The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI.YTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Work Horse 'LtFTHRW Hopes He'll Survive Unlil Some More Hurlers Can Be Uncovered BY IIAK11V GRAYRON Sports Editor, NEA Service SAUASOTA, Pla., M'arch 23.— Robert Moses Grove was celebrating his 38th birthday at the Sara- tola ball pork . . . showing more pepper Uiim any other member ol the Boston fled Sox. "Wonder If old Lefty will hold up until 1 get. another pitcher?" cracked Uie lautcrn-jawed Cronin. Now the pitching situation ot the affluent Red' Sox isn't quite us bad as that, but it most certainly isn't any loo promising. Cronin increased the power of Ills club by the acquisition of Joe Vosnilk, who should liave one of his greatest years with that friendly left field K-nll at Fenway Park. What Cronin appears to have ] succeeded In doing lr> talking much' of the satisfied feeling out of a number of his ,hit;h-priced athletes. Cronin Is no longer a boy manager, and realizes that finishing In the second division isn't doing the reputation lie established hi Washington any good. Neither Is being- shipped Around aiding the cause of a superlative player like Ben Chapman. Croiiln reminds the fleet Alabaman of this fact . . . points out. that the New York Yankees and the Nationals gave up on him. Worse Than Jesse James Like Ty Cobb. Chapman can destroy defenses by running the bases. He started to run again last, year, when he led the American League in stolen bases for the fourth time in eight years with 35. He swiped 01 bases for the Yankees in 1931, and threatens to stir up plenty ot (rouble this trip. Generosity and being n good fellow having failed to get him anywhere, Ihe fabulously wealth Tom Yawkey has tightened up all the] way along the line. His handling of the Boob McNair holdout was the last illustration ot this. The New York capitalist spent $1.500,000 for athletes before lie was convinced that he couldn't buy a pennant. There will be no more fantastic purchases from Connie Mack or anybody else—that is, not unless some outfit wants to dispose of a first-rate catcher. pitching, that Is what the Red Sox need most. The veteran Gene De'sautels will have to do in the meantime. With Roger Cramer, -Vostnik. Jimmy ftetx. Pinky Higgins, Clrap- man, and himself hitting as they should, Cronin figures that he can play a catcher who hits .243 and young Bobby Doerr at second base. Cronin believes that Doerr absorbed a lot of American League knowledge in the dugout last term, and is to string along with the Californlan at the outset, wilh McNair in reserve. Jimmy Still Bells 'Em Foxx, who experienced the worst batting year of his career In 1937, reported early and at weight. Someone had just complained about the American League ball being as bean-baggy ns the National, when the Sudlersville slugger busted one 450 feet over the left Held fence. Cronin says thai Jack Wilson's fireball would have accounted for more than 16 victories in 1937 had not the Jiusky Oregonian so frequently taken his turn ns a relief worker. Wilson perspired in one- third of the club's engagements Johnny Marcum definitely is a disappointment. Neither Jim Henry, who won U for Minneapolis last season, nor Ted Olson is likely to make it, but a surgeon cut the trouble from Fritz Ostermiieller's arm, and the farms have sent up three youths who seem to have a good chance. One of these is Jim Bagby, Jr. son of the Old Sarge, who copped 31 games for the Cleveland world champions in 1920. Taller and rangier than the old man, the newest edition of Bagby moves like n veteran and grabbed 21 decisions for Hazleton last year. Charley Wagner) a dapper little Maunder Joe Cronin of the Red Km Is keeping his fingers crossed Ihcsc days, hoping that elongated Jim Bagby, Jr., .son of the old- time Cleveland Indian mound star, will make Hie grade In the