The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1951
Page 3
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TOTM5AT, AUGUST T, 1951 BT.VTHEVn.LE, (ARK.1 COURIER NEWS PAGB THMM Chance to Resign Given 90 West Point Cadets WBTT JKHNT, M.Y., Aug. 7 The §up«rtfitendent of West point \ MM today any of the 90 accused eadeta who admit classroom cheat- Ittf wtii be given a chance to re- •igd with a clean record. "Thii was always contemplated," kfej. O«n. Frederick A. Irving told tnt ffc> 11 news conference he has oellftd since thi scandal broke hust Friday. ,v,Th* W cadets are racing ouster •^changing Information on examinations. G»n. Irving said: "Those cadets who hav« admitted guilt under oath will b« given the opportunity to r«6lgn. "fci ea*« where insufficient evidence mists to support the charges of guilt, the charges will be dopped." Gen. Irving explained that any cadet allowed to resign will receive •n administrative order to leave West Point. Under such an order, lie said, there would be no blot on their record should they ever rejoin the Army, "(Mean Slalc" "They would have a clean slate," th« two-star general said. Gen. Irving, a slender, erect man graying slightly at the temples, met the pres* for the first time In his iwn office beneath protographs of i!s predecessors at West Point. He denied statement* by some of he 90 cadets that at least 200 of heir comrades escaped punishment >y falsely denying any cheating. "To the best of my knowledge and belief, these t90> are aU," tie said. Gen. Irving did reveal, however, hat In addition to the 90, at least 29 other cadets were investigated on the same charges. There never was enough evidence to punish them, he added, Speaking of the greatest scandal in West, Point's 150 years, the superintendent said. 'I feel we probibly are cleaner than almost any other institution. The fact that we took action makes us look bad," Of the 90 cadets themselves, Gen. Irving said: '1 feel they are fundamentally a good bunch of boys. "They probably got a wrong sense of values and got off on the wrong step, i think they are basically honorable." Bountiful Food Harvest Seen As Check on Rising Prices WASHINGTON. Aug. 7. WH- Looks like old mother nature may step In and settle the big controversy over food prices. In fact, the Bureau of Agricultural Economics says, bountiful crop and livestock prospects this year ti Americans can eat more than , send more food abroad, stock e'for military purposes and still not drive food prices any higher. The government bureau said in a food report yesterday any future food price increases will be mostly man made—limited "largely to bulges permitted under the new Defense Production Act, The act relaxed limits on margins for process- --.<: and marketing food. The bureau said there might be some widening of the farm-to -store price spread The bureau said beef cattle price, may drop below ceilings during the heavy marketing season this fall but that overall .supply will prob ably be about what it was last yea —144 pounds per person, Earlier the bureau predicted 147 pounds Continued strong meat demam 'may prevent any substantial" de dine in prices," the report said. It predicted that average foot consumption will be slightly abov the 1950 level, and 13 to 14 per cen better than the American table the pre-war 1935-39 period. Joycees Hear Contest Report A report on the 1951 National Cotton Picking Contest was heard by members of the Blytheville Jun- tnr Chamber of Commerce at their regular meeting last night. Contest Chairman James Gardner told the group that solicitations had started and told of Senator J. W. Futbrlght's acceptance to appear M a guest at trw contest on Oct. 4 and 5. BMt Ward and Andrew Barksdale were token kite the club M new 100 Degrees Seen For State Today LITTLE ROCK, AUK- 7 (#) Another round of 100-degree wea her is in store for some sections of Arkansas today. The merctty reached 10$ degree at Fort Smith yesterday. That wa he year's record high in the stata The previous top was r 101 degree in north Arkansas last month. There was a note of encourage ment from the U.S. Weather By reau here, though. Last night th weatheman said today's tempera uree probably would b« highe :han they were yesterday. •MEXICAN from Fagt . quota! Ml* Negro a* tfcwt the truck, rtriv«*i,b7 mm. &4opp«d abruptly on the and oncoming traffic pre- him from swwving his car htWng the truck. Man Drove Away toM ttl« officer! thai aft- •r 1*»* wrsck tha white man lump- ad from hfc truck, promised to fix Wia Negro'i ear, and then Jumped bade into his truck and proceeded down th* highvs-ay. Trooper Barker stated that the Negro lotted down the truck's II«n*« number and that a check revealed that the license was issued »o R. H. McClellan of Wilson. The officer said Mr. McClclhm Is being nought on suspicion of leaving the srene of an accident. Dkk Centiiw Givtn 6 Months In Draft COM SAN FRANCIS CO, Auc. 7 </P> Die* Contlno, 31, poplar accordion ist, waa »entenced today to months In prison and was f tlO.OOO on • draft evasion charg Contino, who mafa as much 44.000 a week in theater and ntght club engagements, pleaded guilty July 24 to a draft dodging charge. RED TAl'E OR REFUND?