The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 20. IfMG Thousands Will Attend Service 'Pilgrims' Throng To Winston-Solent, N. C. For Moravian Rites BY GENE WOOD UnifnJ ]f KS st»ff Correspondent WINSTON-SAL EM, N. C.. April VI. (UP)—Wlnston-Salein braced H.self today for whal may be the greatest onslaught of visitors In the history of the 114-year-old Moravian Easter Sunrise Service here. Already hotels throughout the twin city are reported "packed light." Yet each plane, train, and Add Fruit Juice To Easter Eggs BLYTHEVIU.R (ARKj COURI^U NRWS BY GAYNOK MAI>IM)X NEA Stuff Wrltrr Enster without lots of eggs would x like Chrlsmns without Simla Sinus. Here are two .specials which L-oinblne yellow and golden citrus, Irulis with tlip fresh protein of spring eggs. Lemon KasUr Efts Four hard-cooked Easier eggs, 4 teaspoons lemon Julc*. (i teaspoon garlic sail, ', teaspoon stilt, 'i teaspoon celery seed or 1 tablespoon finely-chopped celery, I 1 ;teaspoons prepared mustard, 2 tea- s|xx>ns chopped parsley, i teaspoon chopped pimlento or green olive. Crack and remove shell from hard-cooked eggs. Slice eggs in half and place yolks In mixing bowl. Blend yolks with ingredients Into smooth paste. Fill center of whites with" mixture. Garnish with tiny lemon wedged. Use these lemon Easter eggs as n dinner appetiser. For a crunchy snack, use them to stuff celery. Simply blend yolks as suggested In recipe and add I chopped whites ot hard-cooked eggs.! cor .stop deposits another thron = of "pilgrims," .who are flooding in from all over the country... some to meditate, others to .speculate. Officials of the Moravian services said lhat the number of the crowd all depends on the wentlicr, but that if it continues fair aiid warm a record of 40,000 might be expected. The wur-tlme peak was 25.M.O. There seems to be a mixed feeling of anxiety, sobriety, hilarity, and curiosity, among th e oul-of-state "guests." Whatever it is, it's being lgnor>'l by the standard residents, who have gi-own accustomed to this annual turnover. A week's services at Moravlai churches her? will be cliih;ixed lo night- with a Cantata, "The Seven Last Words of Christ," rendered by a .mass choir ut Historic Home Church under the direction of NEW ORLEANS, Ln., April 20. James Christian Pfohl. director of I'UP)—Army veteran. John Collins, music at Davidson College. j whose Irish temper flames as scar- The Easter Ritual is to get un- 'et as his red hair, continued his dcrwiiy at 3 a.m. At that tb-.e the United Easter Band of 400 musicians, will split into six sections to tour the city, playing original Moravian chorales as they summons the people to worship. After an hour of this, the musicians will assemble at the Old Belo Home for breakfast. Then, promptly at 6 a.m. the Risht Reverend J. Kenneth Pfohl, bishop of Ihe Southern Moravian Mix well nnd mound In hollow of crisp, well-hilled celery stalks. Or use them for a hot dish by milling them In n casserole and pouring n white or curry sauce over. Heut in moderate oven CJ5U decrees P.) fur 20 minutes. California Kasler Breaklasll Omdrl Three eggs. >; lou.spoon salt. 1 teas|K)on lemon juice. ^ lablespojii butler, '1 tablespoons powdered su- 2'!: tnblts|K>ons orange Juice. '2 oranges. Separate yolks from whiles. Add to yolks salt, lemon juice and orange Juk'c; beat until thick and lemon-colored. Heat whiles until stiff. cufJtm: and folding them into first jnl» U I'rc. Remove skin from firm navel oranges and cuL in sections. Fold in about, a third of the orange sections, well sprinkled with powdered sugar. Heat omelet pan, and butter sides and boltom. Turn in mixture, spread evenly. Cook slowly. Citirnish omelet with remaining orange sec- lions. FCA Loans Help State Farmers Federal Agency Lends Helping Hand When Hard Luck Comes • By 1'AI'I. KOSKNFIKU) lliiili'd IV.-ss SUIT Correspondent LITTI.K HOCK, Ark. April ?0. iDI'i- Arkansas furmers — pingue.'