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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 20

Des Moines, Iowa
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Monday, October 7, 1991
Page 20
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6S The Dks Moines Register Monday, October 7, 1991 Chasing an Idol Diver takes springboard to success DIVERS Continuedfrom Page IS your mistakes. "She's an example for me. I'm trying to work to be as good as she is." , McVey started diving in her freshman year at Lincoln. "I was a swimmer my freshman year," she said. "After half the year, my teammates talked me into diving since I was a gymnast. ; "When I first started, I thought there was no way. Then I just started doing the dives my teammates were doing and I thought it was real easy. The only things I couldn't get used to .were the height and staying close to the board. s "My sophomore year, I started to work on getting closer to the board. Last year, I started to get higher off the board." I Cole had been swimming for several years when she decided last fall to take up diving. She wanted to break the freshman record at Roose-felt, and she accomplished that with jier total at Dowling. - "It still doesn't seem like it happened," she said. "That was my best, best meet. It was very shocking." ; McVey said she wasn't surprised by Cole's progress. "I first saw it this summer, but I don't think I was paying that much attention to the dives I saw her do," she said. "I knew she'd be good, though. But not this fast." McVey and Cole both worked with Des Moines diving instructor Dick Clark. "They're both very dedicated," Clark said. "They're both very coachable, and that helps. "The first time I saw Annie dive, I could spot it she's a natural talent. There's a movement to them. Having control of themselves and being able to remember what the coaches say. , "Debbie has been diving for four years. She's older and more experienced. Annie is maturing in the dives she does. She's getting to the point where she's becoming consistent. When she gets to where she can do it all the time, watch out. She's very mature for a freshman." Both divers said mental preparation is the key to success. . "I concentrate on what I'm going to do before I leave the board," Cole said. "How I have to reach high or throw my arms something that has to do with the dive I'm doing. Then it's a matter of making sure I'm doing the best I can." McVey put it a different way. I "You have to run the dives through your head and know you can do the dive before you actually do it," she said. "You have to have confidence in yourself." OFFICIAL PUBLICATION (R-665) NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids will be received by the State of Iowa. Department of General Services for the following: Thursday, October 10, 1991, 3:00 P.M., Sealed Bid 32128S for the "Removal of Underground Tanks" for Dept. of Employment Services, Des Moines, Iowa. Friday, November 1. 1991, 1:00 P.M., Sealed Bid 22010$ for a contract to . supply "Passenger and Enforcement t Vehicles" to State of Iowa Agencies. A bidders conference will be held at 1:00 . P.M., Wednesday, October 9, 1991, in , the Hoover State Office Building, Director's Conference Room, Des Moines, Iowa. Attendance at the conference or a letter of Intent to bid received by the Division of Purchasing v on or before October 9, 1991 isrequlred to become a registered bidder. For Information contact: J. Robert Soldat, Administrator, Department of General Services, Purchasing Division, Hoover State Office Building, Des Moines, Iowa 515281-3089. Bidders must comply with all affirmative actionequal employment opportunity provisions of State and Federal Laws. College