The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY u, 1039 BLTTHEYILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER. NEWS US! W Forest Fire-Grey Smoke Over Black Hills ^ - n i ••••mi -i •-•""• WsJ.l.'Ss'SSs, -*V* *%<< R. Walton Moore Hails Atlantic Service As Aid To Peace . * fiy HARRY-W. FRANT7, \Inited Press Staff Corresponded . WASHINGTON, July 14. (UP>the United States has gnlmd prestige abroad, prospect of world peace may have been enhanced and an era of International transport impends, us result of the recent successful inauguration o Irans-Atlantlc clipper mall nnd passenger services. Such are. Ihe opinions of R. Whitbn Moore, cool, grey counselor of the State Department, who crossed the Atlantic on the Yankee Clipper. Judge Moore, al 80, has nn enthusiasm for-aviation nnd a modernistic sense of Its future, which might be expected in a youth of 20, Although sometimes chnrac ieifced as a Virginia gentleman of Ihe '"'Old School," he lives, in fact, in aviation's "world of tomorrow and has a close knowledge of fac Ibrs affecting trans-oceanic travel - Two Worlds Closer '"Establishment of trans-Atlan- tic air service is one of the most striking tilings In modern history," Moore said -In an Interview. "H marks the beginning of another chapter in the dramatic story of the rapid quickening In communication between the Old World .im the New. The operation of. the trans-Pacific route earlier chapter in that-story. "If' it Is to be assumed that I United America has been largely respon- Haven Or Wilderness? to Rapid City, More than 1HH> men lire sweeping forest area of Black Hills, South Uakola lour chiise residents of Mystic, Sllvci Clt>, nml Pticlola, ••'•'•' •were pressed Into fire-fighting service. Showy Desert taFreakish, Legend Says it's Haimted the Inml in the apartment, nren BY JULES' B. BII.LAHI) Press Stair Correspondent ALAMOGORDO, N. M. (UP) — mild li;u iiaa in,tii j«»i£,>.ij • -~j i • sible for what, has taken place, H'An old Spanish legend, still pol- ls'a proud Item-ln : the list, of our slsls, of ghosts haunting the dunes achievements. On of the .Atlantic, 1 the other side of the Great White Sand, a vast heard constant fairyland of cryslullzed gypsum on reference to our initiative 'and on- the surface of the ' deseri terprise, and • constant*' i praise . of the president of the Pan American Airways as the world's oulsland- ing leader in aviation." .. Judge Moore was ' riiade chair Thc mllk-whlle deposit, only one Q[ Us kjnd , n (hc ^arlA, | s 30 m |i cs i 0 , lg nnd 10 miles wide and stn) |n U]c ocess of forming. It man, of the Intei-dcnartmenla estlm aie<l Uial there Is enough committee on Civil Internationa L ypsum m t|, |, e area to supply the li Because the gypsum crystals ontain no nitrogen, no plant life an survive on the dunes. The only •eectatlon grows in the . open paces between the drifts, though o'nie species are able to push their way through the dunes and appear to he growing on them. There s- some animal and Insect life on .he sands. will be devoted to gardens, the foundation announce!!. A schoo and adjoining playgrounds wll cover .I',4 acres .and other pla spaces and parks will embriic about six acres. Thc community business ccnte will have space for nine shops o the first floor and office space fo physicians, dentists and the For Foundation.on the second floor.. Britain Conceives ."Amen can Palestine" For Ok World's Problem People BY Slll/1'ON BRONNER NKA Service Start Oorrespofidei LONDON, July H.