.l j by drought. Hood, lire and famine to:years on end—lodny have ah ftce in Ihe hole thai brings »1<1 within 10 Tho Fttvm Credit Administration, n Federal agency, has existed In \t- kansas .since 1931. And since tltut Him 1 , it has made U31.J29 rmei'Kt'n- cy crop and feed loans lo farmers i the .slate. The monev Involved Is something like $29,325.558. whole Ihing started with Ihe drought in Iho eavlj (lie whole deal to go Ihrouuh I r~ - I • '. • With his .new lens., on lilt., M,.. i tVOnde I ISt 1C borrower Is an his own. The on.v i i. , . r- ' Meetings For PAGE THUkK Armed Veteran Defies Eviction Hero Of St. Lo Says He'll Kill Anyone Who Serves Papers Province, will step out onto a platform hi front of the home church and proclaim: "The Lord is risen!" The crowd will respond: "He has risen indeed! " The. 'worshippers next fall inlo line, eight abreast, to march the comparative two city-length blocks' to "God's Acre." TherS, in the presence. Of 3,000 identical, white headstones, which, have, been polished and wreathed In flowers, the band, will-play the creation Hymn by: Beethoven, and Bishop Pfohl will- deliver his sermon; "Victory Through Christ'." The rite will end with the peonle singing. "Onward Christian Soldiers." Pour hundred ushers will IK on hand, to keep the crowd paced. The movement from home church to the graveyard, is expected to take 26 minutes.' '•-.' '. "V. • : The only modernism lo break the ageless spell is a radio hook-up, which will broadcast the service to all part of this country as well as to other sections of the globe. The. service this year will be In memoriuhi of Ihe 18 men of the home church who lost their lives during World War Two. Over 200 years old, the custom of the early sunrise service in "God's Acre" began when a group of young Moravians gathered in a graveyard at Herrnhutt, Saxony, in 1732. ot sing.hymns and pray. The rite was carried to America by some early setller of that faith, the Initial Sunrise Service in this country was held at Bctliabara, five miles from here, in 1770. However, following ihe death of one fr>f the first pilgrims, Edward Birkhead, an Englishman, the services were shifted to the Twin City, where they have been held ever since. shotgun vigil today over the fire- tdamaged home he occupies here with his younger brother and their 12-year-old mother. "We don't like it here, but we just can't find any place to go." he said, as his landlord prepared to call on the OPA to force the Collins- out so he can repair the house damaged by a blaze two weeks a go. Yesterday ihe fiery, former GI who collected eight slugs and a disability rating at St. Lo, hauled out the family shotgun when told •hat his mother. Mrs. J. J. Col- fins, and brother Fallon, who serv- 'ed with the tank corps, v.ould have lo move. Since the fire the family had occupied the front section of the razed dwelling, without electricity or bath facilities. "No matter what the huv is, no- judy Is going lo force us out <>i this house until \ve find some place eke to live," Collins declared, as he remained away from his |)ostoffice job to guard the home. He threatened lo "shool dead us doornails" anybody who tried to serve eviction papers. Osvuer M. M. Stublnsky emphnslz- :d today thai he meant to "lake whatever legal steps are necessary to get Ihcm out." "I don't want to put them on;, but a man has to take care of his Investment," he said, "it'll cost $4.700 lo repair the house. 1 only had S4.UOO Insurance. So you csin see it'll cost me money out of my own pocket lo get il fixed." Slab- illsky said. New Orleans OPA officials admitted that the Collins' were without a legal leg to stand on in Ihe case. They said lhat Stabinsky would probably b c able to obtain an eviction cerllficale, and call oil local police for aid. If necessary. Mrs. .Collins, despile her 72 years, spent another fruitless dav yesterday plodding the city streets in search.of. a home for herself and her two sons. Lust night she wearily reported: "I will abide by OPA regulations." disastrous IHSO's. Many an Arkansas farmer found lie Iiad nothing left—no crops, iv> feed, no implements, and even hl>home was mart gaged to the hil'. supoivision h ( > gets (mm the is to Ihe cilenl llial the luan |.s lined as speclilcd. Amt considering the fuel thai',« glunntlc "back-tii-lhc-farm" program has. been Inaugurated with the return of veterans from overse.