The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1934
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE, (AM.)' COURIER NEWS FUIDAY, MARCH 16, THJB PLYTHEVILtE COURIER NEWS TOK COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C, R, BASCOCK, Editor U, W. «AINE8, Adverttain* Uuuger Sole NiUonil Advertising ReprwnUtlves: tUiaf. Inc., New York, Chicago, St. Louis, D«Uu, Ka"s»a City, Memphis. Published pvery Aftcrrwxm Except Sunday. Entered as second clsss mailer at tue yost otricc at B:ytl\cvlUe, Ar- kaiisis, under aci ot lober 0, 1917. Served uy the Untied Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In tnc Ony ot Blvthe.Yllle. Ific. jjcr week or J6.M per year "' advanro. By m»Il within a ridliis ot 60 miles, $3.00 per ye«r, $1.60 tot «lx months, 85e, fcr Oj-ci! months; by null In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year. In zones seven &af clglil, tlO.OO l»r year, p»ynWe In advance. Now We Should Know Real Army Air Fads Nearly u clecude ano an army ol- liecr named William iMitehell created a great uproar by charting that America wasn't setting it was paying for in the way of military air services. For a time hii charges were Hie. talk of trie nation. When the furore died down, and when the smoke cleared away about all lhat had happened was that General Milcbell had s;ol himself in very bad will) his -superiors. Now the stage seems set for another uproar of the same kind. The army, took over the airmail routes. Several army llyer.s wore killed in the performance of their duly. And )he echoes of General Mitchell's charges of long ago roil across the air once more, as American dli/.ens ask thcnwelves uneasily if llieir army air corps is really all that it ought to be. » * • It is already apparent thai (he I'xael ins and outs of tins situation are going to be extremely hard to get al/ Bias and partisanship are appearing on both sides of the argument. How much of the army's dilfitulties may be clue lo inexperience, how much to faulty ei|iii|>nient, how much to bad • weather and how much lo sheer rollon luck—these are matters in which we. do not yet have enough information to judge correctly. .And it is equally certain thai we need that information very badly. * ^ « During the last decade the nation has spent large sums on its military aviation services. It has .spent enough motley to have an air corps equal in equipment ami dependability to any in the world. If il has no such service, it would 1 like to know it, and it al.-o would like to know why. Out of the present airmail mixup there should come a thorough, far- reaching investigation. Not one designed to get the head of this man or that man; not onu designed to show some corporation up, or gain political advantage for one faction or another; just a patient and thorough survey of all the facts, so thai we may know definitely whether there is anything wrong with our flying corp-;. If there isn't anything wrong, the OUT OUR WAY army is unlillwl ID lull (ix from CUITOIU erilk-ism. If .somelliing wrong, it's high found it oul. llwru is time wu Not So Bad During lliu lasl I wo nunilhs ll"' fuel Unit tlic i'cdunil iloliril is rising lo a ntrw high imiuvsscd lux-lf iirolly tliuroii|rlily on tin! minds of all ciUxciis. Jt mitfhl I H! worth wliik- In |joint out Dint the picture'L i|iiil<! its Ijiid :is il, looks. To bujfin wilh, llu; Iri'asnry ;il tin; i-iid ill' I'Vlii'iiitrj' had ;i liiilanci! of .stitflitly less tliiin $r»,UOO,«OU,lM)ll, luridly a-i u result of ils profits on Ui« (le- valiiiilion ,o'f tfold. Allliontfli Kumi: 52,000,000,001) of III in lui.s \iwu si'l aside to stabilixc furuiyn rxclmw, tlu' moiicjy uvonUiully should lie. avail- II"' di'lil— whicli is l»y only !j.'