The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1934
Page 5
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FKIUAY, MARCH 10, 1934 BLYTHEVILIJS. (Altlv) COURIER NEWS HCCEKN HCA4E NEW Conducted /or thb newspaper In the Interest of Its .omen readers hy .ecojnlad authority on ,|| phases of homo maklnc. riurciK'e lirobeclt, Editor Healthful and Economical, T h c y Are Especially Welcome in Lent. Ih-ar Friends in Blythcvillt: As a rule fish and sea food (tho Inner are the shell fish, lobsters, t-tc.) require cnly a short period of cookery. Tco long coakinij dii?5 lisl). destroys (lie delicate flavor ami makes 11 less palatable. Th? connective tissues in fis'n arc very lender, ar.d to <x>ok fish so that il'.c tissues retain the flavorful juices means as a rule, a short pc- ruxl cf contact willi the heat. At this season of ir.c year fish l.s no: only plentiful in the coast districts but cities inland ami oven ttie smaller places manage to have good supplies of fresh or frosted fish, especially at the end of the Meek. Plan to serve fish on "(Is:, day" unless you live hi a SM coast town when every day is "fish day." Baked Fish To bake fish the housekeeper does not need to buy a whole fish and stuff it, although there is no more delectable Lenten dinner. Fillets or steaks may be baked. One method is to dip fillets of white n'sh in one c'up sweet milk seasoned with one tablespoon of salt; then dip into finely sifted bread crumbs. Cover all sides with Ihe crumbs, and lay in a baking disli rubbud with butter. Sprinkle will) a little melted fat. Place In a lint even for ltd minutes. No water .should be added to the dish. The oven should be 500 degrees. Remove carefully to a hot platccr, serve garnished with thin slices of lemon. Or pass a tomato or larlarr sauce witli this. •Split, naked Fish Select a Ihrcc-pouiici fish lor baking; Uiat is, one without the tco many small bones. Remove ti;c head, spinal hone and Its side bones anil any others which arc obvious. Wi;;e with clean damp cloth. Have ready, two cups bread crumbs; one hali small onion; one tablespoon minced bacon; one half teaspoon minced yrecn pepper; one fourth Icasjicon summer savory; three slices bacon; one ihhd teaspoon salt; one tc'jrth^ teaspoon pepper. Mix th? ' cruinbs, onion, inhYcctl bacon, green pepper and seasonings and spread on the fish which a opened out flat. Place a slice f-f bacon on this, and fold tr.e fish almost, together, holding the sides 1:1 place with .skewers. Place on a rack in a baking pan. stuffed side up, lay the remaining bacon on lop ot the fish and bake thirty minutes in a ,-.ot oven, 4bO degrees, basting frequently with th? fat in the .pan. Uenicve -skewers ami lay on a hot platter. Serve with any gccd sauce, such as tomato or cheese sauce. Friril Fish Halls These make a good dls:i with or wtlhcui sauce; or made very small they are yooa as appe;i;;.!ra t^ervc with toothpick stuck in them for handles when served as appetizers). Two cups nakcri fish, canned or boiled; nt!» and one t.alf cup.s mashed potatoes; one cup diced salt park; one cgs; one tea;pcon salt: oi:c fourth teaspoon pepper; an additional esg fcr dipping; fin.' crumbs: deep fat for frying'. Put the fish through the grimier, being careful thai all bones large and small are