The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1946
Page 4
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fcLYTHEVIULE (ARK.) COURIER '-NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 1'J.iO com MIWB tev«d fe tt» UBttM PTM wnior to UM dfr of BJjttowUle or »nj [ •Ubuttan torn "«*«•- «ui*( HrrtM tt nMtn- ined. JOB per vwk, er Me pv Booth. By m*& wttbto » ndte c( « nllM, MJ« par ^ fev, t3J» far 4z ouotlM. |LM lor tbnt month*; 5 or null ODWd»''i^, ate -MO* tl&M p» jw«r £ njatt* IB fouthful Vigor II was good lo read the report of Mr. Truman's physician that, at the end of his first year in office, the 62- year-old President has the physical vigor of a man of '10, and the mental vigor of a man of HO. Certainly,' the report was complimentary as well an encouraging. Hut it occurred to us how .seldom the compliment of youthful menial vigor is paid to a holder or xeokur of high pulilic office. Anyone who remembers back two years call recall what Mr. Dewey's opponents fyiid aliout the mental vigor of his early forties. Cartoonists pictured him in Busier Urown suits, while detractors referred to him as Buster. Nevertheless, it can scarcely be said Dial mental vigor isn't an asset, particularly in Mr. Truman's case, lie came to his job with little experience, which is not lo his discredit. But he also came to it with a mental and physical vitality which allowed him to stand up under the vast responsibilities and rigorous schedule of his office. The experience is coming. Meanwhile, we may all wish that he may preserve and retain the age-resisting vigor which has sustained him thus far. 1 lea von knows he'll need it in the days ahead. 'Cut Yourself a Piece of Apronstring, Son!' SO THEY SAY What must be of the gravest concern lo us as Christians is that after nearly 2000 years ot (lie Christ Ian religion n large part of Europe should havo relapsed into conditions as degrading as iUiythin^ known or done in the days of paganism.—British Ambassador Ix)rd Halifax. TUB STOnYi E mitMrr bnx lit admit M>rt of girl ivhrii fc hitvr >«»t*rr— of-f»C<ly »fc KUM. Ilrtihr and her I-]] He l»ai»ie)N. ure «t the lltllr era!** doiE In foantlnX' HI (•»«• mnuth. r>chhr Trf«Hr» lo let xhont him fn*lde the cr»<«-, itrnm- iKr-A ro kill him fcrrwrlf If hr takm »ftff anyttttt. The *tat I on -•****«•* *r.Tr-i thr k*tx oprw and fc*rk* «w!»y- The di»sr >' - ulkN o»< »ncrr- In Inly, «trftchen. ncrnlchrn hlm»rl( — Ihrn lookit harmlrjutly mr at Itrhlty. She 4hrow*'dfiM-» h«-r «•». hltchew a rop« onto hi* «*(»ll»r and htm ««Jetlr «•( «< <h « L mallan. CHAPTER H JE of the cars in the parking space was an old touring car £ an expensive make. Its top was own, and sitting up on the backs f the seats, in rows like people a thealer, was a crovvd of young >eople, some irr bathingf&ui£s and ome in clean tennis sl^Kf; anc lirty dungarees. Behind the driver's seat, with his ftet on the A 1 heel, slouched a tall," big-shouldered boy with close-cropped black hair and large' homely fea ;ures. As Debby led Ihe'^pg across, Ihe platform, he started lo clap.' She Looked up quickly. "Yen," he shout*d,^' 4 tte Lady Animal Trainer.'* " ' r All the others clapped an< cheered too, and Debby stood stil half smiling, her head back s that she could look out throug her hair, curiously unseUcon tecious. "Hi, Bart," she "said. | "I thought he was supposed 1 'be mad, Dcbby," Bart called!