—Having; pine tlcally closed Palestine lo . Jewls Immigration, the British goven incut Is toying with the Idea ( settling refugee Jews In Hi Ills aulana, Its colony hi tho norther part of south America. Not only ilo the .Zionists to consider this from .senllmont nml historical reasons — which' diew them to Palestine, tho land of their forefather* — bill Ihoy claim that tropical diseases, tropical Insects nnd conditions generally make It Impossible for a race sed to European u n d North merlcan conditions lo settle liiere. H would require nboul $4,000,000 o establish experimental farme. t would lake at lenst five years to ee whether these farms could .ton yorked practically. AUTIIOKITY DECLARES SCHEME UU'RAOTlCAlll.H British subjects, who nvo not lews, have been waging a buttle of words over lhc proposition. A, J. Scliwclm, who is : known as mi au- thcrlty on land settlement, con- The 1 a n (V for the FDRi PIOJECT.m e ou entn^la^ Now a nationa, mommient effort to assure the United States the U. S. Park Service, the Whitu in- premier position already at- Sands have the appearance o fained on trans-oceanic air lanes, great piles of granulated siigai /.i-r years of •international nego- rippled by the wind and blown inflation this effort culminated to drifts from 30 to GO feet high. with the passenger' service on 'he It is a Azores -Lisbon route and the air-|tion glows world of white—no vegeta- In the heart of the mail service on the Newfoundland-1 sands—and the animal ami - insect England J ro'ute* n n -recent weeks*';!/ life of the dunes—field mice, llz- "" •" ..... Beetles—have taken cerriin<>'aviation;'sirice^'the days""oilon a White coloring'.as protectior " Wrights, and re- from their natural enemies. • counted personal 1 " Impressions of ' nuucs Slowly Advailchig. •''• his recent" night on :the Yankee prevailing winds from the south Clipper. : ... ., • < west pack the .sands .• and covei Recalls Earl.v Flights . 1 tracks made by animals and visit- I-have not .the slightest doubt | ars n , ike occasional gusts pick up proje'ct, to be known Your credit is good for one tire or a full set of new first- line Lees, at Phillips 66 station's, You get a trade-in t ' < allowance for your old tires, and you get (lie new ones promptly. No red (ape. You pick the payment plan whicli best suits your convenience, | So replace that worn and dangerousr'ibber.NOW. Pay later, as you ride in safety, Unid of British f-lulana soro-pressed Jewry . . . or . . 11 liavrn for the old v,oild'i a 'foiblddliiB wlUleines-sV \ denms the whole scheme. Assuming eel South America u niUlannl home a group of 3000 to 6000 KCtilers I richer and more fertile Hum Pnlcs- housin as U Sprlngwclls Park Subdivision, \v donated lo the foundation .In D cembcr, 1937,- by Henry Ford. ., Tlie foundation, as incorporated, has the purpose of "distributing 1 future charitable gifts by Edscl Ford's son and president of the Ford Motor Co." , Work already in progress al tho site Includes the removal of trees from reposed streets, grading In preparation for paving, the laying were landed In Georgetown, he says l tine; nml thai In Ihe Western there would at once arise the prob- Hemisphere they may achieve a. lerii of how to transpoil. them and standard of health nml pios.jicnly their possessions several hundred mid a degicc of freedom which miles Into Ihe uninhabited Intel lor. has not been Ihclrs for the last A first class road, suitable forhorso 2000 ycnrs." carts, or even more so . for motor — lorries, would be required No ™ cl * "Veteran oi '61 WondeM roads,exist. ,, ,, », i ~ i'There have not oven been pre- I Jj JJg Named llmlnary surveys for roads, ft would take years nml 16Ls of money to build .such roads. They would he delayed, too, by' torrential tioplcul " G ^ rnl ,' ••COURTS HOLLY ,Mlch. (UP) — John P. Beaumont, 114-year-old Civil War rains. For health would be best for settlers to live together In villages whcie they could Have medical -attention. Bui living In villages would be « seilous hau- that Beaumont, ,, iTe.v., limy have Ijceu named utter , rc ?m, ,'L S T r ,J U .oldlcil Pi«nk during the Olvll | of sidewalks, and Installation water and other utilities. of First Construction Will Be ,15 Apart me n t s,^ 53 •Hofne's". V? "":''/•""' BY JOE MORGAN , Their crops would be attacked by Potters Revive Old Art And Do Work By Hand . ALliENTOWN, Pa. (UP) T- Two Powder Valley men claim to be the last producers of Pennsylvania German pottery in America. Thonias and Isaac Stahl produce beetles and caterpillar; and thch ..