The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1938
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2;!, 1038 Many Observers Believe I'rancc Has Best Trained Army In World KIHTOK'S NOTIi: Along (ho r:i£lcrn licrdur of France strclclic.s ilic strtmficsl line- nl forls in the narlrt. lleliind the forls stands v.lml experts s'Hl consider (In- best in my in 1'iii-ojic. Ralph llcin- B1ATJIKV1I,1J<; (ARK.) COURIER NHWS they go buck to their Jobs auolh- cr group of reservists will move in. These yoimg mm are (lie backbone of an army of a.ooti.COO Which France could mobilize Immediately on the declaration of war. France also can draw on a hug? pool of black native ngh'.m from li'er 'African colonies and can equip them with the Inrgcst Mock' of minumition any anny ever haili In reserve. Ton million rounds of i slicHs for Ilfc-ht and heavy artillery are buried near the border. Periodically (his ammunition Is taken out of tlie ground, ilio powder is removed, ami the shells arc K'nl tack to factories (o be de- rusled. Then (hoy are relume:! to tlie (-round. Those .-.licHi are purl of tile Rciicrnl equipment of the Maginot. Hue, whose Jollifications extend i la ck into France lo Brilliant Chicago Boy Is Topsy-Tutvy Writer PAGE SEVEft ' best in my in 1-iirojie. Ralph llcin- a depth of 30 mile-,- in ptae-s /m, l'i.>iis liurcan manager of Die Aflfiiit. France rrobablv .still Ins Uiii(ci) ness, «lcs;-ril>cs hi tlic ful- (lie Ue.s'l navy of any conliiu'tUnl lowin s dispatch how l'r..i.i-e i.s nation, tul rtaiy rapldlv is rat eh - ;;rt piling fcr (lie win- tlml many K( rov-.'.iin : l-.iteMiieu consider lo In: incvU::Llc. By KAI.i'll Ht:iN/t:rl 1'iiitril Press Staff (,'nimj.omlonl Oi;:)-rl|;lit, 1938, lite Untlcl 1'rcss fMUS, March 2J. <UP)-Hi5)it iriliion Frenchmen arc vc.uly today (o reiw rides and btimw into "catacomb torts" to defend tlie nil with her. strong in light mn:;crs, France ;i]so leads The world in the nuiubrr of .inbma- 11 lies. She ha:> sewn capital rlilps afloat and another one, the Etru's- tonrg. ready | 0 Kn into service scon. The rt5.t;c-lon jrhins. Jenn Hart and Richelieu, will nr. ready for service l:y 1940 or 19! 1. All fMropran powers fccc 1 ) fle- If.ils of their air force;; ;e-;ri'l because there is no international .scil of France. This nation, ravaged twice by] I'ompellini! them to cx- invarir.n in tlic last Ii8 years, lias cli«ni;e inforinalicn, tut r. year armed to the hilt. She docs nol intend to b?comc the baUlop.rounri ago parliament was tcld !hnt'l)ie French air licet was second only of the next world war if .-;te'.:l and lo that of Soviet,i. Franc? men and military ingenuity ciuijhas a ininiiiumi of 3.CCO fighthii; prevent il. i plaues. nnd the actual number More than half of every franc jl^abry is much larger became collected in taxes is turned over to the army, navy and nir forco. Eespite the swift changes in military strength because of the of Ihe increased buildini; nrograiii tincc airplane factories have been nationalized. There is a four-month :,n))]ily ol iumamcnl race, France's army still "'"' ""^ Uasolhie- r.ow, inn, should is judged by experts to be (lie best. n " ccal mining cease there would in Europe. The fear thai haunts " K enough fuel for only two days, every Frenchman is another in- Attempting to solve Hint weakness va.sion from the cast. Out. of that I" 1 lun ' military set-up, Fiv.nce has fear hits developed tiic Maginot cel ,' "'Peiimeiiting «1()i "forest line, a $< DC ,000,000 system of un-| 6:is -" "lade from charcoal. Then' dcrground forts tliat guards every j n . |lc enormous forests in this nil- inch ot the northern and eastern)" 011 alKi theoretically tin; Krcncli frontier.