\:i, (lie F-C-A lends a helping ha'.ul lu-ro, loo. All Hint velerans i,nd war-workers with uurjcullui'iit backgrounds Imve lo do lo upplv for .in t'liicrcency crop loan Is to nuik" some arrnngemenls for Imxl, \rarh- stork ii i id Implements. And the F-C-A Isn't particular us to how ihr laud Is held--It can be owned, rented, 01- lied up in u s |,are atjrfi'- menl. The work.slock and Implements cuh either be. owned, bo-- rowod or simply "arranged for." Pnrin Credit Administration ofil- clids point, ovu lhat ihe orisanlmiil'.K, hiis a dual imr|)osc--llnanclnl and sociological, Not only does II provide needed money, but U also preserves a EpaiK uf self-ivspcct lhnl helps a mini hold his head high itmontt hlsnelgh- gency crop and feed loan organ!- placc In the national pit-lure many banks failed to rc-opcn the banking holiday. The F-C-A lakes up where most banks leave off lending money. Anv. farmer who has hail such hard hi'jk ' thai lit- can't get a reasonable loa;i' anywhere else Is eligible for an F-; C-A loan. If lie owns or ronls land, or owns or can borrow ,sloi:;t and Implements, the P-C-A helps him prepare a loan application for the minimum cash he needs to get on his feel again. | The application Is placed before a county loan committee—people the farmer knows—a local banker. a merchant, and another farmer. If they approve the loan and the TC-A field supervisor agrees. Iho papers go to the regional P-C-A office In Memphis. The loan agreed upon there, a check is on Us wav lo the applicant within 72 hours. W. s. Llltle, supervisor of Hi" Arkansas Held force of the F-C-A, sa.-s thai il takes only 1C days !'•>,• liors ami friends. Over n 15-ynir-p. Hod, tup Arkansas farmer has proven an ex- iTllent Investment, of Ihe S'jaj'JS.- 55H borrowed from (he F-C-A since I 1931. he hns paid bad; $2«.422,na«-l: ", nl- UU.i per cent of the amount bor- '" rowed. The F-C-A snys Hint Ihe average liercenlaiie r«|iald throiiKhout ihe 1K i-s jiaiion Is only no,3 per cent. Youths Planned • The K«v. |{. O, Barker. Youth Leader of the First Huptlsl Church of North. Litlle Itock. lias an- nounct'd his subjecls lor morning sermons of llu- Youth Kvnugellst'c incuthm next week at Xlnst Ha|>- tlsi Church. To beyln lomorrow jilnlit, r.M o'clock, service.'; will also be hi>ui each morning, through next S.u- nrday, nl 1:25 a.m. Sermon topic for Monday will be "The Key to Successful Living"• TuDsduy. "Thy will He Done": Wednesday, "Give Us Our Dully Ill-end"; Thursday, "Forgive U.s Cm Sins"; Friday, "Lend Us Not lulu •rcmptatton" nnd Saturday, "Thy Kingdom Come." These 7:25 tun. services are lo b, 1 concluded at '(:!>:> cuch day. Conducting special musk- for (!>' meeting will be iitnlph Churchill publicity director, Southwestern Seminary. He IK u teacher in the scluuil of Hcli t .|ous Kducallon and n gniduale In music. He has scrvcc as music: dim-tor li, the Olamum Hill lluptht Church, Port, 'I'ex.. and Hrsl Hu|>llsl Church, Ar- The year itlM marked the lO anntvcrsnry uf the composition Ihe "Manila lieale," Italy's nalli luilhcm. Hvth youlhs and nuui-.s were'urn- cd lo attend Uiese mcetiiigB and the public Is Invited, It was announced liy the Kev. K, o, Brown, pastor. WAKNINC. ORDER lh* Chancfry Court, Chlck*- awb« DUIrlrt, Ml>*lskl» C. P. Cootwr, Attjr. r ^ ,„ P*rcy A. Wrifht, Attf. kd ' "'' K<llfnr ». Jui'o ............. Plaintiff, vs. No, 95f>2 Maxln« J:ico ........... Defendant, The defendant Mnxint Jaco l« hcieby_ warned lo H|I|HHU within thirty days In Ihe court named In the caption hereof und answer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff fklgur 3. Juco. Uulccl (his 1U day of April, 1M«. irAKVKY MORRIS. Clerk Ily Mary l*e Jarratl, D. C. $25R«word for information m« to Mcurt • 6 or 7 r*om unfurnished howM. E. V. (Buck) Tomlimon Phone 2335 •-* ll» Eut Auk THK UKAUTY CLINIC M.irturrt ]) f ,n Snillh, Owner liijwm Bldr. rhone J2H Read Cornier wews Want Ads. Hot summer days bother 7-10 lions and tigers from Africa and! India more than they do the Arc- i tic polar bears. Read Courier News Want Ada. WAKNINU OKDKR In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- uwba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Nellie • Mae Oden Barber. .Plaintiff, vs/ No. 9503 L. J.