The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1948
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN Rt.VTllFAMU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Chinese Dishes Urged for Lent Appetizing Meals Can Be Provided Without Using Meat Hit With Teen-Agers for Itv Ga.vrtor taaddox (N'EA SUff Wri(rr) meatless <or Lenttn) main turn to the revised and cn- lirgfd rdillon of "New Chinese Recipes" written by Fred Wine, Win?, a Chinese rc-sianrant- rtir. and Mabel steelier, American home economists, have explained Jn terms of ingredients from your nelRoborhoori store JUK how to make Chinese dl'fics. They ate economical and nutritious. Stuffed Green Pepper* with Fish (Serves 41 One-hall pound fUlel of haddock or halibut, '1 pound raw shrimps, S tablespoons o: - . or melted fat, '; teaspoon salt, dash |>cpper, 2 teaspoons cornstarch. 1 tablespoon scalhons, 4 medlimi-Mzed green peppers, 2 tablespoons oil or fat, !i cup chicken bouillon, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 1 teaspoon soy muee. "i cup water. Finely chop fish and place in a mixing bowl. Shell and clean shrimp and finely chop and add lo fish in bowl. Sprinkle over th teen-ace Tavorlt*. By (in.vnor Maddux Put erne cup Tom:r,ors ;n p:irh dish M;.\ Staff \\rllfr | Cut Cheddar-type rhcc^n in sMv- \S'lirn the np]jntltc "f tern-n^^i's crp; atTnnKo.chrese sli\'ct.s and nn- 'anci that's n. rrnl rtpjirtiln pi innp' ['-; \ c]invir,s on top ot tunintnf.s. ri'Uin them lo RO lool:iuc lor "cst.s," you'll i .slicfs nf cold l:oUrd or linked hani find thai a dish of Itnlinn pL/,7,a may I>P .sub.slitutet! for anchovies.• i pronounced pcct-zrO is itin Sprinkle pl/?.a.s with hlnck pcp- rifjlit nn.-iivcr. | P 1 '' a;--) fjuiit 1 ;! onion. Hrusli lops j You can make U at lujnu 1 , too.' with rc:;t of ialsul oil. Bake in :T]ip<* follou'inc recipe Is anlhentir.l niruIpratRly hot- ovrn (400 drureco and rich in tntnein J I 1 '-' for 2b nunulcs. Pork Shoulder Saves, Stretches The Food Dollar Ity li.ivnur M.idilnv <M:.V surf wilted Pork shoulder 15 nmons the ICM expensive HIM:* m must p.iri.i m the country tocby. \VM!i slutting, a Mllilll .Our.lllilT >hiMlld [iVii MX well, with Mnnc:lmn: li'ft OUT to v.ulf rnliliaur (or Mond.iv's din- tier. Sluffr.i rnrk Slmulilrr Small !ie.--h junk .sl'.nuliicr »\\Hli bones ri'movoil', s:ilt. peppci, t' ; lo 2 cups savor* Mulfni;;. llmir. It do- Mred. .Spnnklc *;ill <nul jjojipt'r nil the itlMdi' o; tile nirnt ;iiul pile In si;ul of the stuffinc. Bccm to sciv the edges of (lie shoulder tocether to THURSDAY, MARCH 11/1018 iii'im 11 puckrt iiiul grjuliiiilly work in the nf (he Muffin*;, I>UL do ! not iw>'k HslMly. siwliilslc with Hour i if cle.Mied. I'hui- the roast, /at side ; up. on :\ rai'k In a .Mnillow nncov- »'it\1 p:in. R<uM without \valer in a 'nu'deiaio oven iX'S <lei;ri'i>s r'.J until IciHlfi. aUnit 4 hours for n 5-pound .tlMiililn. Tin n tlie ronsl occasionally ("i- even t-iioklng. Remove the stunts lietor«- MTvmp. S.IMII. ShlfTing cnie-(iii:irteL' cup die- I celery and Icjvrs 1 l;il>!r*|H)im diced onion, '2 . tal>lfs|«vins fliupped parsley or wa- (ciciess. L' i;ilih'*poon.s fat, I cup !M-.':'.a riil)r.v 1 flip cornflakes, ''L Iraspiwn s:um v scusonlns:. s all niul tV"k rhi 1 celery, onion and paisley or watercress ill the [al a few Liiinu'e.s. AsM 'lie bread enhc.s, corn- rlnkes and other seasonings and stir tmiit well mixed. Stock Exchange Head Fires Blast at Tax Rates WASHINGTON, Mar. 11. (UP) Emil Schrann prcsidriil of the New York Stock Exchange. chan>ed yesterday that present tax rates i arc "almost unbearable" and en- ! danger the American standard of • Jiving. ; He endorsed (he Republican-' sponsored. Hou.w-aproved bill to' cut netsonal income taxes $0,500,- j CWJ.OCO. nut nc recognized tliai the ! , Senate most likely will scale CIOAII the amount, to between $4.500000,| DM and $5.000,000,000. [ In a statement prepared for pre- ; | sentalion to the Senate Finance' Conimmlttee. fichram urged thai no ] changes IK made in tlic House bill's provisions raising personal exemptions $100 and extending the split- Income benefit lo married couples i i in all states. ! FLAVOR-PROTECTED IN CELLOPHANE WRAP iealllons. Clean and <£ green pcpi>ers Fill peppers with fish mixture. In a preheatrd. heavy 10- Inch frying pan, place the 2 tablespoons oil or fat. Place tilled green peppers hi pan. Add chicken Ixmtl- lon. Cover pan tightly and cook over a low flame for 15 minutes. Remove peppers from pan and place on a warm serving dish. Blend together and add to chicken bouillon in pun the 1 tablespoon cornstarch, soy sauce and water. Cook for mixing for a few more minutes and ponr < After mixing over peppers. Serve with hot. boiled , o ,.j sc . Divide dong] rice. Str»TTirii Fillrl nf Fliiunilrr with (2 ply/as srrvr \ to X jiorsons) One package prepared roll mix, 1-4 cnp salad oil, :t-4 cup grated Parmesan cheese, 2 cups dralnerl canned tomatoes, 1-2 pound Ched- dar-typc cheese, 1 can anchovies 12 ounces i. ]-4 teaspoon black pepper, 2 tablespoons grated onion. Follow directions on package prepared roll mix. do not allow dough In half and. kner.d each half into a smooth ball. Pal out each ball of dough and then, holding It In the. left hand, stretch gently with right hand and shape Into a layer that lit.s a round heal-icsijtanl glass cake dish. Place shaped dough In two well- gieased cake dishes and press up around cdfies. Let rise at room temperature about 15 minutes. Finish dough In each rake dish with salad oil. i Sprinkle dough with grated cheese. (Scrrr* 4) Two pounds of fillet nf flounder. 1 tablespoon oil or melted fat, 1 tablespoon cornstarch. 1 tcasiwon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon scallions, 1 tablespoon green pepper, 4 eggs. 1 cup water or chicken bouillon, 1 teaspoons salt, dash pepper. Cut fish In 'i-inch thick slivers and place In a shallow casserole or baking dish. Sprinkle over and blend In thoroughly the melted fat or oil, cornstarch and soy sauce. Finely dice and add tile scallions Hnd green pepper. Beat together the CRgs, waier or chicken bouillon, salt and ix-ppcr. ponr over fish mixture. In a deep frying pnn or. kettle , ,,,,,„„ , , with a tightly fitting cover, place ] ot CMnKC ™W"water '^ inch deep On a trivet : ~ or rack deep enough to hold dish Louisiana fa! 0 nlng7is"',nix*un-e th cover h kettle Ca ' n ' ml Rootls lndutlc cilrns i'' 1 -' tightly and'uinm'o'or a°lo'v fl'me ! "entr^rtCXfel^Thefplen: to about 1 hour. Serve with hot.; llri ,t foods ,f e ,,',„, ^ '^ boiled rice. _ j s ,,| nilc |, i tomatoes and greens, 'including turnips and tops; honey. peanut butter, winter pears, cauliflower, and dried fruits, such as prunes, raisins and peaches. Olilrsl Coin? A Bactrian piece attributed to 23S B.C. Is said to be the oldest coin extant. ft was hammered from a crude copper-nickel allov MEATLESS TUESDAY MKNIT BREAKFAST: Oranne juice, cornflakes, hot cross buns, coffee, milk. LUNCHEON: Lentil soup III bowls with frankfurter rings, rye bread, butter or fortified margarine, radishes and celery, rhubarb sauce, cup cakes, tea, milk, DINNER: Watercress soup, preen pepper stuffed uiih, haddock or halibut, boiled rice, buttered new carrots, spring salad, .French dressing, coconut layer cake, coffee, milk. foliate Flam for l (Jnnscrs C'n-uji. Assn Stnllf;art, Arkansas <£ty. Arkansas Food Buyers Find Larger Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Fresh fruits and vegetables, chickens, rish find oysters, plus varied canned Roods, will be In abundance to Arkansas consumers this week. More than 25 Hems rvre on the week's plentiful food list. Issued in line with the Cabinet Food Committee's Voluntary Food Conservation Program. Home Demonstration Agent Gertrude Bond received the Information from the Production . »nd Marketing ArtministrMlon • USDA. ' i Valencia nrancrs. craprfruit. i grapes and apples lead the fruit parade. Lettuce, .weet potatoes, cabbage and celery are abundant vegetables. Chickens for stews will be in plentiful supply, but their popularity will be equalled hy the arrival ot a bicfrcr and better oyster and fish crop from the Texas gulf coast and ^ wcL'.s\ trs&enBetter ^ ~~ <^' $ Iff WHEN YOU USE Tfe^-sMayrose BRAND l K^^h WROLL 'Ctlowgo^ *"** —*£Sr*^f-^'7-e -- rr :5-.