The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 22, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII— No. 135 Blytherille Courier, Biythe?llle Herald. BlylhevlHo Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. Chamber to Hear New Orleans Man's Proposition; Disapprove "Gas Tax." The board of directors of the Blythevllle Chamber of Commerce at their regular meeting last night voted to hold an open session next week 10 consider the proposal by a New Orleans man to establish a full-fashioned hosiery mill In this city. The Chamber also Instructed ils president to appoint a committee to meet with the city council at the gas franchise session tonight. The proposition to establish a hosiery mill here v.'ill be investigated thoroughly at the meeting to be called. It Is understood thai the proposal calls for the placing hereof a full-fashioned hosiery mill 10 employ bet wen 15 and 100 pro-, pic with $20,000 stock In the mill to be subscribed locally. The chamber passed a resolution addressed to Judge George W. Barham of the county court requesting co-operation in making the county fair this fall a success by KLYTIIRVILLK, ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, AUGUST 2a. Forest Fire Threatening Smalj^City OCONTO, Wis., Aug, 22. (UP) — The entire population of Oconto rallied today to fighl a forest Are that ihreatened to overwhelm the cily. Men, women and back the names that readied the | outskirts of the town with brooms, j spades, plows or any fire weapons I tliey could lay their hands on; By NEA Servee Reaps Double Profits Enterprising Justice o children beat ! Peace Makes Prohibition i Pay Big Dividends. handily. A northeast wind aided them in CHARLESTON, W. Vii,. Aug. 22. ! --The prohibition law and a home- ! stemming ths blaze, but it apjwar-1 made jail have combined-to bring] lo be gaining headway. neat gross income of . around • S1COO a inonlli lo Justice ot the, I Peace Harry Johnson, who presides I |o\er ihe populous Cabin Crcfk dis- ! • trict 30 miles from Charleston. ] ' Justice Johnson, elected a year i ago for a four-year term, took the | prohibition law as he found it, jbut the jail was his own idea. Hi 1 | oic-rates it like a hotel, charging 1 each guest "a jail Ice of one dr>l- But Local Parties Can't De- \^.^^™^,^"^ termine if Ruling Hits at Recent Bread Ordinance LITTLE ROCK.— In an opinion cents apiece for each meal. This.' aiidid lo the courl cosis that are. liis legal perquisite in all lititior • cases, makes his job one thai pays , extremely well. I There are a good many liquor :ssued today In response to Inquiries law v M;uions in Justice Johnson's from city attorneys in several Ar- [jj str [ cti W liich Is a coal • 'mining . kansas cities, Attorney General Hal I s< , ct j on 'with some 25,000 inhabit" not permitting carnivals to opcr- I L. Norwood held that an incorpor- ! ams Oll bome days he p ays j le ale in or near Blytheville prior to I a i e d city or town cannot collect a ! is j. ept | )llsy j rom (i a l, vn until dusk • or during the fair j peddler's tax from persons located : t [ sl|ch ^^ umil recc nily ' A plan proposed by Farris Simon, j !n ot i, C r cities wlio sell bakery pro- : tncrc wa , no }ai i av ailable-and il. local real estate _opera tor, to place | ( | uc ts. hottled soft drinks, fruits, j „.,, &mMnv officers shipped an' candies, etc., to retail dealers. I otlem } er O ff to Charleston lo be The attorney general said the law | ^.^^ u p overnight, the offender . permitting cilies and towns to tax : woulll usually be tried the next; peddlers and hawkers ^vas intend- . mcrn j ng t,y a Charleston judge. : ed to apply to itinerant vendors who wouW ~ sei tlle f €Cs . "who were here today and gone ' tomorrow, who went abcul pressim Iheir wares on the attention of an extra one cent "tax" on gaso line to supplement funds availabl: for school purposes and Simon's request that the chamber appoint a committee lo interview representatives of the wholesale gas companies in regard lo the establishment ol such a tax Jailed to meet with the approval of the board of _ j ail * ** So the justice hullt his own Jail. those who most often neither need- It is made nf concrete, ribbed with steel rails, and about loO