cleo Turner have 1 returned from an extended, visit, with relatives at Pomotoc, Miss. Miss Alice McDanlel, a recent gradual* technician from a clinic In Birmingham. Ala., is at Home with her father, Dr. J. R. Mc- Danlel. In April Dr. McDanlel Miss Alice, and Miss Ruth McDaniel will visit Dr. J. R. McDan- lel jr. In Boulder City, Nev. After their return Miss Alice McDnnlel will work as lecliniclan, with laboratory and X-ray equipment In the McDanlel clinic here. Mrs. Mollle Manning-, daughter Imogene, mid son, Jack, were in Greenway, Arfc., Wednesday lo attend the funeral of Mrs. Manning's uncle, j. H. Uhies, who would have been 91 years old on the day of his burial. Mrs. H. C. Lamb Is seriously ill at her home near. Cooler. Mrs. H. E. Doerner, Mrs. Alviu Stephens nnd Miss Alice McDan- 10! shopped in Memphis Thursday •Mr. and Mrs. Lc slcr W liltiier spent Sunday with his parents at, Predencktown. C. P. Howard ts confined to hlv home by Illness, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Smiles of Monettc spent Sunday here as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J F Fisk Mrs. Roi ph n, uc i,| n50n of c . ' ruthersville wns here Wertncsdnj visiting her grandmother, Mrs M E. Sherrell. Mrs. sherrcll, who has been ill, is improving. . T. A. Haggard spent the week end with Mrs. Haggard at Law renceburg, Tenn Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Farris ol Denton are the parents of a 5- son, born Sunday at the Jlle hospital. Mrs Fnrris • is the former Miss Lotus Cowell MLSS Helen Marshall of Mem' phis spent last week end here willi her mother, Mrs. Viola Mnrslnl! and her sisler, Miss Goldn. here this week looking "ato" 5 his farm. Dr. J. w. Robbins and W L Armslrong were in Memphis Mon day and Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Yates KITCHEN BV MSTKK MAIM' MIA Km-li-i: Slalf VVrlli-r \VV often hear Unit carrots are "\ i :d, for the complexion" bu*. •-(•Idem .stoi) lo reason why. llow- ii-r, f'wl chemists h:ivf- Im-esil- .'iilnl und txpc-rliiiciili'il and Iwvfi 1:1:11!!* available a cjimmiLy of daia i \p!»!mn£ just why carrots lire so \jiu:il:!f Irom j health <!;tndixj!nl. SMI:!- iiutliorltk-s ti-ll us thai ;.!•:>'. I" onions, carro'.s are the :;-.! ~i i-ifii'lrni blootl-purllirrs iimona i.'n- vrsi'lnbli-s. Also, they rani: ::i-x! to spinach in iron (.onlrni. TV.(J reason.s lor clear compk 1 :.:- MII.S and sparkling eyes! Mori-over. I'.'.'.wiiii A Is (omul In canxu.s. 'I Ins pins canot.s in ilin list ol n.-c.ds nltli cud-liver oil, butler !:is. '"IK yolk nnd ihe leaves of FRIDAY, iMARCH ic, 1934 Again to Trip the Light Fantastic' Rivaling tlie palaces nnd pounds uf nnrli-nt. monarchy thl.s iu:ii!n[fta-nt SIO.OOO.COO estate of the Inle Jnmc!> Der-rlnn, farm Implement miimitiicliiu-r, ;u Miainl. I-'la.. is adnynrd In a vnsl mansion 01 white marble ishown in fon'^tound'. :tCO acres ut M-mi-ircplcal lijxinlance, rut works of labulons value nnd even the baih of u noinon c:n|H-n>r. H nestles :H thr edt;e of litM'aync Day, nnd all Its spli'ndor is .shown view. ' Villu Viseaya" im\y ri'tenily wus opened lo ilie public. =WEKKLY SUN RAY SCHOOL Jesus Teaches Reality oi' Faith •IVxl: Mill. 15:21-10:12 pier at nil: hut Die ilisclplw. iron- nether, thnl he wns trying them The Iivt€ Vniform Sun-lbled with her lifcseeditng, cuine io>as he was trying tlie woman her- : ia'i, however, lhat im enormous I ;irim;inl of carrots would have KJ !)!• rmen lo supply the ciiulv- :i'.f:it ol the vitamin A found in a ifiblespooulu! of eod-Hver Jji order to gain llio most l;enelit iniiii Hie vcftc-lnbli: as u bcaullfier, u should 1» eaten raw. Then ihcif is 110 loss of vitamlivs I) and C. Roth these vitumins are M:i::i;ivliat affected by careless unking and there is apt lo be !