Football 0-13-1 Since 1976 RUSHING AM. Yds. Avg. fame Cobb. Rice 131 717 5.5 1792 Yerbrough. Fuller St 13 674 5 0 168 5 Faulk. San Diego St 110 830 7.5 166.0 Dunbar. Indiana 128 662 5.2 165 5 Benjamin. Pacific 90 775 86 155 0 Sands. Kansas 92 560 6.1 140.0 Smith. Can. Michigan 202 827 4.1 137.8 Hill, Texas AAM 90 543 6 0 135.7 Brown. Nebraska 84 531 6.3 132.7 Hughley, Tulsa 89 525 5.9 131.2 Powers, Michigan 115 518 4.5 129.5 White. California 102 469 4.6 117.2 Lincoln, Ga. Tech 110 564 5.1 112.8 McMiltian.Army 59 333 5.6 111.0 A. Davis. Fuller. St 104 440 4.2 110.0 PASSING Aft Coma. Yds. Pts. Joe. Baylor 90 57 1,056 181.7 Weldon. Florida St 127 86 1.243 180 6 J. BlaKe. E- Carolina 122 68 1.278 180 0 Barsotti. Fresno State 104 63 1.044 179 5 Mirer. Notre Dame 88 56 897 177.7 Pawlawski, California 108 76 994 169 0 Grbac. Michigan 101 67 781 1593 Matthews. Florida 155 96 1,412 159 2 Sacca,Penn State 146 85 1,322 157.3 Graves, Syracuse 96 58 973 153.7 Hagan, Colorado 62 36 554 153.3 Torretta, Miami (Fie.) 131 73 1,253 152 6 Rodgenlovn 98 58 836 150.3 verduzco, Illinois 146 88 1.297 148.0 verdugo, Colorado St 136 83 1,157 147.9 RECEIVING No. Yds. CUma Gilbert, Houston 47 434 11.7 Turner, Pacific 37 597 9.2 Moore. Utah State 37 577 7.4 Walsh, Stanford 27 377 67 Primus, Colorado St 39 665 6.5 Chamberlain, Missouri 25 314 6.2 Blackwell. Tex. Christ 30 349 6.0 M. Bailey, Washington 24 397 6.0 Ursin.Tulane 35 457 5.8 Chmura, Boston College 23 308 5.7 Smith, Penn State 34 524 5.6 Rivers, Wyoming 34 466 5 6 Lesure. Ball State 34 376 5 6 Szlachdc, Bowl. Green 28 316 56 Winston. New Mexico 33 435 5.5 OFFENSE Aft Yds. Came Fresno State 324 2.279 569 7 Florida State 387 2.666 533.2 Nebraska 315 2.107 526.7 Illinois 310 2.049 512.2 Pacific 358 2,561 512.2 Miami (Fla.) 278 2,039 509.7 California 327 2,032 508.0 Notre Dame 351 2,459 491 8 Washington 309 1.956 489.0 Baylor 369 2.404 480 8 23. torn 278 1,718 429.5 RUSHING OFF. ah. va. Nebraska 229 1.534 383.5 Army 273 1,415 353.8 Air Force 371 2,020 336.7 FresnoState 214 1,220 305.0 Alabama 243 1,478 295.6 Notre Dame 257 1,468 293.6 Kansas 250 1.149 287.3 Hawaii 306 1.645 274.2 Texas A4M 219 1,062 265.6 Ohio State 226 1,037 259.3 M.Iowa 16 751 187 JJ PASSING OFF. Aft Comp. Yds, flame Houston 240 140 1.638 409.5 Miami (Fla.) 147 84 1,334 333.5 Pacific 211 123 1.628 3256 Illinois 148 88 1,297 324.3 Esst Carolina 164 93 1.534 306 8 San Jose State 152 79 1.216 304.0 Florida State 154 105 1,508 301.6 Florida 168 101 1,490 298.0 BrighamYoung 172 102 1.485 297.0 New Mexico 274 131 1.704 284.0 23. Iowa 113 67 967 241.8 DEFENSE Aft Yds, dams Clemson 254 830 207.5 Washington 260 941 235.3 FtondaState 289 1,187 237.4 North Carolina State 317 1,208 241.6 Miami (Ohio) 325 1,246 249.2 Kansas 255 1,077 269.3 TexasA&M 250 1.078 269 5 Tennessee 251 1,082 270.5 Utah 336 1,359 271.8 Wisconsin , 249 1,091 272 8 35. Iowa ... Ml 1,295 323.8 51. kMM State 341 1,718 343.1 RUSHING DEF. Aft Yd. Gam. Washington 136 176 44 0 Oklahoma ...... Ill 193 48 3 San Jose State 126 272 68 0 Florida State 151 351 70.2 Clemson 153 291 72 8 Baylor 160 394 78.8 Oho State 128 330 82.5 Texas Christian 169 477 95.4 Illinois 126 383 95.8 TexasAiM 135 386 96.5 PASSING DEF. ' Aft Comp. Yds, Game North Carolina State 152 74 714 70 58 FresnoState 85 33 479 7592 Arizona State 115 49 569 76 00 Miami(Fla) 137 67 573 81.56 Texas 79 32 401 83.02 Washington 124 61 765 85.94 Oklahoma 168 82 953 86 46 Virginia 129 66 749 9009 Toiedo 117 61 622 92.78 Alabama 122 55 724 93.70 51. Iowa. 82 40 544118.90 Bad Credit OK NO DOWN PAYMENT 1987-81 Models Low Monthly Payment! 