out of :t; add the scasoninjs. potato:s and on egg beaten. Fry t.:e p:rk until crisp and brown. Beat the nV mixture with the park cubes. Season. Shape in balls. Dip in beaten ''3o, then dumbs, uiul lower Into hot fat. Enough for six servings Devilled fiih Two cups conked or canned fisl:. flaked; one cup v.l-.iic sauce; one tablespoon orange juice; one half teaspoon salt; cne fourth teaspoon pepper; one slice onion chopped fine; one teaspoon Worcestershire .suite; one cup bread crumbs; two hard cooked Dggs chopped. Add the crumbs, onion and Worcestershire -sauce, eggs, seasoning, orange juice and fish -to the white sauce. Put into buttered lamekins. Sprinkle with crumbs and brcn-n in the hot oven, WO degrees. Enough for five servings. ;Iu Tomato Cups One and one half pounds fish: twelve medium sized rijic tomatoes; two and one half cups cheese "aucc; iemcn juice: cropped parsley; one half teaspoon salt; one fourth ter.spoon pepper: sprinkle of cayenne; tr.rce tablespoons melted butter. Cut the fish in strips, removing a ll bones. Brush top ol each piece «»h butter, sprinkle with lemon Jiuce and finely minced parsley, ''fii roll, scocp the centers out "I the tomatccs. Season the inside o. the tomatoes with salt, pepper and p!a a ron of fish in each. Place in » baklni? dish and add a very lit- V J- l ° lt '° bollo:n ° r the dish. Bake thirty minutes in a hot oven bastliK the fish frequently ft-ith the liquid in the pan. Serve with hot cheese sauce. Enough for eight Cormucal Oysters One dozen large oysters; one cup cuimiiral: on; cup flour; one teaspoon salt; three fourths cup milk; one teaspoon baking powder; two eggs, well beaten; deep fat for frying. Thoroughly mix the cornmeil flour, salt, and baking powder. Adi Mrs. (io drift.' Thurn, Associate Kilitur | _•__ jSalad Sets Make Dclighiful Gifts ' lu'ii Simple Dishes into . Dt'sstu'ls Suilablc {o r • Any Occasion. Ho many tlmv.., the dlsinu'ivsled c«ik mak(-.i u j;urd puddinj and :iivii .-.iiaih the s.'rvkc ol 11 bKaux 1 jit l.u-ks l.e ptoiii'r sauc; 1 . ,\ uodd ; saute bruiKs out th L . U'M In n pud- j'iiiis. n.)t only uddin,! lu-ulili value in llii- dish by its own iimmllniio. tin making tne piiddlnu mort 'pal. • .liable uiul nun 1 !! appeallny. 't'he lollowins iauco-o aiv (U>li• un slciimi'd, boiled or baked puddings, mitt will nho dress up -brcad. luriiiiiB It from a dfssi'rt inin onu suitnbk' fur or fussy inomln-i's of Hie I laiully. .Idly Same One cup water; hso liibh-.'poon.s any Jelly; on; ublcsponn snjar; cue leaspocn cornslareh; one inlrd cup ihu-ly clumped nnis. I'm the water in an i-irauiDlcil .s.uicupan; bring 10 boiling then .idd me jL.]jy , ml | iuy,,,-. sll] . m| ,,| bu'.ti are dissolved; add i-ornslnrch which ha.s been moislened with u hltle cniil water, lioll three uiin- ute.s, Mir ilu- nuts in, und ixiur over Hie pudding. i.i'imm Hi OI.HIBI- Saurc Oise illusiraled is a salad bowl and matching , )!;lt es of fine Chinese ware. Such sets „,-<• increasingly popular tor they fit uito schemes of biiUci service cr table service MM. equal grace. The set may j k ^ «V^c'li-^-T^T^. 1 " interesting ,.