(*.s of . miirenils. Ai ihis lime if the yenr carrots aie at their 'j".il, lender and swen, so iLse! tlK'in ".in nalurclle" in every way; passible. Add Color \ Cnrtot straws add a charming maple synip. milk, coffee. LUNCHEON - Breaded veal cut- lels, scallo|ied carrots and celery, pineapple and cabbage salad. lan- dlnncr, rye bread, coflce. pl(!i pineapple and cabbage salad, lap- The University of Toronto Is ilie iora cnam pudding, milk. lea. largest In Canada with GOfm ,M, D1NNEH — New Knatand tolled : Units. THE BEST^ Paint a floor with FLORHIDE for only 60 c (one coat) \TH\\\ A quart of Florhide easily covers an average size floor! This special floor enamel re- i slsts hardest wear. In most ' cose* only one coat is needed in'came Florhide ii made (o covtrupworn spots. Ii'seasy to apply and dries quickly. Use Florhide for interior or exterior tioors. It colors. H.ORHIOE.I •ENAMEL! t DUK I Srhuol l.rsKnn Tnr .Mxrt'li IK. BY W.M. E. OII.KOV, D. ». Kditor of The CoiiRrr-aliunalist This lesson, whicli hr.s been designed lo tench und emphiLsi/e the reality of faith, has Ix-en n stnml)- hlm and asked him lo .send her j-elf? Tho reply of Jesus lo the dls- cipk's secmril ns harsh nnd unsympathetic as their own aUilude. ifor Jesus snlcl, "I am not s-etil. but ling block to ninny ix'oplc. Jf wen,,no Hie losl sliutp of the house were lo rend il u-ilh coHl and pros- oi i.sracl." nic literalism. It would present the Master in n choracler far different Is It not much more nearly the truth to believe thnt, when Jesus, in response lo the woman's pitiful pleading, snid, "It is not meet lo ttike the children's bread and to cast it to dogs," there wns and kindness In his eye that, belied his words? As if he Back luio che dancing iliiicligtn again—and uapjjy aliout it '.on — Is lovely F.leaiior Mntiriise. torntr partner or Maurice, tie noted dancer, and widow ot Sara Katz, theatrical producer. She is shown In New York after rehearsInK 'or her comeback, which ehn v\V make with Obarlca Sablo. protege ol Mm.-lee. WATKKSI'AR HRUSHINC; LACQUER .10 C ^ 20°,;. 30V 40 C A Close Out of n Limited Supply of Colors. EXTRA SPECIAL fit*] \ Quick-diying clear WATERSPAR VARNISH iTZIjl l-Atri durah!<r. l"»r interim ur cXKrlor usr. \Vi]| "*" ' nol liiru \vliitc. Driti iiu. 1 cup 'chopped celery, 1 to 2 cups j dried bread crumbs, 2 cgys. 2 ta-;| blespoons butler. I teasiHxm BRUSHES! LADDER Isted Wool vuiiui siniws a«« a ciiarmmgi. , , „. „„ ' i bit ol color to n tray of relishes I''I "^"P 00 " FCwper llratcd raw carrot h gcod in anv] , S "'T C? , rr0 5 aml 1V " °" 10 " s ;! Mi'elahle snlid Hin4 nf ,••, rm ' ut Illroll 8'i t'" 1 conrse knife of; ut.Linun. saiau. jtings ol cairot frt ^,, .1,.,,.,,,... ...,,„ „. , —,, ngs filled with highly Masoned cream rlieesc innki; attractive apiKlizers. In making carrot rings you need not worry about sacrificing much lood value for the chemists lell us thai ihe watery, pnlur-coloied cen- UT of the cfliTOl contains prncti- cally none of the valuable siic- When Ihc woman ramc then ! wc "-' Playtnlty referring to n nar- lances found in the rich uolcien nml worshiped him. Mplienllng to j ™»' "» (1 bitter prejudice, that from Hint of the full picture' lhat J,, m (or 'j^,',, t he words of Jesus I oilier men felt, in Ihe very nio- we hnve of him in the Gospels. Inslead of thinking ol him as ready and eager to pevtovm u deed of love nnd mercy, he would ap- Sf-enuxl even more slcrn. for ho said, "II Is nol meet lo Inke the children's bread and to casi il to '"enl when lit was i-oiiifi: to pcr- '<"'"' lar w ™nan the deed of "'"I mercy Hint she sought. [jear as very ix'luclnni nnd hesi- '. latlnp. He would seem almost lo share the prejudices ol (hose who . This would ftem to us tlie wns prislstcm. °'" y lrllc "!'" "" tl ! r! j! ilUcl T r . eti ;!,,^,. ^., nitcrprelntion entirely of Ihe lltltc children, and in oilier >v ''' v " uu: ' : cou |,| iniimph over prejudice nml conlncls. lie n-oulcl seem to Imvc A '- e wo. then, lo read this puss- i (1|l , - rl , s1 , It (,, fc , nttltude even ot the spoken and acted with a srninge. nsc- entirely apart from the P'» .disciples, m-.d that. In trustfulness ,..^.L ,..,„ ,„, ..