ieet .. ] 11JU3C V, uu 1ISU3I. ULLVL1 llclllid ilctu- loSle^t—re^i! "P™ '""'- I from the justice, home. _It U a r, ^f >h. fice of the rv»i,nt t- n Cotton Co- SINGLE COPIES: FIVE CENTS jovcmiment May Agree lo To Hear Gas Plan Tonight l-'inal determination of p whclhev or not K. J. ftlsenthal of El Do- ladu will he granted a. franchise 10 supply niythcvllta with g(« ylll ri \ f . i \v; i I i |rot "bly >» reach«l at-a inec-llnu MotJU Loilirol VVork[»'. the city hall tonight at 7:30. •in i Q' t ,~,\' ir , n Members of tlie city .council, a to aid I reseill JlUldllOn. <-ommltl<v of Ihe chamber of com- meue and tntfresu-d citizens will hear the plans particularly of Fel- stullial and probably representatives of other jtas companies for franchises lo futiiish gas here. WASHINGTON. Aug. 22. (UP) — The government may. speed up Us Mississippi flood control building oroKtnin lo aid unemployment c-millions in southern stntcs uf- . With the experience of one for- fcctcd by tin' drouth, 11 was learn-1 teiled franchise and another still td here today. Methods of proceeding tov.'ard i llirin, inixnl up In a couii battle behind aldcrmm have con- tills end ns well as tlic whole sub- |cct of Inland waterways development will be discussed lliis week sidered l lie granting of another at length and whether or not a decision will be reached to- ™'to added that most all the decisions he ; low. one-siory affair with one rail- 1 window in each side. • : The door Is of sleel and bears Iwo padlocks, one of them a huge find sales lo retailers is not peddling "icrneys for local bread dealers, affair eight inches long. j One nlii^i tn r-nntinup fni* work- mr ' '"t—>»"-j.j *u* ivj^m ut\.uu «>.«.._*.>, , ....-•• ~. = .-- ~ ticiilarlv in Southe-lst Missouri I R ' ho sponsored a recent "bread or- IJers into a small corridor which A sp^U com™ itee to work wltr dina » ce " P 3sscd b * ^ Blytheville runt across the front of.the bui d- JLS iv« ^ ^,pV n ™»nii,; city council and city officials con- ing. There are two cells; one, or The home-made Jail that Justice Ham- Johnson built for S1500 and which is paying big dividents. Is p:rui-ed above, with a closeup ol the justice, himself. His usual cos'i and fines are S42.50 fcr druiik- cnness, S57.5C- for possession of home brew and S132.SO for possession of liquor—and this doesn't include the jail lodging tee of SI a night, which : p| US 35 cents for Bacll mea | «>nrp=pntBtivps nf nllipr nrcnni?i- I c " v council and City officials con- , -._ I&^U.Islatetbactog^- «™<» "** in ^atement. that women prisoners has two bunks, islalion for re-apportionment to be «* news dispatch from the state I while the other, for men, has four, brought before the next legislature was appointed. The local chamber originally supported the movement and has received assurance of ac,.Jive support from other sections ol "the. state, .^ to back the apportionment bill that will be introduced _' jdld tfol hpUsve the attorney Ben--|-W«e$ oince. wnen_any_oi_W at the "January session of the leg- ! Aral's opinion would apply to the | officials brings In a prisoner he j iKlaturc. 'local ordinance because it was <'.c- I lodges him in the jail, writes his ! A resolution similar to other res- I signed for a privilege tax while | name, ihe charge and the hour of: capital did not state the attorney's Each cell contains a lavatory and opinion in detail enough to deter. ' a fresh-air vent in the roof. At mine if his opinion was based on a i cnc end of the corridor is a desk study of the local ordinance along ! bearing the jail register, wilh others. • \ There are eight state troopers in Marcus Evrard, attorney for the ihe district, one prohibition officer local i bakeries, declared that he ! and one constable attached to the ment bill that will be introduced local • oaiceries, declared tnat ne |u"u one uuuaiauu: unm^icu iu ""= it , r I D ' -' • by-Senator.