The Courier News from ,  on December 13, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1930
Page 3
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•".]{ IS, 1930 __. ?JLX™SVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SL ; I JLE'S INDUSTRIAL AND Trade, Build and Invest In Blytheville City of Optimists'' PAOK Your Cooperation will help make Blytheville iniglitier. ! \/" i f~i and blue nnd men and women 1 ears-aim bucccssi witu , il ", ik " n11 , nnd , d " flk , eycs rc - suc-cl ve v mav be classified. 25; Arkansas - Missour Company Workers Ex- pociec! -ii Meeting Here. Employes of the Arkansas-Mis- iri power company from Blyllu'- lle, i Luxora. Osceola. Monet'.: each'vllle, Walnut Uldge, Ccrnuij. I ctof and Mammoth Springs, Ark id Qarulhercvlllc, Kennell, G&inp- sll, '. Stcelo, Poriagcvllle, Hay'ti. i)- Bluft, Irontoii, Piedmont, Irmiirk, Potosi ami Thayc-r, Mo., ill nuke up the 12r> who will spend ucsdiy In this city for ths Km- Soyes Educational a:ul Women's :ceting,s, Tiie., 35 women connected wit^ ic linn will meet in the altenuDii I lie Hotel Noble for a program be followed by a dinner. All' of tho offlOE 1 employes will tfcnd. the evening meeting, also Eh,a.;Hotcl Noble, when addresssi Kin dramatization of :\ piny will •alu'r'c the program. Among the addresses to be made ill be: T. G. Seal, Blytlievill". iates 1 ,'; C. V. SaUaugli. Blytheville. 'rosjjerit.y find Depression"; Ii. E. andcrs. Kennett, "The Spirit, of rogre.\s"; Miss Eunice Jenkins, lyilieVillc. "Jcb Analysis"; O. P. loss, Blytheville. "Messages Krom i ic ilRimgcment." Members of tin i eneral office force here will give I le playlet. I These meetings are held evry TO months in this city. specilvcly may be classified. The sicli'iitiflc terminology, to explain Hie difference between these After selling newspapers for 40 years in Chicago. Dominick Pintom has gained the success for which lie has been working. The eldest, of his nine children has just returned from Italy as Dr. Nicola Pintozzi. a graduate of the University of Naples and a full-fledged surgeon at the age of 23. Piiilozzl celebrated the occasion by selling papers as usual, explaining that he plans to give his other eight children good educations, too. German Psychologist Arrives Willi "Soul Test" for Marital Happiness Luik litre—IScfore You Leap! Here are examples of emes- tions taken fiom' Dr. Hh-ECh- feld's "soul test" which is part of the- examination to show whether young couples eager to cmtarh on ivctll'ck will have n happy married life: 1. Are you often depressed or moved [o mcods of merriment? 2- Do people usually consider yui cold? 3. Is your family sense highly developed? Are you fond of your father and mother? 4. Uo you feel strongly nttach- id to your he me? 5. What Is your altitude to- v.ard religion? Toward the metaphysical? G. Are you orderly, punctual, economical? Are you spendthrift or dr you save? however that men may be more 1 ntimcted by blonds as an cxnres-! slon of the fashion of the times Certain periods O f history have always set certain fashions and tastes. There is no deeper Justification ot the theory and no scientific proof of it." Dr. HiiM-hfeld said that although his visit to (he United States Is a vacation he will also give some tint? to study. In January he will lecture In Chicago and later he will speak In San Francisco Several pupils who Imve studied at his Institute In Berlin arc now practicing psychologists in this country. While Dr. Uirsclifcld spe- ciall7Js in preventing unhappy marriages lie believes It Is also pcssl- ble to cure many cases of incompatibility. This Is done by removing the Inhlbitous giving rise to differences between husbands anil wives. Occasionally he advocates divorce. OS-WELL PAPERS COLLECTED AUSTIN, Tex., (UP)—A crannlctc r '!i-.;c'.ion of the "Ccswell Papers" i bring essayed by the University f Texas through, the Wrcnn Lib- ary:"'Nlne volumes of the papers ?ft by James Bosv.