- . , homes by termites, Finally, he do-1 llle 1 " lssl011 tared flatly, this territory Is not a while mans country. It could be cultivated nnd developed only oy iii!-colored races. ANOTHER AUTHORITY iliaV'n'vlatibn 'will be. marked by constant;' m'ent,-and I believe that after a while flying may become almost as m ltlLn.t:. VJU^UOLUIIUI guavo |J*^n "!' ' [ i \i , swirl :of sand-moving the dunes principally common -when flic °—I, <>»l= A^gordo; - . - ,iSact^Spict that even- _ Prom this eddying movement of U1(llly wi u provide homes for 10,000 0;el air ami sand has 'sprung a. Spnn- Staft rorresDondenl this " nationally known '.pottery a Staff Correspondent thclr shop I2 m n cs sou th of here and do H.without the : aid of ma chlnery or modern jnsfniiiienls. . The, brothers', Thoi'ins is. 11 and Isaac 67, are' .soils-.of.a ''vcierqi potter, who,-*like;.;other, craflsine United Press DEARBORN, Mich., July 14. (UP) Ford, whose; sociological of by automobile, 11 by air was ish legend of the Pavlo Blanco, or the White Wraith, the;ghost, of a dressed in tlie persons. Immediate construction of 15: apartments housing" 203 families,! - i 53 single homes, and of her wedding I commlm | ly business who comes nightly lo skim i bcen nnnolmcc ri by of the machine d not compete iducts, , , the Stahi brother because h - rca Hall po'em,- anil all of the dream-U°™, wno conies iiigiuiy 10 SKU,. i bcen nmlo;mcc d by the ins of other men I recall distinct- over the ridges nnd drop into the| pouminiion, organized in-193G as ly when Professor Langlcy of the shadows "beyond, searching for licrj n ncll . p,. ofl i corporation "for Smithsonian made his little at- lover, lost and burled in the Great, | -sd i entir , C| educational, and chnrl- .p or j ! in a newspaper llial Ihe poltery p War. Bcaumonl, while slalloned h Tcxn-i with Ihe ltd Michigan Cavalry, chiseled hli name In the adobe walls of nn old Calhalli leap to farming, n the nle lor Q hey would be subject to tropical w , |e)c Iseases, particu arly to ,nalar a Thc , OW]l Nolan Lambert Iws filed Mill In clmnceiy court, .seeking a dlvoice from Florlno Lambert on the ground of dcsciilon. IM B. Cook Is attor- icy for Ihe plalnllll. Loulslniui runnm 'Uirlliy NliW OULFANS (Ul')-'HlO I.OU-1 islunn fnrmci bows only la Iho Texas farmer In the matter of Income, according lo 13. U. Jones, agrlculluial seciclaiy or tho New Orleans Association of Commerce, in u list of southern farmers' yearly Incomes. Texas led wllh $1,185 per farm; Louisiana was second wllh $G11, and Aikansas third with $ir>5 up when oil \vns A fool-opciatcd pump capable of HUlaUim tires up lo DO pounds Is now being placed on Ihe mnr- ;l 'Hoppers Hop Flrfs OROVIli,B Cal (UP) — Stale Forest Rnhger Miles H. Young.ic- porUs thai Invading grds-shopiwrs lu Cnllfoinla arc getting j!o big tlie,v can nnw even defy lhc roi- 1 ^Ub IVIUI^UIIII . TY llwlvlll, u. t»u -n-,*.""^! ^" ,,i, ,1 1 I I institute of Tropical Hygiene to- merijr. he sa d they coud he kept I'LAN alcolm. Wateoii. of Ihe nos« inulei contiol by sinioundlng them with nre, but now they arc • •'" thai tempt at Widewater, on the; Polo- White Sands. ....... . mac Elver below Washington, and The area covered by the sands when after that the people of is in the lowest part of the vast Washington were astonished to see valley between the Sacramento Wright plane navigated over mountains and the San Andreas Port Myer near Washington for a short distance. • "I have suffered automobile accidents, but in my rather limited experience have suffered no accident In an airplane.,My .first flight was while I was serving as a member of the house Of representatives, in a plane that was not regarded as very dependable, and in .which I -was the only passenger. Subsequent to that there were occasions when T flew, one of them being an all-day's journey In the HIndenburg northward from and to Lakehurst, N. J. My first flight In a clipper was from New York lo Bermuda and return, and that was an altogether happy experience." range. Water