The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 16, 1996 · Page 2
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 2

Des Moines, Iowa
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Thursday, May 16, 1996
Page 2
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2A The Des Moines Register Thursday, May 16, 1996 owa News Dateline ISU Research OWA Forth e latest in workouts, popth ' i "h ' ' " r :Vl' -V V I; i s ' ' i . . ' ' ' C. J ( I..,, ;., Dubuque district settles in school sexual assault Dubuque, la. (AP) The Dubuque school district will pay $100,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of a 9-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted in an elementary school bathroom. The lawsuit claimed the district was negligent because it did not have better security procedures. The lawsuit also claimed the district deprived the student of her constitutional rights by placing the student in "state-created danger." ' A judge dismissed the negligence claim. But the claim that the student's constitutional rights had been denied was not dismissed. ! That decision "presented the real possibility of a long and traumatic trial followed by appeal, all at great expenditure of time and funds," wrote William Fuerste, the school district's attorney, in a letter presented to the Dubuque School Board on Monday. The $100,000 settlement, plus lawyer fees, was accepted in April. The December 1993 assault took place at Fulton Elementary School, when the girl went to the restroom. There, she was confronted by a man who attempted to sexually assault her. Gene Dryer was convicted of kidnapping and assault in the attack and Sentenced to life in prison. Dubuque public schools now have some school entrances locked and visitors are asked to check in and wear identification tags. daviufeteksonThe Register : the Personal Trainer in Des Moines, is nill owner of the Personal Trainer health club and 5800 Fitness Club in Des Moines. "It goes out within two or three days of our getting it." Nissen, 45, has been working on HMB for nearly a decade, but "I never really expected anything like this to happen." Works in Mysterious Ways Nissen and his fellow researchers aren't exactly sure how HMB works. They know it's produced naturally in the body, and small quantities are found in leafy vegetables and other foods. The substance apparently helps prevent a quirk of exercise: Hard workouts actually can break down muscle, rather than build it up. The latest of seven tests on humans found men who took HMB while lifting weights put on an average of 4.44 pounds of lean muscle, compared with 2.83 pounds for men doing the same exercise while taking a placebo. The men taking HMB also were stronger and lost more fat. HMB is not a steroid. So far, the only known side effects are positive ones, such as lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. "I don't want people to think all of a sudden they're going to be, 'Boom!' " a new Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nissen said. HMB must be combined with exercise and a proper diet to be effective. Walt Bevel, a Des Moines police detective and competitive body builder, said he noticed a difference after only one bottle of HMB capsules. "Not only have I had some increase in my strength, my body seems to be responding to the actual workout. I don't seem as tired," he added. HMB isn't cheap. It costs around $35 for a bottle of 120 capsules, D U.S. Senate candidates and showing a range of assets. Sttv GrubbB $5,000 to $75,000 Not: Qmbtwind Tinsman xz: $ Maggie $2.7 $5.5 report tiled In Darryl Mayfield, an employee of enough for 10 days. Nissen said the price should come down once production catches up with demand. "It's been a major struggle to get this produced in quantity," he said. Chemical companies were reluctant to produce HMB because its future was uncertain. Now they're aching to make it, Nissen said. HMB is so hot that at least 15 other products have come out claiming to contain it. Nissen said none of those claims is genuine. "But that doesn't slow them down," h said. "Neither have nasty letters" from the ISU Research Foundation, which shares six HMB patents with Vanderbilt University. ISU gets a percentage from HMB sales. Nissen began researching HMB as a feed additive for livestock. A colleague, Dr. Naji Abumrad, then of Vanderbilt, carried out the first human trials. Nissen and Abumrad later founded Metabolic Technologies Inc., based at the ISU Research Park, to develop HMB and license it to companies for marketing. Metabolic Technologies is seek ing federal approval to use HMB in