-ell.bicgrapher to >r. Johns::);.have been issued and lere will be seven mon? in the list, 'he papers wore secured for the diversity of Mrs. Miriam Lutcher lavk-:Df Orange. WAR 'ON DRUNKEN DRIVERS HARTFORD. Cam., (UP) — )nmken drivers would be treated s :fclons if nobbin-s E. Stceckcl, tato.-Commissioner of Motor Vc- icl£s,*had.his way. He asserted in recent speech that he believed enalizing of the offense as a fel- my waild go far toward solving he problem. Vlother Held for "Killing Children BY LAURA I.OTJ BROOKMAN Hirschfeld that there is definitely NEA Serivcr- Writer I a "blond temperament" and also a NEW YORK— Tf your \vite nags; brunet temperament" into which at breakfast or neglects to se\v on ! 'nen anrt ;v-men with blonde hair sliirt buttons, or ii the boy Mend i two groups is that the blonds are seeuis indifferent, science's new i "sourtest may provide the remedy.! Dr.. Magnus HirEchfekl of Berlin,! German |)Eycli?lo3i3l, \vho devised the ten 1 ., has arrived in New York for a brief lour of the country. Solving problems of love and marriage by what lv» describes as mental, physical and soul tests is Dr. Hirst-Weld's hobby. The German psychologist has established an "Institute of. Sex" in Berlin. Ho shares honors with Hnvelcck Ellis, as one of the two presidents of the World League lor Sexual'Reform and his lectures in "more lender" both In physical and mental qualities. The German psychologist, yioinls cut. however, that there ar,3 millions of units making up eacli Individual and that .variations from every hard and fast rule exist. Arc Blonds Preferred? Dr. Hlrschfcld, short, fat, with unruly Bray hair and blue eyes which ga?e al the world complacently from behind thick spectacles made his first visit to the United States In 1893. lie has not been litre since but he is familiar with current American books One of the first whicli he mentioned was "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds," by Anita Loos. He dcesn't think Miss Loos Is quite accurale. "Generally speakin? I do not want to agree with her," said Dr. Hirschfeld. "It Is quite possible, NEW 1'HILADELPHIA, O. (UP) —It's nw supposed to be news when a dog bites a man but B. H. Carrol recently won a judgment of $125 from his neighbors, Mr, and Mrs. Samuel Rcgoltl, whose dog bit him. causing a slight wound oi:d a torn trotiser leg. Americans today consume more than-. 350.000.000 gallons ot Ice cream, or about $1,400,000000 worth. Celebrates 27th Year's Business In Blyllieville I. E. Parkhui-st. one uf (he plon-! eer merchant* «f lllythevlllc. Is' celebrating his 21th year In business here. Mr. Pnrkhurst came licre from, Shelbyvllto, ill., mid hits teen en-1 ga«ed in the same line of business! since, handling school books, gift goals, stationery ntxl ollicc' supplies as well us a line of musical Instruments nnd oilier commodities. A feature of (he business Is the wholesale department In which Is bundled a standard line of omcc supplies and public school equipment. The store. located on> East Main street next door to the postoince building, is managed personally by Mr. Parkluirst. KI.OI'KR NOW BANKRUPT MAIMON, 0. (UP)—Donald Lew- Is, 25, Marlon bus driver, who recently clopeil to Monroe, Mich., with the former Mrs. Susan Fullilove. 72, widow of n wealthy Mc- GultVy, O.. merchant, has been nd- Jndgod ar, bankrupt by the Federal court, nt Toledo. Charge Fanlor Stole Chlcktn* 1'OMEROY. o., (UPi—When the Uev. J. C. Ward, ncijro pastor of Rutliland, wenl cri alleged chicken- 1 stealing expeditions, lii neglected io '. change his shoes, orwf of which 1 left n round Imprint according to pol-' lee. He les In jail here, charged with robbing horTrocsts and }:i's shoeless. They are' being held as evidence. . / . .v,, Camels carried a hotel pltce-msql ! •'• across a 500-mile desert to iin-bisls 1 hi North Africa recently, Eacli camel carried about 200 pounds, V WILLIAMS HEADS I'KESS WORK ' COLUMBIA. Mo.. (UP)-John P Williams, who has served as uiil-, vcrslty of Missouri publisher and' assistant secretary since 1922 has Men appointed director of publicn- tlnis. Colonel Williams will Rii|>er- vlse the university press nnd all university printing. He also