-atter,i in contrast; other salad sals are of pswle),!spoons .sugnr- one lea'spoon corn- atch the dinner ware or be of some nlvcr. polt ? ry, glass, and delicate English typ; china. It U also smart these days to serve the alad in a Hal wooden mixing bowl with salad fork and .spoon of oiled olive wood The bowl s especially trealed with olive oil before using, then never washed, simply wiped out 'with i-le,,n olive oil, ami given a ciuick rinse in sailing hot water, then dried quickly Stuffed Pork Chobs Easily Made| HfRf 1C ri --- M ILIIL llj Hoil the wtiter. sugar and (mixed wlih u little edit wale:-) [or five minutes. 'IY.CII udd ilu.' fruit juice and one labics]>oou oi grnirtl rind, yervt- un Snow piiilnliii; or iiny plain pudding. Ice Cream .Sauce Tilts is iiarflcularly delicious on llruvvn IJcity but K ixxl on uthcr uaik in:ddlng.s as well. One i-^ii: one foiulli . . niii r f. unc >'^s: one fomlh teaspoon U I L U 1!lll; lhm l»b!cs[X!oiis sugar; one M f il ," Cllp hl '" v >' Cl ' eill »: «'»•• "'"I one II ULL.U :uli leaspaons vanilla estnicl Use biead. cheese, left-over chcpr.eil vrgefaliles. onion ami rlrs lcv «n.l pile llie mIMiire on lh c half-done chops. Finish coohirj n, the oven with the cpver of caiscrole elf. Delicious' I'.e beaten cgss and milk, and mix! nflTIITn smoothiy. Fciri tr.e'oysters into the i UN I II I II batter. Drop oy tablespoons into! | 11 I H I 11 deep, i:ot fat. Have one oyster in i ' u ' ' I I U each fritter. Ccok' until we'll d:nc. Drain on thick pa|wr towelinj and ! erve ai once. Er.ough for six serv- Crabmeal with Mushrooms i On: cup crabmeat (all shells aiid > ibrcs removed j; one cnicn juice: or.e teaspoon Worcc3- tershire sauce; a lew grains cay- Mine pepper; one cup white sauca: hrcc hard cooked eggs, chopped; cne cup canned or sai:ied fresh mushrooms; one teaspoon liiinccd cnion; one eighth teaspoon papri- ;a: two and ono r.alf teaspoDin alt. Combine Ihe uabmeat an:l musli- rcoms. Add kman juice, onioi:, Worcestershire sauce, sail. p,-,prika and cayenne. Add to the crab mix- lire the hot while sauce and c-c,s Cock until thoroughly 1 eatcd. SCTVD on toiLst. or in pall; 1 shells. Oi Fill ramekins which have b:en rub- ocd with butter with this mixture, cover wit:-, gralcd cheese and cracker cr'jmbs, and bake twelve minutes in n hoi oven. 450 degrees. Serves six. -MRS. GEORGE THUUN'. Even experienced housekeepers le^icun jask fcr favorite o!d|«3, the ve:; dishe.s which snppcsedly trey haic known and made for years. Among Ihc frequent requests are those fcr "a good patato salad." Tre follcwing .salads nrc made witii poialo and some ether ingredients, awl all come in tti c elassi- 'I'l:ey il:ouid the mc'iu'i a.s a a.s a vegetable. fication of ••fillin not. be placed or. green; but rather namely thr potato cf the menu! letti;ce v.ith them, and a vegetable or t\vo green vegc- 3ervc tables Plain I'olalo in li'.c lack! shrimps and Oysters Hoi! p'-iaic.;., in ih c jacket',, ;L-I cool. ;hcn ,<kiii. Cut in cubes. I-v>r t'-ree cups o: cubes have one ta- h:lcsf^on of chopped parsley; cne half teaspoon o[ salt:"'ilucc Jciirths cup cVopp:d celery: one and on? hall tablcapcons clioppori _onion: fix radishes j Mix the |)-.i!aiOL's. ,in: ery, onion at:d parsley. Add ! cry, cci- 'Ilicy Are Made Wheat riour, Rice, Corn Meal or Bran. There is no law restricting muffins to Ihe breakfast table; for most of lr.em are deliqious -;iiuui:li to serve as a luncheon bread. And any left overs may be split the nox; day nnd ioas;ed, spread with melted butter nnd served with a good marnialadc or jelly. / I'lain .Muflins Two cups Hour; throe teaspoon;. Ijftklng powder: cr.? tablesp:on siiiiar; one half teaspoon f alt: I one cup milk: Iwo eggs; four t,i- | .b!esiiuoii 3 shortening. Sift tc,"th-1 cr the ficur. bakini; pDwdcr, s.icar and salt. Add tre milk, wel'l b.