1-800-235-4487 sports machine WL BILLS vs CHIEFS HO HASSLES wsJfe" no OBiiGHTion I 4fi5rlJ rmjjipw r TONIGHT'S WINNING SUECTION 1-900-903-0444 I ! WAVELAND GOLF COURSE "Last of the Season!" imnttmumtmMm 4-Man Best Shot Shotgun Start, 11 :00 A.M. 120" per team covers entry fee and buffet lunch to follow. k (515)271-4705 See for yourself. If you're in the market for a used car, look for The Register's used auto photo pages in the Classifieds every Tuesday beginning October 8. You'll find photos and descriptions of hundreds of used cars for sale in the Des Moines area. Everything you need to help you make a wise buying decision. See for yourself what great pre-owned car deals await you every Tuesday in The Register Classifieds. , MK ws nwmts jtegijjtcr liiiiiti iHhf hiiliw-;,iiilaitiii'iiii)f,Ml CLASSIFIEDS 284-8141 Young Badgers seek to end Iowa jinx Wisconsin's 3-1 record includes a 7-6 victory over Iowa State. By RON MALY Register Staff Writer Iowa City, la. Wisconsin Coach Barry Alvarez was just as surprised with the score of the Iowa-Michigan football game as most Iowa fans. "I thought the game would go right down to the wire, just as so many Iowa-Michigan games have in the past," Alvarez said Sunday. Alvarez, an assistant coach at Iowa from 1979 to 1986, sends his young Badgers against Iowa Saturday at Madison, Wis. Wisconsin lost for the first time in four games Saturday to Ohio State, 31-16, Among the Badgers' three non-conference victims was Iowa I State, 7-6. Alvarez said he hasn't seen enough film of Iowa to make a judgment on the Hawkeyes. "We're making progress at Wisconsin, but we're so young," he said. "I'm still not pleased with how we're doing on offense. We have some limitations." Wisconsin hasn't beaten Iowa since 1976. The Badgers have lost 13 games and tied one since. However, Alvarez's team played one of its better games against Iowa in a 1-10 season last year. Wisconsin led, 10-3, in the second quarter, and trailed at halftime, 12-10, before losing, 30-10. Wisconsin tight end Mike Roan, a 9econd-year freshman, is from Iowa City. Alvarez's coaching staff has a heavy Iowa flavor. Defensive coordinator Dan McCarney is a former Hawkeye player and assistant coach, and so is recruiting coordinator BernieWyatt. Jay Norvell, a volunteer assistant, played at Iowa and was an a graduate assistant there and later was on the staff at Northern Iowa. John Chadima, Alvarez's administrative assistant, is an Iowa graduate who was a student manager for the Hawkeyes from 1983-87. Scott Raridon, who played for Alvarez at Mason City (la.) High School, directs Wisconsin's strength and conditioning program. The Iowa-Michigan game the Big Ten Conference opener for both teams was close only in the first half. The Wolverines were one-point favorites. Spurred on by a touchdown with 31 seconds left in the second quarter, Michigan was clearly the dominant team in the last half. The games matched teams that prepared for the conference season I s , - $ ' V ' . I . , ''" - (mis Awni CHARLES SCHLOSSERTHE REGISTER Chris Pedersen of Iowa State throws a pass past a hoping that the Cyclones' week off will allow the charging Proctor Land of Oklahoma. Pedersen is team's quarterback controversy to simmer down. The Week Ahead Iowa, ISU, IM IOWA (3-1) Opponent Wisconsin (3-1). Whenwhere: 1.05 p.m. Saturday, Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, Wis. Television: ESPN, possibly. If ESPN does the telecast, kickoff would be at 11:35 a.m. A decision is expected today. Iowa update: The team needs to recover quickly after losing its Big Ten Conference opener to Michigan, 43-24. "Everything that could go wrong went wrong for us," Hawkeyes Coach Hayden Fry said. Iowa blew an 18-7 lead. Michigan went in front, 19-18, with 31 seconds left in the first half, and controlled the last two periods. For the first time all season, the