animals, but it won't be a practical feed supplement until the price drops significantly. Turnaround for Company HMB's explosive sales represent a turnaround for the company. A year ago, "We could see the end of the bank balance," Nissen said. "We're going to do very well (this year). . . . Way beyond anything I could have imagined," with sales in the millions of dollars. But Nissen, a farm boy who grew up near Meservey, doesn't have a Mercedes on order yet. So far, most profits have gone back into the company. Metabolic Technologies will test HMB to see whether it can help the elderly maintain muscle tone or help stave off the muscle-wasting effects of AIDS and cancer. Nissen said Metabolic Technologies wants to find new uses for HMB and to develop other products. The company wants to broaden its base of products and customers because of sports' fad-prone 30 Waterloo residents charged in drug probe The Register's Iowa News Service Waterloo, la. State and federal drug trafficking charges have been filed against 30 Waterloo-area residents, officials said Wednesday. The charges were the result of a month-long investigation that involved several local and federal law enforcement agencies, officials said. The suspects were charged with intent to deliver drugs ranging from marijuana to methamphetamine, officials said. incumbent senators from Iowa filed personal financial disclosure statements Fisherman presumed dead in Mississippi River Camanche, la. (AP) A Caman-che man was presumed dead Wednesday following a boating accident on . the Mississippi River, authorities said. A search for Richard Shadle, 41, found nothing, said Camanche police officer Fred Mincks. Shadle had gone fishing alone on the river about 5 a.m. Tuesday. His boat was found that afternoon. m w MHB isn't a steroid, but a study finds that members of the iron-pumping set who use it put on more muscle. By THOMAS R. 0'DONNELL Of The Register's Ames Bureau Ames, la. Steve Nissen recently saw his first bodybuilding competition not exactly part of his job description as a veterinarian and ani-mal-science professor at Iowa State Uni- "It's pretty f"fM entertaining," I &r?y 111. JU1VJ) UUb II J I not something Lunm I'd want to see Nissen again." Researcher Whether he wants to or not, Nissen is getting an education in body building and exercise. Football players, swimmers and aspiring Arnold Schwarzeneggers are the first customers for a substance Nissen has researched for years and began marketing last year. But it isn't just for bodybuilders and athletes, Nissen said; it can help even average fitness buffs get stronger faster. It's called beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, or HMB, and it's one of the hottest products on the muscle circuit. Some health-food stores and gyms have waiting lists for their next shipments. "It's hard to get and it's hard to keep in," said Darryl Mayfield,' Senators, hopefuls divulge finances Maggie Tinsman, a Republican state senator hoping to challenge Sen. Tom Harkin, reports the highest level of assets. By JANE NORMAN Of The Register's Wash inqton Bureau Washington, D.C. State Sen. Maggie Tinsman of Bettendorf and her husband hold assets valued between $2.7 million and $5.5 million, according to personal financial disclosure forms filed with the U.S. Senate. Tinsman is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the Senate. Among the other GOP candidates, state Rep. Steve Grubbs of Davenport and his wife reported between $5,000 and $75,000 in assets, while Rep. Jim Ross Lightfoot, R-Ia., and his wife said their assets ranged from $116,000 to $315,000. Incumbent Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Ia., whom the Republicans want to oust, said he and his wife had between $262,000 and $920,000 in assets. That includes his vacation house in the Bahamas, which he said is worth between $100,000 and $250,000. And Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Ia., and his wife reported $808,000 to $2.3 million in holdings. Incumbents and candidates are Gladbrook, Reinbeck Among Students By DAWN B0RMANN Register Stait Writer Gladbrook, la. Students at Gladbrook-Reinbeck Middle School staged a walk-out Wednesday morning to protest the defeat of a consolidation referendum of the Gladbrook and Reinbeck districts. Students in grades six to 12 from the districts already go to class to Tintman million to million Jim Rosa Lightfoot $116,000 to $315,000 Tom Harkin $262,000 to $920,000 1995; Grassley, Hartcln and llghtloot reports tiled in report 1996 is a regular user of MHB. r 1 HMB is available in capsules under its trademarked name. It also