will bo the general director of the university news service "What A Life-—" says cue brake liiiinjr to another, 261 stops in a day's work. . No wonder we wear out." RAYBESTOS Lined Brakes Stand the Gaff. Dixie Service Station Phone 315 Ash & Bmdway A.S. Barboro&Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. Whole-sale FRUITS — NUTS — VEGETABLES BEANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty years. Phone 920. Second and ROB*. COAL and FEED Kentucky and .Alabama Red Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. liny, Ear Corn, OM(H, fllixed Teed. Spcdul Prices on Car Lots. C. L. Bennett & Co. Phone ti-1 lanylanguag SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 ; ===J^- ' '••'-.-- ] J • • • T * :• nu "~..^ Are You Going to Stay in Business? There 1ms nevtr been a tlme'niort'rniporUnl thjm now to know your true financial aUuidlar. A financial statement prepared by :t I'ublic Accountant of ability ylns dependability is worth more to your creditors, u will as la jovneir. Do not IC.MC control of jour buslneu by item work. 213 W. Walnut St. A. G. HALL, Public Accountant BljtfaeTiUe, Ark. Bondtd l:raled by poverty and fearful of Ihe i future of her four children |Jrsi Ida Twnddcll. 33. a Chester, ••a..! mother, is arrused of havinj Iroinetl two of them in a tnb l.hejij pictured ?.! the tnp as she l.-,u; held without ball in the lourjty prUon at Media, av.aitlnj Icilcn by tha coroner. Below is fyfayettc Twnrtdell. father-of the hlia victims, whose bcdirs ho di;- loveied on his return from wort. J)r. ALignus Hirschfcld . . . selves problems of love and vnnrriagc. the United States will be delivered before medical and scientilic. soc- ines. Views Marriage Scientifically "At the Institute we advise be-j fore marriage," explained the do.-- • tor. --\Ve try to discover by scleii-; tific processes whether the couple j about to be married will be mental j and physical mates. Our second i function is to advise during the j marriage and otir third purpose is to settle the mal-adjiistment ot such marriages as seem to be headed for the rocks." One question which Dr. Hirschfeld designated as "important for Americans" Is the fcllowing. "WluU. are your habits regarding drinking] and smoking? Can you stand al-' cohol beverages?" Another question underlined as Important is "Which well known personalities—scientists, artists, men and women in public life—Interest | jou most? Which is your ideal?" I To insure domestic felicity, said | Dr. Hirschfcld, some of there ques- I ticns should be answered idenll- i rally by the young man and woman cr.miuuring marriage and some should have opposite answers. Included also In tho test arc questions | concerning qualities the individual admirers in the opposite sex. ' 1 The result of his study and In-j vcstlgatlon has convinced Dr. CCAL S1PSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co* Office Phone 107 Residence 717 WE DRY CM!AN OR DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 Chicago Mill And Lumber Corporation Such POPULARITY Must Be Deserved *Thanks Chesterfield An early Christmas shopping program is not- recommended for (hose shy few whose modesty shrinks from over-attention. Nor is it advised for those adventurous souls .to whqni every counter means an enemy strongpoint to be mopped out with bayonet and hiiid-grenade. Yet there are some, no doubt, who would- restore to holiday buying- some of its old-time pleasure and glamor. And to these we send our message. Like the lady here pictured the shopper who confines her buying activities to the enrly days of the month ... to the early hours of the day . . . finds the opportunity to examine fresh goods al her leisure. To her is granted the boon of being able to pick nnd choose ... (o be attended hy smiling clerks, floor-ladies and assistant managers . . . and to make each purchase one that will be treasured as a desired Rift by the recipient, and not exchanged with a sad sigh on December 26th. ONLY 9 MORE SHOPPING DAYS! COURIER NEWS

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