^.»-^— •& CHILI Th« p«rf*e) combinstion: cold wir»t«t d«yi , nr j >t«*minq, fl«vor-ricri Ever- GooJ Chiti, leaioncd just right. If'i in ippttmnq m«in diih—nutritious and •conomicti tool Your Erer-Good de»ler li« t«try Evtr-Good Chili in ttw bright red e«llo. ph*<w wrapper. Ad for rt v/tf* from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN VEAl. CKOQURTTHS MAVROSt VEAL ROLL Roa<l the vc.ll roll on 3 r.ick in a shallow, open pan in a >luw oven, (325 s F.) in an Icmpcraturc o( ISO' F. if a mc.M ihcrmomccer ii used. Or. J Ihctimc \ariC! accnnlinf; tn ihe weight of ihe ro»«i, prcp.irc llir xcal roll in accordance with, nc folloiving table: W«Wi i™. < le« pounrf) , , 3'/, h ou ,, • l« 1 poundt « » 5 heurt 2 tups >;TI>UIU| cunkctl \ roll ^ 3 ibv. butter or margarine •i lh«. flnur ! cup milk 2 tl«. nnnrc.l onions SiflcJ cracker crnmhs I l?p. s.iU Mayro^c l.ard M.ikc a uliiic sauce of butler, llmir .in.I milk. A.U thi •-.\U An^l onion. C.ool. ii;lo H croc|iic[[c^. Holl in siftc<l cracker c^lln)h^. llc.n lard in a vlccp hca^y p,tn. Vr> cro((iicnc% in hoi lard until *\cll bro« ncd. Drain on vofl paper >CT\CX\II|I hoi >pic> bccti an<l tuhci Ian r-lish. cal. £ i ?A«-:/ Del Monte, No. 21/2 can sell 39C Hart's, Wonder or Taysiee Bread — 2 loaves 25c It's Crurtchy Good! Clark Bars - 3ior13c Box 90c Fresh Country Eggs Dcz. 49c Lard - - - 50 ib can $12.49 Pure V/hite Guy Bratton Is Back With Us I Now In Charge of the Meat Market S(rcak-o-I,oan SALTMEAT lb 33 \Visconsin UGOPCHEESE lb 46 Meaty NEOK BONES Fresh * EAMERY BUTTER Ib 79 C Tender VEALCUTLETS Ib 69 C Nice and Mealy PORKRIIS Ib 40 c Delicious Flavor COTTAGECHEESE ctn 29 I.fitn, Fine Flavin ed SLAB BACON lb 47 C Good Grade SLICED BACON .,„ 59' Victory ISruml FLOUR Bl ,,ir Slokely No. 2V, Can SAUERKRAUT 10 For Better linking SPRY SHORTENING "America's Joy Sninkc" PRINCE ALBERT I'll re C'iinc DOMINO SUGAR 5llls I'ridc of Illinois CREAM STYLE CORN Great Northern DRY BEANS cln 15= 10 Ibs I 1 I' 5 89 .... No. 2 can I'hinip and Meal v CALIFORNIA PRUNES Seed less CALIFORNIA RAISINS 2 Ih l, :l g 25 Hi box ... I '2. 07, box 10 .. . . 2 bars . . 3 lb bag . . . 1 Ib box I 15 r'or Whiter Washings CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 2bars 15 Gentle, Easy on Fine Things LUX FLAKES ,,^38 Don't Be Half Safe" LIFEBUOY SOAP Suparomalizcd for Flavor COFFEE SHOP COFFEE Our Mother's BREAKFASTCOCOA SI.25 Value KITCHEN BROOMS 98 "Recommended by Doctors Everywhere" PET MILK ,«„ 42 C I b I ITIIklt ;} (all cans "•• Del Monte Sliced or Halves—No. 2 l / 2 Can FANCY CLING PEACHES 32 5 U). .Jar REXJELLIES 59 Red Hour 1'ittcd No. 2 t';in PIE CHERRIES each 25 PALMOLIVE KEG. SIZE 2 for 19e PALMOLIVE 2for27e Cashmere Bouquet 2 for 25c Season's Kiist Fresh From FloriHa STRAWBERRIES o I,b. .Mesh IJiiir EATING APPLES 11 Si/.e I'ink Meat GRAPEFRUIT Crispy Heads iCEBERG LETTUCE Klonda 1'a.scal For Salads CELERY Garden I'Yesh RADISHES MARKET I'RICK each 2 for 59 15 each W each 10 C 5 bunch Keti Ki'ie—5 lo a Tube TOMATOES Texas Grown on the Hio Grande CABBAGE II. S. No. 2 Red Triumph POTATOES Red or Yellow ONION SETS All Kinds CABBAGE PLANTS U. S. Gov. Cciliricd Uluc Tag SEED POTATOES Cach 25 C lb. UK) Ibs. gallon 2 bunches 3" 45 C 25 J 00 11)5. Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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