=R: A. Nelson of this city rdid*t telisve the attorney gen-|'Ju*tice;t office. \Vhen,any r Dl_tj:e6e l !jn.OCe-.tOr._lnCVeasea_rVJGeS Williams Declares Dc- s P lte Downward Trend. the justice in-; WASHINGTON Au" 22 (UP)— °' olutlons passed recently by civic or- j Mr. Norwood's opinion referred arrest in the book, ganizations and the city council! specifically to peddler's tax. | The next morninj was endorsed by the chamber re- The ordinance passed here olaced spects the book. Vi last week. Iho atdcr- a franchise form lo IK In future consideration of a, fraiKiilse here and Felsenthfil was and nt President Hoover's Rapldan i niiiht Is a matter of conjecture, camp, according to Information In | At un adjourned meeting of the uiuhoriuilivo miarlers. , city i-ounrir lasi Repealed appeals for Hood coi)- ] " K111 *'S" trol action has come from Tennes-' ECC. Missouri. Arkansas and Ixiuls- lana. which not only MI (tercel from he 1927 flood but are ajso repoilnt: unemployment due lo crop 'allure brought on by Ihe drouth. Cciigrejs has made funds available for expenditures .thiounhont he fiscal year ending next June 30, and acceleration of ihe work Lhis fall would offer, employment lo many fanners wllhln a few miles of Lhelr homes, under Ihe plan now Ijelng discussed. Governors of : -Two States Start Drouth Relief Action; Couch Heads Board ..U.MPHIS, Aug. 22 (UP)-4.GbV- tuo 1 of Iwo slales within the Irl- slales area teday Vfore completing plans for relief work for drouth sufferers, adding the names of Arkansas and Tennessee, lo the growing list participating ill a national plan of drouth relief organized by President Hoover. Governor Harvey Parnell of Arkansas late yesterday named ten of' the Male's leading citizen'.-; to a relief committee which will work toward Immediate aid of the dry \\ealher sufferers In lhal slate. . '» Tennessee Governor Henry H. to confer with his allorncy anil re- j Horlon has Issued Invitations to nr bt-fore tlie council lonlghl. [mayors of corporate cities asking apjic Tlie El Dorado man proposed lo oil Irom proposed pipe line up ihe cast side of the Mississippi river from Memphis and cross the Missl<*lp]il somewhere between Liixora and Wilson and supply Os- ccoln. Wilson and Blylhevllte with gas. Felsenthnl told the council ol ihe 1 Insl Hireling that construction of i Hie pipe line up Ihe cast side of i Ihe Mississippi rivei- was being belt! i up pending Ihe acllon ot the local council In granting or refusing him a franchise. 11 he Is granted a fianehtse the line will necessarily be larger to care for the supplv for this city, he slaled. His rat: schedule, il Is understood, is similar lo Ilic one now In effect In Memphis. The council has declared often since action was slarlcd to collec' on the Cherokee company's bond . that a cash deposit in local bank* With City Clerk I to guarantee the carrying out ol ' l>in I Armc nf t!ii» rnnl rn/*t v.'fllilfl IIP Property Owners in Certain Area of First Ward File ,vas endorsed by the chamber requesting Senators Robinson and Caraway and Representative Driver lo use their strongest efforts to secure a federal postofflce build In-; for Blytheville on the next building appropriations schedule before the federal Congress. August Busy Month for Red Cross Secretary The ordinance passed here placed s; a privilege tax of $250 on the sale of bread "from the trucks" to retail merchants by foreiem bakeries and S25 on local bakeries. the book. When the officer his justice—if he finds the prisoner As the department of agriculture today chartered a somewhat down,, ,, . ., , .. - ward trend in cotton prices in Aug- guilty-adds the jail fee to the i ust> Car , Williams of the federal imp nun rourt msis . r i > „* _ » _ _ . , ,, fine and court costs. Fines Arc Steep Explosion in Tunnel Fatal to 3 NEW YORK. Aug. •&.. (UPJ—A dynamite explosion G50 feet under gioutid in the new South Brooklyn water lum:ci. killed three workers ond injured 11 others. The blast occurred when drillers strtici: a stick of uncxploded dynamite in a shaft of the S«,CM.