\u- cn cjgs and ineitftl ihoricnin? Mix well. Half fill the multh: pans which are nibbed with sho.'U-iiina , and bj';? In a moderate oven. -iiH) j degrees, about twenty minute.!, i Hicc MufTllis .,' In the above recipe ns= cne cu;i | flour atxi one cup cold boiled rice ! one egg in-jiead of two. and tw.i' I thirds cu;i of milk, instead of on« j cup. Mix In the rice last, mixiiv llgl'.tly. Bake about thirty minutes in a modcrata oven. 400 degret-s. Com .Meal Muflhis Us; above j,ir,ln ]mi nin recipe, "sing three fourii-.s cup corn meal and one and or.c fcurtti cups flour instead of all flour. Add one labl»- tpson more sugar and oi-.e K<- instead ol two. Bran Muffins Three fourths cup b ; -an- cne and one fourth cup3 -raham flour tines-tablespoons sugar or n;oln>- •ss*: one half teaspoon ;a|i t res fcurths cup milk: fcur" teaspoons baking powder; one e-'. four tablespoons melted shortening •Mix all (fry ingredients well to- Jll:cr. Add ll:e eji; and mi-llec; .shortening. th; n molasses and milk to make a soft batter. BI thoroughly mixed. Half muffin pan. riibbtd with si:o:ien- uig. Bake in a hot oven ^.> dc- S-'c.'s for Jifteen minutes. Date MuHins One ;i,ird cup shortcnins: one JS: iwo citj>3; t»r, leaspnons baking povuler; one half ;ea;poon three foi;rU;s cup milk; one cup dales; pitied , in< j c ]np[>:d. 'nd the sV.orten!t:E, lii" lyal"!] i'BS. i-lirnng in ijs- n 0 :ir. b.iking powder and sail. Tnr ,,, il(I( , mllk Add ohDFpetl date.;. Uji-.c twenty fivc minutes in muffin lia ns mblKd with shortening, moderate -100 <ie5rc==. Add one [cnrlh cup *\, s ?, to tins rerip: fr, r ;, sweeter muffin __ While nun] j, l |jy i and suyai- gradually Ikal ...... 'add the salt Wllhimiil' coiulnue the bi-allng Ihe cream Ma then ihe yolk „! H'-c egg. Combine llie yolk v.iih lhe,fusl mixlure, L-ealhv^ well, i-'old in tr.u crc-am. Add ihc vanlll.,. This l.s also goatl win, mcclu or maple flavoring add:<|. Kruil Sauce One third cup butter; one cup canned fiuii drained ol llie syrup and minced linc-ly; uile cit]> now- dsa-d sugar; while of one cgjt. Cream the bulter. add the s-.ig.u gradually, th n ir.e sillily beaten !B while, neai w;ll, slowly add , the fiuit. until creamy. i>- liciuus on ricr puddin;; nncl other C'araintl Sauce This iwured ov;r » ]: lain nis aid make.s a delicious des;eit Two cups ernnnlateU sugar- (ivi cii[>s boilini; water. Melt the sn Bar in .1 saucepan and heal it sti r rmg cnnstiintiy until ycklen brown Add ihe boiling water. Cm\- ibivi inliuiles. f fi lor and Apricot Turnover PAGE FIVE Ham Steak Slops Into Swanky Society raftw 7 *:?*.'*^ s' •sy^..^ v '^•WurjrjMja' fit! pspiw-'? '-..ffmm-' * «•._ Vv?-"-" ( •~-.5X''<,.i;¥,;'"i;.