> She shook her head. "He stoppc fbeing mad when we let him di. Jjof the crate." § " Bart grinned around at, th others in the car. "Not mad*" h said, "just terribly, terribly hurt SHe looked back at ttie'dog. "H <*sure is a handsome critter, :D*bby She glanced down at the shagf WASHINGTON COLUMN Battle of Building Begins /llitstrnictl by Walt Scott "Don't you \vaul to Ret married, Dcbby?" she asked. her dog; she was going lo train him herself, and already she loved him fiercely. She had mimed him Bull because that's what he looked like when he came out of the crate. Agnes was worried about those claws; she remembered what an Irish terrier of her father's had once done to the sola in the house in Quincy. And if it wasn't the claws it would bo sc nothing else; one way or another, x.hc told them, dogs always made trouble—and expense. Already there was that case of canned dog food, and that package of hamburj; Ellic had brought back from the village. She gcoat, at the big head hanging a ^rnost to the floor, and when sh «*looked us her eyes.were wide an ftaoghing and starllingly blue i against her dark skin and hair. « She made her mouth round and ] naid in a slow drawl that was a <K!ixture r.f New England twang I Agnes peeling potatoes and Elli Jend broad-vowelled Bostonian, whittling a decoy head. 'Gawnd, ain't lie a cawka?" | "I'll tell you one "Where," she wauled to know, "do you think you're going to be 10 years from now, if you keep on this wny?" "Hight here," Dcbby said im- inssivcly. "1 like it all right right here." "Kighl hero!" Agnes repeated, her voice full of animation. "And in (he snmc old dirty pants. Well, Ihat's where you will be, all right. Don't you want to get married," Dcbby?" she asked. Dcbby smiled without looking up from the pan ot peas. "Just think." said Agnes, "when we Ket the oil heater: no carrying guessed there never was a dog ale > wood, no nshcs, i\o coming out in as mueh as thai dog did those first three days. The three of them pat in a vnw Bsrl laughed al her with a sort .«»o£ hrc-'herly affection, jj Rllie was standing behind her Jv.'ith the bat and the gun. "Never •o'ou mind about his looks, Barl,' Jhe called. "He's gonna bo a great ^juail dog. You come down in the «fall and I'll show you." * Bart laughed again. "Is he trained?" 2 "Half trained." * "Who's going to finish him?' J "I am," said Debby, looking oul ^of the corner of her eye at Ellie. * "Who's going to finish him, Bart ask'ed. Ellie shrugged his shoulders, you one tiling.'' said Agnes. "You're not goinq to :-'pt-nd ' any of thai money in Ihc banl; on him." Her voice was crisp, with a suggestion ol a brogue, a pleasant, feminine voice. "You're not going to spend that money in Ihc bank on him." Agnes repeated, "because I've gut it ;itl spent." Ellic's knife slopped in mid-air. "You what?" he asi:cd without looking up. In the h;mk was $150, Ihc result ol one lucky day of mining striped bass in Ihc surf in early, August, a day when he ban cleared S150 by shipping bass when there was no bass in th "You .hjEard what she Boslon market. "Fifty-nine ninety-five- for new oil heater for the dinin room," said Agnes. Kllie's knife was still poised ^eoid.' — Bart nodded solemnly. "He'll be Ja grent quail dog, all right." • 'Dcbby was leading the dog to jllie beach wagon. She turned and I over the decoy head. "You ain'l •made a face al Bart. "You come bought it yet?" Jdown in the fall and we'll show | "No, but I'm goin-; to," Agnes said blithely. "And SSO tor Dchl» "Maybe I'll do that," he said. | to lake the course in typing anc bookkeeping." ;EBBY fan a line with a ring "I'm going lo be pretty on it from the the cor-I this fall," said Dcbby. icr of the house. "Wp'bctler keep "You ain'l paid for the coursi he dog tied a few days," she said 1 yet?" asked Ellic. Ao Ellic, "lill he gets to knowing "No," said Agnes, "but I'm ;;o Jthis is home." • ling to." She turned to Dub: q. At night ho slept beside the I "What do you mean busy?" •kitchen sfove. Debby, whose room Ellie heaved as connected with the kitchen low by an open register,--would up and hear the thumping ~ JJn JJt ifof his leg as he scratched himself, yr the slow clicking of his claws the linoleum the as he walked Zaround the room. She liked to •hear him, liked to lie there and Uitnk that Ke would b? waiting following her with his when she came down in the