can be found within (able purposes.".. Thc cost of the project $1,525,000. be approximately In addition, Ihe foundation plans construction within the near future cf 176 additional single homes and a few feet of Ihe surface. It Is the ] apar t m ents to accommodate 158 presence of this wnter that packs | more f am ii| C s. Ultimately, the com-' the sand hard between the dunes | mun ity w ill cover 1,069 acres and provide liomcs for a population.of 10,000. The building site lies in a and makes possible automobile travel even where [here are no roads between the ridges. , Worth 5 Cent's u Ton Although of chemically pure gypsum, from which wall board, tile, piaster of paris, sheetrock and fireproof building • material are made, the 116.000-acres of piled white sand is worth only 5 cenU a ton. Every part of the earth is the Germans was a lest art. It. wa Ihcn that thCj' decided .to reviye the industry. • : '-.•'.'- Tlie following year they opened their kiln. Since that time, they have kept 1 a register of all visitors 16 their shop. Art sludenls, college professors and .writers from every section of the United States n, well as visitors from Scotland, Germany, England and other European countries have called. The Stahl brothers dig~thelr own clay, lest It with their hands, and ireal it themselves. They mold ,[. j their articles with a jjotlcr's wheel cated in London, lakes complete Issue" with Schwelm He savs he speaks from 3!) years' close assocla- getting so , b g nnd tlon.with tropical development In they nrc able lo hop back ovci,tho MaUyn, India and Africa, and fiom nre lines ami continue theli nn- many.; visits to, Java, Siimatia, Pan- fnrloiis work. am'a, 1,1)0 . Phl'lliiplnes and Brlllsh Giilana" itself. ;' r jfe docs .not; think that prellm- inary scU]emchl.t. wauld fnll ? if placed' under the control of a man n : lip'• Is :'iin' agriculturist .with n knowledge- both of tropical development nnd of. the control ,of malaria. He would have lo be supported by medical men familiar with the treatment of malaria and other'tropical'diseases. Once such a settlement had been put on a prcper footing, laymen nnd niedl- cal onicers from there could, go on lo open other new settlements. Amoni; the New Zealand Ma orls, a 1 village -maiden perform lhc tusk of seeing that no. humai shadow defiles the food of the IP luinga priest or doctor, by passin; over It.-,. ".' -^ Rouge Village, factory Ford's and Greenfield "history - book" town. Tlie new homes will be for sale to the public and apartments will be for rent "in the medium price range." Home sites later will be and fire llieir wares in their own kiln. He denies that tropical countries can only be developed by tropical races, citing particularly the development fit-Uie Panama Canal Zone. .•'.',' Hence Watson concludes: "It seems to me that the Jewish race may well find In Brlllsh Guiana and some olher parts of tropl- Complete I.ino of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP . 'Second 1'hone 311 KENTUCKY SIMWHT MUXtOM WHISKY Is made the good old Sour Mash way IlV'CouiliyMide" in ly that made KCD- tuclcy Bouibon famoBi. fie, c w!ii>!.y since 1820. This whisky la 90 proof Our I'iiiillc Holllc wna crtalctl In Ixjnut ol Sleplicn 1'ostcr. vvl») wiolc "My Old " " ~' - mill-Hinted by Fflilma'n's'' Commission t>>. llrlvna, Ark. plentifully supplied with gypsum,! made available to any piirchfiser ' ' provided a home is built within a So. Carolina Assembly To Cost $350,000 COLUMBIA, S. C. IUP)—South Carolina's all-time length 1939 general assembly cost the state upward of $350,000. ' More than half that sum was for extra pay of the 170 legislators, who stayed in session almost six months due lo financial wrangles. Final compromise of the unusual session was voting of $450 additional salary to each lawmaker. They already receive 5400 regular pay, according lo law. In addition, the Palmetto State legislators received 5 cents a mile travel expenses a week to and from their homes for the 25-week session. , : ' Cost