big- tlinr- nils year. Cronin needs pitchers In the wont way. and thinks Ilayby has better than an even chance of .sticking. Jim was n slitr in the Pennsylvania State League last .season WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 1038 KlfrlC Ml F W WAHDKOBE The Palace Cafe iind Johns 1 confectionery, two of the up : ;er division tennis In ihc City Kowli'ij Itasiic. will miipt. In the Jcatinv elush of lonlghr.s mate-lies tt Sud- bin-ys I'tiiyhonsc. in anolh-r gam • Hr. PtDper' will nlny Hnbb ihu-ilKiire eoinpany. J : rlday jji^Jit Kic Ifngiie [:n-.!lnj Tiny Ssrvice- Nation Irani v .i ] mec-i Hudson 'J'ailor -hoj) |[ lioii. I'liiid-al llomi- v.lll lake on Arhun- •IS-MIH.-OIII-I I'owe'i- coriioi-suion. loo's Oiict-y l)<i«r Brings Oni Pod fn j\I(•!•(• CLEVELAND. Mircll ai..-;iido,. D.ivlil Cojiciimil Mild «1J was <.-OMH< —!n the d.ima-]p suit a-almt in- Vostnil:. IJ1snil>atii'{ l./indlurd Joseph I'tuuf- rndii's ?%() .siui iod;iy «-'iilnst il!e Huston n«:l H')x oi:lfi..!:ln-, in wliich Kuufnian clainictl Vosmik's dn a did his riij Hun aiiionni »f dama-c ludvo Coin-land wroto; "Mathlnlis that di^ that Joe (Jrjt!) >wn . "DOPS wore than ?n:iv.' iinon a Ijonp." HP nnnoiiiicr<| tlip suit ;vn.s si-l tle<l out of coiiri. wound up will, 'So Joe |>aicl .Joe and let's play "Dismissed and sctllcd once foi all." Australia Itatllo Minded CANBERRA, Australia (UP) _ j With n imputation 'of only 6,000| CHO, there are now 1,000,000 radio i si'ls in Australia. Tills mrans onu In 02 per ceni of the linim-s. right-hander, won 20 games for Minneapolis, and Emerson Dlek- inan looked after 10 for Little Rock, which participated In the Dixie series. Byron Humphrey won IB mid Dick Mldklll 13 for Little Rock. Lee Rogers also won 13 for Little Rock, hut the Alabama soulhpaw hasn't progressed to the extent expected of n pitcher who has been sent out for three campaigns. Archie McKnln Is a spot left-hander. The erudite Moc Berg and Jack Peacock, who lilt .311 for Minneapolis, will assist Desautcls wilh Ihc cntcblng. Fabian OalTkc and Leo Noniien- kamp, ivlio hit .332 for Little Rock, lire the surplus outfielders. Ted Williams, a potential Bnbe Ruth from the San Diego Coasters, Is just a baby who requires considerably more nursing. There Is a better fcelltnj now Hint. Yavy£ey:)fas piit'the club on Its 'own. They're the Red Sox again . . . and never again will be the Gold Sox ... not with the Yawkey bankroll at, least. District Junior Meet To Be Held At Paragould Members of the district junior high track and literary meet committee, who recently met In Para- BOiild to complete plans for Ihe district event, have announced that It will be held April a and g In Ptirngould. Blythcvlllc students who for Ihc past two years have won ihe literary sweepstakes, have begun concentrated preparation in an effort to repeat. Contest preliminaries will be held in about two weeks. The field track meet will be held April 8 followed that night by the opening event of the literary meet, 11:e one act plays. The following musical and literary events will take place on April 9: Piano, girls' chorus, girl's voice, toy's voice boys' chorus, violin. £ir)''s rending! boy's declamation, history, spelling, English and ornl composition. Miss Monta. Hughes will sponsor the history and boy's declamation: Miss Laura Campbell, spelling; Miss Dora Ccppcdge, the one-act, play and English; and Miss Charles Jones, oral composition and reading. Chicken on Tobacco Diet CORSICANA, Tex. (UP) _ East Texas chickens are chewing tobacco —for their health. Mrs. Ruth Mitchell, Farm Security Aflininistra- lion home supervisor, said that tobacco pills the size of n larw English pea are being given hens each morning as a cure for blue bugs. BY IIAKKY RltAYKON Sports Killlor, NliA Service TAMPA, March 23. — Dill Mc- Kcchnie reveals for the first, time that he was offered the inaimge- mcnl