-! except a narrow strip | H mi . v could roll tanks an :l trucl:; opening on the Swiss valleys. ^Bainst land attack. France con- dder:; herself impregnable. She counts on her own nnd the Brit- cn Sascs derived n-o; n eliarcoal. Ei \°»Sii cotton, a vital war ma- Iciial. has b een stored to ipst _ months, and United Stales IraUc .ish navy to guard her coastline. 'W^ sl 'ow Ihal (here have Oee; Like all nations on the crowded j ncavy increases In Imports . continent of Europe, she i-; vnl- inianjanra, nickel and (lie oilier to air attacks. That is wliy | ™ at <!rial3 of war. £o ionj uf ncrable France remains allied with „„,,. Innd in a war, she counts on tlic British navy to hern Her convoy materials across tlic All:int:c Frenchman, living under the ., wnrtant threat of war, ?re in- tctlay building roads leading out . ™ " 1:s philosophical aboui of the gate of Paris wide tnoti"!i |L Mc rai<1 warnings in <io 0 nrav.- ° remind! the French that th»y n a, the general staff has takeii extraordinary precautions ro protect the civilian rioiiuliticu of Parfr, and other citits ajainsl air attack. Thousands of 'men are working to accommodate eight lines.of tui- Iflmol/iles. Usm» . (licse roads, (,110 3,fiCjO,CO(j : inhabitant bi (lie capital could .tnni Paris into a deserted city within a few hours. Eveiy office building te at: war any lime. Th,': .„.„ of preiiarednefs is efmslantlv before them. For tine rcasRi> Viaiv of thcrti take the same attitudt Paris lora 'fl "le BWCITO" as Americans must be equipped ivilh r-tccl cr, do *°™"l payment of th-.-ir in- wooden shutters EO that no va-i corac laj: —-"omeUiing Unit i:; in:- gleam of lisht will olfe!- a' l )lcasanl but inevitable, target for air raiders. Buses arc equipped with cur- -, .. lains so they can bo darkened. nP.lSCT . Air raid cellars have been ttiilt' in courtyards of tile foreign ministry, the ministry of war and all ctber important government build- iiiBS. France, if attacked, could maintain an underground government indefinitely. For 11 years the Bank of Franc: lias teen building gold vaults, an eighth of ft mile deep in places, under a subterranean lnl:c. War materials factories, one? concentrated in a 10-mile licit si round Paris, have teen clecen- t'ralizcd and located in 100 citic-. A.-, this dispatch is written, 20.- COO young men—clerks, salesmen, office workers—are preparing lo ;,o underground lo brush up on their knowicdi:? of the mazes of 1lie Maginot h'ne. Many of these militay rraervists Much interest was sjhown in tlic school election Saturday, the Uvo directors elected were Coleman Crews and Minor Taylor. Mr. Crews was elected for liis first term, Mr. and Mrs. J. VV. UfcClain. parents of M\r,. Harvey Wilson were week end guests in Keiser. Miss Florence Powell rpent Sat- urJa.v and Sunday with her brother at Bernie. Mo. Mrs. Walter Kcllncr visited Mrs. M. M. Kellncr In Riplcy, Tcnn • and with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kcll- ucr in Memphis over (he week end Mrs. F. n. Wnr;| or Lepanlo visited in Ihe home of Mr. ,i,,<| ; \i rs P.. H. Rofcrl.son during the week ciid. Mrs. J. S. Godwin, sister of Mrs. I. G. Bruce spent Frida 'Mils is no stunt for Frank Biilc-k, li-ycar-old Clil :«p.o rclioclboy t.l<.m\ H writ inn upside down and backwards. It's just (lie casle-A way for him in -.vr:ie, Frank used i., write just biiekwanl:; -mirror fashion—and teachrns had to use a looting-glass «> rcuO liiv themes. :. ( . In- (lumped, and mv.v writes totli iipsWr down ami li ; ,rkv,.u;l;,, r:o thai teacher:; need culy ti:rn (!