of the assembly, whicli meets yearly, was divided'as follows: Senate $805,609.41; house of represenlatlves, $119,021.15; engrossing department, $31,910; "special services" for both branches, $11,020; "extra pay," $178.500. Moreover, a total of $80,000 was appropriated for the 1938-39 fiscal year for "printing state documents," with the bulk of the money being used for legislative printing. though not in as pure a state as here, and consequently this deposit's chief value is as a while sand fairyland. ; Tlie sands-are in constant process of making and arc moving toward Alamogordo an average of 8 indies a year over thclr 30-mile front. At present Ihey are about 15 miles from Alamogordo, with a paved state highway skirting them specified time. Prices of the homes built by the Ford Foundation will be $5,500 and up. Thc apartment rentals have not been decided. The homes will be of five and six rooms with garages attached. Apartments will be from two lo six Canned Roses Promised LONDON (UP)—Canned roses at moderate prices may soon be on he market In winter. Tlie blooms, reserved by a secret process mown only lo its discoverer, o well-known London rose grower, are as dewey and fresh when taken from their tins In December as they were when plucked in June, but they have no scent. rooms with ' air electric garbage conditioning and disposal plants. and a road leading into the heart] The apartment buildings will be of of the dunes. The national monument last year had 110,000 visitors. ' Known as the Great White Sands, there is not a parlicle of sand in Ihe area. The dunes are crystals of anhydrous calcium sulphate and not silica or quartz like fireproof construction with brick sldewalls and floors of reinforced concrete covered with hardwood. They will be two slories In height. Large Space for Gardens Approximately 80 per cent ol ordinary It is sand, believed that the sands i were formed when an Inland lake or sea dried up thousands of years „ . ago and left the crystals to be | ,,,„., wluuo( | 0 ,i nl i lE1 [t e moo 11 ,.l!eiUl.y 1 i Piled UP by Ihe prevailing SOlllll- , n »p, close nurcery vrinilows >nd door. UK » - I --- J -pnyer and fill Ihe room with » ml»l ol Mosquitoes Keep Waking Up Baby? t-ncl \esl Brand InKctKpny. Let tho room | 0 r 15 minute. K«p buby out. when Lake Bed Eroding ,„„,„..- — r --— --- . To the west of the sands is an youjo bs^rte only moaqultoe. will be d«d Old lake bed Which Is drying UP , 0 "f}on"tcontuseBNBi»ndSpr«ywltlioHierln- ,nd working itself OUl by forming ',KlIdd»ltha3nonutyk«roeene«nitH—onlj'j crystals of senelte-pure gypsum ^"iSJfnd rSy^iiunta? " iEEM " like the sands but of a different mosquiiow end other flying *.p* n l rlr.iAtl.ra InSCCtS flUICK 1 — >"6l II iCnlUely J'Stal Structure. lUlelouie In the home. Don't Geologists have advanced a trie-, ^^sie money on chwip, wo»k. ory that flood waters from the sur- • m j llytt ' ll !|J 10 pJj e J l ™ 11 j Irt "5; rounding mountain ranges dissolve Jg e | ell tiir.e, miick-kllilns these selenlte crystals nnd, because sec Brand Jmcci Spray—in of the rapid evaporalton In the J^^h'JpSanu^Fiaiit* desert air, form' the while sand crystals. H Is possibly because of' fUfid Courier News mm odi. In the world. . the rapid evaporation Hint the crystals arc hern and no place else NOTEi Vou can olio km fliet mi tnc*jm. too, o» iccll oi rMcJtfi and anil, "ifi'lh Btt Brand InMcl Toir^r. Tfcad (firrcl/onl on ccn. BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! TIRES, TUBES, RADIOS, PARTS, REPAIRS, BODY & FENDER WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW-PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. phone 633 Alw»ys Ope Two Men Wanted TWO MEN WANTED TO COMPLETE OUR ORGANIZATION NEAR BLYTIIE- VILLE. WATKINS COMPANY LARGEST, BEST KNOWN PRODUCTS AND EASIEST SOLD APPLICANT BETWEEN 25 AND 55 YEARS WITH A CAR. EARNINGS USUALLY RUN FROM $25 TO 535 WEEKLY! WRITE P. M. LEWIS Thc 3. R. Watkins Co. Memphis, Tennessee

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