The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1939
Page 4
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?IiikMr\ ^.4'yViBw.Hjim^ Sue Doris Ray Bobjns ..". Margaret Jsnc Acton . Vera- EUuibtlh ««nlrlch Georgia Cox Sen* Trumble M»ric Abraham ... UUlo Mae Hidden ,.., Aycuck Winning Contestant To Be Awarded New STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS li»(«rt mui* be considered (cntallve » s (hey r othcr iil nnlv vo « ', l»ve .'B,72,'(,000 Voles- 9,538,000 Voles •• .,'.9,449,009 9,217,000 1,092,000 2,'8«8,000 799,000 351,000 35,000 DOUBLE VOTES ALL KEXT WEEK! Including This Sat. (July 15 to 22) ON ANY ITEM Watches Jewelry / Silverware Pen & Pencils Watch Repair Optical Dcpt. GUARD'S * *» 'Jewelry ami Optical Store $,000,000 •» you have this nnich monev you needn't icad (his ad. But if you haven't you will want to know about vonr great saving.s at Terry's. flour dollars go further here . . . whatever you buy. ."ARKANSAS GAS at • MISSOURI PRICKS" Standard "Esso" Products TERRY'S SERVICE STATION AUK-MO STATE LINK — :— ' I'HONF, 5-K-Xl FOLLp^VING DEALER HANDLE 's Best Flour ARKANSAS Blrdsongi Grorery, Blrdsoiig, Ark. J. C. NuiHial!}', " " 3. W. Smilh Store, DlacU Oak, Ark. J. ri. Nabrrs, Blyllicrlllc, Ark. Gus Eberrtt Store, " " Jim Williams, Gro. " " , Ltes Giflptri " " Rose Street Gro. " " Christian Grocery " " B«<lj's Grocery " " O. l>. NaBors ' " " Friendly Nook Gro. " " May's Grocery, " " Fred Caidwcll, " " C. A. \\miy Gro. " " D. A. Williams Cecil Lowe Gro. " " Liberty Cash Gro. "• " Happy Hour Gro. " " Rile Price Gro. " E. J. Speticcr Gro. " " Penny Saver Gro. " Howard Grcb Gro. Fair Deal Store, Rene George Gro. E. R. Alley Gro. Homer Fisher Gro. E. C. Parks GJO. " ' " Topes Grocery, " " Ellis Bros. Gro. " " F. M. Davis Gro. " " J. J. Johmon Gro. '* " Community Grocery " " C. Abraham Gro. " " Jolm Lum Gro. " " 'Mow lick Grocery " Mrs. T. .1. Burlc " " Jones Grorcry " " Queen & Bagvcll " McCormicl; Gro. " " I- M. JSenllcy " " E. M, BlcDonoW, Burdctle, Kooncc Grocery, So. 61 Hl- way. City. PacejWIieclcr Grocery, Cava- way, Arlc. Cliarlie Smith. " Economy" Variety Store " Vice Grocro' " » 11. K. land, Chetforrt, Aik. Mrs. W. J. Gauiloim " M. T. Byrd Koltalid's Groceri', Dccscr- vfllc, Ark. Mrs! IV N. Bonds, Double Bridges Mra.'LilUan Thrtlketi), Eto- w*h, Ark- N'»ah ,Glrd!cy , " •> Ridscway Gtoccrj', Floodway, Art. • iavenay Grorcrj', Jr. " - Crayants Groccrj, Hallston n,' Ark. tmcry Dean " >< Remember-^ These Dealers Will. Give You World's Fair Coupons With Every Purchase of Shibley's Best Flour »;irrkou Gro, Gostiell, Ark. Van Clcve Gro. " " 5J. I'. Cranford, " " K. S. Crawford, " " Ruby Potter, " " K. 1\ rinkcriiiaii " " Tlircc Wny Inn, Highway 40 Clay fll.ij* " >' .I.'.'M. 