-s'U'H" : '' '' ly NKA Snvii-i- Mum Mrak. cut from l.s food III fur ii ;curmel. his typically American; Usli hus sli'pp.'d mil of the i simH-thliig-Ui..'01-vl-al..sliurl-ii o tin; I class and nuv: -.mpe-.xvs tin iiK'iius I Jf our hotels mid ii-sUuir- \ 'I'l'.e hostess ciui prepare I 1 . | with a inlnimuiii of effort, j Them's .something miller festive j bout limn IVrhap.s H'.s , iK'cllou v.llli holiday li-asl.s o;- IK-. i and -.vlu-i, dune, u-move from tilt! a wine- j cms; it Iwiks MI uuuiiillvi- on u ikillul, add half a letispooiiful while phuu-r t»nil:-hi-d with iprlja t-ach of sweet paprika and oranne id iMidi-y. Anyway, iry m-vlni: It I juice tu tin- natural sauce h, the with tiny cm-rots nnd whol,- in- pan matiN.s make.s. und si-;' whm a hll ill sualn the i-auce, keep it hot i and pour cw tho ham steaks tt'hni they tire ivady to be tnken il: Is lu, Hi-.' table. Sprinkle with chop- Cm I jied parsley, pm n ( cw - chopped ibout Because . p. think of It in | (hi- CL-uli-r <n ilu- li • one to every iwo IK Ulo-Aly in the Imin's Allow Fiy iomalo«s and several tiny broiled i-iirruls iii-nunil the steaks nnd the reiiialiuler of the veg- i in se-parute. dishes. Cakes You Will Want to Bake 'Vou ean'l s ivc us to;i many | cakes" one uvdenl hum-keeper s»!d i iflcr the Cooking School. ••pl.-.isiii irlni llu'in on tin- page. We ni-vji 1 l ~ivo enough." With such a raiuebi mure -anti niaro cakes mml be UM-lr.comhij. licod cakes, such as: I'litc (,'n-am l.uaf One half cup shorlcninc,; on; nip >ugar; two eggs; one teasuMn u-m- on extract; one half cup rich milk or thin cream; one cup Hour; one half cup cornstareh; ihrn- U'aspurns baking powder. Blend il-c shortening ni:;[ MUM:together, add Ihe bcatvn e- S g yoik.< and the Mavoring. Add the milk a little at a lime. Sift the flour, ccrn- starch and baking powder together and add to ihe mixime. 'I lien fold in Ir.i- stifliy b.-.iicn _*;>•.; whiles. Bake In a [oaf pan rubbed with sliorlenlng. M (x li-rali- own 375 di-Bicu. for toity-livr inlniitss Cover with boiled Icing. (ftucukilc l.oaf Caki- '['Ills one Is dellcloii.s with ca-- amel fudge Icing on top and chop. Pid blac>! walnut.s or l:ickory nuls here and there on i;p. Three squares im.s'wecu-iH'd ch^;-- olatt: 'ihrce; four tubl.-- spoons sugar: ;wo tablespoon.-, milk; IMIJIS Hour; one hull liMSp-'j!! E::!!: four ti-as|xjons bikini lnnvdoi" whli;. i ( ,i fui-.r i'u B s- one n-a-paoii leiiion .'sliaet. Hleu;l lliu' Mi.!av and s^ OfL'lih'.ii tuiji'tlu'i-, udd tin- mill;, bill the lluiir, .-..ill and b.i!;l:i; pu-.vde; 1 , add lon;> half of Ihe llmir anil then I Ho iu'11 beaten egu ivliiti-.s, tr.ou the rest af tilt 1 flour and llavarlr.^;. To two I hints of tl;e inlxtuu 1 .idil ctu 1 t"ii>:i>c:)n o| c!mi:uiiOn. on;, ira- sp::un miliiu'i!, wu- iinri »iii: hall rups liiicly i-huiijied and llnnml ligs and Due lablespcon'.s. Make a loiiii;! tube pan nibbed ttl 'li shurtenhi'.! «ml .siirmkli'd with Hour.' ami nl.icv in It une !:, P o:mfi.l of C-. t . ,inrk mlslniv. ilu-u i.i .sp:uniul of ;!!•• whiti- Ccuiinue ' until M t!:e Hit- H uvd n-il-^ m : i i !: n[i ? iv.t.- Ou-n..:if.O (k^rci'S ! f u , ilfty-[ii t . mlmiies | - Onn-i. Smu,.... <••!!;,. T , ." ., l '" v L "^ : " [K ' ln: "" !!l '-^i-™ 1 • n! "" C ' ""' l:lr: ° 1U ' t "" 1 ' s ' :1 ""' ;i>rani;;> rln:l: on;- tliir:! cup l Juice; on; -.\lltl ona fourth CM;-, i j llciir; uile .u:d en. 1 lialf ka^poJns I t;:ikln>.; p.iwdi-r; c:u- ioiu-th -.1 •;-.- j S.-p.ltatc l: c (•;•,!.; and l;:Ml th:: jwtilte.i and crc.uii ji cirt.n- mitll .still: add yolk.s t'.ich separan-!;.