{,7i)(i,- ami I lie (Mill uf nf lht' for redncitij; uk'd In 000,000 liulweon now next .Mint!. fix addition, $r>,.|(i2,0()0,000 (k-lil reprcsunls lumis iniidc llic lU-'C. Kvi'iiUmlly most money will he repaid. (Jin- liiijinciiil condition, in oilier words, is a Kood deal more comfortable than it appears lo be. of this Society Abotie Crime. 11 .SWIMS family, I'itlicnbus, ill lil'sl nluiK'e, ID iv.ul ol' Uiu I'labui'uli; lu'ccaiitidii-i tlnil liavi; Inioii liiki'ii i't Lima, 0., Lo keep I In; DilliiitfiT KIWK- sU-rs in jiiif. Mat-liiile RUM nesls, cuultuis of iiiitional giuiixIsitH'.n, files of s)it't;iiil il(!|Hilk>s, iNiLrolniun .si-aiming till niiiil.s li'atlinu; into lliu t-ity—all this sei'ins like a lot uf trouble lo lake just to keep two or three Unit's in .jail. litil i! i.s Inuilili,' thai i.s worth tak- mg. Hie same. A liUlu liil iiuire i.s involved in this i-jisi- Utan in llie ordinary criminal ca-c. The DillinsfiM- moli i.s one lluil set itself above llie liiw—anil its luatlw, for the time being, has proved loo «li|i|iory an individual lo hold. No mailer what it c;i.sl_s or how niwli Iniiihli! il is. the vpsl of Ihe IfHiij? "Hist bo shown lhat soeitty i.s slroiif enough to keep its hands on them and subject then) to ihi; orderly us of law. Sti&SMi Polillciniia htiil alrplnncs — Ciipl. E. V. Riclrenbnckcr. do not mix well. World War ace. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark The E<Kt«r'i Letter Box "What a bemiliful day! in this place." Ami 1 have to stay cooptd up Tbtu (burn \W B. (,'. died 345 H. C.I on l)c!:ni<TUI y To dip fc'dilor:) Noxl tonics Ucinuc.rat.-y aiul the demociatica! man; Uie origin "i"l .lalura of them we have still lo learn, tliat we may compare tlrj individual ai'iU the stat5 and so ironouiKC itixjii Iheni. 'lhat. lie wild, Is our method.. Well. 1 wild, and how docs tlic change Horn oligarchy Into democracy aiise? Is il not on this wise? The end. which such slats desires i.s to become, as rich as 1 tt'.e rulers, who aro uwiiri! Unit Ihelr own jxiwer rests properly, refuse lo curl'iil hy law the extravagance of Ihc spend-lhrift) youiti because they will gain by llieir ruin; they lend them money and buy their land and xrov more wealthy and hon- rwule limn ever? Exactly. There Ciin be im doubt thai you eannol have in the citizens ol the same state the love ot wealth and tho spirit of modcralloii; one or the other, will have to bo disregarded. Thai is tolerably clear. Now in this stale of tiling rulers and their subjects come in one another's way, whether on a journey or some other occasion, or on a pilgrimage or a nmreh as fellow soldiers or sailors; llvjy observe each other in the moment ot danger land where danger is there Is no fear that the rich "Kill tepise Die pcor) and very likely Ihe wiry, sunburnt poor man may he ulaced in battle at llic side of u rich one who has never spoilt, his complexion and has plenty of superlluous flesh. When he sees such a one pulling THIS CURIOUS WORLD Increasing Accident Deaths Show Rise From Depression ;sons. In Scotland there is cue I lor every 41 persons. O. AMERICA WILL CONTINUE. TO Sit UP AND EVEN AFTER, HIS HEAD HAS BEEN SEVERED FROM HIS 60OV/ 7k RAMINK5O DOES NOT HAVE TO LEAVE ITS NEST TO SEARCH FOR FOOD. 8-* Old tooks on natural history picture the flamingo incubating Us tSBS by slunrtlns astraddle the nest. Naturalists liml not seen the biu! un ius nest ami they coulU not imagine such long, ungainly legs and at Ills wits end, can he avoid kcin; lucked up beneath Ihr bird. Later observations proved their urfft-s lo lie wrong, bill Uie pictures are *li)l occasionally seen. XIIXT: llnvv ili:L-b an Indian (,'i-f his Irll-.