'Sppuccr, Jcrico, Ark. Wallace Miller, .loiner, Ark. Harris Grocery, Joiiesboro, Ark. Liberty Cash Gro " " Schiilpr Siorp, '• " hce's* Grocerj", " " Farrar Hros. Grn., " " .1. R, AniJreirs, " " Jolin Hcarj) Sloic, " " Marie Grocrry, " " 'Cook's Casli Gro. " " C?. V. Ford, Kclser, Ark. Frank Voutif. , " " llarrcj- Wilson, " " E. C. Cook. John " " Trov ICsy " " H. Dean " " Ciillirc.illi Kroccr.v, I.xkc City, ,1rk. Uasli Dollar Slorc, Lcscli- villc, Ark. Aaron Gru. Hlorc / " " Itoy JDHCS Gro. " " A. G. Taylor, • - •» " it. W. King, Lepanto. Ark. Portts Mcrcniiiitc Co, Lepau- (o Ark. Mrs. Clco Blockcr " " J. M. Burns*Gro. " " Mrs. K. \V. Hnll H. II. Alurphcy " " l.iirti H'cUs, Klntcr Hall Gro., I.nxor.i, Ark Gallop & l.ingslcm, " " W. J. Gnnileaux, " " Jesse' Brown, " " Martin iGroccry, HaniU, Ark. A. .U.. RaJInrd, " " Gabriel Mike, " " Savcvray. Gro. " " JaJiff Ore., R.F.O. " > Hill-Wilson. . Mario, .Ark. Jop SiJiglclon, MRrked Tree, Ark. Martin Worthy, " " Siini Walker, " " liob" & Jim, . ' " " Mrs. Gco. Granl, " " C. A. Worthy, " " Gv U. I'OH-ell " ' Ted Hcndrlx " S. n, Watson, " " Ucmpscy's Gio.. " " Midway Grocery, " " Vtcas Hcndrix " " J. S. Nichols, " George Wcslbriwk Oro., Mil- Mgaii Riilge, Ark. Hcnsley, Grocery, " " Marlon Cash Store, Marion, Ark. D. W. Gilbert, MoiicUe, Ark. Wilson Grocery, " " N'ornmn Blankciishfp '' " Jas. Klankensl^ip' ; " '/ Joe [luwlcs Store " " McKcnncy &• Tnnp " Alexander Grocery, Netlle- ton, Ark. A. Able Grocery, " n Nolcs & Son Grocery, Oscc- ob, Ark. Hale Jackson Gro., O.'W. Knight Uny Bryant, W. E. Hunt Gro., Cash & Carry, .1. N. Hill, Highway' No. 40 Mnrnlicy ,fc W'eems,. Tru- innnn, Ark. Robert Hall Grocery, Tur- rcll, Ark. .Inc East Grocery, Tyronia, Ark. Tr.iitiinells Grocery, 'I. I!. Braniiaii, 1'rjcc Qunlily, •I. W. N'linnally. Mrs. i;. Mangrimi C. G. Anderson, .West RidRe, Arkansas J. I). Ovcrbcy " O.wre Nutuially, Wiiiltoji, Ark. I'lirccll Grocery, Vaibra,' Ark. French Grocery, " " nurnliam Jfc Thompspri " anssouRi J. A. Johnson Store, Auslln- viflr, Mo. A. G. Samlcr Store, Brags City, Mn. Do Priest Gro., " " A. G. Sanders Store, Braggadocio, Mo. W. J. Purvis Store, Canada Sttileh, Mo. C. C. iMorc Store, Ciriilh, Ma Tcroy Grocery, Canithcrs- ville, Missouri. SpiMin; Market, " " Fred Brown, " " i~ K. froctor, K I. Davis Gro. " " liast Side Grocery, " " Nelson's Grocery, Martin Grocery, Hensley's Grocery, .Collier. Grocery, Tennessee Station, .M. S-. u. Market, Maiiiilns's Grocery, Sli.nv's Grocery, ClifT Jackson, M. M. Store, Kills Grocery, i La Font!'Grocery, Conmn, Missouri. Cecil Fowler Grocery, Coutci, Missouri. McCann "Grocery, " " Charlie -Ball, Highway No. 61, Ifajll, Mo. Gco. B. Wehb Gro., " " Koloflck Grocery, " " O. C. Clark Gro., " " Tomnile Ball store, '" " Rone-Rone Groc., " "' W. T. Santfers, " " A. : G. Sanders, " " J. Travis Gro., " " R. I. Gilbert store, " " I.ilcs Grocery, " " Sandy Beach Grocery, R.' F. D., Hayli, Mo. 1'rcstill's Grocery, " " I.. Berry Gro., Holland, Mo. Frcrt Kauls Grocery, Hor- ncrEvlllr!, Mo, West Side Market, Krancll, Missouri I^unljcrt Grocery, " " Goorliuan