Hawkeyes had defensive shortcomings. Michigan rushed for 371 yards, led by 168 from freshman Jesse Johnson. Iowa hadn't given up a touchdown on the ground all season until Michigan got two. Iowa had 77 yards on the ground. Tailback Mike Saunders was injured after carrying 1 1 times for 26 yards in the first half. His replacement, Marvin "Scooter" Lampldn, was the team's rushing leader with 35 yards in five tries. Matt Rodgers completed 1 1 straight passes in the first half, and ended with 26 completions in 42 tries for 275 yards and one touchdown. Iowa Injury update: Saunders was believed to have a rib injury. Wisconsin update: After beating Western Illinois, Iowa State and Eastern Michigan, the Badgers lost their Big Ten opener Saturday to Ohio State, 31-16. Wisconsin had only 28 yards rushing. Through the first 3Vi quarters, the Badgers had 95 yards of offense. But they did finish with 200 yards passing. "The score probably should have been 17-2," Wisconsin Coach Barry Alvarez said. "Both teams scored some late touchdowns." RonMaly NORTHERN IOWA (4-1) This week: Illinois State (4-1) Whenwhere: 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Hancock Stadium, Normal, 111. Television: None. Northern Iowa update: "This (game against Illinois State) is one of those games where statistics and how you play doesn't mean anything," Northern Iowa Coach Terry Allen said Sunday, a day after his team's 56-6 victory against Morgan State. "The only thing important in this one is the win and the loss." Ninth-ranked Northern Iowa (4-1), the preseason favorite in the Gateway Conference, needs a victory at Hancock Stadium to figure into the league race. Two victories by a combined margin of 92-20 have eased the pain of a 21-20 loss at Southern Illinois three weeks ago. "It's not a must-win situation as far as the league is concerned, if you're looking down the road," Allen said. "But I think it's a very important game for us as far as the nature of our team. "We've proven that we can go on the road and win. Now let's see if we can go on the road in the conference and win." Both teams have a balanced offense and a strong defense, especially against the run. Northern Iowa is giving up 80 rushing yards per game, while Illinois State is allowing nearly 129 yards. Allen said he expects a low-scoring game. "This is one of those if you come out of there with a 2-0 victory you feel great .about it," Allen said. "We just have to do whatever it takes to win the football game. If we need to quarterback sneak it the whole second half to win, we'll do that." s Northern Iowa linebacker William Freeney said the Panthers will be as stingy against Illinois State as it was against Morgan State, which had 56 total yards. "We'll be just as tough against Illinois State," Freeney said. "We'll shut them out." Northern Iowa's offense has benefited from its defense in the last three games. The Panthers have converted turnovers into points six of the last eight times. "That's one thing about our defense. We can, and will, create turnovers," Freeney said. Northern Iowa injuries: Allen said offensive guard Chad Monson, who snaps on punts, is doubtful because of a strained knee. Allen also said guard Pat Williams is questionable with a sprained ankle. Linebacker Peter Bums (knee) should be ready to play, Allen said. Illinois State update: The Redbirds evened their Gateway Conference record at 1-1 Saturday with a 6-3 victory against Indiana State. Cameron Bair's 33-yard field goal with 2 seconds remaining was the difference. Illinois State posted its second consecutive 5-6 record under Coach Jim Heacock last season. Fullback Toby Davis leads the Gateway Conference in rushing with 672 yards and five touchdowns. He