—Jay Blcsser (right), 18-year-old Rock- 'llle, Md., high school student who was seeking a $21-88 Income tax efund, shows to his employer, J. W. Wisncr. the check he received in he mail from ihe government.—for $5Q&,666.26. He checked the bureau if internal revenue and learned that the treasury department wants he check back and Is willing and anxious to replace it with one for $21.88. A treasury .spokesman said he presumed the person operating the check writing machine put down the serial number of the check, 50-866,26, nstead of tlie amount to be paid. <AP Wlrephoto) ' Rupert Wright, Paragould Paper Owner Is Dead PARAGOULD. Ark., Aug. 1. «V- Rupert c. Wrii;ht, owner and pub- isher of tile Paragould Daily Press Sollphone. died or a heart attack at hw home early today. He had ben convalescing after an earlier attack suffered June 18. Wright was born at Mayflelti. Ky., and established his first, daily newspaper there when a young man. He moved to Paragould about 40 years ago and became associated with the Daily Press. He purchased the tri-weekly Soliphone In 1921 and combined it with the Daily Press July i, 1950. He was a member of the Associated Press. Wright formerly worked for newspapers at Springfield, Mo., and Pine Bluff, Ark. He also once was advertising manager for Bertlg Brothers Department Store in Par- igould. CEASE-FIRE Swift to Hold 'Family Party' A "family party" for employees of Swift and Company Oil Mill here will be held at- the Woman's Building in Walker Park Aug. 10 and 1J Service awards will be presented to G. B. Henderson who has been with the company for fifteen years and to 12 employees who have'been with the company for five years. South America once was buried under an ice riap, according to an eminent Swedish geologist. (Continued from Pag* i) hat Incidents 'similar to that of August 4 will not occur again. "T have also noted that you describe such incidents as minor, accidental and trival. Such incidents are of fundamental Importance, UK I have before pointed out. The Incidents are neither minor nor tri. Their accidental nature Is In doubt . Reds Ponder Move Rldgway had let the Reds ixmder his next move for more than 24 hours. Red radios at Peiptnp and the North Korean capital of Pyongyang kept up a stream of propaganda blaming the United States for the deadlock in negotiations. Up lo the cessation of talks, negotiators had argued for nine days without progress on where to create a buffer zone between the opposing armies. The Communists want the line moved back to the 38Lh parallel. Allied headquarters say the present battle front Is the only line satisfactory to the United Nations. The front angles from below the 38th narnllel — pre-war border between North nnri South Korea — In the west to as much as 35 miles north of the parallel in the east. U is defensible, fn contrast to unfavorable military terrain along the 38th parallel. Red propaganda radios insisted Tuesday there could be no compromise on the basic issue of a buffer zone. They called the U.N. ln- y^tenre on ihe present buttle front as the cease-fire line "outrageous and unacceptable." British Oil Chief Flies loAbadan Stokes to Check Conditions of Closed Refinery TEHRAN, Iran, Aug. 7 (^—Britain's chief oil negotiator. Richard Stokes, flew to Abacinn today to inspect personally conditions at the shut down refinery. President T r u m u n's trouble shooter, W. Avcrctl Zrarrimnn. followed in another plane which landed at Abadan eight minutes Inter. The British had demanded assurances that Iran would refrain from petty annoyances against British employes at Abadan— site of the world's largest refinery—before opening talks. Mossa Sarabnndy, governor general of the oil-producing province Khuzistsn, greeted the visitors Abadan airport rvs guests of the Iranian government. Meanwhile, talks over natlonn Iza'tion of the Anglo-Iran Ian ol Company's vast properties — the Abadan refinery is the most valuable—continued In Tehran. Donald Ferguson, one of Stoke': team, met In the Iranian capita with the Iranian natlonnllZRtioi committee to present what he call ed "cold facts." Ferguson is one of the BriList government's crack nationalteatto! experts and worked out many o the details involved when Brit at took over her own Iron and step industry. Harrhnan Is staying out of th talks, but has been keeping clos to the scene. For Instance, he sa drinking tea with his staff in shady garden 100 yards nway fior the verands of Saheb Ghariuiic palace when talks opened ycsterda> Navy to Shoot Seventh Viking Rocket Over 50 Miles Up Today WHITE SANDS PROVING GROUNDS; N.M., Aug. 7 OT*,— Th Navy's seventh viking rocket take off today (at 11:30 EST) t probe what is honed will be th highest atmospheric region ye studied. The shoot