may be available in Met-Rx drink mix, but the maker is in a licensing dispute with Metabolic Technologies Inc. of Ames. Steve Nissen, HMB's developer, said genuine HMB should have a line on the label saying it is licensed for nutritional use under U.S. Patent No. 5,348,979. nature. "We firmly believe there's some sort of curve that's going to go up' and down" on HMB, he said. "The thing is, we don't know what the peak is." Nissen has tried HMB himself, "but I don't do the exercise," he laughed. "But next week, by golly, I'm going to get started." $4,031,783 in Grants : U.S. putting 60 new police in Iowa cities Associated Press Iowa is getting federal money to put 52 full-time and eight part-time police of ficers on the street. The state will get $4,031,783 of the $604 million in grants in an. anti-crime campaign President Clinton announced Wednesday. . Nationally, the grants will be used to hire 8,646 full-time and 472. part-time officers. The grants were issued under the Community Oriented Policing Services program created by Clinton's 1994 crime bill. That legislation called for hiring 100,000 new police officers by the year 2000. So far, 43,000 officers, or about 40 percent, have been hired. Here are the Iowa police and sheriff's departments getting money for officers. The positions are full time unless noted: Altoona, 1. $75,000; Anamosa. 1, $67,689: Armstrong, 2 part-time, $56,017; Buchanan ' County, 1, $75,000; Butler County. 1, $62,627;' cs County, 1, $75,000; Cedar Rapids. 5 $369,742; Clarence, 1 part time, $24,012; Clinton County, 1, $75,000; Clive, 2 $150,000; Coralville. 2 $150,000; Council Bluffs, 3 part time. $112,500; Davenport. 5 $375,000; Forest City. 1. $75,000; Glenwood. 2, $132,638; Grin-nell. 2, $134,668; Indianola, 1. $75 000 .,lS,a,e Pa,ro1- 12' S900.000; Keokuk, 1, tll.' ?f0,a' 41'84; Lenrx, 2 part time, 63.0;:Marengo. j, $62,318; Marshalltown, , 1, $75,000; Mason City, 1, $73,079; Muscatine County, 1, $75,000; Muscatine, 2. $150,000;' Newton, 1, $75,000; Ottumwa, 2, $150 000; Page County, 1. $75,000; Sloan, 1, $57,255; Storm Lake, 1, $75,000 Sex abuser has license revoked i TiifRegistbr'sIowaNewsService . : Davenport, la. Thomas Allen Jansen, a Davenport teacher sen- tenced to 10 years in prison for sex-' ually abusing a 14-year-old female student, had his license to teach in Iowa permanently revoked with: out possibility of reinstatement;' the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners has ruled. r" Jansen pleaded guilty to-third-degree sexual abuse last year. In other recent decisions, the board permanently revoked the" coaching license of Michael W. Bowlin of Indianola after he was-found guilty of assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. The board also has issued a letter of reprimand to New Hampton High School teacher John Strom, who grabbed a freshman student by the cheek and arm in 1994. Davenport: Abortion lawsuit is moot issue Davenport, la. (AP) Attorneys for the city of Davenport have asked a Scott County judge to throw out a lawsuit challenging the city's authority to pass a parental notification ordinance. Rex Ridenour, an attorney for the city, Tuesday said the City Council canceled the ordinance last month, so the subject is moot. The Iowa Civil Liberties Union, along with several Davenport residents and state legislators, filed the lawsuit against the city. They contend that in passing the ordinance in January, city aldermen took on powers they should not have, including the regulation of courts, civil relationships and matters of public health. The ordinance was rescinded in April after Gov. Terry Branstad signed a state parental notification law. Attorneys for the Civil Liberties union claim the issue needs to be decided because other cities could try to do the same thing. Randall Wilson, legal director for the union, said a majority of the aldermen have said they do not believe they overstepped their authority. "The behavior is capable of repetition," he said. , Ridenour said the city clearly un-, derstands it has been pre-empted by ; state law. But Wilson said that the sec- tion of state law under which the lawsuit was filed allows courts to delve into abstract issues. ity a mortgage on an office building of between $100,000 and $250,000. Grubbs reported five investments, each valued from $1,000 to $15,000. He also reported earning $18,100 last year as a legislator, and $3,400 teaching at St. Ambrose University. Grubbs said he owes from $15,000 to $50,000 on a 15-year student loan that was obtained in 1985. He also said he took one trip paid for by an outside