•< p;, Rr lll( ,,i' n ,| tn r( ,, ui n j^,,,,,; authorities tried to eoircul his v.'rilinis, lint discovered lie i:; mi "m\;i. ioiiiu" and iictiiiilly nvs ,hi> world upside t!own. So 1 they let him write as lie pic a sec, and find Iu> ,. ; | V1I | ly ;l hrillimil'r.liident Caruthersville Society — Personal 'l;s fields llosless Miss Klmiuelh fields enlcrtaiiinl llic Lucky Nine midge Club at her hume Monthly i'vcnlii((. 'llicrc- were Iwo hiules ol players. Tins rooms were decoi'jvlrd with low bowls of violets and other sui'liiff flowers. « Eiistcr motif wns ciu-ile-;! out In Ihe tallies, table 1 rovers nml napkins. Miss jewol Williams rc-i-clml liinh Ki'orc urlw, an Ivory incliil llswor sland with colorful pots. Mrs. l.lnyd Holers cut for consolation nml received null polish, Ainuta! To IJr On o llies NiftH Dcmoiisl ration Chib Ncv/s No I es The program for ir.c annual} iRh rchoul lollies, lo be Biven in | tlie high school auditorium Friday \ Sliaily l/utc at 7:30 o'clock, will be m-.uio [ The Shady lauc llmrV.' i::'nun•sp of two onc-:ii:t play.-, mid a ! si ration club held its iv',-ubr maiilli- .lumber of specialties and musical ly meeting Tlmrr/.l-iv. Mivch 17. at iunibera. i (i, e home' of Mrs. w. A. s-ciU. Fif- Thc high L'ofcool band v ill play 'con member:; and tun vlsiovs wen; the overture before the ciirlav'i i ' >'• 'esciit. 'li\». president. Mr:;. J. T. rlSL-s on ':Thc Violin M.iUci of Ore- • !ll l'l'- prK.ided ovei 1 the insclhl Before (he second play in ,m> , ccrMrn ,, Ml , , ^""MeHa'ffcv' -v-is -Jnlcrt, MK, Pauline Ulm aiul Mi S . a 'c-to 'ar Mrs T T on n ,bel^ =lulh RhciKls Bill <| 0 a to-= dan.e- v.-ns clerk,! lo 111] Ilie vacancy. < ipcc.ulty. llrrman Cro Bi I'osey will Ml ,, EI | :i ,, ohns was appoinlc;! iciform In "feu I'rclly Oiiii." an.l j jccreatlona) leader and Mrs -"-•'-' v trio of Miss WyneUr S:'e;ihard. Miss Hiiehanan. and Mia; Winifred Crawford will :;ing "Hey Uabe." Follov/iiif,' tlir.s? 7ioveity inimlicrs. 'he "H" chorus will make it.s first ,. „. ,. „,„„ K<>tv „ i>:lli , lv „„ jppcnrance. Girls apoenri:.";; ih this-1 last month's comity council mc-ctirc: MiM Mary Jean AfOick. Mi-s 1 in;;. Jeanne Botirlaiui. Mis:; Mirf.n-.i j For rcfrcshmcnlri a sandwich Jmilh. Miss Gcurin, Mis;i .luanicc I r-ntc wns served. Walpolc, Miss Delia Fny.: Sy!:-3, | Mies Ruby Nell Ogle, Mi:i« P.vilinc Jim, Miss Evelyn Jordan. "Contrast," Ihe wcond mis net )lay,. will have in it? cart.'. Jnhn I Harp. E. M. 'ferry. Mira Kiiepherd. I Miss Anita Klrackc, T!i:)iv.i>:, Gip-' :on, Misi; Dorolr.y Jcnn Foster, i MILS Sykes. L. T. Moore, Miss i Mary Kathcrino Uillaliur.ty. Mis.-, : Betty Isaacs, Tom Simon. Todcl Harrison, Colctnan .Stevens, Mis.s Geneva Graves and Miss Helen La Shot. A syrciail.v, "St. Loui', Woman'', by Miss Sara Lou Mr.C:itchen will } precccd the main event uf tlic I .. the crowniii!> of the Pol- lies' queen. "Margie" wi'l lie Kim;; as the finale of the affair. Tiic •dcntity of the queen is a secret. lamfjci- Firms Wary of Furopean Barter KANKAS CITY.. Mo. UJi') —Kn- ii'iii 1 '.': i!i)vi>rinncnl.'i Hint nral Inrc.o 'li:anlltU's of walnut himDrr In <'.-<!lying out their armament pro- fi-.miK aren't llkelv to net nny credit from Kaunas Clly wnlnul. lumber lirnr;. Frunk J. Purcell, president of tile Purcell lumber company which nwnii one ol Ihe largest' wnlnni himL'vr mill 1 ; jji Knnsa:; Oily, said :irm rrcquenlly ncis olfcrs from ipcan coimlries- \vlio wish to i nnmiliizliiriul nrlluler. [or 1 iv.ilmit lumber, which they list lor ride stocks. "Germany reuularly nKcinnl:; lo i;ct a supply ol walnut lumber by !