Is designed to sho just what the air consists of mot than 50 miles above the earth an tell America's defense chiefs how rockets react. Secretary of the Army Frank Pace, Jr., arrived last night to witness the shoot. Smith Voids Sank Election Chancellor Orders New Directors Vote TRAIL OF VAPOR-The angle of this photograph mnkos it appear that the high-flying B-36 cut risht through a television tower in Ihc downtown nrea of Dallas, Tex. Actually the big bomber was high in the air, making a wide vapor trail in the open sky. WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., Aug. 7, AP)—A stockholders' election for iirectors of the Merchants and 'lanters Bank of We»i Memphis ast Jan. 3 has been held voirt by Chancellor W. Leon Smith of BJy- hevllle. Judge Smith yesterday advised at- orneys for four stockholders who had filed suit against the bank that e would order a new election. The four stockholders—three whom were proposed RS new directors—had charged that transfer ol stock from Jack W. Rich to then was not recognized In the Jan\iar> ote. They said Bank President J C. Johnson said their names die not appear on the record and order ed their votes "disregarded." The plaintiffs also said they were deprived of dividends paid by the bank In late December. Judge Smith said he would order that the plnlnUffs—J. H. Spears. L. R. O'Oryaut, R. R. FallJs and James Wood—be permitted to vote In the next election. Poragould Boy Dies of Injury MEMPHIS, Aug. 1 (Pi — A 1T- •ear-old Puragould, 1 Ark., youth died In Baptist Hospital here today ol Injuries sufreted In t div« Into farm pond. The victim was IJoyd Eldon Mo- 3onals. son ol Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Young McDonald broke hi* neck In the dive )ast Saturday. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Want a New Meal? H«r«'s Ostrich £gg for $45 NEW YORK, Aug. 7 (IP)— Want something different for dlnrwrr A market opened hare today offering: Ostrich eggs at $45 each. Steaks and chops sliced from liama, Auodads. caribou, Tahr goats, reindeer and bison, at »1 and more a pound. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Ph. 58 Religious Riot Barely Averted RANGOON (iV> — A Buddhist monk nonr here called Ihe Moslem goii Allah a butcher and nearly started a religious riot at Thazai, Centra! Burma. While Hie riot squad was alerted, Buddhists smoothed Moslem Indlg- natlonliy explaining Lawkanatha was preaching on the benefits of vegetarianism. Buddhists here are flesh caters though the Buddhist law forbids the taking of life. Thazi's large . Moslem population has forwarded a complaint to the Ministry of Religious Affairs here charging the monk with blasphemy. Tuesday "TARZAN'S PERIL" I,cx Barker Warner News & Shorts Wednesday & Thursday 'BLACK ANGEL" Dan Duryea Peter Lorre • News & Shorts • Tuesday Operation X Edward G. Robinson Wednesday & Thursday "AS YOUNG AS YOU FEEL" Monty Wooley Thelma Ritter Senator Says Income Tax to Go Up Oct. 1 WASHINGTON, Aug. T. Chairman George (D-Ga) of the tax writing Senate Finance Commit! ee said today that individual income taxes probably will be boosted OcL I, This would be n month later than the date set In the House- passed $7,200, 000,000 general tax increase bill. Come see rtie Rambler you've waited for—the Country Club Sedan—newest, smartest hardtop convenible. Here's lh« Rambler open-air fun and flair—now in a solid stctl wdan, with plenty of luggage space—with the record- breaking Rambler economy—31.05 nvilci a gallon in tht Mobilgas Economy Run (Rambler Convertible ivilh overdrive). You gel S300 in custom accessories at no extra cost See ffc~15cfay at— SH ELTON MOTOR COMPANY 117 EAST MAIN STREET, RLYTHKVII.l.E TV fun I Wolch Whilemon TV Teen Club ... ABC Network. o*xi, Pjvuton Xuk-Eehiw Ct'fvnlten, j>*»0\ Mkfc Brownson Clinic Ash & Division WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL AUG. 10 Playgrounds for the Kiddies . Kids Under 12 FREE with Parents Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Prrnn* 4732 No Moaquitoes—No Bugs OUR NEW NAME! COTTON BOLL Tuesday & Wednesday /'You! five Ev«y Warm, Womkrful Step of the war 11-2 Wiles Norlli ol Blytheville on Highway 61 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Formerly the Skyline Stiirling Time 7:<15 TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY MICKEY TERRY "^ RODNEY-MOORE - **wVr'Kii*"'n WILLIAM DEMUREST »it • »»>i irt IM tUtl • KM luwlt S«'«T Plus 2 Cartoons Pony Rides Children Free Guest Movie Ticket Days Your opportunity lo take a gnes.1 for the price of onel Ask local merchants for your free gucsl tickets! NO MOSQUITO WORRIES -ALEXANDER KNOX Also Cartoon & Shorts MOX DREIFUS' YEAR OF CHALLENGE! PRICES THAT CHALLENGE COMPARISON! Thone 4621 Show Slarls Weekdays 1:00 Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Always a Double Feature Tuesday & Wednesday KKATIJUK < M-O-M prn«^li IANA RAY TURNER M1LUND —Plus— THE IDOL OF" MILLIONS! 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