- 000 project. It was In the sam? shaft that four men were killed in farm board, urged growers to hold I Previous accidents, j their crop for higher prices. Justice Johnson's' court nears \ '. "There is h"p5 for increased about 100 criminal, cases a month i prices," Williams told the United of which 70 or more are for- li- j Press. "No farBjer should sell his quor law vrlations. In each ot cctton on the present price basis If new and surprising turn today when Mrs. Kennedy definitely withdrew pie. Her decision was revealed Just as ^ a " ' ccs the Temple board of elders with Despite the summer months, activities cf the local Red Cross among the poor continue to be many. In the past month -13 cases were served with len of these for ex-service men or their families. Twelve probation cases were also investigated by the executive sec- | McPherson's approval adopted a retary, Mrs. Ethel Wilson. There were 117 office interviews, 92 home and reference visits, 151 tlephone calls and 67 letters written. While Mrs. Wilson is ill and away for her vacation, Mrs. Roy Walton is attending to her duties. Mrs. Kennedy Withdraws From Aimee's Templq LOS ANGELES. Aug. 22 (UP) — The verbal conflict between Aimee A m ' an i" e -' le d for drunkenness ! banker will force' farmers to sell Semp!e McPherson and her moth-j wll " bD finc<1 S 42 - 5(> : possession of j at such prices as these." er, Mrs. Minnie A Kennedy took a I home brew costs S5 7 - 5() . and pos- - Williams expects cooperative or- these cases the court costs are $7.50.1 he doesn't have T hope no from the affairs of Angelus Tern- state enf-rcement fee of $25 and sessing liquor co:ts $132.50. In- j ganizations to handle about 15 per- eluded in each of these fines are a j cent of the cotlon crop this year Justice Johnson's 51.50 court costs. compared with ten percent last year. jgag resolution which was regarded ' as the evangelist's first step in removing her mother from the Four Square Gospel headquarters. Mrs. Omlie Shows Way To Women in Air Race Mav Maintain Reductinn may mdiniam IVeaUCIlOn of Income Taxes in 1931 items. Thus in addition to these —• of ! State Supervisor to the regular collection I Visit County Schools while his jail feesjjring him *100 ; H. A. Little of Little Rick, state """'' "^ ! supervisor of elementary schools. 1 will Lpend next week In Mississippi county visiting the schools now court costs is said to net Justice ! .Johns-m better than $525 a month, i while his Jail fees b cr mere each month. "We completed the jail July 10," the justice. "We had more 75 prisoners the first 25 days, in" session, accompanied""by" Miss I expect I served 150 meals.' Winnie Virgil Turner, county sup- The madam cooks the meals and ervisor ihe fS ys than RICHMOND. Va.. Aug. 22. tUP) —Mrs. Phoebe Omlic of Memphis led the women's Dixie Air Derby into Richmond from Washington today, completing the first leg ol nn 1,800 mile race to Chicago. She arrived at 11:39 a. m, making the flight In 38 minutes flat. The second woman flyer to arrive was Miss Vera Dawn Walker. Los Angeles, whose time was 44 minutes and -45 seconds. ' The women flyers leave at 2:30 p. in. for Raleigh, the overnight stopping point. Slays Former Boss and Turns Gun on Self SHREVEPORT. La.. Aug. 22. (UP)—C. O. Toon. 35. today shot and killed W. J. Fulton, office manager of the Caddo parish engineer's office, and then turned the gun on himself. Slight hope is held for Toon'? recovery. Toon was s»ld to have bc-eu despondent over being dismissed from the department. WASHINGTON, Aug 22 (UP)- ^ Prisoners eat the same food I J^^-^.I—^-i^'Jt'^r justice of the Bad Weather in Path The ed individual may be malnl Mills, under secretary of the treasury, said today after a conference I with President Hoover. I gra income tax payers 1931. So it is that this justice of the : reaps a double-edged profit j his liquor law Jail fees. of Air Derby Racers AUGUSTA olT7ug •>•> <UP>- r .1, **»bi --• ' ui i — \*r .1, Wcnthe of poor .visibility Mills' optoism was a direct re- |™* * ln , a state where """ : be ££,' AuguTta™ and S versal of the observation of high ' " b . itlon Commissioner W. G Brown ; forced postponement of ths illp take off of tin treasury officials that with receipts ' :ays he has encountered "justices '. ing ti me f or the falling off It appeared that the sl '! 10 could neilher read n °r wrile"; | entrants in the Miami to Chicago reduction would have to be elimi- wllere thp Charleston Bar Associa- \ air derby from 10 a m until l nm ""'"' iticn I-', investigating the justice: The nfth leg of' the 'night will courts for allegedly exorbitant fees; i take Ihe contestants from Daniel nalett. Memphis Cops Capture rp . «JT. i T\ rt i ...... ^....