-w;'p:cinK somrlhliiK like a bant. •lon.-l nf harmonicas," iMirccll said, "I'lil they dlliei- pay the cash or llicy don't eel the lumbrr." Knntn 1 ! City is the ccnlcr ol tlic unlnul. liiH)ki.<r indiislry in UK; Unllcd States. Purcell snl:l. Evnry jr.ii- wiilniil. millK here turn out McCard. Mrs. A. Smart and Mrs.' M. McHaffey were chosen as visiting committee for Better Home:! Mrs. J. T. Hipp RHVC a report oit froin B.tlCO.OOa lo lO.OfyQ.OOU feet of litmber. 1SIII BIcilcl Still Kens FUL'VON, Mo. (UP)—Harry VV. j Flndley, motor dealer, applied ior j Fish arc able to (lout at different motor lltcn-jc plates lor a une- • levels by compresrhiB or cxpnndliv.: , rylimicr Brusli f.utam-jblle bidlt ;i-i { (heir uas-flllcd nir-blndtlcrs. years n;,'o. will no!- r,cs (he sky ior two weeks. Tiicv will take some cf ... ' ..Jllll. >.« ..... ~.^., blll . t , lltvlllj their meals five stories below (he!of young folks down to the 4-H surface of llic ground, and when meeting held at Keiser Friday. 'ister. Mrs. Godwin brought a group BUY NOW AND SAVE nn mm u Pickup.. 1201 r /I?JS n friar n is; in A-1 f'tiiu/innn ftnK* %.!•}(} n*\ ,i,..,..» is pfcl(U|i is in A-l Comiifiou. Only SI20.00 down and S20.(IO per month. ' 1931 Chevrolet Coach $69.00 If you v/anl lolu of inilrs for a Iltllc money—sec this car. 1935 Chevrolet Coach $221.00 A real clean ear—Good Tires and ilfolor. Only S1S.OO down ami S!(!.C0 r-er mcndi. BUY A HOME Ik-.-il l:uy in lovvil. 0 rocuis. :) Ijcdrooms, huh. excrllnnt loca- iion close to'rchnal. l.aiee living iccm. bij; Iroont i:orch, all wratherslripped throiijjhaul. Ideal for lj»-j;c familv. prl-jj S'^fiO. $500 lo 5850 will hau-ilc. MORSE AND KIRSHNER rtk'li'(i|Kili(an Farm SUfy Cily I.iiiins My fate is in your hands To JnndHce a hnitlc t/J BUDWEISER takes months and months—and yet it's a matter of minutes. Every operation requires perfect hour-niid-ininulc timing. Barley must sprout, just so long—and no longer. The clock lias flic final say-so on mashing, cooking, fermenting and pasteurizing. So, wherever you go in the home of BUDWEISER, you're facc-lo-facc with a clock. And, when you open a bolUe of BUDWEISER, you're facc-lo-facc v/ilh that sort of enjoyment and satisfaction that only.prccisc brewing can produce. In Gns MAKE THIS TEST! r DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS. ; [ ON THE SIXTH DAV TRY TO DRINK '. I A SWEET BEER • YOU WI.LL WANT I '- Budweiser's FLAVOR THEREAFTER. = ' ' NOTE FOR HOUSEWIVES: A R i a « of cold BUDWEisteR is always a thoughtful compliment to a husband ™ iy,:ruj,ii —especially in the evening. Has he R E o u i R t o ever expected it when tlv:rc was none ANHEllteoRUSCH ' m ' U , 1C iccbox? Chcck UP on your MNHEUSCR-BUoCH supply . Kcc p a Carl0il oivhand _ and several Ixittlcs or cans of BUDVVErsER chilled and ready for instant serving ... at unexpected as well as regular occasions. ANHEUSER-BUSCH e ST. LOUIS ORDER A CARTON fDS YOUR NO DEPOSIT AMERICA'S SOCIAL COMPANION IMsl Matrons niiik Knlcr.. Mrs. II. N. Arnold nml Mrs. J;ick I fun were lo Ihirleen mciu- Iti'i-.s or Ihe t' UK (. Matrons Club on Mondny evenhij;, A delicious Ihrcc course dinner was served at snvcn '.'clock i\l Ihe Kni. sliop. Thu loim (able wns centered wllh a vase of H|lrlii'( flowers, nml divcii inpoi'ii turiied in silver cmidlesilck'i. 'I'lie nnd mint cups carried out Ihn ai. Patrick inollf. Allcr dinner I lie iHisiiuvis session wns |;li'cl (vcr b, Mrs. unrl. (lie ilre.sldsnt. Mrs. Ch-iK, "Jheiwrd wns in {.'hiirgi! ol Ihe social hour and comtuclcd u clover conlr.'il. !