-il name? UY Dlt. MOKHIH USHBKIN If Ihere is one lliin^ for you can credit the passing and un- lunicnled depression, II is possibly j U Is iiUcfesUng to nole that 44 the lower rulr o[ deal to from acci-;j>cr cent of the victims ot motor licnts. luirllciUarly aceulcnls from : accidents were pedestrians iind 5<i motor cars. |>er cent were motorists. In the There \vcre 9000 fewer deaths city areas the pedestrians made up from nceidenl si" 1032 Ulan in 1931.! 65 per cent of those injured and and tlie lowest tola! was readied I Uic motorists 35 per tent. In rural since Hint recorded in IB'24. j districts tlie peilostrians made up Today the ninnber of deaths, 32 per cenl nntt the motorists C8 from motor vehicles Is greater' per cent. than lhat of suicides and honil-' The figures show definitely that cides combiner!. The four most i in those places where I here is a common types ot accidental deaths' law demanding a driver's license are Ihosc from motor vehicles, falls, • there is a tendency for the m:m- draiuiini;, ami burns. • [her of motor car accidents to The percentages vary, with tr.e drop. highest rale from molor vehicles [ • l \ mK sscm , t o be also an in- (liinns the late fall and winter | creasing carelessness by molorists mouths, and the lowest rale In (fa, relationship to mlialln-j carbon monoxide yas from the "exhaust. drawing the conclusion thnt nu-n like him are only rich because no one has the cornice to Uespuil them? And when (hey meet in private will not, people .vay lo cue another, "Our rich ruv not good for much." And then democracy comes into being after the poor have ciucied their opponents, .slaugli- fcrimj y>mc and ly,\inshiHK some, while (0 the remainder they give equal share of freedom mid po\v-i cr; and Ihi* is tlie form of guv-' Klvclimi Judtsv 11 Vears crnment in which the maghlra'.i"; | UALESVILLE. Wis. (UP)-- J. A. are comniunly eir-ctet! by "lot. '• Keihnan K wiUiuy to waser "10 As Ihc gov.-n-imvnt is. so shall |l;o::s cf snufl against a ralrpin" ton- th.8 man IIE. Ha will be sure lojtha: hr has couinrd voles in more !i:\ - :: patterns enough. j elections ilian any other man As 1 sec it. the United Stales. IU 1 has sa.t on Simnn I'. I.ce. .every election board In GalcsviHe Blytlwvillf, Avk. • lor 47 years. I Mill maintain lliat the world Is Hal. —Wilbur Glenn Voliva. head of the Chrhlian Catholic Ai»btoltc Clnirch. * » * The iilliiinalion ilia! .-.dcnce. and tho mii- rhlr.e are re?ii>onsib!L' for the world crisis and nnemploymenl must be rejeotrd delimlely. They nn\e made il v.osslbVc for mau. wilh enormoiiil.v reduced elforl, slill to have everything he needs for :i lite ol comfort. — Cugliulmu Maiconi. Bv Williumi " BOCKIM'?- WHY, NO-I DON'T II THIMK SO . MA'AM - I THINK ITHET5 FROM BIG ICK 60OTIM U HIM , TO <3lT HIM STARTED. C\ IT RAISES HIM OFF'rJ ' -• TH' GROUND VAJHEN ICK KICKS HIM. HE'S AWFUL HARD TO GET STARTED, MA'ftM ir= TAIN'T AS HAKD TER GIT HIM STARTED AS IT AM TER GIT VO TER TELL DE Jimp and July. Olivloiiily, the UifliuiUii-s oi driving in .winter are <is- sociateii largely with the increased accident nite. :e rates lor falls also are lowes'. (hiring Jun,. ami July, while rates for drowning iMiuratly become lar higher in summer than in winter. The decrease in death rates from molor vehicle accidents tluvi'.i^ 13T2 was. no doubt, cine to the vvlllKiraw- al o( a considerable numbrr «l cars from Iraflic because of the liepics- •.;icn. The proportion of such deaths to I inimlallnn and. gasoHue cotisump- I tion varies ivilh different sia-.cs. | t-^or instance. Novth Dakota i.ail I ire lowest number of accidents on he basis of Us population and a't he lowest on tlic basis of its i;;is inc consumption. Mississippi hud a ]nw r;ite the basis of pnpiiliUlon. but a vv h rate on the basis uf ya.syh coiisi-msHion. Minnesota had a very hijh i.ite on the basis of population, bu'. a lo«- rate on the basis of gasoline consumption. 