Grocery, " ." • Garner Gro. store " '" Hoss Cash Grocer), I.IHiourn, Ml&ioiiri. Jlycr, * Son, iRfdiarriVn Grocery, Jlars- (on, .Miisouri. A. T. Pikey c.rn., " " Mann Bros. Store, Inc., New Madrid, Mo. Kuth Gladncy Slorp, ' Mickic Mcrcanlilc, Tascola, Missouri. .T. A. Kellinn Slore " " • I'rank McColluni, •> " Sfgal Depnrlincnt Store, Portaj-cviUe, Mn. Shake Ray Grocery, Shake Rag. Mo. Bullock Grocery, •• "•' Johnie Market, Stcele, »Io. K. E. Frakcs Cro. " " J. R. Morgan " " J. R. Akins, R.F.D., SUele, Missouri, f^ It. '.Miiyicinl. K. y j).., Stcele .Missnuri. .f. t,. Aifatr Grocery, Town, Mo. Ttic Exchnngc Store, rtell, Mo. Red & White Store Klvins Siore, Martin Nix Grn., iiallard Grocery, Tillinaii's Grocery. Kurscss Grocery, lll^hwsy No. -fit, Warden, M<>. Swiff. Grocery, " " June Moote Grp., " " Tanner Grocery, " " Sluh War- CARTER'S Deluxe Circle New York ~ "W! Bo niglit Tharo" Porconally Elacoitcc EVERY WEKK Bo « Boo-, lor— Toll Your Frionds TOURS tx*cn.Y AS LEAVE EVERY SUNOAV-^ '95 "iflofiiyrir«" . Illinois Central R, f., N(* York Cental », ». ...... Rail tickol MeDi[ihL P s fa How Yo/lc nnd toLurn. • Ueo ol damounlAbla soAt-bod» on frains. 'E 0 !*! """"' f""'" 0 ''«"'• Wanhlnglon. •Hole! loom. p,i»alo bilh, KOI/ Yoilt •Bieiklubmd Jinnan in Dining Ca,».- •Btcakj»El» and tiinnojs in Waihinglon. •Giand IOUF ol V/ashioglon, fltoxdn- nru. Arlington. Ml. Vernon. •Broak{(isl3 and dinners in Hew Yoilt *f,V I ''ij e .' 1 n5dl ° ci| y Music Hall. World s laTrfCSI show. • Dolailod oullino oi RocVelolloi Ctnlcr fay (jiudri. • Grind r/tolor Tom of upp B j jf ftw ^ ot ^ (Collggo Locluia/J, •Tiaailor.ol passonyer aod lugrrna* •Grand Meier Tour of towar NaW fork (Collaqa Locluror). •Wow Vork "Allct DaiV" Tout by motor. (College t-cclnror) •Nighl Trip to ths Sic/; Radio City Tov/or. •Tv--o admissions to 1lio Fair. "SoiiT«- nir" Tsckels piorided. ; *T-,vo irarulers 16 Iho Fair. •Two Iransfer* [jam 1he Fnir. •OoLuxo Motor Tour of Fair Grounds with Guide. "Two walking lours O j Fail Giouodi v;ilh Guide. •Fifth Avenue shopping (our. bolvfeea depots and ho (eta. 159 Union Hotel Pcabody. Phone 8-1135 Memphis,' Tenn. Air the glamour and excitement that js synon awarded to the winner of this contest. Contrasth i' music, modern streamlined exhibits, and evervthiijj come-true for the millions of people who will see r This contest, sponsored by the Blythcville Co! firms, will run 12 weeks, with this .section apneariti'i of the contest., August 4th, the votes will foe co u nf number of votes in her possession or (o her credit York World's Fair. m Wi«i every 50c purchase you will be entitled • fcer of coupons you. may receive withonc purcha;' you make. , ... B .y {ra ding with the business men advertising will aid your favorite conlcstant in her efforts ti every J-riday. You will appreciate (he bargains ; watch the progress of the contestants. RULES OF THE' CONTEST: •1. Any single girl, within this trade-area is eligiW (laughters and employees of the business men ; 2. Girls entering (his contest must mail or' plione (or, Courier News. 3. Every coupon must have the name of the unite* '1. Coupons'may be. kept by the 'contestant or |>Jac the contest. 