^ ,^,.. ^ T«..., .. ,^ ^^ Master's goodness, she could harshness. tm'e Hint we linn: of Jesus in ihc i Wlml nre Ihe facls? As Jesus' Oosllcls - n " d " Uc!i1> ' wllllollt llle belli-ve that all" things wilh Ood, came Into Hie coasl of Tyre nnd." Bnl lllul Mil!Sesiivei]i-.s5 that the- Sidon we are told thai u Vomnn. wliulc i»rlmj'al of the Master of Cimnun met him. nppe.aing ( O i lliravvs "I" 1 " il? Sllri;1 >' olllj ' n vc 'i' him to heal her daughter, ttho: mind ;l11 '' 1>lor "" c ™ Mcr cmil(i '"' •-" "' Ihe passage in Dint way. I „„.„„ gh hillli were A mild and gentle lover ot chil- ( , m , ,. ; ( , ralll , E , vitll Uiem Mm w|| , nssumc n playful htirshne.« ! [lm , t , lc cl ,|id re ii do not misun- Would it nol seem lo be Ulcrstuud. It was thai .Icsus aclecl was "grievously vexed wilh n devil." or, as we should probably say. In our terminoloyy. .scriottslv uf- i . ... . . dieted with pome form of disease. ; truth, rather, lhat .It-Mis was re- VOV y moment that lie wfts about \\'L> are (old that Jesus paid no IjukinK Ihe ntlitudu of tlie disciples to reveal his love nnd goodness atlentlon lo her. not answering who rent Ihe woman :iway alto-, in an net of mercy. in that spirit and spoke Iho Pair Face Trial!Back Yard Garden May Be of In Lima Killing'. Formal or Naturalistic Type «-iu 1 ";^' ^f he wre!: end h "e with the latter's parents. Mr and Mrs. T. W. Whitficld. Abner Ashcroft, who has be seriously in since Friday, is noa able to sit up a little. John Tucker, Jim Tucker, Mrs J. R. Jones and Miss Ruth Tuck er left Tuesday morning for C-ivi Ark, where they were called b the serious illness of Iheir fain er, W. H, Tucker. Mrs. E. H. Herrcll Is confine to her home with the measles. F.irorite Alarm Box BOSTON (UP) — The fivoriie nre box or Boston's lalse alarm pullers is No. 2253, at Lambert Street and Lambert Avenue, Roxbury. No less than Ho times during Ihe p*st year this box has been sounded when ther was no nre. This i.s Ihp iKIh of :i srru-s nf . nrtlflos hy Uouakl dr,iy, Tnmmis ! lnm!.sr:i]u- •consultant, on EHMV to make a licauliful cardvn cif your hack yard. « + * HV DOXAI.I) CI1AV NKA Srrvirc T-sindsrapc t'nttsullanl Tl Is not nlwnys possible to plan n new garden on n cleared piece ol land, some trees ;iud shrubs may he there already. I ike a look ai the conditions you have and Iry to inia^ine what kind of a tjnrdcii you can make out of il. Decide what plants M- roady growing, there will (it into Ihc new picture, ti'cn take o:il all C.:i' rest. c ome gardeners like lo crow plants In nent rows and kwp their shrubs clipped. Such a garden is formal. Others inslsi on imitating; ! nature and the gnrdcn becomes inlorimU. Be careful not to mis the two t -t\ es—have o:ic kind or ti:e oilier, decide on which cue at the very bc-ftinnhie and then si irk to i;. * * * Eilher lyp<> is all right. 11 depends on your individual lasic- as to whic:- one :s desired. Vor the i:aliir.ili.>iic one. try to create the screen along the properly lines with trees nnd shrubs native lo your part of the co-.intry. Maybe yo:i can nol take Ihe plants ftoiu riearby \\-ocds. but you can buy losh. The ehenpnes.? of carrots i-iihiii the reach of every family h<'se food elements which are 's-scminl to growth, health and 'Igor, Strong muscles, rod blood. oiind -teeth, firm flesh, straight Jones, glossy hah- nnd clear skin re Ihe result when vitamin. 1 ; and uinernte me plentiful in the diet. Vou can use carrots as a •ftrctchcr" with more expensive egetables. CaiTOts n n d peas, creamed cniiiiflower in a border'of buttered carrots, asparagus with carrol slicks—almost any vcgeta- jlc combines well with the colorful carrol. A vegetable !oal UECS carrots to advantage when ilical Is olf the menu. Vegetable I.naf Five pood sized carrots or len new carroi.-.. 2 medium sized onions. 2 inblespootiR minced paisley, food chopper. The parsley and | celery can be chopped in Hie fooo j chopper, too. Put vegetables into i sauce uan and slew with as little | waler ns possible until tendr-i-. The | water should cook away so lliere Isn't more than one or two lable- o\er the vi-gi-tables \vhen done. Add bread crumbs, buittr and eggs unbeaten. Mi.