-Barber Defendant. The defendant L. J. Berber Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Nellie Mae Oden Barber. Dated this 6 day of March, 1M6 , HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. '. By Frelda O'Neal, D. C. Percy; A. Wright, Ally, for Pltf. C. P. Cooper, Ally, ad Litem. 4] 13 -20-27-5 [4 My Regular Deliveries . Have Been Completed tSWHave Available fc few bushels of High Germinating PIONEER Hybrid SEED CORN in Popular Varieties CAli OK Sff Mrs, Howard Bowen Luxora, Ark. Phone 1-F-11 A> Advertised In VOGUE Black Patent THE FUTURE ATTRACTION, FIT-TESTED FASHIONS fOR A LOOK-LOVELY" SPRING RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on make or lyo'lel Relish! V xr ^rkmanRhin. »HONE 2642 We Cftll /or and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Molnrol* R«dle Bales and Strrlce 106 So. First St. Landys' Beauty Shop 2CHM W. I\Iain R). Phone 3990 I,antlys Rowletl / Naturally . . . there's o gleam in your eye! You're starting the smart way. By bringing the family's wardrobe to us early, you'll be all set for summer. Cleaner! Brighter! Sooner? is Blythevillc Laundry's motto. Dial 418 - Our Driver Will Call STEAM LAUNDfiY Oil for Biggest U.S.Airiine CaU How prclty. How feminine. How smart. Bright, light-hearted young shoes by Gold Cross that match fashion's joyous mood for Spring. And every pair Fit-Tested to make yours tlic eager 'stride of Sweet Sixteen. Choose yours during thii exciting, naliomviile snowing. jjri 95 The Family Shoe Store 312Wt«tMoir» Phone 2342 BUNDING COSTS HAVf JNCftMSfDf How about the increase In replacement value since you last arranged your insurance? Stop in or phone for a copy of the Handy Building Value Chart, and make your own estimate — it's •, THK ' FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. —Insurance Department-— "28 Years Dependable Service" —Phone 3121— Lawnmowers . . . LaGuardia Field, N. Y.—Sinclair's unique oil-jeep drains and fills giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest U. S. Airline, relics on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save wear on its costly airplane engines. Now that your car needs all possible protection, give it the same protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA- MOTOR OIL B. J. ALLEN Phon* 2005 — Ag*n» — Biytheville, Ark. Expertly sharpened and repaired. Phone We pick up and deliver. Immediate service nnd guaranteed/.settefacti 2192 "SHured. ! We also specialize in gnu and elec* trical welding. F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 N. Second ,:...,-. We have fresh (round meal and chicken chop*, fine or ctana. IUy and mixed cronnd feeds. Aha ctutom \\r are. now buylnt puultrr. LANG LEY & SON Kondi Second On OH *«tl( Ota Ixrt CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For u (|iiick Kale s«e me. I have buyers fur homes. l,isl your proixsrty with me. My commission is 5%. I have IKI sidelines. •..•••• H. C. CAMPBELL Offlfe 1^0 Bo. Second Phones 44< or NOTICE- Mrs. Robert M. Graves Now has the Authorized Agency for the E.ectrolux Cleaner and Air Purifier * For Your New Cleaner or Supplies Call 2650 Approved Avery Sales and Service. Let us repair and service your >Wery equip-' menf. FOR SALE Funk's G Hybrid Seed Corn Cotton Hoes Cultivator Sweeps OWENS TRACTOR CO. A. C. OWENS, Own«r ft Mjr 112 N. Franklin M17

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