organization, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which flew him to a conference in Tampa Bay, Fla., in August 1994. Lightfoot said he and his wife, Nancy, own a lingerie store, the Merri Widow store in Shenandoah, which has an estimated value of $100,000 to $250,000 and produced income of $15,000 to $50,000. They also own Ross' Zesto Shop, an ice cream store with an estimated value of $15,000 to $50,000 but little or no income. The Lightfoots have a business loan of $15,000 to $50,000 from Security Savings and Loan in Shenandoah, a personal loan of $10,000 to $15,000 from the Congressional Federal Credit Union, one credit card with a balance of $15,000 to $50,000 owed and another credit SOURCE: U.S. Swiat public required to file personal financial disclosure statements reflecting 1995 activity and list a range of value for their assets. Not included are mortgages on primary residences and spouses' salaries. Incumbents' reports, required by the Ethics in Government Act, were due Wednesday. Lightfoot and the two senators provided copies to The Register in response to a request, since the reports are not publicly available until 30 days after filing. Tinsman's and Grubbs' statements were filed in 1995; spokesmen for both said updated reports will be filed soon. The Tinsmans' primary asset is their chemical company, Twin States Engineering Co. in Davenport, which they estimated has a value of more than $1 million. In addition, the Tinsmans own an office building in Davenport with an estimated value of $500,000 to $1 million. They also hold stock in a number of companies, Including Boeing Co., Johnson & Johnson, Philip Morris Cos. Inc., Amoco Corp., Exxon Corp., IBM and McDonald's Corp. Some assets are held in a trust of which Hovey Tinsman has a one-sixth share. Maggie Tinsman listed one liabil-. Communities Voting on Issues Ic financial disclosure Charles Grassley $808,000 $2.3 million THt KUilSTKR card with a balance of $10,000 to $15,000 owed. Lightfoot also said he had two trips paid for by private organizations one by the National Air Transportation Association to St. Louis and Omaha, and another by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association to Atlantic City. Harkin reported taking one trip paid for by an outside group. He said the World Economic Forum Foundation paid for his round-trip air fare from Washington to Zurich, Switzerland, for three days for a program in January 1995. Harkin held numerous stocks and bonds, including Johnson & Johnson common stock and Sogen International Fund mutual fund. Harkin listed one liability a mortgage on a rental property in Indianola valued at $50,000 to $100,000. The house also is valued in that range. He also said his combined farm gross income from his New Hartford farm operation in 1995 was $86,736, while gross farm expenses were $74,108, for net income of $12,628. He listed three farm-related mortgages. Two had a value of $15,000 to $50,000, while another was estimated at $50,000 to $100,000. 81.7 percent. Vinton voters rejecting a $1.5 million bond to make additions to the Vinton Recreation Center. The vote was 488 against and 322 for the effort. Albia voters defeating a $1.5 million bond to restore and expand the Albia public library. The vote was 627-4 16, just short of the 60 percent needed. protest defeat of referendum Clinton councilman resigns due to time . Clinton, la. (AP) Larry Villa has resigned from the Clinton City Council, claiming a 2-hour round-trip drive ' each day to work was straining his life. Villa, who's term expires Jan. 1, 1998, began working for Ipsco at its ! Camanche plant in June 1994. He was transferred earlier this year to the company's new steel mill in Montpe-lier. . "This has had a significant impact on my ability to fulfill all my responsi- bilities, both personal and public," he -wrote in a letter to Mayor LaMetta Wynn. Villa was elected in November 1993. His resignation is effective May 31. gether. Dennis Modlin, superintendent for both schools, said the students about 120 were frustrated by the vote. The vote required a majority to pass in both school districts, but was defeated Tuesday in the Gladbrook district 454-449. In Reinbeck the vote was 742-36 in favor, Modlin said. Also Tuesday, constituents in the Tipton school district defeated a $4.3 million bond referendum to make additions and repairs to school buildings. The vote was 801-676, short of the 60 percent approval rate needed. City referendums Tuesday included: e Waukon voters approving a $800,000 bond to build a swimming pool. The vote was 786-176, or. i

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