The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1936
Page 6
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If AGE Webb, p 0 0 0 0 C Burres, p 3 0 ff 1 3 ft.D. Hughes Victim of >» CeJIan'les; South paw ;vRookie Tames Electrics By J. P. FRIEND fEas* Arkansas Builders Supply siapped a six-game losing streak !•}> defeating R. D. Hughes Co.. 1-4. ij eight Innings, last night In the first-game of a Commercial Soft- JUl League double-header. Robin- ten Drug hammered U'o Ark-Mo Poivcr pltrters and easily trimmed Jjie Poweiiiouse gang, 17-3, In tlie fiightcap. ~ Robert Baxter, erstwhile Ark -Mo first sacker who was sold to the .Builders enrllcr In (tie season, and <Aubrcy Burres, stout hearted soulh- *paw, combined their eltorls lo fea- Jure t'ne Lumberjack victory. The *all, peppery redhead celebrated his return from Mississippi Stale by clouting a long home run to ccn- terfield with two mntes aboard for the winning marein. He also collected a single his first time up , After Clarence Webb had Issued <Ercc bases on balls' In the flrsl Inning, forcing In a run, ,'Hurrw went to file mound and stoup:d -the rally cold .without further damage: He held the Clothiers to four hits the remainder of the way and would have not been scored on except for oiilfleld errors. Builders Score Early .The Builders lost no time In pel- tlrij to Talmadge Hucy, Hughes woathpaw. Consecutive hits by Wll- jton, Moore, Hayes, Baxter and S ^Vright, with Dick Burjis* wild enve to the plate trying to nab *ud, netted four runs In the first. •Tie mile lefthander setiled down, Tiowever, and permitted no more Snemy scores until Baxter's wlii- *h>5 smash. 3 Hughes pulled to within one run *i the fourth. A two base error my Russell Farr on Keginntd's tow- |rlng fly started it.. Reginald ad- Janced on a_ wild 'pltih and cuiiie Some as Wright was throwing out •fsickson. Wright also tossed out JWey which .would have retired the ade, but Normnn Bunch came tb'rii .with a lusty home rim down the left field foul line. DJsplle a quick-thinking-double play by Hayes, Hughes tied the score in the seventh, nuey and N. ch singled fn order. Hayes WIdher's roller, tagged Hue)- iud. threw .to Moore iu lime to "J»tch Bunch. Humphries lifted nn 1|S5y" fly to caudle, Wldner sprlnl- OBg.; home : when the right fielder •«*»fij>e<i the, ball. ^r' Ba\te"r Comes Through opened. Jhe, eighth- xylth o uroore-lrned" la' second. ifcyes was -safe when c. Bunch JBmlcd his; skinner. Baxter fol- To^eA with his blow and complcl- edrftliD circuit, to get credit for ri jhome run, though only one run wn" ^tessary to win. 'Clyde Wilson 'and Harold Wright nlrihut«r fielding bHlllancy In Uctory, each handling sh- ccs faultlessly. Norman Bunch . outstanding for Hughes. It took Robinson Drug but one ,arjd one third Innings- to 'Hammer oouns Tommy Warrlnglon frorr 'the mound. v Eddie sallba, his successor, was treated just «., ,ly carl Ganske hurled the final •round and was not scored on The league leaders collected 21 hits in all.; including n triple by Dick Pot™ "P d a homc rlm b >' "Rooster" jWarrhigton. Incidentally, rh e c lr- r qult clout came off his youngci ,brother and hastened his depart- Crowe ' Marsl i"l "Hack,' Warrl "gt«». and Thy. the attack with three hits Totals ,. 35 1 12 24 10 Score by Innings: ' B. D.. Hughes .... 100 500 10-4 East Arkansas .... 400 000 03—7 Summary: Errors—D. Burns, Whittle, c. Bunch, Humphries, Caudle, Parr. Runs batted in—Jackson, N. Bunch, Humphries, Hayes, Baxter (3) Wrlg'ot. Earned runs—East Arkansas 5; Hughes 0. Home rain —N. Bunch, Baxter. Case on balls- off Webb 3. Strikeouts—Iliicy 1 One hit, i run off fycbb In no Inning <none Out In first, three on). Winning pitcher— Burres, Umpires —Browning and IJrooks, Sffom! Game BtYTBBVtLLE. (ARK.) COURIER T "Hook, Line • And Sinker" liy SFN This Is not ft flsh story, but It concerns n 'well known local fisherman, which is enough lo Justify 5 1 Robinson Drug Crowe, ss HlncJeard, sf Potter, 2b-lf U Warrington, 3b Rodery, cf „ v Johnson, lb 4 i B. p. Brogdon, K-2b 6 1 Tnylor, rf 4 2 Brooks, c 4 3 Copelnnd,. p AI3 R TI PO A 5232 4332 5233 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 1 3 0 1 C 2202 Ark-M 0 Power C. Brogdon, If T H. Taylor, 2b-ss .... 