of the Chicago Cubs by Philip K. Wrlglcy during the world series last fall. This causes the pilot of the Cincinnati Reds lo suspect, that. Charley Grimm will be relieved of (lie field directorship of the Bruins at the club's first definite slip this .season. While he has an idea Tony Lm- zerl would have Ihe inside track under such circumstances, it wouldn't surprise McKcchnlc if Wrigley brought In a nimi from the oulslde. ft Is presumed by many that La/ueri had some sort of uu understanding when lie asked (lie New York Yankees for his release to go to the Cubs as a coach and reserve iiilielder. McKcchnle chose the Reds lu- stend of Ihe Cute because he dirt not care lo serve under Wrigley, who conducts his nn.seball club as he does his yum business. Nor did lie care to BO along with those he culls "yes" men around Wrigley. lie indicates that he either did not cnre to clean Ihcm out or suspected that lie could not. McKcchnle preferred lo be with Warren Giles, under whom he served wilh ihc Si. I/iiiis cnrrtl- imls 1 Rochester subsidiary In 1929. I'linly of lin-nitivf Giles coaxed him away from the Boston Bees wilh a two-year L-OII- (racL aL S22.000. He virtually is assured S30.000 this trip, for 'he gel.s a $5000 bonus if tile-Reds finish in the first division or draw as well nt home as they did in puffing in last I', 1 , 1937 .' "' !l ™ "'«' l> ln y«l to some" 'ng in the neighborhood of -150.- paid admissions in the Rhineland. "Like his father before him, Mr. Wrlgley wants the Cubs lo win," says McKeclinle. "He doesn't care about having (hem finish .second. He won't be satisfied until they're out in front by 10 gainc.s-. "Mr. Wrigley is in no sense a ta.sotali ninn. but he held (he same exaggerated opinion O f the Cubs as n lot of baseball men. "I may have changed his opinion, f nt least told him the truth. "The Cubs' weakness is where miiny suspect their strength lies- pitching. Only two of Iheir pitchers ever won 20 games, and one of them, Charley Root, was most ef- fcctlve 11 years ngo. The' other. Hill Lcc, won H while losing 15 last, season." A'<>:Kcciin!c also discloses that Hill Terry of the New York Giants fears the Cubs more than Ihc Cardinals or PltUibiirgh Pirates. lie hopes lo use this to auvan- luue in making n deal with Terry Involving the Inrgi; Cincinnati catcher. Ernie Lombard!. He doesn't, like LombimllVi handling of pitchers. • * * lllll Would Like Berber The Polo Grounder sought, by McKcchnle Is Wally Bcrger, who starred in center field for him nt Boston, lie explains lhat Bergcr won't hit for the Giants unless he is used regularly, and Terry contemplates employing- Hank Leiber In center field. "Only the Cubs showed interest when I let National League clubs know that Lombard! was on the market." asserts McKeclmlo, "and when Terry heard that. Lombnrdi's batting power might go to Chicago, he urged me lo hold up the transaction. I'm simply wailing to get n regular player for a regular. player." Getting bncK to the management of the Cubs, Wrigley made it clear to McKi'chnic that he never again would give the post lo n player from the rnnks. Wrigley is very fond of Grimm, however, and McKcchnic believe:! thai the Cub proprietor would make n place in the organic-moil for him, although he doubl.s tliat the old first baseman would be interested in anytlimg that would lake him away frq'm the playing field. * Is $S5C in Onions ALBANY, N. Y. I UP) — Theft of 531 bags of onions valued at $5%.65 was reported lo Albany police. The onions, the compliant charged, were stolen from a trailer-truck parked in the business district, Special Introductory Offer To Acquaint You With Our New Polly Gas 74 Octane With the purchase of 7 or more f%/l gallons of this new Gasoline flnC A 2 Gallon Can of Hi-Grade V V ** Motor Oil For Ashlnnd. Neb., lias been In three different counties during Us history: Green, Culhoun, and Savin- ders. 21 HOUR FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Only Authorized Sen-Ire In Mississippi County Commercial or Residence Jobs Phone 67. E. B. Gee Sales Co. K. H. Gee, Stgr. 109 S. Second St. SAVEON GAS CO. Holland, Mo. Highway fit Approximately 101,000 dry oil veils have been drilled in' the United States. Canada Makes Inroads On British Egg Market LONDON (UP)—Canada Is mnk- ina H successful bid lo capture a l.'