^tj.ij u i-^.iuuvviiJi irUCK With Kum LargO'" sllld >" of thc J llsttce ot th e peace ' Sky Harixjr near Nashville, Art Kill'ups. La' Grange. 111. 'system, with a view to bettering it.: leads the derby by six minutes over MEMPHIS, Aug 22 (UP)—Stis- 1 3v - l ' K " J r hn:on says that it cost, Art, Davis, Lansing, Mich. George picions of Patrolmen A.- M. Payne nl $150 ° to bllild the jal1 ' bw lh ' at; Durre " Jr- L? Grange, III.. Is third. and J. M. McDaniel aroused when !'' Ul " lmve paid fcrf ilself in a >' cilr • the olfi- i they overhauled a speeding truck '• and a hnlf ' In the downtown district near one. " H ' s n convenience to = __ a. m. today, were justified when i' j« rs -" he says. "They don't have.has had his revenge on the revealed a cargo of 380 gallons of I lo lake their Prisoners to Charles- j mobile .which has taken his ,.-« whisky, the biggest liquor seizure ' ton - and tnis J 311 is ns ^ood as any ' in the world of transportation Rein the annals of the police depart- \ v ° 11 ' 11 find." ' • - • " REVENGE LONDON;.Aug. 22.—The horse auto- place A pHltlon to the city council for the organlzallon of a sewer district In ihe First Ward embracing properly in the northwest section of ihe city and extending south and west to take in pan of the rBarron- Lily addition and Holllpete-Shon- yo addition was filed in the ofBc? of Sidney Craig, city clerk, today The petition lor the local 1m provement district is purported to be signed by a majority of the owners of real estate In thc-jterrilory. according to value. The" petitioners nsk that Ihe district- be organized, commissioners appointed and thr cost of providing for the Improvement be assessed aijnlnst the real property In the district. Three sewer districts have already been organized in this city but do not Include territory in tht proposed district. It Is stated. Ihe terms of the contract would be required ol any company granted a franchise. Mjlk House Bombed In Kansas City War KANSAS CITY. Aug. Huge Fake Money Ring Discovered; Seize $53,000 in Fake $10 Notes. CHICAGO. Aug. 22. (UP)— Three men and a woman have been arrested and $53.000 In countcrfel; ! $10 notes have been seized by so i cret service men and police ir i what Is believed lo have been on- ! of the largest counterfeit rings eve' uncovered. Officers are searching for "Bie Enrl" Herbert, lieutenant In the Saltls beer running gang and fugitive from justice, who was named by the woman seized in the raid, as. the central figure of the fake money ring. lUP)--The bombing of a milk 'house on the property of a suburban dairyman who refused to join a boycott directed against city distributors was reported In Kansa' City's milk strike today. The milk house of J. D. 3haw- hati. dairyman near Ixine Jack, was wrecked by explosives last night, of fireis were informed. Son of Local Pastor to Fly Derby Winner THUS H GOT Democrats tu D^icle Ber twccn "Ma" Ferguson and Slerhng for Governor DALLAS, Tex., Aug.,22^ (UP) — Texas voters hnd only a few hours left today in which to make up Ihelr minds ns to the future ol "Fcrgusonlsm" In (he Lone Star state. They will go to Ihe polls tomorrow In the recond Democratic pri- pary to choose between Mrs. Mar- ihem lo participate In a statewide relief program. The committee appointed In Arkansas was announced after a survey by county farm agents and agricultural leaders had disclosed that 110,000 families would'he. destluilc this winter if relief, work is nol cxlcndcd. While Ihe Tennessee survey vvas not completed, examination of Shelby county In which Memphis li, located, disclosed that 5,000 families would be in want tins wlnlei- unless outside aid Is offered them. The majority are upland farm families where the suffering Is most Intense and where the moisture has been almost entirely drawn from the soil. The estimate wtis made by W. M. Londcss. county agriculture agent, who said the crop damage would total Sl,250,000. Work In other Tennessee counties named by federal examiners Was reported progressing slowly. While suffering In Tennessee" was not reported acute now, Red Cross officials said 11 would probably become Intehse In sparsely settled rural districts this winter, unless aid Is provided land owners. In Arkansas the picture Is entirely different and In many counties reports are showing scores of families in want and depending.up- on Mifilr neighbors for. food. '• lam "Ma" Ferguson, former governor, and Ross Sterling, lions- ion publisher, around whose gubernatorial campaign interest, has centered. The winner in tomorrow's run off is .virtually assured of election In November. .