7 oici«;n countries are L:CK o:;;- uared easily to the United ju;v 3 in relationship lo motor vchirlr ar- rldenls. because Iherc K u ^to-.i-.;i- mb'jr of motor cars In tiiL-. coin- try. In the United Siale.i we • jic one motor car for everv 16 wr- There were only 123 dealtis Irom this eiiuse in 19M. but. the number rcse to 4ST deaths in 193). Vv'e must recognize that Ihe coining of tl;c machine- age has brought new hazards to ninnklnd. In the United Stales army, motor accidents represented the lead- of tieaxh in receni years. CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo. W. ANNOUNCEMENTS Tho Courier Nc»s has been au- liorizitl lo nnnouncf Die tollonlng i v cuiidiriatcs for public oilier, sub- [cct to llic Ucinocralic primary next August: For Member CLINTO.V L. ci Consrrs? CALDWEl.L, Vor Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-elecllon for Eecoiid Term For Counly lecaiutcr JOE S. • DfLLAilU.NTY KOLAN'D I have at lasl about, tlccidccl to mcak my rule of "When the Bible docs not sjieak I should be tileiit" and fay to my son-in-law !i»(! hired man that not, only my church but all churches are entitled to my knowledge and ability whether they want or ask lor it or not. My plan of helping them is very .simple mid will be them in such u way that they will think or feel dial they nrc helping themselves. I lintl a lol of folks w-lli refuse advice un- ices they Ihh'.'t: it is an idvu of their own. Tho'c who lhir.1: in:? egotistical may riisab:;se their minds for I now slate 1 am very humble in my knowledge. 1 asMire U that il is r.o fault ol mine that am endowed w'.tn knowledge and btlity far beyor.d the average or xccplion. My l)ian :s to write up simple set of rules fur ninmiii; church based on my ixiicrirnce. j Vllh thLs set of rule* the most i implc niincci; may handle Uic' hurch wlUi ease and if tlie members don't want to undertake it he rules intij- be turned over to he preacher. Evcu lie v.o'.iltl e:\- jcricnce liltle tro-.iblc in rmninig ulllinniiirr J!.H I'1|:|,I1. WhcM l-'leld'n d n u x k t c r, l:S- TDI.l.l:. nrrU<-» r,il,!l(D (Tall* In lave ulli ker. r.iUlilt> km>-,Tff nothing of hin n trrvaiu Ktil. Uv m;iUf» It!* htmir \\ith N O It It I S .t'DVKS, tuinlrd f»r n tnurdrr ye.-ir^ nt:». Nnyt'i itri-H »hcn it eur»t «I t-'lclil 1 ^ HIT.H htm ana rri'i<Kiil/.f» Iiiin. l-iilililii, JrcuK^il UK p Kirv- ntlor, K[»I-^ tft n nirnfiut-milo a I rirlil'fl hiniir (o «co Ivvtrlli-. r lh!rrc i* a trjitlcr IIMC kfenc bclMrta Thr nnnic nl^hl 1'uMNo ftlriktfl n nilin lir h^^* »rrn «»iMr*mini; :> cLilil. lie Iliinkt* Ihc n>uji > deritl. I.IITTIi: rnil IIKAli, l\vi> llilr.c^. Jitc IhN. 'I'hc oral IllinK I'.'iljliln kiiuiv^ lir li in n oiiiliir bour ivi|]i C.SrsL- Ivto. llcan hu^ n ^un null fell* I-.-tFilirri to lit-nd Jfac lionl !nr t'nhn. 'I'hry arrive Ihcrr un?irfn ^ILI| 1rt»:iril cvcntaK hfl Oltt lur Uic riciirrjii limn. KUW <;o n> WITH Tilt: k'l'diiv CIlAI'TivIl XIV IniiTiciI bnck d atlcr they had done what lliey could to make their costniner, presentable the throe of tlicm followed the rialli tlie ox cart had taken. E''or sonic time tliey walked in silence. Vlicii. nt tbe crest of lillle hill. Lottie chosen as her houie si lle% c.itnp. j\o one—no one, she d«- lethercd lo n tree stninii and cided—was BO wholly and tragi- ulicwlnr; ardently, raised Jin Longleally bercCt us was she. There bearded head lo survey tlie siran- j was noiliiiiK she could say escort gcr.H. A small black halil- jilaycd ou llie doorsieii :uid tuck 'if the lint a line of wnsli fluJiorcd w!iite in the growing gloom. An olio made oi liie heavy scent of tropic ilowuis v.ei:;l:tf:d tlic air. "Tin's place Innks like •.orne- thiliK in H mo.-ic. don't il." aeked | Lottie, sllccninljjni; to tlse cn- , ebanlrnont. Xo one .'tti..