\ \\ell and season with sail ami |x.'ppor. Form into a lonf, roll in crumbs and doi willi bit of butter. well buttered baking minutes in a hot oven. S.ervc with n rich cream since. Bake on a sheet for 20 STRIPE Pure bristles, set In rubber \W Enamel lirusll . . 20c 4" Wall B:usll . . . fi->C !• Calcimine Bnisli . §1.50 • Strong. 5-ft. ' size with shelf $1.25 Cleans poLs te pans easier! 5c Pkg. 85' WALLHIDE brings One-day Painting , Enis (hysnf mess! YOMT rimains anil pic- UMCS tail be Iwau liic Mine day ivalls anil ceilings ate piiiuril wiili \Vallliide!- One QUART cOLit is usualli'ciimjuli. I 3 wmtublc ff)lur^. UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL .. . Quart... 70c PURE BOILED LINSEED OIL ... Gal... $1.10 Beautiful high gloss C^ 50 PLASCO PAINT **' ££•£11 Suitable for ir.lrrior or exterior surfarcs. RrusliM GaHoit evenly;lus exceptional rovtrtiigqujliiv.24color?. NERVOUS, SLEEPLESS | WALLPAPER CLEANER Each IQc CALCIMINE, AH Colors, Per Lb l?c Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY ' Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST — Slewed dried apricots, cereal, cream, svallles, A . native varielics at. a nurseri\ Al least you can study tV.e wny nature plants it.s woods and then reproduce what you find. Make a ptwl imitates ti brook—lei no concrete be seen and weather-worn, messy, stones around it. • - # For flowers, use ihc native \vi!d ones. Native iris Is nol always t'ormiU dfl»lfc« ««» «.' Rnitlcn. growing annuals in beds c:fse enough togelhcr lo produce a mass of color. Any man-made', 1 :. like standard heliotropes or grafted shrubs on tree slenis, an 1 ^:>- propriatc for a formal garden. Perfumed boots were once IX>;HI- lar lo give rending ninttcr :m ritit^x, 1 nttracllon in the days when :<^nv- nble wlors were relatively V.ITI Sheddan's Salve Charles Makloy, above, Is on i of plant. Hybrid columbines can trial in Lima. 0., accused as oae tc ns?d Instead of it:e nalive va- of the slayers o! Sheriff Jesa riely. Sarbor in countj lail at Llraa In Use any floivcr lhat has rela- the Dllllngcr iail delivery last lives growing in the wilds. Peo- October. Harry Pierpont, Rrst I Dies and hybrid roies can not be "' "• used, because they an- no! a na- Is Strongest Known incs. Native iris Is nol always Swiftly, like Ine- dnrl of ;ir. ar- ivallab!e. but any iris can be used low. the strong, active, sooliiuii because it is a n.ilurallstic lypc >:nt!!calion ol ShertttaiVs Salve p-n- »*UIJJ Al'ill'UUt. llttl. ol the gang to be tried, was convicted, witb the death penally mandatory. Hussell Clark, below, »] 30 will face « murder trl»L.»ft«r the Maklw hearloE. live type. For the formal garden use shrubs and trees dial will srow with definite outlines. Plant slid, perky eiratcs skin and tissues to bvo.\k up colds and congestion, end r:<v.;p couglis. rlicnmnlic. scialic and iwi;. ralgla pains. Slieddan's s.ilve IKI- tains an ingredient no; tour.rt ,1 otdinnry salves—and its extremi power, unmalchable efTfclcncy am iiiticr penolrallng cfliclency knocb coid congctlion quickly. T«o kn-.iis ^VILn for cliildivn: STRON'G fo- iidulls. re YOU as expert as SHE? THINK for a minute—what if you had the house to run, meals to plan and children to care for? Do you think you could do the job as well as your wife does? On the same amount of money? Be honest. The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly. They keep themselves informed of the best offerings of the stores. They are expert purchasing agents. These purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know their needs. They know through the advertisements just where these needs can be best supplied at the least cost. Such intelligent buying saves time and effort and'money. It results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them every day. Through them we can know exactly what we .want'before we go to buy. Thig is the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend. I*

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