4 Puckett, st 3 40 n 21 21 8 Al) R II PDA 4 I 0 , hcatham, lb .. rry, ss-3b , . . nske, cf-p ... ohns, 3b ...... Burns, 3b-sa-2b --.-..... — u u iDAW Wurrlngton out for interfer- c; Rotlcry lilt by batted ball. >core i>y Innings: Robinson Drug ... 081 lie 0—17 k-Mo Power .... 001 002 0—3 Summary: Errors—L. Wnrrlng- on, Tavlo'r (2), c. Brogdon. cheal- lam (2). Terrj- 12}, Bums, Johns 2). Runs ailed m_crowe (4) lackard (2), Potter (3), L. Wnr- ington (4), Taylor, Brooks, Cope- and (2), Puckett. (Burns <2> hree base hit-Potter. Home run 1 -' Wnrrlngton. Base on balls- unc Jgok -- 'Pan Makes Debut .-.Kenneth Copsland made hi «»ue deb debut on the mound i ~ — ;on and did a flne job De- «>lte the big lead he. did not ease yp but bora down all the way allowing but six safeties. "Wimpy Burns and Ace Puckett garnered .wo hits apiece. *! Ark-Mo's defense, usually of the Jlrst order, cracked badly and ' " <ed to swell fne score. '_^The box scores: First Game -•±™»Js .,...* 30 4 $ 2x i ..i out.when winning mn scored •mierfcr* ?OT A wilson, S f.::::;;;;; 42 Moore, 2b /" ^ ! Baxter, lb , , 1 tr-tr. '. ^ ^ 2 6 2 l 2 3 , ..... . Ch«m on ,lt ......... o >arr, jf-rf ..... 2 o • » 0 0 Hutchlns, rf-lf .,'.'.',' 301? Johnson, c 3 ~—~ . —— Before You Bay Any Outboard - See (he r NEPTUNE • • 2 H. P. '1 Single Cyt (Other SUea to 16 H. P.) HUBBARD TIRE & BATTERY CO. 3 3 2 0 1 0 3 2 1 1 spccled, Made of strips, wllh plenty of beam to make It steady, Ear) Diijnoii may some day become known as Ihe cockroach king. He runs n string of Bonie Ihlity traps and fills orders of from 50 lo UOO roaches without j any trouble, lie has supplied nsli- icrinei] v/llh thousands of roaches 1 Ihls season. The market price on roaches this spring has been 50c —„-. - l>cr hundred, and the deitmnd has j^vumjiiis In this column. For lls^ccii heavy, "la. Ciicararim" 1ms verir.uillon we must depend upon become something more By Harry Graysoo r ' Nf ' W YORK - J " ne 3.—Wild nil! Mclllllorl> cnlls Bolf n game of More bunk Is spilled by golf vuu:,ui!ioii we must depend u\m\ ueccme something more than a "i»iieu uy (. O lf Jlmnile Cohen, who told us. Sonic- Spanish song mid a household " lcollsls on thc subject of so- llmc over u year ago Cohen' called correct technique Iban Is Hres, rl .... Mlerow, c .......... . Warrington, p ... o iallba, p-cf , Tot , b l! s ', .......... 20 - ,. year ago Cohen brought home a bl? «i(;le, captured In the l!l(j Ukc swamps with ft broken wing. Cohen erected a sullable cage In bfc> yard and in lime Ihe wing mended and the bird became a favored pel among residents of Ihe Pride subdivision. Recently Cohen decided to give Ihe eagle Its liberty. H was taken 19 Dig I,ake and released. After n leisurely balh In Ihe wilier it (lew awkwardly away. The next day deputy sheriff and ,. .,,,„..., of considerable ability, was fish- Ing on the lake when he spied an eagle In the to;i of a toll tree. Wllh visions of a magnificent mounted trophy lor the family parlor he rushed to n nearby i house and borrowed a gun. Care- 0 o ° "i (l!lly llc s'nlked the huge bird and • -jlwhcn he considered himself well " within range he "let lilm huvc it." 5 " r. should be back from the tnxi- ' dermlsl's any day ' now. Mill's nayou hns taken Ihe play nway from nil nshlng holes In this section recently. So much so thnt we don't know anyone who all other gaines : million duffers are and the list Is erowhiK dallv • Many of the cnlrSTi" wS. - i The contestants will seek cast ' prte offered for the Wack and the crap- . - l)lc caught within a 60 mile radi- i the Uniled Slates Open razen, nod Walter Hagen! 