\vorcd. ["Well, these arc swell snluirliV 1 she said nexl. her misery making ; her assume ;in [irinor of false j jiiutltiness. i "Ain't you t!ie little wit?' ' i]H|Uircd KircasliL-aHy. E''or 'Ofc;.VU and PiiTil *-* for f.ottie and and it won't ho lonx now hcfore e can yet yon hOinclliinLC tu cat." tilic trniltl not nuite keep Hie •s baek :il that, so she hjyyed j duty 10 civilization, his duty in nchinil the two mun in order that! his lvitc ; " |J bis duty to iirolect paused. l!e!uw i "'ey lul.Klii nr>i tee her "niakin' [ JIarcia aKainst herself. ... , small hollow, framed i, y : a damn fool of herself." f'ahlito's| « • • Ulna?, was :i cluster of one-story,, J)' 0 / 1 ' 11 !ial1 toiiHicd her slraiiKuly.i riTTKll cad tic had been, Jlareia one-door and one-window houses! "-N'ol'oily else." IhoimliL Lottie,; U |; tl( . w noWp ;,„,] r , w ^- d k 0[lc . hatckcd roofs. Heyond "ever laid awake tlifnklii' of | |.-,, r t(ic firsl Ume -he waa sorry ^oiiiu' me somcihiii? to cat." ller ! f,, r TliercEc .leliries because blurred gaze did luit waver from ; Tlii-re.-e ton must have lcarn>il 1-nWilo'B hroad hack and her, I( ,,| K !IKn how weak her hiishaiU litart swelled within her. j was. s Year. 1 : hcfore a ina.sculiue hru-; .. . .. lalily Iliat hail rubbed 111,- lirH 1 Jl:irt ' lil ""'"Sin Ilitn ot llic to.v dust from her tawdry win^ Had I with [;rasy i these, looking like tarnished vocirls in llic soft twilight, were the Miiit-m houses of the grand era nuil still farther beyond on another ri.-ir stood the cathedral. Ms rower clclicd in hlaelc Itie silver sky. rray- 'i towii'." cri^d l.ol- lo rnnkc the usiuil Comment an<l ylio' tiad to Lc careful lest cvo* that \IQ wade lu ton deep a tone. Mnrcia knew lliat many of the other guests had been aware, nf her IlirLation witli Ted .Jeffries and that they had watclied with tlie keen in [crest that arises fioni vicarious savoring ot sensation. They hurt expected her, perhaps, 10 run nway witli Jeft'rics. Marcia sin'lc-il over this anrl her smile was HL'iireil by an edge of scorn. Well, she Enid heen willing enough but lliosc otliord nad aol learned ,:an to know Ted as she knew him. mo-j If his voice had been silenced mi-lit Pablilo forgot indifiortMico. | n few hours sooner Marchi would lie uiidersKiorl l.ottic. admired j have hail her earlier vision of her and also pili'Jd iier. I him to liclieve in all her life. A3 "You've been a Bond sjiort i it was, she would always ECO him about all Ibis." he said gently, I and hear bis reply lo her frank offer to ;;o away witli him. Jeff- rio5 had evaded clumsily with r;iu(hjin retnnrks about a man's heavy . tUl . (1 |.. her hcurt Hhc did not want For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDISD.N SMITH l"nr Counly Court ( Icrk I'll ED FLEEMAN I-'or Re-Elcctlon {or 2r.d TCIDI Kor Assisbor H. L. (BIUA'; OAINKS \>. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable nf I'lilikMulia To»nsliip JACK KOBERTSON KOU CITY OFF1CKS licctioii Tuesday, April J For City Clerk S. C. CRMO n. L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS For Cily Atlornc/ SAM MAKATT ilL-an [n!l hi^3 band on ll'.e bac; tliat v\as struns nrollncl his neek. A: Dial moment he realized, smiling, be would sive Iwo of Uic famolib Jeffries pearls fur inn- fried ecs. H was torluiiale Ihai be Iwil nintny in his purse tu save hliil from tlic le:ii|ilal(oi). ile w:is faint and rti//y from lack of tood. and tbe Ions alter-| in the ttill, heavy air of 1>A(.'K in Vlorida the i-ai-.j! \%. 1S their lildins place had added lo IJ ^ m ] M \ ;„ B |,, 0 m. Huveial of Ilia weakness. Moreover the- (] | C ri . olc soni-ilivc feminine vi-l,ter In the thermos Imtile had tol - K ]la( | gimc .