.irl of the British market, for cgys. Denmark [or nuuiy years lias supplied the London market with the majority of imiiortcd eggs. Now. it is revealed, the small- stale shipments of Canadian eggs, wtiicli have been carried out us an experiment by the Canadian Department of Agriculture and various Canadian cooperative organi- sations, have prove:! so successful ;that the supply does not come up lo Ihe demand. Rrad Courier News Want Ads Letters testamentary on the Estate of Otto Braducrry, deceased were granted to the undersigned on the 14th day of January. 1938 by the Probate Court of the Oiicknsawba District, of Mississippi County, Arkansas. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit tliem properly authenticated for allowance to the undersigned as executrix of said estate before the end of one year from Uie (late of the yrantint; of the letters execiiioisliip tipon said estate, and if such claims be not so wracntcd they will be forever barred. MATTIB BRADBERRY, Executrix of the Will ot Otto Bradberry, Deceased Reid & Evi-ard. Attys. 'lC-23-2-9-16-23 The {ace »E MlCIUIil. BAHTI.fiTT tit [jet a Command I'trfortn- nilsomt Ij'rii- icnor of open, sl.igc anil screen, litiusrs in llic \\c\\- snr- rrsii, "Three \\' features indicating a gifted personality Ilrom wtll developed, bill the growdj is apt lo have a rather uneven ap- pearmcc. Fljr« <lef(t-set anJ of almost transparent rlnity. Nojf thin, long, To entertain guests royally -to treat them like kings... give them "double-rich "drinks made out of the "double-rich" Kentucky straight Bourbon! LINDELL AT GRAND Vernon Kennedy wore a Chicago While Sox uniform last ! season, bin alter fiKuritij; j n the [ most-talked-about swap of the j winter trading season he reported to spring (raining camp in the livery of a Detroit Tiger. HP is .shoiv;} above at Lakeland, Fin., preparing to make j Uc-ngal fans forget about Uie loss of Ci-c Walker. i A GOOD PLACE TO GET YOUR SasandOi! And have Your Car Tested Free For BRAKES LIGHTS BATTERY WHEEL ALIGNMENT GENUINE Ford Parts PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. MIi & Walnut Phone 810 GREATEST TIRE VALUE Extra rnliw. in the form of c.rir<t sttfcty is built into FIRESTONE STANDARD TIKES. Extra value lluil ordinarily CO9 | 9 You morc ,] nll Firestone ran build this first-quality tire of top grade materials and sell it lor less money, because Firestone controls cotton anil rubber supplies at their sources, manufactures with greater efficiency and distributes nt lower cost. Look at these extra value, safely features. PROTECTION AGAINST BLOWOUTS— because by tlie Firestone patented Ciiii)-I)i|)[)ing prnrcsa diiiigerous internal friction mid heat tliut ordinarily riitise blowouts uro ronnlcrarted. PROTECTION AGAINST PUNCTURES— because under the tread are tiro cxlra layers of Gum-Dipped cords. PROTECTION AGAINST SKIDD.'NG— because the' tread is BficutificaVfy dcsi"ncc(. Tir«$font STANDARD _JW I'asscngtr Can 4.-IO-21 •1.50-20 4.75-19 5.00-19 5.25-17 5.50-17 C.00-16 6.50-16 • • S8.55 • • 9.15 •• 9.75 • - 10.55 • • 11.10 • • 12.55 • • 14.15 17.4O OllicrSi ' ' CAMPAIGN TODAY! U,ten to Ihc f'oi'ce of Firttlone f eatu rl,,g Richard Crnofc, nnd Marg Speak,, Monfay cicninSJ «fcr q ftVJonrrlrfc JY.D.C, K(J ficii PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. COl'R. 1938, SCIIENJ.EY WSTRlliUTORs, INC. N. Fifth & Wahnit 8in

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