'There are only two fundamen- fnclors—control of the hands tlie moment of Impact, and muscular co-oidlnalion. The latter Jess Horner, IB oT^U^Ue tef^Tu^ ' J^ ^^llon. The lat^ irt „ sportsman The biggest bass will bring thc 1 ^''',™£^° ' C " C In''p° H',I""" 1 "' lilllv. was fish- winner a $5 cash award and „ ... / " ™ lcxcs : In B°. 1( '*• "leara 0 0 202 30020 30000 0000 10000 3 G 10x10 a $5 cash award and n (n-lxc Is lo be given for the largest crapplc.. It Is necessary that fishermen register lo be eligible for cither of the prizes. Baseball Standings Southern League Atlanta Nashville ..: Ulllc nock clinttanooga Birmingham New W. L. Pet 33 13 32 19 25 23 23 22 25 25 .711 Ml .52! .511 .500 — ., .,,,„„ ,,,,j u ,,<. „,,„ jy(,u. fjneans 91 on has been anywhere else. Most Mu £, 8e ?? ' antlers Imvp tinrl frit,- in i,,\nrl „. ... •'• IJ /J anglers hnve had fntr to good luck, hut have found the crapple temperamental and the bass inclined lo Ignore nil ball, somj big river • bream have been lakcn, too. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burns headed u party of young people on an all day picnic mid fishing trip ,..,^ ull .. there Sunday. The bunch caught Cincinnati Knoxville 20 .447 2D .396 H 35 .28U Nullnnal League St. Louis New York ... Pittsburgh ... Chicago : Boston W. L. Pet. nice sized channel en Is on Brooklyn ____ ig 97 ' -------- yn a trot lino and fried them on the Philadelphia bank. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Oztei- and Young Webster, Outer's right „ •• ...... b'v... jju^u UII onus— " ll " lumig wcusier, Utficrs right - saiiba 4; of! Copeland 3. strike- 1 lln » (l wan, accounted for their , ,~ no . nc - lHll *- B ''"a. * rims off sl ">™ of In i 1, ami bream. New Vork • , M(SI „ Too. we rccognlmd Mrs. Itcminn uns off Snliba In 4 2-3 Innings 'Graves, the former Miss Marthn p|lchcr-T. Warrington. u nker of the stuff of nurses at iln\ T*II,< in>i>ni n i _____ n.. , __ .. Umpires—^E ami Brooks. Baseball Results Southern t.eapic Blrmliiglmni 8, Memphis 7 Atlanta S, Knoxville 2 Nashville 4. Chattanooga 2 New Orleans 5, Little Rock 4 Ight game. ' the Blytheville hospital, who was fishing ivlth her party along the bank. She hooked a big one, but It got nway. nodnev Banister was pushing his boat with one imnrt and yanking QU (, crnpplc with (he oilier, no could be recognized «t n distance because "Wimpy," the fishing terrier, was perched In Die • National I.eamie Baslon 4. plltsurgli 3 New York 3, Chicago'0 St. I/juts 7, Brooklyn 3 Only gainesischeduled rciin.cajtue Boston S, Cleveland 2 rfew York 11, Chicago I Philadelphia 11,: Detroit 7 Washington 7, St. lauLs 4. Northtait Arkansas I*aruc Paragould 3. Jonesboro G Newport 7, Osceola 4. Only games scheduled. , middle of the boat. The pup . brings him luck. Bill Malln and Earl Buckley found the fishing bad until mid-afternoon but, managed to come home with a respectable string of 18 crappie. We saw Mr, anil Mrs. Fred Boyett and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Diimon bream fishing ami understand tho.t they (-might their .share. Fresh from a hospital bed, Pat O'Bryant celebrated his recovery by landing the limit of crappie, and a few big bream for good measure. Monday "Bub" Lnsliot, Herbert Browning and Carl Davis fished for bream nnd their string totaled 51, only 9 short of the three-man limit. .K. B. Lynian has relumed from " nsllin l! lr| P ia Oak Donnlck, the Cl " l> of wlllch lle ls " mei »- Gypsy \Vanls J a || ns i| oln , HAVfl Wnt itins rCx " u "' e - 6 ^" l " ui ivint;il lie IS a ineill- oefrll- ,™f;, (U . P) 7 S1 >«"T Joe Her. He bonstcil lhat he caught a .