\!re. j. \v. Davis was u Inner and received n novelty JiiBkrl, filled with clmcoliile.s. Tho ':!rlhd:iy of Mrs, s. E. Judm was' •l):;m«i thl« moiilh and (he KI-OII|I cm luir i-lfl. lo her home us she .Mil unal)le lo attend, 'Mv. and Mrs. II. A, Norton and ion, llonic!.', and Tom lliunlllon .f clilmio, 111, rii-nuM- residents of gSilltCII'IO illld l)l'l>|-lll!{, ur I! uliny a few diiys In tin- ••joiuity Ills week iillciiillnu lo Ijii.slnew n:il(er:i ai> | vlsilhi :[ frlonds. Merrill Splllw, of Ne.«' M(ulrl:l, 1'cnl Monday here. Mrs. pHtillui! liiiy.-lt'ti drove to i.;i-C[il;i, Ark.. Suliud;iy raornlUK ncitl met her inolher. Mrs. iciuu-.i Merle ami :;Lslcr. Mr.s. w. O. Haw- licrne und fiunlly und thuy can- huiiv| mi lo Moin|ihts anil .spent lie day. Mr:;, llayilcii rvliirncd lli;U vcnini;. MiMioa Paiilinc nu;l Nannie Ciar- •ctl lull Suiidii;- for St. ijfnlii. Mr. and Mre. Paul Brown nml ilmi'jlilcr. Hhirlry, of jllytlicvlllv, Vik.. worn jjiiesls of Mr. and Mrs. J.. C. llr.iwn at tlie noon hour Mcn- lay. Mr. ixi!;i, Mrs.Paul Brown, who inve niiide. (liclr honic in Ulyllic- vllle for ri'vernl yeiir.s, were eii- rpulc (o I'aducah, Ky.. where Mr. Diown ha-; l:ocn iraiisrori-cd. Mr. iin:I Mrs, Fi'ccl Williamssjicnt Sunday in (ho Cnrlolon cninmiuiity. lliey were nuc-jls of Mr:;. Willltuiis orcilicr. Frnnk Estcs and family. TIOUJIC Stalls VHt'U \Slll,GY, fnd, (Uli) , , (or llic oiKiihii} of the GBlli season of the cilimivini Slock comimny, rnled (ho oldesl. tent slock company In tho Unilcd Stales, nro Kchcdiiled lo Marl April 18, 1'Vnnk Cllnnlvnn, mnnnijer, snld lluiuhc Iroupv would open ^flly a-ilic aoih oiicnhijf here. I>fvs, S. nobcrtshttw aiut Mrs. K. D. Wiilsli of Wntikcsttft, WIs, nr- rlveri lust week nrirt vislKd In the Homo of (heir donghlcr and sister, Mvs. crews Uaynolds and fnmll>", Mrs. Walsh returned to her homo Sunday, but Mrs. Robcrtslmw rc- nmlnccl (or a longer visit wlih her daughter. Mrs. Clms. W. Shields lelt Tiws- dny inovnhig for St. Louis where she will cnlcr u cllnlu for Iroftt- ini'iil. ^rr. nnd Mrs. Mike Meroney mid Mrs. Ifoincr Hcnimi fipenl Monday nftcnioon In Dlj'lhovllVe. Pin-Ball Ordinance Stir» Toledo Protests . TOLEDO^ (u'p)-Tiio <% COUIKI: has aroused protests by licensing pin-ball machines with automatic dcvkes that pay oil In metal chips. City Manager John N. Ed)-, who Biso Is surety director, declared tho new ordinunce providing a $50 license fee per machine' would increase police difficulties In enforcement of gambling laws, Groups of elllzcns have threatened litigation, Head Courier News Wnnl Ads. GVENCOE BARBER SHOP Karl E. Tarkcr, I'roii. fJlencde Hotel Bldf. Hand or Eleclrlo Manicuring. , .. • f -— otton Is a signal of coiislijmtion. \\hrn Nature thus arivis'es, dofrci'irt olr lJI;ick-I)riiuglit (o set your lazy colon to work affiUn. You'll find ihnt Blnck-Draueht, brings Ocnnslns, i-crresliliifj action promptly nml, more than Uml, tends lo Icrive llic colon working regularly It is sure nnd thorough, yet docs not upset tlie stomach or disagree with Ihe digestive system. There tiro scientific reasons Tor (Ho cuuorlorlty ol Black-Draught. Its most active Ingredient — medically knoSvii as "an intestinal tonic Inxtttivc" - hns been tested and approved In medicine for centuries. When Nature warns that you need a good liixalive, rely on the one und only, purely vegetable Black-Drnught. BLACK-DRAUGHT So Much G-E Refrigerator Value for the Money! l.TJirifty in PRKil 2,Thrifty in CURRINTI 3.1hrifly in UPKttPI The multiple savings o/ ,i 1918 G-K Triple-TfmJt Kfjri'gcntlai, n] tOHtu, include mtttilioniil }iirin$i in jootl, in itc, in lime, etc.

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