set a league record three weeks ago, rushing for 255 yards against Southeast Missouri State. Adrian Wilson has completed 58 percent of his passes for 758 yards and four touchdowns. Clarence Miller has caught 25 passes for 343 yards and two touchdowns, Dan McCool IOWA STATE (2-3) Opponent: Idle; at Kansas (3-1) Oct. 19 Iowa State update: There has been one constant throughout a disappointing 2-3 season the defense. Coach Jim Walden complimented that aspect of his team just like he has the four previous weeks after Oklahoma remained unbeaten with a 29-8 victory at Cyclone Stadium Saturday. "I didn't sense Oklahoma was pounding us," Walden said. "For the most part, I'd say the defense has played pretty well all season." The defense has allowed seven or fewer points in 16 of 20 quarters and Mark DouBrava's interception in the first quarter was the unit's sixth of the season, twice the total of the 1990 team. "We've been playing well," DouBrava said. "It's not just one person; it's the entire unit." Walden only wishes he could speak as glowingly about the offense. The eight points came on two Ty Stewart field goals and a safety. It's the second time in three games the Cyclones have not scored a touchdown, the other being in a 7-6 loss at Wisconsin on Sept. 2 1 . "The thing you have to remember is that we're trying to be a good football team, but we're playing top (25) teams. It's a challenge," Walden said. Oklahoma is No. 6 and Iowa is No. 17 in the poll released Sunday. Iowa beat Iowa State, 29-10, on Sept. 14. Walden said the practice routine won't be altered this week despite the lack of an opponent. "We'll practice, we just won't practice as hard in terms of contact," Walden said. "We need a lot of practice. We're missing too many opportunities to score. When we get this worked out, we've got an awful good football team because we are not having problems with our defense." Iowa State injury update: Quarterback Bob Utter left Saturday's game in the second quarter with a sore jaw, injured shoulder, sprained ankle and sprained toes. "He probably felt like every bone In his body was broken," Walden said. "But I would be surprised if he's not ready for the Kansas game." Tailback Sherman Williams, who has been out because of a sprained ankle, played for the first time since the Iowa game. Kansas update: Virginia handed Kansas its first loss, 31-19, Saturday. The Jayhawks led at halftime, 13-10, but Virginia turned three second-half turnovers into scores. Kansas, which has defeated Toledo, Tulsa and New Mexico State, plays at Kansas State Saturday. Randy Peterson in vastly different ways. Iowa had easy victories against Hawaii, 53-10; Iowa State, 29-10, and Northern Illinois, 68-7. Michigan beat Boston College, 35-13, and Notre Dame, 24 -14, before losing to No. 1-ranked Florida State, 51-31. "We wore Iowa's players down, and frustrated them," said Greg Skrepenak, Michigan's 6-foot 8-inch, 325-pound offensive tackle. Some fans in the sellout crowd of 70,220 at Kinnick Stadium became so upset late in the game that they booed Coach Hayden Fry. They were unhappy that he sent in punter Jim Hujsak with Iowa trailing, 36-24, and 2V4 minutes to play. "There wasn't any need, after throwing three incomplete passes, to throw on fourth down and give Michigan an easy touchdown," Fry said. Questions are frustrating to Pedersen ISU Continuedfrom Page IS out the state. Contrary to what some may think, his relationship with Walden hasn't changed since the two met when Pedersen was a senior at Ankeny High School, his relationship with Utter is the same as it was when they met last year, and yes, he said, he will try to steer recruits to Iowa State after he has finished college. Walden said he