-v.'L'l! beaten. Add sugar (jradnally still watlng with the egg beater. He- uiive ihe healer. Add graljcl rind mil juice. Fold in the Hour, slflcd ' with the baking powder mid salt. Hake in two layer cake pans rub- bi'd with shmieiilng. in a moderate nvvu, :i'25 denied, about eighteen mlnuies. Sproad 'oninsi cream nillntj bc- twii'n (he layers. Cover top ;iud sides with lulled ire-sting, and urale \viiti thin slices of orange, or grated cuimbd orange peel. Orange Cream Fillin s On? fourth cup sugar; one anO •ii- hiilf tablespoons flour: one loiii-lli teaspoon salt; Iwo teaspDons Ki-atetl orange riml; cue half cup iimi! Juice: one egg yolk; two tcas|:o;n.", butter; one teaspoon lemon juice. Put the sugar, hciir and salt, it! li-e lU]i o| the double boiler ami mix: add orange rind and Juice Add the buller and egg yolk. COOS', until smooth nnd thick. Remove fi-tin the henhand ndd'lhe lemor. .Inii-iv Spread between' the layer of cake. Need Cocktail Sauce SS \l SSfa wlt ^ B ±nfe I Factory Tcmpcralurc , . m nests of lettnco. it,]> ivili: may- n ; ,„ „ , ^llMllir.- m-*.l^rt 1/iK;,,... _..., nnn^i = ^ oar»%.cli ,.i,t, ^..ti-i. .... _ UrODnPfl tn 1 *f fSPlf\lAr for shiiiiipr,. oysiers. lobitei , - «arr::sh with radish rose • K. .^ii.iiij}*.,. v*)^i.ti.-,. njuiLcr and uuiici^i.. «<II[;.MI w]i;i ractisii rose mixtures cf seafood, a spicy cork- and thin .slices of hard cooked cga :ail sauce Is needed. Tills sauce is ! Hutch Potato Salad Jilt directly on the .sea fcod when I Three CUDS inial: cubes .he latter is served as a first course i prepared as above: (c-ur- .-.licr.s o 3r ayp;tuer; or with oysi:rs and'fcicon: our 011:011; one fourth en:la:;is. tre sauce is in a Mnall cup in the center of Hi; oyster plalc. and each is dipped directly Into the sauce. Tlir Sauce Two tabiupoor.s mayonnaise: I Cut th-> bacon fin" and Irv in • juice of half a lemon; four tab!-, hot pan u:uil golden. Brown :h- si»ons cnili sauce: ono halt ten-lonuui in ihc h-jcoti ta: au^ add II- SJKOH worce.slersliire sauce; one vii-.c-gar. w.itrr. siii-ai- ani i 13 U ar '( tca.spoon grated ^orseradish. Mix! pepper. !.el bmi. I'-f,, add "the '•and chill ilioroiijjliiy before STV- in;. Oyster Cocklail Sauc,, One cup lomalo catsup; [ew die] cider vinegar: two tab!espDcn s tcr: ;i-.:c:- lab'cspocm sugar; onr . l;.isp=:i:i s.ilt; one fourl:: " J pepper; cue tabiespcon minced pepper chili (hroe one fourth teaspoon . . : (atocs and parsley. ,A- nr.d serve. I'otalo nnd Tour cups co!d . Heat thorcitgh- R sal.irt bo:l?d pepper; two tablespoons elde - egar; one half to one teaspoon salt; '.wo tab!e=poons horseradish Mix all Ingredients and. ctlil 'This makes ens and t«v-j thirds cup;. ..... ...„,.. raan tablespoons cubes; one onici- cropped fine- (wo 1 '"" ...... tablesiTOons chopped paisley;' ono nnd one half icaspoons salt- three hard cooked eggs chopped; one half teaspoon paprika; mayonnaise Mix the potatoes, onion, salt and paprika Marinate ui French dress- BEM.AIUE. o. «UI'i -The u-oida f a jlass facicry often ha.s b-jun Rilrd llie hul'.c-M jji.i;.-. ,,.. x i to 'Hdes ilreif. but ail piccfdcnls vtif broken h;ro rccrntiy at the Tinpennl Olas.s plant. When lim ini. 1U ir.