- Dispatches from I.ittle Hock lo- day state that E. Z. Ncwsom jr. son of the Rev. and Mrs. E. Z Newsom of this cily. has teen 125 Pound Watermelon Shipped to H. A. Smith i H. A. Smith. Isn't "watermelon I hungry" now. On a recent visit here Miss Beryl Henry, of Hope. Ark,, promised him all the watermelon he could eat—but he didn't believe her. Today he has a 125- pcund melon, a gift from Mts= Henry who lives where some of thr largest watermelons of the world grow. It is rumored some of his most Intimate friends have been offered a slice of the melon when il is cut. LITt.LK_ROCK,. A£is ' ._,. . Drouth relief work hi 'Arkansas Is ' '•" being direced by Harvey C. Conch of Pine Bluff, president of the Arkansas Power and Light company, who was appointed general chairman of Hie statewide c-mmltlec by Oivernor Harvey Parnell. Couch directed relief work during the 1927 flood. Relief organlzallon work as outlined by him includes: j An accurate survey of conditions ' \ by means of questionnaires. Formation of county relief com- i mittces headed by county judges ; as ex-efficio chairmen and including a county farm agent, county Red Cross chairman, a farmer, a banker and a business man. Dlslribution of funds and frets seed. . . , Lastly n program of education such as urging farmers lo plant fall and pasture crops and arrange lor liberal credit systems. u . . iisinnum Ul U1IS 111}. I1J.1 f.-l-li Mold Services i hursday J named pilot nf ihe "Utile Rorkoi; f p D L /^* i i mldcel winner of tlie recent All- tor beymore Baby (jirl American Air Derby, for the Chica- I go air races. Funeral services were held yes- | Ler- Oehlbach. who piloled the Low Temperature Mark for Memphis Established MEMPHIS, Aug. 22. (UP)—Another weather mark went tumbling here today. ' • ,. .• ° Today's low temperature of 63 degrees, recorded at 1 n. m. was the coldest on this date since 1893. Hot weather marks fell on July C and 28 when (he thermometer registered 106 degrees. First Load of Cotton Is Brought to Cardwell CARDWELL. Mo.—The first load tcrday afternoon for Enid Martha midget crimson spe<\1 nlnne home I of cotton of the season was brought Seymore. five-year-old daughter ot! first in (he All-American Derby will not attempt 10 repeal his earlier success. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Seymore, who succumbed at the 'family home near Rosebud Wednesday after 1 noon. : • • Burial was mSde at the Nort^. Snwba' cemetery.- Funeral plans \ oft«D. He is considered one of the ! were in charge of the Blylheville ; mc«t capable flyers in soulhern air j to Cardwell Wednesday by Lee Spain. Mr. Spain lives in the Sil- verdnle neighborhood, about six Mewsom. former test pilot for p [ miles southeast of Cardwell. The j Kansas Citv plane mamif.iMiirlnr ' cotlon was sold in ihe seed to J. i firm, has visited his narcnts here ' F. Ladd. Cardwell Resumes Full Day School Sessions CAnnWELL, MO.—The Cardwell public Schools resumed <he full- day session Wednesday. For some lime school has commenced at seven o'clock, being dismissed at noon. This was done because of the heat, but now the worst of the heat wave is over the full-day session 1 has been resumed. Undertaking company. ; cently John Smith drove up in front ~r~r !rf a house on the Scmthport Road • _ ( ' " ">w"^c uii luc ouulllpu^ L J I To vote on New School ! " car st - IIelens - He P ar *ed m : front of a milkman's horse. After . u . . r , • mimans orse. ter tor rtlCkman Lommunity : the driver entered the house the SPOILED THE FI'X LONDON. Aug. 22.