had given an ennrmous s spat into the i^rass, and went 01 with his whittling. "Well," said Dcbby. "Elli . . thinks I can help him making th new decoys, and I've got to trui Bull and help EUic guiding and— • * * > A ONES JookcH disgusled. Wasn *• Dcbby ever >!oing to learn, E!I asked, that a gftl couldn't spt-'i her life playing oround with bir dogs and duck Winds and act like ,T tomboy onrt uu urchin oft Ihc morning to a cold dining room. And they make a dandy-looking piece of furniture; they paint them up so they look jusl like wood." DeHty didn't Ihink they mode a dandy-looking piece of furniture, id she lihcr] the smell of the fire in the pot-bellied slovc hen she cnrue dou-n in Ihc morii- J. -She liked everything the way was: the sitting room with the nee-piece set Agnes IIEH! brought om Quincy; the dining room, 1 •illi Hie old sideboard and table: id chairs which Ellie's great-! •anrimnther was supposed lei ... ;c rnuriht over from Kngland; ir-» ark hot kitchen always uelk-d 01 boiled potatoes. KLIio was u'hiltlinp; wilh unusual ik'iilncss. He cleared his Ihroat. on'l think they make a dandy- fti.u piece of furnilure," lie . "I think Ihoy look like h—." cleared hij throat again and vt-nl on in a \'oice that was nias- erful :md at tile same lime a lit- nervous. "I was afraid you'd .•ant lo spend il tor something >:>lish like thai," he said. "So I ut it into FOinethin' sensible." Agnes looked at him quickly, icr eyes alive, her lips firm. What did you do?" Hobby's hand on the dog's ear viis still. "I bought fire insurance," said •'.Uic. "This Uoxisc and every slick f furniture in it is insured right p lo all il's worlh. Insured for S7000. Soniethin' we should of Kid long ngo," he added. Acnes' voice was ominously :iuicl. "How much did it cosl?" "A ulllc over m hundred." "How much over a hundred?" "A hundred an' twelve dollars and forty-eight ccnls, exactly.' 1 He spoke Ihc amount proudly. "/> wise inveslnicnl, loo," he said. "How much docs lhat leave?' Agnes asked. Dcbby was quick wilh figures "Thirty-seven dollars," she said dressing lil quiotly. the sheet:, (.To PC Continued) BY FETKK KDSOX NKA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, A|>ril 20. (NEAI — Housing Adminlstralor and Exiv- dller Wilson w. Wyntl has' liccn on the job three months iinct a halt, Ju which time he hasn't built one new house. Early In February he announced his emergency program to build 2,100,000 houses by Jan. 1, 1MB. 11 has taken two and 11 half months since then to get legislation authoring him to start lo work. Even so, that's something of a •coord for speed. When the irogriun was first presented lei Con- :rcss. the most optimistic predictions were that, it; wouldita'kc six months for passage. Getting the ,ob done in less than half that,'time is the expediter's first good breal:. In announcing his program! WjMtt said that every month's delay iji getting started would mean a of 75,000 housing units The loss far in 1946, therefore, represe: more housing than was built in ol 1945. ; . :- : " It really isn't' qjiiitc that Ji.v\. While the government has been tjoi- tlng organized, private industry h; 1 •* been getting started. Construction figures on the first lliree niontlis of 1EH6, just released by the Bureau nl Labor Stallstics, show $517,000,0(10 worth of new residential construction begun. This represents less thrvi 20.000 family units per month, ho'.v- cver, and 11 isn't nearly enough. It will have to be five times that nutr'ii in order to achieve Ihc goal of '.',.700.000 new unils in the next 'two years. LEGISLATION IS MUCH BETTER THAN EXVEOTF.H The veterans' emergency h legislation, as now passed by Congress, is better Ihnn Wyalt IVA i hoped to get. Authority for premium payments, guaranteed markets for prefabricalioH, inccnlives, similnr new ideas came through without change. The only tiling turned down was, strangely