-. <iio;i|)r>i ; 0 '9 tclow zero, uorkei.s built ton "ires inside tho plnnt to keep J;-r;n. Tlmy had bcc:i!e lc vork. because of cold hand., and •lacked iips. altlioi:«h ihcy were clcfcii- lo lini/; pools of n.c imce cakes cream cheese; six u- b.espocns .".horivnins: two rup; nour: one half teaspoon sail- two leastxjons baking ixnvdcr- cooked upiieots. Bicr.d -..,• cl'e-.s" "'itii i n , shoitinins: add th-.-'.^ted diy m- srediems. and work mio a dough. Set in tr.e refrigerator o-,".- ni"i t Next day ,. 0] , OII . thc ayi ,, h J i|n cut into four-Inch .squares place cooked aprlcols in ihi: 'cent,.,- fokf over in a triangle, press the edges togsther. [,,y on u lvs rilb . bed with sl.ortrning and bake in i hot oven. 400 degrees, unu: brn«n. Sprinkle willi p=wdcrcd su - xar aud serve. Truckers Placed Under ' Control of State Board i PITTSBURGH, i UP,- Pennsylvania resident/; win, habitually change Iheir in.sKiencc.s every \lny now have iht assurance ihat transfer chaigc., will no: :eap high(.T diirnij; tnat nionlli. or that ;i table or a piano will noi •:e misplaced. The Ptiinsyliania Public HI-I-- C( now H-IIIIIITO all .rnckcrs offering ihcir services 10 '.he gencial nubhc lo oblain -i cnr- tiricale from the commi^ion. Thus the certified ln;rkri-s miisl file a schedu!r of nitc:, ami carry sullicieni insnruncc lo ]iio(ci-l th'j mover, or owner ol tin- caiso. In thai case fai>ii]i<-.s usnp4 a "P. S. C." truck cjii tolled damages on all loal Illinium- nnd will not suiter a Midden n.i icav: 1:1 trucking i;;i<-., durin-j ihe hcijiil the mo\inu reason. The average flow of tin- O!u» river, ihnd InrKes: MI voiunif 1 -ii water in (he United Stales, is-153,-. OHO feet per sctond miik: one and one iialf cups llom ; |ilnee iiiisixioiis baking [jowder: one l fourth teaspoon .sail. : Cook llie ehnco:ale, four lablc- spcons of sugar and milk slowly until smooth. n; om l th:: shnruii- i nig and of the .siiLjar in^lb; er; add ll:t beat™ rjg' ;-nlk~' and | stir in thc dscnbiL- mixlure. A:lti j 'h e dry ingredients slflcd lo;'c;h"r and add ml!k alternately. Thru fold in the stiffly l, c alcn 'r iK -.vhia:,. Rake in a joal pan riib'ijcd wilii slinriemng. m/xlcraie even. 3JO de- Si'ecs. about tifly iinniit'js. ; tig' C'ake Spiead this eal:e «:tn n:i;rlia I icing for tasi effect. Onr and one . ;lialf c\i[).s .sugar: un<e (oisrlhs cup • •sn.ii-tcnlne: one cup rr.Hk: ihrec ! Positive Relief For Smarting Itch To mil Miiarlini; skin itch, eczema, i.isb. Idler, rinKwni-ni nnd font-itch use Illne .Slai-Ulmmciil. II melts on Ilic skin, si-mlliii; icsicd medicine:: di-i-[i iiitu jjurus vibere il tiills gerni:- aiul cuds ili-biiiii. Very sonthintf. Uocs not ijui u.l'leasa nt i u odor.fadv.'. CHADK A Raw Milk Fhone 74 Craig's Dairy A man QUALITY. ALL I'URWMK FLOO II /!/ (,'ood (Jruccra Kveryivhere THE CKAFTON CO. oiN'iitiiurroics J'JB- Ciiiil in t.e refrigerator When very coid aud i^.idy ( 0 i» tvi . add Hie eggs and parsley anj enough mayonnause or cooked sjl- ad dressing, to moisun well. p,;.. n lettuce cups, or on largo cndiv- leaves. Garnish with strips ol red cr green pepper, or thin slice* of gherkins, serve with mo;-e dffw- ANHDS It's FE because its da£ed the day of roasting! look lor this JajLicJ os? cat:U can-'-it is your guairantcc of absolute Freshness. CENTRAL Blythevillc, Ark,

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