^vjr^K^su^'si^"^^^^ rea^s: a^'arsi u *Isr" r Sd L^ ,& irvs? tM ^;vrEF PB y. lo ,M children lo stay with her. boat, which he has almost completed. It's about the neatest homc II Is With Pleasure That AVe Au- .nounce the Appointment of Herman Rimer As Additional Representative of th AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO. For Blytheville and Vieinity Boston 2D 14 .674 ... 25 17 xG05 ... 22 21 .512 ... W 21 .488 ...21 24. .467 20 23 .405 .400 18 27 .400 Amerlt-an League W. L. Pet. .711 Detroit '/' 24 Washington Chicago .... Philadelphia St. 31 13 28 18 34 19 . aii!i lhal there must not be 11 tense muscle in your body when you swing. It's a matter of tetn-ucra inent, f suppose." Mi'hlliorn contends that (here Is no definite right or wrong way of doing anything In the swing provided the hands function prop- perly at Impact. This accounts for the wide difference in styles of the slnivi us regurd.i uptake, arc of swing, position at finish, etc "Uul the point Is that despite nil these superllclal varlatloAs, every great golfer ILICS his h'nnds coirectly lljroiigh the muing nrea and eaeh one lilts the ball in the same way/ 1 explains the veteran Tulssi professional. * • * IVMcly Different Slyleu a2 522 Uiliu: Same Results Seldom have there been two runners whose stride \vns similar, two pitchers whose motion was Identical, or two dancers who moved in precisely the same way. For that matter, whnt two persons walk exactly alike? Meblliorn's point k that the runners, pitchers, dancers, and walkers achieve equally effective m result.? through widely different G09 Bt > rlcs ' Provided their method is 1 sound basically and granted that thcy have athletic co-ordination. "You can place my hands in imy putt and choke oH the follow-! through. | "lievolta and Hunyan violate all copybook theory on the green, yet they are two of the ureatest putters Hint I ever saw, They use' nn* ndnutloi) of the blllaril cue tech- •' nique..It's a tap—not a Jerky Jab or slab. No matter whether you stroke your putts or lap the ball Ihe weight must be forward on the !e;t foot. That's a cardinal rule In good pulling-. "Hunyan's lunging swing seems disjointed, according to picture book standards, but 'who hits the hall any belter day In and day out? Runynn's timing Is so perfect that he can stay right »,, with tlie long hitters despite his lack of size. American golf never has seen a more consistent scorer. "There is more than one way to hit n golf ball, nnd Ihey may all be Ihe rlglii way if executed by a player with muscular co-ordination." _-_ , ^THURSDAY. JUNE 4, 1936 the West Plains, Mo., leaders were I times as. ninny automobile fntall- n-i.. , , i* •*••* ti(1 s occur at night than in tho p2£owF?T,° ?<*, TO f ovcr i'" ly tlme ' ttccori "" 13 lo Revci ™ SCni,.'..'? ,',^ J ° mSbom - S ^*V, Joh » B ;-^ 1| V- '^0 nn mm u Indians Mold Second Place; West Plains Is Idle Wednesday Oscoola dropped a game to Newport yesterday, losinu 7 i o 4 a i Newport. The Indians held to second place In the Northeast Arkansas league despite the loss wnile Wrecker Service - Gas OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 777 . gjo llAlin.Jm," J" SCS Ui N ' iBl>t "'"* " lle C[U; 1 ™ VC1S »' ^HAliRIfelSURG, Pa. (UP)-Four Jov every four In the day.* usual thing about Hits. Ihe revenue department points out Is that "only one ear travels at Top-Run ^ 1 go fot tltqt! EIGHT TIMES AS MANY BUYERS SAY SO NOW Lois of people are like our friend in Hie picture—and eight times as many ns lust year are now buying Crab Orchard. It's top-run Kentucky straight* bourbon—nnd that mc-aus you net the rich round yield of perfect distillation, using Hie old fashioned mash-tub process. Top- run is the rule in oil expensive whiskies. But Crab Orchard is lop- run ciualily—and low price. Insist on 93 Proof It Means Better Whiskey C^abOidio^id BRAND «# KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY I of National DlitiUerO Inclusive, Crab Orchard Dislriuulors F. Straus & Sou, Inc., l.illle Hock, ,Vrk. 310 273 N'urthtast Arkansas .W L. Pet. o^ 47li l )ositio " you choose qn Ihe club 310 "" d 1> " llllly °- ny ty l lc of sl 'ot you ' West Plains O.5ceoln Newport 1'aragould Joiicsboro Bntcsi'lllc .625 .583 .542 .500 .458 .292 Today's Games Southern League Birmingham at Memphis... New Orleans nt Little Rock. Nashville tit Chattanooga. Atlanta at Knoxville. National League New York at Chicago. Brooklyn at St. Louis. Bcslon nt Pitl.sburgh. Philadelphia al Cincinnati. American League Detroit nt Philadelphia. Chicago at New York. Cleveland at Boston. St. Louis nt Washington. N' Arkansas League Parngould nt Osceola. Newport nt Batesvllle. West Plains at Jonesboro. ' :ll!l ( °r-hlgh, low, Ivjok, , draw, fnde, or straiglit ball," ns- serl.s Mchlhorn. "It may feel awkward if my hands are badly pliic- ed. but I can make Ihe necessary iKlJiislincnls in my swing to counteract whatever crazy grip you give me. "A lopnotchcr can violate every copybook rule or theory because he lias co-ordination. The type of grip makes mile ilitfcrence if hit through the ball solid. I'll take a confirmed, sllcer and make a hooker out of him without chaii"- hijf his grip. . . ,...,_. i '."You can discount eccentricities of style. "Take putting, for example. For years theorists hnve been telling u.s lo use a smooth pendulum motion, a (lowing sweep of the blade rnther thnii n snappy hit. Jones Francis Oulmet, Johnny Pnrrcll, and otliers won fame by stroking their puts with that baby's breath swing. ' * * Hevolla ami Itunyau Violate Hook on Green "I'm -nol denying that it is a good method, but what about Johnny Revolta nnd Paul Runyan? Thcy lap the ball with a firm, distinct hit. They slop the blade abruptly after hitting the e his ' R H inieI i C °' neS to the Aetnr> L1(c Insurance Company >vi!h -TSrfn ofha . subsui » lii '» background ol e.perlence in r^f^nu , US " 1 ,^- Hls know '«>M «f «»>cl acquaintance h?m " " y ' t0g l h<!r with !lls «P«rtcnce In this business, oTThr- A? nbl ? uad , vlso '- '" "-nlerlnj service lo the t uin,,,, ' We '°° k fonvar(1 to « f '»e record on " h; '''" tov Gordon H. Campbell, General Agent AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO. WHAT IS THE SHAPE OF YOUR HEAD? DOBBS STRAWS ARE MADE TO HT FRFF1 F j. J. Lj-jj-j: r An All Steel Coaster Wagon with Pneumatic Tires and Ball Bearing Wheels --- Strongly Built to Last for Years - - - A Magnificent Coas. ter Wagon for some Boy or Girl. • THIS^GON TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE! , ASK US FOR THE DETAILS TERRY SERVICE STATION HIGHWAY Ci - . ON THE CURVE AT STATIC LINK Little Rock, Arkansas Other Blyihevillc Representative Roy Walton r. Doyle Bowers, Field Supcrvtscr, Agency Office, Aetna Floor, Wallace 91djf., Little Rock, Ark. Where OLD AGE can keep up withYOUTH HflT \nrinnf Na+'tn~~t ^~^s^£. n * , . , Hot Springs Nation 'ark, Arkansas* 1 1-or every Dol>bs is made on the Three Master Ov.\ls. This insures ;in exact and comfortahlc wnfonmtion to ttic —riglit from the first ;r )' <>n. They're cool . . . smart . . . flexible. DOB US §3.50 UP' OTHER HATS §1.95 UP R. D. HUGHES & CO. HERE'S a surprise in slore for Hotel Majestic Quests this year. A brand new lodje on beautiful Lake Hamilton is awoitinj 1 , your arrival. Here you may swim, fish, boat and enjoy the water and woodland paradise of iho feveat Nalional Park. Special summer rates nt the luxurious Hotel Majestic offer you the fcroatost vacation of your life. Rest, hatXe nnd play your way to new health. \Vri!« /or Detcrifiivc Literature. \ hot water m the WSprinqs cold water in the Lakes H.GRADY'1VIANNING;PRES, " BRUCE E, WALL ACE, MGR.J L

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