enouub. the icasl controversial item of tlu-ri all—price ceilings on existing IIOUM-... The flghl mncle against Wyar's rogram by the established piiv,;t' onstruction imlusti'y trade H:;MH- : ii- ions—Ihc real estate dealers. lh- laterials pi-ortuccrs and the t'.jn- ractors has been bitter. Fortmi- Icly. it has been largely incllccli'-c. Aud now Iheiv lobbyists Iv.r." aken n beating, indivtdunl Iradc-.. n Ihc industry are beginning to -u|. nit that the Wyalt program u oiinrtly conceived, and that llv••_• vlll go along with it. That is pn.h- "\bly the most encouraging factor '.n he whole housing situation tod.-.v. A consensus of lenders in the vi- dustry would indicate that with incentive price increases alrr.'.lv granted and more to come, nobivt.- in the building game is going to In - nuy money in the next few years. ?'j_ there's nothing !o cry about. Some private builders even r<> ,.., far as to svy that the prcnir; ,, payments and guarantees on p,v. fabricated housing will be unnec< wry. That's all to Ihc good. Av: povernmcnt appropriations for s;u sidles that Wyatt can turn back ' > Ihc Treasury constitute a net ^n,HIS BUDGET Ari'BOVKD, WYATT ORGANIZES STA1 1' Wyatt's budget for operation.- i the emergency program has i, been approved. He can now be ; to orcnnlxc his staff and get ROI: His first imixirtant nddition the npiiolnliucnl of Admiral ki.- Htuith to head the construction , vision, is important. Smith \v,i, mulliljiliioii-iiollar builder in \. York before the war. For fmn \. he was in charge oj mueh n< • jNavy\ construction progrnni Hi- Biven up his return to private !v; ness io help on the emergency tin. i»S prosram. and he can l.v (.,,, ed on to push it In every diimi Other appointees whom '\Vyati v aniKHuicc in the tnunedialc Ins '"'« of the same to-m-ltor ci l.ocn! oi'ganixaliun for the. bit; lioitiitiM drive Ihfoughout the country is spotty. Most of the 400 community yroupr. are organized on paper 1ml haven't started lo work. Only half a dozen cilics have ed their building codes to erection of prefabricated houses ai olhcr labor, time, and maleritih- saving conslruelion practices. *. : ~^f ,"* •"••"" £~z£ W± Z'i.YL' ~'~^ w / Sw V> V y \ / \ A y- \ AVI I 1 ftk S* 3^5*' .ii.ini permi *i W HOLLYWOOD - . . v ; BY KKSKINK JOHNSON NEA SUff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, April 20. (NEA)-young fellow named Barry Sulli- in, we do not mind predicting to- ay. will be one of Hollywood's lottest box-office bcls this yor.-. Why? Because his wife talked lilm nto playing a role he didn't want o play. And if you don't think young Barry is hot, listen to this. At :> mrty tlic other night, n producer old him: "I'll pay you $100,000 tot lie picture." The producer, niistiik- ng Barry's gasp, thought he was collating and quickly added, "Plus 0 per cent of the proflls, of course." The movie In which Barry clicks, fter, as he says, "laying several !|!gs nl Paramount," \ s "Suspense," he King Brothers' Monogram nio- ic in which he is co-starred as a ough, lough killer with Belita. But Barry didn't want any parl of it at first. He had played comedies like "Brother Rat" on Broadway. At Paramount, he had been lie romantic interest in "Lady in (he Dark," wilh Ginger Hog.jrs, and in "Rainbow Island," wilh Dottie Lamour. Tile role, he thought, was completely out of his line THE WIFE SAVES THK DAY "You're nuts if you don't play il," his wife snid. Mrs. Sullivan argued and argued. "Finally," says Barry, "I gave in Bui I was going to let my wife take the rap if il was a flop." The producing King Brothers were so grateful to Mrs. Sullivan, the Jormer Marie Brown ot the Broadway slage. for In Iking Barry into p aying the part that they hired lier as dialog-director ami paid he. * As you've probably gathered, "Sn.