has received letters that have been critical of his decision to use a two-quarterback system. Pedersen said he has received letters of support. Pedersen's supporters have gone public with letters to newspapers and on radio talk-shows. "I've gotten lots of support," he said. "I appreciate that. Those people have good intentions; they want to see me do well. But they're not sitting in the film room and seeing what I'm seeing. From a fan's perspective, some of the things I do may have looked like someone else's fault. "But if you break it down in the film room, you can see that if I had made some improvements, positive things could have happened. When I don't get those things done, I have a right to be benched." Whether it be Walden, the assistant coaches or Utter, Pedersen wants it known that he has no animosity toward anyone. "I think there are a lot of people who think that I'm mad at Coach Walden, but I have no qualms about what happened," Pedersen said. "I've never said anything bad about the coaching staff or anyone. Because I played bad, I deserved not to play." Pedersen said the situation was possibly "blown out of proportion" because he is an Iowan. He said he often wonders if the public attention would have been the same if he had come from Florida or California. "He has a tough job to do," Pedersen said of his coach. 'If he keeps me in there, people are going to get mad at him because he's not playing Bobby, then if they do play Bobby they're going to get mad because they're not playing me." APT0P25 (First-plac vote, record, points, previous ranking) 1. Florida State (58) (M) 1,498 1 2. Mlami(F!.)(l)(40) 1,416 2 3. Washington (1)(M) 1,404 3 4. Tennessee (4-0) 1,298 4 5. Mkigan(3-l) 1,213 7 6. Oklahoma (4-0) 1,208 5 7. Notre Dame (4-1) 1,129 8 8. Baytor(W 1,083 11 9. Perm State (5-1) 991 12 10. Florida (4-1) 895 13 11.0WoState(4-0) 860 14 12. Pittsburgh (W) 692 17 13. California (4-0) 689 18 14. Nebraska (3-1) 687 15 15. Syracuse (4-1) 653 10 16. North Carolina State (5-0) 638 19 17. low. (3-1) 607 8 18. Clamson(3-l) , 679 6 19. Alabama (4-1) 439 20 20. Illinois (3-1) 372 22 21. TexasAlM(3-l) 303 23 22. Georgia (4-1) 287 - 23. Mississippi (5-1) 112 24. Auburn (3-2) 105 16 25. Co(orado(2-2) 92 25 OthmraoaMntetsa Arliona State 74, Mississippi State 30, Fresno State 24, Southern Mississippi 23. H Force 19, East Carolina 16, Missouri 12, North Carolina 12, UCLA 11, Georgia Tech 8, Indiana 7, Rutgers 4 Southern California 4. Texas Christian 3. Virginia 2, Wisconsin 1. COACHES' TOP 25 (First-place votes, record, points, previous ranking) 1. Florid State(55)(M) 1,468 1 2. Miami, Fla. (3) (40) 1,405 2 3. Washington(l)f0) 1,370 3 4. Tennessee (40) 1,276 4 5. Oklahoma (40) 1,203 6 6. Michigan (3-1) 1,108 9 7. Bayfor(M) 1,036 JO 8. Notre Dame (4-1) 1,022 8 9. Penn State (5-1) 976 12 10. Flortda(4-l) 877 13 11. Ohio State (40) 821 14 12. Pittsburgh (5-0) 728 15 13. Nebraska (3-1) 679 16 14. North Carolina State (5-0) 627 18 15. Clemson (3-1) 602 5 16. California (40) 592 19 17. knai (M) 878 y 18. Syracuse (41) 539 u 19. Alabama (41) 485 20 20. Illinois (3-1) 403 21 21. TexasA It M(3-l) 323 22 22. Georgia (41) 191 23. Mississippi (5-1) 120 24. Auburn (3-2) 114 17 25. Colorado (2-2) 109 25 Others raoeMng votes Fresno State 96, Ariiona State 72, UCLA 60, Georgia Tech 44, Southern CaWornla 41. Southern Mississippi 41 , Texas Christian 32, Brigham Vourn 23, Air Force 21 . Mississippi State 2 1 . North Carolina 20, Virginia 16. Wisconsin 14. Texas 14, East Carolina 13, Wyoming 12, West Virginia 7, RlceC. Indiana 6. Vfgrv kt Tech 4, San Jose State 3. San Diego State 3, Stanford 2. Missouri 2. Rutgers 2, Oregon 1, South Carotene 1

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