„ !lH . Jr tKl]f wlt[l rrusted her iiaili. N'o'.v she knew j sfic could not keep thut vow. | She slopped and bent flown so! the cilyc- ol her wide skirt, llca'.l j turned. "Come alon.^." he ordererl I willi a sliorl, forw aid-bcckoutns . nod of the head. ' I.ouk- MiiiTcit, lifted hc-r i-hiu. iled btiiYly and joined lliciri. i IlKiiiKht. mi tcr ail. lie lelbini; that ivl" She ar, Cloning her lir 1 ?. mist have don<i made him run tried to shape thi'j CXCU.^L: for her It <KI filling Op MATERIAL WERETME- FIRST AMERICAN CLOCKS MADS- rrin low niitl toward tlic lasl llicyi 1>st( . r | l . 3 lia ( l hail tii dole U out a swallow ; to c.uli and no more. illiln'l think I could CUT be bn tlilrsly for water," Hcan eon- • lidcd. ".Sliut «i> about it, can't von?" Lotile Rnus al him in a rWh- s ;r horrihlc burden, tliij of a >iimii: life al bor mercy. !n Hit palm of her Boft, wt-jli band. •U lirfi it licjil almobl unnerved h'ur. l-'i).-bl, loltl by a frightened ben'ant wlial bad Imp- I'eiicd, hail hurried townril .Tc!f- li':-.' rnorn dcclariiio, "I know,„ tic , Ult . rc IwiMS ;,„,, fll t |, o )ie(l. ihiuerius ' voices, to ask iheir frlglnciieil ' maids almnt ilinse miises. Mo.i; u [ Uic men nlalkeil ibc beach/ tmukins hard and iucessanily | and talking in undertones. The i doctor »lio had come bv ;i ir|ilai)c !,,- ,uho ,]id ill" Mania bail followe'd. thiakins lo it'll him Dial sbc In Eo:nu inca:,- llr c knew wiio did It. Tliat f.;r ^'1° '^d been awurvcrt fr:ir:i lliouglns o! eclf by the ilioi;'K. "" l J ust wlicn s>he was on the lioiiil ol sajius. "I saw it! I was o ••i:«.l Biialiiti! voice. Sliabcr.ilclie.l (rom I'aliu Ucach MI at llie side ] wilh Jewries awl bid when 1 '' ot 'I'bcredO Jeffrici' bed. She beard alone, of all tlic visiiui'o. hail not indnlyc'l in tiyiiericc. He wished — did the doctor—ll:at she would cry. Cr> ii^ wontrl be mote natural. SVoir.en who wero made widows by the shorl, sliarp ibrnsi of p, Spanish dagger ehoiilil cry. He couched a lillle and frowned. KG always did Ibis, having learned, tlml faslilouable clicnls iuMiri.idly prefer lo be considered ! and such clmrinins m'.'incra. s-.:rii)N:-ly ill. This time llic doc-! "lie run away from soiuelbiu^! 'tur li-.ired his patient really was Marcla remtudcd herself, realizir.: sotioiicly ill, or tliut blic Bonn ilie Uioiislit iliO nol help her. would he. , Suddenly she knew she c-ni ] j VurrcsG Jeffries bad not spoken | not endure, solilude anollicr 1,10"1 have tome moucy,' roblito , orcc 0 [ hcr | lu;u - in( i am j ( bati to0i I mcnt . .Marcia descended llie two •«'l. | was unnatural. \ siepa and hurried down llie fcncb "0on'< 50 tcllln' ft aronnd. In-. Marcla Tmdway Haced tlie toward the men who cere taitln cuceai." Lottie advised. "1C you' leu^lti o! Tbe *fe:isi:da tliat layjwlib ^ru Htld, lo you WOD'I bare It long. 1 ' ' aciosi lljp iroul of Uie conngc eaej (To ISe CoelluurOi arm viciously. The saats in jungle had stuns constantly shorply* uml I'aulno's uloit lifnlncbf tud warncii licr there were oilier and greater da:i- ycTs to lie gnar<lcd against. Suw whin tbcy were al lasl tti •;ls~ii ot rcS:e( l.cttie realized. «iih n little wonder, that she W.TS cioie to tears. She was as ninth isliii-icd ol icars us a S.UOUB man «oti:d have been. She swallowed liard uml blinked qulcklf. lieau spoke then. ".Let's CO to the lliu root. I could do some meau work to a lillte food." the footstep,-. I saw tlic niau'rf back: bo was shun and tliick-tcl uml cl.irk-iiaireil—." just at this poiul >!jrL'ia rcincnibcrc-l lhal if she said M:i>* slio would ^" narked all tlic resl of bcr life by her confc.-sioii. Now they were saying tbe boy called I'aMilo was llic murderer. Tlie troy .'.II the women liked, tbe boy who had Slab a good itlnp J | 'V '

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