-i- pense," plus Barry Sullivan, will nake a lol of money for the King Brothers— Prank. Maurice, nud Hy- mic — one-time slot-machine klnys of Los Angeles, who produced the lunuzlngly successful "Dllllnger. " 'KXTKAOKIHXAKV" FELLOWS The King Brothers as we've me<i. oued before, arc characters. The other day there was a news story thai Lawrence Tierney. who slnrred in "DilVmger," Ijad joined Alcoholics Anonymous. Morris Kins read Ihe item, then exclaimed la surprise. "What do you think— Lawrence Tierney has joined Al<:o- Uilics Unanimous! " We nsked Ilymic King at lunch the oilier day how llicy hiindlr?.-; Tierney dur ng Ihe filming of "D;l- linger." "II \vas easy." Ilymic snid. "I slippet him S50 every day that lie was a good boy." Hymic just checked out of '.Vie Marines after three years' se 'Vicj.- He was listed as "Technical At viscr" on (he credit sheets for "Suspense." When we asked him what ic did, Hymic grinned and said: "Boli'.n jumpcc through lhat hoop of knives, didn't she? Well. I supervised the placing of Ihc knives. It was a jig job. We could have killed icr. I was technica adviser in charge of not killiiig Belita." The King Brothers have a simple explanation for switching from the slol-mac line business lo it ov- ic-making. "It's more ncrvc-wrack- Ing," Ihey chorus. Mike Kelly once began a baseball game catching for Toledo and finished it catching for Louisville. Six thousand girls arc employed in London's telephone exchanges; 600 of Uicsc leave annually lo assume household duties. U. S. Army Group HORIZONTAL. VERTICAL, 1,7 Depicted js j Streetcar insigne 01 „ T^^,.: 7 ii K A,-™ 2 Torrid .»M*\ii-r tn ITPVIOUK J'lljzle P R 1 E !jT U E.Y A~rb>vjj|iH o?g^sr§ • \J JP -^ Sfr ff-' ij? . f rt ••&'. *^ \ '• ^^5T*"il JB *r ^ i S T E. ^ E p f^ D R L-, S V S PBIE5TLEV A P? j| N 5 •* Town Comes to the End FARR, Col. (UP/—-Hiis town is disappearing from the map. Tht; post office cndea 40 years of operation recently and the 12 families who lived here arc moving away. « THIS CURIOUS WOULD WHY ARE POTATOES CALLED IRISH POTATOES '1 A ROBIN! RESCUED AS A FALLEN FLED&LIN&, HAS LIVED AS A PET IN THE HO.'.C OF MR. AND MRS. ENOCH JOHN5ON, COUNCIL BLUFF5, IOWA, FOR THE LAST IZ YEARS.. .AND HEOiSi/KES ANSWER: Tht Irish vi-crc the Hrst Europeans to rocogntzc the potato ns a staple lood. It is Ihought to have originaled in South America. docs "dinosaur" mean? SIDE GLANCES fcy GalbratHi Division 2 Acquire 3 Musical dratrias 5 Appraise 6 Nobleman 3 Egyptian river 9 Mystic syllable 0 Thoroughfare 2 Babylonian deity 3 Frozen water 4 Symbol lor ruthenium 5 Waste allowance 6 12 months 7 Foot part 8 Installment paid, (ab.) !>S(i anger (comb, form) 10 Three times 20 Began 21 Torture 23 Father 24 Get up 26 Net 27 Late 28 Small flap 29 Island (ab.) (comb, form) 31 Lion 43 Myself 44 Ardor 45 Homan emperor 46 Mall drinks 47 Legal point 49 Skill DO Beverage 52 Genus of 23 Touch lightly 11 Healthy 32 Compass poinl rodents .. ' 25 Hops' kiln 12 Golf teacher 39 Astern 53 Employ ILis 14 Ocean 40 Dregs wfg 55 Palm lily." 17Anent 42 Paradise' ^ 57 Hawaiian bird 28 Papal Iriple crown 10 Spanish coins 33 Moving :4 Bogs 35 Blessed 3B Enrich J7 Scottish sheepfold 3S Napoleonic marshal- Indian mulberry 41 Deprive of reason 46 Area measure 48 Deed 51 Obliterate 52 Beast of burden 4 "Rounded 56 Awakens 58 Spot 59 Hangman's ^ knots. ~ m m m ir Boardinq House with Mai. Hoooia AVJFOLLV SMftR-T, ACEM'T YOU? DOr^T YOU BECOME A UOOSE NOT IN THE 60M- 6 HOE Out Our Way By J.R.Williams "We sol such a ftooil price we soW our house, so if you don'l mind we'll volurn tlml visit you niaile with us during " I'P 5AVE IT A WHSLE LOMGER IF IT WAS UP TO ME .' K!OT ANOTHER. DAV.' IT WAS HAMDED POWlO TO My GREAT- GRANDFATHER. , MY GRANDFATHER., tvvy FATHEE., AM' THEM TO ME-' HAXIPlMG IT COWM TO THE DUMP.' \NE NEED THIS ATTIC. 1 x J;.»'{in /. v!^\tiSa' '*/' BOR^J THIRTY VE,-\K.S TOO SOOM ,-„ „, , . ... 1 ' VM "

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