—The Romford Fire Brigade was polishing tip the fire engine. It shone like a diamond. They were going to the carnival given on behalf of the vic- toria Cottage Hospital. Tlie fire filnrm sounded. Out the brigade dashed to the fire. They found il was the hospital for which the carnival was given that was afire. Chisholm and James Are Released by Court: i If citizens of the Hickman school' snort and bit the Judge W. D. Gravetle handed. district vote the necersary mill-. clca n off. down his decision in police court • ca £e and nr.ney is also obtained this morning dismissing charges of | fl ' ci n the revolving loan fund of petit larceny against Forrest "One I tnc state educational department a ! : horse looked at the car. gave a radiator cap FI\DS EX-PRESIDENT PANAMA CITY, Aug. 22. • Round" Chisholm and John' James, j n = w schccl building will bs erected • takes a 104 of. nerve to fine an ex- Decision in the cases was with- ! at Hlchman this fall. i president, but the mayor of this held yesterday by Judge Gravette after the two were brought Into court alleged to have been loiter- Plans for the building call for | city recently, did. Two hundred construction of brick with the dc- ; and seventy-nine property owners of the building similar to the were fined S5 each for failing 10 ing near a private garage with o j new church which adjoins the paint Ihelr houses this year, and siphon and large can in their possession. The two wero released to : Dr. Belisarlo Poms, who has been school. Hickman Is 12 miles northeast of j president of the republic lhis city. limes, was one ot them. three RMN1> HANDLE MAIL circles. Command-Aire. WHAT NEXT? RELIC'S PASSING It-.c. builders of the "Little Rocket" have overhaul- NEW YORK. Aug. 22. — The'ert and repainted the tiny Brooklyn Bureau of Charities hasjster. fts present cchr is chrome been experimenting with the hand-1 yellow and bhck. N'fwsom will ling of mail by blind women for crot.Wy race the ; uul._ R«*-r | <«• j™^*^^ Th^.i^ seme time. Fifteen of them, engaged in letter-shop activity, have handled 217,317 pieces of ma'll since ATLANTIC CITY. Aug. 22—And j . COLUMBUS. S. C.. Aug. 22. — now the baby carriage pushing j one of the oldest relics in the city marathon! Two girls recently ar- ' - - rived here after pushing a baby- carriage all the way from Cam- in ihree and thr Is to be pulled down, and It will leave memories with many of the city's residents. It is the old single-story house on Assembly Street, one of the last places where cock- last November. The shop Is under i T ' ie the direction of two supervisors and a solicitor-manager. took turns In riding In the buggy fights were held publicly In the and pushing. The riding interval | country. The house was owned by Kewsom Is paMor of j was an llour - T" 6 carriage got]"Doc" Kraft, a policeman, and when Baptist church here. sllc ' 1 neav >' u -e that the rear tire; cock-fights were declared illegal, c!o?ed course speed ?v?nts at Chi- CA80. ALi, FOR LOVE HAMMOND. Iiid.. Aug. 22.—What men will do fcr the love of'a maid was Illustralcd here 1 recently. Evidently Charlotte Seidcnstopp, 18, g't her dates mixed, and eleven young men called on her nt once. Stie suggested that they fight It out to see who won her favor. A bat- lle royal ensued which resulted In CHICAGO. Au?. 22.<UPi —The: World's most noted aviators, rldln? I In planes of all known speeds and I came off. swa SURPRISE FOR ALL ATLANTIC CITY. Aug. 22.—Rob- ; •s. dropucd into Chlcazo today, j crl J. Oreer, 65, left his home and inning from every pclr.t of the , didn't show up for a week. When i ment. WEATHER compass like myrld fireflies to a ! he returned he surprised the family s . t ',,,.. "anHIo Ut7>ll • a>lH l-Annlvn^ n P ,,rn-U H l^t»^mlr 1 • ' AUKANSAS.—Cloudy tonight nntS candle light. In ones and twos, in small sqmd- rons and In lar?e. tl-ev swooned down upon the city ancl the Curllss- Wright-Reynolris airport where Ihe 1930 nati-nal air races. Ihe larg- and received a surprise himself. |" For the family was all ready to Blythevllle's wcatScr has broken '"•"• him. His family, becoming |all records again...It-was 5S here the arrest of all the men—and also lest aerial spectacle of a;i lime, will niini-lft'frt I Charlotte, I open tomorrow. worried about him, tried to find him. Three of his grandsons Identified the body of a heat victim as his, and had his funeral ready to commence when Greer entered. last night accordinEitp .the ; 'ofllcla! government thermometer which- Is the lowest August temperature ever remembered here. The maximum was 85 i'wleidnr.

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