5. No coupons will be issued after mid-ni-hl of A ,6. Contestants keeping -j-otos in their possession r« 1 News Oftice not latci" than 5:00 P.M ThursdaJ are exccpted from this rule. It will be satis'' ' ^ votes for counting every two weeks.) • 7. All votes.must be presented at the Courier Ne!| lou may mail your votes to the Courier or brih accepted after the lime stated. }-] 8. The name of the winner will be nnnounced in i the votes are counted, and the winner requestedtl tnat arrangements for (he foiir can be made. COMFORT IS AiR-CONBlTlONED : " " :' THROUGHOUT ' : '\ " •' - .' . . \ . ; ,. . 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Meais on trai.ii, (goiss and Icnler IhTs contest, with (he exception of |tisuig here. ruime and address lo the Contest Edi- J printed plainly upon it. lilh the Contest Editor until the close of It .|th. , Iprcsont them for counting at the Courier every week. (Out-of-town contestants |pr these contestants to present their ^(icc not later than Tuesday, August 8th. -~i in personally but no votes will |je feews columns of this paper as soon aa —i to the Courier News Office in order Gralour nw",' "' % ' vlth (ra|lsfer frnra > stati ™ '« h«ld. brand tour of Washington, Alexandria, Arlington, Mt. Vcrnon. - ,^!IvT J T'? trai " Ul Jcrsc -)' CU - V ; * IK| £oes nn to New York hv hoat largest city ^^ "** "'"' * hC bea " Urul sky ' l{ ™ » f 5. Hotel accottimodations in New York. 6. Meals in New York.' . ?. Tour of National Broadcasting studios at. Radio City 9. Admission Tickets to (he World's Fair with transfers both ID. Special tours of World's Fair. 11. 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S1EAL, Full Cream OQc 21 lljs Vv . ay, Few as Good & ..... c; 24 lb 75c; -18 ib'.$l,l5; 21 C ions STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS (The llgures l|glnl jmist be ctmbliUreil tentative as they rcprWnt (he volts »i iho Courier New* Office. Naturally there w m»uy In the iiQssi'ssloii vt coiileslmits »i)rt otlitr jwrspm • which, u yet, not bi'cn lilrncci in.) Sue Hull 8,723,OW Oorls Kiiy DijliyiiJi 5 ; 83 <WW Margaret Jams Ae(i)n . Vciii BlltnlictK <i«mirleli Ocorclii Cu\ . Scim Trurnljlc Murle Abrahitin wily volt* h»V« l.ctlic iMiic Hplilcn Evelyn Ayccick . .. j,44tUW) 799,000 354,00* 35,000 CLEARANCE of SHOES WH1TES '" d AlR-STEl'S QQ M A ««U- $G—Sale Price VW.HU Paris Fashions and Jolene Shoes i4A S2.!r8 & 33.1)8—N«w ZELLNER'S SLIPPER SHOP cross From First Nail. Hank PIT BARBECUE FRESH EVERY DAY AT PICKARD'S Grocery and Market , OJKDERS TAKEN FOR ANY AMOUNT PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW! 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